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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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or a reality show. it not omotion, is t marketing. it's hard. >>isshat mr. ump reacted to when he s told of the president's remarks. >> reality show is t promotion, is no marketing, itard. that'srom presidt bama. [ crowd boos] >> this man has done su a bad job and for him to say that is a great complint. your arer lky didn't run last ti when romneyan becae you woul have been one-rmresident. >> but hsoon turned his attention toellow republican, ted cruz. >> ted cruz who i think is tolly unt be to present, buese eminodetails. >> mewhile in coluia, soh carona, uz h his ownake he job. >> u , people wi be
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like a bitf a cir the time for games is over. we nd a ader who'srepa be mmande in chief. [ plse ] whenalslterrorists geji th uted stat ofme, e answ is not to twee insults at them. >> and cruz picked up two big indorsements, ksas ngrsm tim, theedal of nor pien cient repient. veterans makeup over12% of the population there. and for the democrats, both e ghting hard for the african-amican vote. hillary clintois ahead vermt sande by 18 po, numberclinton hoping to keep security.
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leaguend al sharpt said his decision is decided but unde wraps. >> sh tryg to ask whether i'm endorsingnd i said oly you know and i'm not teing. later during a speech in harlem clinton hit sanders again with a charge being a single-issue candidate. >> it's not enough for your economic plan to bebreakp the banks. you also need serious planning to create jobs, especially in places where unemployment remas doub hig [ applause ]>> but there are signs of troue in clint's push as a top afrin amecanmocrat in gegia sai wld switch from clinton to sanders. siting the minimum wage and health care as reasons for e t.
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diby being put into a choke hold by police in 2014. eate supreme court justice, justice, ant nnin scalia's funeral. d sete judiciary who'in charge of any confmation hearing id in part quote i would wait until the ninee was made before i de anyecisions but he's not open to a nfirmaon hearing yesterday president obama charged them to risebove day to day poli. this will be e oppounity for senator to d their job. your jobdoesn' stop until you're voted ou or until your rm exres.
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now and jaar 20 of 20, i exctm tdo ei as ll. c'strac pot ve i wain as well we have president obam taking direct aim at the republican >> reporter: exctly. sometis we forget that he taught constitutional law. his argumenthat this is not a partisan issue, 's a cotitutional issue. list t his spon to republicans arguing that a late-term pridt in hi final yearhould not benominating a juste to the u. supreme cour >> thers no nwritten law that yshat it can on be done off years. that not in the cotutial text. m amused when i hea people who clai to be strict interpre interpreterase o the constution readi in things
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eporter: republicans here d on t camign til hve id they will block those hearings. u heard what chuck sd just a few momesago, that sod that you ranfrom him. although, he walkedhat ba a bit. also, president oma saying that he will minate someone who ic t t la enf th pers disagrees with his politics >> thank yousomuch for that. >> and happening overss, teio continue to mout in rerds orth komiss amtis. the u.s. flew over sthorea toda afte north teed baisc missile tenogy. this comes in reonse their latest missile lnch. fiancef e nctions, pyongyang firing along-r
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satellite. they won'tay how long th planes thls will be deployed in a regi. > an pl planstofight. coapers revealt failed to pro voluntary assistano unloc the cell phone o sy fk. investigatorare trying to find out who the shooters we communating wind wh may have heled pl and cry out e massacre. a re momeof ange from pope francis during his viso me tsd. he l hislfter memr of the crowdcaused him to los lance d fall a mannhe whlchair. he saidn spa don't be selfish."
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th vlent borderity of juarezjre arez. >> reporter: i think we'll hear thsame messa that's been consis throught his tour of co.this the fift and nal y. one of helpor immigras along the board. there's going toe a interestg mixf eology a technology here later day. the pope will be abto hear and see the thousands as they watch an lien his ass, which will be just afew mes aw, acros the boarder. still, for man this as close as they can get to theponti. >>epor >> reporter: pope francis end hitour in mic with a mass r toy in juez.the five-day jrney of hope in a countryhere it's despely need. >> he's reforminthurchd i k he's asoly wonderful.
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hureds of thousands who spilled into the streets, fields and arenas to sten has been focued on compassi t immigrants and a challenge to eliminatth crime conditions effecting those aong the boarder. >> iea a lot - [ speaking spanish] if t po goes,hings are going to chan and i remind him the pope is not good and he's no going to change thingsimmediately, but over time. >> reporter:'s going to prea his message to mill yngz ofyngz -- millis injuarez and in sun bowlstadium. a pontiff's historic isit. >> close to city mexico is very emotiol, being here. >> reporter: emotions effeing
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but fr a single fai. the faithful are expect to ther hours before the mss re at the sun bowl for songs and prayerlebrattheap visit. and here inl paso, i'mja gray ba to om incrediid offlorida. dash cam wasrolling as a m n straight into the path of a tornado. you canee the sheer force of twi as tr limb go flng through the air and in rochester, new york, hundreds o ivers got stuck on highwa andlocal roads. nely two fe of snow fe some parts. angoodorning to you, raphl. crazy weather. > yeah we hadverying fthat se storsyem, e severe weather across the sth d florida. mu quitter toay.
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dar picture, o storm is gone and final high pressure settling in across the east. atures ihe 40s om boston to.c. lots of sunshine, also quie in chicago,9 and sny there. annear 80 in i. out st, 91 in phoenix. 74 in l. and we're traing ra and motain snow from the pacic northwest down to central cafornt has been quiet, st at times rern to the west tomoow as we and we're chilly but dry in the noreast fourhursday. that a lk at yur natonal weather, now here's a closer ok at your day ahead. finally catching a break today neyork city, 42unshe, boston looking good well, light ow owers across the great lakes downn the utheast, tempetures in the 60an 7. a beautiful day in flora, 78 in miami. back to you, da.
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cause the mo you know, t more likely you e... (doghimpering) to keep it pumping. there is anew top dog i to.c.j., a gman short-haired pointer from california won best in sho at the 14h westminer dog showastniht. the yearld beat the beof thebe, incding ror hasit thegerman shepherd having won ov 100 previous coetitions.d check out ts lice dasvide of a ckn the ida keysseven-mile bridge. deties were ab to op 59-year-old driv by thr spikips t oe bahoe, sli theires. okla,hege
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th morning on "toy," 3,000 dsro12 different cotries and all 50 states competing for top d. today s you behind e sceneshat nster dog ow. andow to rts. college pset texa king weirgiin austin.
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d 25th ranked baylor battled iowa state baylorith e ps ho. and any ideahat this guy earned last ye asfl mmissioner ro goodell earned justver $24 miion in 24 and that's down from the 24.2illion he earned in 012.>> a sprinkler malfunction caused a day in the oympic ifying match. and 5-1wa w the victory. and talk about the dunk team ha raised the bar. the sen-team mber finish with a monerlam dunk that shatters the back board. talk autour shstpper and just ahead, someone famous is getting a face lift just for the oscars. plus, theeagles of dea
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i think wehould've taken a left at the river. tarzan know ere tarz go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, exce ou know ere the waterfall is? terfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why n't you want to ju ask body? ifou'ra couple, you fight overtis. 'shayodo. if you wanto save fiftn rcent or me on car insuran, you switch to ico. oh ohhhhh it what you do. hhhhh! y have do that right my ear? to enrtainment news. character actor, george gainsf "police acady" h died at 98
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"ets to "e to "ttsie >>elcome aboard. >> were- well, the eagles ofeath metal had an emotional conrt in paris last nighthe firs since the s attac and they led aribute the victims. and there a new family member in the new house gang, none other than donald trump. you see, dona,t's just it. you reay want make america great agai you have bringeople gether, not pu em apart. >> lk, neledonal we undetand you're used to winning all the time and now that yore not, you' ared andconfus >>ow, you're right. what ever happened to predictability predictability.
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plus... why a judge handling the planned parenthood shooting case -- is pushing for documents to rained sealed om the public.
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good morning, than for joining us on this wedneay morning... it's february 17th. i'm ira crin. and i'm shellene cockrell. first this mor-- a fireeather watch is effector thursday-- as dry conditions andtrong winds-- head fur area. news 5's joaa wise spoke wit the wildfire mitigation team with what you can do to keep your property protected. joanna's live in colorado springs-- joanna... good morning... ldfire experts say en though ere's ilow on the ground that hn't melt, there e eathat arery and susceptible to catching fire. amsylvester, wh thwifire mitigation team here in colorado springs, says we hava lot of y, fe fuels bee of all
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that fine fuel-- tl grses. theyry outuickly and can carry fire quickly. sylvestesays now we are at a moderate fire danger because of increed temrature and anticipated winds. she says there are things u can dohelp ptect your prerty le monitoring the fuels around yr home. ife do have a grass fire in the area, the biggest chance you havet protecti your property is keepi those fuels mowed and keeping tho is keeping those fue mowed and trimmed back aroune immediate area surrounding your house. if aed flawarning is issued, sylvester says there wilbe an increase in affing and response level... inheve oany re calls. we'll continue to track the last conditions. and 'll inyou any upda air online atoaa dot com. porting live in colodo in our continuing coveragehis morning.... the judge erseeing the planneparenthood shooting case..


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