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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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little concerned. juanopez sot: 23:22 i don't know. it might be 3 feet instead of feet. yonevekn. sothing farkas is ry well aware of. corey faas sot::5its always concern. iteeps me up at night. el nino. we don't knowhats going to happen. there is possibility that we could have onetwo,r three more of thestys of s becausofha... back up pls e aladin the works. corey fark t: 86 wee iefe council. ey are very are situation d inventories so should we have to to em. they a prepared. one her thing to keep in mind with the sw removadget is itcalearo caar mng they ao have to coider october, novemberand deceer. e od news ....mps ar typically wa in la spring early wint..akg operations aot easier...nd cheaper. t with a signint chunk o the dget already ne....we'll be keeng an eye
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clearing the streets wasn't the on tng eensive for t city. at the airport, th spent 160- thousand to keep the runways of it onopf the line chemical they p down. they spe 72-ousand on the spray alone. whh is over what they bueted for emic... buadminiators theye worried. t: 3 our of 13milln dolludget, 160000 isot significant dollar amount in whole big scheme of airport operations. he says th'll kely just go back to the ai to make up the differe and keep an eye onvertime through the year. another very pleday out there today--warand mild lead forecter mi niels--tracking our current conditio. mi a red fl warning from 11am ti5pm for st of southern corado. be careful witanything that could spark a fire. we'll have duels, low humidity and strong wind, so if a fire should start it could burn out of control very quickly.
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distbae will push north of here, that will create stron southwt wind witgust up to 50 mph. stronger gusts over the higher elevations. partly cloudy and mildonht winds pick up after midnig in somereas. tomorrow will offer a mix of clds and sun wh that strong wind and warm air. stinger mike and theirst alert teamwill be tracking potentially dangerous fire conditions ase head into tomoow. we spoke to the wildfire mitigation team in corado springs day. they say we have a lot odry fus right now. they sayast springmoisture.. helped grass grow ickly... now...hey're drying out. they offer some tips to help us all prott our property.
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have at prting your property isping those fuels wed trimmed ba aro the imdiate area surunding your house. ened flag warng is issued, sylvester says there will be an irease in staffing and sponseevel... in the ent of any fire calls. the pueblo fire departnt... is w to t back on a large numb of calls for service... so ty can focus more on their prary job of sing lives. newsivs le hownd is taking closer look at the w pilot program -- and lena,ho is this program degned t help? thisil proam -- just introduced on monday -- for the equent callers. those who might not have an actualire, but instead are calling 9-1-1 for medical prms such falling down -- with no onarnd to help. ok rq c't accommote that for ve much long, something is gog to have to change for thpast eight yearsthe calls for service at the pueblo fire department -- he skyrocketed.
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seice. it's just 21000 times a vehicle left a firatn lar that up by s perce sce 20. the rising numbers are why firefighte have startea new program called "directing others to servi" at proam is innded to do is to reach outo those individus d interview them antalkith themnd find t wh their uerlying oblems are and seif we can help them acce the proams athey need to addrestheir coerns firefighters wilwork directl with a small group of ten frequent callers to address a wide range of concerns. evything from addressing tri hazas in the home, it could be tting themn contact with an agency tprides harare such as grab bars and walkers, it cld be trying to get them in contact with community healthcare clinic or access ment health care chf sheltosays this program is their attempt to get a handle tse numrs ande
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no--efore it's tooate. thers going to come a point whe we'rnot gointo bable to answer all those calls. we just don't have eugh people, enough manpower, there's not engh hours in the day to handle say, another 30,000 calls, we just can't do it this is only ailot proam with specific volunteers selected by e fire department. they will re-assess e program -- in a ar -- in hopes that service. live in pueblo, lena howland, news five. was a ce brutal it shocked us all and grabbed atntion acrosshe natio a egnant wan aacked in longmonther babyut from th wo. and toy she gave emotional testimy about losing her child as the trialgainst suspect dynel la got underway. le wilns attacd in marc 2015 en she was 7 mohs pregnant, respondg to a craigslist ad for baby clothes... she described the hoific
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learninghat hebabyl ha di. sot s/michel wilkins/victim "i looked down and you know, i just saw this really big cut across my omach" s/michee lkins/vi "he saidhat she di't make it" lane h pleaded notuilty to attempted murder and unlful rminion aregn. llowg up tighta ve dubis distinction for colorado clege rarding the free speech rights of students. the undaonor iividual rights in education,...or fire, c-c, among the wot ofhe worst,.r suspenng a student last year for making aoke on social media the udent was suspended for two years,...and banned from campus for whaadministrato caed a violation of thcode of condu for "abusive behavior" and "disruption of college activities",...and ofred further comment. "fire" intervened to try and fight the suspension.
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it's ranked one of th"best for vetens". the milita times ranks u-c-c-s 37th among80ublic and private universiesn the couny... for 's college of busine me of the factors used in the rankings incluunersity culture, stu support academcome ct and financial d. is e thd he univsi was recognized. the city of colodo springs explaining tir position on the potential landwap with the broadmoor. after much backlasfrom nehbors in the area of cheyenne cann.. ey took us on a tour othe propereshat could ade hand. our kelsey kennedyasn the tour.. ke what wothcity like to do with tse prorties if thisrade goes thugh? there are a numbf thin th want toro a ecail system pandts of chey canyo bear cek par owthe incline that they ady matain.. but erhas been much opposition ttrading anpublic
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even fri of cheyne canon.. a grp that usual partners with the cit. est li ts plan.. thcity showed me ty thk the ade iso the advantof the people of colorado spring 189 acrehe property known as strberry elds would go to the broadmoor.. "we've worwithhe broadmoor to ctinue to allow public access othe trail system throughout south canon."08 with the excepti of stables and a picn area the hol ntto build on about ni acre "the remainderf the propty, thadditional 1 pluacres would be op to blicsehrough those king trail" :0the city says a park ambassador program.. could reacnew ails in the strawberry fields area.. funded by e broadmoor.. "theroador had envisioned that they'd like to support a safety paol sta reaing outo this area so." : in exchange .. the city would get70 acres
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canon.. trail sements would connect the amberln trail to other lps.. "the value othring the peak trail, and more recently locally we've beenalking authe cheyenne heritage trail. bothf those provide large loops but they both connect intoparts the chamblain til." :13 alson the cano. the ty wou acquire 208 acres to the west.. including the osed porti of gold camp road and arail to daniels pass.. "the ente ridgeline, from mt. scoco over tgo cp road is the northern portion that 8 acre parl. " :08 9 more acreshe the brmooronsidered putting thr stables cod be ed to exndear crk gionalark.. anthcould own incline and part of barr tra.. properties they're already spenng millions to maintn. "we spent abou2 million dollars already that is not city owned, and we're getting rdy to spend another one million dolls on that prerty tt is againot city owned :10
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more aeage.. those that oppose this plan believe th the value of the land up forxchange just isn'equal.. e ne pubc meeting is s for febuary 24th.. a ek from today from 6 to 8 goamelementaryl.. we'll continue ttrack this story for you. live in cos,k news five. a li savedn world r two.. ead at0, why a veran is fighting to have his hero nored.. cades later. and some bluebird skiingould be in your near future. teorologist rlee hoffman has the skreportoming mike--
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alerfiveorecast nextt x. ok adowntown colorado springs, a lo fm cames across lorado.. highs today in the 60's most areas. curreratures all over soheast colorado... satelitte picturesa orin the northwest will movouy and bring windnd sw to the tains on trs in coloradjust few hh thin clouds from time to me tay hour by hour, warm start
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to 50 mph over parts othe lower elevio with gus to 75 mph or the higher evns. temperatures will be warm due to e wind. lows tonight in the 30's mos ars. highs tomorrow in the 60's and 70's mt ars. 7 daforecast for the sings, high tomorro70 for a new rerd high. cooler but sti mild friday and saturday. a cold front sundawith aigh in the 40' a few owers pole l monday into tuesday. pueblo higtomorrow6 for a new record high. cooler but stilleal nice friday and saturday. sunday will be the coldestay of the weekendith paly cloudy skies. a light sherossible late monday into tuesday morning. non city andoodland park, windy and warm tomrow with high firdanger. less wind and still warm friday and saturday. a few showers possible next we
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gusty wis and sunshine to starthe weekend if you are headed to the slopes... and enty of packed powder for your skig enjoyment ow fall totalom the weeme in a10 is of snofor lovelandcoer ndeystone reckrie mana picup a more inches w14 tor t st week ..looking ahead loveland and keystone will ha sunny skies onriy and highs in the upper 30's's and lower 40's but winds will be gusting upo 40 h so hold on tight... mpatures drop a bit osatuayoveland
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stick around and the winds will relax.. but then increas cloud cover overnight will bring the chance for snow sunday ......similar conditio at both breckendge and copper mountains with highin the 's and 40's and breezy friday then mild on saturd with mostly sunny skies with increasing cuds saturday nht and e chance f snow on suay..remember you can always get the late skiondins for the and other ski resorts on r website at back to you an update on an infant moved t our state be tread th cannabis o--next at six. and massive rockslide closes a large stretch of i-70 in our ate--why it may take weeks to get things back to nmal,
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ts of hugs for mic tcher lachelle warren. i had the hor of suprising her... as this month's teacher's first award wi... lachelleeaes at buena vista district 11.. anbefore we left... the kids gave us previ of a song they're working o ===
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congrats lachellwarren! if you'd like to honor your favorite teacher---head to koaaot-com where y'lnd erhing you need to nominate them. covering colorado tonight: two people st to the hospital early this morni after a massive fire brokeout at their ho. it started around 4:30 ts morning in broomfield. firefighters say at one int they h to escape the home thselves bcause wens the structure would collapse. they were eventually able to go back inse to put out remaining hot spots. e conditionsthose people injured---hasn't been released. the cause reins under investigation. new inrmation nigh--c-t now says it will te "wks" to t i-70 back to normal on the stern slope... after a massive rockslide. the sle on monday left roc the si of smalcarsn the interste in glwo canyon. a 24ile streh mains clos. crews are trying to get it paially reopened some tomorrow, but there is extensive damage to guardrails, barriers and the road itself.
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but incredib ninries. xxxx a mother who broug her iant daught tcolorado to treat her with cannabis oil, sa t little girl's condition is improving. she's the youngest child to ceive is treatment nicole nunez says her daught amy-lea was born wita rare form of epilep that caused her have up to 15 seizures a day. she ysedications didn't help, sohe brought h baby re fm new meco to use a strain of oil called "charlotte's web" doctor's at ildren's hospital gave approva but also releed a statementayin science has not t termined how medical marijuana use uld imct children roughout the lives. xxxx comingp sports. rockies seon iright around the corner and theeam is already in camp. grt has moing up630 and apple is geangp for a big fight with theederal government--that they say all out protecting what's inour one.. we'll break all down for yo
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our top story tonight at 6:30... heartwrehing testinyoday from the longmont woman who lost r baby ia rrific way last year. the triar suect dynel lane got underwayoday in bouldecoty. mielle wkinsasttacked in march of 201wh she was 7 nths pregnant,esndg to a gslist ad for baby clothes... the stand--she talked about th horrific atck.. i woke up on the floorf the rond i remr my fir instinct was to get a i
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pain imy stomach the ba gl o was med aurora did not survive. lane hasleaded not guiltto attempted murder and unlawful teinatn arean. delopionig: ap arg up for fight with the federal government over hacking a terror susct's i-phone. federal judge has ordered the company to help the fbi break into lockephone used by one of the shooters in the december rror rampagen californ. the gornment says th could help them track isis. but ape arguesheoder could endanger phone privacy for everyone. brian mooar oore" has the story fromashingto ==== ape sayst llig a feral gistra'srder forcing the tech giant to help the fbick an iphone used by syed farook - one of the shooters in the cembererror attack in san bernardino. the obamadministration says
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sot josh ernest / white us spokesman :16-:28 "ty are not aski appleo redesi i pdu or to create a new back door to one of their oducts. they'rsimply asking for sothing that would have an impa on this one device." take graph full -------------- ----------------n/ou ---:32/:42 not so says applceo tim cook ...who write "the government suggests this tool could only be used once, on e one. but that's simply not true. oncereated, thtechnique could be used over a over again, oany number of devices." sot thomas austin / computer science professor - san jose state uv. 3-:49 t's like if you put a ke under urat. how do you make re only the righpelesehat y? the i nts ple invent w sowa to byss a key curity fea thaeraslldata after ten passce attempts so tes can wage a brute-force atta to gus the number or paword. sot jamijaffer / homeland security lawfessor george mason law professor 1:05-1:11 "here the government's not asking for a backdoor, what they're asking for is give us the abily to st of knockn at door a miiotimes until
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is fht ifar bigger than one attack and one phone - a legal fight pitting personal pracy against publ safety. audio ouue: "brian mooar, nbc news, wainon apple's c-e-says it ha already enorking with the governmentn this case . but saysheew software wod be "too dangerous to create." xxxx our snowstor.. rlieis month was e bies f t seon. anw t... wee leard was also exnsive!! plow cws.. just in colorado springs.... re on full cl out for days trying to clear up to feetf isome areas. they cy sayst cost "7- ousand dolrs.. a ge k heear'snowemov dget. the city streetsivision lls us thewill try to keeptsrol,utf anottheyill alagai's fess d e lodo sin rpor.. sohell out a lotf moy keep e runways op during the storm. ey spe 160-thousand to kee e runwayear... most oit on a of thline checal.we're ld thespent
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aiort ll tth willlso bekein eye o overti through the rt of the . xx ke danls and t firlert fieath team tracking dangerous re nditions laterhis week. to help evyone ppare: we spoke to the wildfire mitigation team in colorado springs today. ey say we have a lot of dry fuels--because all of last ring's moisture helped grs d brush grow quickly--but now its drying out. they say theost imrtt ings y can dtorotect yourouse is to kp grasses mowed,ushes and trees trimd. the pueblo fire departnt testing a new program to reduce frequent calls for service--tt don't have anything to do with fire. 's aed athose who ca 9-1-1 r medical problems sh as falling wn, and ey don'tave anyo aroundlp. la year, they say theyk a total of1-thousaalls r service,ix perce crease ove-14. thprogram lled "directing ot to servic is soing chief awshelhopes willuce ose mber o calls.
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s to reach o tthose indidus and intervw em antalk witthem andind out what their underlying problems are and see if we can help them acss trogr t to addreins firefighte wl work directly with a s grof n freqnt callers to address the concerns. risi tension from so commy members about a proposed land swen colodo sprinsg par a the broadmoor... has the ci clarifying plans. some livg in the affected area near "eyne canyoste rk", tell they' n happy about the idea of the awrry fids open space"nearheires.. channg han. the ty working today to reassure people th will ill have access.===== david deitemey park planner "we'veked withhe hotelnd the oadmoor to continue to allow publicccess on the trail system thrghout south canon with the exception of that pros pnic fali and ring facity." :12 it's estimated 7o 9 acres will
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stables, but the public can cess the oth80 acres. xx this december will mark the 75th anniversarofhettack on pearl harbor. saorho was abod the uss ariza that dayives in colorado sprin. n stttonells our andy koen that athatnniversary approaches, would very much like the country honor the man who saved his life ok rq decembth, 1941 ...the u-s-s arizona ... pearl harbor hawaii. "we were being strafed and dive bombed and high altitude bombers reombings." don straon's battle stion was the sight of an ti-aircraft gun high above the deck. seral bos hithe ip, th biggest struck the staoard causing an explosion in a munitioncache. "it blew 110 foot of the bow of thathiclean f clear back to the base the number o turret." badly bd, he and his llow shipmates members r to abandon ship.
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seaman on board named of joe gege, we found outer, he w us aeavingine antied the heavy end line on it and we pued it acro, tied it f on the arizond we preded to go hand over hand across the line." that sailor was boastwainsate fit clasjoe george -- a me stratn didn't len until decadeter.he and his s have rying to get george recognition ever since. "we went through joel heey, we went throughon barber, we went through rear admiral beebe, we've ne, wee contacted dickheney's offi. handed him allhe material." joe gege died nely 20 years ago, buttratton says many servicememrsave ived recognn stmously. "the captain and the admiral botheceived e medal ofond the captain on the vtal received t medalf ho posthu. , i don't understa thvyas csiently declined their requests because of a lack of proper
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among the requirents a signed affidavitt by a senior offic wi personaowledge of the ents. he navy pt coming ck sayi we cagive h a med because there's no eye witness account any more, weeed an officer e able to gin e tns count of what' goinon." the straons are raising money toenl 7 remaining survivors of therizona to hawaii in december for the 75th niversary. and th plan to keep puing for recognition of theailor savethr lives. "i'm not giving up till i get done andy koen news 5. the ttons ve s up a bsite to help raise monefor that 75th anniversary tripack to prl harr. 've post link at how about a beer with your next arter pode we' tell you whe mc-dalds is making that menu change... ahead :30 rst, let's che back in with mike in the weather center. i'm mike daniels.
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adoto do sgs, lookcaraac corado... highs day in the 60's most eas. current temperures allver southeaslorado... satette cturesa storin the northwest will me our wa aning wind and snow he
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colorado just a few high thin clouds from me to time today. hour by hour, a warm start morrow with gusty wind, gus 50 mph over parts of the lor elevio with gusts to 75 mph over the hier elevations temperatures will warm due e wi ws tonight in e 30's most ars. hightomorr in the 60's and 70's mt ea 7 day forecastorheprings, high tomorrow 70 for a new rerd hh. cool but still mild friday and rday. cold front sday wi a high in t0's. a few shers possibleate monday into tuesday. pulo high tomorrow 76 for a new record hh. coolerut still rl nice fridaynd saturday. sundayilbe the colst day of the weekend with paly cloudy skies. lighsher possible late monday into esday morning. canon city and woodland park, windy and warm trow withgh firdang. less wind and still warm friy turday. few showerpossible nweek
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can u believe that we are alreadlking about ball seas!?!?ki getti a
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what gabe laesg es on the e?we hava birds eye view rockiewet su to report until friday. the te had other ideas anpitcher and catche repted today with the full team expecteto la ts weeken and theyeady made moves on their defense. the rockies agreed to a two year deal with second baseman dj le--may--hew worth ar eight million dollars. all star a gold glover had career year lasteason with 6r- b--s d six dis. 'll t the million this season and nearly five million in 2017
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ah y! lit i wa tt vid! kofor the avanche??? go pro sappecamera to hi head and it's cked. you n see thll v on my itter pa - just me aa g. needr hior f t wier blues got y down?? no problem. a place in woodland park can helpouut. c sounds, iceng iartingo om in southern colorado.. at rowountaifalls trou rk.. you can throttle up on a sheet of ice. most t anpy thdang i none n denyhat swinfrom dirt , changes everything else.ferent thaneing out on dirt, either you'ren bare tires and you have no traction or you'ren studs and you have more traction than
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toniat 10, we'll bre-down the ora bit more ak wie ofhe characters that bring e k to lifweend. , which department stores--top a onal list of besplaces to shop, next at six. also several major airlines announce re hikes today. we'll te you how much more
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the rally continues wl street. ocks have finished higher for the thirday row. boosted by energy coanies and another rise in oil prices,...the dow closed up 257 points nasdaq gained 98 points,..and thes and p" 500 rose 31. topping your consumer watch: b news for freent major airlines are hiking their prices again. ittarted last week whe jetblue raised rourip tiet prices by about dolls. w,el, unitedndmerican aiinesreoi the sam xxx ere's your favitple to shop? according to a rt survey. some maj retailers areling out of favor.
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57-hdred consumersor its annualatisfactn anloyalty report. nordstrom pulled out front for the fourth straight year as america's favorite fashion retailer. however... old vorites like dillard's and j. penney have fallen out of the top five in their place... rshalls tookd... and ro dress for le tied for third with h and m. anfourth and fif place were tan kohl's and cy's. the golden arches is addg a new beverage to the menu. but not here in thu.s. mcdonald's plans to open an outl in south korea in the coming days that'll serve draft beer with those buers. a south koan newspaper says the restaurant is opening near the capitol of seoul. the legadrinking age in south koreis 19. xx flyehas panered with tea to create new kid's toy. 's the "tesla model s" for ki!! the company says it can cruise pes up to miles an hour... and featureseadlights, forward and reverse capabilities... an area for toys... and even h a soundtem. radio-flsays it will retl
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anit'svailable for preorr on it's webse. xxxx
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on radioflyer.doxxxxx ye,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tting ready for spring and summerutings---the pueblo rerwalketting i yearly cleaning. tonight only on news five at ten--we' showing you the process--and finding out why it so imant pueblo's opular he faint of heart... risky sport qukly gaining populatyn the colorado fohis.....that hasiders arinacross frozen las. we'll hear from those who brave the ic.. th for joingfor ws 5 at 6.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . crow (anting) ba! cuba! can soone ease getthat maintance guy off the northwesroofp? meredith overao: ont. he'sed! nohwest rooftop. jake cover!
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no! why uld you put peanut butter in your ? to g the out. we saw ion youtube. hey, y'allest get n gear or we're gonna be late. ooh, by wei mean y, too. okay. (sighs) problem solved. teetbrushed? go. go! go, go. oh, my gosh. so, hoyouhandling everythg? could you be5% less vague? you know, thole jake's new girlfriendhing? jen? no. n she's not his girlfrnd. they just... they just went out on one date. just..just one. well, if you're not counting the ti that her and her son nt with jake and the boys to the movies. -and the par -yh,ou'rright. um, i didn't include those because i didn't know about them. but now i do and, uh... -i'm fine. -well, i'm not. thu two ul have gotten ther now that you...
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-no, and that's fi too. -(cell pne ringing) d you bebout25% moreon -sani: diamd! -who y! good morning to you too, ptaisantiani. what can i... you've got dignitary protection duty. are dding? diam am ever kdiabout anything, er? but gnary protection is nothing more than babysittin froggy. and yet you'rehe one beinthe baby. okay, lothis guy that i'm supposed to watch. -carlos rnandez.-him. rit. he is t ir apparento t cuban presidency, shouldt lly nd ts? i'd love tprt the guy. i mean, herndez is the most powerful person inuba actively pushing r mocry. and he's makheadway, too well, thenhas the problem? one pp said no, because my dad was a cuban dissident. and you might be rig about the heway. hernanz here to announce some new open trade policies at the un. it doesn't matterwhat he announces. plenty of cubanos e gonna link to the castros, aney're not exactly gonna lay out e welcome mat. which is why the brass haasked fo thr be detti to proteim.
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oh, sorr no. theysked forake. u just happen be his partner. oh, come on! jake isn't evehe 's not? oh... jen, hi. hey! uh, sry for interrupting. no. nono. um, he's here. not y. t 'lbeon. um, detective billy soto. he jen lambert. ficially with the da's fice. although tod, i'm here on behalf of animal conol ura: oh. rry leftt in t back of my car after tae kn do. harrison did? th. yeah, he's grown very attachedo this lunchbox. seriouslit h been niolas, i wouldn't have made the drive over, but harry and the tigers. i know! obsessed! wellat my harry. well, thank u. yobet. um... -tell jake i said hey. -mmm-hmm. (chuckling)


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