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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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vehicles actually drove for about 2 and a half years hauling hanging be and a 40 mileer hour gust ulip that truck over. but a 60 mile per hour gust, your best bet is to just stop d wait it out. visory signs alonghe adry sns along the interstate wilrn drivers about hi winds.. and uck drivers also communicate with each asell. wel continue to ack th latestondions and ing you any updas on air and online at koaa dot com. reporting live in corado springs, joawisenews the nuang project along the pueblo riverwalk underway ts week. lels lowered by feet reveal lers of gunk builup along the sideand ttom o the ibutary. for the anal cleaning, crews scp up all the fish and relocate them to the natural flowing arkansas -- then remove all the bris.
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ur weeks -- finiing up i time spring break. we're just trying to keep the shiny side up. that's kind of our mot here, so ts draining the channel is a big part of that shiny side up prram because when the water qualitis not there, it just impacts the entire experience down here. riverwalk stf also take e opportunitto check forreas that need improvents throughout all 3acs -- and fithingsgsike crumbling corete while the wer is out the way. if you see anything along the riverwalk that you think cld usme irovement, take a photo d send it he "historic arkansas rivwalkf pueblo" authory. we've got atnformation on our website,-o-a-a dot com. this morning.. e renovation and eansion of the pikes pe hciet nearly half way finished. we got an inde look at the more than million dollar project th wee updates ude a new adoption loy, whi is separad from
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making this quieter and less streful for e animals. theriso a new cat adopti area.. and a 46-hundred square foot adtion will incle separate receiving areas for cats and gs, plus larger and safer kes for court- animals. "we have raised $7.2 million for this pject, so we're only out a milln to go before we reach our ndraisg goal the project is being funded by dono. it started in october and old be finishebyhend of th year. many businesseuse facebook to get e word out about their product.. hover. legal marijuana dienries.. ca mart their oducts on faceb "mars medicinals" in denver eated a facebook page three years ago to showcase their prodts. sie then.. 20d leavfollowed e ge butasmont. fabook shuthemown ying these pes ageslate thcommy sts n- newsorhat least a
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ha alsbeen shut down. local lawmakers are working to create more jobs here in and today... there's a push to reauthorize a job training and employment programn r state to provide more than 3- thou js! the executivdirector of e colorado department of human services will be in colora springs today along with two particpants from the "hire prram". th'll be speakg out the success the program and how it will help our lal econo. it stas at 11-30 at th avenue. wer and traffion the 5s. chief morninmeteorogist stephen bowers is here now wit first alert 5. red flag warning is in effect for weather favorable fofires to start and behave erratically. today is not the day to do a outdoor burning, and remember to t thw out your cigarette tts. high pssure that has been to r west is filly shifting towa the east. this pattern shift also allows for a storolli i off ofhe pacic tmove oudirection. with t approh of that stor
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moisture o the pacific will bring rain and snow to the western slope and the high couny. clouds will flow into southeastern colorado. high wind will also beme an issue. hi wd warnings are ieffect for high elevations along and west of i-25. the wi will steadincrease th morning. by noon, wind will be the -30 mph nge and will be stronger than 30 mph with gus to over 60 mph after noon toy. e wind is mixing up the lower atmosphere and warmi the temperures ts morning. many of us were inhe 50s and 60s long bore the surose. ter a ld morning, record hiemperatures are not out of the questionhiternoon. expect highs near 69 degrees around coloro springs and 78 degrees arou pueblo. lower 80s are likely for p
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news fivis yme of the olympics in rio de janeiro this ye... and honor of the 31stmer olympic games is year... thmoney museum in colorado springs is holding a special exhibit on ancient olympic coins. it includes rare greek coins thatreround 26-hundred years old and her memoraa from ancient olympic games. but noall of the exhibit pieces are from that long ago. other objes helto stra the s of the olympics are all about, the gentry,the athleticisome, and just the amazing thgs that go on that are associated with e games. others exhibit pieces include 1936 berlin summer olympics
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and even more recent... medals from the 1996 and 20 olympics. thexhibit ll run until march 20. a lot of peoe think you' azy at first and you're probably... probably right." the hills of woodlanpark are buzzg this time of year... with the sound of icracing.. dnesday... news five sptsade the up higay 24... catch racers digging into slick shee of ice... and soar arounfroz turns. for the brave enough ttake part, it an andrine rushke none othe taking a favote motorsport and bringing it onto the st something to do in the ddle of winter. it's a lot diffent than beg t onirt,ither you're on ba tires and you have no aconr you'ren sts d yohave me aconha you'vever had before. racing nats reacng speeds past0 miles an hour... ridersay youave to respect e spt to make it out unrt...
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coming up. hackers score a huge pay day after taking over a los angeles hospital.. why officials had no choice but to give in to their demands. plus.. the wolargest auto maker is recalling more th a milliovehicle north erica..
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car...fter the break in your healthy family this morning.... the univeristy of coloras partgroundbreaking research -- thatill pride future guidelines for treating type 2iabetes. ne-5's aie sne spoke wh corado sings participant about what this mes fohim -- andventlly othepeoplecross the nation withhe same diagnosis. 17:04 the carehat i get.. it cutti edge, it's comprehensive and ot just going to help colorado nativstephen craig.. 11:20 wh all is said and done -- i can say i help them determe which drug was the best combo witmetformin.. to heldiabetics the air rce veteran tells me he w diaosed in 2012 -- and was put on "tformin" -- typically the first line of treat.. ovtiatnts --luding stephen -- need addtional mecations for blood sugar ntro . nedaasouli 2:25 the purpose of grade studis to ndut what combination of
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pats of type two diabetes and can matain glycemic control folonger period of time dr. rasouli is principal veigatoror the stu she says right now -there' not enough data to knowhat combinioworkthe best.. a drug is randomly lect for each participant.. 105 i'm on a drug called lantus and that's an injeib.. otheparticipants m be on a dierent jectivble drug.. maybnon-insulin -- maybe it's a pill form and after a year -- his a1 level -- the marker for doctors to see his blood sugar -- has droppesignicantl. from a 7 point 8 --- to 6 point 45 which iprediabetic leve score 7: that'great contr is paen by more thanne p reductn a1c know at we are decreasi the risk of fure complitions of diabetes by out 30 perce in th case. ich is great! great for hen --- and eventually pients acro the naon... dr.
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changer -- it's going tohangthe guidelines.. it's going tprovide informiofor entireommunity of physian provideand tehem to tre diabetes.. so thats how important it thanks, annie paicipants will be monited for the next five years.. and they are sll looking f moreeople -- to nd out more informion and you might qualify.. we'll have a link with this story.. justead to.. koaa dot com. a los angelehospital pays thousands of dolrs to hackers to its computesystems ba up and running. hollywood esbytean medical center handeover about 17-thousand dollarworth of bitcoins, a form of internet currency. staff started noticing a problem mostwo weeks ago. malware had locked access to certain systems and s preventing electroc counications. adminirato deced the quickest way to get back up and running was p theransom"
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the f-b-i is investigating. ather and trfic on the 5s. chmorning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with rst alt 5. a red flag warning is in effect for weher favorable for res start a behave eatically. today isot tay to dony outdoor burning, and remember to t throout your cigarette butts. high pressure that has been to our west is finally shifting wa theast. this pattern shift also allows r storm stem rolling in offf the pacific to moven our direion. with the approachf thattorm system a steady stream of moisture off the pacificill bring rain and snow to the western slope and the high country. clouds will ownto ut colorado. hi wind will alsbecome an
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hi wind warnings are in effect for higher elevations along an o25. thwind will steadily increase this morng. noon, wind will be inhe 15-30 mph range and will be stronger tha30 mph with sts to over 60 mph after noon day. the wind imixing up the lower atmosphe and wming t temperatures this morning. many of us were in the 50snd 60s long beforthe rose. tea mi morning, rerd ghpetuar not ou the question this afternoon. expect hhsear 69 degrees around colorado spriand 78 degrees around pueblo. wer 80s e likely for parts
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topping youronsumer watch... it's nnal drink wine d ne consumptioehave some health benits -- modate drinkersave lor risks fo liver disease, type two
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and some cance. wine can also reducebad" chesterol -- or l-d-l -- and increase "good" h-l esterol. turnout e day also ational crab-stuffed funde day, so aficionados can celebrate both at the same meal. taking live look iwashingt d-c. where the fcwi vote today on a proposal to leconsumers swap pric cab box for cheaper web devices and ps. it wouldet customers get video services from the likes of google, apple and tivo, instead set-top boxes from cae and satelle providers. arly all consumers musnow get their xes from tir cable companies, and pay an averagof231 a year to lease e devices. comcast has offered anpogy ong with customers impacted by monday's service tage. around 8:20 a.m. our time on monday... on demand video, as well as broadcast, local and ble tv channels were inaccessible for about 90
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one spokeswoman says customers wi recei a credit for a day's worth of video service, whicshe esd be around 2-dollars. credits will vardepending on how stomers we impacted. new this morning... toyota m corp announces a recall of one-point-three million "rav's" in north amer.. due to the possibilityf seatbes beg damad by a metal seat frame part in event of crash. the recall involves models produced betweenuly 2005 and august 2014... the automaker will be adding resin covers to the tal seat cushion ames to prevent any mepieces from cutting the seatbelt in the event of a crash, after it received two reports in which reaseatbelts paratefollowing crashes. coming up... america's national parks are becoming very populavacation stinations
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tethe plus.. wee pectina major announcement from the white house this morning.. one that could meahistory in the ki.
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looking ahon this wednesda rnin.. we a expecting a fmal announme this morning... thatntma plans to visit cuba next month. the historic trip to t communist land nation will be part of a tour through latin america. ... and comes after the president foally re- oped ti wh cuba in 20-14, ending more than 50 years of tensns. the last sitting u-s president to visituba was calvin coolid in -28. new numbers show more people visited national parsites in 2015 than ever before. parks acrosshe count hosted a record breaking 3-hundred-7- million vits. of the 59 sites officially classifieds national parks set new records for vits las year. the mo popular st great smokmountains, with more than 10-million vits. the grand canyon hosted - million visitors in 2015while
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motains saw more than four-milon touris. in august, the nionapa rvices will celebrate its ceenal annivsary chk th out.. some amazing video here from auralia --hereumbleweeds hawampedhe town of wangaratta. it's summertime down und, and dry conditions have led to a huge amounts of tumblewe. in some places, weedve piled as high as the roof tops. thty cncil won't help with e cleap because it's n coidered a firri. t takingare of the problem on their own is leaving loca residentexte ey've cknamed e stra tumbleweed thaausing thetroue "hairy panic." locals suspect it is cinom a nebyield tt faeras
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weather anaffic onhe 5 chief morninteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alt 5. a red ag warning iin eecfor weather vorable for fires totart behave erratically. tois nothe day to ny outdoor burning, and remember to not throw out your cigarette butts. high pressure th has been to our west is finally shifti toward the east. is pattern shift alsallows for a storsystemolli in off of the pacif to move in our direction. wi t approach of thastorm system a steady stream moistu o the pacif will bring rain and snow to the
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clds will flow int southeastern colorado. high wind ll ao become an issue. high wind warnings are in fect for gher etions alonand west of i-25. the wind will eadily incree this mor by noon, wind ll be in the 15-30 h nge anwill be stnger than 30 mph with gust over 60 mph aootoy. the nd is mixing up the lor atmosprend warming the temperatur this mornin many ous were in t0s and 60s lo be sun rose. teld morning, record tempetureare not ouofhe questth afternoon. exct hhs near 69 degrees around coradrings and 78 deees around pueblo. lower 80s e likely forarts
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ase goo brea.. 's a live look fe "eagle nt"t il rest...
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but conditio shod stl be great in the hh country this weend.. if you're ad up...
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know in r ws-5 ski rept... ome ck at 6-30... gave yothe first ert about today's d fl warng ryndio and strong s-- hareat danrouse weat our area. day's weathe- alsoris rs.
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colora springs-- joanna- sty nd could be exemely daerous for truck ivs. good morning.. today is one of those day ere you might ha to holdn to your st wheel little ghter. and many truck drivers might have to pull over if the wind gusts get too harsh. we ske with a training instructor athe us school of truck driving just south of fountain, and he says the number one nger is roll-overs. many times truck drirs will experience stronwinds as they'rpaing rough sohern lorado. pecily iwalsenburg if that's the case, the vid to waiitut until its fet iving agai sometimes, the interstate will even shut down for high il cles. if get hit ba sudden cross wind and if you're not prepared for it, it can rl you over. 60 mile an hour wind will flip a tractor trailer over nproblem soever
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tetate wl warnrive out gh win. uck drivers will also mmunicatwith eacother as to whacondions are looking 'll continue to track the latest conditions and bring you any updates on a andnline at koaa dot com. reporting live in colorado springs, joanna wisenews 5. thanks joanna... the longnt woman wse unborn baby wasutrom her womb during a s attack... isestig nse spec yesterday... michelle wilkins tk the stand, giving emotional testimony aut losing h baby. she was 7 mont preant at the me... and says she was resnding to a craigslist ad for infant clothes, when it happened. "i looked down and you know, i just saw this really big cut across mstomach" "he said that she dn't mak it" e spect.. .dynel lane...
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ted murder and unlawful terminatn of a pregnancy. we'll continue to track this trial for you. as it devels. owg up now: on a story we first broughyou last yea a dog caught on mera, being thwn dn,... hit and kicky ow 've leard "seth einbecker" has been charged with an cruelty d has received a 12- nth deferred sentee. he also to take anger manament claes. enbecker wasced to surrender "levi"--who d not suffer any injuries, to the gion. family. ght now... the el paso county sheri's office... is lkingorelp trking down a robbery suspect they released this svelliance oto of the suspect. he's desibed awhite male, wearing a ack hooded sweatshrit andandana over rt of his fe. investigators say he had handgun... and mandash from the clerk at t loaf and jug alonthe thursday. if youan hel..
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new information this morng.. no charges for a jefrson ty man who shot and killed a spected robber in his home. following up for you... ce say the homeo pd ad on craigslist.. showed up at his home pretendi to answ that ad on january th... when they er- powered him and ti him up.. that homeowner got free... bed his gun an opened fi.. 38 year old david mainez was killed the did not y ether the homeownewastified unr corado's "makeday law"... t sa crinal charges are nowarranted... weather and traffic onhe 5s. chief morning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. a red flag warning is effect r weather favorable fofis to startnd
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todais not t day to any outdoor rnin and rember to not throw t ur cigarette butts. high preure th h bn to r st is finally ifting tordhe east. this pattern shift ao allows for a storsystem rolling off of e pacific to move in our direion. with the proach of th storm
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moisture off the pacif will bring ra and snow to the western slope d the gh country. cloudsill flow io southetern lorado. gh winwi also become an issue. high wd warnings are in effeor hier elevations along and west of i-25. the wind will eadily ireas this morning.
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,, now it's time to get to this we'skiept. with news five meteorologist carlee hoffman.. s gusty winds ansunshine to start the weekend if youre headed to the slopes... and plty of pack pder for yo skiing enjoyment ..snow fall totals from the week me in 10 ines of new snow for loveland..copper. .and keyone .breckridge manad to pic a few me in with 14 total forhe last week ..looking ahead loveland and keystone will have sunny skies on friday and highs in the upper 30's's and lower 40's but winds wl beusti
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op a bit on saturday lovelan bumild in the 's in keystone and those sunny skies stick around and the wds will rela. but thenncreased cud cover ovnighll bring the chae for snow sunday ......similar conditions at both breckridge and copper mountains withigh the 30's and 40's and breezy friday then ld on saturday with mostly y ies with increasi cloudsaturday night and the chance for snow on sundayremember you can always t the latest ski conditonsesher ski resorts on ouwebsite at koam back to u thanks carlee. as ale continuesushes back agait urt r to help ian f-bnvtigation now a rival tech comny coming to thr dense.. us... the coicted boston marathon bomber is making demands from his prison cell in florence.. we'll have more that..
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taking a live lookhis morning fr t west coast... stl waiting for e sun over there... dnesday... otesters gathered outside the apple store in san fransco show suprt e techpany new information this morning.. google c-e-o "sundar pichai"as come outsupport of a... sayi the federal authoties dends would botage digital
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americans. apple has five dayespond to a court order... requirinthe company tosst the f-b-wi unlocking an i-phone used by accud terrorist "syed farook" in last year's shooting in n bernadrino. apple c-e-o "tim coo is challeing thater... saying it could endaerhone pricy f hundreds of millions of law- abiding citize arounthe world.... and set a dangerous precedent. the department of juste maintains the reest would only have an impact on one device, and that they are not aski apple to redesign its uct or to create a new backdoor to one of t prts. from hisrison cell in the federal supermax prision in floreence-- bostonarathon bomber "dzhokhar tsarnaev"s asking for new lawyers to handle his appeals case. tsarnaev'sawyers filed a motion yesterdaysking the court to replace mt of the lawyerwhfended him durg s trial...
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attorney from coloro. tsarnaev's motion specifical asks to apint atey "gail johnson" from boulder to the case. arnaev was sentenced tdeath foth20 bbi tt kill threpeople a injed me an 2 your eltionatch... another "town hall" of repuican candidates is scheduled for tot last night-- senat cruz, senator marco rubio and ben carsquaredff. tonighs town hl features donald trump, jeb shnd john kasich. this morning a sprising new development in t race for president...a new nbc poll shows ted cruz as e blican frontrunner tionally... ahd of dald trum the llws cruz sitting 28-pernt. and trump o percen.. llowed by marco ruo at 17 percen and fothe democrats... d ws f hilla cnton... a new cnpoll findser virtually tied with bernie sanders in nevada th only
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caus. meanwh.. nator marco rubio picks up the st ced endorsement in the south carolirimary. he now has the bng o haley. vernor haley had been heily lobbied by the republican eld for her dorsement.. though she had long made it clear donald trump woun't get her pport. but with jusree days to the g-o-p primary.. thsecondergorn made her choiceith bio. ather d affic on the 5s. ief mog meteorog stephen wers is re now with first alert 5. a red ag warning is inffect for weather favorable for fires to start a behave erratically. today is nothe day to do any outdooburng, a remember to not throw out your cigarette butts. high pressure that has been to r we is finally ifting toward the east. this pattern shift also allows for a stm stem roinin off of the pacific to moven our diction. with theroach of that storm system steady stream of
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brinrain andnow to the weern slope and the hi country. ouds will flow int southeasrn wio men issue. high wind waings are in fect for higher elevatis alonand st of i-. the wind will steadily increase this mning. by noon, wind will be in the -30 mph rae and will be stronger than mph with gusts to ove60 mph aft noon today. the wi is xing up the lower mospre aarmi t teerures this rning. many ous were in t 50s and 60s long befe the sun rose. after mild morning, record high temperatures are not of the question this afternoon. expect highs near 69 degrees aroundolorado springs and 78 degrees around puebl lowe80s arlikely for parts
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saor whoboarthe uss arizona duringhe aack on arl haor is rehing out.. asking his country to honor the man who saved his life nearly 75 yes ago. dostratton lives in lorado springs today. he w one of six n rescued by a sailor from the uss vestal whh was docked next to therizo that sailor, j george, hea rope to the de of the arizona to low the men get across to safety. stratton didn't learn george's until decadesater. deite efforts to get george awarded, the navy has consistently declined cause of a lack of properumentati. "the ctainnd the admir both reid the medal of honor and e captn on thel reived the mal of honor posthumous. so, i don't understand the
6:47 am
the rattons are rainmone send the seven main survivs of the ussna ck thaii in december for the 75th anniversary theylan to keepushing for cognition fojoe george. alright, we will be ght ba with ather look at your local adlines withhe five things plus..
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almost 7:he are the tkn before you go. as we've been reporting... its a red flag warning day -- as dry it and strong winds-- ha created the potential for grass fires in our area. be careful on the roads toda.. truck drivers will be experienng strong winds as they're passing through southern colorado. cially in the lsenrgarea that's the case, theye advised tot out until its safe to start driving ain. the elaso county sheriff's office. wants your help in tracking down a bbery suspect. he's describeds a white male, wearing a blk oded swtshrit adana ovepart of his face. investigats say he h a handgun... and demaed cash from thelerk at the loaf jug alone 69-hundr b of galley, last thursday. if you can help... call the el paso county shf'office. c-donow sa it will take
6:52 am
normal on the western slope. after thassive rockslide earlieis week.. monday's slide left rocks the size osmall rs on the rit now... a 24 mile stretch remas closed. ews are trying to t it partially reopened sometime today,uthe is exnsive damage tguardrls, barriers road itself. today at1:30 athe hat for humanity on wahsatch avenue... a push to reauthorize a job training and employment program in o state to prove more than 3-thoand jobs! the ecutive directorf the colorado deptment ofum rves will be in colora springs today along with two participts frothe "rehire program". they'll be speaking about the ccs of program a how it will help our local economy toght at the broadmoor world arena-- a taste of a huge event in denverhis weekend. colorado college's hockey team will face off against denver unveity. new five will be thereive at the world arenfor e game
6:53 am
th high-lites coming up onwsive at ten. and on saturday... the tes willeeagain at coors field in the first outor college hoey game in state history... weather and trfic on the 5 ief morning meologist stephen bo is re nh fit alert a red flagarning is in effect for weher favoble for fires to sta abehave erratically. today is not the dayo any ouoorning, and remembeto not throw out your cigarette butts. high pressure thatas been to r wests finally ifting towardhe east. th pattern shift also allows r a stm system rolling in off of the pacico move in our ren. th the appach of thast system a steady st of moisture t pificil brinrand snow to the westerslope d high cotry. clouds wilflow int utastern colorado. highinwillbeme an issu high wind waings in effect for higher elevations alonand st of i-25. nd will stdi increase is morning. by noon, winwi the
6:54 am
stronger than 30 mph with gusts tover 60 mph afteroon today. the wind imixi up lower atmosphere andarming the temperatures this morng. many of us were in the 50snd 60s long bore the sun rose. after a mild morng, record high temperatures are not out of the question this afternoon. exct highsear 69 degrees around colorado spngand 78 degrees around pueblo.
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st connected witk-o-a-dot
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we'll be back with your local ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> good morning. breaking overnight the white house expected to announce todaythsint obama will head to cuba next month, the first ameran president to go t nearly 90 s. aisricrip being met with prai a criticism. gchge? ead ofon trump in new nationalpo. the sounds you'reeang is the soundf screams cing from shingt, >> this morning w trump says he is not buying those results. >> slippery slope? ech w lin
6:59 am
get t company toack into the iphone o this sanernardin shooter. the epic battle overprinciple, privacy and ptecting america. an speakingout. why the sisteof nole brown simpsonsurew o.j. sison mini ss a one st i rticul todayhursday, february 2016. >> frombc news this i "toy"wi matt lauernd savanna guthrie le from io 1 a in rockler plaza. >> aoo mog. welcome totoday." i'm savannah guthrie. we have wlie in for matthis ek lot o pple are talking abt the new poll. and i it holds up it is a real shift in the race. >> aot of eyebrows raised >> 28 for t cruzovingo first pce over dond trum
7:00 am
wh is told by man other natialolls where truad a bi lead. >> we have a new poll for south rolina tlk out. ou t sryenoba plsoralo cat month. ron allens onhite hse dy this morng. good morng to you. >> reporr: the wteouse is expect t aou t prident'sri to cub sometime later today. it has bnusve yr since mr. obaaide would begin normalizing reti many criticsre saying it is mu too soon to reward t castro regime a senior administrionic tellg nbnews that president ama wl visit cuban march markg the fir tim in years a sitting president wl vit cu. >> these 50 yrs havehown isolation hasot woed. it is timeor a new approach. >> reporter: warming relatns


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