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tv   Today  NBC  February 17, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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17th, . >> annou >> ancer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from stio in ckelr a. > good rnin everyby, welcome on a wedne rn wee willie in for matt. a l to tal about today. we'll talk to trump t in a few minute he's ting fire in this campgn a sitngpresidt. >> a his riva. lots toalk aut in potics, eshls as ll. >>op stor theaj owdo bween feral vernment and ple, ts a ape decne t give accso crted conntn san bernarno shooter syed farook's phon now, a federal judge has ruled thchiant must the recor that potentially dangerou data >> federal off say the ipne m be key to explaing
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dung kushl momts a the te of the shooting. spite having t pho for months, the sayhe need the key to the pho in orr to make progrs. >> repor aeder judge tuesda ord t gnt a top the f unlock the ip of san bernardinss r syed ok. the judge rul appust provide reasoble technic sistance to authoties in accessing the d onrook's iphonauthoritie still ting to fill in the 18 missing minutesof thekillers'ctions aer the ooti. >> tt8inutes iscrical >> reporter:he fants to owfnyin on the phon n fi i that gap and if the a any other clues to the plot that left 14 people dead and 22 woun just las week fbi direcr jame comey t the senate panelettintofaok's phon is key. >> we sll hav one of the killer's phones we've not been ableoopen, andt's bn overtw months no 'r sti worng on it.
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thbi but we'll fighe or saying ote, t unitestates government demandethat apple take an unpreceddpwhichhreatens the securityf our customers. we oppose the orderch has imations far beyond e lel case at hand. cook has been an adamant opponent of opening phones to the government telling "60 minus" it would mak us all vulnerable on your smaphone today o ur iphon the's likely alth iormati. there's nancial informatio and you should have the ability toroct it. and the only waye kno howo do that to encrypt it. why is at? 'secause if there's a w to get in, then somebodwillind a way in. >>so, i want t be clearbout this. whathe gernmt is aually worrdbout is this built-in seri software that could auto delete allhe data on the one when they try to crack it likeheyou get lked out, if youut in the incorrect paword too many times. investators wanto you tnk about it like this
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your house,he feds ar't kingpple to unlock the or. ju turn offhe security al savannah awillie>> a lot of comiced estions re. stevpattern, tha yo let'turn to ari. there are technical questions, legal questions. this i't the typical case where the fedal goverent gets wrant and says turn over this da or turnver this phone. the judge is basically telng appl come up with a y to lock this informn. toet this data. >> this is hugery this morning. as you say, what the judges asng fs not only to get e material, whipple says it doe't have because it's so well encrypted, but, rather, to help the feds get in and derypt or de-password the whole thing to get in >> devop t exrte. >> yeah. they're askgorelp for cond notust content. >> whapple cim coo id, th is a slipperyslope. if w dos eut at
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thatrue, if you goer on isolate phone, everybody else is at ri? it's true to txtt this becomes the thod the so-called bdoor. , what apple h always sai is, ok, we' not hding back ything we have. we built a reay gd security oducts, whi people love for a wide variety ofeasons. one ofhem , ty kw their stuff is safand cure andprivate. we d't wt tget intohe busiss of creating a key anne can use, a hacker, crimal, terrorist. i' talked to law enforcement authoritie about thi for year it's bee a priority to the top of the fbi. morning we' seeing the highest escationf it because now you have a courtrder in se no one denie is important, ean bnardin terrorist, and apple saying, even ifhi se, they're not backidown. >> itill bentting to see wheret gs fro here theyanighthe rulingt sods l sods like apple is. they say they're gog to fithis all the wa is could well to theigh courts. as the race for the white
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fight for votes in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. we'll hear from the ont-ruer nald trump, bute begin with nbc natnal correspondent peter alexande >> reporter: good morningo y om bert, sou rolina. donald trump h pven hself mu from attacks but this mornin president oma is nglingut the party front-ruer saying he believes the american people areensibl and makghe pointhat being president is a serious job. >> he has done such a lousy j president. >>orter: donald trump pounng on presidentbama in thefront-runner's n fams faion. >> you're lucky i didn'tun laime when romney ran because you would be a e-term president. >> reporter: dismsing the rmer "apprentice" host's chances. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will nobepresident. 's nng aalshow or
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it's not promotion. it'sot marketing. itha. >>eporte here in sth caroli, the campaigns devolved into a bible belt brawl to prove who's most conservative. >> ted hdsp the bible and then he liesut so many things >> reporter: trump fighting back after cruz released aideo warnin voters, is playing gamesh the issue of abortion. >> a candidateha'te trusted to protect the righto fe, can't trusto protec any of our other gogive rights eher. repter: jeb sh, now lling in frt s relying on a third pla finish ahead of rubio a john kasich to propel m rward. >> the obitus haveeen written me once a week. we're in it for the long haul. reporter: i our elusive interview, bush, w just replaced his glasses wh contactsor the first time, believes ameri nd t take a cser ok at trp's records. >> he's got a fled business
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he talks aboutow gat is in biness when, in fact, h rippedff shareholders. >> repter: teeing off o trump's debe tactics, comparing him to a barngg. >> it' not what he says, it's ju that he says itouder and louder and you have to keep talking through it. it's not a skillession er envioned toe necessaryo aspire toe pdent of the it sta but ie gott bettert it. >> reporter: the fr florida governor adding new ammunition to the trail, tweeting a pic of a handgun engraved with his meaptioned "america."th sho spawnin aund mockinpadies oine. soutcarolina has a strong story of gtingt rit, correctly picking the future republican nominee all but once since 1980. this morning donald trump see in t latest poll now up 38 points, trailing behi with ted cruz at 22, marco rubio in third. what was notab in that poles th trump lostlmost ten
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it. savann? >>et alexanr, thankyo > l's turn n to republan pridential candidate donald trp is on th pne this moing. good morning. go to talk to yo >> good morning. >> i don't know if it's a diinction,ut have you t sittin presen a demoat, an forr republican bu both kind ofoing after you this weend. let me reiterate pdentma says he says ts is n a talk ow, reality, notarkengnd pandering, getting yourselfn the news, this is rious. do you think ts is hurdle for you, a ability, t fact you were a reality show host? do you thinkavyou to prove you're truly seous? >> imean, uik jeb bush, who' rll -- lookt jus what this g -- it's aad thinhow he's done, but i don't like wha said. . ncreble busins. miions andillion of dos. ion vtuallyveryattl i've bn i in business. th's what peoewant th see it. you ow, th reality ow, tt
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beca one of -- a you kno becaet was on c, became on telesi. >> do you think it undercuts your edibily? >> and i cldave continued doing it. nbc wasegging me to continue to do it, but this i somng mu more imporo me. frankly, you know, my record in business is enomenal. i built a great company. i've had tmendous success in what i'm doing right n, we vehe bigst crowds, bge heas cond. t bgerhanersanders. we have a messag the mesges basicalhate have theor president ihe history of the unid states.'sone a terrible job we ve a ms inurcountry. between $19 trillio in debt and allf e other proem c't bisis we have a border that's li iss ch, ae said before. you kn, wre a terriy run untry and we he a president th dsn't kwha hs doing. so, he canake thetatement and,f course, you know, i obouy his worst nightma if go in. but hcanakehestem
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angry and fedup. >> dold it'sllie, good moin >> good morning. >> as watched you tha dete saturday night, and a lot of people w wched u, fel at setimes they were watching aemocratic date because some of the positions you took on cricizing george bush on aq war, eve prae anneparentho. ere ve bnonservatives suicio o you all ang that yoe proessive in my waysand hd ose positio in t past. douivehem more rson t beuscious wht you said on turday? >> no, i think i did very well. every poll said won the debate, iou know. ou look at grudge and "time" magazine, theyid polls and saidon the deba. m o-life. i have a gre record of being a consvati, but i'm als a common sense conservative, willie, as we disssedfore we he too things th comn sense. certainly, i the most conservative person there is on the border and on curity, on the mility o takin care of our vets, who are bng ten carefhorribly.
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thereis.we're going to end amacare, which is adisaer, bthwa a total and complete disaster we're g to rep it wit something mhetternd far less expensive. mmon core is an exampl education through washingn is hoible we're g to local edation. i me, i think i sd most of thesthings, an frankly, most people sd i w the dete. donald,hat's fair enough butour positions on george w. obamadministrationou wou ree, are minyositions inside t republin party ll, i'm -- look, we should e gone into the -- you , iraq.he was theredent. he too into iraq. en you lookt tmigratio all the proem i t middl east it all sy going into iraq. i'honest her it's republica onotpuan say cmon nse, but i ne. we me a hrible dision when weent in aq. i an is as sime a that. >> mr.trump,an i ask you o question abo t cruz. you've beenaying for while w that you actually have a queson as tohether
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his birth in canada. you talk about wsuit. i guess my question to you, i an old exession why not put your money wre you mouthis? you think there'sn iss there, whyot go ahea andue you tnkhi an imrtant issue thatee to ifd. >> well, i doth. he w born i cada. he liv t forhree or four years. he wre f lon time. l 15 months ago he was a citizen ofanad >> butay you wouldn't sue if he apologizesor attack ad >> i s i m verel do it. i may doim a big favor. frkly, democts will sue on that sue. many lawrs sayou hav toe born onuril. >> have you hadour lawyers resear it dw up t paperw aake those steps forwd? >> we're goi to takeoot it. we're looking at it. ted cruz playsit the truth. he holp thbibland en helies. he's liedbo a lotf th. 'siedut me hing to with secondamendment.
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he sdonald trump doesn't li t secd amenent. i'm the strongest pson on th stage on manthings heays donald trump is not o-life no he d the me tng wit ben carson. said, ben cson is out of the re in iowa. he id,en carsons out of the he's lef the race. for tedcruz had he notone that, prowo have won, number one. more importany, carsonas treate horri what this guyd. th ahelect d, he cled up benarso to ologe. whood ds thado?i d't thi b carson accepted tapology, a he shouldn't. tecruz is a vy disnest guy. tom colbn, senar, said ted cruz is one of e most onesen he's see orealt with, a yet talksbo evangelicals. that's why i'm leading the angelicavote. see he' ver disst pers wnow you h a loto say. ppciatourtime
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we appciate you being here. >> thank you, donald >> by the way, m trp wil ld a town hall in chston. yoan wch i o msnbc 8:00 p.m. on temocratic side, llary clinton and bernie ers targeting minority voters critical nevad a south carona c news w house corresndentstin welker i chicago,he secreta cli will host a lly latetoday. od morning. >> rorter: willie, good morng to you. that's gh srery clinton wi hd out tot rally on the sou sid of chico later today aer delivering a morddss on race tuesday. she aat sanrs lked a fiee fifoafrican-erican sport. with an eyen south calina, seetary clinton w to harlemtuda mer strge pitc yet to africanme ters. >> these not only problems ofconoc equality tse are problems of ria ineqlity. >> reporter: despi a nagging
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>>oo much to sa >> reporter: clinton eneized the crd, proposing funds for public edutionnd takin a not so subtlewi at senorsanders, suggesting he's lateo th coersation. >>ou can't just sw u at eltion time and saright ings and that'senough repter: and, again, casting him as a sing-iuecandidate. >> we aren' a single-issue country. we face a compl set onomicsocialnd polical allenges. reporter:t aally i laa, tt drlose to 000, sanrs didt engage into stead,ckin his scri oposinhanges t the iminaltice system, speaking out about the deaths of unarmeblacn. >> we are going to end the horrs tha we have seen unarmed african-americans being shot and kild by pice officers. >> reporter: newl sws clinton with aonncinad outholina. 56% to 38%. fuelednargearty mority
7:16 am
sanders has acknowlged he's working to broaden h appeal. and earlier tuday,ampaigned wi eca rner wse father di aft a new york city poli officer put him in a chokehol nders ushedsidel clinn'secent xhenlts, ggesng his suprts are similar to tarer tt'gog n in our part >> think som t tngs th preside clinton has been saying a fortunate. we should n be making sil remarks. >>epte w, aew poll justut this rning shows the is a virtual dead i nevada. cretar clion gets 48%, ser sanrs gs47%. it'siffilto g accurat poing in nevada, but polic analysts are in broad agreemt, it is a closee thereh ju three days befo the causes. willvannah. s ting up anks ow to thetedebat replin supre courtste scalia
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e republic oositn nsthi namg scalia's successo andrea mitchell with the latest on th.rn >> good mornin president amforceful jectingion c to let th next presi nate justicscal's replacement, ev as hul of repubcan senarsre breaking th the aders and sayin oba nomi should ateast get a fair hea. t constitutio is pretty r about what i supposedo ha now. >> reporte in calornia esy, prent obauing he willominatomeo for t high cot. deiteal by rublican lead tt the picke lt to his succsor. >>storically, thi has not beeniewed a questn. ere's noenaw t tha itan done on ofyears. that n in thtituti text. >> reporter: eveome republicans critize wt appe to be a rush to the
7:18 am
afr justicescia's de >>his w a mitep, a polical misstep. first off, thats n the fst thing you say within hours of the passi o seone like justice scalia. >> reporter: t predent vowed to pick someon qualified, but with bate lin drawn, wil that nominee even g a hearing? the repubcan setor in charge ofny confirmation hearing, chuck grassley, appeare to open the door, tlingow radio -- >> i would wait until the nomie is made before i would ke any cisions. >> repter: but later senator grassley seeme to backk, lling nbc news he isot ope acoirtion thisweemembrans f justsciahis st wh bck ay. friday theticeillreturn ing in repo in thereat hall with the f set for
7:19 am
thriesakinffvealia sden death, owns of the tex rch wre he died are cpletelyuling out fl play. saying t pillow w ave his ad.ecaa vacancy is alrea a big issue th the candidates, withh side seeing an historicortuni, depending on who igoingo ghe jori in those cloly decid5-decisions. >> andrea mihell tha youo much >>meantime, a rar momen for po francisuesd durg his fiveayour to mexico e pope becam visibly irritate when some overl eager people tugged on his sleeve from behind barrier, cau him to fall i awheelchair. rancis saidn spanish, don' be selfison b lfis hetepp back a wav for a few morut befe avg. todaye' hold a large outdoor
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spk to inmates and visit the u.s./mexicoorder. lt nightas the westminster dosh. o have oinner. wit further ad-- >> shorthairer. >> ternorthaid pointer, j.! >> tt's ght. the judge naming c.j., aerman shorthredointer from calirnia besn show the ar-old beat out more than 2,700 other dogs toin the tion's most prestigiousog con. lucy fished cond. ratulati to c.j. love how "the w york times" wrote i up. they said t tensi was thick inheair, so w the smell of we dog. it w a rainy day yesterday. what's goion, al? >> we hadot going o uf take a look athard in mimar, orida. surveill vio. tornoes touching wn. couldave beenf-3 rnado there. an then you go the nort
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snstorm bring re all kinds of traffic a standill. a realesshere i the next halfhour, wre going to talk abou aig change in o temperatures for a big portion. country. 'r going t get toour local foreca coming in the next 30 seconds. (sigh) you're okay..he'skay, heade it! jason.. what do yoan we were ve bads. what's in the news alexa: here's thnews, "alecbaldwin and jasoscartzman we seen moinpazzi.baldwin w his shoe a photographers bere making arun for it". poocashocks. alexa, will you order another ir of brescianis. reordereianiocks ay listen. can u seomlawyers somein (moang)
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t that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. > coming up, thrown in jail for not ping back stent loans? we'llear fro one man whoaid
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be ur... i'm ira cronin with this today show update. today... trial iset to begifor the woman accused of cutting a strang's unborn baby from her womb.. year "dynel lane" ichard withemptedst degree murder... assault... and unlawful terminationf a pregnancy... "lane" has paded not guilty... but her wyers have n revealed mucelse about her defense. the judge overeing the planned renthood shoong case... istill pushing tep documents in the casseal.
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thcoloradoupreme court to uphold his rulin.. nying media accesso sealed docunts. sevenews outle petitioned the hi court... deing the dgnsea several documents relad tohe november 27th shooting. a 24-mile stch of i-70 remai closed because of a rockslide!.. and c-dot esn't expe roads to reon til thursday afrnoon at least.. ide ened monday night in glenwood caon aut 125 miles east of the utah bde the highway is stdown from glenwo springs tgypsum -- d thshor detouadds nearly40 miles to trip. the rockslide damaged a truc-- but no one was injured. ief morning teorologist stephen bowers joins us now witha look at r locaforecast... sthen... highs today will be inhe 6 an70s. passincloudsay oasionally filterhe sun today. temperat will rm through the 30s and 40s and tohe lower 50s by 10 am. noon temratures will be nearing 60 around lorado springs and monument but well into the 60s around pueblo and caon city.
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and 70s are likely this afternoon, especiallafter 2 pm. we will begin cooling again by 5 pm with 50s an60s cooling into thmilend upper 40s by 10
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7:30 now. it wedsday morning, th of february, 2016. llo, crowd. everybody o there bun up, oking happy. we'll steouide to say hello pl minus. backnside st owestudio 1a. appl apple saying the f step t
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ahead of satuay primary, the replican candidatesou voters in sth carin where donald tmp i maintaining a solid lead in the newest polls. the feuds among the candites prompted presidebama t weigh in, sayi h thinkg trump will never become president. >>agles of deatmetal madean emoti anmotion return to the stage in paris, who were playi at th baclan theater during the terrorist attacks. there was heavy security befe people entered lt night. >> the governme'sllegedly stunningay of seeki ace emoyment. one borrowe to learn t hard way wn h old 500 studt loan turnednto time behind bars. >> reporter: the feder government isn kidding around. they want you to pay back your student loans. >> they will shrink themselves wn t 2nches high and he
7:30 am
ney back, one dime at a time. eporter: worse, as one borrower tells it. >> skakhales ony ft and waist, and placed in a cell. >> reporter: like my amics, paul owes from 29 years ago, when ronal reaga s esident. he didn't expect u.s. marsls to come to hisome in houston with an arrt warrant. >> with the interest on the $1500, it's now $5700. >>eporter: hehinks this could ha been handled better. >> send asummons, a certied tter. not t rshals. >> reporter: the mshals say they tried that for tee years, incling notesaped to his or. he said he recve onepostca which he thought was bog and dn spond. >> we spoke to him on phone in 2013 at w timee said he
7:31 am
they'd have to gethim. >> reporter:hen they went to his he last week with the rrt -- >> he yelled frominside, i have gun. >> reporter: that' when they retreated, called for backup and returned with their gear. the stori are a little dier he s to haveforgot a bit. eporteer a bef time in custody, he wasked for disobeying a court order and released. >> were youafraid? >>totally. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the court ordered himo payhe 700e os uncle m. >> i need to pay that on increments startin in april. >> you c do that? >> not rely, but not to go to jail -- >> repter: he'lllso hav to pay nearly $10 to the u. marshall serviche bl to do thei b. eople suldn't be afraid the u.s. marsha areoing to kick the doordown. this was an extmease. >> repte and a tou less. >> authori saying they aren't making a practe of this.
7:32 am
didn't answer tsummons. >> i just m payment ony loans, just t safe. check of e weather,. >>dy for the warm weather? >>eah! >> we have the forecast for you. big r of hiressure. jettreamp to the nort erattoday. 55 icasper. wichita wicha, 68. daas, 74. tomorrow,ecord highs in the roies, t plains. mperatures 2 t 35egrees above rm. friday, i gs from the rki all the way t clevand, 51 birminam, 69. n degrees above average i new oran sard, detrt,ou're 15 deee aveveraget 51 degrees. oklahoma city, 25 degrees above
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de >> that' >> tt's yr testeather >> al, thanks. > comg , man' wlet is lost a tnound wh a icesote pce oom of thentt. >> don't miss thatmang stor >ou you hp a rang keepse?jeossen with a hn skincare w becomeskinacve negarnr inacve inoducincleabright a tiveizerto briki paed wh antioxidantvitamin c, early er doe thoi itivelsmooth, boostsadiae
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and the's also a strict no dati policy. >>uh, but honey, we're married. that goingo berobl. gr your business with the online shipping thi this morng rossen rerts,oref our se, ep inr step how would youreact if wan askeou to h hat o heet? woul you coacher to sta ro orel her indulge? >> jef rossenas auning to his weef hnamer ect. >> thisectsot ous s mid-brnow, s weekspot newyear's resotions. remember wn y were going to lose 15pounds? this in w crac grabhe doug or slice o cake. at if awoma a stnger,edskedou to help her cheat oneriet andie for her? wouldou do it?
7:39 am
and these reactio are priceless. >> s od eporter: w doe love a eesa? >>an ts co bad. rorter: buthisoman is on diet. >> m boyfriend is in th bac eati a salad. hean't know i'm eating this cake. >> reporr: will t shoppers keep h secret? >> bab what aryou doing?. >> reporter: wnven ss busted herjudg boyfriend. ou hidden camer aren place at assr natur market in morristown, newjersey >>omther >>epr: w watchin evybite. >> i'm on aet keep a lookout for my boyfriend. >> okay. ter: theomantands guard. oh, my. e on a dt tother. 'd kill me.
7:40 am
cake e'saking a beeline for the evidence. >> did she have a bi >> didn't see hi. >>hat looks lik ocolate. >> i think is makeup. how are you? >> good. how are you? this is a social exriment. >> sometimes, you have to have a little bitf a cheat so you can stayn long-term pl >> you helped chea >> i did. >> gl >>irl powe yeah. reporter: out,hat rl powers strong. th next woman also wches her ea t cake and lies totecther. >> is she eating cak >> no. >> reporter: she's about too he >> we're good friends from way back. t again. >>e'reoo frien from way back. >> reporter: they're complete strangers. >> is that yours? >> yeah look at me, i e a lot of c >> serus? >>yeah reporte t wen are icking ther how will the men react?
7:41 am
>> reporter: sheck himit thecake what wl h d when theboendonfrontsm. >> man tma w she eating ca? you can tell me. yes,he was? i didtay aword. >> reporr: the nod confirms everything. the next man tells on her, to that's a >> reporter: when think the men are thewomener protecters along comes this guy. about to give us the biggest surpsef e day. >> i'mreaking my diet. m notd >> reporter: he's enjoyingis ee same aoesnind sharing. >> you're going t feedme? >> don't tell anyone. >> i won't. >> moyfriend is in thba he's goiofrea >> ain gonna king. >> you w say anything? i wear to god. >> reporr: he feeds more. >> downhat quk. >>nc i art, i can op. reporter: he's lghg now, but not for long. >> ty g the beets you like.
7:42 am
>> reporter: she pointing the finger athim. will he keep her cret. it' mine. >>t'syours? >> ye. >> w is she holding your- >> didn't have room to put ialon mate. >>sir, d i have anytng? >> . >>eporter: heon't budge. i saw her -- >> i swear to god. she was jus holding . i'm a gluten. i'mgreedy. >> ie toeet this guy. >> you were nice to her. >> i s. >> you tookhe bme, two pieces of cake. >> i had to help a damseln diress. we're all in this together. are. >> love ttguy. ! we wonderow you'dreact. we'v been doinghese febook ats all we. i'moing another one when i lk off tet here. i can answer your comme and estions live. go to facebook/rosn repos. at do you ink? that guy, i lik thatguy.
7:43 am
>> whenhey feed other. >>hen he starts fding her. >>hen iaw it i w li, ght. >> we don't like judgey boyfriends, is the verd >> jeff, thank you. still to come,ll good-bye. paul mckartcartd ent sic's sic's big nit. ,, (vo) m (vo) ming the most outf every le. that why i got a subar imprez love.
7:44 am
a suba,, brdon brdon inkst fos isve a.auseur ingredientcome fm... farmers committed to reonsiy soced oils... blended with ingredients like ce-fr eggs. m. heaven. real ingredients. at's how we're workinto inoust i'm luy to get through shiftwithout a saer. my barga detergent, dn't keep . iwitcd to tide po. they're super ncentrated... so i get a betteclean. ted 16roductf e year. it's got toe clean, it's t to be tide. who ew dates and cashews mashed together coultaste keokie? you thinthey'd taste like dates and cashews. nope, cookie. weird.
7:46 am
7:47 am
,,,,,,,,,, > w
7:48 am
carsons in th oero >> h are you guys sot was le on a friy wn this spr d w brought io an mais, care clini in georgi the w in rough shap to reached advice on facebo an overwhelming rnso save t g. d wasd gracie claire, and the doctor has been aring progres daily line. day si up a couple pounds. day 16, getting stronger. it was this heartwarming video here that ted a lot peop. the dr realize that graci wasn't eating one rning,o he decideto hop intoer crate to comfort r,ringg his breakfaston thiseo b vwe 6 mli re writin tsessyitn hunity. so beaif to e the le, care and cpassn you're showin thi sweetittlegirl. prersor
7:49 am
showing gracie wellnough to move i with the bigrdo. hopefully, she'll fin a permanent home soon. >> i shell >> a lotf opled to adopt her aft ttvio. that's adthing. everybodyan now. >> i love it.awese. >> such big hearts. >> thas for warming hear, carson. >> she should have a brefa th wrangler. >>t yo >> oh just me? come onwr have fun in the. >> you have company. >> i'll hp you out there. >> anks. >> ihought he was getti in
7:50 am
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every ip in thcaribbean t hurry,his offer wo st long come seek the yal cabbean book today at 1-0-yalcaribbean. od wednesday goedneay morning.. wee ming up on the top of e ho. i'm ira cron with thoday ow update. a wrongful deathsuit, filed against the fath of "dylan redwine",... has be dismiss.. due to a clerical error. 13-year-dylan disappeared from his father's house near "vallecito lak in la plata un in nomber o2012. his remains re found i 2013... and the cause of death was ruled a homicide. his father, ma was named a on of intest ithdeath. the court ruled a wrongful dth lawsuit led by dylan's mother, elaine,... agaiher ex husband, sayi it should have been filed two years aftethe date his rem were discovered. it was actually filed two years
7:55 am
notified... four days the statue of limitations hapired. the el paso county sheriff office is for your help in finding 18 year oldmanuel snodgrass" w was reported missing last june... st month... annidentified female went to thsnodgrass home... claiming to knowhere manuel was... she's described a heavy set white female bween 30 and 40 years old. if you know anything you''re ked to cta police. chief morning teorologist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a look aour cal reca... sthen... highs dawill be in the 60s and 70s. passing clouds may occasionally filter t sun today temperates will warm through e 30s and 40s and to theower s by 10 am. noon temperatures will be nearing 60 around corado rings and monumentut well in the 60s around pueblo and caon city. warming will continue, a 60s and s arlikely this afterno, especially after 2 pm. we will begicooling again by 5 pm with 50s and 60s cooling into
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
pm. 00n "tod mingherincs and the pres katemiddleton's newob at "the hugton post." >> we want to prioritize the emotional wellbeing alongside acemicccess.
7:59 am
yourdehatil wte y a prescription to play video games? >> could a video gamep us stay sharp? an insidek at technology that has doctors excited about reversing the effects of aging on the brain. and too hoto handle? ryan reynolds goes on one with hh jackson, askin what evybodwantto know do u ev age?>> today,wednesda february 17, 16. we just got engaged! >> aloha from waii, ing 50 y >> happy
8:00 am
it's8:00 on "today," dnesday, fruary 17th. it isdownt pleasant othe plaza mog. nicefamily. there are ts of folks outn the plaza. in a dog suit i think. >> i think it's real dog. that's aood lookidog. >>ha a punum. awome. coming up,ow you can have your burger and be hlthy too. two seriouy dees th will not blow your diet >> tsere delicious. >> we look forward to that. let'set check of the morning's top sties. natalie is at es desk. apple says it fight court ordeto unlockhone of s brdino shooterye
8:01 am
on tuday, a federal judge ordered ape to help the fbi hack into farook's encrypted iphone. e's ceo tim cook oppes what he calls an unprecedent ep wch he sa implicatio fard beyond the legal case at ha. president o is vowingo ck wt he calls an indiutably qualified no, ma'am any for the sup court to replace theate aonin alia. the president's commentsollow calls from some republicans who want theeplacement left up to thnext president. th predentejects tho s, saying rublicans are readg someing into the cotitution that isn't there. a llowup on a story we told y about last yea about a florid woman who livetreamed a night of paring a her drive home unk. people who watched her on periscope called 911 to report he now in a pleadeal,he's not getting any jl tim she gets 12 months probatio 15
8:02 am
six-mont suspended drivers liceendhe cant vis any bars > theostfrescription drs keeps going up in the u.s., even for generic ugs. a wompany wantso shake up the drinking indtry andri sts down. tas om nbc'slivia er rte tammy powell, a nueutde chicago, strgl toay for herwn$400 escripon dg ll ery month, evenit insurance,aking cymbaltaor neck pn and medicions for high blood pressu. she was searching for coupons >> wh the coupon, it d run e cend it wa't real. ortehen she stumble upon blink he, aew website that offersg rkdownsy almost 95 >> almos everyone takes medicatis at some pnt i their . most people are overying.
8:03 am
companies. >> wheer youave good surae, badinrance, o n sut al sdchliceeforgog he phma. >>epr: nmallyo doorritea prescription. yogo to your iurce comnyan ian cny goe tohe dg ke pric are bed o wininyohave. blinesaigho drug maker youck ydrug, pay online, and print out the reipt to take to your phmacy. featus ove 15,000 mecations at 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, mostly generics. and not the super expensive cutt dr but consumeat say this approachould be the future. >> aot of peopl havigh ctible plans. you mayot realize what's going on until you try to fill t crip. reporter: bk in chicago, mmy says her $4 bil h been cut to just $77 a month. what did you think when yow that a fit? >> i had to cheer. nobody wants tope the money on medicine if you don have to.
8:04 am
time tonjoy life's preous moments. oliv strns, nbc ne, chico. >> gd idea somethg we can all use f sure. >> nalie, thank you. now to someoyews making hdlines this rning. >> theuchess ocambdge, kateddlen, turning kensgton palac to aome of for cse near and dear to her heart. nbc's k cobiella live with re. goorning. >> reporter: good morning. we all know how private prie williaand the duchess kat are. but they'vhrn their doors en. there's a newsroom in kensington palace behind ande h invited in a teamrom "the huffgtonpost 're writingbout childhood issu like bullying,anxiy, an
8:05 am
post" for t da wit reers,blogge andid i heart. >> how long does ittake? >> reporter: launching campaign ng minds matter," kate gets personal, writing tha she an prince william hope t enurage harlotte to about theirli and to give them the tools and nsitivity to supe get r. ing your feelings is not necearila royal tradion. ban to chang wit princess diana. and now anotherold step from kate she is a person whos known globally and wre a bnd that's known globly. whenhe t come together, it can be very powerful>>epter: the duchess say the meal healt o children shod be jt a importanas their physica help. >> was lucky. my paren and teaer provided me wh a wonderful and secure childhood. i alws knew i was led and
8:06 am
but of courseany children aren'to cky. >> rorter: even kids younger than 5 could be suffeng in silence,he says. >> imagine if everyone was able toel just one child needs toe lisned to, needs to be respected, and needed to be d. cld make such auge difference f an entir generati. >> reporter: research shows a ir ofarents a worried they'll lk likad mothers and father ifheir chi has a mental health prlem. by wting a talking abo it, e duchess is lookingo change th. fit ladichelle ama,ho has itten a bloboutentalhealth issue and veterans "young m "young mds maer" is trending in the uk and u.s.
8:07 am
>> kelly coella, thanks much, omg up in "trending, a loses aaltnd gets it back with can mess >> you have to see this letter he nts the white house but instead he gets ulhous" how jimmy fallonntduce na tmp to thtanners.> and airtual wld tt uld sooecome aam chging reality to reverse the effects ang on the brain.
8:08 am
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it evemutes the radio until the seat beltskled. i'm ryurious what it is. this ith20hevy malibu. anit s for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game ch enig cvings t, ali cathink about is getng relief. only nicorette mini haa pate st-dsolving rmula. it starts to relieve suddenvingfast. i never knowhei'll rief. that's w i onlchoo nirettmini. > we' wre back at 8:11. time for ws trending ever ready? et's doit. >> we're going ttartith baby names this morning. when you were picng names f yo kids, wt wasmportant? tradion? >> familymes. yeah >> asked this estion at we people thinkingut whhe pickehe
8:10 am
the ne they pi. i lik that 27d family roots.13%, ipired byelebrity or historal figure. the survey also aed about thi idea of nam stng. have you h about ? you call dibs on a and none r friends or famy can use the me >> oh, ah. agree, like -- t's say you don't have kids but say, iike the name m, and yourousin c't name their kids that? >> definite. ou're on the record. >> you have to claim yourturf. >> interesting. >> w wted to nam nick benjam aft her dad, b hersier hadla benjamin. >> ihinkamils clai it. i kw friends w live in different parts of the cry wh a upset that their friend ro t coury ned tir ki the same thing. >> if you're across theountry it'sne.
8:11 am
>> i had vt d th nnif grnd ble ol st . ayt' not cool if you steal a name 43ame stein isn't ag. >> it's not. >> bhe way, most people say they like traditional names over tren ones. weove theam -- i always loved dison. siri went to college with madisonnd sa, oh, no marley, and i was like, bob marl. >> knoin offames left and right. >> we le strongnames. >> iwas achallenge. >> i got a gat new york story for you guys. meet riy. het his wallet early at ncertnd it conta $100 i ca, ct cards and 's cense. the sry has a h ding sort . s wlet aed in thema c the lettealong with
8:12 am
quot i found you wlet and iv's lensendaddress. re'sourredi car and otr iortastf. but,he man add is iept the casuse ieededweed th metroar for the subway because, well, the fare i $2.75 now. and thewallet, because it's ol. eny the rest of your day. anymous. >> oh, m gosh. >> ts is a nework sty. only in new yo. >> he returd -- >> i areat the honesty he was hont about he wa in themoney. >>he driver's license is the rdes t t reace. >> i know. >> i love how he signed it, t to. >>as >> was a grammy legend turned away fm an afterpar? nef the most iconic musicis o a time, winner of
8:13 am
en t get paul rtney into ammysafterpar. heas repdly tnedy a hollywood nigclub once but twice. sir paulas heard asking, how vi do weot to get? he w tling inging the musician, beck, who he was with need another hit. he's t catch, that party sted by rapr tyga. on twitter, tygaenie he was nd the snub. he said hidn't know mccartney was out the and the nightclub sing paul cartne was i thero let the wro party. >> who cares, it's pau mccartney! >> any party. >>oh, sir tyga. ext to ryan reynolds and his njob, apparely, entertainment repoer. he interviewsug jackmanbo ddie the gl" >> doou do a yr own acng? >> the sex scenes, i do them.
8:14 am
my next question is from a bla velyrom newk city, new york. he writes, hu tried calling you on the pho and you didn't aner. e we sti meetingt the hotel this afternoon. i don't have much time because ryans having a maniedi from 3:to 3:to 3:00o 4:00 i'm gting a mani/pedi. that's weird. >> an's wife is blake lively. not a he but a e. funny. >> next, jimmy fall'sonfallon'se onulr ulr house." he h something to fill the rolef mhelle tanner, dald trump. >> had to in thera. herwise, t clinton would in the whise again. i me, who to see somethg f'90 back in 2016? >> in the end, theleamily came togethero sin the show's
8:15 am
that's your poptart for today, gu. >> thank you, sir. now let's g a cck of e weather from mr. roker. >> let's sw you what we have going on. we've got a big sysm makin its way into the pacific northwest. shers, stretchinfr stt all the way to l angeles. ey nee t,o it's goo news the front has moved off the stern seaboardongsave calmeddown chly around the u gre s but look howhot. s into southernalifornia southwrnarona.80s thrtexas. hav little bit o a ippeacss, bringing snow to th g p northe ohio. betiful weaer thr t cot. even down into florida. temp l cler than usual. windy weaer in southern
8:16 am
that's >>hat'sratest weather. comgp xt, mind games. w veo gam may reversehe effects of a frt. nuts. silksmooth darchoc
8:17 am
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8:19 am
ow to ourci series, liviloerin beer. >> cynthia is back. is timexplaining why it' anyt bamve wn it comesonng mind. good rnin >> c be good news this week, we' tak you to ecuado and iceland in our searchor the secretsf livin long and living more healthy lives. today, o journ tak us to magiry world tt may help our aging bras act yng agai >> whe are ? >> this is in anoth world. he a your targets. >> iave toespo to the r eature to cat . >>epr: it mayoo and soundike something we nag our kids to stop playin >> keep it up. >> reporter: but t neuro urcientist says ts is not just agame. he bieves one day, it could be mo powerful than anyrug in lpg aging brains a young again.
8:20 am
doct mightrite y o prcripti play a veo ga. >> tnk we'll see itn e ne couple ars. >>heext coue years? >> i do >>eporter: brain tining games are already a big industry. st month,lumosityaid a $2 llion settlement to the fedel trade coission f suggesting theirames could stave off memory lo,ementia and alzheimes. clai thefd said theompany uld noba up thscnc t t cpanys itthe rigger of their research, though theve disctinued tt rketing language. at theniversity of cifnia san francisco,his doctor says he wants to leave no doubt tt hisames really work. he took five years toevelop one game calle neu racer. he and his team testedt on dozens of people between 60nd 85 yrsld. >> lookingor your ability t restdistractions.
8:21 am
67-yeaold, ann stewart. >> forgetting tngs or leaving them behind, come back in the house ree timesor the same thing. it's not a good sign of ang well >> reporter:fter they played neuro racer three times a wee for a month, the docr saw something incredible. >> we found that they improved their ability to multi-task beyond the lel of even 20-year-olds who played it a single vis i don sit around worrying about losin my mind reporr: the scienfic counit halded the wks a game changer. >> it' not snake oil. >> reporte in hisook "smart," dan investited the science of buildg brainpow. >> not junkscience. there's sio work gng on. it fds thatoing these kinds of brain ges can sometimes, in so people, b reallyhelpful. >>o tre's hopeor the aging brn? >> definitely hope. >> reporter: don't rush to th app store yet because the game rs not not
8:22 am
he's putting themough more tests. >> we wan to do the research t really bringconfo members of the field and t public,ha when it arres in their hands, they know it's goingo do what we say it's go do. orter: he's developin new games, incdi one called body brain trainer. mixing trainin with a gym workou he say after three months, s showed his 47-year-old brnerrmedore like a 20-yeaol >> medicineasorked so hard and hase a great job at making us live longer, but ving longer without ling better is just missing t mn pot. >> whado we do? rorr: a f m aging brain -- >> you're doing well. i dot ow i you play a lot of ga >> i've never played game before. i'm anatural. >> repr: som, it may be what the doctor ordered. >> i fee sma alady. >> perfect.
8:23 am
what can i say? the doctor hopes to market the games toths ss to thubc when he coletes h studies. th fda is evaluing onef h mess a treatment for adhd he hopes theames wilbe approved for alzimer a ntia, as well, e da >> angry birds doe't cot? don'think so. >>t lkse mar . >>heneell ourds,on't that an,was fnd we tried to g ito you all could play. too top secret to let the "tod show anchorslay th. >> remind me not to g with you in a car when you're behi the eel. playg thatame. theecologys cing. >> thank yo omgptomorrthe fi thgsou nd to kno about linglonger. good sees. thk you. let's head upstairs to cars andsiri. on theopic of living longer, healthier lives, here's my lovelyfe,king up a stor
8:24 am
clasc of bur and fries, b th arerutabaga. hat' be comingup. le co h le hour... i'm ira cron wthis today show update. today... trl is set to begin for th woman accused of cutting a stranger's unborn baby from her womb... 35 year old "dynel lane"s charged th attemed first degree murder... assault...and unlaul tmination of a pregnancy... "lan has pleaded notuilty... but her lawyers have n revealed much else about her defense. the judge ovseeing the planned renthood shoong case...
8:25 am
documents inhe case sealed. judge gilbert martinez is asking colora supreme court to uphold hisuling. denyinmedia access tsealed documents. several news outlets petitioned the high court... demanding the judge to unseal several documents relad to the november 27th shooting. a 24-mile strech of remains cl becse of a rockslide!... and c-dot dot expect roads reopen untithursday afternoon at least.. the slide ppen monday ght inlenwood nyonbout 125 mis eastf utah borr. the highis shutdown fr glenwo sings to gyum - and the ortest dour adds nearly 1 miles to e ip. the rockslide damaged a truc bunone w injured. chief morning meteorologist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our locarecast.. stephe.. highs today will be in the 6 d s. pag clouds may occionall filter the sun today. temperatures will warmough e 30s and 40s and to the ler by 10 am. noon temperatures ll be nearing 60 around colodo sps and numentut well to the 60s arod pueblo and can ci.
8:26 am
and 70s are kely this afternoon, especially after 2 pm. we will begin cooling again by 5 pmith s and 60s cooling into
8:28 am
las last n iwa the cast "fuller house." an tonit, "shades of blue" withennifer lope seth welcomes will fel. new "ton ow" wjimmy fallon morning, everybody. ood rning,eryo, everne,t's 8:30, wednesday, february 17, 2016. great to haou along withus.
8:29 am
matt is enjingome te off this week. the weather is nic ou >> byhe time we get to e e of the we, you'll be surdayt will be about . comg tsalf hour, from rding hdlines toaking them. a lal tv news ancr opens u for the fit timebout t steha eed h carr and how hitting rockottom provided a foundation t formgur li. >>rror mrorn the wall, o is the evilist of them all? hav a speci sakeak o th star studded c o"the hunt >> si in the kchenor , she's got some ingredits that cld help a years to your life. >> that'a goodburger
8:30 am
we'r le right now on"' "tay"'s febook pa. 'saking nap rig there. you'll get a bind the scenes of our sdiond taglo with wrar once he wesup. >>ake up! >> comeon wrangler,up! >> lay >> lay dn. st >> a rit. t's g check of e weher. srtingith da we are oking at wet weather from the pacific nthwe all the way into central and eventuay southern cafornia, with windy coitio. we're looking at some snow as a clipper comes aoss theat lakes. look for sshine around the gulf coast. chillier at the mid-atlant states, the sw expan into the roces and ades. wet weath into sern california windyn the central g plaindnoround the greatlakes. sunshine around here, plenty of and temperatures
8:31 am
of the country and spreading east. u're a ltle behd f valentinday, a couof days. it's awful nice.,,> and ahat's latest weathemonsieurday. >> that you very much, mr.
8:32 am
weg, we have ptner with "m b gdi2" to giou teddif y ea. s yr or incde you mi andaybee'll choose you for our big fat "today"w wedding. but totoda don' tgeto aly bore brry 26. good ow a story that raises t qution,uld one mistake define your life the story of av news anchor incson, arizona, ally a wappen t ow. fogo marcia vasez made a terrible split second decision, after feeling the essures of a i an industhat put a preum o yout s ner sken o abo i untino rter: for 35 arar
8:33 am
tucson,arizona. beve eerienct firhand workingit ht loc stion oa ear in myre. >> did youov bng a news anchor? ictuay loved the responsibility onforming ople. for me it s kinof aob tha i felt las borndo when ye i pub eye, people e you t aays be a certain way. how did you that? >> one of the things that i was known for when i was on the a wa big my ug and dhat the everyda putha onry day even n'tghing or ilinside, use i ew asjob. >>epte theear and tear of aareer in theubli eye begano take itsol a mars shah shah bam frful oos the
8:34 am
i'oio stickrod lg s i can start to bedeprecia depreciated. i'gog to leave before they start edgg me t. i di't. didt do it. and wisd. that bring us t fary 2012 tell mbout that happened. >> i had been very dep ou what was gng on at rk. so i wen to the mall and bought a pair of oeed arou, got some uf and en iook a blouse.took a anked ou t srd cfter me and he sa d you know that you hehat iyo ba and at that point iuess i could have said oh, my god, do meant t p forit iout es oerhing but iju mymind. i sd t hiyeo kwth it' er sa, are youoi toay for it?
8:35 am
to to.d s treegan mynitmar >> rortendt wa mediely nseports oer shopftg iident w erywhe. that flowingnday, she w asked toresign. hy do ink you acted in thwa itoesn'teemrractat no inkt jt wante to stop themadn i ntedtop m dn'knowowo do i se.thk kw dp dow imy hearthaf ihoplifted someing,ou kw, jtike anothecrime, y wou le urb. so inste of sayingoodbyeo oa aaving lovely farewell andoing it tht way, tt's th wayid an wl rreha uil tdaydi >>or mara fell into
8:36 am
ho f mohs n eve ttg offer uc dreios ts inth fng le ssne. ke there noluto yo lem,es w e i all. didou feel icidal i thobout thoht abo, bause thought thatdaugerld be betff wut me mybandouldin b beer o whoutme, because couldineby that sn a is all gng on imy ad >>epr: final aeran suggeson, famil move fro tucso thing state. e sgh hel a psycatst a evell herapist. >> ite meac my lf-eeem. it h me to forgivemyself. th the pce of tuzzle had not y been le to t ther. >> wn i s yefor meou arehearth i heay n, fl o le a j anda bigmilend a b laug yeehat this process is whatelped you g ttck >> i .
8:37 am
>> repr: now four yrsla ma in me otuizon loinwaope pnhepy fnc o h own. >> i was eitroing to home with my tail tucked bween my gs or was g to go home show peoplet what happme could hn to yowas stak thate all makemiakha e badhapteroes n m th whostor at w cpter m cpterr a movi towdshapt whev. wha a gat ehi wleo many peopleoura perps to do meinghat ty've wand t do>> it's usual rcumces, bu t a l o peoan te to n dealingith ings t mig b si acting out in ay that would bed most iman she shows gracback. >> whawa
8:38 am
he i watchwing itucson wreco his, i tried h outr. t s har but thesa the receed wasatyou kn, u're n defined bnein yo friends willws lyo an'mvery, proudher of. it's greatthe's she ds cond cnd y. w chapt 9 areoing we >>ot to judge someonen thr da ayll n beged th
8:39 am
8:40 am
whe.we've got yriroo a huntsman".fi,,,,,,,,
8:41 am
we ha sneapeek at lypated lmh a lot star powthsty thefore t assic talef "site."katy got t cto tto theast, the fst othem al >>a fairle youe hopingor, preparself for so mh re. >> repr:tsman: winter's war" s everything, three e characrschris hems y will comehuan. repter:he te bere owteo evsts, tueanroean e la es >> wha dr. we ll bng fea >>eporte onlntsmric and s se lover, rrio h, c stop th think all look.>>th >> a lot opetition wit hemsworth oom. 'she piestf th all. >> mr,irro t wal
8:42 am
iwh youet worng thhr 's so h. hap. >> i'm told it a lite ss dark thanow whand the husman." >> we've g and stuff itark, ay. i mean, it s morehumor. in think itot as darkah. hat aru goin do, take oo evilters a their tire a tty much >> it'equel. prequel to thseelba story ter in the fi when hengtoite abs wife it'silling in ose blks. alwhe thhuntsman ce fr. >> once hawi i leheout msigh and
8:43 am
youlathe t heabt in lasmoe, gh >> a felloswomorki iny of f >> i'm t queen.ere's a nenow. >> are you just l? don't knoust as evil. therd ck story to why she becomes who she is a ueha. it'sreat vla t >>rgotten i mean baf >>u fe a le maybind becayou we so liab el inhe owhich i caon age meanyou're le that real i'm st kdi. >> w nerus arzes mn. >> helloi've misd u. >>ou seetoe hang ad tilreathe fouryou hangou >> i love fant
8:44 am
eciay playing a qun, you va iso fun >> if you the pub toni you shod ow up in esits. hen we'll to t reporte've bearned. "to"y tur, news, lond. ble ca in >> the fst w g. e huntsman" fromal theaterpril. > upex forare yosmter than a f grar?
8:46 am
the -yr-d g om chilplayo fashion sign fit, thiis "day"n nbc.,,,,,,,, re e' back8:48. havtory yng n dner making qte lash o aracting ion fer style aer ag tamron has story. >> ing.
8:47 am
mpetitivorld fhi design is sma notr ave signer r cantly bulli for her , i cam up wit a creaveayspon atin her own lin of clhihinclus pl ze outfs. to t thatof ts kid has found hay now to th al >> ror a n rk's fanwe,he runys showse twod' top signer no onere f is jping into the otlight. >> tnge goodt shion. >> rter:us y egyphosy "i" makin h deb as thenly designe dressin cur mols. e's lov eveecond o >>ometim i get my modes
8:48 am
repor i b signthes a w atedullied at scol, often becse of h size. iasbullie ey me allinds o im i w staed with pencil. eporter: iff to t back wither cand grandmotssewing chine. she start mogsith a sewi needle. start designi clothes an sketg. >> repter: wast long befo iyas tdingul sine lauhing chubby li,ch she deribe as briing aica t era, on dign a me. >> wn s herline, i s a furen the fhi iusy. >>asonwe, to e hert earsd, ielt so grt. repter: her thrds areor al shasnd si iffy lov to sre her insping fhis with evne. >> i le how y c intect with brics. get new idea
8:49 am
meage tha mes iff snd >> iurned negate attenti in posiv teion.plse ay wre allnov wh heu tmihe ti tieaingbo h st i kepthinkgbo beyoncs song mati." st classyndet youuccess be yrevee. heusinodel i the revengon the bu now, s role m a kids and honestly. >>eallleed. e >> i a o thing, too. iffy. i'm? cher you know youe bighen you ne na. she' so cute. >> gatstory. up,angerse ur ? kidd
8:50 am
8:51 am
ng? we'ld out whe we j ms. sirithekitc firss "today" o we'rekt8:53 with y food o ourglo, lin betterwe havipes that aren't jusdecious but full of gredients that mayelp y livelonger. siridaly ishwo types healthy s. goe >> goodeyo e o tas ew, uding yr hud, downstrs. >> is he in the ge? no,ot in th cage >> h you beenn the dog befo?
8:52 am
w rg >> we'reoio pepper, cilantro a garlic.t to pulse i untilt ke y. i never know how long to whk these up. oh put it otherway, you're saying. i'm helpfu aren'ti? >> ioesn'takelosee howt isncy? then goiovet from there auttn bowl d some shros and rr we des separeloean tfere ures it stey youanto try t lid again? >> tetwo.
8:53 am
the mture t y want t the e wedd thend t f andenko. we'rng mix ill wlake fouburgs. >>kay. >>ver re, avehem alre ed. m gng t add theos tt. ge sotdd the csp texre tor burgers. port a vege burger pecial >> carsoured m oirareat burg he's a t creade them theth it's fantastic. >> its krit by ss criy on theoueus is shy on the in >>ackhere,ve shroand bus. homwo - w s don't knowowo sayhewo >>ou nled it don't know how to say it.
8:54 am
processor tmakehe ne. thiss a coodxtur dedwor. twe, baco backwo worcesaucll t ntil an egg a b crumbs ai >>ilo oer onextl >>llig. >> thewe'll x at up. mix it a little bit. >> sure. >> have twourgers cooki he. seveines sid i a let. then - baga rabaga fries. >> tel me a at. >> i didn' know yk withtaga i delicis. a s pot y. ll right. >> doue ts wnstrs. ohye >>ee yout odednesday
8:55 am
a wrongful death lawsuit, file against the father of "dyl redwine",... habeen dismissed. due clerical ror. 13ear-old dyn dieare fromis fhehouse ne allecitoak in pla unty in november of 12. hireins were foundn 20... and the cause of death was red a homicide. s father, mark was named a person of inre in the deat the cot rua ongf death lawsuit led byylan mother, elaine,... agait her ex husband, ying it should have been filed two yeafthe te h remai we disvered. it w actuafid twyears ter the redwine's were notified... four days ter e statue o limitas expired. the el paso county sheff's fi is asking for your help ininding 18 year old "manu snodgrass" who was ror missg last june. st month... unintified femaleent to the snodass ho.. claing tknowhereanuel wa.. e's deribe a hvy set white female between 30 and 40 ars old. if you know anything you''re as contactole. chiemorninmeteorologist -- stn bowers joins us nowith
8:56 am
highs today will binhe 60s and 70s. passinouds may occlly lterhe sun tod eratesrm thrgh the 30s and 40s and to the low 50s by 1noon tperaturell be nearin60 arouncolora spriand monument well into 6rounebnd on . rming willontie, a 60s d 70s are likely this afternoon, pecily after 2 pm we will gin cooling again by 5 pm wit50and 60s coinin
8:57 am
8:58 am
pm. whilul mtney wasurned away o music'siggest night. baby, can myr. a memorable carpoo wsia. and fdarmisen with a performance a tiny in ""zoolr "" alhat and more cing up now. >>ncer fromc news this is "today's take,"l
8:59 am
geist and tamro hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller aza. >> good rning. it'sedneay morng, febary 1720. i'm willie with al, natal and tamron. we have a great crowd on the pla. this is my mning jam.great song. os t featuring labrin. gethe clean versionf you'r playg it with kids is what i'll say. ere shdown b pld e fbi. aerud h orded telhe fbihe ph of sanernardo ma ooter syed faok. orityingo filln 18 missinginutesf far wif tashfeen's whereabouts onhe day. theny said it's
9:00 am
will fight the an take an unprh threatens the sy of our customers. we opposech hasimplications f bond t le aha told cb 0 s" in cember ttpening phone to e gnmentes u all vuerab. 'shateid. >> on yr srtone toy, youriphone, tre's likely healthinformatn, the's finaialformion,nd y shou hav tli t protec it onlwow to that toencryp it why i? it's because the's a to t in, the somebod wilin aay inball too a ale ar yi, weont beginolorehe o ckgnt bacoobecause thenhas o ere. the technogy exis. t' creing aasey of cryptiright. a lpeopatch tand say, couo thne
9:01 am
of utsk? at tacd tshapping w. >>t'simil that ppenafr 11ite convertionverhe pri t. ho aouilo?w chf you ty as a lt,e lrned lot morebouthe a tn w as amsanteheo.whaterounk o snow was p ofning our that. resting. >>heerent is worried a ilt-in sftware auto delete all the the when thck they're out for gd and t get imationhey . inhe monthater butn the middlefvestion, you're tryin to tck sebod do. if theou tak the pne phically fbi tsgo to apple,atver em wle they do nd ge t pne back it' nottmple. they'r wored thaust efb wt theovert c do.ri the
9:02 am
trus goverent. the risoo ishe is onc it' crted,ho i going t proct at et can chesha a get the informatn?'sottihrts teatnay,s in >> ple, inkthargument is clearlyundersab bu i thithe cashere yo h terrorist in the coy, aotf peopleookt it that way asay, ah it shld b -- that was theueioer 11. >> ian tl lafosenforcen i newor a her bigitie fl the d't geno cooperate from silin eycompies. theompaes a proctin that you are customers first. >> tre's aot cversatio in on abois, inc zuck e've been watch p fr who isis x- trip to mex earlier this week,ou saw the uching video ofim walking down the from the a and
9:03 am
sing thisat child in e was a touchin mome erdae saw beca a nsentacly. e pontis one wikes t really g in with th crowd andurround himselfith pele as weawere t un stewhe sited. heets downn therth ople.founaty, suati seedike it g a little out of hand for him. he wast a wterncity grting fans a ts openir ma. you see the a per reaching over the barricade a pulng at his robe. he crashes into a man t whhair. the pope a little peeved, which i think we can all understand. he's 79 years old, too,ng pulled and yankedn to a person in a wheelchair. basically said don'te selfis what's wrong u? ngoseis clearly understandable in that moment. scary for the pn wheelcir, tonkt was hi
9:04 am
i this the fime we s tope se his cool a little bit maybe. >> to prote soone. >>t's actio tny us would ow. >>e le thisy. a guye l o t wh cal in her beforeprince now, prie i nanod of urse. when p takes a passport photo, he t passport ot he tweeted tsout.prince rog nels is the l? >>s g l. he h troas the eeks he h it allon i meanhe purdli, the wholth >>he wt? purdlips. >>tks liks r a o photosho >> it pro was. >> i'm sur it was.>> only could have a ss pto le >>hos cooler tnhat guy?
9:05 am
>> next ti, i'l the blu st forport oto. you c smileymorri you he t he a neu preson. that'srd. i loo grimaci o ke i angry.>> ik like i shouldn countrie mis like, doner eblem probably lighting, as well. when we morlsur rt, we're no nothin as nice shading, whole thi. >>contoung. i don't kn wt's going there. so this caugh ourtten. amazeing video of a h fing dunk routine. this is liberty university's soar mistrythey mixacbacs trampoli -- >> oh! is that cry? >> central bantist ch. that's a churchant to goto. >> is i rginia
9:06 am
craz >> drop the c,righ >> evebodysay, amen. everybody say, hallelujah! throughhe le, too. bam! >> incrible. good ve. >> the church we ed to to d sit, virginia what dyou have goi on, . roker? >> we're goi t oacebk in the onge room. it's day 16 o our 25 days of gives. this is greatiz we've a ndicrack bik from sears, wth 00. wtou to g ce.c/tod'stake. yoll see a ptu o .uan le usnd risr to n. let' s h manyple hav li . that's, 21,000 u from earlr, fro yesterday. that cool. we're closi in on 300,000. letohnny back up her safely, our camera y. please go to facebook.comod
9:07 am
we get to 0,000 toow, tamr says you can go throu he warobe no, didn. rumgehrit. i didt sth.,no, no. ri sayst is natnal o kindness day. di younowth d t. i said as an actf kindness >> you'll l peoeo through yo wardro? >> i we hit a million. >> that' so nice of yo >> n300, ohmygo oo a th, jetstream, wayp to the north. unseasonally mild ather. possiblets of the southwest seeing records. phoenix,91 de amarillo, dallas 74. torrow, look at the recor his from rocesthe plai. o 3 deges a avere. ay,om! look a th, clend, yo at1. liock,0. dall, degrees. on saturday the heat continuesto moveeast. new york city, 54.
9:08 am
amazing. let'eeow my people want a chan to go thrgh tamron rdbe gettingclose! fanttic. >> >> t >> are we going thugh? >> your closet is nice, as well. how about this? 000, natal-
9:09 am
>> touche. >> wt comes around goes around. >> you can come to mcloset. i ve threeerek jeter t-shirts andoxers. >> geny used. >> derek jeter t-shirts? >> hes are in them. >>ng up, aite qu. if you're yi to avoid eating ate to, a, tnk a t choc b, thinout mething se or, c, urself no think about th chocol >> what about opti d, eae chocolate? >> we'll reve the ers, and give you strategie to hp you kick yr bd food habits. medica part prescriptions,walgreens says, cae med diem. seize the to get more out of life and care part d. just switcto walgreens or savings that'lbe the highlight of your day. now previethe st of your copay before you fill.
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9:12 am
from asthmproblems and may increa the risk of hospitalizationn chdren and adoents. br is not for ople wse ma ill contrled on a lo-term asthma control medine, an inhacorticostero. on your asthmall controlled yotor will decidif you n stop bd pres erent as controlne,like an led corticroid. noteo moran prescribed. see your doctor your asma do not improve or gets wse k youroctor 24- bre cod be missing pce see if you're eligible for 12 months freet bad od habits like the one i ha rht now, eatinhis potatoip,an seem ver har to chae wheth you'ren emotional eate constant snacng oakin poot choice >>here aimple tees tory to geyour dt back in
9:13 am
at the cc and the author o "5 mor ways t yourself without food." . susaood morning.d rng. wre goi to pl a game. here'sow youlay. each of you has a blender and a nice display of healfond healfood. >> w. >> to answer my ons, you have to take adful, puit your blender, bt and all on you if it he loser rink their's oh,. ay. yorey? >> yeah. >> which do you eat the least f ofedte, ue plate orc, wtelate >>ust n? >> whi tn!>> red ptes. acty, ired plat that'secauseheour brain seeshe coredweautomaticallstop your n hit is u n acal gidf e ite atat od at
9:14 am
snac ane and it wilintly slooudowneffoss thi t. eswo, ifoutryi voidte, iser to thinkhocolate think aomethi ee. tellf noto think about choc go >> i'lgoh e. whato thin >> wt wab? re m>> thinkbout sometnge. that's it. >> ourirnst is to y, dothk abbut whe inabou ocat we ntt mo rht. find oertrti. >>hat s rit?ka this one is triy. >>hat aryou kingwillie >> y don'tant toore. >> dyou eamore, itting on t couchalking you ea >>alhile you eat. >> sitn the couch. no?ctua
9:15 am
wain yend to e mor the reason, people who ate five tis hola when they were sha do here's no liquidn he >> it'll bhard to drk. wputting hin there. os, cumbers. t's an interesti displa g in ther >> uh-huh. >> next questi, w does food pvide y with the feel good feeling aftouat it? t ree minutes, ten minutes or t hours? al? >> ten minutes. allt's ly three minutes. iteally fg experice. your n habit ie next te you're eg someg, remd yose, itoing really quick findething else that giv u a beoost timr one re. >> herwe go. >> we is the losero far. have one. t's change it. >> willie, you'll ve to drink
9:16 am
>> shoulyou re yourself wi a food trite treab, a non-food reward, c, notng all? we'lgive we a chance to answer. >> what was quti? oh, b, of course >> non-fooreward. >> is that right? >> yes. >>ron s dnk i got one. you ga me the one, you don't remember that? urha drink it. >> luck with th. >> it will be good for all of you. >> susan albers,hanks so much. coming up, sir pau mccartney snbed gmmy night. what happened? forgettable cade with sia. we havyour pop fixfter your local ne. can we just eat one ch? is that ay? >> go foit.about his joints. but now he's takin ostebi-flex, and cing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this ar... spres throughout the body... here, inducingilariousigh levels of embrassmenthis son.
9:17 am
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er here we go. read it is pop fix time. jame rden t wheeor anotheronf pool karaoke. isme, his passeeras sia. they had fun wither trademark wig. >> sia,s james! how are you doing? >> you are a beauty. a beautyious thing. i feel great. >> it's comforting like head g. you't even see t level dan i'mng now. >> , my sh,ou're powerful. stranger thing in the clip, s also explns whyhe'slso -- or always hiding behind the wall of ha she says she's trying to matain a little acy, which
9:21 am
music,ner ion.r thosefho are curiouia posed her wi earlreer, anyw. look at that beautul face. cheers to seeia. lovingrivacy ere. we invaded it shong it, an. > who wodn't wan pau mccartneyt their party? the sr w trying tnter a grammy aerarty wheyga was rforming. re is actually what happened. >> how >> howvido do we got to t? >> t won'tet youin? >> we nee anothert, ys. won . >> need anoerit. wo on . terhe video went viral stery, tyg tolds he didn conol the door and had nodea sir paul was there.
9:22 am
last night last to iitau mccartney to his nextconcert. paul wasctlly at wrong party, i said evenso, you're thedoorn, it'sau mccarey, what? okay. moving on. > eve 2-year-olds have their diva moments. check out what happened when photo h kimdan west,edo get daughter to sor a ctur >> what? >> ctur wh >> oh, oh >> falli apart. that s amazing. >> her mom posted th. in kim's defens who wouldn' nto ctu tha ige o noh in mini fur coat and boot no piures hat often sainhathome. >anetting ready to go live earli thisweek, f anced a portion o
9:23 am
simpsons," in h 27th seaso will end with athree-minute live segment where homer wilswer fan questions. how willhe animatorsul t according to thcutive prod, they'll use motion techno ile dan, plahomeoes theoice live, it will t rst time an ated ries ha doneomething lik all year lg you worked hard to take re obusiness and take carof t people o tter most. so wheyour tax refund arrives, make it go a little further at walmart. fromlectronics, to he decor, even tires, get low prices on everhingyoed to getore fun out of yr tax refund. walmart. m lucky get throughhift out a ster. argainetergent, itcouldn't keep i stcd tide po.
9:24 am
so i get a better clean. vod 2016duct othe year.
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9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
,,,,,, > tak tinoo at the helis. th a imein elshoav ge to countries affect by e zika ruooldff o datin bloo a while. it wants the peopleoai a h beforonat bloodo lprotect the u blood suly. in on, peoe withzika sy, as sh, shoul put offlo doti month. a rnnt-backedas fo cngor more
9:29 am
en when they don't s symp. many ptrialready do crnings of childreneen0 hs b the task f says it is imposso if thips hurtabout 1 in8ren in th u.s. now have diagnosis of autism sm disord,nd thay mor is needed befo a recomndations a made. >>he lt is in. r the fourth y inro rdstros ica'sorite fash reta aorng t mket su mor57 nsers. ls moved up snumber two. and tied f third. wn gh schoo orche was strded trport, uden psee the ly way they kno how. >> thais themerican fork
9:30 am
na's capital anderrm the ken ceer. stf sw clled their flig back le left with hotel or transportation wharks do rminal fhe enjoyment of all to se et'set aheck of the weather froal. >>ha awfully neat. anks somuch, nalie. have a cpper cg across, briing ligsnow we also have heavy rainor the pacifi northwell t way down to rnia. let's go i and see how wre doing on our facebook pa. facebook.comay ta. w manyeople he led us? closeo 2800 if y go a rester, youav
9:31 am
>> that >> that is your lates weather. spring might be coming early but it not here yet. still feels like winterrod these rts. the freingemperas are goingo wreak hoc on our cars and me we he georghe,os of orge to erescue th is e serom shnkag a gin >> coldir goe outour window. i vehirmht re.ou wt to it owwi, you'l seet's lik 62deees,ometng like at. oott inside t stio. >> 81.
9:32 am
ouourindows and dos. fully- yeah. >>asie way to combat tts wi tassh wr. doub s pe, hit iith a bl-dryer getser tht a it'll help >> lf air comes tough e outlet ple deazehe it aga axtioall o ght swch, yosg up to ohe .anbatat p foa thingon. tu ohe electrity first. yes, go. literallt'ss eas a tang offou light slate an put it on. 's going tombathe cd r cg in >> goingnd you hav shovel. >> i wldt a "today" show segment i wasn't hereith a shovel. wd-40ilice i the be.amooki l. spray ithe edge. >> boom. >> good wayogo
9:33 am
dewalk wit? >> put i on beforehe s co us a p a pet friendly one. >> orge, thanks so much. >>e're talking col car oblehere carh,urenlway good toee yo thank yo >> i w tom ur. e b doi thisrs an gerati in drayurn n d leit go or b ea? >> two minut it is allou need. artup, cleanffw and mak sure i see youraillightnd head lights d headf. >> why canet thewarm? >> first off, need to there is an actual crime ring going around, looking for people who leave their carsni in their driveway or on thegift. th jum i it. it would be a scary sittion. dred and loo for running cars iri an te off witthem? i up >>s it bad for car, to l it idle that long inhe driveway?
9:34 am
an youe getng zeril t thllon. youay to keef tan ofga wh >> belo youe catin isreth gas tfr eea a cling starting t car and shutting it f. arou a hftank, i won't ha fuelineeze up and willeepourom gting the car stted. >>o you bune thekids? >> p t ie car seat bucklemup, putlanket ovem. heate hts y have ithe srtt yo youant bsafe wyour kids >> t you v mu nata sou're andr is toasty. what about you? here with way to stay warm without sacrificingtyle is t yleirecr f "gd housekeeping"magazine. good morning. >> good mornin >> all about t coat. i actually have onef these.
9:35 am
th i fromrthface. inated i tpshe h a so you starm. th i a great te t buy a winter coat. that would hbe at the startf theseason. is i a three-in-one parka. itas removler. th isn j a vest. >> you can take i ou i a f jket ner. under $1. keeps you sup wa earka is tre for this season. scf theight wa exactly. >> i try to furis out. >>nder 2. pu i bendourck,ra i arou, e knot. >> orndunder. st' u against your ne. if you't wt to d all e tying, y cano t snd. >> eveonere weari these. per chic and wl keepou wa
9:36 am
hi t boo oe wi lot analnow. arting wthe sneakers4 on up i' weang a pai w. they hav heend wedsut they als he the sole. you'll lk chic and sta rm >> we' outf me. 'llut t rest on the bsite. lori,hank you so much. >> thank you so much. he's a ny pt in "zoolander 2." now, freds here, lr than life we'l t the moment stop u. not the miles. the jeep grand cherokee th 730-mile range.
9:37 am
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wh backach wh sore ist? what headache? what bad shoulr? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing work stng or longer an advil it'e wod's #1hoice. what pain advil. i thought activia wa'for me. until i realized how much r gestive systems handle during winter. 90 stressf days juggling hectic schedule ov 40 als of heavy comrt foods like bak mac & cheese. no wonder aftealaturdigestive syems n act up. sory t aivia two weekhallenge joying activiatwice a y for weekmay helpeduc the frequencofloatg,, discfortr mbling.
9:40 am
dannon "snl"lum fre armin, a tanted a bus man, is string "portldi" which ismaze skpg youing and youan't love it. he's leading the band wh sh yers every nigh somehow, fred found timeo make a small appearanc inzoolander 2." i c'tyes off that aracter. fr,d morning. >> g moing. is name i v-i- bs vip. at'sisal >>e'sn -yeail e w t sho is, you
9:41 am
n'av toay be i fnt reen re. th can sink yth se that's thiith tho snes are, i h to loo up wle they oked wn. a l of hard , t look up w they lkdown. >> hard job ve. ry, ar b. >> is lik dng your own stunts. it veruch so. hy eyes. peakgf hng your es, wating y i "pan i canake my eyes o u. yoare a,lao manychacrs is thereomhing abo tha th you eny doin plin so man people i he n real p. ukn,holehings so mu fun for. the sam thing wn i was doing itike g tout on ws and be difrent charters. inger he do youome u with e characters? are theypire by pe you meet, crsns you
9:42 am
>>nksro peoe acallyeen . seeometngline,n tv, if iraveli, ll hear someone from another cnt thatometim formsat. memes, i have no idea idea wre setomes om 'sike matr olu. >> w. ritly so i' likeou ksing funrigh it'e oftribute. eracters are very much lirselves. itothatdifferen a lot of character are pretty mu that i amnd we are. >> you doaccents. for exampl ertiateetween the bronx, ndis. apert>> wt' t difference? >> is in bronx is down bre -- it's
9:43 am
long nd, a l of, , using. , and >> andhe tongu clicking >> a little bitf that quee is more le this. >>nay. hat' t st ofou know, in the in treble. quee is here. >>reble and bass. >> righ >>t's allbout theass. are linguis o top o everything ed armisen, one of the funniest people on e planet. congrats on themoe. "zoolander 2" starring vip, his chacter, is inheaters th thanks. th guys. >>rgani guess i ver really gave much thought to t acidi in any foods. never thoughabout the coffee i s drinki havinacids. it ner dd on mat it could huryour teeth. denti hasold me yoname weang away, d thatounded really scary to me, and i was li well can you fix it, can u paint itack on, and he explain that it was somethg at grows bac
9:44 am
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[ laughing nerusly ] pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're alwaysn television. what or ,000 people in the united s withfehrg condi thery limit the abi eathe. it calle cysti brosis u're aboutt a young n liv in abama wot e help s neededrom an unexpeedce. here's angel repor rortehe srtll anfull-assy andull oflife. erheast f year the sparks fang. sh froysc fios, li-teani nditio tha lims her abilit tbrthe.
9:48 am
i didn't have mh energy. t was nott m top. >> repor bac inbe 2014, angel'ungunction piy declined. she was admitted to th hospital in birmingham, alabam where doctors had no choic but to ace hern a typ o bypass main to take oveheork
9:49 am
>> thereere moments i,,,,,, loveder fa e was she was proud military wife >>he just loved life. just life itself. reporr: in a stunning twist offate, courtney's aunt attended theamerch as angely ddad, andhe ars.
9:50 am
the two were a perctmatch. >> what tha did forngel lynn, it allowed h to a total block, whi means she received our daughter's heart and both lungs, as opposed to the typical heart and one lu. that's a mir in an itself. >> t lost a child no matr how c iame to losing a child, i don't kno how that feels. all i c d is hope tt -- to y angel lynn is doingwell, you kn, hps ease the los ale bit >> rorter: ift's courtn's zestor life tha les onn angel lynn. >> it wa hard. the one thing thapede out thh allf this is angel lynn. from the fir time ieard her name and s her face, knew this isow w going to get roh. >> gng me >> gnghome i'm fally gng >> rorter: angel lynn's doctors hope her hrt and lun
9:51 am
>> hello,there. >> reporr: last mo courtney's family visited with angel lynn. >> it was a loss for both of us. >> yes, ma'am. we appreciate i so much. you don't kw what ians. >> i going t graat high school. i'm going to graduate colleg i'm going to grow . i've got a n guaiaangel. now that i have her heart and r lungs, hav aew being. beaul stor tney saved or enchd live of six people un her death. the nuer clis t morehan 10 people whoere helped by
9:52 am
9:53 am
this is "t" on c. > how's our facebook page? so closeo 280,000. fantastic. taonas an almostmucker's birthday. >> oh.
9:54 am
>> glad you mad it.>> i got wried when didn't see you.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> >>nnoumbcws issday" w kathie ffor and ha tb live fro studio 1a in rockellerplaz hello, everybody! it's wes d wednesday. it's februy 17t and that is snap back byld on. t's nice oh, nice. >> thands like an aual
9:59 am
we hav a terrifict with useph heakines playingichael jks in an upcoming tv special. he's also starring in a really exciting, beautul new film ca "risen," ay terestintory line tha i fod to j be -- >> have be ring about this. >> it's excellent. we are also sitting down with ricspringfield, who ge us the gift of"jesse gi ba in81. he has a and newmusic. we hear what he has to say. a picture of the month, just saw h out at the mys, canadi sean hl play hisot n single for us. and ls f lent. >> i'mn themove. >> wait aren you bme that snky tuesy is er? >> we he snk ery da >> i lke a our ratgsn nerkesrd a i'm not kiinatheottomf sho wre
10:00 am
li zing peopik the sy. o, theyove tky.andt should con us. >> i coun'tieve it.i was like what did we d at t en show thawas s great? spanky tuesda h aboutom- >>! no! >> words of wisdom. butt does get y g. e we go. st f areeo your proems p so you don'teo throughem alone. my hodie,n tugh i'motyour bt. >>ou'rinopeei' in >> b im tolstll gh today is rdom act of ndssday, which shoulde er day, but is neha we've chosen one special y. >> ye. >> wwould loveono if you ve personayee the t.


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