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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 18, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ ee [ cheers and appuse ] >> ste: fromtage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring mmfallon." nigh jn jimmy and his guests - vince ughn. ryan seacrt. musical guest, dead & compan and aturing the legendy roots ew >> questlove: 420 saint garcia. >> steve: and now, here he is,
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[ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, i feel the love! los angeles! [ cheers and applause ] i feelhe love. wee. welcome tothe toniow." is is it. [ cheersnd applae ] you made it. you're here. what a crowd. ank you so much. welcome. thank you for havi me here in yo city. i rely areciatit. ank u souch. weome the show, everydy. here is what everybody is talking abou i saw that popfrancis scolded a crowd in mexo this week ter people excit to touch him accidentally made him fall. [ light laughter ] even the devil was like, "oh u l meed unow." [ laughter ] the pope mad. did you see -- sing ofhe pope, when asked about
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that people who build was are not rist [ chrs ]and dona andonald said, of course i'm a chian. you know how ny carpenters named jesus i have working f me? laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] do youave any idea? [ plause ] during a cnn town hall last night, tedruz was talking out how mu he likes singing d even treated the crowd ta a litt stevie nder. check it out. >> you know, iust calledo say loveou. i justalleto say i care. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: wow. even ste even stevie wond was like, "even know that dude is ite." [ laughter ] [ eers andpplause ] st cled -- very rstitious. very superstitious.
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laughter ] applause ] i guess all of t candidates are doing whatever they can to std t. ev jeb bush recently switched from weang g twearing coacts. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: ye. some le him better with glasse other people like him th contac. but, there's aot of different looks that jeb has that we n't evennow about. differenversions of jeb sh. here, llat i an. gesh acts bh glasses contactsush lighughter h in bush in the crow bushitsistce bush ithe stan bush with trump bush this punk [ lit lauger ] bush bush bush bush push it bush b >> jimmy: there you go. [ chrsnd applause ] ere's many looks. i just called to say
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boogie on reggae woman [ light laughter ] over on the democratic side, bernieanders is getting support of stunts at hiary clinton'almaater, wellsly college. yeah. so now hillary clinton is ying tget the support of bernie'slma mater, jurasic rk. [ laughter ] [ applau ] they're gog at it. >> steve: yeah -- >> jimmy: it's getng serious. this is not good. ikea is g accused of evading er $1 billion in taxes. prosecors actually been after ea f years. they'vjust been having a hard time putting their cas togeth. [ light ughter ] [ eers andpplaus] finally nally target is in a little trouble for selling some n "star wa thaparents ook a littleinapprrie. t know. u see whatou guys think.
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some "star wars" toys that look a little bit adult. [ ght laughter ] the "star wars" pool ts are osed to dive characters. [ light laughter ] [ applau ] >> jimmy: i think the rce has akened yeah. [ laht ] ch andla] we ha eashow, everybody! give iup for the rts. [ cheers a applae ] [ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> j: thank u veryuch, everybody. great crowd. it's been great week so far and thers more ahead! torrow night wve got bryan cranston, demi lovato, and music from grammy winner the weekend. that's tomorrow and thank you notes! >> steve: ah. >> jimmythat's tomorrow. but firse ve a fun, fun show tonight! normally he is here an actor but tonight we a going to talk to him about the multiple prects he's producing. my man, nce vaughn is here cheersndpplause ] great actor. funn funny humaneing. vie ani are gointo fe
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called "box of lies." [ cheers a applause ] plus, he's one of the busiest men in tevision, we're going to tk about the farewell season of "american idol," ryan seacrest will be dropping in! [ chee and applause ] and, this is so good, so exciting here. th just announced the dates for their big summer tour which wi kick off, oh, geteady, it is reallyood. it's gonna kick off in jun here f tir first-evetv performance is dd & company! [ chee andpplause ] ey are fantastic! the grateful dand john may. john mer. [ chrs and applause ] john meyerne of the greatest guitaris. th are so good. and just turn your tvs up cause it is good sound. yeah. it's just great.
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>>teve: it good? >> jim: yeah, yeah, ye. beyo good. gu, as you know, we're always striving to get better here at the tonighsh. harder. better. faster. stronger. [ cheers and applaus] thank u. so beforevery sh we put ou a ggestion box for the audience, st to get some feedback about what you guys think of the show, things you' likeo see us do, that kind of stuff. so tonight let's look insi the audien sgestion box. [ chee a applause heree go. cheers and applause ] apiate all of the suggestions. this first's from courey haynes. jimmy, it was ju valentine's day, and ijust got me thinng, can animals fa i love? you should find out. that's good idea. so we actually put a dog and a a cat on a dance floor to see if there was any romantic
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ghughter ] [ lauger ] [ cheers a [ cheers a applause ] >> steve: pa all over the place. >> jimmy: let's try another suggestion here. this one is om todd scruts. [ ght laughter ] >> sve: todd scruts? >> jim: what's tha toddcruts is here. todd, you out there? [ chrs ] the whole familys here, the ruts family. [ laughter ] hey jiy, i'valways wanted to come on down like they do on
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drew car. can you help me out? welle are california, it's where the show tap. soieangentmen, pleas give it up for the host "th ice isight" drarey! [ cheers a applause ] [ cheers and applause thank you for being here drew. my pleasure, anks man. >>my: no do you mif i do the honors? >> please, i'd rather you the honor. >> jimmy: all right good, perfect, here we go. to scrut come on dn. [ ch and appuse ] >> ne >> nice to meet [ chee andpplause ] >> jmy: ew cey right here! [ cheers and applause ]
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"the pce is right,weekdays on cbs. thank w carey. you're aoon. [ cheers and applause ] he's the best. >> steve: todd scruts. >> jim: todd scruts, he didn't know -- >> steve: and he dn't know. >> jimmy: he didn't ow that drew would be here. >> steve: soca shirtless. had a g thataid dd on hi chest. j: oh, he's sll here. chee andpplaus] >> steve: there'todd. [ applause ] >> jimmy: this one is from cheng. hey,s he here in t crowd today? john [ eers ] perfect, just ten john chengs hereye. [ laughter ] jimmy, i love those poa-shot games thathey have at arcades wheryou shoot thsmall basketbainto the hoops. you shld see how many you can ke in 30 seconds. i lovese games. bui'm a pretty competitive and iant to play against someone. so ladies d gentlemen, here to te me on a pop-ahot contest is formelos angele ker, and nbaegend, kareembdul jabbar! [ cheers and applae ]
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co on, they love you. welcome back. thank you, bud thank you so much. kareem abdul jabbar. [ cheers and applause ] now i n't n. now i can't beat you. that would be st rude. thank you so mucfor being here. we a know you're a credib basketbl player t how our pop-shot game these ys? >> we'll'm more about hook shot, you know >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i mean, i do re of those. >> jimmy: well, exactly. rfect then. should be great. it'll be a fun gam weave two classic poot ops. we have 30 seconds to make as many baskets as possible. whoever getshe most points en t buzzer goes off wins. und good? >> sounds good to me. >> jimmy: all right. let's do thiing. [ cheers and applause ] l right. going to count it wn. nine seconds. eight secos ven sends. x conds. five sonds. [ cheers a applaus]
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you n almostouch the rim with youarm. alrigh here we go. and here we go. [ cheers and applause ] chee [ cheers andpplaus] [ buin [ buzzing ] [ eers [ chee and appuse ] you creamed me! you kareemed me. kareem abdul jabbar right there. [ eers and applause ] cheers and applause ] was itlose?
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well, you were -- a third. >> jimmy: was it clo for a a cond? >> sve: yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: thank you, buddy. thank you, thank you, thank you. here is another suggestion. how cool is th? come on. is is from alleytark. hey, jimmy, the osrs are coming up. i haven't reallyeen any of the nominatemovi. is there any way you can sum themll up to me really fast? unrtunately, i can't. but i kn someone w can. tariq, would you minsumming up all thescarominated vies in mind blowing rap? >> tariq: of crse jimmy. [ cheers and applause ] creed set in the ci i call home d stars michl b. jordan and sylvesr stallone t's a rd hitting story annot just for the fun factor they nomated rocky for best supportinactor but you fake theerious coender it's edent bailed for the b sho time har for the revanent speaki of which dicaprio might finally get to win a prize thatlso goeso mike rollins the guy from bridge of spiethe use
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date butait too te you'l on see the hatefulight you know that tarentino nominated for three awds be suppoing actress and cinematrography d score that mov the oscar so white so that jada smith debated e pitch i got to s the martian was one ofy votelis d that's the reason why it's even on favorites list they sold the villain from your oreos mad max i didt write the scriptut that's how the story goes but let me make one final remark before we close who's going to ste the show chrisock and e jury knows [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that the way to do it. chris rock and the jury knows. we love chrick. tari youe awesome buy. unt ur dues. last o here. this one here's fromhe usc ojans drumine. hey, jimmy while y're l.a. you should let us come on your show and drum with questlove. that's a cool idea but kind of rd it pull off on such short notice. t fortunately, thiis "the tonight sh." cheers and applause we like to make the impossible
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so here to drum with questlo and the roots, please welcome your very own, u trojans drumline! [ cheersnd applae ]
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[ cheersnd applause ] >>immy: yes. give it up for the usc trojans dr line. cheers and applause ] my thankto kareem abdul jbaand the ci of los angeles. that's all the time have for dice suggestion box. stick around. we'll be right back with vince ughn [ eend alause ] folks, y folks, you can't me this stuff up. four bandits chose a prius their geway r. avo-niner, in rsuit a toyota prius. over. how hard iit tcatca priu ov. is thing is tually prettyast.ver. ry fny. ohook, aarmes maet
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and w we'll y up t50 toswit to the strk.thne rht h [ cheers and applaus >> jimmy >> jimmy: our first gut tonight is a talented, hard-working man who is rrently producina bunch of cool projects, includinghe "30 for 30" domentary, "the '85 bears", awell as great sports interview sho called "undeniableith joe buck." please give a rm "tonighthow" welcomeo our good buddy, vince vaughn.
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>> jimmy >> jimmy: come on! >> how are you? [ cheers and applause ] i never get the chance to sa hi to ggins. m starting to ta it personal at th point. >> jimmy: well, yeah'cse -- >> hs a busy m. >> jimmy: higginis in a car. he's already back to -- >> he's in the car. he's got his ft up somewhe. immy: he's heading back to s ho alrea. >> god bss him. i hope he's enying his facial. he a nice mais whahe is. [ laughter gentlemen, nice to see you. jmy: nce, welcome back to the show. ank you r being here. >> great to be her >> jimmy: 'cause usually when i'm interviewing, i'm talking abt yo acting role -- >> that's right. >>immy: but now i'm takingt a differt way. i want to talk about your producing le. you'reroducing. you're doing bunchcool things. >> yeah, we have some good stufgoing on well, bill burr, you kno who's -- i thought that christmas thing was veryunny, by the way. >> jimmybill burr was on our
10:57 pm
netflix called "f for family." >> that's ght. >> jimmyyeah "f is for mily." it's super funny.and bill- did you see the -- >>ell, he was charming and you guys were having some nice kind of play and tn it just all melted down. and ad som the christanimn anen i it was fun. was allone in a fun way. >> that's who he is. he's a ne man. he's an inionated nice man i what he is. [ laer atne point hsahoped at the rockefeller cistmas tree felon pple. >> that's right. [ hter ] >> jmyit got - >> igot rk. quic hgot tire being a show pony and dancing. laughter ] >> jimmy: but, man, is he funny in the sho >> so funn >>immy: and everybody. o else -- 's a great cast. sammy rockwl, who yo ow, is on it. >> jimmy: sam -- sam rell. >> justin long. >> jim: justin long's a funny guy. it's a great show. 'sn netfli cckhat ou d then y're in-- >> i tnk ie t andea of what you're dog he. starting to ma me uncomfortable. >> jimmy: a -- what? what are you talking about? well, i'm not gonna lieo you, it feels good to ha those high bms on and saying allhese nice things. as a plant, love that energy, it makese wa to ow strong antall.
10:58 pm
but i also know that there's a a game called ox of lies" that's coming later. >> jmy: yeah. >> and i think what you're doing is you're poking t guy with some soft stuff, because your md is getng intel. light laughter ] do the eyes go left ando they go right? and i see how you do it. you have almost an undefeated record at "box of lies." >> jim: i almost do. >> almost. in fact, the channing tatum, you actually won tha 'cause he descbed e.t a a sleeping bag. >> jimmy: yeah. >> but e.t. was not phoning home, as you suggested t. was just a nicelien in a a slping bag. [ light lauger ] but he said that iwas phoning home. but there was noingeon. there as nphone. jimmy: there was no finger. nohoning home. and you were nice eugh to go with it. you're nrly an undefted champi so you're bringing 'cause, really, u're man o's [ laughter ] yeah, u are. and by the way- >> jimmy: unbelievable. >> as a gar, i love it. no, i love that yod go to that depth. t thesguyset what's going . it's uncomfortable. jimmy: no, no, i wasn't playing games -- >> i didn't evennow was playing ox olies." didn't en ow i was playg "box of li", but we're playing "box", this whole thing is about "box of lies." [ laughter ] it is! >> jimmy: no, no, i'm not --
10:59 pm
no i'm not pying now. dw carey was about ox lies." you bro >> yeah, yeah, yeah >> there. how did i react toareem? you real got going on. >> jimmy: let's talk about these ings that yore dng, becausi nt to mention these things. >> why, so you can nail men "box of li"? [ ughter and appuse ] jimmy: nono. that's not why i'm doing any of this stuff. >> i can'tay it now. like i know they p wei stuff out. i don't know what it's gonna be. it's gonna be a twinkie with, like, the lone rgeon it. i don't know what it's gonna be. [ lahter ] >> jimmy: that's the fun -- >> i know. >> jimmy: well, e now -- how do you know that? >> you're not even hearing what i'm saying. you're looking at your guy. >>immy: well, ybe you looked at sothing backstage. >> i wouldn't look anothing. jimmy: now i'm getting weirded out. >> well, maybe i'm doing my thing. maybi'm doinmy thi i'm tired of this undefeated champion. >> jimmy: yeah. >> i want to see the russian d tonight. [ laughter >> jimmy: i'going to try my hardest and i'm etty good at that game. >> you're phenomenal. >> jimmy: thk you. >> youphenomenal. have y guys seen him play this game? [ chee and applause ] >> jimmy: you' buttering me up. you' buttering mup. >> the family -- how is the family? >> jimmy: fantastic. >> good?
11:00 pm
>> gre>> jimmy: you weren't enlooking at menou said it. you we lking behind me. >> no, i'mg it all in. >> jimmy: yeah. how's the mily? >> i tried to see it. nt to know it. i need it. jim: you'reoing aa "3for 30." are u ing e one about tonya harding and nancy kerrigan? >> thank you for asking. thank you so much for asking. >> jimmy: yeah -- >> n wre not dng the tonya harding one. did the 85' bears. jimmy: that was a g >> that s xci >>immy: thatas a great one. othe it was exciting. [ light l >> it s unbelieva >> jimmy: it was unbelievable, that "30 for 30." >> you couldn't mak am i correct ty that? up. and tonya harding went on to fight people in the boxing ng. >> a she had some tuulent relationships, as onwod. >> jimmyas one would. but you're not doing that. >> no, n no, no. >> jimmyno -- >> jimmy: it w a great one. but this one is about the '85 bears. >> tt's righ this one is abouthe '85 bears. shuffle" >> that's correct. that's corre. >> jimmy: they were -- "refrigerator" perry bears >> yh, what's exting about them was tha-- you kno nowadays, eryo iso filtered wittheir responses. especiallyn spts d,ik j mcmon shod up drinkg a beer, right? draft day. they were justind of outspoken personalities.
11:01 pm
the rozelle, he kind of mocked the commissioner. yeah, it was fun. >> jimmy: it was great. oh cours i love that y're doing that . anthen my man, joe bk -- >> yes. >> jimmy: is one of best announcers in the history of sports. >> that's right. >> jimmy: st. uiis where he's based. >>e is from . los, that's right. it a longform intew show, ndeniable. so it's r kind of going through their biographie you know, what their cldhood gettg insight, you know, during it's bee-- it's been a lf fun to be a part of it. jim: yeah. looks like you're ally having a good time. wow. >> jimmy: wo [ ughter ] see what i'maying? yea yeah, yh. i get it. i get . >>immy: you feelin' my beam? >> i get it. get e beam. light laughter ] i feel the -- >> jim: you feel the beam? feen'he bea big time. >> jimmy: mmy dean? >> i feelin' the beam, big time. >> jimmy: you feelin' the am jimmy dean? >> i know it. i kn it. >> jimmy: see at i'm thinking about? you you starteplay >> i knew -- i k happening. now you're so good that it that you charmeme and bught me back in. right? like a young kid who wants some c and it dissting what y're doing. lahter >> jimmy: how's the family? >> the family's fantasti [ laughter ] >> jimmy: very gd. nt to showveryone a clip
11:02 pm
here joe bk interviewing hockey legend, wayne gretzky. oh, he amazing. "undeniable with j buck." check this out. >> so thisegs this run, where -- oy, you're 6 here, with 10-ars-ds. >> yeah. >> by the time ye 10, tell thaudice how many goals you scored. can, ican't, the yea th you we 10. had00 goals. >> so in a season -- >> we're playing 80 games. [ ght lauger ] >> did you think aboutassing at any point? [ laughter ] >> i had 120 aists. >> oka well there you go. >> jmy: oh, i love that guy. [ chee a applause ] i lo him -- i ve him and i le you. you know that. i love him and i love you. >> i want to drop the plsantries, ause it's about to be game time. i don'want to pretend that it's anything other than a rl competitiobetween o gentlemen. >> jimmy: i'm aly mad. i'm ated a little bit. >> i kw you're heated. i know it, james. and i'm ready r it. >> jmya little hot under the lander, if younow wh i'm talking about. >> yea i'm rdy i'm ready. >> jim: yeah. >> i come prepared for this. >> jimmy: really? >> yh, yh. i've studiedou. i've watched these gam.
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[ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everody! i'm here witvince vahn. [ eers and appuse ] we're about to face off in a a game of, "x of ls." now, hers how it works. upstagare a bunch of b containing objts neier of us havseenor ki tvie i are gointo sbox, open it our side of thele. ouie the orson. you ve the object fr t x, show it tthe audience d then loo youoppone and tell them what'sn ur box. you might be lying. you might telli theruth [ light laughter ] yo opponent has it guess.
11:08 pm
either lie or truth. if youuess correct you g a point. if you guess wrong, the other person gs a poin [ light laughter ] the first towo pointwins. [ laughter ] vinc y are ouest. y don't you ke the first box. [ dience ] >> you gs, you guys know i like to mmodate the audience. but tonight it's persol. so i have to sta to play t game now. ani think, i've never seen someone the opposite de, especially being a tl feow, uld pick the lonely, dirty, forgotten box mber 9. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not really, i don't ow whan any of ese. ss what box mber? >> jimmywh? daddy's gonna open you up tonight. [ lauger ] i'm not even gonna play, oh, it's heavy, it'sight. >> jim: ye.>> noton give you nothing,
11:09 pm
[ light lauger ] >> jimmy: it feels heavy. the thk feelheavy. >> well, oka okay, oka here's my re. [ ughter and appuse ] jimmy: okay, okay, ay. no reactioio stone faced. no reaction. [ laughter andpplae ] audience is laughing. audiences laughing. they're having a good timevinc what n your? >>ell jas, yr crack stf has outdone it thitime [ laughter ] they have cooked up -- >> jimmy: cooked, that's a a hint. [ lighlaughter ] food, 's food. you already, y alreadyost. >>ish. >> jimmy: yeah. it is a di, oked.
11:10 pm
>> bunch of ayons ana doll. laughternd applaus] >> jimmy: dish, bunch crayons and an incredible hulk action doll. not ac noaction figure. no one says action doll. [ light laught ] could be a lie there. acti doll. >>'ll be her-- >> jimmy: no one says action doll. >> i'll beere when you're ready. [ laught andpplause ] jimmy: unbeevable. unbeliveable. vince vahn, you lie! [ ee alause ] >> jimmy: all right. you're goo you're good, vince vaughn [ ght laughter ] [ dience yells ] what num what number you
11:11 pm
>> that's incredibly. oh, g oh, myoodness. that is incredibly heavy. i'll take that as a hint. >>immyu made sound. >> jimmy: you like to -- >> iove this. >> jimmy: ah. this is fun. this is fun thing. not that funny, di't get a a big reaction frothe audience. [ light ughter ] i'm just going to describe it to you. it's a rer made out of celery
11:12 pm
laer ] oh, don't oh, don't get in there, man. cause you might not get out, you know what i'm sa [ laught ] >> you insult me. [ laughter ] with these lies. [ audience ohs >>imyou'reight. it a big dea [ ch and appla] [ ding ] that's it, you won! i'veeen beaten. i'veeen beaten. i lost. >> no, no. no. , get up here. get up here. geer here. >> jimmy: i can't. get up he. he stolehe cir. [ chrs and applaus] >> jimmy: don't eat at. >> i took a bite of it. >> jimmy: thankto vince hn [ talking over eacother ] an screst joins us after
11:13 pm
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>> jimmy: r xt guest is an emmy award winning procer. and on wedneay and thursday nights, you can tch m hosting th15thnd final season of merin idol" at 8pm on f. please give itp for oupal, an seacrest. [ eers and applause ] >> that >> that was hysterical. that is the nniest thing've ever seen. >> jimmyi'm so mad i lost. >>hat was unbeliable. >>immy: i'm so mad because -- i know you get pissed about thecause you're competitive. jimmy: i am. >> yea i know. u can see it on ur face. >> jimmy: was upset. >> he scoled you. >> jimmy: i know. >> he worked you over. >> jimmy: well he said he studied ta on my. >> of cose, like game film. >> jimmyyeah he was backhere doing i l day. >> jimmy: heaid, the first one you always, you always, ma up a lie. becaushe wched tapon my. i cheated, yea
11:19 pm
>> jimmy: m so mad now. i waed to come up with someing that was kind of boring, but stl kind of -- cause i said it was a taco job. >> did you think of celery sticks beforehand? talkinover eother ] did that just pop into your hand? >> jimmy: something th was interestinand weird but not funny. [ light laught ] that happens a lot to me, ryan. that'sad. every me you come , we always have a good time. and was talkinto you last time, backstage, and i said, with all these seasons of "american idol", do you er get the g toerform have you ever wanted tbe a a singer or a performer? >> kd of. ought about its i kid. and then i realized, i'm jt not that good at it. e my vorite performancesi have this great album called "slippery wn t" bbojovi -- >> jimmy: oh, hello, everyone has, it's the best. that's the album to have. >> tommyseto work the dock. >> jimmy: unions been on stri. i did "living on arayer" for a lip sync thingn my high school talent show. >> gina, she's bn working the diner all day. >> jimmy: she's been wking at e diner all day. >> worng for man >> jimmy: she brings home he pay. >> fore. jimmy: justor love. >> just for love, atll. >> jim: just for love.
11:20 pm
>> so, i lovedhat alm. and as a kid i would perform different songs from the lierwhen wet album." and tual like, dssed up in my mongooiker gloves and >> jimmy: yeah. >> then perform in my bedroom. >> jimmy: ye, you were sync, >> wel i had my s e lits aamera on a a tripod. and we'd do a little, it was likean seacrest pructions. you had the lits and everything? >> yeah. vide whole thing >> jimmy: your sisr? >> my sister, meredith. >> jimmymeredith. >> yeah. >> jimmy: know, yeah, isn't that weird inehename? >>eird that you kn my sist's name. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, we talked to yobecause you to me the story last time. and she hathe videotape. [ cheers and appla >> she h the videotape? she found it? >> jimmy: we he the video pe now. >>h, you ally goit from >> jimmy: yore about to see -- this not goi to be safe. >> jimmy: no we eded it down. this iyoung ryan scres how old do you here? >> minor0, and chubby. >> jimrocking out to n bon jovi. >> oh my god. >> jimmy: watcthis. this is his bedroom. if you could see inside my het thenou'd understand i'd die for you
11:21 pm
by i'd dieor you i'd die i'd die for you [ chee and applae ] >> jimmy: ank her. thank her. thank her. i'd cry for you i'd die for you oh, yowere a cute little kid. that was,hat was my bedroom in atlanta. and then i rlize at that point, i should host "american idol." not autionor it. [ talking er eacotr ] >> j: wellnywaysthank you sist againor givin at. >> of cose. >> jimmy: she's awome. merican idol" it's the final season. >> i can't beliet, i'm sad. >> jimmy: it's sad. i love wating it. and i love all the judges, the panel, it's fantastic. we had jennifer pez on t show lt night. >> just the most amang supetar. >> jimmy: just the best,nd it's good,nd thealent and harrcoick j the's someinwronwi hi [ lit lahter but, he's very nice >> yeah, if u caget to the bottom othat. i cat believe, know, we've been on for 15 seasons ani have kids who say, i w born season one, and they're
11:22 pm
so is, you want to be that guy but don't want to be that guy. like, you'reettingo be old guy. >> jimmy: yeah. >> you want to be the guy that's othat long but, you dot want to behe old guy right? >> jimmy: don't tell me when you we born. cause that freaks meut, yeah. >>hile i intduce you on th show. but r me, it will etional. i' done every single of that show for 15 years. >> jim: 15 years. jimwe love you, buddy. >> thanks. >> jim: ryan seacres everody. cheers and applause ] rs wednesday and thursda nights at 8:00 p.mon fox. antcng hos e's "live fromhe red carpet" for the ademy awards february 28. he's the best. we'll be back mae from dead co >> oh yeah. >>immy: 's fanstic. eersndpplause ] i mht man, i might just illtonight. puppymonkeybaby... puppymybaby... puymonybaby... puppymonybaby... pupp .mkey...
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[ cheers andppuse ] my: this i g oumucal gues tonight just announced e of mos high-anticipated tours of 2016. and they're mang their
11:28 pm
give iupor dead & company![ eers ala tl mehi town ain'to he well, wellwell you canever tell the snye the street dk well, well, well you can never ll thas 'cauit mnit inhe dark of the moonid maybe theark from yourye mae is from yo es maybe the dark is fm yours
11:29 pm
is froyour eyes maybe the dark is from your eyes maybe e dark is fm your eyes y know u got sucharey nothin' shakin' on shakedown street usedo be the art of town don't telme thisin'to heart yojust got pok since i'm pas your way today well, well, wellyou can ner te jusstopped in 'cause i wt to say
11:30 pm
u can never tell i recl your darkness when it craced li a thundercloud don tl me ts to ain't got heart don't ll me this town ain't got no heart on't tell me this wn ain't got noeart don't tell me this tow n't got heart donell this town ain't got no heat telle this town ait got no heart ian hear it beatut loud nothin' shakin' on shakedo street used tbe t heart of wn don'tmes own ain't got no hrt you just gotta
11:31 pm
nothin' shakin' shado strt used to the hea of townon't telme thi town ain't no hea
11:32 pm
poke arod notn' shakin' skedown strt ed tbe the heart of to don't tell me this tn n't got no hrt you just gottapokeround nothi shakin' on shadown str cheers chee andppuse jmy >> jmy: fantastic. thank yo tha you thank you so much! fantastic! dead & comny! tickets fotheir tour are available now. visit tonightshow.m for an exclusivbonus perfnce.wee taing tohe guys aftethe eak. stick around, evyby.
11:33 pm
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ cheers
11:37 pm
>> jim: we a back th dead and company, erybody. [ chee and applause ] you guys kk off summerne 10th. yourinharlotte, rth carona fenway pk in bton. killer. get ady r that one. but first, you're goin tennessee to headline bonnoo.[ chee a applae ] i me -- you guysave bonaroo. it jt going to themost loving peaceful thing in the whole entire -- have your been to bonnaroo? >>e own bonnar. [ applause ] jimmy: yeah. you innted baroo basill ye. >> we keep our towels ther >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. it jt gog be n. and w you haohn mayer with you. [ chrs and applause ] and i got to say, what a a perfect matc i methis is like one of ose thinhere you go, oh, i don't know that a l to live up to. and the fans have sponded. and they love you, buddy. >> it's been gre. >> jimmyngtulatis. yore phemenal. you're great. [ cheersppus] dead & compaeverybody. fotis to theirmer tour, go


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