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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 18, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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with the daining 257 points, s&p vating 1.65% and t nasdaq roaring 2.21% it's worth reering that good things can happento that sums up what's behi this. e first three-day winng streake have had in 2016. some of these developments are straightforward but perhaps epmeral like o surging t over $30 a barrel. others are less obvious if you are watching the stockarket. a loen behd thsces in the credimarkets which is why tot i nt to walkou through the hidden but bullish changes that helpethe market regaine mojo after what's been a thoroughly nightmish year for the bulls. fit we hav recognize ts market has been plued by a pair of stressed o stocks, free port mcmoran and cheseake, the two most visibleblack holes t there. chesapeake has $500 million in debt nexmonth. we hea they hired adviserso reorganize and perha fall on thatomb tting up bad chain
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pay it outf cash on hand and e it line. also committed to paying $1 billn ebdue for next year perhaps outf asset sale they hav th have high quality aets. second freort sold a 13% stake in the copper to metal mini for $1 billion in cas at gives freeforth flexibilile to unld other assets to ruse the $ billion us debload. second black hole. momentarily filled. third positive, thhigh yield debt markeislagued by the decline inprint nd the telco company. sprint's onnnc a $4.4 4. of 2%f the mark cap. certainlthavneto decline in the company fortunes and bster ability
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ri at&t and t-mobile. the coon stockumped but it bout the cret side of the ledge er. i have to get it tough to you cause the stocmarket is often smallethan bond market wit comeso the direion overalof wt we are looking oil angas pipeline buness hasn cking pital ouof the markeleft and right. en you when youead that warrebuffet ught6.53 milon shares, pipene giant kindegan inc. in the open market bheartened. kiermorgan would slashhe dividend idember and is now the first the compaes to sestock bound above where it was when the dividend was it'seen deknelof most of thescoans. speaking of hedge fund that is give pipeline it is stocks a boost the ne that da tep's aloosaund picked up energy transferartnerlastuarter ter e stk broke down
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dangerous acquisition of wiiams cpanies. at made us feel mo sanguine, escially me since wewn a stin it actn owners the equity williams de is one of the big black holes out there. many feel the ete, thequity kind can'tffd to clo the trsaction and thefore hurt energy transfer partners, its drop down mastit partnership that tepper bought. they know about the securities. i rk with him at goldman sachs. he the best them.positive numbesix,e have come worri that thtake over gamis over. yesterday aplo group, sensing al value w $billion bifor adt. thatas declini f months on the les of homseri products. it's a pnent sho wit ort sellers, no loer t case. is on the hes the buy out of ol educationroup, th ow unirsy of phoen that was ano perma short f
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information technology produs and serviceskin to aet got a bid from ahinese company. it went t $29. not a bad ki start tm & a. i tect a pse. everyo is concerned abouthe giancopper pror and commody traderith $30 billion in dt. 37 ban i'that worried. nd the $8.45 bon crit line tolen re. ybe th thioppeis om or they are throwing good moneaftebad buit helps the black hole. buy ale ttleime. eit, olateany short sells ve been presng down onng but not carl icahn. the company will eort liquifienatural gas at price th is se excessive given the weak market for lng. the e ntractthat they
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the take. it helps that carl icahn is ooting after t shorts. ne, the iron ore markeis vallg oifor thworst declin down from $2 p ton to $40 r to ashe companies go nuts producing the stuff whilina, the natural buyer, is taking le by the mont these minersee be en gaugedn a bizarrover production sui pac ybe they weren't given tha o americans ich spent 4 llion on a brazilian iro reclassing is exiting the market. that will cause a boost, maybe an immediate boost in the price of the commodity which thatened the svency and brout metals down. cai tell you how mople i talk tover the last we that thoughtn chinese rket opened after tring in the neyear there would be ge decne. the chinese government has
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and cash starvedpaens are tapping it aggressivel maybe it has a pulse. not only didn't crash, it rallied. positive number 11. therare so many lowly stocks with no ho including groupon. e internet cpany that's been inreefall foages. we get a onewo punch of an earn ings rprise in a 5.6% skate taken by ali baba. group on has been one of the uglistocks is now up mor than 23%s year. anher perma short oid. it might ba bu coulbe nex 12 is g. we have en watching appl stocfall for ms. turns out onef the largt eholders, carl icahn sold 7 million ares of this no-brainer story leaving him with 45 milliosharbus sendg ill to the bkers. another owner apitself s he an appite for e
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billioin bondso buy re shares. e last two timespple came to the rket sto sred. maybe this is no difrent as we get closer to the iphone 7 thisck shruggeoff tim ok's resistance to t justi dements setting the right of privy 'suaranteed to custom e urts will de not coo not the fbi. w about numbery 13? threorganiti of the crit a csal fr bank. just when we wwriting em off we learned they wereelling stakes to allow pay aash dividend, a welcsign escily soon after th pledged to buy bk nds in the en market ma hge fds wehorting. none of the positive changes a lving problems. maybe they a jusbuyingime. the ly rl trend ishagood thin can and do happenn stressed out situas. when so nyood things happen the impa is enormous bse e sellers have had had a fie
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over stayeeir welcome. bottom line. i ed you to rememberhoever gets tooreedy whher are talking abouopmiicongsorhe last the bi days thpessimistic shorts lose money. never forget, lls make money, bears make money. but pigs ma in chig. mark thwolverine tion. looking at stock for the dividend, long-payindend. do youonsider it for lon term? if n, what stock wou you recommend when doing it folong term >>his is a 1 yielder. i'm not recommendingny fosl fuels. great that oil cup but i'm not going to recommendt.
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utilies. they are goi down no can'recommenthis enbridge withouknowg why the stock is yieldi 14. thateems little too high for me. it is ultimately a red flag. hoabout we go to curin pennsylvan. curt how are yo oo w abt u. listen, lo the show. thanks for taking my call. >> thank you. >> caller: i bought stz ter you feured it 2013. >> mhmm. >>alle >>ler: i'm loong to double my position. fantastic pick, by the w. thank y >> caller: kled . >> i'mooking to double my position.but th the.e. ratiand recent market upturnm wonding n is a odim or shoul or should i wait fnother pullack or more boxes on the checklist? >> well,o. i think this is the kind of
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remember, the strongest stocks are coumer pducts. thk it'sood. it h a nice pull bk of 13 points frothe high. i bless buying constellaon brands her lots of changes but they are just time yers. don't get too grdy. on "mad ney"onightdr the pan d get out of the river. i'm charng a course in the gold sector. then wt's the basis for the bounce? i will tell you if the move can continue. and what do steve jobs, spielberg and neil young have in coon? i will reveal e commonhread ahd. why t u stick with cramer?>> announcer: don't miss a second of ad money."fo @mcmer ontt. have a question? tweet amer#madeets. send jim an e-il to or give us a at 1-800-743-cnbc. ss sethi? he to
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life is unpredictable, so embrace i he and shoulders. li flake free for lif i have always been big believer in the idea that you should always owat least a ttle gold,ither actual llion,aybe through the e like the gld or ghuality one like randa tt'a
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metals a terrific insurance policy. you have hadal excellent retns rring barring e la cple has been inheog house going lo goinloweor doing nothing. that fin en stocks peorm wellou don't expect a pay off fm the insurance policy. lately after sg four and a half years in e wilderness gold is getting a lile energy back witthprecious met up yearo da wle the s&p is wn 5.7er theame period. th's the p off at a time when the globaeconomy habeen fill witunceaiin virtuay erothemmodit under the that beg it is question. can gold keep climbingr the run merely a tporary bounce? we need to fige it out which is why we are going to t counder of decarly trading and my colleague areal
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beeaded. the pric the ice gold broke down in 2012 to 2012 t2013. since then it's been directionless. after yes of doing nothing so manyig money manags who be heavilien oh gold guay up to move on. they lost interest. chk out the weekly chart of the actionn gold. ok? what wca aboutere is at the bottom. this is really importa. we have talked authi the commody trading commison's commitmt of traders port it's a usefue tool. tellg us how the major players are betting on the gold maet. they measure the activ all sorts of buyerand sellers but thlarge speculator category matters most. that'she green line which represents the big institutional money managers to termine the directn theiven market. by the time we get to gold's lows look this. it's no coincidence.
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long by mere 2000 futures contract. that's the lowest level weave seen since 2002. wean g we cano much furtherack when gold was trading bween 300 and 400 anunce. the big money managers had given up entirely on gold. since th the precious tal has been rallying and e large tegory increased net lonto a hured thousand futures contracts. seems a lot. by htorical standards it's low level. gardener wouldn't nsider this aggressive until it's in the 250,000 range. in short if the big boys want to bet on gold they have plenty of ney left on the sidelines which means the is a ton of fire power that could be used se the precious metal higher if icomes wn. before me charts it'worth pointingut the fundamentals have gotten more positive for
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we knojapan ansevel europeanationsut the overght lending rates belo ze. bank depositors are gettg negative interest s. you loseey lettingheash t in aank vault. that makes it re attractive. even in the united states the coentional whiz is that the federal ree will follow through to rai interes as many as four me this is ar to thinking we y only get a sing rate hi at most between beeen now and the end of 2016 the feminutes didn't disabe me of th enwh th camout. one reon the markets spiked mo. that's good for gold. now look at the more granular weekly chart of the shiny stuff. i know it s li it haa lot of things. we'll walk thrgh them. rner points t go has bn tradinin a tidy chan years. ery time we managed an upswing the rally has me down ton end where the pattern said it should. this can't connue indefinily. the price of gat last broke out above the long term ceiling of resisnce. it being contained. no. goes out. to garner that suggest it is path of let resistance is higher. just bse you thinkd is ady rally that doesn' it happe overnight the precio met is headed hier but she knows the asonal pressures tend to b beish for gold. seonal issues. given e size of the ray she said the markeneeds time. that's whyarner wouldn'te surprised toee a s puback in the price of gold bere buyers step back to the
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she beeves meurin measurg if it is over bought over sold and the important montum indicor are overheed, look how much they have spiked. okay? u can undersnd garne believes gold may need to experien a short-term ll back bore we get aong-term rally.
3:19 am
ago. you want to play gold the messagis simple. you missed the firsteg of the move but you will t a chance to buy it atow levels if you ju are patientnough wait fothe next b. is picre makes it clear that the precious malent up in a straight line pretty much. it's called a parabolic move. they are they are just not sustnable. garner thinks goldle is heed hier longer term. i'm not backing ay from that. ght now it's over bought a it need s to cool of she pots out this move tends to correct large. ughly 62 roughly 62%. in that case gold ll pull ck to the 50 level. that could be a good spot to starbuilng position. it go so 1100 or represents e up trend eablished sce the december lows she thinksou will get a sid floor of suort.
3:20 am
suppt at 1080. ese are g declines but gold has done nothing, thing, goes upmaybba to here onecause o went up so straight. perhaps you should wait fo weakness. again 's extremely bullish on gold. gold could make it up to 1500. even eountering resistance. heree going back tthe weekly chart. you can see whershe thinks it look howle small the bnce would be relative where it uld go cod go. up to 1430. he is the bottom line. e charts sugst golhas woken up from thslbeand the precus mal is isedo you aowerfulong term move higher. after gold's rally they can't last over the past two months she thinks we'll see sng and profit-taking befo the big mo higher continues which is why garner wants you to be patient and wa to buy it in weness.
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story. if you don't already he gold expo sure you may nt tget ready to build a position as it pulls back from thhioric parabolic parabolic move. more "d ney" ahead. does the positive action in the market feel like the image of my poor cat when itot hit by a an 18-weler? and some of my best investing ideas come from you, cramerica. tonight i willalk with the company i was first introduced to while dngwork for one of your call and a doctor thinks canceran be a manageable condition that u can live with definitely. it's n science-fiction hehinks it is the fure. just ahead.
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with rt touch-. so w >>so what does the terrific action meafor the mark in neral? are we bottoming? breaking out? t bounce? ththree-day rally, the strongest since the end of the dark ds of 2011 which is a rallel to thmarketas been extraoiny. it's final become all encompsing eept foe utilities. that's a sign of despeti andcession . let's contrast some of the other oups. the rails led this market down. they were the first to rol
3:25 am
they have beenn negativity. ver a good sign ven the car go they carry. th morning the chief fincial officer of giant railroad csx lked aut the firuarter. said he expected earn ings t decline siifantly. not only that said coa could go down in 2016. what a stuing design. how hardoes wrong. went . that's with the aggering, mo th ten-pnt gai union pacific. w out retail? nordstrom ports tomorrow. wow. wow to the fact that the stock has been cwing back to where it firstell after thlast quarter's truly horrendous earn ings report. maybe it w't matterer or it's over. walmart is up 8%or the year.
3:26 am
break out. we'll fi we'll find outhat th are doing tomorr. ybe won't matter. re's one that's acting wl sie the quarte honeywell. the ock up agnst assistan. it is close ing in on thhigh set last set last august just a pnt away. i can't stress how itant it is many indtr weren't rewarded no matterhat they have bn saying. now it's the opposite. g.e.le is fighting its way back fromhen it repte it's pois away. ean still haa high yief nearly 4%. it'snoer ddigit gainer earn ings matter. again, for the indtrials. consider the totally beleaguer avel a travel and leisure segment. nothing mod is dog to have a group. it was surrounded by gloom and doom the shortsaid thice with
3:27 am
line which reportea strong number with excellent billin th bes well for e future and finied up $125.t because they are benefittg from lower fue pric. ye you knew tt had to kick in.someroups never did quit. th stalledut.domino's never ceases to amaze. panera. mcdold's w the bt ofhe group and the st a playing h-up. e l oc are nhere nr anlevel of impor if you parpate in the secondaries ke haas which ld 25 milon shares at 3and oneeturaich sold 25 shes. hoimportanis ts?ilompaesd toaise we are goingo find outhen devin reported a weak quarter today and fid to sell a whopping 55 million shares after opping 5million esfter the close. perhaps if oil stays abo 31 e al mhtave taker. big data has been a big
3:28 am anddobe which are al are alinood shape yoare at morthan 1. plstocks seems to ha found itotg. m th mowdot ade , owit anit tndg gh. don't you wish you bought the so-cald quarters frodisney? i said buy at . buy more lower. finaly you have to love the coumer packaged good another block buster quart. om line. u cosay wi theeption theatter grouth a dead cat boues froan ove ld pition. that's the prevale view. i say we were inree fall and tho long the case. thato ng the case. that t that's the prevalentiew. i y we were in free a th's nloer t case. now we are trying toase the broar sector appl. that somethi tbuild on, a chge from the paf 2016. david in new mexico. david. >>alle love e ow.
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>> thaou. >> caller:ow, i member how we skeers d last summer before and aer the sit. y tnk tre ia chance this yr skechers get back into t 50s? i don't know. kneople ga up on t stk and was up much. e oc havrun and there isa hintf disappointmentyo get killed. i like schers.can go back to thmid 20s absolute. they havde you so much mon i don'think it will change. theyre gooat their busins. eric iillino, please. er >> jim, a lot talk abou panda beg abso.what's your take? >> i't le to recme stocksn a takever basis when e fundamta are okay. justka not my c of tea. m kentucky,lee. >> ws upji
3:30 am
first data oratio >> not wcare for that ch. wh as a disappointment fr the get-ego. the stock we like and my charity ust s a g position iis payp. th hadncrediblvenm numbers st night. th's the one. not firsdata. some arealling it a dead c bounce. think we are justifiab ner i loer in freeall d at's achange of pain of one of the worst ar ta year in memory. there is much more "mad money" ahead. big data changed taye work. cod chae e y weive? the top dosayst could be the answer to ling longer. and shares of lux ardown year to date. could ite a buying oprtunity? i havehe ceo andoucall rapid fire in the lightning round. stk with cramer. if you want to be a grt invest y have to know more an just indidual companies thgh that's the bedrock of
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than just indualompanies thgh tt's the bedrock of whatdo oad money." you ed to understand the cuttinedgends at c change waylooka host of industries like hlth care. ghnow we are witneing a quiet revolution in dicinenew tenogy opersonaled alarket ssibor to liver and althier livethanr befo. th is a ge transrmatio thatou have an erms efct on your day to y life which is why i breakinform . we havprominent onst d the he of usc'west side ernt cr anor ever books iludithe cky yes" and "thend of illness." azing reads. i knew abouthem before i k aboudr. usndividuaode you he. >> great to be he. >> my fami huge fans of ur books not just because the steve jobs boobut you ve hafamous pients.
3:35 am
are about. >> yeah.i tch people dief diase. thabout w gies in changing alth care.heal and fd are 30of the yet we t talk about it. >> wll do it now>>ll rig. we want to use metaphors of our own inhich inow you arfait >> yes. >> was an outbree. coli at chipotle a the cny coming back hard. enalulthisk the little chance getting coli poisoning versus what they peeive a nuralndan way void cancer. ue or fae? >> o foois not cessarilbetter. it is a l. lo at organic vers nonorganicad no outcome difference aall.that said,oc grown is great. therare differens e.
3:36 am
you n'put a label on this.locally growns aren'biengh for the organic level. real food is the >> you w to eat alood. >> and it's not just wyou t but en ifou graze, y silicon va company has food out all the time insulin diabetes ra goes. t yo meals at the same time every da eat real food is key. >> okay. same thing wh whole foods. nomo. no gmo. impoant not there is there is a host this that gmo t dev. >> it is a hriblword. theris n enoh food to go oundn thworld. you cat move the wheatields of nebraa to new yk city. havto use scice for g gmo is aut calories per re but ey forgot out health
3:37 am
good ether whr r maki food t gmos aren't t best. i belie ncy the s athe same me sy has do it right. >> how about the rna work mon santo is doing which is just gmo. >> they are l the same thing. they are manipuling things and 's the complex system. any ant, amal,nything eat is a complex syste are we. kingoo mh of anying is bad. when y changone g you change lot. we st now with zika vis. you n chhe mosquito e malekillheem. so they cat br then mositoso aw. remeermosqtos haved more tevy coinedut wh y get rid omosquitos u hurt frogs and thehings in nature. >> n leto back to less leheerl world.
3:38 am
urself, we titbit is al >>e are he qntified self rld. going to the doctor tock your bode, your bloo tests, stick ia needle and you come back a coup ds late o ll forhe rultsmakeno sens now u geyourbit data, blood prsu, have ahip d it c and comes sn to getour data ahome. the doctor's office is a place of iation rather than gathering da. movement over timequalhe. no questn out itwhat ty vet ne wl is engagement las for aonth or two. en we it in the awer. enga engement will longe hat's cot? da mean?
3:39 am
withhe apple wchyou t a taif y dn't ve memenov te tter d they data in arame wh can rcto it.that's the next getion. n't count thtechnologies ou ere ll be a new se ithem thehaveorility. >>heast thing to tk out at areroigatanthwa to analyze it. you ha beeable to put in excellent exceent op-ed, too. a spin on big data thanad ipsl ss. >> no question. there are aminstudies. if you have ovarian cancernd your blood pressurhas a beta blocr you live four years longer. urope th lood ow close you li to airrt. thcloserre the higr brain decline indicating the brneeds quiet me aght. in nework city yave to use ear plugs your ain s t time. big taill ben plosio everybodvis now as electronicedical records says th are a pain in the but et cetera.
3:40 am
>> excelle doctor, you are exciting. read your uf persoyou are even more intrigui iguing. wow, you've got it. wh can i say that's dr. david agus of the st side canc cente end of illness. these book you can read them very quick. i believe they wif you follow theengthen your life. "mad money" is back ter the break. and those who do should itch to geic because you cod save hundds ocasurance. ah, ect. valet parking. llo! here's theey and, uh, go easy on rid mate. hm, woul't mind some of th beef wlingto.. to see how much you save ocar insuranc go to. armous) itk! there'a moreoyabay tget fib ph' fir goummi plus energy support.
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and inudes bitamins to help converfood to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber,fr phiips'. ere's mong.. thers moving with mee ult it has triplaconupport for your cartile and nes. d unke t bigteo- flepill n e pl. veree ula.
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it i itme. s time f lightni round. on cmer's "m money." u y the namef e stoc i don'knowhe cal or the e stock ahead of time. i tellou whether tbuy or sell. when year th sound - [ buzzer ] then lightng rois ov. me for the lightning rnd on cramer's "mad ney." startiitmarsll in virginia. mahall >>alr: h, o-yah, jim ooah, rsha. caller: i would le tonow aboucarmax. >> i he toelu. weood at t scks they have gn riculo ove ld. botharmax d toion. i owhe numbers aret perfec i ve to come back the fact that ford and gmoo cheap. i'm warming up to the industry after it's overl how abbe in californ. ga? >> caller: capta cramer! >> how are y? >> cal i'mreat liououghts ohdp. >> yea yie. i n'like the news fr'sed awa weave tuation where the eld n beountedn.
3:44 am
>> cler: hi,im. how about gabe ica gabe? >> caller:aptain crame >> how a?>> calle'm great your thoughp. >> yeah. 8% yield. i don't like the news from ther th aed flag. stay awa havsituion wheris the yid beou o mike in flida. ke. >> caller: hi, jim. >> h mike. >> caller: the utilities s seems to bing well this year. 's ytake oameran water rks? >> very reliable and good. onlyyi haveeen inr th o toe .it's been o ho chs in floda, chris. >> caller: y, jim. lo the show. chs from branden, florida. my question abo clisl grp. starng to sell? you't sel he ipo mars upou will wish you had not sold carlle. blackstone. these haveeen horrendous don't wa to ve up on them
3:45 am
n in new york. don. >> caller:rofess cr? >> hi. >> caller:niversity erica. >> tnk y >> caller: i own blacke d carlis. love them th. but my question is aut lht wa wch fl ou b doing a heck of a lot tter. love tackagi and the prod>> look, hav tl yo i was st unned that it ntm 51 dn to 34. kept it r e charitable tst. geez, ybthis coulde just big mistake, but it wasn't. thstock isoingell. u kn what? i thk it igointo go gher. let's o jack in utah. >> caller: hey, jim.o-yah fromhe wast. stion isuniversa displacorp. >> tnk ts any dwe i know it vuerichly. but i think this is e gh
3:46 am
john in chig, jo. >>aller: hey, >> calr: hello? ou're onhn. >> c etd >>est the pipelines, the one i'm leaswoied ou i ll ble ibut i'm t crazy about the group. and th, ladies a gentlem, is conclusion of the ghtning rod. >> annou >> announcerthlightning
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with th mt of thearke roarg whointo worry
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haveeen hihard lely ha pisheenou? ke lxf at's aigend infoation techno techlogyerce provider that helped cents create custom softwarerograms tailored t thneeds including everytng om trading software from the banks tecthemesike big taed tcars e inrn of thgs. the stfellore than5% sincthe begiing of 2016 in pa bauf e sell o in thech and eyeporte st week and e arter was view as less thastla th msed rnngestimate byen cents the revenues came in lht as theyrew a fulou18clip ye oyear a lo weaess has to do with worrs at the pems with banks makes software from many financials. cld be sunderstandi the retionship. the stoc the stock is dn 30 pointfrom his, trading at 16 tes
3:50 am
despa ng term grth re whicmakee stk eap. is this ishis g misunderstood? t's ta cser loit the esident and ceo of l finde out the compan and it is headed. lce to "maney" . >> thank you, jim. >> i'm wderihether your mpansn'tn caught up the notion thaeverne w ying t yingoouch for evy sile software company a now they have decid to ju pay too littecause you have, intee ceeded everyoal you set whecame public? >> this is t i believxofts e ofthst e most misundersto stos. we fell tay onousins news when thwholmaet w growing. there was consuencof even but even but i sti really dot understa the reason for this business is strg ev ment is ere.
3:51 am
interestg development. i ve been ying today, by the way. >> you were buyi>> yeah. >> in the open marke you onally. n i ask how ch you bout? o. >> n all right thmp that implies a gdlamount, sir. sof things that enis w utsche bank may have, we very quicsay es business deutsche bank b they the ole the wholindustry iin a chand wod.all nks are going thugh
3:52 am
utsche i an ception. it is pr it is probably t most advanced in changing e buness and trying to surve. i.t. being the core of the busine. the main srce of innovat ment. have he enhe biggest supplier over there. so, again, change the nk our key mpence as long there ishange in air, l benet. >> you have en movg into big grow are like . what do you do f ford,or inance? >> sfar havbeen vy acti in the so-cd copit spac doinviga, conntivityhmi,ll kinds of hmi features from digital to itional moving io advanced driver assiant featur as well as features for automs driving. we see a lot of opportunities in under the hood space. going fod, the back and cloud service in the iusy. on a said over and over ain it is the finest cyber surity company. th wouldn't do busins with someone someone eyouldn'trust. whato u do for palo alto?
3:53 am
f the pviders currently, we e lots of opportunin so-called softre dined netrks. thrriersnd the entire dustry is grating from traditnal legacy type of seupo optimizing the costs and minihe transacon customer. cut back. t ur part of whathe banks spend, the parthey real either cat or aren' lowed tout off change theank. toda whast bks a doing, they rationalize e i.t. set inizing the systems th have toupport. to comply withal all of the and nuer thr is thwhole all that's a deep pke. pricis not aexception. ansformatial efford agn see aot o oprtunies. >> excellent. curr we sets of opportunity so-call softre defin networks. thcarrie and t ente inst imigrating fr tritio tradional lega type of set-up t t-up to optimi the cos and minimizing the transtion cost. >> i want to ccle back again.
3:54 am
a lot of pple banks have to cut back. isn't your part of what the banks spend, the pt they real either can't or aren't alwed to cut o? >> we haven imrtant part o ange the bank. day, what most banks are doin they rationalize thi.t. set upinimizg the systems they havto suprt. lated to repor, you kn, to comply withal all of e strds. and mber thr ithe whe >>e have an imrtant chge the bank. day, what most b are doing, t doing, they rationalize the i.t. seupimizing the syems and numb and number three is the whol digital noon. all of that's a deockets. price is n an exceptio theyave unrtakenhis anmational effort and again we see a l of oprtunies. >> excelle. i wa to thank itryoschin of loft holding which a vier askeabou thk the ocis a ltle bit too ea
3:55 am
>> thank very much. >> dyour homewor seems ke t stock is over sold and he's buying. stay with crer. > in the e there is ill a ma about o and thet that oil wabove 30 is coaging pele iluding some of the re bedraggled companies to get new sheholders. let's watch this devin piece of business. 55 million shares. if oil comes dand oe't holdou know it was aot o dead cat bg. i li to say the is always a bl >> do ur homework. ems like the stocks over ld ande'buying. stay with cramer. i takeictures of srises. it'sy job it's also my passion. but withback pain i uldn't sleep... so i couldn't get in me. en ioundlevem. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of ale. and now. i'm back. e fora better am. net? cougifou can heame.don't en tnk about i i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. ye...b whaabout mike? itorks on s it works on hicough o. mucix elves t dryco f2 urs.
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in t in the end there is still a market about oil andhe fact that oent abe is courinpeop inclung some of the re bedrale compieto get new
3:58 am
let's watcthis devin piece of busine. 55 million shares. if oil comes dowand it doesn't hold you know it was a lot of ad cat bouncing. > i likesay there always a bull marketomewhere. promise find it for you o "mad money." i'm jim crer. e yotomorr > it's 's thursday, february 18th and comin up on "early day," veloping overnight, president obamis about to do something no sitting president has done nce 1928. g to cuba but not evers hap about it. donald trump. >> he's bringing in a lot of new te thoorrs to the political pross d nouper packs.
3:59 am
dono i w describing berniesapd sanders. sanders. tt's good. >> raising security fes. plus nike drops boxing perstar ma paco over anti-gay commts. >>d look who is back on late nigh >> what is going on with the republicans? i watch these detes, tru attacks crcruz gs attac bush. memb whe the repcans re all united againsthe poor anthe nority said,ies, what haed? a water shed moment for col wa vals the sitng ameca psident will visit ba. president obama wi visit cuba in march as part of a latin-erican tour. t since caln coolage in
4:00 am
u.s. president been to havana. esident obama and president castro m castro mhis summer p. he said he was interested in viting ca before his presidency ends but onlyf there was significant improvements in civil liberties. well, national embassies have reopened in washington d.c. and havana. this week u.s. and cuban officials signed an agreement restoring scheduled airline service between the naons. anedruz and marco rubio, both ofuban descent, vocalized oosition to the pridt'tr, ving never to visit the island.


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