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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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nbc's hallie jackson has late details. >> reporter: tht a stunning shift in the republican race, a new national front-runne ted cruz >> it'tremly encouraging to be leading thfield nationally thas a rest -- >> repter: did you ever ink you'd here? >>hawaalways t pn. look, that'sow youin. t g tfit place to win. >> reporter: it's a 15oint fliprom last, trump slipping seven points and cr up eht up eight after iowaan bees, the new hampshire primary and saturday nig's debate. >> republican vo havken a pausciding whethernot theyanto nominatdonald trp toe presidt. >> reporter: as cruz heats up, he's burning it down isouth carona with a scched earth news conferenc >>ile a lawsuit. >> reporter: darindonarump to sue him over this ad. >> well, >> well, i'm very pro-choice >> reporr: trump wants cruz stop airing spoiinto s current pro-life stance. >> trump supporters have shown a
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him for positions like that. >>eporr: cz insists he'll put e ad on tvore tew, even as trump doubledown on his threat in an msnbc town ha. >>'ve hagreat success buness. i've had great success with laui, and i don't know that we're gointo have wsuit, buwe certainly wanto keep somebo >> rep ting cruz, sayi time will tell, teddy. tris again calling h liar, their political bromance lo ad. you hugged him fonth and months, a therere those who y thaou and yr srt of donald trumpt that time has allowed him to be wheree is toy ando be ithe potion tk outhis stuff. >> oh, lisn,ale, asa ae. there's a me and season for campaign for policy differentiions. >> reporter: so you always knew this moment was going to com >> of course it was headed t this >> reporte in south rolina it's trump who is still dominating in the polls. cruz tiling him, marco rubio close nd and csi in. te tonight pick up a new enrsemt fr south carolina's pular governor. >> thank you.
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haley's support. jeb sh was, too, but our new po's hothetil head-thead matchups shobush and john kach would lostoonald trump. only cruz and rubiwobeat hi lester? hallie jackson, thank you. i'm joinedow by chuck todd, our political director a derator of "meet the press." chuck, there's been broad conssus if trump winsout li he would have a clear path to the nomination. doheseew nnal ll numbers suggt things won'te that e >> reporter: i think what you see here wh our new mberis this, lester. is that 'valways told you anwee be polling thir months. donald truas a loweiling but a hiloor meaninge's never going to drop too w, but he always seemto struggle as the field shnk get over that 5 mker, and what our polls show on this is that as this fieldas shrunk, the smallest need we've test in the lastix months, we've seen trump esn't grow, everybody el does, so this is flashing
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even if he winsouth carolina. he'soing to ha problems down throad athe field wi >>huck todtonight, thank you. > much me from donald trump at a town hall ent tonightt 8:00 easrnnd pacific only on msc. things a rapidly changing in the democratic race, too, e hillary clinton'once mfortable lead in nevada has all but evaporated, now a virtl ad heat th bernie sanders ahead of saturday'vote and nowith what looks li a longoad ahead of them to the nomina san and cnton arincreasingly focusedn sering the blackote. nbc'kristen lker h more. >> there is something wrong, my frnd. >> reporter: sretary clint is ramping up her ou to ack voterse south side of chicago today, vowing to refo the criminal justice syst. >> to make sure that no other young woman like sandra bld is ever pulled out of a car for no good reason and thrown into a jail where she is found de. reporr:dra bland' moer by her si less an a
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fod dead in a texas jail, this as newl shows clinton and sanders now deadlocked in da, her double-digit lead in october evaporating to a single po >> reporter: senat sders, whis strglg toin over norities, making his case at rally atlanta last night, but the headlines ca from nders' suogat rapper ller mik quineducator and activt nelliott. >>ane sa michael, a uterus don't qualify you toe esident ofheteat. epter: tse cments sparking backlash on twi, the accusations of sexism, giving the cntonampan an ening. >>here's another wayo make that poi without necessari offending people. >> what ke wasryg s in his w was people have got to voteor the candidate tha eyhink is e best candidat not based on gend. >> reporter: with the vada caucuses three days ay >> as a won i don't need to vote for a woman just because i'm a woma >> reporr:he race is u for grabs.
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heheill me the argument at he can winanywhe which exactly what hilry clint doesn't want to hear. >> rorter: the stas of every move couldn't be higher. secretary clinton also has thr fund-rairs here. last month senator sanders outpaced her in fraising, mostly through onli dotions, anotheractort' making t clinton team nervous. lest? >> krist weller in chicago, thank you. anotr g ory 'r foowing,he battle twn apple and the fb the tech giantays it's all out protecting youpriv ile the ds s it's all out naonal secury. at the cter of it'sn ip longg to the san bernardino killers which months after the attack is sti locked, and as our justice coespondent pete wilams reportpple i now about to help the f break in. rter:nsidhis b les driven by t bombers the found amartphe used by
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crical evidence, did ty plan re attac and it's an apple iphone 5c and must be unlocked with a combinationnd trying to guess won't work because after ten unsuesul tries the contents of the phone are permanently scrambled,ost forever. w a jge is organizedpple to cre and install software on that phone to defeat the security allowing anbi computer to keep ent numbers unl i hits on the r combination to unlock t ivacy privacy advoces not can't cont guys a go use it a b guys't use i reporfter mof ng it ot gnto loed pho appleow sit ld n be rcedo o. a lto crs c t coays ifle cheftre and illnto th wron hands, it cou unlock an ipne, a blow to customerwho rely on mpanies like apple to
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rld, and if they ge this kind of access to e u.s. governme, they may have to ve it to the russians. they may have to give it to the chines and apple simpl doesn't wanto do that. >>eporter:his privacy versus serity showdown comes agains the backdrop of an act of rrorism. the husband of o othose killed ithe rnardino shootingsays apple is wrg. >>'m very upset at apple not assistg e fedel gornment. people's lives matr. >>eporter: new york ci's police comssioner agrees. >> the right to privacy is n a total righin the s that if it's being used for imin purposes. >> reporter: before the san bernardino shootings, the majority in an news poll said they were worried t govement would go too far in teorism investigations and viole the ivacof cizens. after the tack, the joty worried the government would not f enoug apple sayst will fhthis new order court. lest? all right, pe, thank you.
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injured after bomb exploded near turkey's parliament, horrific attack in the hrt of a strac u.s. ay. the question tonight w did it? nbc's cola repts. >> reporter: a fireball in the heart of turkey's capital at the heit of rush hour ames shot several feet int the air as people scraled to safety. police and t military sealed off the area while emergcy rkers rushed in to hp the injud. thtargetas the turkish miliry. the werful carplodg just as bus carrying officers and soldrs drove by e armed foes headquarters,topping at trfic ghts. more thatwo dozen are dead and some 6injured. the country's deputy prime minister called it a well-planned act of terrorism, e latest in a st of attackin pces ny consider safe. ten rman tourists killed ia icidmbing in istanbul.
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bombing at ace rally in anka isis blamed for bothttacks turkeys fighting the terror grp in sia iraq, but it als it's also at war witkurdish militias >> turkey now is in the eye of thstm. it faces a stratic pricament. it fac mulple insurgencies. >> reporter: turkey's pridt sa tonig hs termined to fight ose who carrieout the deadly bombing. llcobiella, nbc news, london. > po franciss wrapng up his tr to mexi witan histor cross-border ss. the event, a few hundr feet fr the u.s. border, attrac tens of thousa of follers on bothides. n's anne ps elain the po is izg this moment make an emotial plea on the controversial issue of immigration. >> reporter: a simple geur and powerful msage. at t u.s. bo fce pe frans buds abolic brid fr mexicon immigtion.
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immigrants see human ce on the people fleeing what he calls grave injustices, poverty,loitation an violence. among the hundds of ousands hereo sehim,1-ye-old jasmine fles w cross the border every day to go to school. >>orim just to come t juarezo thrder, means erythingus. >> reporter: no longer the murderital of thrld juarez is still a ngers ace. ther javier kovaliruns a eltefor immigrants. he says he hopes francis can ke amecans she pple he heery should b treated wi dignity. as he doesn nely every ign trip, francivisited a pr. one of the iatmusicians ereld. th eni's mass broat on both sides of thborder. >>eligioaches ov walls, over mountains.
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pope'sace marred onlby a brf flash of anger when overzealoufan almost pulled him down on aerson in a whlchair. don't be selfish, he said. the vatican says mass here o thbord is not a potical atement but a moral one by a pastor trying to unite a divided wod. lest. nne thomon tonht in mexico, thanks. it's bei called a landmark study that could affect millns men who sufd from low testosterone low-t ads cit havbeen link to ything fross of energy, muscle mass and sexualunctioto increased vulnerabil vulnerability tollss, and now as nbc tom ctello tells us new research sponsored by the national instite ohe sh ttosterone replacement therapy mahaveefits.>> i figured low testosterone wod decreasedrive. >> reporter: it' a nearly $5
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millions of men are testosteroneplentherapy hopingo bot eir ener, sexual desire and functi. among them 6year-oldd evens who said at the age of 55e suddenly began to feel reandepresd. i jlt off, and athe gym i started losing ground. >> repter:gnosed with low-he began testoerone replacement therapy. >> my body ms came back to where it was. my energy s beer, libido was a ttleetter. >> reporte noworhe first ti nional udy has found that a testosterone reacement gel providedome benefits to men 65 and older who suffered from low-t. >> testosterontreatment improved their sexual function, th their moodnd ruced deprsi sptoms and perha also improved walking. >> repteut researc insi it'sooly to say whether all men w low- ou be oneplacement therapy. previous studies have found
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to increasedisk of heart attacks tacks and prostate caer. still, millions o men say oste teosterone treatment has improved their qualityf life. inexas 68-year-old dr.l riley says testostere sharpe has changed his life. >>here were sks taking testtero but the benefits far twghed any risk. >>eporter: he's such a believer he's nothe medical director f a cha olot clinics as the babboomer generation looks to offset the effects of aging. >> finish strong. >> repor tom costello, nbc newswashington. > ileatoght, know at you'rting. the ckage may y es cheese, buyou y be sprised to finwhat else could acally be in it. somef it may n even be ee. also, another piece of mystery solv over whwill spt e ggwejat ringts first year, a humpck calf and itmoth are almost ieparable. she lifts her lfo its first breath of air, then protects
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f for many of us a plate of or pasta wouldn't be e same without a sprile of parmesan cheese, but when the fda inveigated, it found one coany's supposedly00% rmesan cheesactuly contains substutes, incling a fillt n derived from wood pulp. so how dyou know what you' really buying and eang? c's olivia sterns has more. >> reporter: it'no sret that amerveir cheese. just askseinfeld"'s george costan. >> i wanto bite into big hunk of hunk of cheese, just be in it like it'sn apple. >> repor >> rorter: but afda
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u' eating? 23 e ency tartecast cese saying wt the company labeled as 100% parmesan eese was actlly a enof chper cheeseand cellulose, an organic filr which can be derived wd pulp blastin the compy in a lettesang, paan cese products do not contain any pa c the cotook correctiv but ended uling for bankruptcy and cld not be reachefor comment. the fda allows up to 4% filler prodt like cellose in cheesebut experts y it's at's in the other 96% that might t ectlyhayou thk. experts say someompanies go too far. >> they aryingo do thing we donoticeo cut corners so tha can make money. orr:d incases of abelinting s involvincertain brands of chse, tra virginliveil and afoo
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tom colicchio say mos pe n't he th pale to tell the differce. >> what we' being mkete something that's fresh and loca a it rely isn'tt all. >> reporter: a possible contbutiactor, former fda mmission dr. david kesler says the fda focuses on ensuring food safety, not investigating truth in aertising. >> we can't foet that th are people, there are cpanies who eat thsystem reporter: that may berating newso fans o100% rea parmesan cheese. oliv sterns,bc new new york. wee back ia moment wh a new leader of pack from thisear's westmiter dog ow.od news. you're down with cst. alright! now there's a way you can t crestor for $3. adding crestor along with diet, lowers bad cholestol. crestor isot for people wh livedisease, women whore nursg,pregnant or may become egnant. tell your ctorall dicineu ke call youdoctor if you have musc pai or weakness; feel unusually tired; haveoss of appetite, upper belly pain, darkrine oyellowing of skin or eyes. thescoulbe signs of serus side effects.
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invest wh confiden.,,,, the the white house has announce that president obama will not attend the funeral for supre court justice antonin scal on saturd. stead the president will pay his spects on friday when laustiies inose in the cot's great hall ce president joe biden, hower, is scheduled tten scal's funer.
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st ting viag andal ur doctor righawayf u rience a sudn decrease loss visn or hearing. ask your docr... ...about viagra. available iningle packs. fin finally tonight, a florida couple's life just changed forever. ey have cashed in the second of three winning ticke for last month's $1.6 billio poweall ckpot. as our janet shamlian tells us, it w tough f them toeep their exciment under wraps >> maureen smithnd dav have known they were powerball winns for weeks, but it's a secrethey kept, even from
5:56 pm
>> lost a loof sep. i lostver ten un, too, lot of pacing nig, let me tell you.>> the winning numbers were one smith says shelayed for years. they bought only two tickets. >>t was just one. >> a $3 investment >> d is an engineer who plans to retire, b since the drawing has still beenoing to work. >> firstay i arrived late work they all suspectei won. >> reporr: david and mreen are splitting the record $1.6 billion japot th two other nns, onen calirnia who has t to ce forwd d hnand lisa robinn om tennessee. can we see that ticket. >> reporter: who appeared on oday" ju t dayafteth drawing. unli the robinns, da and maureen took some time to claim their prize. still, they were anxious abo this day. >> dreading it. reporter: the couple told lotty officials when they arrived here today ty would be taking t lump sum option. that's $327 millioplus cnge
5:57 pm
in tir home town of melbourn beach, florie stery is finally over. >> we had no idea. they act ed normal. >> rter: couple say they ll take care ofamily, donate charity and david mayuy a ca otherwise, no big splurg planne >> i want get a massage. >> repter:anet shamlia nbc news, tallahassee,loda. >> that willo it for us on dnesdanight. lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, tnk you for watchi and gd night.. forll of ustwsanku r tcng a good ni fire cws iloeepi busy, but not alwa with fires. we'll llou hownd why they're ying to reduce unneccesy calls for serve mike ad libs after a cole of big storms--olorado springs has already go thrgh a mike alibs after a cole of g storms---colorado springs has already go through a sizeable chunk of itsreval budget--d meour snowiest months yet to come.
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for eping the stets clear.. hello evne and tnks r jog us for ns 5 at. i'm lisa lyden. and i'm rob quirk,.. first ght: we aeady know e g sn storm from earliers month waone of the worst we'veee in years. nowe're lenit was so one of the most expensive. news 5's gredingrao looked into the numbers.....and to how its affecting the budget ving fward. this was the wor storm in 19 ars. crews were pretty much going none stop foabout a ek straig. theye nally done....not before they blew through 437- thousand dollars..... a hugehunk of is year's snow buet. ok rq peoplerado spris..know l too well as. but when we askeemow mh ..they were all over the place. corrasco
5:59 pm
out 10- thouchick sot: 18:49 5 dolrs probably don't seemlistic but thats what i think. juan lopez so 22:24 id sa apprimaty 15 million dollars. t even close for most people..... listen ttheir reaction when i told them what it really was. sot: 17:08 its aually about 437-thousand. o dang. wow that's amazing. sot: 19:00 ithis town or the olstat ts town. thats crazy. and the tals got some mixed reactions sot:9:34 - 39 seems reallyteep e eyt ught new owand dn't knohow to use them. marciann mccarty sot: 20: no not for what th h to do ere s a lot of snow an there's ilsnowecause we t muc breaking dn th437-thousand dollar bill. a lot oft came from althe mateal they wereutting down. coy farkas sot: 14 we've spt about percent of our materials budge but the biggest cost....was l the overtime. corey farkast::25 overall id about 78000 in overtim so wt eshis storm do to the budget..and future operations? faas says right now theye looking ok.....thell jt have to keep a cle eye on anyxt time. but get an storm.....farkas says its not like thecan ju ignor
6:00 pm
little concerned. juanopez sot: 23:22 i don't know. it might be 3 feet instead of feet. yonevekn. sothing farkas is ry well aware of. corey faas sot::5its always concern. iteeps me up at night. el nino. we don't knowhats going to happen. there is possibility that we could have onetwo,r three more of thestys of s becausofha... back up pls e aladin the works. corey fark t: 86 wee iefe council. ey are very are situation d inventories so should we have to to em. they a prepared. one her thing to keep in mind with the sw removadget is itcalearo caar mng they ao have to coider october, novemberand deceer. e od news ....mps ar typically wa in la spring early wint..akg operations aot easier...nd cheaper. t with a signint chunk o the dget already ne....we'll be keeng an eye


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