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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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scalia anes are drawn for an e battleween mocrs d te republans whare determin to leav e oice the next pdent. nigh curnt t is repca arfull of te eyno decrs, h poto controlhe process. justice rrespondent pe ia begins our coverage. >> repter: the body of anton scalia arovernight, the casket dped in an americ flag flow from texas whe he died in his sleep at a private guesrah. >> the judge, when i founhim satuay morning, wasn colete repose. >> reporr: on the court scia was one ofhe mos fluential coervatives me than a generationnd his criticism coue stinging, en for ruthader ginsburg, hiol posite and cse frnd and traveng coio onunday she sai wer quot bt budds. how is ha you're
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like yourriend ruth baird ginsbg and then gthen pratt rex day? >> because the next day she will be zi equal opportunity singers.on mioed hi snivasan janeelly from iowa. alsoashington apals crt judge meicgaand and a trish yags millett, experiencehe litigar and experiend ginur cler for now the court is spli between conservatives and liberalsndn immigrion a tie would block preside obfrom enforcg his plan to allow up to 5 million people here illegally to sy and o abortion a tie would allow tough new restctions on access tobortion cnics in texaso remain in force. inase of theourt c choe to witold its decion a order t cao be reargued en there's ain ju
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case in wch there's and just put on a she come backt a year later, cel even two years late >> repr:n modern she longest sttch the supme urt has gone witut all nine justice is juver a year, and that was nea 50 years ago. e justices are now ti mid-wier break. they willeack on th ben aeefr day. lester?he bench y o today. lener. >> natte w iis maer who it is the presenpick the reblicaneader in the senate d many of the ldiop ndidates s no shld votd e hould rema emuntil thne nonates a suesr. thld leave this aging for over yeaas's dritchell rerts. reporter: the battle over the supreme court instantly redefining the presidential rac republicans on the trail toda >> i intend to me 2016 referendum on the u.s. sup urt. >> we' not moving forward on aom unr elti epub shou not allow ito happ. eporte polital wars exploded within urs of antonin
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playing toherepublan base, na lr tc mcnnell vowing to block y obama nonee. sayi the next president shouldill the cancy. presidt obam quicy pushing back. >> i plan to ffill my conitutional sponsibities to nomite success ueime. >> rorter:emocts today aring ere is enty of time to confirm a nominee. >> i think we ought to talk about this, the constitution of e united stes. reporter: and excuseo leave e cogridloed, potentiay r another year. >> it would be the heht o responsibility for the republican leership not to have a vote on a nominee from the predent. >> repter: so o willhe president chse the smlitil be aoderat federal dge pported in t past by republicans, much harder form to . so far most reblicans up for re-electioin swing stes seem to be following their leader, but depending on whom thpresident picks could it backfire en hpingemocrats
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presidenti race it's a llyi cry for republans, escial tedruz, former supremeourt clerk. >> we're not goi to give up the u.s. supreme urt for a generation by allowing barack obamao make one moreeral apintee. >> rorte a senar y told nbc that presidebama readhas s st. inacherede likely onsu republans elas crats to see if any potentianomine has a chance of getting a votees thpressurerom public lears to block any acon. ster >> andrea mitchell, thk you. as t fht over the court plays out on thcampaign trail, there are so new fights explong within the republican rty as donald trump laches multiple attacks,eani to oagain sue ted cruz andaking aim at ge w. bush over 9/11, right as the fo president hits the campaig tr support o his brother. we get the latest from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: he' ba. form president
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campai tilthis time for jeb isouth carolina. >>hank you for your hard work for jeb. thanyou for wh you'oing to do which iso vote for him on saturday here in the great staf uth rolina. >> reporr: 43 aing to me s younger brother 45 rise to the white house, appearing together for the first time since jeb announce >> thanks to brother for givi us something to dtoday, sothg iman i'm prouofis candidacy, a'm really proud to have been invited. >> rorter: but on thisresident day donald trump is tryi to crash t party, ating w. tod over 9/11. >> the world trade ceer came down ri his reign 's like, you know, he was the top. >> reporter: andor inding ira >> you hadim on the airc carrier saying all sorts of wonderful things. the war was essentiay over, guess what, not over. reporter: punctuating the fiery feud at saturday's debate. george bush made a mistake. we c me mistakes
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bety. we never should have been in iraq. >> i'mick and tired of him going after m family. >>eporter: wl trump's attacks against the bush backfire? george h.wbush and george w. bush both carried south carolina in their presintial prar jeb betting his brother, the fmer mmanr in chief, can still brg in voters. here the military communitis aey constituent, generati more than 150,00bs and ar $20 billion the state's today trump inthre ted able biggest liar he's ever as. he doesn't even have the right to have the right to serve preside or even run as president. he was born in cana, so i will bring that lawsuit if hdoesn't apologize. >> reporter:ruz brushi offhe threat saying trump has lost it. >>hi t most rattled i've ever seen donald, his press conference today where he stood and vented. i guesthe only exanationne can ha i tha his poll mbs sou carolinaust be plumting >>eporter: a tonit's crowd by far
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campaign s eaieday s brher reflecting on his past psidential primaries says he prefers to focus on the ns than the losses, a glasha ll man, he sai inive days t bush family will findut if the there's still reason for optimism. lester. >> peterthank you. an unexpected battleground has opened up in the democratic race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. with just five days to go until the na caucuses clinton is hitting the trail hard e. for monthsany believed she would win thste, butow as our kristewelk rerts, that's a bi estion m >> reporte after losing new hampshire, secretary clion is tryi tcome back with winn nevada i he yoll come t and caucus on turday. >> reporr: tod she again tried to paint setor sanders as a candidate solely focused on wall street. >> i am not a ngle-issue candida because this is not a single-issue country. >> reporter: sanders s smsed th
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of 9,000 in michigan sa he'd met with the falies impacted by the flint water crisis. >> i've just come om a meeting which was one of the more difficult meetings that i he ev attended. >> rorr: the clinton campai answerin reang a video uting an dorsent from a p oflint nisters prainger for highlitihe oblem. >>hey o fix flint. >> reporte ian e that resonates with ericans, includin states likeada where in ly 15% of votersere black and another 15hispanic. nbc ne political analyst jn rostan says is hard to ge accurate pollingbu he bels clinton has a slim lead. >> the clint aignas tbe worried aboue whole mleial effect, young voters deciding to register onaturday to support bernie sanders. >> reporter: nada s pposed to be part of clinton's firewall and now that's in play, voters in ro understandin the divide.
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uprisingor sanders here. >> reporter:ho are you planng votin for th weeke >> hil clinton. >>eporte why >> i want ee womahale the office. reporr: secretary clinton was initially planningo campaign in florida. instead, she senhe sbanding tre so she could focus on courting voterhere. anwhil late tonight her campaign officials anunced they are openingn ficen flint, michigan. leer. >> kristen, thk you. >>tonight a massive storm is minacro a huge part of the country. it's bng felt from the gu coast all the way up to maine. snow and ice in the north and toadoe riing off roofin the south. a huge mess all from the same weather system. nbc's kristedahlgren hadetail >> psident'say brought a frescoat ofw t na'sitala colossal storm stem spread misery from the south tohe midwest and northeast toy. th twister was spotted in alabama. in louia this afternoon another tornado touched do damaging a pizza hut
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>> the car was shaking. i seen it like coming ate. itas scarey. in mississippa high school nearly crushed when a twister toppled this tree, and moth naturakin ha in keny whereven sw pls couldn't stay onlick roads. johighys fal d reopen afterwo massive pileups in pennsylvania a diana this wkend. >> in 32 years and is is pbablyne ofhe worst craes that ie ever seen. >> reporte the east stl hasn' thawe out after record w teerates. on sunday boston hit minu tert newk, saw 37 below a new rkity was the coldest it's been in 100 year >> i've ner known cold like that, ever. >>mu expected. by tomorr we're looking at temperatures that are anywhererom 5 to almost 20 degrees above average. lots of rain. airport delays. we go from frost to flooding. >> reporter: an upcoming thaw that may brg everhing but relief.
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>> we turn overseas w where dozens of civilians includin children have been kied in reported air strikes in syria. multiple hospils and a school were hit. nbc's keir simmo has gotten rare access inside syria, and as he reports this all comes thme week that a ttative cease-fire is supposed to take effect. >> reporter: a desperate searchor survor at least hosta and a scho h. and a scho hit. wards wrecked. an estimat 50 dead the u.n. says. babies had to be rescued. th veo from opposion activists of a newborn in the arms of firefighter. we don't know the baby's name or who the mother is. >> we have smany children, and i have sean many women, they were injured and th werdead. >> reporter: htals were a delibate rget. doors without borders aim, acsing rusa or syria.
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doctor or a nue -- in the are controlled by the opposition, it's equal being a crimil. >> reporter: 700 alth care workers have bn injured or killed in the syri nflict. 112 medical facilities we hit in 2015. the syrian ambassador to rusa claims u.s strikes destroyed one hospital today, an acquisition the u.s.-led coalition deed. ju days ago a partl cease-re was nounced secrery oftateohrry and u.s. all meeting in gmany. >> this s been a periodf intensied bombg, particularly in the nth of syria. have condemned at in the strongest te >> reporter: today syrian president bashar al asd says he believes the ceasfire will be difficult to implent. just days fr the deadline for a cessation in hostilities announced ecreta kerry last wk, and there is little sign the fightingill en ir simns, nbc
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>>thousands flocke to see pope francis today at a stadiumn mexico's poorest state. he met with families at the event which followed an enormous enir mass that he presed over earlier. and a moving momen from his visit yesterday to a chdren's hospital when tnage patient ng "ave mari for him earng a kiss from the pope and bringing tse around him to tea still ahead he tonight, anotherew warninabout common heartburn medications. whthmillnsf americs who them coue at risk of memory lo. also, e dangerous mid-r indent that shook up one of the pilots aboard an teatiol flhtaboardn guys, it's just the two of you. the settg is just right. there's something in t a. but here'she thing: about ha of me er 4have se deee erecleysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. k yooctor if your heart is healthy eugh for sex. ot take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain or adempas for pulmonary hypertension
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,,,,,,,, we're back now with the new ccerns about the escrtion meds that so many people take to treat heartburn around acid reflux. 15 milli america take them to block omach ac and ase rorte last week researchers ggested that the medicaons may b linked to kidney disease and ne frtures. now another concn being raisedthat ere is link to dementia nbc's tom costello has the infoion u shou hear. reporter: -year-old tara had acid refx so bad it made her job as a speech therapi nearly impossible. >> i actuallgot vocal fo ulcers and vocal fold nodul from it. >> reporte she fndimdieelief in a very commo medatn to block the smach acid, ao-called prot pump in r.
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brmembs,um, ilec andcid t recent studies haveind the drugs to kidney damage and bone loss and now a larg found patien75 older wh me regularly signifi inea risk of dementia,44%. women takin the medition for at least 18 months were most at risk. >> iean,eing4 dentiaouldn't hit me f ather 40 or 50 years, it definily ccerns me that that that that could be part of my future. >> reporter: sid effects may occur, s doctors, because we actually need stach acid to digest o foodward off inction and to absorb esstial nutrient todatwo of the drug-makers told nbc news these medis are generay safend effewh usein acrdce with e label and to avoid drug interactions, but many docrs are concned too many patients stay the drug too long. >> if you ve heartburn that is mild d it's possible come o these drugs, thent's probably
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pot. >> reporter: before y tara decided to stop taking all acid ux medication. instead, she's changed hediet. the result, no more acid reflux anno side effect from the meds. tom cost, nbc news, washington. > wn we come ba, you won't believe who haslready
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s siing.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a laser aimed into the cockpiof a flight from loon to new york forced ight to turn aund. one of theots aboard theirgi lantic flight yesterday wa rertedly struck the eye d felt sick afterwards. the plane with 252 paengers and 15 crew landed safely ba at heathrow. investigators are working to find the source of a laser. such incidents are trouing certnly, but it turns out 2015 was one of e safest years on ror for airlines. four commercial planes
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that 1 in every 3.1 million flights but the five years previous averaged over 17 fatal crass. notctored inor 15 the gern win or metrojet crashes because the international air transport association says they were delibete. > and move or tayl swt, an eay grammy winner stein e stlight on ispresident' y. jimmy carter snaed his condrammy in the spoken wd album category a recordin of his ok, "aullife fltions at 06r789" the former president beat out other nominees inuding a poler, hedy smith and dick cave >> when life gives them snow,he brothers make ow art. the artwarmingtory behind the cold weathecrtiwh we come back. and anyza nome. now, wecan do aundr per day. with the microsoft cud we don't have
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wi t pn d swelng mmorate tsevere rheumatoid ahris. ordinary objects ofteneed. tidating. dog mething simp.. met dung lot opain.ifishanging yo view of everydathgs orencia mahe s ditlgeoue ofy henfatn es fomanya provid lo-tre rmpms. 'selnera pie the noheedug byther treatment a chroni a chronic lung disease
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if youe not getting e relief yoneed... ask your doctor out orencia. orena.seain d w. filly tonigh we were lking a ment ago about anothenter blast hitting millns of americans, but the brothers we' abo to meet n't see e ow as a nuisance. they seet as an inspiration, to make something amazing for good cse as our kevin tibbles explains, thr eations, le each snowflake, of a kindeporter: fm the hsf frigid vortex tt is a minnesota nter comes
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octopu and it's tanver e bart falyro y >> aot of ki driving by and the pants will drive by d ey wl in the back seat and they e like mom, stop. >> reporter: for fe years thbrheveeerng th wff nyf reo wiryksf t, alh a tery theme because they lo to fish >> wn wee not ice fishing we're out here working the ulpture. reporter: d you ever get cold? >> never. >> reporter: these rdy boysave cread everything fr a puffefishnd walr ta setu d arlth this yeas ocpu e aitio yet. 0 ur cplet 15nssn, and tentlet nds ov momnd d's front eps. >>s ally, re, really, real, rely, allyrely cool. >> reporter: fol from miles around for a peek and a pic. this is a group exchange students al the way from china. >> it'wonderful. >> it'marvous. >>orte how my le dan oopus
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>> onetwo, thr fofive. repter:ix, eig. >> s, seven, eht. >>eporter: my visitors lea natis, so far theyave rais most $8,000 telp ovidcleadrinng war in haiti you d't me mories playing video ga >> reporter: nope. >> you makem dng stuff likehis. reporter: that's something parents everywhere could wrap their arms aund. >> three, two, one >> reporter: kevin tibbs, nbcews, n brigon, minnesota. >> so much fun. th going to do it for us on a moay night. i'm lester holt. for all us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.d night. water levelst lakeueblo---at so of highest leve ever seen. wh this means to people enjo the park--and everye downstam. mi ad libs tease nearly thr months after an atckt destat our counit--codoings
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nobackpen. we'll tell y what's changed since e deadly shooting. o everne thankfor joinus f news at 6. i'm lisa lyden. ani'm b ir first tonight, and looking ahead for you: as the rebuilding continues on the planned parenthood cnic in cado springs,he man accusedf the ramage on black fridayill be in crt next we. spect robert dear facin 179-felony charges.. includinfirst degree murder and tempted murder. 3-people were killed including two byanders and one of the first responding pice offirs garrett swasey. 9 others also injured. a judge has dered to undergo a ntal ctencexam in pueblo... he'll be in court on the 24th. am thengoing consuction,...t planned parenthoodlinire-oped for businessn colo sings today. anit com with xed reaction. news 5's greg dingrando is live from the comex on centennial boulevard,greg.
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construction zone....but the clinic is open and they're providing all of its svices inuding ortions. the big reopening..... fired up the conoversy we haven't really hrdoo much abouthe past 3 months..... and its likely just the beginning. ok rq in the afterth of the dely sh...plannedard sayst waa ugh 3 mont especin its clients.cki cowart/ceo of rocky mountain pnned parenthood sot: 1:07 therhave been people who have goithout healthcare whie've been closed. unacceptab.. which is why thad nstruction cre get atle cr 1:44 they figut a way toets open in pa o the buil while till working on the other part. cowart ss the biggest differcel beo tside helding at ilder constrn.... side... s just aite lessspace. wart/ceo of cky moin plannedarenood sot: 2:45 - nce they planned parenthood healt center. th're going to g same care and see the same fol ty were
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asor those ithe community..somare glad its back. dea busier/king sooper opper sot: 1:13 i'm excitefor it. s not all about abortions. its abt evenve, people who are young and might ne birthontrol. stand up: while some are glad itba....otrs are very angrabout it. as you can see the proteors e adse/p parenthoodtestorot: 1:25 i wish they woclose down for good. th describe the 3 months the clin was wonderful. but now with it reopening they're fearg the wors...which is y theye ick to gratheir signs again. father bill carmody/planned parenthorotest sot: 1:09 myear is that noey're going to get more careless and more babies are going to die. so:5ita struggle but if you can change that one heart, that one mind, by educating somebody....its worth it. as for security and e possibility of a copy cat shooting? planned parenthood didn't discuss their ocedes.. but most people we tald to in the nearby shopping center....weren't too worried about . dea busier/king soopers shopper sot: 2:34 no concern. not at all nancy kendall sot::01 i live right down the street and i have no issue. even though planned pantho didn't get io any specifics....ty did


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