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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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mee'soilet br >>rom c ne, is i "today" "today" with kate e ffor and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in roefeller plaz eleverybody,t's tuesy,ebruary 16th. that is csh and burby our friend. we like it a lot. >> it beautith week. we ha a b day here toy. >>t's ! >> he's nohere, but another hugely funny guy --
2:08 am
trump? >> sorry. >>ood one. >> why? why? >> because you're ge! >> that's not what, what do you meanuge? >> very big. >> i am. >>e are glad. yeah. >> it's the morninlook i didn k i w allow to saytuff le atn the morning,bc cnged. tisbc, baby. >>h, very excited abouit. why am i in the kitchen, what is it, ottish pplhave to work whenhey' here? i'll make you a love, here's a quick demonstration rit now. oh my god! >> come on. >> il right. we'lmake fun of it thrgh t ole show >> what are yotainabout? >> it's a cooking segment cong . >> you know, you go to a fancy restrant, that wl cost y $150 bucks. >> craig ferguson ll be joining cook o
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>> we also have the property brothers get a visity jenna hager bush. >> ty'reun, theye fun to pick on. >> what >> what isenna wearing? >> it oks like a hse coat. >> it was ld. that day was col >> t grammysren't justbout award, they're about style. we will show youed carpet look with store bought makeup. youtube testg your magic. so my grt tricks. but la night it s g, bab >>ep. >> yep. >> because it wathe ammys and g winners lastight. >> taylor swift. >>nd lamar. >>aylor swifgot alb of the year for "1989." she ha12. ndrickar had1 nominatis, took home fe ophies a a lot of people were like it either made you fe oyou are li, whati can'undersnd whe is saying >> ect. that d en lot.
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fire. "up town funk" woop of the year. >> y >> tibieb gotest ncerecoing fo"what are you now. taylor swift walked ond itas raininglitt all over he shgrea she got her grammyward. s had alreadyon two before she came ou i hear. she haat anna wintour bob. i don't i don't know if you heard. yokn you know kanye wote lyrics that bas tk credit forte r', saying that i think hele with her or something ket. anyway, re's whashe said in response. >> she didt wa to slp. >> here's what she said. >> i want to say to all the
2:11 am
going to be ople along the waywho will who will try to undercut your success or take edit for your accomplishments or youfame, but you just focus on the workndou d't let those people side track you, some day when you get where you're going, you ll look around and you will know that it was you and the ople whoove you wht you there and that will the eatest feeli ithwod. es! >>girl!>> girl power!>> that wae. an traor thoug ge e of theest spes i didn'see th. m lookforward seein it. >> she w bt new artist of the year, just before she got , her daapparely whisped in her ear, "you've madet, ney." she walked up. thiss at happened.
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>> oh, i'm a mess. sorry. have have to thank l.a. rd for looking ate like an artist inead of jt a songwrit and my mom and dad for always believing in me and charles le donna for making me anrtist. i'm a mess. i have to go cry. thank you to the grammys. i loveou so much. thanyou. >> is one ur favor people. yoow, we getsee them unsced and reare. ery time she comes in, is junderen almostry time arwith h. >> they're ie greeroom. s's nantuet girl. nantket is very proud of her. >> and sharon won that sonof the ye for thinking out loud, he said finallafter four years of attending the grammyshis parents can stopaying, "maybe next year." won this ar. ele. >> s had an dio oblem.
2:13 am
i was like, ok at adeldele lookike heryes ke s codn't tl. heidt op she kept going. she kept pushinthrough, there were some probms. listen to a ttle bit of my heart at the door only see you right aw right away lik like when i am scared of what's coming ne aed of havi nothing l t sound good f a opou no,t e nng, y coul could tell t w cor running agt e anher. theic othe piano stngs opped down an used ad --hat'at we lovebout her. she we for a burge>>he said she was going for and in and out. >> cody saidou got to have and in and out burger. erybody that lives in l.
2:14 am
>> y >> everybody ss in a out burgs are the . >> i mak own, 'sea red uce it's aan thi >> one of orite thint thmys wand of unexpected. i 't know w th wld g gether amy ulding andraay, in th commercl thtevie wonder they do a duet. [ sic music playing ] i am thinking straight mhead is spinning and i can't se can't see clear anymore haare you iting for
2:15 am
havetch thole ing. ana sings a gospely song whenhe whenhey mash together, it exples. i was disappointed in the grammys for not really giving a ibute to natalie cole. one ofhe greatest tists er and one of the sweetwomen ever. i dot kn, thk they al -- w wouhey not? i don'tw who pis chooses. n unforge he seems lsuch a afterthoht. >> we have rts, re yesterweusa today and sciecribbled o weughtould w t xsndheck re arehe numr we g right. this is verympornt u enou. together. >> onetw tee >> and five. what? no, that's l t right? >> i got three. no, pick more anhr. i pick alabama shas. pick mk bronson and "uown funk." >> y alspie big town >> what is happeng? wi he to gover tt
2:16 am
alright. so it im >> te for the bachor. >> come on, amdavery. the way, single and lking. >> and fine. >> that, t. >> you are welme. >> tnk you. they're down to six girl the show. betookhem hisometn indianfodates. soet's talk about first ily, she'e twin that's leftn the show. so ben took r mt the pants. didot go we. because she seems to be a neous talker. take aook at their conversaon. >> i don't pl out all the stops. i don't needo be shy and d't be overly nervous. don' to screw is up. comi into this, i did, you know, fome iw i am young i am one of the youngest girls in the hou. m 23. sometimes i overthink everything. i feel i've struled a lot through this process, justeing in this process has taht m about myself, you know, things i didnven know i needed owing on.
2:17 am
be my farite thingn e whole world. >> okay. hard. i like a lotthings. you ow, i t like vetables. well, ird t >> oh my god. hat didn't go well they were polite. you got reathat audience. the mher goes to ben ansays we need to talk. if this girl iin your final.i'm concerned. take a look at tir nvertion. >> emily has matured enoh to be a posble gageme. li is gog to get sus sometime hoare yo how is s how is she going to respd to th -- going to respond to at? so part of that just- the unrt unrtaintsces me.
2:18 am
you never want to ma the mother cry. >>'m i'm going ty. i feel i feel sorryor the mom. >> look, when a kid cries on the sh, you think, oh, drama. but the m los her kid. >>'s worriedbout her son. if this girl is in theal six. litt worried becca was sent home asell. the other girl that went hom she cried in the lim there you go. finally, i want tohow a clip ofauren. i think she's the front runner the show,eoplwill lking about he tchow ben and her lk about ther. i think it's real. omy gosh amanda. >>'m seeing a moment tt i've ited for, for ars, where my girlfriend is tting beside m all i wants wrap her up and be lik say how awesome this is for me. >> after today and especially tonight, i knothat i'mot i love with ben the bachelor, i am in love with ben from warsaw, indiana. oh gosh.
2:19 am
ye. i'm in lovwith b. >>t's cute. >> she lovesen! she loves ben! ben the bachelor, tnk you. you needhis? what do you think of the show? haveou er seen it? >> what,he "bachelor"? ah. >> do u like it? >> se. >> sure. i don't nt to be mean. dot i doevenwhat're talking abou the mom is cing because r son is on tv a hs down to six ladies lt, what is that? exactly. >>kay. ank you. i ve you. >> coming up as said funny man crg rguson will ve us a histy less. we'll see how th goes r da
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r for re than n years, craig feuson has been make diences laugh at his routine and the late, late show. hes in h smartumor isew scalled "r die."
2:23 am
what is "join or die"? s a sh we do medy, it a discussion sh, yotakeointon htory and u ta aboutt. it sma peoplsang interesting stuff on television. it's just whatou do here. [ laught ] it will be like "the bachelor" you will post show ga thing, but hisry. inste of cheloryou look bk on hisry. >> ds it appall you, though, pretty muc we're so illitera historically. i think i like finding stuff t. >> peowe tweeting during ths, who is alexander hamilton? a lot peodoknow >>hat's a sham >> isn't that a ame? >>y thwa tnks, not ntioni i losst you damnou, louie d yo jokes. >> what were you areinat for? >> best medyum.
2:24 am
which s i'm reason f but t fuy engh >>et play this shall we? >>his isn't my sho you guys made thisne up. i have some interest. see i'm not dointhis in the ow. you wanted tdo it here. >>eah. what is the game?thgame is this. buck up. >>hat does tt mean? i a you questions about history. if you ghem right. you get e called buf ete blf. arloser, like a grmy lose >> you sd ow. back >>acin the night >>ll right. quen on whaare the rst knowusesf the phrase omg meaning oh my god in a letter to witon churchil true, buf say it's true. >> i'tnk winon. >> you are hding up yon. >> i think it's a bluff. o, thaitse not t bluff.oh, ok. l right. >>rue. >> it true.
2:25 am
>>es. >> omg kye sent letter to winston chchill claimi tha was respoibleor h beming priinter. >> ieed meof on that i ry ? eah,t'ue question estion twin186 thoma crapr innted t toile >> it'not tr. is lse,e macted susf lane which made his me synonymous withumber twos. >>s th right? >> yh. >>rapper. the toet auainnted byohn pe thomas thomjefferso invent the rstfolding chair a dinne tray wich sme he linkedo obesity. besity false, buff. te or not? >> false. >> i think i'vtten
2:26 am
don't me. >> that mayou a history bu osed to history bluff. you guys didn't think this through? >> that's our charm. wehink anying thug >> no onprepared gbage tha i dug. let me ce e. okay the g of the decration of iepennce wasompledn ju 4th >>alse >> when was it completed? >> aoumontater. >> augt. >>'ll give you an a poin >>birthd >> aust 2nd, unfortunately you are ong like grammy lose >> craig, thank you so much. >> we love you. u can tch the premier of "join or die" this thursday history channel. >> abracadabra, a magical adnture. how does he it?ere d bpeople willing to fight for it, to tak toake on the worldreatest challenges,
2:27 am
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>> all r >> all right. here a qstion, do yo bee mag >> y mightfter this. >> grab your kids, youtu sensation is about to entertain us he'sut with le "adventures kid magician." justin ihe
2:30 am
involved. >> mau, cousin. it's crazy. 's an it's an adveurbook. athendf every chapter th kids learn the magic from that chapter. we only have time forne. >> absolutely. this i the classic of mac. itses the handrcef. can turnt into an egg. i'll sho i'll show yo the secret. thiss a wood egg. wooden eggs are hard to come by because they're laid bdeys de that in your . i'll give u thhandkercef. we do this together. wa the hanky up d down, th don't see that tre is
2:31 am
the audience thinkyoar putting it into your hand. ectly. >> i see the egg. yot see itecause you dot have a-up. >> now say a mical wd. amar whatever je yowant. gicallyou get egg give her a rnd of applause. >> that was awome. >> nowhe's the thi. i like to up the a that's what i learned as a kid. just like i shown the book. this a way to dohe magic th a r th a really testg thing. watch this. you n pull the- >> what! no y didt just do that? >> no. you didnust do that? >> if y >> if you want to learn the secret to that, you ha to get the book. at thendf everchapter we share the magic. >> thank youo much. >> coming up, the prerty brothers give jenna bushager
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,, >>t's you to the property brotrs, they turn houses into homes on tv. today we're taki ynside the's. jenna bushag got an invite
2:35 am
it sms to be quite the bachelor pad. >> hi guys. they mak they make music togethernd beeve it onot the brother brother ve together. >> i have a in ster. i ve her. don't lih hee detelyldn't live me. >> wsold our individual hoes and ve the o place he that's st ofur family hub. tod today i'm otour of that b. all 5,500 square that yl a grro. >>t's a eat ro >>s is treat r >> we haveheitch rht over her overer obviously thng spa. ene revatethis house, a triol gafeel a medianfe wanted toave itpdated. >>n theyoughn ree and trormed e property into theidreame
2:36 am
you don'shara oo >> no, i share it with my friend. >> there ia signhasays no jonathan allowed. >> the big thing i needed to have washave was a msi master clos >> this is nice. >> i'm an efficicy freak. i have to maximize the use o the space. on to jonath's domn. >> ds he allow you into this room? >> flooring wahere. everythi else i put the shels in here. i love having coersation pies. >> talk about conversation pieces, check out this door. it ishe bgest ftu evyoays ey love the of. you want to bring the inside i so cool. they turd this whole house into sarowered control house. everything can be working remotely including this screen movie house. if you wd ratherwihan eat popcor jonathan andw stallea tw story war slide. >> is e coolest thever hose aren'thon ts eyav from mi golf. >> it's not a baseball yodon't nto sody
2:37 am
>> to a basketba court. i will witne this for all the s the. >> i a >> i all right. >> i like how you just broke the cameman. are you ok wait. there's there'more. a guest house made especially for the property pents. guess who happen to be home? >> hello. >> hi,om and dad. >> jna. s is game i tcall which opertyrother was. okay. the dojuan >> i would say it was jothan. >> oh,ome on. >>hich is thbetter athlete? >> this one. >>a, whoa, youaid jonathan. i'm . >> shas wh happens wn you'reith a tw which oncrs at girmovies >> iou
2:38 am
how do you do this? >> >> that's tter the ftop is the uime gameoom. if u sink the first bal >> oh! >> cheers. after all thatouring, itas me to grab a drink by the fire pit bere some ghttime fun. >>e got to watch this.ur bro ur bro is in a speedo. >>re he ! >> >> thais so cool >> are you a good sport? u are the st property otr. >> i will let you ha the time? >> t bt propertyro in e house. >> i aost splimyts. i'm going tot uren. >>hanks for us. >> i'm talking veg. >> sweet guys. >> that was great. it was a goojob. yocan cah alneepisodes of" property brother starting tomorr on hgtv. >> rht here on "today" you can get adele's latest eyes or taylor's lucio lips.
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..llay long.
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,,,,,,,,,,, >> if yo >> if you were contouring the
2:42 am
showou how to get thsame looks using store bought cosmetics. >> here with the eiest and moffdable wayso look like your favorite celebs is bety er and taste maker -- hi girl. >> these are thr ic los. you showus mels inspired bthose oks. >> ty're alying itthgs in your day-toayife. esom >> peoplveayloswifand thoslips. tayis kwn fer clsired i n't i don't knowhat e uses eryone tanf kes e kes on's only $3. >> never has ion t et there is sw at. you n see shs this bered lip on her r now. it's a classicetlayful way go. you n ke it from yr work all the way into night with yo rlfrnds.
2:43 am
keep smin les see ift'onouteeth. , excellent. >> ilooks orgeous h feel honesreis atapl foevne.everne use alaiced if it's $3uc y not try it out. taylor hashibeautiful spink inkle th the center ofer e. i sessedh r in glowin you see that cner. at'sor a of o that don'tet egh slp. if you do at, it gives u a brt e. evything isuper hievab withaylolook.>>hat'yourame? >>ti. adeleye >> oy. is is beautiful charlie. adele is known for her liquid line chlie actual had coated eyes. which is whye specifically chose her. you can you n do a liquid liner. peop tnk they'll cover it up. from lorea we create the wihat uds. it's sazg.
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soistited wao. it t your hoodll tay iyour h what's alls? >> ie show yobrows, bo, bold, brows, ade had boldrews. it's a doi light fth stkes. you causcosmicfr t drug stoloreal sur ea. boomadele ows. >> bm to younice j, chlie. ay >> did younow she did her n makeup? she had no glam squad. she d it hse. what he 12?ind of, ye. >> oy. zendaya waabouis gold smokey eye. >> i love the ke. >> shehis bronze sitti goinon oher cheeks. we're going to use thenali fromositions fmula.
2:45 am
get a beautiful gold. it goes down, the goldok beful on our sn tone we created this beautiful smokey gorgeous. >>lawless. >> it's so flawls, right? >> drustore. >> what that stuff? >> a butter onzer. so creit like lirally gles on. it's sauti touch thxture. >> oh myh if you 'puit o with a brush. >> y, that's h you the onze zenyahised chks. on her oner lips we used this neutral color right here. >> tt's what mary does h thldand the bron. >> sautifu >> tnkou going up to the kitchen. ming >> t up, wgointo ok up a ar stew for us
2:46 am
ni the thun the thunder is just, it's just on of the most amazing things hashas amazingut there. whatt means to you mental. the memoriesyou take aw fr that weathe how thatolutel affectsur lis. y to day. at isn estores? wh wilweeat? at will evythingcost? al those interactions that the athehas real influences on.
2:47 am
>> what it means for me, itets e world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> think whatmakes the ather chnel coverage unique is that we are meteorologists. we know what's going on with wer.atakes tremendous fference. >> somebody walks up to youn thfield and ys, thanks for being there. we're so glad you were here ke us thrgh it. >> wavee ve a arge,a reonbility to lp people, have thecommunity, help the people sta >> when you st linking the people's side up to the weher, it makes real cnection and starts to driveome the impoance of what we o. >> love weather >> i ve weather. >> i love the weather. i love working with people who love the ather. is iat we love to do. >> every single day will be
2:48 am
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,,,,,,, >>fter aatthose olates a setr lente'y.>> did lls wewe he repethat mp yolive longer. ri cooanpersonity took a culinary trip tgrce e hee regis of tworld resis arid to live nger, healier an har. came back with recipe. >> i have. is a remo ice or >> ts aee iand off the cot athens. its a beautiful ace,ne of thplaces wre pe live the longt. 's aasciting area. o s? >> likcentarians >>ld. >> o. >> met a wleeaofhem. hat you tnk t tri ?edernean, also gerian so a l of thr home grown oduce and this dish is
2:51 am
it ulots oseason gredies,ot fruits and bles, lots of avor . tomoefrt. >> iarg this is a giant an ste she tsverythin, massages the ions, likeou wou ia ng pan. wldakwh ha gethas onyour msage ions in garl, u t if your carrots, ans, cannelini s. let's or dumpiio kay. ce.l. beful. aig. ias very about hi duin what was going o manners. caus. >>s e yore iri wan a
2:52 am
r don't ha itheryou thiof u t th in aliaod otrwisuse me tomatpae. inre, alste toe. it a lotf cousion, wheyou go on with your paste. pata it'sfusing, you top it wi icf tomaestheautwillinhe en b 4 t is it? a little vegetable ock. >> tharepe it'brilant. it'seniu'sanstic itall so healtor you. you toth offbay le, orano. orano. ths vabtu goes in, bakes off,ou get leftith the most beautiful pie like thi hat? >> it a stew, it iss.this up. hto tas th is onofhe fantastic pastri, a spach anfilo.
2:53 am
>>mgso good.weinston cll the way. >> i le you gettin there. i'm gn. i'poinfoyou. >> theeres thi with ese ou drizzle tm over th a little pome moss is eo. a stof t sw. theret . >>arned yoabou ns. >> eat >> eomatoes. >> i can gyou a pi have one r yo >>hawos. sort o mmm osh. >> t be thing i the an ole adgredients, it baf in theven. y're cke n. re tender, biful stwie. with you. ryryood. foth andth hlt cis to todaco clk the healt tab.
2:54 am
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>> before weay goode on th spanking tuesdaywe wilmake fi vie really happ it'sime givitwaov,000 of end in this wk'pre trexx ouoor furniture wort$398. >>heeautiful fding cha and ablerem recl mari ands d undry materials. don't say jugs. >> tcomen many colors, multiple dininand deep seating collections.
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>>ou gfirst. >>irst winr is! >> this is a nice present. >> geral >> geralne foster from wilkes pnsylvania. >> from mesa, arizona. >> good for her. i t another one, gosh, there all stickingog it is it is amaroyo om albuquere, new mexico. i t rosema lter from cal springs, frida. congratulatis toer. >> iove her. o more. >> k allenstein from state , io. conulns to alof our ers. yocaenter aifor next werize, for complete rul and lations, go to klg and click the connect buonor >> tomorw, fanstic movie, seph fn and sprgfield stops by g ay from me.
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