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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 15, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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cheers andpplae ] n on planback to cali, cali, cali m going back to cali >>orhetonit ow 'm goingack to cali, li, li i'm playing ba to
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fhe "night sh." i'm going back to cali hostin' west coastin' laughing and takg the sh othe ad i bk inown the l.a. en anthis group is gonna get cry il elng jokes plingames wi mgutsngg nganthroots wille mmg in w york is snowin 's cold sometimeyou just gotta get away the party never ends so tl your frids "the tonight show's" back il.a. 'm gng back cali, cali, ca m going back to cali fothe tonight ow 'm goi bk to ca, lica i'm going backo cali let's stt the sh
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>> steve >> steve: fromtage onet iversal studs hoywoo in logeifora, is "the tonht show string jimmy fall." tonigh join mmand his ests -- will ferrell ristina aguilera. musical guests 2 chaz and lil wayne prest collve and feuring the legendary otcrew. >> questlove417, missour>>ved now,ere s, jimmy fallon! [ cheers
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o! grtings!thk you r havi me here. thank you, lngeles! [ cheers and applaus looking great. welcome. weome tothtonight show everod thisit!! yoma i this is it! [ rs and applause ] fantasc. oh, man. 's gonna be li ts all week. iss fun. m your host, jimmyallon. you guys, we're so excit to be starting a week of shows here in los angeles. [ cheers and applause ] it's exciting. that'sight, we left ty with tperatures in the0s for a to where noby adts they're in the0s, so it's -- it's -- [ laught ] thers so much going on right now in l.a. yesterday was the los angeles maraon.[ rs and applae ] wentrom dodgers stadium al
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for the o haverun 26 miles he l.a. it's jus like dving it but much fast. [ laughter ] much, much faster. [ cheers andpplause ] u n tell the matwas inos angeles, because instd of cheering rners, crowds just gave them better dictns. [ laught ] theye like, "y cano is in0 miles ou take e 405." [ laught ] sunset's a nhtmare laughter ] in additn to the marhon, i also saw that president obama just vised l.a. [ cheers and applause ] or as dold tmp put it,e state is being ten oveby s. [ lahter ] actually, actually, whe he wasn los angeles last week, president obama t privately wi will smith. not to be outdone, joe biden spent e y learning how to do the carlton. it's not usual be loved by anyone
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ve fun with anyone >> jimmy: of course another g story l.a. righnow is tt it'sobe bryant'st season the lakers. [ audience awws ] and yeas grt. i read that he s a new nba record for the most asons with a single team yeah. heerhan togeer f 20 ars,ch i actually lonr th any other couple in loangeles. which is actually -- it'a a grt thin [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: wow. jimmy >> jimmywhile speaking t mea at the nba's all-sr weekend, kobbryant answered almosts many questio in spanish and italian as he did in elish. whh isn't surpsing coidering all e treling heten awith. [ uger ] [ audience ooh] he's a world traveler. he world traveler. >> ste: he is. he loves world travel. >> jimmyand thammy awards ok place tonhtt the staples center. and i saw theyd the tag line, "witness greness." ye. not to be confus with th osrs' tag line"witness
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whicis a similar -similar tag line. [ chee andppe ] >> jimmy: speakingf sic, i w that in kanye west's sg "i love kanye" from his new albu he ps, "we stillove kanyand i love you like kanye loves kae." [ laughter ] and kim like, "oh, he remeered our wedding vow." [ lahter ] romantic. romantic. "i love you, kanye." "i le you, tookanye." [ cheers and appus] here's the latt on the eltion. donald trump just omised that he will no longer use ul lauage on the campgn trail. now, wn pelesk h his cy oisis, he just says, "i'm gonnaomb the shy dily doles out of them." [ laughter ] that'she w tdo it. [ applause ] and during a recent rally in uisiana, donald trump actually autographed someo baby. [ laughter ] did you see that? even crazier, en he hand the baby back to the parents, heaicongratutions,r baby is worth three times as much now."
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[ chee and appuse ] meanwhile, ted cruz's campaign pulled a recent attack aafter ce ouat one of the tresses the ad had also appeared in some softcore porn films. [ light hter ] i feel so bad for at actress who w has to explain to her parents what she was doing in a a ted uz ad. [ laughter ] "i don't know what -- i need the money. i need the money." [ applause ] >> steve: work is work. >> jmy: and people a still talkg about e big republican debate over the weekend, and jeb bush an donald trump really went at it. at o point they t into a a fit over wki of things they we saying on the campaign trail. ancheck out whrump cused sh of saying. >> twoays agheaid he would take h pants off and moon everybody. and that's fine.nobodyeportshat. [ laughter ] >> jimmyhay re presidts dayeryone. we have a great show. ve f theoots right
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>> jimmy >> jimmy: hello. thank you much for having us here. is monday. we are so cited to be in nny los ans r gian week of shs. chee and aus this is exciting. tomorrowight ckalifianakis will bhere. 'rgointo play a ga of trueonfessio with a surpri guest. plus, we have muc from pitbul then, ler this week, jennifer lopezsnoop dogg, vince ughn istopping b [ cheersnd appuse ] >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: big week. and wel ha television debutsrom za. [ eers and alae he'srming s hugeingle "pillowtalk." and th on thursday we've got dead and comny. [ chee a applause ] that's the grateful deadith john mayer. ah, d they're gonna se jams
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and then closi out tk we're gonna have a special, special perfornce from muiple grammy e the weeknd. so it's gonna be good here good week in l.a. [ cheers alause ] bufit,oing us tonight, onofur favorite guests. the cestthe funnst mann the world. he's bac mugu in this new quel "zoolder 2." will ferrell is here tight [ cheers applause ] n't beat that guy. >> steve: nobody better. >>immy: you can't at him. he's one of thfunnst dudes ever. we're nna do sometng fun lar in the show. i hope you eoyt,hat . i thk -- plus, we love her so much. from nbc's "the voice," riina agleras dropping in. [ cheers a applause ] we have great, great music tonight. 2 chainz and lilayne>>teyeah! [ cheers a appuse >> jimmy: that's big. that's excing. >> steve: me on, that' exciting. >> jimmy: how fun is this? we're here in l.a. >> steve: d e weather is fanttic.
10:45 pm
everyone saiit was gonna rain and cra. ll, it's just it's beautiful. it actuay too nice. becausi caeven talto anyone in new york. they're ke -- they hang up the phone. >> ste: have to pretd like it's bad weather. >>immyyeah, exactly. just lie, it's bad weather. but it's fun to be here, 'cause thiss where -- you know, i ca out here st to get my start the busess. i started at the improv. th-- on melr [ cheers ] is ju fun to dre wn the streetand you -- wherwed to be, now y see llboard and says "'the tonight show' is here in l.a. and i go, "wowthat's so amazg how life can just --" i'm very lucky. [ eersndpplause so luc and so happy to be back. we're back in los angeles, you know whathat means? that's means it's time to mp throh one of.a.'st famous landmarks, e git donut from randy's donuts. let's do this. [ eers and alause ]
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[ cheers andpplause ] >> jimmy mygea dr roll plea [ dr rol] [ cheers and applaus] >> jimmy: yeah! feels good! i love l! stick ound, we'll be right back with more of "the tonight show," everybody!
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[ cheers [ cheers and alause ] [ cheers [ rs andpplause ] everybody talking about myight pants got my tht pants got my tht pants on everybody looking at my tight nts got my tight pants
10:51 pm
[ cheersndlaus] e every's talking bt our tight nts we've got r tight pants we've gotur tight nts e're thenly couple wearintight pas we got our tht pants we got our tight pann we can daov here we can dance or there wean walk down the street and everybody stares aour tight pants we'rthe only ones [ chrs and alause ] everyone inown loves my tightants got tightants i t my tht pants on no one else around me wearing tight pants i got my tight pants i got my tight pantsn >> who [ eers and appuse ] ow dn thercompad. [ ght laer ] you say ople a talking
10:52 pm
the lol penny arcade? welli find thard to believe. beuse ever sincemoved to this town, everye we know's beenng about our tig pants. >> jimmy: that's funny, cause yeday i ran into mayor wembley and he declared my pantthe titest in all the land. light laug ] >> well, we just welcod r brand new baby boy >> and when we told the news to gornor grimball,e prlaimed"hark! 'tis the true heir to the ti pas throne [ lit laughter ] >> jimmy: a new babyyou say? ain't that a bag obeans. espeally since y and i haven't spoken since tt on gical ght wered together nine nths a [ audien oohs ] >> now, you lien to me you fat-faced cobbnobbr. [ laughter ] n't know who you are, or what butthole u crawled out of. [ laughter ] but this is my woman and that is ouraby and everhe
10:53 pm
pants. [ cheers ] we're the only ones that get to wear tight pants iis town. you drinking my sakekemosabe? [ laughter ] don't mess withhe lioness. you sipping msoup-e, guadalupe? [ lauger ] >> jimmy >> jimmy: int ke ken bacon. i guess i'll find a netown. [ chrs and applaus] evebody's talking aut our tight pants got our tts we got our t p on
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thissn't a competition! [ cheers and applause ] jimmy: our first gues tonight staralgside n stiller, owen wilson a pelope cz in the big new dy, "zoolaer 2," whi is in theaters everywhere right now. please welcome back "the tonight show", he wears the tightest pantsn all of the land, the great will ferrell, ladies and gentlemen! [ chrs a appuse ] , >> jmy >> jimmy: will ferrell right there, ladieand gentmen.
10:58 pm
>>eeling sgood. >> jimmy: yeah [ cheers and applause ] >> feeling reay good. immy: feing real good. great crowd. >> strong. >> jimmy: feeling strong. >> feeling so strong. >> jimmy: thank u for ing that. >> u so -- i feebad. s talk abo our relaonshipn at sh. iv the same town, right? [ lilaughter ] jimmy: parent they don't know eacother. >> we don'know eh other? >> jimmy: t they -- look alike. >> we dress tly the same [ laughter ] we have the same haiuts.immyah we both we tight >> and why am i so threatened by you? ju want to brt of the oup. >> jimmy: that's all. i just want to wear tight pant that all he wants, man. 's nicguy. >> i mean, you have prty ght pants wel >> jimmyah. and they shod get along. >>ut apparently it's my rf and i'm ry protective. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yoowi saa a little "cowbell" facwhen we were jt dointhat >> oh, really? >> jimmy: yeah. [ eers and applae ] i looked into your eyes --
10:59 pm
immy: yeah, that's you . [ light laughter ] >> okay. my: well, weat was one of the -- now,he sketch has gotten to be kind of, right? owbellsket >> don't rememr it. [ ught ] immy: don't member a all? no o mentions "more wbell" you? >> no on not bit. . [ laughter ] there aren't t-shirts that i -- >> jimmy: there are t-shirts that areade -- >> yh, yeah. >> jimmy: do y remember doing th? that ws inssehearsal- >> dress ral -- >> jimmy: 'take it t air. >> right. anth i changed my pants. >>immy: chand yourants -- >> to titer pas. >> jim: tir pants. antightesht. >> amall shi. >>immyye. >> and loowhere we areay [ laughter ] jim: extly. [ chrs a applause ] i stole the idea. yeah. >> no, no, n no you didn't. but -- i kw. >> jimmythat w -- >> speakg of which, cai un my pas? they're rely tight. [ ughter ] >>immy: oh, ye [ chee and applause ] they were really tight. >> just e p bu >> jimmyyeat's fin>> they' 34s. i hat be4 since sixth grade. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm so pch the kick-off for l.a. week.
11:00 pm
guest -- >> i'm so flattered to be the first est on yr firs "tonht show." [ chee and alause ] thank you so -- thank so much. thank you. jimmy: not our f -- >> and i love i mean, you could ha csen anyone for your very first onightw. [ light laughter ] the fact that you're hav, it means so much. i just love . >> jimmyis isn't our first -- this isn't our first "tonht show." e been doing "the tonht sho for two year >> yea yeah. e prticehows. >>imye. [ ht ] yove bn on sw. o ythpracticews. >> jimmy: th'rnot acce. this is -- >>hose have been real shows? >> jimmy: yeah. unfortunately, yeah. >> oh, 'cause i wahed them d thought,oh, it's good they're practicing." >> jimmy: we worked out -- >> oka so this ie first l.a. sho >> jimmy: will smith was my rsguest on "t show." >> oh. so you did pick a wi. [ lauger ] >> jimmy: yeah, but -- [ audien aws ] but i'm happy that you're re now. kay. [ lahter ] jimmyay. >> imy munderstandin i'm sorry, i thought this was the very first oneou'd bn doing. i thought nbc was being so
11:01 pm
yeofractice shows in new york -- [ laughter anthen i thoug hmust finally ea and hwe are. >> jimjust g word i justot wor-- >>eah. >> jim: backstage, this is our first "tight show" ever. [ cheers and applause ] >> it is? >> jimmy: yes. it's our first "tonit show." thanyou. thk you,an. so far's goi swimmgly.>> i'm so hod -- o now i'nervous!>>immy: noyou're nvous. >> n i nervous. >> jimdon't be nervo>> no, i'm nervo. >> ji want to talk to out a lot of things. >>kay. >> jimmy: is thitrue? aryou now an owner of a a soccer team? >>'mt-ner ofhe l.a. football club. >> jmy: this is big. >> lafc. >> jmy: lafc. >> l.a.! fc! l.a. fc! l.a.! fc! [ crowd chanti ] it doesn't end, ever. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it sounds od. >> that's wh it's gonna sound in two years -- [ laughter ] y buiu jimmy: what does "fc" snd for? >> hopefullye will bui the adium. >> jimmyu're building a
11:02 pm
>> i'm not personally. lighlaught ] if i we -- >> jmy: i hope not. please don't build atadium. >> i really want to. >> jimmy: no, , yocan't. t's part of me th wantto buildtadium. >> jimmy: but th is exciting. >> yh. >> jimmy: th is huge. >>'m pt owner. >>immy: i'm gonna be roong r thesguys. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: and "fc" standfor football -- ooall club >> jimmyyeah. and this is -- i meanu're big scer guy. >> i'm a big soccer guy. and i plan to be kinof a -- the way i'm gonnmol my role as an owner is kinof a a george steinbrenner ty. jimmy: yeah i'm gonnaeaa lot rtlenecks -- light laughter ] d sportsts >> jimmy: sure, that's fun. >> and he and fire one manar likeen timn one seon. >> jimmy: need a lly martin charact. >> yea yes. >> jimmy: you gotta fin therson. who else dyou own this with? >> magic johns. [ cheers ] >> jimhow is at? >> mia hamm. yeah, mia hamm. nomar garciaparra. >> jimmy: . >>o-mah. >> jimmy: yeah, absolutely it's gonna be fun, man ustin mberlake. [ eers and applause
11:03 pm
he so grs! i jt -- i just made that up [ laughter >>immy: believedou. i beeved you. >>ustin,ou're mo than lcome -- >> jimmyll will, you can a parter of the so -- >> part owner. >> jim: football team. >> fall team. >>im: i heard about is kis h ho, got kick o tocam. >> oh, the kid in clevan my: yes, yes cleve. brian rutto. you ard of thiy? i hea abo this gu : thesarinfrlisted bs team. iramural so team. >> jimmy: y he w town off the team and i justught i read a couplehings,ust to see if you ree wi this guy. decidedo ban u fromur coed soccer leag because of your behavior. receed warnis. here is a list of yo incidents. one, you made a phone call whaying on the fie. [ er ] >> on my team that will be problem. we're gonna encourage players to have their cell phones on and engen social media while playin [ laught ]>> jimmy: ok, that's good. he's running into a goal whi hiding ball in shirt. [ ughter ] >> class.
11:04 pm
>> jimmy: as long as you don't usyour hands, it's leg, right? >>t's legal,eah. >> jimmy: siing on the posieam's h. again -- >> pretty nny. >> jimmy: yeah. weincowboy hat dinme. [ laughter ] you should have one player every team -- here are gna go into all of our bylaw [ lahter ] >> jimmy: make this alhappen. this is myavorite here. givingirth to socc ball afteoring. [ ughter ] >> that's so gd. jimmy: it's just a assic bit. >> he'hired. >> jimmyhe's hired, by the way. >> jimmy: thiss a picturof ian, rig ing to hirm? >> gonna h im: "ihank a ns of the steame supme during my season." i guess that's the name of t team. >> the cleveland steamers? [ laughter ] no won- u cat say that. >>im: i don't think yocan say that. >> y can't say that televion, can you? im: no. this is actuly dirty. >> yeah, ts is dirty. jimmy: let's pretend we didn't do thisart. you'll lose tha
11:05 pm
editing.yeah. giving birtho soccer bal te-- de id he -- pretend like he was -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, we're gonna cut th. ughter ] >> i was gonna make joke o of cleveland samer. m not gonna t. >> jimmyyou can't -- stop staying the wo. >> oh, sorry. >> jimwe're eding. >>kay! no steamer. >> jimmy: n't say it. [ laughter ] don't say that. n't sa. >> n any mor jimmyi have -- >> don't start a clevend eamers chantight n? [ uger ] clelan st! clevelsteame crowd channg >> jimmy: stop doi that! y know at the d ofheheer [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no, stop. sorry. wh's going on? what'soing oright now? [ cheers and applause >> you want meleave? >> j: yeah. >> suld i ju leave? >> jimmywant you to ave. sorr dude. [ eers and applause ] no i don't nt y to leave. >> okay. alt. >> jimmy: you're my bud, man. i want to talkyou about -- ngrats on -- oh, i haven't seen you since "ddy's home." >> oh, yeah. >> jimmysograts on that.
11:06 pm
rk wahlberg. [ chrs and applaus] u make a gooteam. and now, here you are with more funny man beings isten wiigs just ofire in this movie. >> ama. [ cheers ] krwiig. i have a pre of yokrten, y were walk the he other day oh, yeah, that'w ion. >> jimmymahingweatshirts. yep. wisten >> everyone is talking about willightow. [ light laughter ] >> jimmywhat does everyo mean? >> like, everye. laughter ] >> jimmy: what is willsten? >> it's a sensation. [ light ughter ] i mewee not a up. >> jimmy: no. >> but wre like, best of friends. and it'st -- everye wants to be -- immy: this eryone. [ laught ] itidiculous. made me really laugrd. >>ea >> jmy: you guys were in a a scene in the movie -- i don' wa to spl itor anybody. >>ou c. immy: okay, i can? [ laughter ] yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: s a passionate kiss - >> passionate kiss. >> jimmy: between you and kristen wiig. anit is pretty disgusting. >> pretty disgusti. >> jim: ye. >> whe it's more like tw
11:07 pm
where i'm basicay chewing on r face. >> jim: you ally, actually are. >> but she h so much proseticork ust me latching onto a big ece latex bb. >> jimmyrubber, yeah. [ laughter ] >> then yeinto each other's mouths. >> jimmy: did the crew just loset when you were doing that? >> no, the cre-- the italian cr, because the movie s shot complely in rome, not only did they not think it was funny, they didn't think it was insting. a lot eople st walked away. [ laughter ] and thought, well, i guess that's wt ey do inmerican medies. >> jmy: yeah, thust say that's it. ah. but, gos it's funny. i'm glad youeprised your le. it's f to t back together. basically, this clere is -- you're in is >> i'mn shion prison -- which is a building that shaped like a thimble. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: 'cause of sewing. >> it's sewing, it's fashion. you're in fashion prison for ten years. >> jim: and it looks lik-- yeah, foten years ve anged. >> i've change ve chaed >> jimmy: ohah. >> andt looks like i've be workinout, but i really haven't. and you'll seehat -- >> jmy: re will ferrell's
11:08 pm
fashion jail after serving a a 15-year rm. "zooland 2" is in thters now. chk this out. pand me! i bad to the core now talk! talk! where'my damn latte? [ scream [ screamg ] laught ught ] cheers and alause ] >> jmy: so ridous.
11:09 pm
"zoonder 2." our thanks to willerrell. cheers and applause chriina ra joins up after the break! stick around, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ,, thisurkeis nuryeitoo gd e true. don'say th. it's cd th60 nd sack. called the ator it called the or. zing sou(groans)
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cheers and applause ] >>immy: our next guest has sold over 43 mon albums worldwide. wow. [ chee ] she's won six grammy awards. starting february th, you can see her every monday and tuesday night on season ten of "the voi," which airs at 8:00.m. right here on nbc. ladies and gentlemen, plea welcome christina uilera! [ eers and applause ] ,, >> jmy >> jmy: hi! >> hi!
11:15 pm
>> that s fun. >> jimmyi just saw someone who looks just like yowearing the tightest pants in all the land. it wlly -- >> thesai have, liketwin sowhere. i don'know. like a sho bobbed ir -- yeah. >>immy: i could ll by your voice that it was you. byhe way, remeer the bit we did on our show? yocame on the show, we did "w of impressions"? of urse, yeah. >> jimmy: it has over 50 million views on youtube. [ cheers and applause ] becaof you. >> becau of yo>> jimmy: , because of y man, oh -- you did imessions -- >>hat was so much fun. jimmy: everybody. nbc ked it so much they dressed you up as all these different tist >> they di we got- >> jimmy: that's you at's miley there. at's shakira >> yes. shakira. >> jimmy: ch. you do great cher, by the way. >> thank y. >> jmy: yodo a greather just even lking. [ er impreion ] >> what do y mean, jimmy? i have no idea what you' talking about with your tight pants. [ laught ]
11:16 pm
do a talking impression cher is even better. and there's sia, of course, i ve that as wl. >> she'sso >> jimmy: no, come on. you can't beat that. tell mabt -- the grammys are tonight. i to know about t fir time you won gmmy. yowon six. >> oh, yeah, my first gram experience was so -- i was totally -- i was so green to l.a. i was such a by. mean, this is li the town of cool. and i was so like -- [ cheers ] i was such a baby and i literally came and i think i got dress at e mall it was like that. >> jmy: i have your picture -- >> iidn't even have a stylist ye i couldn't believe i went. i was like 90 ro bk. >> jimmythat's a good es [ eers ] that's a gd dress. you got a good dress at the mall. yowere 90 rows back? >> 90 rows back. had no idea thatas - 'causeu kn, therwere otartists thatere out prior e for nger. and i s like"there no way."i'm seat in the way back in thbleachers. i'm ou-- >> jimmy: if was going to win, they ult me closer. >> i'm i'm out. t then they called my name.
11:17 pm
was part of that cn up there. and i was like all of a a sudden -- i couldn't believe it. i d tears in my eyes. i had to walk all the way, seats up tohe front of the stagit was great. i,ike, mouthed to the camera. i remember, like, "i love you, mom." i was such a baby. >> jimmy: i mean -- and it was best newrtist? >> best new arti whh is really special, because you can't n that my ever again. you can't be a best new artist- jimmy: twice. >> twice. >> jimmy: no, you can't you're tually an artist now. you're already established. but look at you -- s whe did you move from? where did you co from? >>t that point, wexford, a a to in pennsylvania. , pittsbgh, really. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: a big change? >> a huge ge, yeah. a hu chang >> jmy: whatas it ke ming to l.a.? did you me any celebes? did you go, like, "oh my, gosh do you remember the firsone you ran into? >> yes, i do. itas -- i went to the ivy. e y islike, a biplace to go in l.a. >> jimmy: absolutely, yeah. >> like place gto feel cool, and like"oh, i'm part of t l.a. sce." sowent tthe ivy. he bac you know, all these siness guyor whatever.
11:18 pm
-- you know, at the older man table, it was awkward, and ew barrymore was sitting, like, at the next table in front of me. and i think she was just doing her moe "home fries" o something atheime. >> jimmy: yeah. >>ndhe wast like, with is guy and i wasike, "oh, my god. oh, my god." so statrk. s , "she's or the. she'over tre." and i'm a huge fan odr's. they were like, "you shod go just say hi to h." so, i finally woed up the courage when her bfriend went o to t bathroom, and went over there and i was like, "i'm sorry to bother you, but i'm a really, really huge fan. i'm out he, i'm recordg my bufor the fit time was so -- yeah, i was totall y and embarrsed. d she could not ve been sweeter, she was like the sweetest pson. so cut t like, years later en i see her. and now, like,'m on tour w justin and i think hwas cameron and the whole thing. she was there, i was like, "do you remember thee when i first veto l.a. and i w you at the ivynd i came up to u and i saidhi, i was a big fan? she was like, "not really." [ lauger ] >> jimmy: no.
11:19 pm
>> but know what that feels like. noyou have people at are like, you know, "oh, do you remember me from 1994?" i'm like, o." >> jim: well, you've been around now. yore a momyou have two little kids. >> do. i do. >> jimmy: coralatis on that. >> thank you. [ apau ] >> jimmy: how old are the babies? >> thank you, gu my s just tued eight. and ia paour master. anmyaughter, we just cebrat the super bowl, and she is one a a hf and the cutest little angel. >> jimmy: are you kidding me? look at this. oh, my gosh. [ audience aws ] that iadorable. >> she like that all the time i always s it, if i didn't ca her summer, i would have callederoy. 'cause she jt a little bal happiness. >> jimmy: a happlittle baby? and what is he d? jumping off of -- >> he's daredevil. i threhim an "american ninja warrr" party. and i had a co, like, ameran ninja warriors show up and everything. i so not cool, but th gave me cool ints with my son. >> jimmyheoesn't think you're cool? >>e doesn't care, like, the grammies on the shelf -- eh. you knowthe d chair at "the
11:20 pm
buif i can do stunt on merican nja warrr"he would beike -- i wou earn so many points. but i did. i did a little a snt with him at that that was n. >> jimmy: it made yocool? >> well, yeah -- >> jimmy: but you're the bt. you e the coolest mom. come on. [ ch and applause ] you are. >> thank you >>immy: what's happening on "the voice" this seasow? yogetting team >> i do. i'm really hoping -- 'cause we call it the girl curse like, emalcoach haever keme an actual winne it's, like, weird. it is a little imbalanced around those parts. so, i can see the dsa little agasts. t this year tis solid and even the boys are like, "man, you might break the girl curse th year." you know? yeah. >> jimmy: good blake ou might break the girl curse." >> i start talking like him when'm around him. i'm like, "yh. durr duhurr-durr doo [ laughter ] he busts mine, so i have to bust his a little bit. >> jimmy: oh, of course. but you have, at do you call it? you have a good visor this year. ley cyrus is helping you out. >> yes.
11:21 pm
>> she's so ch fun, guys! [ cheersnd applause ] >> jmy: she's the real dl as well. >> she is. >> jimmy: she can ng. she can write. >> we're both sattarians, which love. and we're both, like, fire. we're fire signs. anshe's just like -- she likes to live in the ment and she's free. she won't let the push her around, which i like. i'm like, yes. somebody's goto, you know, set themtraight sometimes. >> jimmy: i want tshow a clip y here's cistina aer season ten of "the voice." ta a look at this. [ cheers and appus] >> i'm m >>'m married, too! >> bri it home to mama. bring it home >> what the he? get over herand sidown [ laughter ] 'meady to sit by my ammate. >> foul! out of bounds! [ cheers a applae ] u'reisqualifiefr ts. >> wn i'm he, you don't run the show, blake. auen o >> she's rht abo that.
11:22 pm
applse ] >> jimmy: t over here and sit down! >> get ovehere andit down! >> jimmy: sit down ovehere! get er here! >> c'mon, christina! >> jimmy: chriina aguira, evybody! [ eers and applause ] season tenf "t voice" premiers february 29th at 8:00 p.m. righhere on nbc. 2 chainz and lil wayneerform for us next. stick around, everybody!
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a and t, tt.stk onagtw iner ande' uroso [ cheers cheersnd applause ] >> jimmy: check us out tomorrow night. 's g aew comedy series on fx calle"bas the very funny zach galifianakis will be here. [ cheers and applaus] zachnd i are going to ay a a game of true conssionsso be sure to tune for that. plus we've got ronda rousey and a perfornce from pitbull featuring robithicke, e pey and travis barker. yodon't want tmisshat, it'soing to be a big sho [ cheersnd applause ] t first, our next ests are two platinum sling rapps, whoave joinedorces for a special project called
11:28 pm
debuti "rolls royce ather everyday," with little help from t rts, and blac violingivet up f two ainz anday. cheers and applause ] yeah. how y'all doing? collegrove. i sip dnk wh myner smoke some gas beforereakfast eathey know my name and dot have to wear aeckle two chainz bght wraithe fowinter and v for the mmer remember 12th grade i sold some rk to undercove mamonly child we stayed in a oneedroom used to ri marta caus hadore leom im ghetto boy i came uonrad rdan first lick i made i bought 5air of jorns make it so bad two ir we the same see the old me
11:29 pm
dp some lsehange on some cls can't onounce gun so big you gottcrou like pr gir with sbusiss about theyse bringr beriend you dot need nobody ll aut t moola nelix and thmoato n my sex drive i ri over potholes i dme get high t fly i geid i do me i t gh i get fly every y i do me i get high get y i get pa i d i get hi i get fly erday i just t a xt message from dog i sclln the next message from nike dog i'm just doinit tobig on tse tiny beenost my dammi i ve these boys pocketseeand im get inepp like johnny dog acti like they
11:30 pm
i'm a step behi them dogoutthink outshine e -- -- like chinese- fasne faslife you blinyou probab miss us yothinking bout issus i'm thinkg bo my missions we k you ouhesnitching that'shy we ro here wspering i think my palms are iting i k my bomb icking i keep thee on me i tnk i'm homer simpson oney over -- should ba biblscripture the coochy -- i don't know thdifference all i hand wi is y'all do more than witness i do me and ve it lo i doverdid it i do me get high get y i t paid io i get high i t y every day i do me i get high i get fly i gepa i do me i get high i get fly every day all iope and sh is y'all do me than witness
11:31 pm
we done overdid all we hope and wh is y'all do morthan witness we dus andove we done erdid it thank cheers and alae ] >> jimmy: me o come on thank you, thank you, th you, tha youank you, thank you, thankou. >> what up, what u >> jim: thank you, thank you thanu, i appreciate . "collegrove!" two chlil e. "clegrove"s out soon. we'll be right bac
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[ cheers and alae ] [ eers a applause ] jimmy:thanks to ll ferrell, chriina aguilera2 chainz, lil wayne, black violin,nd the roots right there from philadelphia ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ] stay tedor "late night with seth meyers." thank u for watcng, have a grt night. i hope to you morrow.
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