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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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seen more ees knocked down....and lot of garge cans blownver ane contents taken away by gust. coloradrings bill folsom news 5 a live look now om cado springs. oud flag warnings in effect for a f me ho... lead forecaster mike danie gave us the first alert ons fire wch. he joins us now inhe weather center. reflag warng ciu until 8pm for most of southe colodo. gh wind, low humdty and dry fuelcrea vy high fire danger. a high wd warntil om el pasoounty south to w mexico gusts from 55 to 75 mp possible currt wind speeds all over the viewing ar. windwith blowing dust tonight, sunshine witmuch lighter win
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we are seeg record breaking teerates tonight. meteolt carlee hoffman joins us now with a lookt the conditions..arle gusty windof coursa huge player in todays weather story but we have so had record eaki heat ched nhighs early on durinthe day
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afternoonothe downsloping warming winds not completely uncoonhis time of year but some years prove to bearmer than other today we hit hhs in the 70's and 80's aco t rion.. anin the springst was back in 2004 that the record was set at 66 degrs pueblo though hasn'seen tperatures this warm onhis day since the 's --1986 to be act where the reco was set at 73 deges and today we shattered by fa with a higof other areas in of alamosa lorado it's thait ually fls like are thamuch clor to summereportingcolorameorologist carloffman news 5 this wind was al blowing tumbleweeds ck inttown. iloucrews were driving down i-25, they found ose pesktuleweeds moving acrs
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fences on the east side of-2 between lsenburg and colorado city were inundated with the weeds. the pileept growing with each gust of wind. e stronginds aefinitely creating diffilt driveor trucdrivers. here's a new picture into our newsroom oa semi blown over on i-25, south walnburg,..wh ch temporarily shut wn that stretch of norund lanes. it's now back open. thstate patrol is warning all drivs to u caution if re onhe roads tonight. ws 5's lena howland joins us live in pulo county---and lena you spoke with some ivers who braved the contions toda. many of ese drivers tell me they could feel theitrucks aying back and for on the highways even here at the colorado city st stop -- we've seen several truc stop here today just to catch a break from t win further south of town near walsenbu, we found theind
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at least a dozen semi trucks were pulled over there elier th aernoon because of the wind. not willing to risit, some even fhed thr dres for e day there. wepoke with one driverowing a mole home more than 80 feet long and he sayse pulled over as soon as he felt theind start to to sway his load. sot robert baay truck driver :12 "it's real windy it's dangers out ere for e publ and f e load so fety is our first concern and we just ed to shut down in windsike this signs l the wawn i soh toew mexicbord were lit up warning driversbout the hi wind adviryn fect for high profile vehicles. coming up night at 6, we'll hear from other drivers who have been dodgingemi trucks a day! live in colorado cy, len
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deve tonht e structure s bued after a grass fi in weld county in northern colad this was the scene today on weld county road en county roads 128 an130. deputies and fire crews are stilon scene working to contain the flames. no word tonight on how muc grass burn---of if t are any inriesa high wind-watch remains effector weld county througho the eve. now to kansas---where firerews are battling this massive grass re itrked on e kans, miouri border earlr today.the fire h destroy at least two bas---and several acres are scorched. most of kansas is alsonder a red flag warning tonig. we spo with the colorado springs fire chief today about the potentiafire danger. he says there e things we can all do to prent grs fires from starting up. first---don't throw cigarettes outside of your car ndow or onto theround and d y type of outdoor rn
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temperatesndh winds-- e reanger leve high. sie a d flag warning is in effect, the fi department has more cren nd andhere's an iree in rpoe level. our team gavu the first eroday's redg warnings. we'll keep updated on tonight's condns both on-air and online at koaa-dotom jesus is off the lt. when students at holmes mi schoolere asked to choose a religious or politic figure to stud part of aearch project, they were prevent from selecng the central figure in chrinity. the hiory project alled the "nightf notables." an original list of names pridedo the students incled jesus, but admitors teluso ny studen wanted choose m fotheir bject that teach to remove hifrom the li here's why. if there'sot of ffert students who want to be sa character they want them to have e expeence olearning about mebody new and they nt to ve a lot of dirsity inhe nit t notables to me surekiet tchooll different types of character thughout history."
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reallyarul and roping f jesus just because of hi popularity you could see the same thing occurring with otheoral figur now it wod perctly fe ifhe school said we waiversity of topics a so the first the studentsanigup to dojesus" thnighofles esentation will ta place ne wednesy at thechoo righnocolorado spr policare investigatg a bomb thrt rimm emescho it hpeneste 100 this morng poli s they didn'tind exosives---buthe schl was on slt in placwhile ey vestigated no word onhasparked the re. thcolorado deptmenof human services director sited thhabitani's "re- storn colorado springs thisorni.. the storparticipates in "re-hiread,...a
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re-he participtsreir by lal business .. and paid through a subsidy f the fit ree months on the job.. but many who go rough the ram.. get red on fultime. think therogram works best because itiv youo opportunittoake money and at the time sh what you ha a what you can do a have employers getited about hangou work for them." e estore" in colorado springw permenantly employs ve peoe who they found througthe re-hire program. it's held over a thousand pele get jobs statide.. bufundinfor thogram suetth year.the legislure wi nsid exten it. still ahead tonig's hethy family. it's childres de hlth nth. we'll leu know when doctors think children should starceg prl hygeine. and the st pson you'd ink to be inlved in the race f the ite uskes a ab a one of the candidates... t first here's mike in first
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,,, together to member a flen coach. how the school is honoring his
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developing tight. comments from pope francis have ignited a firestm ofdebaten the ce for the white house. e heading ck fros trip to mexico...he pontiff said th dald trump's electi promis b a wall along ths.-mo border to epougal immigrtsis refl of ristian vaes. trump sa while he is ul o thpo,.he cald hi comments "disgraceful"
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y,..which s large evangelical voting bloc. president obamwill do something a u-s pridhasn done i nearly 90 ar is making trip to cuba. the whe use says president obama and the firslady will trav to ban mah 21st and 22nd. oba says he plans to meet with ou that are advocating for change in cu the obama administration rmallypened ties wh cu 201and trav restrictns have easeever since. happeng no c-dot crews are sill repring stre of i---e aftea mae roslide,.a y reest a federadisaer aration. this is w it looks in glenod cany...wre e road aarriar heavy damagefromda rockslide. is afternoon,...they said they will ne-open that sttcof i-70 untatday at t earlburepairs will much nger. rit now, theost esti to reir the dame, between o d five mil dolls. thster declaration would
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feds. viewer video of water blowing over the pblo dam. a ok from mes ur aa. is s en swiy to sttuan is lifting h creating strong west wind. areas blong dust ll continue tonight with high fire nger. cordighs tay 73 radopringsndin pueblo. rrent teeratures all ove sohern colorado... reflag war continu f our area with ry high fire daer. a high wind warnincontinue unl 5am for the areas e sh.
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the stronger winds will be fod inhe higher elatio west of i5. gh tratus morr wil be a little oler th mucss wind. winds tomorr only from 1to 20 mph. high tperatures in the 50's, 60's and 70's. high tomorrow 64. saturd. much cr air sundit creang clo te monday inotuesday a few showers possible. back to dry wa air next thursday. pueblo high tomorrow 71. 68 on saturday with n. much cooler sundayith dry skies. a light showerosble late
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dry skies wednesay and thursday. canon city and woodland park, less wind tomorrow with mild temperatures. satuay will be the warmest day of the weekend with dry skies. a feshows possleonday into tuesday eecially er the higher elevations tellerounty.
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there's a big valry game betwn coradolege and d-u tonigh we have a prevw---right after
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colorado college and d-u facing off tonight in colorado rings, the first of two isweek..itthe big finale' outdoors and under the ligs at coors field. for tonight thgh, theye at the wod ena. e tigersannot ford to t ahead of tmselves.both tse gam ainst d are must-wins foc-c the playof are othe horizo it nsecret the tigerhave hathstrugglethis year, but sie comingack winter break....c-c has been playg bettermore consisten hockey and picking up spee at the right time. which makes ese next two gam against u all the re portt...t coachandand s pls , not going to beasy. a team that'got a prty potent oensive teaand thinwe he toat ay from them and really play a great defensive pe of game. we dislike t gs up tre just amuch as they diske us. it's kind ofor bragging rights across t state and sanytime you get to play them in front of your fs,t's going toig inteit
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loss against the pioneers....they'll be looking f some revenge on home ice tight. we wl be at the game---have a li rept nd al caon newst 10 a reflag warning remains in effect f a few more hos tonight.
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coio, right aftethe and in tonight'sour healthy ly.... the amicanental asciation has designated febary as ildren's dental health month.. to raise awarness r both kids antheir pares about the nefi of ginning proper oral hygeine at a young ag. experts say that inclus teachinghildren how to brush their teeth, developing
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andiusng the dangers of some d. it agoim bri kids in to the oic-- justo show them that tre's nothing to be scared of. 24:3 bri in their chd even if theye not a regular patient -- as early as thr.. puthem in thchair d let them be the dentist fothe da. count thr teeth.. and that fir vit lets them ow tre's really nothing to worry abouwh they co. kids typically starto lose their "by et around age 6 --nd typically have tir permanent te age 12. for more health stories... just head to "yourealthy" tonight at six. mo parts of southern colorado e una refl waing. strong contito cse problems across our area. oute is live---keeping an eye on t trouble-spots. first here's mike in first alert 5. a highind warming continues unl 5astrong wind sts from
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20'snd 30's. fr wilbetly sunny an mild withighs in the0's, 60's and 70's. windill berom the south at 10 to 20 mph. thanks watchnews five at fi. we'll e yoba rigere after n-b-c ghtly news, next. and your local ns always on
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velopi news tonight. the pe versus trump. shock waves as pope ancis ig into e race for pridy he said do trumis not a christian. trump fes ck, blasting the pop as sgful > it's getting uy as rubio and cruz trade accuon of dir tr. and clinton and nders fight nit in vegas. suen impact. a terrifying chopper cras caught on tapeear pel harbor. breang news from hawaii. held hge, hospital hacked. its computerfrozen, forced to pay ransom to gain back control. and a rning it could happen to you. and hidden risk. when en medsnd exercise won't ler th stubb choles
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need to get riof to brinit wn. "nightly n begins right now. announcer: from nbc news world hearters in new yo ts is " ws wit >>go eni of poishi u. pridential nde, in se donaltrp over s immigration plan. ump quickly fired ba it ban when pope fr returning home from his trip to mexico took a about trump's pledge touild a bder wall. that trumis not a itas a high-lel rebuke to say let. but ue tfo, tris ntuthher ee nbc's katyurashe deils. >> mr. tmp, the po made a statement abouyou. >> reporter: donald trump proving tay ts no tng o too cr f his poticaire. >> hacd i'not a goodhrisan or somethin unbelievable.
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out at t head o the catholic church after pope was asked about trump's plan f a border wall between the u.s. a mexico. a person who only thinks about building walls wherever they may , and t ilng bridis t rin, h told repoers. just hours earlier, the pontiff was ing along the mexin side of that ver border but while the pope wouldn't say who cathics should ve for, donald trump ared that his hoss should hope it's h. >> if and when vacan is ta bisis, whh as eryonenows is isis' ultite trop, i n promise you that the popeld have ly wished and ayhat dona tr wod have been pr >> rorter: another day, ill no clear bren s suppt. >> thi hhas to the pope coming at him. >> donald trp is christian,s is the pope >> rorter: south rona is known foits regiouvoting ock, bnly 13% of republican prima


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