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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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portt? a chi was born! to theworld! >>well, this child was born many, many, many decadesnd national wine >> you know h many twes i t a national wine day? what d people thk? e were shooting a tngn e strt the other day, a a troe bynd tses leanutndy,"where's m ne?" >>lmt as a spay tuda almosts big.ifou saw theai new toda ec out t daily news comn. it gives great dcription o spanky esday. worth a read. wre following up on yestery,andom as of kindnessda and y shareourstories. man said while s was grocith herrying , a chier hande a gift telhe e, e wante y to ve this. and she said i gue the figure could use nd. it w gly appreciate he payor se o her er tria sd seone oea r lling her lite gi the
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th sool year sohe womffer to raugh t like this. >>m act of once ao-woer on off to co for h bi leer andsw >> weon'tear abo them engh. at's why we lik to dothis. this is a littl girl discussin rbrp. >>erame isquick. shes vy li d she wand t b upit herbod,he worriedbout h shehould do it. ke aook at t it thith moth. >> i think'm toong to have a end. itlikeeooks s y. i dot nt break his hrt heoo shay. >> wns wh you?>> yes. he likes m a i don't
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>> what areouoingo do? i gss'llustlhim. 'she only thing i do.i guess'l just tell h's time to break up. >> so do remember howldou were when you had y first boyfriend? >> yeah, i in -- i t i was in sth gre. >> s's 5. he's 5 yea ol >> ygohow outyo>> wl,tast myfend, but it s m firruas on a g- wsis na? i'llhinkf it moment. theerellycu de phif,ohn e and cck kennedalhr ohemth se me. lktyou! yonowhas nn >> what
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>> ll,hr gs ihohoht reteere you? i thi i was in fourth o fift ade.>>ounohasfu i ju hing memorymyarentsere sup strict remeer beit virnia beach and tre whisoy heer ae bh sna r toan il n fgett li, ieltke, you kno -- myts were ve- told yober rictnd remem himind putting h hd mine. and you cout f l your hundi. i k i w probably -- >> ibeow i srt when y tchne hoda. >> wor hea fttsou remeerit it so weir >> wt was his na? >> ion't rbeis mei rememre-- we aayntaco e se beac i mber lkingorhim.dwa jt ttsu. y w tt y nt - y wan tov urlfeodawon,ou gi u cal righ. aprently -- we,his reg. weerekibo adele yeerday andhat it mus have felt like when eas sinng and had t audio oblem. >>headhe audise. she was o the "eenshow" i inor tirst t i and shepened u abouthat
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so te a look. >> t sound check was grt, reallywell. i waseally cited. and thening the changeover, the microphone fell ono e piano strings wch is what the guitar noise was. some people thoughtt wa bieber rehearng, but it wasn't him. we were onreat terms. >>ould youell when you were singin heart heard it straightaw. in therehearsal, we're going to double mike the piano in case one doesn't work. and i wanted to turn arod and froze. ictuallyhoughtt wentwell. inhe room, they actually sorted t problem and i'm alwa a b pityanyway. so i wasn't parcularly --t's emotio was embarrasd. pele were saying wstill ve don rry. an i was saying, i don't ask you you stillove me. i was embarrassed. >> d you feel bad the nt y? >> i criedretty much all d yestda >> s you cried fr own song.
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really well. if it were a standup rformanc always cry. id you wan to start ov? >>ext time i have any sou issues,'mng to othe bye. ah, yeah. the bane of yr exien you're a . on person colr le it's the s y. >> iidn't i coulde hermore. she'sreal she s h frighthich makes her. of . 'tt ing?all t sinrs like carley simoad isha somethi see in field? inte t e up learn out are thoave ttenr if hav stage fright you make it to the p wher adyws nam >>ri remember son cod who is an i b teied of au he went otherway. d doesn
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you know. >> a rhoda?" you tried sta c stall any mo. someti you notice,kath draws thing oe d have to g thisway. >> get madme for n ling wan --ha i id we're talkingbong a sier. i was a singer for 40 years of my life. anou just have a standard that you care about. >> righ >> i'm not going toretend to li thisuso make everybody happy. >> okay! thgr ni bradberry i a country sing a she has furedut how to combi count and r it't gon be py y won'tt cing it's like curball y y'reng just fine
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ards the endone you're jeadeo th nd zone >>et me bre down for the ct t' allotta saybo that yeah you've g to take de >> i getit, g . i likedt wn it s asong d't le it when it goesra >>no, don' di. i dot. >> a y re i'm re. you canisten to us oiu xm channel10 we don't kw why youould, b aprentlyou do. and y can fd hodhe ever mday and wednesday at 2:00 aryoutill lovin at>> iooveat's aotf n. an f anyon who i stening. i dot kn i anye do. ty d't do ringsver there so you hav no id. >> unless y a for a ll. at wn'meay shocke ouy, hey,all in --nd en you go, my go, peoe are listing. pele ll.
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every time i use this together, it fke.. .lvi the deist of. crest . 6x cleanin 6x whitening i uld swit to crest over what i was using before. nowt there are hundreds and hundreds of places to go t be entertained,e thought we would help yourowow the focus. >> s we have what not t miss e next cou weeks on the allcreenr big screen like on your phone or computer >> he is "entertainment weekly" writerim stack. >> you should be cd loveable. people call you stackabl >> lytly my famil but ah. people do,actually , you'ackabl d i, ok y're also snacble. >> oh, lord. >> i'tnowha that -- >> ri let's get ard. weav a hdful o things you
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"fulrhouse"s number onen ur st.>> "fuller hoe" is hhly anticited, theeturn of this clasc sco from th 0 and it's t tner mily. they move back in. is a mother now. she's idownd moves b in childhood home with as i say it and herld best friend, and the oginalt res. dave, johstamos,i nd. ri is o youhow tomorrow s is >> but evee isy exd. 's sort theameld thing. obviousl tlsen twins not ins e. s ofetn to form. and i thinke loves this so much. and s is highly anticipated. >> you think i to be a g hit.t will do really x. so this hits on all o th>> this isomet parents can watch wit their kids. >>ye totally.amily . >> tflix.>> all gh talk about hjackma ou boyfri
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lled y gle" c text iday it'se sry aboowe' ngliman whoarticipad 18olpi, and was an wind ofne, not acy anathlete. ut a phenomen. t's crmg and reay cute and kinof mily-feny, ase from one en >> franknd d -- hte t la-night olympicsac i 1988. >>wow! >> andhe bsled -he maicabsd. so those are the stori, becaust wasowarm >>yeah. >>t wa unbievably wa. haly a snow, butddhe eagle was quite the phomen. etalk ca >> chris rock is t hthi year >> b hsotroin oor su. >> hs not droing ouople put l of pssen mecause of th oar diversityin >> hxpsses dersi by ing the.
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able to comme ontte honely and fm a perl ace. and i think it'just -- hs s interestin andorovove greatcomean. but 'll ther inionad. >>pinionated a "the renant revenant" has huge buzz, and br la f"room" will defitely n. brelafrom "rm." daail perform. carr washinon e weekend i peorming. hissong edd rmayne. lof pele >> blindpothot andit's ba. blind spo i sortf t ggt sho othe yr a it wil back. it bee on since novemr d. foreve itik thanksgiving. so it ll come ck, and ere's gng to be me st of youow,ecreevealed out jamie alexder's character, herattoos obvisl --
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>> like aoad map to herst. >> aards." >> "cards," sean four. is is o oth shows i he to r. it le gting gerent secrs,mposbl o ything. butt's cg u fts ur season. theye addingun of new chacrs"the killing"nd "suicide ua" seon three ended wh cire leaving anand so tsilort of see the faou soy, hoda. >> yeah, thank lot. >> frank? >> i mean, heo. >> just coupl o secos. t tina fey's new vie."whiskey tgo fox trot" out a wom w goeo afghistan, based on a book about a true sryf thi woman who actually do is i thi a come? ledredy. 'smec. and evething i beyonce.
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ng o in e nex few eks. wh? yes! lrhty !>> formation. >> rmation. >> thankyou, guys. alrighty, then! , baby, re gonovetbobb is buzzing abou >> new gr that's fun tional for the littl ones. >> oh! hi there! oh, lookt beforehe could be a nation, there toe ople willing to fight ft, to take on the world's greatt challenges, atever themight be. so, e u. army masters not only tactics and strategy, t al phycs and chemistry. weake battle plans and crea brethroughs - in medice, science d enneerg. our next missionould be anything.
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>> a herie'sname, anea. >> wha you t,d? >> this is all about someaby love. have recently discoveredhe wonderful worldf foo tt ge stac at m s thiis a brand-new highhairro f mo.i wonre whyast someby nehi bere. th t top hs trying to get toheowl is auay magnet ba. and wat th,ys. >> oh.>> the bl sta t.>> yh. >>oh, my gosh! >> aou can just- h.idehe ty bac on a it snap in ac t ao ces off. an gs inthe dishwasr to wash -- can push the bow ofo flisac at me touan - >> is- t games over buy. >> so s,ouanatw. >> wt's that? >> andf youlready he a hi chair you ve, ey peasyhat isho of ath wayo keepverythin t. you' nice tha tag is divg into chri buthisatig her isamazing.
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> i case y didt kwit, it'shirs sday and w ar readyhe b revl of our ambush makeov. two lucky ladies whoere primpe and pamper courtes today" contribor a stylis to the star luis licariria la la.>> all aro fashion niecet at, jill martin. >>hi, guys. >> how was it outhere toy? >> it was good. i think a lit more mild. when the weather is more mild, we have more ppl takrom whh ish mor fu >> andou g to semore themecausehey' not cered up
10:29 am
bost, maachuses. pam wor as an accountant so business clothes. toy iser last day of vaca and i reago hom wi arand-n look let's tak listeno her ory. >> thi week, it's oliand sydney's bihd. huay! bu thisifts for why do you wantad f r? he hast h shinghis nice f ahilend i thit woulbe good for a meover a a new look. sh derves it. are you ready for us to do whever w want >> i guess so. all right,ki.i seeba dad, i s da sydynd oliv. theyonee you, ho. >>exactly. keepour blindfolds on fo a minute. here's pamela bere. all right, mela. les seehe newyou! a ght, gang ke off yr blindfolds. take a look. wow! >> everye -- >> areou ready?
10:30 am
ta alook. >>ohygoi love the hair! almost exaly like- >>oh,wow. autil. >>our husnd >> oh, my god!>>k rht there. your husband is crng. >> david. the you go. vid, a okay? >> y kw wt ilove? i love this. look atavid for onesecond. david, what do you think? autiful. gorgeo >> tnk y >> is, the color is spot on, like the daughters. >> eryow a then, you get cky, hoda. what i did here is obviously -- she hadighligs on her hair. e i srting t ltle bit gray. hapns t all of us. >> ah. >> bing her hair loo hy. he ski even paler. and tperol rks. th i - vessaaircut
10:31 am
simple, bau she has gre textur jillth outfits ll i love winter white. yououldear wte whin the nter. white house, bla market and look at e asymmeical s. >> i love that! >> kids, what do u guysthk? >> she looks amazing. >> she is tifu >> aw >> big round of appuse for pamela. enjoy yourfamily ee >> o second lady is kauffman 45 from commerce, chigan alsa works as a speech pathologist ands here vacation with her family before o gla squ had a handle her, she had nev colod her hair. >> wow! >> let's listen to her story. the is little excitement in here, becauseou really wanted this. tell us why. >> i so excitedo behere. my family ist the hotel. i got up at 5:00 a.m. to get here a'm ready. >> ay soe asked thisrlie aruoi to t uso whatever we want? >> um -- wter you wa. >> good girl!
10:32 am
>> she's herit her husnd larry and daughter shelby and emily. >> everybody g out of bed. gl youe here. >> lk at alyssa bore and brinut alyssa kauffn! >> alyssa! >> woo! >> wow. oh, yeah. what a nice - all righ are u guys read >> beful. ake off your blindfolds! >> oh, my d! >>whoa! >> well? >> where's mywife? w! >> oh, my god. i can't bee it. >> you look awese. >> beaufu>> >> wow, i can't believe it. >> sn rig around and look at camera 12 please. >> alyssa,he whole thing , luis i don't wear makeup, don't do myhair, never color it, barelyut it. so i wted to keep i close to me. i made harmer around the sa shade. it will grow outf she wan t
10:33 am
i'll give her formula to te with he anita did very naturalmakeup. a soft, simpl haircut by vanessa. >> lkt the family.>>nd wha did y put herin? market. i love this fauxeather blaser. great mixg and mching eces.>> so lightweight and waable. you can wash it >>etring other our -- pamela come on out,weetie >>anessand everybo backstag twoeople w prove i n too late for love. >> you're going to love ts story. >> can wait. >> nic job, ladies! next,on thfierhut nek.i'm so sorry, myove. wh darling? you e much morthhis. w kihen aid mixer uld n i ow d tvas seen bettays. atane do? we could go to and get low monty paymts on over half a millioit
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10:38 am
lindsay wrote us about her nderful grandmother, phylli >> sheeny mared her high scho clate, nathan workma t's listen tolindsay's letter to . >> last year whe year of the wedding for me. oyfriend and i attended four. afterwar w joked we had official svived wedding season. but, boy, were we wr >> 85 a . how aweme is that iate november while at a family birthday dinner, my granotr's 85eaold yfriend nate cnked on his glas andnnounchey were tying the knot. just thr weeks later, i was back at another weing. thistime, for my best friend, olsous happenso bey grandmother. mybby. ioioak aoa to u. >> as is customar i ge a spch a t everyone aut how iet my bubby a myir anhe was instantlyrazy about .growing up, was fte to ve close byo my bes frnd. a teenager, i learned tha
10:39 am
my bestriend had started exchanging e-mailsith a boy named nate, whom she had rely reconnectedith at her 50-year high school reunio my bb has had a case of the school-girl giggles ever since. i didn't think it was possie for my gramother t become even more beautil. but nat has cast the most magnific lht that snes through her smile and sparks in her eyes. whehe best friensually closes the toaith some weddg advice, i decided instead to end with a quote that symbolized their le and0 of friendship. a goodarriage is where both peop feel theare getting the beer end of the deal and i a confident tt my beautiful bes friend and her handsome gom are bh comin o otop in their marriage who wldave thoughtthe fifthding would attend in 2015ould be th most memorable? we never get tired of stori like this.
10:40 am
here arehe newlyweds, pllis and nate ang with phyllis' granddaughter, lindsay. >> how is married life? >> wonderful, right? >> you guysike it? >> nate -- >> a lot offun. >> you do? >> nate, were you nervous proposing? i didt propose. we just d it. >> whao you mean? how d tha happen? >> takes anning don't they? >> we were at my boyfriend's birthday dinner. fishe eating o cak and he stood up in the middle of e restrant and tped o his gls, and myoyfrie was li oh tt's so , he's into say hap birthdato me. and he said, "we're g married!" >> and phyllis, what did you think? >> and she saide are. >> so you discussed it. >> yeah. >> the care over >> oh, on t car ride over. >> some of the best t in life are that spontaneous,t? >> had been dating for t years. >> and thought it woulnever
10:41 am
>> and y guysn'tave wedd song atour wedding? is that right? >> that'righ >> we h aweddg?>> you'r about top one. don' goywhere. we have a speal lov sg itteusor t two of u, okay? >> and it's going to be pomd t tony ard winning vioria ark, rhtfter is. mm mmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, m mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mm, mmmm mmmm. t.
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>> we we are just back with our newest eveone has a story honorees. lindsey and grandmother phyll d phlis' husnd nate >> they just married but stl need a wedding songo davirin and wrote one just for y al 's called "it's never too late for love" and here to song for us, onef the greats on
10:47 am
we all grow olders yea go by and wonderave we had our finahance to looin our lover's es again tolush and feel alive ain tool anoer closegain an dance a romance well it'ever t late for love never t late to find wha we've been dreamg of ove never goe out of fashion love never runs out of passion no it's never neveroo l
10:48 am
well grow grayers years go by youthful beauty fad away e long for t years we had beforendonder wt we're ling for longing for that sometng more someday by i say it's never too lat for love nev too late to nd what we've been dreaming of love never goes out o fashion ve never runs out of passion n it's never never too late folove so open you heart open our your eyes it'sloser tn you
10:49 am
around the corner around the bend sometimes you'l find it right tre in a friend a friend who will love you forever so remember to never say ver it's never t late for love never too late to find wha we've been dreaming o love never goes of fasonlove never runs out of passion no no it never even if it' enor t'
10:50 am
for love >> >> yetiful! congratuti other surprise eautif!
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
today we are honorin a very special family newly ods, nate and phyllis here with their granddaughter, lindsay. they wer just treated to a spial broadw song. dad friedma andavid wild fr llywood. >> wt y guys thi of the song? >> wonderful. >> wel iwas outstanding! >> you know what i noticed, na, you wereooking at phyllis the whole time.
10:54 am
>> that's what i do. >>hat's what a man in le does, rit! >> you have yredding song now, all right? >> yeah! >> your life is complete >> everybody should havee. everybody should. weant to keep the celebration going, okay? we know youuysre going to head bac to massachusett so barra nch's fgship restaurant ireing you three to a special dinner. >> wo >> and there'sre. nd the renown bosn sympho ohestra wld l inte the thr ofou to a performance o your choice throughout their ason. so you'll have a beautiful dinner and a nht t. >> a beautiful night out in boston. >> w! >> terrific. >> does tt sound od? >> thank you so much. thank you, guys. and if you'vell been moved by this at home, remember, we wt to tyour story too. go on our website, tell us your ory and we'll be happy to write a song for you too. >> how awesome is she? i'm bwn aw. hello?
10:55 am
>> cin , what are you doing? >> new album cam out. >> grea great. vid? >> films in hollywood. >> and victor, what you are you doing, ba? >> i have aonceoming up with the beautifulst. >> morrow, lori loughlin here to join us >> and the guysm flipp
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
[cheers and applause] ray... >> rachael! >> announcer: katie lowesl stop at nothing to guard the sets of "scanl's" season nale. >> i love my job. i le my job >> announc: then chicken pot pie. >> rhael: ce on. nno t keri batt it ou only one will take the cake a "wedding in a week" continues. now,re you ready for rachael! [cheers and applause] >> rachaelguys, this is our extended ly. if y are just catching up with us week, w ahrowin
10:59 am
rl, brittney said yes tohis guy, hu. [cheers applause] >> r: hunr and his whole falyheirriends rlly kind o did a nasty trick on u se brine tught we we a getng together becausenter,n't h lln 17years, she saw this gadget on our show this esightthing,iracle glas tt c resto esight, in se case youaw it on ourshow,thyou comin here so heee you, wch he can.>>t abom. e wle thing.>> rachael: he could see her, ooh,he's hot, bter p a ring on it. >> he did. >> rachael:yre
11:00 am
[cers and alause]>>achael: this all hinged o r sayin yes. we nevon a showike th, no one has ever done it ion,t istupidhat if s had said no. they are a beautifulcole.they' aon o surpres in store for them. if missed this week,ere is catcup udy up rand ca? >>uh-huh >> nes bttib i liven louisiana, ie been dating hunter for 2-1/2 years and eove of my lif has stargardt disee. >> t waytargardt affects u, the middl of my eye is a bi b al i can see through is my peer visn the i n cu the disease. >> tre is aamera that will be o hunter'snose, tha will caure the world aroun nter. just snap, okay, i'll move out of thewa


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