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tv   Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 7:00am-9:59am MST

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hits a sour noteueo audio ises. she shughs it all off, tod, esday, february 16th, 2016. >>ouncer: from nbc n is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from stud 1a in rockefeller plaza. good mornieverybody. welcome to "today"n a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthriend we have carson daly in f mat on my best day, i wish sounded like adele with thtechnical issues. >> tre was sething everybody. >> we'll talk politi, too.our top st our top story is the weather.
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coas proving to be downright oume steponsible for , soh. nbc's hallie jackson has i covered for us this morning. good morning. ood g, sannah. we're waking up after the nter weatheadvisory in 17 states, retching some 1,200 miles fr geora to a lot of spots, wexpected the snow to turn to in overnight. the problem i rush hour is dangerously icy in location all oft, the storm syst tt spawneadoethe h and thst. eporter:heational weheservice confng one those tornado touchin ne rur town of century, flora,bout 45 mis north of pensol at lst t hom were damad. first sponders andoluntes forming a human chaitol a 94-year-d woman from the debris. >> hallelujah. >> rorr: strong ms blew
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tearup t andower nes. high winsts causing the roof of this pizza llse my car. the car washaking, my ndow busted i set ming at me. it was scary. >> reporter:eople across mississippi rocked by relentless twisters.>> jacks, mississippi, tornado, ion't want to get r ahead of it. e ather g a highool during asses. we were a getting down and, like, pring. hoping we wereeing all right. >> repr:eanwhi in the rtheast, a plane headed from the dominicapubl to ne yorkity had to be divert to a snowmanchester, w hampire,rnight, because runways at jfk were even worse >> delta 944, a diversion? >>e di lt ldg at nnedancame rig uhere >> repteerin the shon, d.c. area, snow gave wa freezing rain a sleet.
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to morthan 500 crashes, trteros and sidewalks beme treachero. emperes hovering aroundreezing mait has all the makings for a dangerous commthis morning >> ande' sn at alrdy here witrealcyoads a sidewalks. while thtemperatures a expeedo climb throughout the day, with stea rain, the concern now he i, but the concern for tonit's sh hr will be a flood watc >>s ofeather to ta abou hallie, u. mr. roker is herecking it all. al? >>inutes ago, we got this video om i-81, nth of scranton. icroads causina massive pilep. yo ifa, a lot of the folks, including this videographer, ran up and got out of the w on the sidef a hill. th trucker, uck there, trngo makealls.eye earinghings ounow, ani'm hearing 81orth of scranton iop again. we've t a tornado watch do southfloridright no
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front that hallie was ing about. look how far it go, all the way to the northeast, cleveland, bualo, lookit snow. here's the pro we have wier srmarnings, adsond wind gs. milliple atom h carona to ma look athe teeratur alo, 2 syra, . w yoity, 54. 56 iboston. heavy rain pushes up by late is afternoon at'shere we're goingve the ms with di it gt of her wednesday. in amotswe'rlooking inomars, upw o incho two es. in about a six-houod 'll ma for foding.lakeffecowrom ie to waown. other 8 to2 inch oow the. we'vt t ing we havwinter storm warning we have flood watcs and warnings. it's going to finally calmown by tomorrow. >>l, thanks veryuch. s tu tliti.
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dold tmp ratetinuphe rhetoricinst ted cruz, threateninueim. he's as sights on formerresident george bush who shared the stage with his brothejebushor the first men e campaign. 'vgothe ra cover. we begin with peter alexander, in south carolina this morning. good morning to you. >> sannah, good morning to you from south carolina. this wasby far, the biggt crd jeb bush has seen. 3,000 people to hear from hi brher, theormer esent, george. bushalling for vision in a direct contrast to donald trraing his brotas thoughtful, trtworthy an measured. th questn this morning, will it matter? >>eporter: donaltrump inhe lead. >> we'veot a winn saturday. we've got a win. reporter: andn the atta reignited s feud with ted cruz. >> t ian unstae y. i'veever, ev m perso thats re thacruz.
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the canadian-bornatoover his elibilit >> he doesn't have theight to serve as predent or run prident. he wasorn in canada. i will bring theawsuit if he don't olize. >> reporr: claughingt sayindoldast . >> thi i the most rattled i have sn. >> we not in gradechool ere u sa lia liar, pants on fe and not respond to the subject. >> reporter: the front rne also went after thpuican national committ, accusi th of stacking debate audienwith special interests. seeming on aino t rule out a ird-party run, going agaie gop pledge. >> i signed a pledge. buit's a double-edge pdge. as fari'm concerd, theinefaultf thpled. >>hanks toroer for giving us something to dooday, something portant. >> rorter: the last republican to hold the oval offe, geo w. bush, joined brother jeb on the campaign trail for the first time. the form presidenteatedl dismissed the party's front runn who cli o na tmp bname.
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strongest pers uly't the loudest one in the room. >> reporter: 43 arguing real reth is not empty rhetic bster. we don't ne somne in e oval oice who ors d infles our and frtrion. we need somee o can fix prlems thacausour anger and frtration,nd that's jeb bush >>epter: hrsefore trump attaedover theraq war and 9/11. >> the world tde cter me wn dins was le, you know, he wa thtop. >> reporte jeb had his big brothes back. >> he didn't know 9/11 would happenut hrolledp his sleeve inspired us and kept us sa. >> our latt survey, nbc online poll, shows6% of republicans tionally believe donald trump will be the rty's nominee. that nber p 14 points in thst week. savannah?
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>>let'brinin cck todd, nbs po nbs political dictor and moderator of "meet t pre." good mning good morning. >> the road to theination goes throu south carina. it has a reputation for being a slugfe and it's not disaoiing. at do you makef thisatest back andthwe donal trumand ted cruz? ump ggesng he mit su uz. enangling the notion of a third-party run, threatening t rn he is aittle bi thinat he's ng to do iseep cruz from geiny moment. ok, in south carolina, it pears be a two-person race.the winner between trump or cruzasming ty are bang for rst,hen e winner will ve won 2f the rs3 and will be the front runn and favoriteoing forwa. that's why you see, basically, trump pulling out all the stops ancr pulling out all the stops. i can tl you issavaah, the threat of the lawsuit,e
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if he fis ains-- files wi aelection law clerk and says, hey, you shoul't put cruz's name the ballot,t's hurting me, that is a y for him have standi with a lawst. by theay, the otr part of the soutlina, there's two primaries. e second pmarys e bale for thplace between bio d bush and bush. >> let talk about this, uck. haven'teen a lot of data pog from south carolin nce the debate on saay. trump has e double ditead. cruz isecond. ales, maybe, on third. is thastl wh stands now? >> i think it'where it stands. ok, nobody is quite sure how much dame did trump do to himself withhe attacks on george wbush. he iprettyopar in south cali there's chatter that hhurt hielf. if he did by a fewoints, he still had a lead i think that, you kn, all of us are not making living this year trying predict the dese of donald trump. >> chuck todd, thanks. ick ound for your take on the democrats in a ment. speakif,illary clinton will deliver a major speech on race in nerk city today. bern sanders headso sout rolina and georgia.
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next caus in nevada, a th's wheree find kristen welker. good morng. >> carson, good moing. our last nbc news surveymonk online poll shows clinton maintainhenational lead over sanders, 50% to 40%. the race is ter states like nevada. she will bcourting ricaamerican voters today with the speech of re. it comes after a busy day of campaigning here in the reno area. >> i love ing he. >> reporter: ineda, hilly clinton is trying to avoid another upset. >> i want to break down all the barrrs that and tay of americans sceeding. repte it was th moment at g eryone's attention. >> and t dog, if it's not true, he's goi to bark. >> reporter: when she recalled a decades-old political ad that featured a dog that baed whe someone lied, arguing thsame rules shld aly to republican >> oh, t greecession was
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bark, barkyou ow? >> rorte >> reporter: this as her fily fanned out in key stas on sunday. elseatumped in ohio al ton inloda >> the rlicay reward the tea pay. telpeoplehat want to hear. it's going on now in our party. >> reporter: sanders brushed aside clinto' iticisms. in michiga on monday, he ramped up his treach to african-icans, a group he struggled to work over. t'workg people standing up and fighting. what is the civil rights about? eporter: afterting wh famies impacted byhe t water crisisnders demand change. >> if we can rebuild villagein iraq afghanistan, we can damn well rebuild flint, mian. >>lint clint's addre on race bbed dubbedreakin downarrier
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senatosanders wille courting blacvoters today. 'll introduced at a prayer breaast today by danny glover, who will also joinim at a rally in atltaateronight. vaah, cars. tnk chuck is still witus. let's talk about theemocrats. nevada's caucus on saturday. caucuses, harder to edict for pollster when you look at the race d the body language, who looks confident d who looks nervous? can tl you this, clintonamn see nerus d theders campan se ident ats point. this is clearly close. they've both dumped a loof money in here. this is tually though a must-win f sanders. here's why. theris this id he can'win in stas th are me diverse. neda is y 60/40 white to non-white, at least the way the democratic caucus isng to turn out. a naow losd thinto caaign c breat a sh of reli, kning uth rolina comes d they'rlily to roll
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ls here, sanders victory re, ps more preure on clinton. thenhe questio are, oh, mae sandercawin mino tes. then the pssuron her to soh carolina ias gre as it's been in any statefar. >>huck, do you seeft in thwallary clinton is g th r wh more of a contrast, goinright after sanders recely >> i , i . if you lisn tbilllinton an cheea clintnd hillary clinton, ty'rell trying to makehis a referendum on sanders. they know if it'referend on hillary clinton, she won't do as well with demratic voters. puthe focus on sanders. they thi more teion given to h ias, potential tax kes, lack of foren policy knowled, suddenly, 'll give pause to demoat voters and helper. she's alwayseen tterhen she ts to frame an's wt they'rtryi to w. >>quicklchk,s is you say
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nervous, what do you mn by that? by the fact that they' spenng so much time in >> they reaze that losing again -- and then suddenly, you could make argument that essentiay sanders won t first three contes every dathat goes, there's questis abouhow -- how b s that viory? d did she really n? did she st of lk o because ofhe way theounting process is. that'shai mean by that. they'rvery nervous. the id o ling backo-back,to lose t fst state that ey faced offgainst each other tt't a ovey whit stat 'shat mak them s nervous a that' why they -- if tyan win now, they put away a lot of questions abo r. >>ll right, chuck todd, thanks somuch. >> n to ourtion capitol where the heated debate rag on over who shoul replaceustice alia.
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>> t battle to replace antonin alia scalia has the republican candidates takg a hd line against confirmin anyonehat presidt obam nonas, no matter how moderate. it is the one iue on which a the republan canditeagree. o nined by bara obama should be condered for the suemurt. >> the balce o t constuti is atstake. >>epublicans shoul notllow it tha. >>e arene justice ay fm a radal lef win majo. foredz it's pers, helerked for t higt, s argued beforeit,nd knew aliael within hours ofhe stice's death, the bate lis drn. republican senate leaders saying they won't confirmnybama nomineto the high court. democrats firing back. it' unprecedented. it's purpoliti. d the smert of all aces should not b td up in politics. >> president in california hosting an asianit, signinto aides h isot cking do
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descrid in the constitution are ironclad. ere are no caveat theonstutn does not inudexemptions for ection year forhe esiden lastm in offi. >> and hilla weighing in, unleashing a flurry of tw ovnight aimed at gop senars. hiary twng, fl this vacancy. potus will do his job, do yours. the scalia succession f also campaign issue f democrats. >>he lastime ok, the constitution didot have rentses. the president minates, renthes exce in an election year. that's t way our system works. >> the preside has a worki list iluding several candidates who have been supported unanimously for low cots by republicans. buif t republicans fuse t enonsidereratechoices, well, the president couldhen decideo fire up his own democratic base,inating a nority candidate or another woman, liberal i delibate cora tthe majority o the
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>> a lot of potical st going s. thank u very muc in otherew pope f rned toexo city last after a y-long tp a southern sta. thounds lid thet to tch limpse of the pontif rlier i the day, a tchin me during a meeting with families. poperancisntedhe ento ce down from t tar less a childn a wheelchair. the ild was ld to the stage. francis ofd advice for cr happy families, saying not ene day wit king peac >>s kind vsionf never to b angry, rit? >> thas great advice. >> yes, it is. les get the rest o your focast. >> kids, i'm sorry about lt night, okay? let's show youhat'soing on we're loong at a snowy mess thughohe great lakes. icy conditions here i the northeast. pecially north a west of new york city and pocke of t appalachians. also looking at a beautul day in the southwest into southern cafornia we'llook at that in more tail coming up in the next
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wre bk a 7:30 on this esday morning, febary 16th, 2016, a w say hel to our crd. >> hell s us. rockefeller plaz go to h you alon wre iide studi 1a. here are the stories making lines.
7:25 am
a mve stormtreting fro gea t has 1 states under winterther erts. the sms spawning a tornado outbreak across the south with one touchingown near pensacola, flora. les than a wee to theextrepublprimar trump i threateruz w lawsuihallengi his eligility toun foroffice. theublican frontunner also takingim atmer preside george wh as he camigned for brother, ouching m duringhe peo when t pontif ipt a meetio bleshi in a wheelchair. members of th crowd lifted the child along with the eelchair in the air to the stage. pope francislessed thehild, prptingro to erupt applause. niceoment ther alsohis moment, from e fa to eerformans to those w took hom grammgold, muc' bigight didn' nt. lan dras there for it all j us now. yousurvived tell usbout it.
7:26 am
got to be on the red cpet before the show last night and talk t some of the big names in musi i got to wav at som of the biggest stars,s they walked right by me. inside, there were unrgettable performances touchin tributes and plenty of grammomts that m for an electrifying night. oh, iemember >> reporter: taylor swift ons the sw to aacked house. abd three grammys and, some say, struck back a kan west, ashe too t trophy for album of the yr for a second time. >> there are going to be people along theay who will try to undercut your success. or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> reporter: other big winners of the night, a stunned ed sheen, winniong of e year. >> whoa. wow,ow. >> kendrick lamar.
7:27 am
taking home fiveawards, incling best rap albu and getting a standing o for the rforncebutedthe black lives mat appearance by adele w marredy aio glitches. the sinr responded on twitter saying theiano micsl on to thiastris. theta wa king it snd of ne. theramm are kwn f dazzling dets and sduets andhis yearas no exception. and a performan from "hiln,"ive fromew york made it bicostal afir. you can see a man reporter: thew ler won a grammy for best t album. liel rlionel richie was honored
7:28 am
and stars the mususess lost ts year. includg glenn fr mauricewhite. b.b. king. david boe. ground conol toajor >> t last perso i saw wal la night wady gaga, drsed in honorf davidbowie. hererrmance was one othe moing faire ingin farlso e indury bigstinirations, cebraty thcurrt mucians. >> what a nig of music it was. >> lady ga, ninegs in6:30 minutes. was incredible. >> she had the whole ziggy stardust look down, for su ron is watchg the action onli. >> you on social media saw also e outrage o the technical fficultiesnvving adele's rformanc sheid herest coee.
7:29 am
because oftgh i'm treatiel to an in and out. so maybe it orth it. in and out er. la ga unbelievable tribute to did bowadeoe ngin h prses. elneteduthis. laga, tt're aay goiother leve d ga mosdefite,ook her tbute for bowie to another l. actllyasictu o david bow ttooedn her ri sayg this image changed her life. it was the openingmao her performance. also, the cast of "hamiln" caught attention online. also providistory on. gus what the google search was? n't look in e prompter. >> i saw erc.ped, hamilton n't i interesting? the mt tweeted abou artis of th night, justin bieber
7:30 am
th,lexand halton. >> hwasgreat. wasn't ? >> my go. that ticket got ttt, if at's ible. let's get a check of th weherro al. >> temperatusre warng up nicely.a loo at what we've got already. ahdthold on tempatur hn th northeast,oing tbe anywher tween 5 to 15 degrees, almost 20 degrees above normal. 55 inew york city. salisbury, 5 cape hats, 63. a ridge of hig pssures dominang. we may see recor in san frcisco, fresno reno,as ves, phoeni the restf the try,cy mix the northeas cold andsnowy arod the gre lakes.
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in theacif >> and >> andhat's your latest ather. >> al, thanks. comingup,ter spreadin th phenome -ber manseading w wintespreading. welexain. happens atrestauras. you kno whoou are. also, a specialossen reports experiment o awarding children whotessarily win anything. gmorning. i'm jeff rossen. whasng up, you only got trophies forinning games. today, you knowid are getting trophies for particition and perfectattendance.
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naade. the number one eritamin brand. he micannl mea one thin ssen rerts. we'r cling ts series,tep in orteoff. itl get a lot of people talking. today, natiol investigative correspondent jeff ross is here wi tphy gate >> iike th. od on sannah. you were talkingbout particionphiesds. d you w a l ofies >> no. >> we're all lerst sports, i es now,here handi out op forevytng, e justhowing . jame harrisonf the steer made headles when his kids got thes participation trophies. he pos thded ts o, sing he was rng the trophie
7:37 am
wait until you see the reactions we caught on hden camera. eporter: tse kids just won git ophies. >> look how big they are. >> repter: it's not forhat you think. >> i got this one for perfect attendance. >> ts is participation. repter:t's controver that has everyonwehing? >> i'm going to say i don't like the participationtrophies. >> neithero i. >> reporter: do you think the kids deserv the trophies, even thou thest? e inderour clothes a bi >> reporr: we hir actors and set up shop i new rk >> what'soing on,fellas? >>ook at these. >> awesome. repter: rht away, these menet in on the excitent. all t! >> reporter: but the par don't lastlong. wait, wait, wait. you guys got theseroies for participationnd perfect attendce? >> yeah. you didn' win? >> w tried really -- >> they're just handing out trophi? >> theen are to.
7:38 am
bathom they speak up,iding with our dad. >> that's wha they do today. it's the democratic way everybody wins. u can't eveny the g and just gother a you'll get a ophy. >>s nldchl like we are. >>eporr:ime to let the guysn on . >> whawas itike when you were growing? did kids g tphies for participatn? >> not atall. >>hat doe it doo ks toy? youeeo earnhat you get. you get a troyor doi nothing. >> reporter: we're rolli again. these women c't stay silent, going after our da >> sounded angry, almost like you were mad at them. >> they didn win the ge. >> is not their flt they got it. >> i c't believe youcoach. you don't deserve this >> reporte the wan at this table is arier by the second. when the boys ste away to the
7:39 am
dad. >> y're rederoying their self esteem. >> this is for participatn. >> they participated. they didn't n. >>inning isn't everytng. >> what am i teaching my s by doing that? >> rorter: have t mthe >> jf rossen from nbc's "tod" show. how areyou? >> oh million gosh my go. can i sit down? so they're all actors. you gave the dad aiece of your mind. >>here'sothingorse than destroying a child's self-esteem. >> ds he have point, that ki shouldn't get tphies for partation? not his cision? >> taket up wthe coh. eporter: theost heart-rmingoment wet t come courtesy of this man. >> these trophies aoing ba you are noteepingthem. i'm calli your mom right now. stay here. reporte that's when he kes his move. for the first time today, turns to the boys thselves.
7:40 am
wo >> g ts for paicipatn. >> that's good. good for you. god bleyou. that's right. ody deserves to be rewarded. >> you think we should get them, even though welost? >> nobody loses. yojustidn' wi >> jeff rossen fm nbc ws. why did youet involve listen, y try yourhardest. yo can't win everytime, right? >> it okay to give out trophies f that kd of ing? >> yes. trophies that bi questionable. >> what about me i d't get a trophy? >> y actlly doave one. it says, you're a star. >> gold, too! >> t ar, lads and lemen. >> thank coach. ou get aophy. you get aophy. shld kids get trophies jusfoin up? goo facebook/rossen reports and tell me what you think. we're dng live facebook chat. i know where you stan
7:41 am
i would note aft m cld for gting on >> this is ridiculo. >>hey' g. >> bldin ukids sel estm is important. >> it's a about the tude. >>y're not all natural born athletes. ifhey participate, areart o a team a show for practices, tdeserv a little -- >>e want them to be acti. theyuld be there. theyet aittle ar. t theorergized the sports get, t more wners >>ore of this and ls of this. >> a lite medal i fine. but this for eryon seems bi ch. i'm kng ts in thebox, but i have yours. >> if you t e trohytrophi, you might thinkou're a good athle. wee not a athletes >> tooad matisn't re. he has a strong inion, no
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,,,, . . . . . c > coming up,o finly have an answer to the agold
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scary. wow, what about puttg fair, no hagglprice on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals are etty plao see. glad you're wi glad you're with us. coming up on the topf the yo l headles.. w today. the ma socs inveigatg after a g was kied and a man wasnjuredn a shooti aa me in cora springs. it happened last night in th 800 block hoosier drive. the homeners say one of thei dogs became agressive. d while prevting the dogs from fighting... one dog... t bulleto hithe man in his l.
7:51 am
the female was charged with reckless endangermen and rit no.. a lae retch of i-70 remain closed...after a massive rock slide! from gypsum to glenwood springs... bothirectis e shut down... ile crews work to cleathe boulde... ich fell onto highway sterday. c-dot ews spt most of e daremovi thearge rocks ar "hainlake tunne... in glenwood caon. no injurieor serious damage s be repted. geogists wilassess the slide area today viaelicter... and deteine w long cleaup operions are expected to take.. chiemorng meorolist -- stephen borsoins us w with a lo at our local forecast... stephen... highs todae going to be in the 50s and 60s. e high clos llot be quick to move out this morng, but we cantill see some n. tempature at 10 will be in the lor and middle 40s. colorado sprin will be closer to 50 by nn wi middle d upper 50s around pueblo d can city. e 50s and 60s will carry us through the afrnoon with increasingly sunny skies. at 5 p we're still in the 50s
7:52 am
a clear eveng comes with temperatures cooling through the
7:53 am
7:54 am
w we gnaet and w goi to leit burn >>it's:00 on "day." co up, dru andtia. study reveals a linketween popular over the cnt heart rn micions and dementia. whocelli million aca that rely on drug. > plus, whn e wa
7:55 am
er? >> a l longe >>e venture celand, where the life expectancy is one of the highest on planet, to unlock theecrets tngevity. fashion hi note from t red carpet. h weave a round-up of the ams, gtz from sic's biggest night. today,ay, febrry 16th, 2016. >>ood mo >> good morng from new york ty! shoutout to our mom darlene tchingack in the hotel. don't keep me down >> i'm a georgia peach turning the big apple. >> good moing, boston. rn 50 in new york ty.
7:56 am
onhetoho >> hi, guys. go morng. evebody. good morning it 8:00 on "today. tuesy, february 16th. we have kind of one. wet and wa though oure on our plaza. we've got a aufucrow everodin good mo good morning. carson is re for matt, whos ofthis week. our producer said i should mention again, yesi sprained my ankle. it'sot the latt shoe faion. >> it could be. >> we aring to do something with it, right? decorate i >> wshould bejewelt or someing. get a list of idea want to make sure wrangler doesn't mark territory here. >> looks like a ee trunk. co modior in the robin lalleys here. she talks about posg for the "ss illustrated" swimit edition. >> now to the helines. have natalie iide with the te on the headlines.
7:57 am
tetornadoes ripphrouhe southeast. one touchedown in centur flora, whe peormed hun chaiull e 94-yead womafrom the bble of home. thousands omes were left without wer. much of the st coast t is facing heaains, freezing inangh winds. hundreds of flights already cancelled. al's forecaswill be ng u shortly. in in presideial politics, south carolina takes a focus on the primary on this saturday r repuans. onday,ebh was joined his brother for the first time oe mpaignrail. former presint georgw. bh dismissed thparty's front nner without mentioning nald trump by name. >> seemso a l of na-callingoing on, but want to remindou wt our od dad taht me one time. labelsre for sp cans >> a new pl shows ump maintaining his lead over th other repuicans.
7:58 am
rubio by 24. on temocrac sinbc news/surymonkey ll finds clintowith a 10 t lead nationallyver sanders. today, clinton will be courtin african-americ voters in new rk city, divering a breaking do barriers ee iharlem whe former presidentl clinton is in south carolina. saers alsoampaigns iuth carolina one day aftermet wi families impaed by the water crisis in flint, michigan. today, u.sofficialhead to havanto sign angreement storg heduled airline service between the u.s. and cuba f the first te in 5 years. airlin will have about two weektopp vario roes. it wl then be up to the departme of ansportion this summer toecide which airlines fly from ich ties to havana directly. thagreemt allows 20 round flights a day frothe u. cuba. 0s pop star vanity dd after a long battle wi kidney
7:59 am
rn deni matthews, vanity was a protege of pnce. and sang in vanity fix. he 1990s, she turned her ck to the industry a dicated herseltohe chriiaitanbeca an evangelist. shdied in california. vani was 57. the psident of argentina quickl is lrning that wi r mes privilege. e rolling stones at his weekend home ibuenos aes. he released images of e group posing with hi h wife d theidaughter. throers ren town t perform three concerts in the ar. thats lucky. let's se it back to vannah >> thank you. now to a new stu that could troubling news r the millionsf americans who ke art burnedication. resear is ggesting t drugs mit inea theisk of velopi dementia. ou you can beazero heart burn. >> repter: now in e spotght, a popul cla o
8:00 am
including ilosec, prevacid and nexium. the drug cald otonum inhibitors or pp a used by an estimated 15illi americans to treat garoinstal issues. researchers in germany suggest ovusing the drugs may inease dementia among the elderly. the study found that pele 75 years and older regularly king the medications d a 44% increased chance of there are pients whare kept on this indefinitely. what we may e a trend more necessary and stop afterwds. >> rorter: in a statemen c netwo of t drug makers stood behind their pducts. asazen astrazeneca saying, tient safety is an impoant priority and we believe all of ouredications
8:01 am
as the label suggests. d p and say its importao readnd folw allabe directns. dr. azar is an nbcedical news contribur. good morning. >> good morning. >> this isisturbing because a lot of people take the over the counter medicines. i dot get the link why would hearrn medication tentially affect the mind and cause mentia>> right. so this ll, hiin hythetical, sann. the idea herisomethi we would call biological sility. how do youo from this medine that affects your stomach to af.what we know,he can bld/br ood/brain rriers. thretilly,heulaffe the ain chemistry. from animal de, wenow they could afct t aormal otein levels foundn zheimer's disee. the other thing i ink is probably mosimportant, in human ta, we know that the mecines can cae b12
8:02 am
b1is definitellinked to dementia. >> tundersco, it'sot cessarily causion. they saw a correlation between mentnd overusingse drugs, rht? >> absolutely,bsolutel it very imrtant toeiterate that. this nrly was an associati. certainly,oes t prove causation. thstudy authorthemlves would suggt thatot only would th need impro the thodoly of the next udy that would sw something like is, to do somethincalled a randomizrial, but this study that looked atinki diagnose diagnoses withedication use. >> it raes gd conversation, which is, you should ask yoursf, do you need to bonhese heart burn medions. >> right. i think one thing that we always ke to reiterate, especially as physicians are taking care of patients, is when you're goi through a medication list and keep on rellg medication aumaticathoureally derstanding,s there an
8:03 am
dicaon long te. r so pple,t migh actually be thcase. are there alternive medicines? are there other things, such a lifeste changes? i unrsndhere are peopl with snificanteart bn, where feyle chans n't ma a difference. ch as sing wght d not sminand elinthbed. it's sometng to keep imi. >> dr.zar, tnk you so much, as always. coming up,ou've hearof e per. no imagine the cpper for yourice. all the airs, wi the clap a nd. instagrame most populhos from mus biggt night. noed f tse. > we venture to ends the earth, shi for
8:04 am
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8:08 am
campbell's mrowaveableoups.madel,eal fe. we're bt 8:13. meor what's going o for real, otherwisenown as, what's trending today. >> ni. e' start with a heah on a lot of people ask. if you'r trying to lose we which is morimportant,o g on a diet or to exerc more? a lot ofperts stress balag the tw b get is, bobharper, fam trainer, says it i not even cl knoim fro "the bit lor." he knows what he's talki out. here's the definitive, straigh answer. he idiet is more iortant thanxercise i youant to lose weight. he said, look,t' 80% your trition and 20 fitness. >> yeah >>on't you fee like when you arelly gdn your workout gime regis, it allows you to open your men ction? >> whenise more,at mo100%.
8:09 am
you workedut s serv this. en yr deservetarts stacking up. >> it's a balance. i think iis. >> if you're just --f losing weight is all you careabout, diet important, sayhe expe at nsor pple waking day. it's er to focus wt deratr than doublin dn at the gym. >> iomesown to corie i an calor out. if you're working out, youe goingo lose thecaloes t the idea is, if y want to lose weig, not t repleni with the calories. >> 80s aspli >> accorng to bob, which we lo b. >> g is inreat shap >> we've all heard of mapreadi gu takeoouc space with sitting wi their legsart. nework city,here i a campaign called, sto the spread now, winter spreading. it happenshen we take off all the layers clothes, t coats, hats gl, sweaters,
8:10 am
chairs. the website gothamistays it's dring them nuts, tinp too muchom >> t smaller restrants, maybere's ctack thro everybody h a at. >> it' frustrang trying to nd yr coat when it's unrneath sev other one >> they ne bter coat rack if everybo puts tir coat on one ion, t coats all have a. you'ret youapartment, get into a r, uber, ride, g to a bar, restaurant, maybe we overdress. unless you're baropping a lkground in th nt,o uee so manylars? what if y getstuck? whf you c get a cab? we're not a manly as yo carson. we'recold. >> here's technogy that takes has-on aroach tleang up awork this video i from ssan.
8:11 am
ofce chair snapack into plac andoack to r desks. ol, rit? >> neat. >>re weeallyhaty now? >> yeah. it's a ototype right no it's tes out new technology. nissan is developing hands-free parking. i the clapper. >> you can't phour chair back? >> no. >> the lights here are othe clapper. i dn't know at. show us. >> oh, my gosh. >> isnhat amazing? >> wow. >>l turn them back on. >> no, let's leave tm off. clap on co, right? >>arming up a litt. a litesl. popstar cson is talki ab all things grammys, from the fashions to thpopular moems. >> it was a busynight. the stars didn't disappoint on the red carpet. dygaga,ayin tte t david bowie, in this markcacobs dress. dress. was throack. >> perfect. >> amazing.
8:12 am
johnd,n black a ite? >> go. swingff the bab mp. >>om who had jaws dropping tiara. >> it madeverybody stop and pay tention. >> yikes. >> bey didtalk the red carpet but a wding to presentar >> do we know tt's what it wa a weddress? >> the "fmation" deo, there' a dress by zimmermann. >> we'll debate it in the9:00 hour. > inagm'icial rain t mted gmmotos. in thd,874,00 arian grande. grande. justin bieber upstaged his 6--old brother,jackson.on instagram, justin sthis
8:13 am
the top ot, taylor swift posted this o her a her bestie, selen gomez. taylor wrote, noig deal, just roed up with the hottest date. 1.8 million likes. you can check out instagram's full list at oh, one more. favorite grammy mes go around the table. nnah, wha you like st? "hamiln." it's thereatest, such a cool broadway show and i loved . it's impossible to a ticket. people got taste o . >>hey had a live thing. >> that's they're actual stag >> al, youoved it,s well? >> it was a great mome. ve seen the playwice and i . >> hardicket t g i n york. >> it's worth it. >> now even harder after that. >> exactly. >> tamron? >> kendrick lamar. with the "hamilton" cast, m it an exceptiona night for hip hop. it can go from socl commentar to broadway.
8:14 am
home 5. one ofy favorites, as well. natalie? >> gaga's david boe. it was a tecological marvel, the way they made her look like th ziggy stardust ment. it was phenomenal. she danced her way and sang her way tough nin songs in 6:. it was impressive. only she could pull it off. >> what areat musician she is. >> it was like a robotic piano, too. >> contrast, lately. she'sichven up a l of the costumes. she brought it back in honor. her hair. the momtay beomg the lady mullet may make a rern. >> tamron will y do it? >> kakcarson? >> loved the strippedn version of the duo.
8:15 am
and sound grea was a standout ment for me. ki of a purist music fa >> ellie goulding, too, azing. >> good music. >> notany awards a lot of music. >> carson,hank yo let to weather. >> we'll show you what we have going on.stms moving through miami.this is a front sysm pusng allhe way up into th northeast with snowrom pittur clevel ffalo. isl movey.'ll see a lot rnut of it. there could be floin iues lar this afternoon on into this evenin and a lot snow out st. i shouldsay, wtern new yor
8:16 am
e heat is oin southern t is y latesr. nnah? >> al, > now to o ri livi long living tt. >> we're lng at lgevity in island, iceland. keirmoraveled to the island to find out what h peleiving wl longnt thr golden yes. >> reporter: jt below the ar circle on the edge of the inhabitable world, iceland h an almost mical fl a . wi one of the most rawnd stunning landscapes onhe plet, coved with glrs, volcanoes and geoermal energy. the 300,00 tt inhabit this smal island nation today are, no doubt, a hdy crew. despit tarshconditio,
8:17 am
ght life expectancies in th d. at ars. at's the cret? is ithewater? fre r? the food? somecendersditheir longevity toathi in othermal pool >> will thisake me ve ng? lot loer. >> rorr: tgh signnt, this is. >> how come people fromcend ve lonr tha everybody else? >> because of e swimmin ol >> rep they be truth to at. meet stepn, who tur100 sld inaugu swims re e mni inhis outdr pool he himself builtn 1943. irecently spent a day wh this young man. >> you do isveryday? >> ery da evenstma >> even christmda >> yeah. >> reporter: at 11:00 a.m.,s
8:18 am
old peop. where gro of town elders gatherveryay to stret and ep their muses vi. wow. >> rorter: lunch, today we're eating tditional icendic re. >> ts is sep testicle [ laughter ]. >>ou l >> you like this? >> >> reporter: first, some sheep privates. >> will thi help me live longer, eatinghis par of the shee >> ah. >> okay. maybet's wor it. >>epor >> reporr:hen some rotten shark. >>has sdisgng. , gosh,omeon. orr:heeallu iceland lonviay exist
8:19 am
this ceo isn t mission to llt a fr everyerso in eland. >> w do some peopl live longer in eland? >> i think it' the envirme they liv e in heedses 1,100 ye 10yes and my guess is thers selection for certai pe >> it's not the food, nothete it' not the clean air? >> i'm notaying that we shouldn't ld a healthy lifestyle. we in iceland, we behav recklessly lik any oer nation i t the reane live a ttle bon is thae mem a retilyood nec background. >>'m goi he to wch telesion, drinkeer and eat iceeam. >>f that' what you wt to. reporte while 99r-d stephenuts poryntain h heal, h shes tt belief. >>epn? yeah? >> wt's tcret
8:20 am
youon't know dknow. i got it fro myre >> can i hav your pares? >> repor for "today,"eir simmons,nbcnews,iceland. wow. 's the way, meot bbing. >> livinhe good li for >> k a to s. >>asonei is hereoff his appearae at the all-st game talk about the sryfesseows ttheig scen fir today show upd today ow update... there may be newife for a ra springsanark. "colo ossi" -- 1- acre mixedse development at voyager and inrquest- stalled ouin 2008 the
8:21 am
stopped paying contractors. since then, the unfinished shell has saconspicuy empty and abned. now, it appears ere's a yer for the erty -- denver-based "westside investment partners." "thewould get ownership of ole 153 acs, plus the pally-construcd buildings. the rerted sale price is 22- million doars, with cling scheduled for april 1st. contractors mbinedo take ownership of the property last year. far, no word on what the new develope plan to dwith the colorado crossing ea. in a f just hour.. we'll know whether or not water rates will go in monument. the board of trustees says the have beeeping rates artifilly low for o ng and at's why they ve proposea new rate schedule. buthe economic development corporatiowarns a ick spike in rates could harm ness a community growth. will be at today's meeting d ha tcision for y later onews chief morning meteorologist -- ephen bowers jns us nowi a look at oulocal forecast... stephen...
8:22 am
the 50s and 60s. the hi clos will not be quick to movout this morning, but we c stillee some sun. mperate at 1am will be i the lower and middle 40s. colorado springs will be closer to 50 by noon with middland uppe50oundueblo and caon city. the 50and 60s will cry us thh the afternoowith increasing sun skies. at 5 pm, we're still in the 50s and 60s, but we're cooling. clear evening comes wi temperatures cooling through the
8:23 am
8:24 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,, ig ight about now
8:25 am
it is februy 1th, 2016 little windy, little wet, but also a ltle wm out heren our plaza. >> ye. nihae from yesterday. >> love it. hi, guys. >> hi,guys. de. wee cshing theet of uller set. we hava sneak peekt the rebo. d jasue ke ideis ishere we'll talk to him about his alleing role onnd off screen. > plus, she was o the c "sport illurate swimsuit edition. now,ob is heating up the kitchen. she's gng t show us how models reall eat. >> really okay. >> l's get a check of the weather. let's see what we've got. starng with today, we haven icy mix in northern new england, so in theississippi and ohio river lley. snow arod there lake
8:26 am
and southern califoia. for tomorrow, more of the same, thgh wre looking for the wet weather to extend down into central and almost souer cafornia. windy nditions. sunny s along the easrn seaboard. cooler than usual wther down through the lf coast. although nicend mil in the utheastern atlantic regio
8:27 am
>> hn byy birday to dad. t's go to tamn in e orae room. >> a special msage f engaged coup leine's m b beus bute' lkingado you neomti mont e chance t win the weddi o your dreams right here wh the big fat today show ddg. ifouendveute of "my b f gek weing"nd it reminded you o yourwn family, you'r going t love this one. weartnh "m big fat eek wedng 2" fromis coy, ersal, a g opy. send u aideohaou loclud w t meet them, too, urse. weose you for the wedding evt othe ye go to for seou before febrry 26th. good luck. ca wait to meet yo thet is aost over for e"full house" fans >> "fullerhousre febrry 26th. crg meln had chance to
8:28 am
the fous tanr kitchen. >> what' it likeeingback? >> t stran pt is,here is mory to , like youeere and you'rereilt. >> i'ved seval times, beinback here. it was overwhelming. yourld ces back all of su. ho! >> w had a momen where wwe all sitting on the couch in the living room doing our screen test. it was me, candice and -- cae and drea we lked at the screen on cohnd went, oh, my, we're back on this couch, in tset, doin this n. >> evedy is t about th ceing alr. >> it' smler. we bigger. >> weundetand. >>e ner lefch other. bob,ff, theca. is feels li, y know,e've be here. never left.
8:29 am
>>hey all l the same. even the c looks go. >> the ks have gwn u a bit. wllhow you mor of his clus v wite c we >>o you er cleanr wash or you toothbrush holder? appare are all s in youse ould be
8:30 am
8:31 am
do a to do it. t, thi"todayn nbc. we' wre back at 36. time to talk dirt people. we all know tolean the sink, motheloors and wipe the ters. even tost conscientious o cleaners may overlook household items, aowing germs to spre today conut elizabe joins uso reve the common mistakes. it's about to real. i learned a lot from readi abt at. there's three things we should
8:32 am
>>doors. u wto we dow the reiger door hale. think aut the tesou ucthat. an you alwaywant to wip down lightswches another on the toiletaper lder itear t toilet evy ti you're fluing - >> everything i smmg around. let'start in e kitchen. i neverhought about clean ewash thought it s caned every time youun thedishsh. >>nything that gets water nnou it, you want to cl fruently. water is a bacteria sh. you're ke heat and water. ecause you es doesn't mea your shsh i actually cleani. to do i you want whitenegar. it is l the wonder cleaner. i say it all the time on this . it i cu lika shwaer sep. puttthe top, cse it, run it through a full hotcycl
8:33 am
bang soda, spread it ithbottom >> sprinklt ibott? ill deorize it. run i through hf a cycle. when it's y,eave t door op and lett air dry. you use thamuch baking soda,r sprinkl a little bi >>no, a ltle bit. sir tips the coffker. white viner, run itthugh. the calciumuilds up. thisleans your machine. u can find all the t on you'd put theegarn where youut the wa >>un ithr acycle. yoant toun itwo t ter that, as well. >> lesn leard. les hobble overhere. how about t bathroom? >> number one thing you might foetting to clean is you othbrush holder cleant every single week. basilly, y can take it t. i'll do it. yo take it out, rinse it wit, ce your otrush. rie i wh hotwater. then pr se - well, it'
8:34 am
>> lks like mouthwas >>our tt in and let iit an rset out. thatllso ddorizend saniti it. c iut that in e dishwasher? >> you can. if you'r in yrathrm and wanto d it, erything is ther >>he laundry room. >>now, yr , y m tice, like i he a friendho toe thethernight, she out. >> ot can get brn. >> this one is clean. the way to clean thathie thing you have to do whe ee do. it n regular mainten thg. ke whiteinegaking da, ain. you make pasndub itver fro of thechine. th you'reoing toipe i clnhnother cloth. then tak cotton swabs with distilled water. you'reoing tolean all the nts. then you'reoi to te the
8:35 am
the thg,un it thrgh few times. >> squtt out o whatever? >> do it forive mutesn t cloth. th'llean it. >> as need, you have do ? asne. you don'tecessaly have to run out buy a new one. yoan clean the oneou ver he in oom, youwash sheets, daywhre forget i reforgetrwe forgting? pillow onehiillow prte it's anoth yer. you ould was yrlows t toouimesyear. this i noodor am you can't wh foam pillows b youanashik poly a a feathe if yourab the pillow,ut the in theashing machine and wh em oth hte cye. e a liquieternt --'m elega walking or here. >> use liquid, notpoer.
8:36 am
once wased in the hot cycl puthem ithe dryer. >> okay. >> you put it into theer a throw in tennis balls. >> wh it' aeratethem itouncesround and keeps the pillowsuffy. dry it abo two hours. sur they're reall dry. ta the outperially, fluff thep and themac . you have fresh,leanpill >> i love it. make sure the tennis ballsre clean,righ >> yeah. >>e d a survey how ofn do you wasour bed pillows? 60% saidner. i feel better. >> now, i hope it's re. >> i hope so, too. i lrnedot i this verif you the tip omore information, go t todacom/me. >ingp next,eatch up
8:37 am
8:38 am
fit,his is "today" on nb we'
8:39 am
with the nilm"race," it she inspiring storyf jesse owens and his astonishing four gol medal wins a the berlin olym. >> the relationship between the olympian and his college coach, playedyon sudeikis. >> airplane gs people excited the same wayhey come out and watch a man race. atheyeally want what really getshem worked up, is to see you crash. to see you fold uphat plane ke a piece of paper.watche grodrew drag you out befe it explo into flames. thexciti. >> jas sudeiki with us now.goodo see you. >> niceo see yo >> one of e rectorsouworked wit said youera ung ck mm. so great cedally and, dramatical, equally impresve.
8:40 am
>> doe't fl hard going in. the peopl who wouake thergument wasn' funny i e comedy. ihink it's a matter of the poster, gh it feels the sameaying outas, youknowt ds doing ything. wtever reasg l boes,ryg to smug drugscross the border,trying to make that as lievable as possible. no different he, believe it or not. >> we you thinki, i've ne mucme, i'd like to try e dramacole andlexhose mules? >>ot consously, no.hop ent canshows up. the script,hen i read it, sa, thiis cool this res mef somhi i wod ha-y dad a i would have went to e when was a kid. lien hackn and the hoosiers o mein cooloa le hold a hatnd stwatch and suppo stepn s. james.
8:41 am
>> lry w his coach ao statmed trackr hims what wa rel ith jessehey >> i mean, tense but mostly because ofe,ou know - the outrageous sort of ext raci ahe it w 1936. he stes,nd worst situionng onn be, arguly. t, lry was this amazi guy o was ahe o his , bot h innovations a coa but as a man who dn' -- race didn't conce him. >>ccentanoraci. >> jesse referredo h in tobiraph as an accenta non-cist colo blind wld b t comn term for it now. ck then, he was like, no, don' care. don care. as lon you wk hard and do at i ashen i don't car what color you are, wharace doesn'ttter. let'sgo jesse needed that. >> you were pngittle
8:42 am
ulayedhe celebritourname. >>e lost canada. >> butou were great. 11oints at halftime >> i did all rht for an o ma who doesn't py mh anymor >> y played ll. i the older i get, the better i was, ishe stement. st funo be o the court thou >> is n. to h refs and mess arou. ken ha did a ne jobor us as our co satuay w azin satu washe best. th dunk contes t threint coest. >> y gotsee at? >> had front row seahat the14-yr-old me would be going nuts ov. >> those werereathen wwere growing dominiq and jordan. en theweread for a wh then you sawtheunk contest is amazingagain. >> it was u there with '88. even the three-point contes downenteph curry and klaythompson.the n chicago w the all-ti greatest. two nits ago one for t books. >> have to ask, hows the lile one? 22 months now, ght? >> ah
8:43 am
a lot boom bops. los drs. hees hoops. ok h t a game, saw the clrs inl.a. recently. you know,nd beyonce. it likelmo, nemo and yonce, his tavite thin>>er fans sta younger every ye. >> they do. he may have come out of theomb th way. >> obviously, liviously, "all the single ladies onef h favorite >> yh. we were talking abo olivia series. >> unbelile. >> jugglihet a th woow are youealing with >>helps. both fils we're borninto and thenese surround rselves with.everybody is excitedo see him. >> needth. >> igrea >> a wishingere on "s" st for tolitic campgn? it's sorich so much good stuff. >> yeah, i mean, it fun to
8:44 am
u out as afan. grg u with itndw, i an - ou cldng benck. >>fen bught h own bidenack -- >> were you hoping he'd get in ther and run? >> for no other reason than, a eric, tave more te with h in televisn a inrviews seishly, yes, i m him over the summer and i was ke, sir, you don't have to tell evebody else - this is before he announced -- you c jus tell me. caree is in thealmf your nds. >>hey, you ow, that's right, i do. exactly as outgoing and genuine as you'd expect, i gues from the vp >> jason, thank y so much. good to catch upith you. >> nice to e you guys. >> "race"s a great film. ops nationwide thi friday. pnext, canondue reay be a model's o? we'lld out from byn
8:45 am
8:46 am
tc>> firs this is ts week's tay f team alth rip t hel le long.ismornine're takin ge fro sethes okgeoen e plan. with theel of one of this year's "sports lustted" imsuit star rolaey. good t hyou.
8:47 am
>> malta ishe yid oo >> it watifu peop were so nice. supe sted. >> what wa it likebe in e d "sports lustrated" gane again >> i w in it last yea and didn't livehe experience because i had a baby. this year was awesome. toe at the show and talk to e fans. it's been awesome. it's been fun. >> you blo a l abo food what is it aut yr l of food? scbe i t me>> iasn' moling i b ch. you mak t decisio a 16. i love food. i'm a advocateofou kn fi a tae. iroy own vegetables at me. on ofour segntbout thaakou livloer. i s ke,ocly pduced foodslway gng to bett f you, higr nutrients and you g to recyclanba to e so if u composg and thingikeat. e'et ioat. at yakto thiis awe dis great r d bigrof peop httleta t tt. usse sprout
8:48 am
you can do anything you want sn't have to be this particularegetablemix. en whavehe slices on top. t. it's hay. >> what does thistem fr,ouwag fondue but not havin foue ing? >> i had a date wh myow man d i was ke, wto mak sothinfay ancute i didn have a fdueset. >>ou can stillav the expeence. >> yeah. >> the guys are eatg wnstairs. hoo yelec your vegebl>> asonal, g forit us whaverouanget. you kind of just --ou want themiteize or pickup sed pieces. this is go. yon thr tha on ther ttlepota,hrow on e e >> shmushs, o? >> k t ase. we'reoi to roa thea ffer tipo,hrow on because they take longer yeah. rooteget taknger.
8:49 am
the . >>illson e? >> i didn't h to dyt itgrt. >> il try. >> literally, spa them out. yocan u cathrowruszseprs ther gh wan t c tne up.don't wt t give somod a whole onion >>tleffiveli oil andsalt. ifou'rinpartment lg ke iamree them yout todd som ros mar or, you know -- >>simple clean and delicious. how do they ste, the veggies? >> ver good. grt idea for a party a hog. how do the go i fo mites. the'll t rooms. >>rosemary on top. >> dip them in wer becaut makes the flavor stnger>>ow these. pullheset. >>live the a turn
8:50 am
em roasting good. i' addhemushoms. sometimesheyeed less, you know, to co. yo want to give tm a quick tu. shfle. pu at? >> or , turn them? >> -hmm >>his is si. fres vegables out o y garden >> iknow. thrn saltoath. owut t chee >>ike so it opens up. >> ick? >> tnhis is the endresult? >> this is it. voila. thisld beppizer al. yn deous. >> ixcited to have it. >> fantastic. >> good idea >> pith eses evhing. todacom/foodor the fullcipe. thank yoo mu.
8:51 am
we're back after your l new gladou're with us. coming up on the top othe houri'm leneockrwi youral hinney.. e hu soc is instigatg aftea dog s killed and a man w injur in a ooting at homecolora spngs. happened last night in the 80block of hsier drive. e homeners say one of eir gs became agree... d while preven the ds from fightg... the homeowner's girlfriend shot one dog... buthe bullet ao hit thman in hiseg the maonly hadinor injurs. femaleas charged with reckless endangermt. and right now... a large stretch of i-70 remain closed..fter a massive rk slide! from gsum to glenwoo springs... bo directions are shut down... while ews workclear the boulders... which fell onto the highway yestday. c-dot crews spent most of the daremoving the lge rocksar "nging tunnel".. in gnwood canyon no injuries or sious dage has beenepord. geologists will assess the slide
8:52 am
andetermine how ng cleaup operations are expected ke.. chief morning meteorogis-- stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our local focast. stephen... highs today e gog toe in the 50and s. the high clouds wi not be quick to move t this morning, t we c still see some sun. temperature at0 am wilbe in the lower and middle 40s. colodo springs wl be closer to 50 by nn with middle d upper 50s around pbland can city. the s and 60s will carry us through the afternoon wi increasingly sunny skies. at 5 pm, we're still in e s and 60s, but we're cooling. a cleaevening comes with teeres cooling thr
8:53 am
8:54 am
> this moing on "tay's take all thenend t covers at lght' ammy ards. plus, you won't believe is teami up with joe maaniell an excve first look we' have y sating in styl with the lest fness end.
8:55 am
>>nnouer: fm nbc news, is is"today's ta" with al r, nalie mora wile geist and tamro ha, live from studio 1a in rockefell plaza. welcome to "today" onhis tuesday morning. febrry 16th, 2016. kind o a wrd winter day in w york city. gettin up into the mid 50s. ttle drzle. hardy fans onhe pl i'm willie aloside ,atalie and mron i likehe morning jam, al. >> ork". >>eaturing drake. >> why't it juheehannand drake? drake? >> it's her album. >> she was supsed to perform athe graysut she had a respirat respiraty infection. >> i wumme lauryhi didn't peorm. she was suppod to perform with the weeke and she's sayingt wasn't confirmed. it wasn't aeed upon.
8:56 am
e'sad tbulent cee she'brilant, but iwas a buer lt night. >> las night, tlor swift w the b winn. e kked off the ceremony with her latt single "out othe woods," and won album of e year for "1989," becoming the first woman to women that that category twice. her acceptanc speech, one aimed directly, if not menoned by name, atye west, has everyone talking. i want toay to all the youngomenut there, there are going to be pple angheay who wl try toderc your ccessr take credit for you mpshments or you fa. bu ifouustocnhe and d'tet tse people sid track u, seday enou get wre you're going, yore look arodnd you will knowhat wasou andhepele wove youho pou
8:57 am
endly mier, kye wt recent sai hehodet crit forayr swift'me >> h mad her care,s he ys. theon is cle"famous. he has not he hot rponded to th th lastweetsaid i'm a posi spac i hop he is and remain t way. he nds hel at the univsity level. he es mayeoreseris. serus, like k chule him of buteas iend whore sayg now publ tha there is aen heth e. 's wtis fends are quoted assayi. >> t he'snxtmelytant you n,uthi he hroem andeeds t get them drse bot li, it s taor's nigh last night. >> among others.
8:58 am
c to tha ntversy, righ >> sor moment, le tributes. lionel richie's tribute, had lovat singing. hell is i me youe looking fo for the grand finale, lionel performed "all nightlong." >> let's go see him. everydy wasancin e sles pe wer up out of their seats,s yo saw. i was like that watching at home. >> fantastic. >> when he was here, he let us thehole conga le him. >> where would birdays and weingse whout ll richie he's tst. any celration in life. lady ga's tribu to d bowie s so perfect. it was the technological marvel, how the created the space oddity. her lookas just like bowie's. th oe hairthe makeup, how s dressed. it phenomal.
8:59 am
like that in 6:30 and beeo carr a tune throughout the whole ing. it wasunev. >>t was aicetribute. what aboutyo? i t yldehe gunt tha an amazing numr of peopleassed aw i think the wa, i was saoied tyid do more for natal cole. th snt ended wh a clip of her and her dadinging "unforgettable." but her twin sister -- or her sist told the nework pos before las night'sceremony, she didn't think it was enough. she said iwas bisweet. family was hoping there wld be an actual tribute. she had21rammy nominations d won 9 times. first african-american feme to win b new artist we reached out to the grammy producs for comment and did hear back yet. >> it was a of backlash. a l of controvsy about for re.
9:00 am
youknow, thehlight for me wasenlama musiuppoo notnly be, guess, t sorack of r lives, b is supposed t eabout society. hehut i down. he had a tal ofivegrams, includg rapalbum. he wasust t- thele sncree. he's apoet, an artist. weave clip. everyth iow, eve time they hit me >> i think it was that kk left the gramm in ashes. it plays into your favorit moment. there was lot of concern that hip hopould not be represend. in a big wa your forite ment, it came up again. >> youad i in this, hop and broadway, right on the stage at the grams. th musical "hilton," the run away, explosi hit on broadway
9:01 am
theater on stage in new york city. a beautiful performance that the worl got to see what people coming to broady have been seng f theast year. moments later, "hamilton" won be musical tater album. of course rapd free style his acceptance speech. >> right hand man, the hispanic, the best idea goes in the pot. the cast,unstpable. band is unbeatable. inspiring me to pul throh. we areyou. sebastia daddy i brig a grammy fu. >> oy he could do that and rhyme. the o pro with tt lastht - >> w weren the? >> ill b ten yeaefor y caee "hamilto again. was aeady hard enou>> sphen crtade t
9:02 am
see it >> my kids haven't seen t show bute have the alm. theyalk through the hse singg all thesong is on a our housenonstop.>> georgsaidhe other day, we' reliable witth ladies i saidwhat whay that? es,amiln and jeffson. said, of urse a jefferson quot >> i th, tha you ver much >> great lin to u as he get olde what did i miss i iame ithe house doing that, and he went, dad, that's weak. joe mniello tmingp with a surprise co-star. weaveourirst . >> co. what canet? >>milkshake. >>flavor >> chocate. >> three, two,e. >> thas. >> brokeruleo. >>ravwoomig
9:03 am
hav i? . >> think ino wnd i met. you'reoing to leavend take a lida u have a choe to . stic ad her olive a li. eewee herrmann he's t ag da g. how does dothat? ion't kn. big hid going be onetflix m8can you lie, he'sback. >> i can'telieve it. ie this >> when you said joemaganiello was expecng "mag mike xx". xxxl >> this better. >> you sawheginal peewee rrmann, the moe,"large marge. th alamo, is one oe movies i'v se. >> assic. >> s my peo g srt on s ow. >> guess whaimt is? >> what timsit?
9:04 am
>> also, our feboo pstas time yoisett'spopcor yesterda >> ias ver >> 25 days of giveways for you. day's prize,ove this for many reasons, $500 sears fashion shopng shopping i worked at sears four years. favorite b. that c go fart sears. go to cebookom/today'stake >> tt's >>et you 00ears card. >> wet you to like us. are tryg t get a milon kes. le seeheree are now. boom! we'retaing this morning at 261,00 it's more than ,000 than yesterday. agai t srs ftcard, $5 shopping spree. like us and rister t win today's take, 25 ds of prizes priz a sears shoppg see
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lik at. > we've had seve weather ll through parts o flori and the stheast in the lt 24 urs. this system stretching allhe wa up to the eastern half of ohio. in buffalo and pittsbgh. wee l at rai here in the rtheast. heavy rainill be pushi we've got winter storm waings, winter weather advisories. 32 million people a risk fro nortlina tomaine. lookt the mperat. in new york. it'll be clig up into the mid 5s. back to e wes buffa, you stay below freezing. same in racuse. buffalo, you'll see boon,55 today. wilntue to see lake-effect snow look at the rainfl amous. anywhere from 1/2 incho 1 1/2 in of rain. becae the fze ground and locally, could s 2 inche of ra. it could lead to flooding then we have lakeffect snow
9:06 am
buffo and >>hat' >>hat's your latest weather. cebook.c/today's ke. register for the$500 gift car and like. >>ears gift card. "h to get awayith
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mark i mexico srring in "insuctions not included," t highest grossing spanish langge film tope i america. and the hhe grossing mexican fi ollme >> over the las year, she's beco a poparov girl gracing osmolin,""cosmopolitan,"gq" and "women's om's health." >> noe's on "how to geaway with mu." plays a law student getting involved with a lawyer in the practice. >>ou have boyfriend? >> wes. he's home sic and needs a copy of our outline. >> we have work. >> dsn't care about this case why should i? cover for me with bonnie? you owe me. >> ce upith someing. we'llee what we c work out. >> all right, karla,ood morning.>> good rng. >> huge star in mexo a no is is your first b breako ro ie unid at. re you nerus about making e move
9:11 am
the bes fe. i seing offered pas, and i s being, younow, letnto restaant nted i sust havinlife then,f cose, y flhat lile challengeug iide of u, wanng to movnd t i out l.a.i mov i l.nd i didilseon t wst tng that can er happen to a hum beg.iha shondrhimes forak me outf tt asome pres >>s ionanaudition onstant rejeion, living out of yourcar, trying to ge goingrom pying a mother t suddly you'reayin kn, prostitute. en you're playg, youknow, a law uden it a in the an of a seco what wa i lik when youet th ye you're onar ait's snda and viovi >> we dn'now when i ghe part that iwa goibe viola atas pluaftear. i wa cing so hardn ear
9:12 am
and sa, you bke ner heardhat rd ybook.was kewh doe tt m keou thepart, yo gotlaurel. started crying aaiiv me a co. i'm n cool eug f y guys but this mea a lot to ts mea i cantoautig? theye li, gome and i wasryg a my mom thought sometngad pped to me. >> we hearo much abo shonda's rld. shs tsewsnd they'rell sopul and so go what youe bn t insi oth rld, whys i so spial? ye, i thi it's -- she's real apoweouse she w twmore sws comi. don'know ifou ow. sh got h boo and jus does everytng. she'seally ao psonal in helaonsh realassiat autha she do. i tnkt tckles dn t erneth sh. evyoust does tir job
9:13 am
becausehe es it'sin of- i think thats so o part of . >>e have aeolay wh u calledow t getwa wi walks rohscenios, how yod hdle the situations. wld you get a with speeng ck? >>, iould ju,ou i was jusoong a tt poo y o ias jus- and i wou ar crng or ioulde mexican. like i sorry. i' her ovati. eaon't do tso th'd like . >> ce. >> very good. >> how wld youet awaith foetti somebody's me? >> i wld jt velylovely tsovelridf ,uch gat pers. en bng seone els and hearhat they said to eth rs and'de , ay. >> kar souza, thank you so
9:14 am
> comingp , d y rember the first concertou went to? ming offhelitz and glamo of last night's grammys, we'll taken embrag tpown mery lane to give you the ance t womhi amazing. right aft nobodyov get on the floor! somethi! i'm not a surity guard, i'm a secuty monitor. i onlyotify people if er is robbery. thers a robbery. why monitor probm if you n't fix it? oces meane to proct y fro idti we n onlaleryou to idtity threa, if you have problem, wllend to miion doars lawrsnd ets fix it. lifelo. join starting at $9.99 a month. clorox knows a fily of 5 can do a number on the toilet. clorox toilet nd ces prloaded witclear, youlick, swish, and ts. noore ickyoilebrush. love it. of course you do, mom.
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9:18 am
we were soxcitedha night.we ceacfr tspan ballet. llet this much is true lingn the mome lovhegn. >>hat a >> was i w something similar to this. this is me this is aeel bottoms i stillit was the pl ire where were my parents? don't know but i was coege, i've never own this pture t yone erne pn i worwho see tspicte. th ise o the way ttheun dm dmc concert. look a til i dot know if theyet men the ccert not, but l's swe backo thi on there you have it. that's our concertmemori. >> t rean f gng dn memoryanese ve eitg wehadho but w, i isou tu.
9:19 am
fit concert style find >> fd a photorom one of your first concerts and post at'stake. ll we should help you rock a styleupgraden you take y son or daughter to their first ncer >> send in the photos. you could get ae toly t yo citfor head to toe keover, coues ey. send us your pic and stories now. wel pick a winner a the end of themonth. ead,ytuday's trend ys a, phasn't thinng t dancin washinking abt hi joints. t nohe'sakingostebi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. e feeling originates in thisarea... spreadthroughout the body... to her
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9:24 am
powe youut ! t taking a look at e headlines. new study i sgesting li beeethe us pularrt burnedatnsnd dementia prilos prilosec,fvad a nexium they're us by 15 mil americs to treat
9:25 am
researchers in germany suggest ov erg the drugs may lead t a44% incre rkf da menementia among t among t t years and older. tw othe mufture s it iortant to rea a foll allabel direions >> wn it ces to exerse, oplere motatedy mey bu onl when it's tenaw. a stu publi looked io emoyee welln programs ahoinancial incentives playe a role ithe ccess. reseers fnd moneyidn' improv an ployee'sffor to re the exeiseoals but it was effectivehenas was ven up fntndaken ay ea day the goals wereotmet. n ror finds mienials dnkor wine than
9:26 am
an average owo cases a pson througho the . reseerslso lood aigh uency drinkingdefined as peop who dnkeveral tim a we a fnd millenialsls led that category. > fo tie hardsdie hards inew gland,re is such ahing as a free nch. people got a funchf they at out ith 10 dree weather. th tables wer full ofundl up ctomers f the challee. not only did they g fre lunch, b the restaant doted t money it would hav made to a local rescue mission. al for aood caus let's get a check of e ather from al. >> pressive. 'rchecking out's ta how many o you have liked us since t binning of today's program? more than6,0. go to the facookagend get a chanco win a $5 sea
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fully nice et's loo athate ha toda some of the weather, noto nice we he sw ad the great lakes.icy m in the mid mississippi river valley. also in northern new england. the eat continuesut west. 89 in phoeni 88 in l. could set records toy. for tomoow, we are lookit a few leftor showeround g kes. wind wet weaerrom the pacific nthwest to central cafornia.
9:28 am
the easrn >> that >> that is your latest weatr. willie? al, tnk you verymuch. now to our series, hope to it. over 1900 me, mt. kilimanjaro was afca's highest point, a tough climb for the st elite athletes. 41-year-old sea h done it 12 times, bngin agef ho f those who neet most. >>eporr: sean h been to of the wod. he's climbed to th highest peak of every continent, cometin th sevensumm bu his toughest hill battle wasn't a mounin. it wasncer. twice. at age 13 and again at age 16. >> i remembe sitting on boom of the shower floor whi my frids wer having fun wit their lives. i was losing my hair, 60 pounds erweht, cryingy als out. was somethi no o should ha had to g ugh. >> reporter: he was givwo weeks to live.
9:29 am
a q came upwith. 's, the body can liveughl 30 day witut od. th htion cantain itself for rouly thr days thou war. but no humanli can livor than 30 seconds witutpe. hope kt megoin >>eporte sea defied tod and survived at'shen he srtedclimng. althgh cancer left him with us ofnly lung, he became eirst ccer survir t maketo th top of mt. everest. and now, he's spreading he with h foundation, theanr clber association. >> w reach out tth peoe touched bycancer show them the possibility o the human by and spit. rorter: every year,n grants a cancer survivor the portunity to climb afca's mt. kilima he helps tm upve sof the wa >> taking pple upilimro, i see a transftion. theyet to th t and come down and there songer and more nfiden ives the to alize, i can conquer
9:30 am
epte -yr-d p campbellad h r tt. >>as gtingeadyo sta myir tatment f myecd boutit eriho aboni out the door. at tt mont, i gotext sse andt said, i hear you're going throu a rough time eporte t mesge w from se >> i rememberim say one y, y mak i tough is, and'lle up cmb mot ki kimanjait . he tgh me to loo a my er a mountain. myountain bngremission.orter:ean kepis promise to ter. injuly, wh cancer behind em they trekked, side b side, ,000 feet te top of mt. kilimanjaro. >> we got toake ahone call from the top. my wife kepty kids up. at 1:00 in the morning, i called home andoldr, i'm standing at theopthewod. methg iler foet
9:31 am
i laid in th hospil. surgs,chpu not knowing. owing. butt wa worth it reporter: seaeeps oclbing. today, it's a dferemounin the ee ste di f th annual empetate buildgrun . 86 oors,e than 1500 steps, l to give those fig cancer one message. hope. whatn aweme story. beuse ofhe incredible this he's done, he's become a member of the elite athlete ambassadors is a wel deserved spokesman. his treks a helpi t touched by cancer allr the world, as you saw there. cg up, need motn hit gym tamron is ting to find out faioble and futional know h you earn the title ... rld's best mom? bytarting each dith arftly balanced mug of... i've got this.
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ky) i ky) stted oking when i was 16. now i havend sge copd. my tip i youeep oking, your "eedom" mnly gos far yr ygen tube. (announcerou cuit. fofree help, call 1-8t-now. > it' it's tuesday s it's time t worky notice the wardrobe ange. iss not the segment where you learn to do reps and ting
9:36 am
we a offerg inspion to meet your fitness goals with workout wear t wo. fr what's available from the retailers to the subscription box services. ere are so many ways to fd tnessashion and up your melissa g is back to ain it all. good to sew youe u. >> good to see yo to i w tkingoavanna the said she id, wn you have workout clots li,s moti. nce they'on,'r readyto go tthegy>> bgh cors. >> yes. re are these online subscr services. get your fitness fix wit that heard a lot abouthe and waed to subscribe b i wn't re. what tdeal? yon't wtoetie in. this i fytscom. u send out arofi and they seou ae outf whh cool. s, sportsbra, theolething. it comeso $50 a piece.
9:37 am
doend it bac a you'r charg for it. hidde , sign-up fee. on whenou wan a b and they sd you ax.or askhe t senmonth thi thint monthly box. u can order wnout thereiffe ands. >> not just and. nike and as. >> we ar obsessedverings. aid iasoing wearghela black os leggings th i fmgaleti. 6x. >>ove it. >>is >> ie it. >> socomfortabl
9:38 am
wh there iol, e fabric stres and you le the lo atoe'ten. >>et get to e dels. a is wng an outfit from fabletics, co-fnded by kate hudson. >> this is areabdorable. they're tryingo make pces that traitroe gym t eve day fe theasic aood g eces, aswe. in the back it hashe cutouts cu anl like youthymndo y eands and u don't hav tge >>he bls, a9. foth vimembsh? >> you sign up. there'o crgeso sign up t y have monthly fee. youet two pceser if yout t ski themonth, u have to mure y tell themant to skip . readll the printo se wha're sig up for. >> actly.ou l gnthat.
9:39 am
>> oldna feel le they're stepping up their ga. it's a cool pant. ol navy islw able with thele it is onl$7 y d'te workt. th isll about fashio >>e g aop of c undernth. >> these pan look li kenll jenn e'says ith cutes rkout >> only$22.. okay. get them. >> real quic we veera. me o . eca i weari anou from ko's, wch is ath reallyffordable - >> le this. >> ai it's funo getway om thelackggings ifout t t somng dierenhis areatay t andotpe t of y. thanrenly6. >> wow. you cot and noteelcommted to . you don't loveit,onee
9:40 am
doou can these? t safest way i probably to t onble dry low or let ir dry. >> love these los. go line and wll pt ahe infoation. thanyou,meliss thank u, ladies. you' rockinghot. we can go have lunch and not go to t gymn theseoutfits. fanavorite "broadcity." th show that has eveone talking. ilana noyet. not t. not yet! noye pull the peach! , plaimmmm, plt.
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9:44 am
> comedy's newest and edgiest best friend duo, ill ya glazer d and abbi jacobs, in "broad city," playwo bro friends o tryo maktthe city. >> they try to mak a quick buck by renng out their apartment r the nigh >> gsts are staying uil 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. l we haveo do is stay out unti 11:00. >> we live in the cityhat never slps. >>exactly. >> wtf we go to the barwheree gotmono? >> i lovehat place. >> watchhesunrise, romantic breakfast the dir. >> i love tha diner. >> okay. >> >> ilana and abnk you for be beghere. >> like, havehe
9:45 am
>>eels good. >>t's so good youon'taveo rent your apartment out then, i guess, th t? >> actly. >> y guys he been together sinc the upright cizensigadedays, aost te years no somhi le that? >>t's reay - ye. pream srtingin li, 08. >>ah. >>owoo is it to be able to risep from there with your buy at yr side t whole ti is unreal. it's vy new think. >> whao y me >>re's so mpportuni re. know, it's kdf f the taki, i el, new york is. i feel liket's k of wha r attudeasbe it c't hurt you hemy poehler asour -- >> doe't hurt. she's beensmang pport syst. that wen like, what wou amy do in this situation? >>he has a bi'syeie thate couldn't he hrom
9:46 am
eustreat insit. you guysk u ithe brea doe still g rvou and weaidyes. athispoin you'r omotg esh, becongore and more famous. ner jitters? >> ink it'ser hpful t veach other. yeah. >> as yourt iducing us, was . we'r here. >> cstant, . art imitating fe. abbi one of your first jobs i , you were hired to workt anequi handing out workout flyers? >> the one at grand ceral. >> theren episode basedn that, t? >> mycharacr, ab - >>yes, miliar >> -imilar name similar spelling and name. abbi oab
9:47 am
yeah,y chacter wor at gymall gy gym. and you have great guests on thsh. >> wha an honor to have that kind ofcon onur show how didhatome togeth?>> we wro thispisode- i'm not goi to spo whais -- andt dn'teed t he r, but she was st oike mentioned. th we went out to r, like yo kn, yohaveo she s i it was very bizarre and an amazing day for the ow, for us, for ourcrew. >> she was incrible. it was amazing, to abl to watc tha in person. >> this seon, we'll seeit? >> yeah. >> ilana glazer and abbi jabson, congrats on the
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
athie lee and hoda. >>i,sweetie. we he craig fergusonnd the property brothers are here. and a februarys huge fors.alour handcrafted classic footlos are just $6 each, even our subway club and icn bacon ranch lt $6 fooonre big dl. buthe meis going a littlerazy. i am in the heart of what is now beg called "sumageon." th an inedible aunt accumulation inde... that now seems tbe spilling out the streets. i have never seen ything like this bere. enjoy all our deciou classic footlongs
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>> fromc news,his is "today" with can kathie lee gior a hoda ko, liv fro stud 1a in rockefeer pl
9:54 am
tuesday, february ing. >> that is crash andurn b our new friend. weike it a >>an it beaully thi week. >> wave a day here today. >> it's huge! >> he's not here, but another hugely funny guy -- >>id you compare meo donald trp? >>sorry. >> good one. y? wh >> bau y'r huge >> that's no what, what do yo mean huge >> very big. i am. e are glad. >> yeah. >> it's the morning look. idn't know if i was allowed to say stuff like that on the morng,abc has anged. >> this is nb ba. ye, very exced about it. why am i in the kitche what is it, scottish people have to wk when the here? i'll me you a lovely, here's a quick demonstraon rightnow. o my d! >> ce on. >>t'sll ght. whole show.
9:55 am
up. >> you know, you go tfancy straen rest,will cost you $150 cks. craig fergun will joining us, cook or die. >> a cooking show. we also hav the pperty brherset a visit by jenna hager bush. >> they'refu they' f t pick on. >>hat is jenny weg? >> it looksike a hse >> it wa cold. that day was cold. >>he gramm an't jus abo award,hey're about style. we will showou a red cart lo wit sto bought makeup. youtubeesti your ma so manyreat tricks. but last night it wa big, baby >> p. bau it wa the grammys and big winnsast night. >> taylor swift. >>nd lamar. >>aylo swift got e, album of the yr for "1989."
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