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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm MST

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have an ligationo ke h in the loop en we're askg questions in deing with department heads" city counciln chris nicoll isn't so ccerned by the me. he tell us it etty much mirrors wording t city charter. this memcomes at a time when tensions a high between e city's pole ion d thr chf. news has learnedf another memo ... this coming from commanders in the poce department ... requing officers seek appral from supervisors bore sendin group ai. dy kn ws 5. let's talk about o weaer w. here's aive-look outside colora sprgs. it's certaly been a rather mi...butreezy agai... mikeoinss now in fstrt 5---at are you traing? tomoow, r next wth maker, a southerly wind flow at the ace from 10 to 20 mphing the ternoon. with sunny skies temperatures
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mostlylearonighth ws the 20's an30's. morrow will mtly sunny with chilly air early then pleasant temperatures from late morning through late afternoon. a re weather watchor thursday. wind and dryuels will eate high firdanger its anmportant weefo landslide imin coloro springs. the ci is hoing o meings to help find all tho affected by thelides that were sparked byast year's heavy rnsand to educate them about whatheir options are. ne 5's greg is live athe st. paulcathol church near the oadmoor where the first meetg is takg place. the meg starts at and its not only for people o ve
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see dage on down the road. one ofhe worst hreas is broadmoor bluffs wre severalpeople are starting to s their ck decksreakinaway. there's even two homes that had to be condd because e wallwere crackinand it wasdetermined not to be safe anymore. the main goaof teengs are to gethem signedp r the feral grant program where the city wld use fema money to buthe homes ord to avoid disaster. thproblem is victims would only get 75% of the value, something victims aren't too excited out but just mht ve to take sot buddy catron/landslide vicm sot: great view, the wdlife. no we don't want to leave but if ty come through with e money we'll have to take it. the reason most are considering it ibecause the damage has gotten so bad at the value o theime is pretty much zero. the gentleman i spoke with says is better than 0 so he'll likely be taking i
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tonight---we continue to tracprosed changes to water rates in monent. in just a w hours---we might learn whether those bills will be more expensive. the boarof trustees ys they've been keeping rates artifically low for too long but the economic development corpatn was a quk spike ines could hm busine and community growth. webet tonight's meeting at 6-30---and bring you full report tonight on news 5 a10. veping tonight a fo surcacht swedish dicaceer in denv.... is indicted on feder tamperi and drug cha prosecutac rocky allen of ting ringes o inkillers and replacing them with syringes ntaing another substance. authoritiehaven't said what that other substance was. edish medical center has asked about 29-hundred people... o underwent suery while allen worked the... to be teed for hepatitis and hiv. xxxx new tonight. cora sprin womanaces charges after police say she accidentially shot h boyfriend the leg---while
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the shooting happened last night the 8ck of hoosier drive. po say the couple was trng to breakp a fight between several do living with the inveigats saile they were trying to preventne o the dogs from attacking her, the girlfriendshot the aggrsive dog... and accintially also struck her boyfriend. his injuries are reported to be mino but t dog did survive."beatrice llas" faces reckss endangerment charges----and the humaneoc is also investiging. xxxx new tonight. the man accused of stabbing a neighbor following a noise complaint made his first court appearce today. following up forou. colodo sprin police say the victim knocked on keviriley's doorn super-bowl suny to complain about the volume on his t-v. ce say riley opened e do--hrewhe man to the grnd--nd sbbed him multiple times. rileis now facing a char o assault with a deadly weapon he is being held on ten thousand dollarbond. ly mor injies report aftecar eck inlving a police ciser. it happened earlier toy near
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poce tells news 5 an oic was responng to an emergen call and was hit by anotr car. e driver was cited forailing to yield to an emergency vecle. the wreck closed down lanein both dirtions on jetwi. new 5. meowne in blk forest are prepinfor a big change.. land some believed to be otected by a conservation eant... was bought by classic homes.. our kelsey kenne has a "first look" at their plans for deveng the "shamrock ranch areaoflack fores this plan includes 283 home sites.. lf course and en space. the county tells me thprevious owner.. moved a ertion easement atsed to be on the northern pa of the property.. to this small rtion of the land.. five or six years ago. before he sold thacreage to class homes. ry old signs lininthe
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, no tresspassing or huing" so neighbors ha continuted to belie l of the land bdered by hodgeand black forest roads i protec. me neighbors i tald to mov to the area to have mo space d less neigh not to mention spectacar vie of the frontange.. "i left nument and it's growth not have that here, and it's justoming right along." she's so concerned about infrastructure.. holmes rd.. one of the planned entnces to the nedevleopment.. is barely two lanes wide.. where water will come from.. d fire proction resources so of concern to some neighbors. now lk to a hb whosaw noueplanne depmt.. thou he 'tant o camera.. he called it progress. the ojecwi bcalled flying horse at shamrock ranch.. though official plans have not been presented to the county st y. i'll have much more about a blic meetinglaed for tomorrow where youcaha your vce heard.. co ught .. and li? now to story that some
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nejos county,...are calling a miracle. a fire bro out at "our lady of guadalupe church" on ash wednes and the sootrom fire, parently formed a own over a portait ofhe virgin mary. take a look. an investitor spotted the image while surveying the damage to the church. the faer of the church says word has spread----and many urch- s consider ts a racle. many othem would like to see the image prerved while the church repairs dage to the rest of the buildi. news 5's la howland ent the catch r full rep to 10. xx e zika virus is sparking new concerns over blood donations. we'll break down the new proposedestictions---coming up in tonight's your hey family. and a driving nightmare after boulderssh dn on a stretcof i-70. we'll t you know howong these roads will be closed... but fit here's mike in first
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wednesday rnon ns 5
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it all begins at 4:30 ,,,,,,,,,,, right w. our nation's capitol is remembering supreme court anton scalia---by draping his courtroom air in black this is a supreme court tradition that d back to t 19th centuury. anhis bo willie in repose in the supreme court's gre ha on friday. scalia..thcourt's longest servicjustic...died turday at age 79 ofural causes. e deba on ho fils spot ctinueso be a hotopic on the presidentl campai trai 's aometme rht onts othe st cstfter
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from new york.. to washington c... me cities with a foot of new snow. eware busy plowing and shoveling... the icy roads caused aassive pile-up in pennsylvannia overnight. nearly a dozen tow trucks reonded to car the wreed vehicles. nor injuries are reported. t in virna---police say the icroads are becoming a huge problem-and aleast three peop have di ica crashes da xxxx back in cora---a 2 mile strech of i-70 is closed becau of a rockslide! the sle happened last night glenod cyon about 125 miles east of the utah border. the highway is shutdn from glenwood springs to gypsum---and the shortest detour addsearly 140 miletohe trip. c-dot says that thstretch of i-70 will remain closed until thursd afternoon, at lea the ckslide magea tr--t onjed a lookrom cameras across colorado. s today in t 50's an 60's. current temperatures aver utrnorado.....
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and warm y. areof higpressure wl bring dry ies agaimorrow th warmetemperatures. ho by hour, mostly sun through the day. chilly start tn nicend mildrom late morning throu la aernoon. a few hi thin clou in some areas fromime toime. lows tonight in th20's and 30. highs tomorrow in the 50, 60's and 70's 7 y foreca for the springs, high tomorrow 63, gusty wi thur and wm with a hig 70. high fire da. pleasant friday d saturday th sunshine. cooler next week. pueblo high tomorrow0, windy and warm thursday wi higfire danger. a re high thursday. cooler friday with less wind thekend star mild then cooler air sunday. canon city and woodlanpark, warmer tomorrow with breezy afoon nd. very win with hi fire danger thursd pleasant friy and saturday then cooler air sund with a
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therwere lots tand-out performances at lastight's grammy awards. we'll show you the moments that are trendi oine ght now,
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. dingine right now. somedeleans say he rformance ofl i was off at last night's gr awards... d the superstar agrees... 's what happened. the recordinacademy president says there was a technical glitch... after a crophone... fell intthe piano during the rformanc it caused tvudiences to hear a pitchy son.and an unsettled adel but worri---ade took it
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posting on twitter that the ss upe her an excto go get a burger, after e sh. xxx also trending online. erwereome azing performances at the grammys to er artts we've lost over e last year. take a look athis perfornc from lady ga---to pay ibute to david bowie. this iground control to major tom gaga honored bowie with a sformave perfoance and lots of costume changes! bowiast month foowing ng battle with cancer. take it easy this clip iso trng on social media right now. eagles" paid ibute the band's front man and founding mber "glenfrey." i was wondering out loud lt nit,...will this be the last me we see e rviv members of theand, "liveon ag sure hopnot. e lendary sier and guitist died last month new york city at 67. geready for more unseasonably warm temperatures this week. who can expectempertaures reaching the 70's-right afte
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e in8 children in the u-are living with some form of autism. t researchers say there's not enoughvidence to make screening recommendatis fo kids at low risk for the condition. e u-s preventive services task force lookedt tential harms and benefi of screening children between 18 a 30 mohs old for aism. although t tesan dect autism in yog children ... the wasn't enouginformion to aise for or against screening kids with noymoms. expertsamore studies tt track ildren diagnosed with tism at an earlyge a needed .... bere screening recommendations n be made. a new study reves the misuse
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is rising among young adul. researchers y the number of prescriptions for adderallid not chanetwe 2006 and 11 ... but the non-medical use of the stimulant rose 67-rcent. e-r visits went up 156-percent during the sam period. a ificant percentage rall miscas were ang colleguden -- o to it to help stay awake a focus whe udying. the majoty of those using addell -- got from family and friends wiout a doctor's recoendation or prcrip. and in tonht's yr healthy family.... anyone who h beeposed to the zika vus or traveled to areas where ka is active spreing ould not donate blood for at lst mth.. that's new tonight from the food and drug administrion. there ve beeno reports of ka entering the u-s blood supply... but perts say similar viruses have been known tbe transmitted in blood.
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way ka is spread. st pple who have it never know... but emerging evidence links the virus to seve birth defects. thd-a recomm waiting 4 weeks to donate blood if a person has h zika mptoms or s aveledrtof america and thcaribbean where zika is spreing. antime -- some of e nation's leading scientis a docto met today inashin, dc to ainstorm ws to stop the spread.... s/r. ronaosenberg - division of vector-borne seases, cdc :21 "since it appeed in polynesia itas spt through the south pacific all the way to easterisland and now jumped to latin amica. so, i think the speed and why it's suddenly gone so quickly er such a large area is confounding." the world health orgatn -- whichaalready declar global pc th eme aitoy that ntrol ital to rol th tbreak
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here's severaltoes we're working on for newfive at six. congssmadoug lamborn delivered his fifth coressional districtddress toy. we're asking qstns about the cent claims on wait times at the coloradoings v facility and the south carolina priries e just ds aw. we'll give youook at the lastminute campaigning for the presidential candidates. t first here's mikwith one last look eather, mostly clear tonight with lows in the 20's d 30's. dnesday will be moly sunny, breezy during thternoon and warmer. ghs the 50's, 60's and 70's. windy thursday with gusts to 40 mph. a fire weatheratch trsday withigh fire danger.
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five. we'll see yoback rig here after n-b-c nightly news, xt. and your local news is alwayon
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, brea breaking news tonight. slamming tru. presidenobama s out swng late day. a harsatta on e gofront-runner a firing back in blkbuster tt over the pre cot. buried and blown away by record snow and a ferocious rnado oureak. a massive storm stretching ove 1,000 1,000 miles. toatch serial killer.
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anges after a decade-long cold ca mystery. how a bite of pizza y have caughtinmous murderer. ashinghece of prescription dgs by as mucas 95%. how people aoing around their insunce companies and savi big money. > and e fur is flying. e comp the coetition is fierce, and we're behe scenes as the bestfouregs mpete for bestn show "nigly ns" begins right w. >> announcerom nbc news wod headquarters in w rk, th is bc nhtews" le ng. o theuntoda battle with sete republicans over supreme court nomination, president obama also waded deep into the raceor president at a ns conference latehis afternoon takingn nald tru a o repuanandidates saying beg president is a serious job.
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away from thnextajor tesin the race for preside wh p taing his national lead ang rublicans in our new nbnews surmoey poll anb bush lgi bind, me wondering if soroli d be h land,nd for crths mas on aican-american te. we have des covere starting wh nbc's peter alander in cumbia, south carolina. heo, peter >> reporter: heygoodveni to you, lest. tonight the president is hing in on the republica race to succeed him,ismissing the party frt-runner. here in south carolina donald trump is favored to win and je bush is deerate for a comeback. so much for southern charm. e ading republicans toy in another ferocis round of fighting. >>hen bu, poor bush. reporter: en presiden obama piled on. >> beiresident is a serious job. 's not


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