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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

2:07 am this is this is od" with kathilee gifford hoda kotb li from studio 1a in rockeller plaza. he erydy! it's wines day wne 's february th at is snapacld on. >> that' oh, nice. >> that soundsike anctua
2:08 am
very ted toda we have terric actor with usse us, joph fines. he is making headlines f playing michl jackn in an upcoming tv special. o starring in a re exci, autiful lm calledsen," a inrestinory linehat i d to just be - have been ravg abou th >> it's fantastic. we also siing do with rick spngfield, who gave us the gift of "jesse's girl" back in 1981. as a gr new mu wear what he haso say. >> and elvis duran is here to introde us to his artist of the month. just saw h out at the grammys, canadian born. shawn hook will play his hot new sing for us. and a who new collenf lu for ss.>> yes. >>ir of a -- >> i'mthe move >>ait. aren'toumed that spay tuesday over? >> we spanky ery day. lookeat o rings i
2:09 am
ing.athetoof the swhere we dspan tuesd it we ke zing! pele lthe ky. no, the t spanky.and that suld concn us>> i couldn't believe it.s like what did we do at the d of the sw that was so great? , spansday. > how t some >> no! >> wor of wisdom. but it does get you goin he best friendse who makeyour pems their oblems justo yon't have to go throh them alone. sweet. sweet. mhoe,vethough'm not your bt. >> you're in thehr. i'kiin >>ut i am the de. >> allig. todaisanm act of kindne d, icshlde erda buts tha 'vchenneal day. yh. e uld loveo knf u havesonallbe the ret. on't wanu call up, tell how wonde y are.
2:10 am
>> put ion faceb >>you haeen th repit ofdom of kind. d yove sts wheryo, can'stop thkingboutt? we wld love to heae ories, someone w w gre to youthis was great yesterd >> ts wa-- can belie wha happened.'re shocked. >> sir paul mccartgot he had beck wit drumme hewent t arty. tyga's party. y-g- tyga. theyd les goa pa gweekd. i'at. y don' go he pty? they go to the door and tmz is there. ere'video proof. hes wa listenwhate says. need tonothe hits wo o. >> ts to be t
2:11 am
>> pau tre no way ey jus-- >> back up, guys. just bk . i tnke ndd beautifuy yi wneed nhi gs. weeed a nehit. >> t no. oiously, gaidt say hate tyga'sou sno >> the kids y not kno who e beles weyo? >> wnt tint --st ofll, we wtow wh as doing at ga's party. y would sir ul mccartney the beatle, wa to goo ty party? and soe sae yingtoto ano party and g lo >> don't know if that's even true. >> we want to make it betternd say sipaul, yo welcome on our show anme youike.i'llty jt soou bust it upyga >>yglater tyga r id ttt a apologed. hedau mccartney a
2:12 am
but this bncer- >> they edouncs who know who pa mccartn is. >>ll ri >> hers a questioave foyoow weave our win remember the thing where the overfling on the oo >> yes. >> #teklg orteamhoda here is questi. is it -- is it ev okay to crasa party -- >> you wert invited to. >> whater. t's the imrt, tho. >> i say yes, it is okay becae it's a party d, trereu enter.and i've de before. i've gone to something and sometimes th have ro lines and y you cat t in. think if you just work your way in, you caket. d i don't have any -i don't it. >> should in there and drk drinksebody paid
2:13 am
>> we, dosait likthat.>> y'rgoing go in and just be behe a not imbibe d rti thk t. >> here he tng i think. if you go to party just like thate whersir ulot boun somes there's a roine tter whe you are ew yk metimeere's a linjusto have ne. there e people standing ouide it oks attractive>> it's crgement. sometimes there's reay nobonside. we to a cl o new york that binoculars at thatb lled a pee show. >> whatever i trngo gen i wa waitg onine. weere ying the differe door nothinwas workg. nally, we , and was nobodye.asheadam lihele ople trickle in. s like, what i? t wait tt in. >> so you re a sucr again? anywa ihink point i ine toto par not inv to. >> i haven even sa and i'nn i haven't even said mine.i wot go to parts i'm not invi and't want someoning t one of
2:14 am
friends ofrienre n allowetong fds i't it kind o f w y wa , andou gohi loo like so muc fun, a go in. and eve lik pl mccarey, h c have ge to anr door and maybe the would haet him in. i don'thinke fe he was crhi it. >> i dt y crashing. >>s kato crash pty u ret inviteto? he wasn't invited. went intot. >>ll, still tyou don't go t paresou'reot inted to. >> b >> it's a fourr wo ca rude, hod >> joann cshedarnd >>he dnk aot of -- >> whatever. e hafun. younk iokaygo in par a enjoursel g >> all rht 'm winut not b enough men. >> we ve a dble hum day
2:15 am
>> ce twoeter gu reylds is intg hugh jackman. his n the two actors get to come together f an intervie take a look. >> many acrs enjoy performin their own stunts. yes. >> do you all your own acting? if they're sex scenes, i them. >> yes. it'shere the craft i do you ever e? >> notince 28. >> gors. my next question he is from blake lively fm new york city, w york. he writes, hugh, iri calling you on the burner phone and you didn't answer. are we still meetingt the hotel this afternoon? i don't hah me because ryan's having a mani/pedi fr 3:00 to 4:00>>h. >>'metng mani/diro 3: t4:00. >> yes. super weird. >> wt, that he's having a mani/por tt blakwantto hook up?
2:16 am
g gwen stefa hasew s out called "m lik you." >> she crmed t jmyimmel night that the sonis abo blake.>> te lienndisten to e mus videolycs go it's getting hotour lips on lip i c believe it h good it could be didn't want toelievet bow to see thank god thank god that i found you now you've got misng you is >> is thatim? i ke.
2:17 am
>> >>hat e dounde >> hit iread ulusedo this. 's gtingardeto lve i your lips ony li yeah, le it. >> ian't believe i hogood icod be. di't wt elie it.but noyou're a i > joseph > joseph finesth us in the ki that move yo >> h was that? >> that move y oh, happy for them b i thin need to get a r lien, i love your vie. stic. i d see it. oh, my gosh,awer 'sraordinary6 >>e got a logoing on, don't you? >> just a bit. >> you'vt a lot the ho we're g to talk abouit in a little bit. >>an wsee lilel? >>h,e ha to e th littir why? >> w still waing. we nd eed etuette estion ease, foomas f
2:18 am
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he he has been a leading man in hollywood for more than 20 years anis well known for criticly acclaimed ptray of shakespeare in t film hakesp in love." my psonal fate, though, waluther. oh, my god! >> joseph fines is out with a biblic thriller called "risen" where heys a skeptic, foed to invtigate the disappearce of the body of jesushrist, refeed to as jest, frohi naresting place. t's justayhat his interview wi mary magdalene didn getim the answers he want. take a look >>
2:22 am
zealot bale wherdid you jesuit. >> he is right here. >>hat's brht. t alive again? open your heart and see. >> i see delusion. to keep a crusade ive. >> it' it's so compelling. congratulations. kevin olds w directed it, maificently. >> what are your thought you saw it. >> i get frustrated as a woman of faith bn a christian sie was years old. gefrustratedy bad production vals. when you'rtrying to tell story that could have pact, profou impact on people's lives. just make it great movie t >> ink w got the bal tween hol oducti value aest wi keveynosmihe mo andlso scpte ats t mped with. >> no, it's ry true.
2:23 am
at the same me y g the ma-up twcima prodon v and'thrst ofkind. id youit was go be like that >> had a sense it od. when i read the pt, it wasn't a bible movie. 30, said this isurni the sry of chri it's a d movie. erwe two takeaway force me. the lense sethe ory h the eyes of a nonbeliever. that's great for ale number of reasons. we go ons journey th this man. we know the end and whate's gog to encounter. we know at he'going go throug and t other tng is that mostilmshat pihetory christ enat tro, which isretty avy e to d. as aauenceber -- s a endi actual th equ we kinwe kinof kick off where "the ssion" left off d get toee e resurr. compelling, da n't wait forouo see it i can't w see it eith.whdid yoshoo? >>n maltd spn. pa of e succe of e fm
2:24 am
ee like youav been delired ttime itlsged.>> wyobelier gng i you' a clic, rht? am. a baptlic. re youf with that, myeligion or m thoughts. t is films a wonderful converti ofaith, if you wanto ll that away a huge lue in termsf one's ith. my psonafaitgoesan ouof focusll t tim >>a looffere in. wh we were readinghe int, you're in the chl jan movi that's bn out for a while? >> we it lastr. >> it's so fdi get attention ddly everyone is saying that you'rth guwhplays michl,ryone isnterested. s a 20-minsatirical medy. it's vy sweet. it's a ip, it's aumber of hours in a car wi michael, rlonnd and elizabeth taylor that supposedly true. supposey. 'sn urbanyth. lhtarted,aticalok at convsatis of t the he t car hat you ink t the
2:25 am
michael? did you t is thi >> i it's comple valid. there's a catio bead out of this. the main thing is, you know, when you'r yowho am i to play shakespearwho am i to plichaeljackn? >>r er? >> oluththers ithe ve counitthere's an urgt sensofullingthe reso imagina. that's wham king the audience t >>hat's wha isllbout, right? imaginati. >> jh, thank you so much. >> are asolute dht. >>hank you. lovely to be here. >> thank youo much for t betiful movi "risen" opens a theater near you. >> d't miss it. ftaic. he's music'sex big star and he's artist of the month.we'll ethawn hoo cgp after . ts. does yr carpet ever feelough and dirty
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>> he italented singer/songwriter, destined to be the nexstar. >> we wish we could tell you whate' lghg at anwe kw at bsee is elvi durasrtist o the month. >>ha hk is ready bring hi souul souereo a american audience
2:29 am
heart." it b up the charts. elvis, what ist, other tha his stunngly good boy looks. and th head of hair >> andhat hd of haiat girls, and guys,ill want trun eir hands through. >> he'cadian. love our frnds to the north. >> yes >> tha you. his song we'rplaying it here on z-100 in new york. caweorget about the music part for seco >> yes. >> he broke a guinns bk wordecord record by andi-ell the what ydid. >> i stood on an exercise ball fotheongest ti.>> how ng? >> tee hos. >> threeours, 16 minutes. he broke theecord.>> h did you even realize you could do that? short story. i grew up inana. i used to play hockey althe ti. >> canada fever. >> ias training to pla hkey ant coenh. i decitoreakhenness world record because i was fained by guinness world
2:30 am
>> long story short, i got regnized >> whedid you realize you could ng? hoold re y when you realiz youad a skill? >> my grandfather wn azing singer, and just looked up to m. the's a chrimas ias 4 ars d,itng at the campreith my l o ending i was sgi and aying it. i didneali i cou sing until highchl. didhe chicks diit? >> yeah! >> still do. you performed th elton john? >> id, yeah. in toronto. what? >> it was ary event. >> what was thate for you? >> it w sueal. the wle tim i was srstruck. hehooky ha whehe ce ofstag >> what d yongith m? >> i don't even remb the ng. >> wha i was hg we were ing to sing "tinyanr." i t know what was. was one of his assics. >> you totally blanked. >> you have to do "theitch is ba." that are song. >> t harmoes we so comple weid a full rehear >> wait until you hear h sing. >>e'reo exted.
2:31 am
tweeus, you guys. i'mtingour buns on is. >> i'm askg f your lp. . >> i on t secd ass.>> no. >> wai is it ok to crash a pay? the answer iyes. >> that you' not invited #hoda. >> i vedthee. >> of course you did, elvis. of course you did. come on w. rick springfas new muc to tell us abo. he brought h guita munch on t we're going to play "who knew" dediced t your favorite snacks after this.olayegist olerisrenews frowithin... plumping sur cells for amatic tnsformation thoue filrsur concert tee might show your age..ousk nerl.
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's itines day wednesday. we're rey to play our ivia game "who knew." sincfebruary is national snack food month -- didou know that? we thought it would be fun to st your knowledge about your favori munchies. hoda is across t street, causing all ki ocommotion at
2:35 am
00 to those who get the answs right. to those who d't get an en beer gift, one of her gned books. th me iselsalark, reporter for the "w york tis" fd ction. you'veeewith us many tes. nice to see you again. aryoready tolay? i want to get a snack first. >> i bnitting the popcorn over here hoda you'r . >> w d w heny snasoverhere whats your na? >> my nams ttie. >> w do ye in your nd? >> apty winela. >> w are yourom?>> nork. >>ere's ur quen. julichild waknown tove whck f g was it, goldfh ackers, b, ritzor, c, cez heez its[ buzz ] >> wai wai wait. >> she's wner. thes littlingsright? >> julia child loves to eat gold crackers and she wod servit with a reverse martini.
2:36 am
no. >> all vermouth, little gin floar. she would geter gs a little fuzzy before dneand then serve an incredible meal, starting with the shcker. >> hysterica shows ase o humor. okay, die. >>dorae faly. ere e yofr new yk. what's yo nam cnele. >> andou? ese. >> i love he we go, ki the mov "ghostbuer what snack food i use to elain psho psycho psycho pshonec energy? twinks. [ ding >> didn't somebody then use twinkie dee later on, that said it madehem crazy? >> they do makyou crazy. yocastop eating them he's a littl twink fun ct twinkies we originally fle with banana cre inste of vanilla cream. th whyhey banana-is i wou like .
2:37 am
ba shorte d they switched oanilla. >> that's interestg. hoda woman? >> i wan to show you real quick,omeby came all the way from h you're from hawaii? >> yes >> how far and we people come om. what's your name, sweetie? >> denise. >> wrere you from? >> tpahak, vnia. hee go. what snk food ds mascot rrent, doritos, cheetos or lay's potato chips? >> cheetos. >> yes, gi! >> wow. >> so far, of people kno their sn. >> iknow. all- well, is a good thing to know. cheetos, the flamingot flavor, my personal favoriteth was invented by a janitor who rked at theompa. not janitornymore >> i hope t. i ho that magot wellaid. ose are the best. beforet was ches the little mascot just w, the mascot was a mse. because, youno ce, mice. i dot know w they switched it.
2:38 am
through. >> we ve time one more. >> hi, what'your name? >> eri >> and kathy. >> here is your quti. re yeah. >> ts brand wathe t include prizesn ea box sold. ritz crackers,ritos orracker cks? raer jacks. >> yes! crker jacks, it is. >> everybo will have to go and buy your book, hoda. theyidn't n it tay. >> yes. >> available on amon. thank u souch. nice to see you. so grea see you guys. ome bacbecae ck springfield is going to tell us out his new music, rocket scnce. the he is, after this. increase spe, full thrtl ver intercom) ann, are u mi in? negave! ay otarget. what a youdog? artoo, tusters! they osing in! i' guard the base. foerfami t liar w
2:39 am
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dr of dawn and grease is gone,,,,,,,,,,, ou you kno tt wis jesss gi i wi d ss girl comeon,ou can't get eugh of it. fans havbeen singing alo sinc1981 hardo lieve. every word, >>ar 35 year with release his lbum td "roc science," out to propel hielf back ithe spotlit. we're so glad you came to see us. >> hello!
2:42 am
although they still play "jessie's girl." >> did you always know that was going to be your crown jewel? >>o, n at all. actuly i thought it was a good album track. i thought there were betr songs. >> not the single. h. and thaid, theadio staed playing actuly, itas back when djs would pick a song they liked. reco cpanies didn't pick i djs stard playing it. >> and peoe went crazy. they still do. >> phos lit up. >> oyour newecord what do yothink he song people wille singinalg to the most >>hink "t thty up." i n't know. i'm the last one to know, uly. we'rdoinfo of our songs in our live set now. "lht this party up" ge a greareacon>> younow, apeorme what your auenceoves are you sotimesurprised? >> yeaeah. ths a hardrack on it calledmi mayhem" that all the fans are going, ye, this
2:43 am
for thmoe "rikki and the flash." >> yeah. >> a they weookingor a song. and i id, well, i'm happ be in the moe but i'm so writer, so here. there's this. d it wast right. was tooind of rk 'n' roll for thicd a great song it jusdidn't speak from a n's perspective. >> you'r >> ye performing at this ih igood song. >>rt '80s part >> yeah,ht. ho do get to perform th? tears of ars,hich iev have seelive, was a big fan of in the '80s. >> yeah. >> billy idol, missing persons, culture club. >> wow! >> and- help mout. i havedd, so it'gone. >>l you play a ltle bit for usnd see if we can pk your songs?>> you won't know thisne. a new one. >> okay. >> i wan to he it, thoh.
2:44 am
>> gd beat. good beat. >> it worked onc >> whole new generation. eah. >>ouhod start every song with that. >> i'll starevery so wh that rif. is is ight tparty ." i'lle you a lile b of . that i wrote for the movieut kept f me. sometimes mlife fee like one long fall fr gce i cse my dreams and i wagetting weary from the cse i've he an angel's hand i've felt the devil's bite >> yeah. >> yeah. now take my regre and bn them down the future is looking bright let'sight it up we'll lighthis partup y raisth raise the party p, we light this party up give you a ks for luck, love the deepest cut we'll lig thiparty up >> yeah! whoo! that is fun.
2:45 am
>> there's 13 the main one and three bonus -- no one is happy with fe songside anymore. you've got to have 1 18 songs. eoe wa theironey's worth. >> it's a different platfo. ere's a best buy version that's only available bt buthat h the bonus tracks on it. >> really? cod u ay little "jessie's girl" justecause? >>o. >> ion't bme him. yes! >> wn'ha theor o the promer jessi jessie is a friend yeah inow 's been a good friend of mine but lately something's changed it ain't hard toefine got himsf a gi and iant to make her mine nd she's wching m with those eyes and she's loving him with that body i just knowt and he'soldi h in his arms late late at night you know i wish that i had
2:46 am
>> i wh that i hades's girl lillia is up next!
2:47 am
2:48 am
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2:50 am
causouers we me fo eas. ndrf >>nn >> ancer: the tioncert series on "today" is proud prested to you by ci. >> you he met elvis duran's st of the nt now he's he with his new . hughes th multi talented singer/songiter, n ok. >> this is shand "sod of yo heart." >> take ity,ey.
2:51 am
anshierace und presse myall myallf sel i was stoneweighing us do y were the gel ange chainedo the grovnd i miss the way you undress, i missou hd on m chest can't sphis blding, can't stop believing i'm missing the snd of your heart being aby i'm ove with you oh, and'm missing the soundf your hrt beati baby you we mine to lose, oh and i'm missing the sod of yr heart beating misng yisng you i'm missing the und of your hear ating missg you, missing you i'm missing the sounofour
2:52 am
baby comingaby m cong nowl counning baby i coming i'm coming say the wos baby i'll come rug ell baby i'm in lo wyo oh, ani'm missing the sounof yo heart beating aby you we mine to se o but i'msing thsod ofour heart beating o h, i'misng the sou i mig the sounof beaf atg i'm missinthe sod of your heart bting i'm missing the sound of your
2:53 am
you i'm miing thsod of your yoea bti beg,h i'm missi soun yr heart beating >> whoo! >> that was awesome. good job. >> bigbig career ahead, definily. that was awesom >> tnks,ve get nod with jewel at makes a stament a aooksor less. firsth is oday nbc.y, you forgot thmilk! that's lactaid. righ 1% real mk,just withoutheactose. youan drink all y want... ...with no discomfort? exactly. here, t some... m, iislk se dicioushoof bp! . rit here girl, boom
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and for a creamy and delicioeat, try lactaid ice cream y r made dece rind smo ded tve swihi
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,,,,,,,, lill lilliana? >> are you dressed? we're coming into your dreing
2:57 am
come on er. >> ts year it's all about welry that makes a stament. yes, a statement. it'sboersized, kind ahiteuralpire pieces. stting wcuff both of u wear cuffs. >> i le cuffs. you're wearing e right th is from whitly under $50. cebrit celebrities are loving ts onthred rp. r cuher.d fromobblr,hese are 8. i like it because you t have tstack a bunch of bralets. put onon, you're out theoor. readto go. you like these, next big d isenis about thetatent eaing. beyoncat gmmys looked liablewearing e big erzeearrgs.'s abouthe stateme earring nostatement neckce. eltris shong us how to we thi >> hello.>> tair she's wearing is only 9.99 from h m. we hava fun sotimes they get really heavy. these are lightweit plti and th the last trend is
2:58 am
so very big trd. em watson was weing this. i think ao t red cpe one side has t long eag. >> you neea little bitf tu for th. ou do ed a ltle attitude. shs sh she's showin a mode way too is. this paiof earrings ifr stella & dot too is tinho a the atchme.u aras a s or ch i and dthe mono. >>any people during the day are going to say to you do youeali that >> auch simpler way do it, from nordsomand under 0. veryute y. very diffent. >> this omhobop. >>hat's what ty' gng t nt at the end of thent. >>th is our wineot. iay ot crh a rty? looksikmy cup rneth over. ipes i'm winning t m not. uskath has cup a a ha. i want tthank evyone who
2:59 am
it's really nice. tomorrow ambush makeov. >> plus everyone has a story. >>t's a great one. rember to love. ner too for lov >> why are you saying that to me? tvnd mic y don't tois>>ve grees d wednesdabecatoow i thstthursday. >> as long as it's spanky tuesy. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field r all investors. there's always a bull mark sowhere. i prome to hp yofi it. ad money" starts n.y, i cramer. welcomtomamoney." other pele want to make fries. i'm just tryinto se u some money. my job isn't jt to entertain buto edutend me at-800-743-cc. or tweet me @jcrer.
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with the daining 257 points, s&p vating 1.65% and t nasdaq roaring 2.21% it's worth reering that good things can happento that sums up what's behi this. e first three-day winng streake have had in 2016. some of these developments are straightforward but perhaps epmeral like o surging t over $30 a barrel. others are less obvious if you are watching the stockarket. a loen behd thsces in the credimarkets which is why tot i nt to walkou through the hidden but bullish changes that helpethe market regaine mojo after what's been a thoroughly nightmish year for the bulls. fit we hav recognize ts market has been plued by a pair of stressed o stocks, free port mcmoran and cheseake, the two most visibleblack holes t there. chesapeake has $500 million in debt nexmonth. we hea they hired adviserso reorganize and perha fall on thatomb tting up bad chain


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