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tv   Today  NBC  February 19, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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di i quit.,,,,,,,,,,, and hoda and hoda kotb. live from ud 1in rockefeller baby love my ba love >> look what's in the kitcn withs thirsty thursday, february 18th. >> smiles! >> oh,o good to see them. bobbie's going tbe with us to tell us all e latest stuff for bies. >> don't babies make everything better? i don't care welse happens be he show today. >> they're going to grow ubest just like their how awes >>owwe >> twas di sy kelsey nc ballera, who owes everyt to you. >> she ds. i di't evealize .er >> like kanye. we do have a g show. om "tertainment weekly," tim stack is going to fill us inn everythit afford to
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>> then if it's thursda y know louis and jill areeren elaookingor couple servg won to ambush. we're goingo revea their gorgeousoo after this. >> plus everyone has a story andtonight we have reall special tory proving is never o la to the kn. and we wrote a song calle ev too late f lo," a e orusictoa clark's gointo sin it for usus tony award-winng. y know whatt . it's a birday. hann kb is. >> yes shes. hap birthday anh. shinhea o tay>> andqualmportant, its national wine da >> wt do you mn, equally impoant?chd ! into the world. >> well, this d was bo ma, many, ny deces ago and national wine y is a gd da >>ou kw how ma teti got abounaonalinda at do people thi?>> wer shooting a ltl thg t seethe he y d a bigruck gsy a the gun t thwindow and say he'swine
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>>panky tuy's ing wa too big. byhe way, if u w e well ilnewsthy, check outhe ailyws"olbecae it gis a grt deptioof spankysday.ti worth read. >> we're flowing up on yestery, randots of kiss day. anared yories.ngne want to shee of them with you. manaid while she was grocery shoppi wither cryingf th by, a cashier her a ft card,ling herquote, someone nted youhave t she sa, i guess they fired could e a hand. it w gre aciat.s helped forome h ocerie >> tsh sdhile s wi her daur sne ovd her t her lit couldn't aor new s easo the woman offered to tr trishaaughter the new s. i lovetuff lik eah. ay all these cryin ju rembering tho precis acts ki keep th com>> here's onmo misty tos on co-rker n on her day off to brg mistcoies r r birthd peop very and set. >> we hearutm enou. that'shy we likeo dohis. sen i' bn looking foarto einghi this is a ttirdiscsing her eakuar
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she islitt e wantedbrk up with her boyfriend,ut she is worried about exactly ho should do it. take a lk at hkingt through er mr. t too yng to havea boyfriend. t it'slike, lkso y. i dot to brk s art. heoo so happy. wn he'sith yo >>. heese and i do really w >> what are goto do? >>ss iell him. it's oy ing i can do. gues jusll h it'sime reak ull >> a so it begs. do y rember how d yowere
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yea was-- ink in srade.i wasn't >>'s 5. she 5 yeald abt you? wl, it wa't mborien t was mfit ush was y -- wt s his me i'll thi oit in a mome. thererehree thaere really cute wey pfei one of them jo chuckennedy. all three of them at the same . >>k at you. u what's funny? >> wha>> tthe ime? threyfriends >> well, tee guys i ought wee. owld wyou? >> i thi was iurth grade. knoat'sny, i' avina mory my par werper stri.i reer beingrgia beach thwas thutin the water and w ra toget and i'll never forget at ife lse i you know,-y parents wervery like i ld u, ur stct ani memberim kinof ttingis hd mi, yocould justeeliker hearpoding,i ink was probab -- >>ine just sta when you
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wo ik yrt ftterwhen you mber it. 's swed. >> wt wahis name? >> i don rembehina. but i remembered -- we aays went back t samacremb l forims d itas jthne summe that- u wey and yo u want to loveyourself somhoda woman, you ve top it.>> all rht pare -- >>l, t intting. were talking about adele yeerday and what it must have fe like when she was sgi and had the audio oblem. >> shehe a issue on then show" i ink e t time in five she showed u on ellen a she opened up abouthat happened during that moment. so take a look. >> the sound check was greppmoa went reay we. i wareal excited. and en ding the changeover the microphones fl onto the pio strings, which is what the guitaroise was someeople thght it was bieber rehearsing but it wasn't him. we we on gaterms >> cld you tell when you were singg? i hrd it stightaway. i ntedo knew what it was. t rearsal, we're gog
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one doesn'work. and i knew where theikas and asi wanted to turn arou and lift it up but i froze.nd bui actually ft like it went well. in the room,y tuly sorted the problem and i'm always a bit pitchy anyway.tund so i was soasn't paicularly -- i . it's etion. i was emrrassed. i woke up tohe next rning peopleere saying, we still love you, n't woy. and i s saying, i don't ask you if you still love me. s but thks. i wabarrasse did you fl bad the ne y? >> i criedtty much aay yesterday.t th a >> so finally you cried to your own song. >> in frness i would have cried if it went really we auls well ift were a stut perfornce i woulhave cried always >> did you want to start over? nextil. nextimha aou sugototootrwis bye. s >>h,ea it's t bane ourstence wh ye a ngerst e peon ctrols youre and it's the snd g >> i not i c lov her anre. >> she so .
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frhtmakeyou love isn' ieresting? all th greatsingsike carly simoid hadtage frig-a dell. is tt something yoa lot s in th indy? it's jusinterein thenes u uprng abt ar thene tt hav ttveit herwise, if u ve rl stage frht y ner make it to the poi whe anybo knows your name. m>> rht. rbe s codwho reanstitiveelle r but errif s so he the reion, it odin cast., doesn'care. but fear can paralyze you, as yokn.ucuct >> y aready for ih yore tg to sll but y all ane. sometime youice,h awout the end o o ursd nvo so we t have go th wayt >>eople g mad at me- l discs this. they get made for not ling what i coood si so weg oubeing a
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and yojust have a standard that you care about. >> rig not going to pretend to siaranht likeet just to make everybodppy. o is was. so watch niel bradbis a coury singer sheigurut -- it' calle "frien zone shfigured t how toombine country d rock. everything cks e you know on see it cong it's lia curveball t' you youe doing justin s got y on thidelin y think you tards theowards the d zo youe hd to thefrnd ze ds let me k it dowfor e fact youilver g a gl le that y'veoto sto th plate a bat thas all gotta say abou th yeah u've g to a ride spin a little monmoney iet it, it. d it w was s>> i like it when -you like it es rap?
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just donre y se? >> i'm tallyur you can listeno usn xmchannel 108. we don't know why appaly you do. and you can find hodere every mondayndednesday at e you still loving that? >> ilo it's nyon listening. i really don'tw ifny es. >> they do ratings over there so yavno idea yone's out theret all. less it's your own mot >> uess you k for call. th when m really shocked. ifou say, y, cin -d en you go, msh, people are stenin it'swed. jone beeone. people cal ate. thedo calout. >>wo ms on a trip to europe got at they wereur looking f. they got their aush maover. pull ouyour cdars. tim stackableasist of and musteentinment rht afr rr is. (cl one rings) where are you? well the squirre are bac in the attic. mom?
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no now that there are hundreds and hundreds of places to go to be entertaed, we thought we wod help you nw down the focus. >> so we havwhat not to miss the next couplwes the small reen or big screen like on your phone or computer. >> he "entertainment weekly" writim stack. >> better known as sckable. you ould be call lable dpeleall you ackable? othethan u >> pple doacal, yes. 'sosy fil but ah peleo,ctll ohyoretaable.
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>>h, lord. >>on know atha-- oo allight so let get started weave a hafuof thingyo want pe see. "fler us is mber one o your list. >> "er hisusly highlyicip, the rern of this assitcom from the '90s and it'th th mdj is a mother now. she's a widow and moves to her childod home with h sier her old bt frnd, kimmy gibble and e oral cast returns. dave, john stamos, lori in. i thri loughliisn your shorro is. ut eveis reay d. 's st of samd thg. viy tholseinare no ton but it's sort of return form. ani ink eryoneov ts sh smu. so i k, y know,t'very gh anticiped yhink it'goto b big t? i tnkwi do allywe. r nelix, t.bee lieopl -- nostalgia's aigl wh nelix. i tnk thijust hits onll that. this isomethi par can
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milyho >> tt's noy. >> andn neli a rht let's ta aboutugjama r yfen >>yes. boyfrid huckman. he' starrg in a mie called "eddie th eagle." omes out nex friday. it rllycute. i'veeen . it's about edded 's a story abo --e' an englishma participated in the 1988 calgy olympi in tki ju and he was knerd, not y an athlete. >> buthemenon. >> but aenom.d plays hisoach. it's charming. 'seally cute. it's kindf fily-iendly ase from like ene. >> frank did -- hostedlate-nig olympics ban 1988 >> w.>> and this s goi on. and so td. th jamainobed "ol running" >> those werthe two big sties because w swarm yh. >>waunlievlyar hardly anynow, but eddy the eae s quite the phen. >> let's tk ca>>bvioly t oars a coming u anchris cks the ho thi ar. >> so he's n dropping out for re.
2:23 am
peop put a l of presre on hibecause of whole oscar diveing. >> exct he exprees by beiere. >> well and i think too it's lie'e able t comment on it qteestly, u know, fr aersonal pl and i think it's just --s sointereand so provotive an h grecodian but you know, he'll bethere. >> he's iod. ve. he's iote "the ran hase buzz foric al foricture peo think it could win. nd bri larson -- >> and briearson froom diteln. jacoem f"roo" ga will be there perrming r ng s's ninated for julianne mre. kerry shgton.the weeknds performings so, direayne tsf ople>>the spotis a 's>>blinspis st he biggesw ow othe ar a it back. itil back. it's bn off e air sie nomber 2d. rever.
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thanksgiving. it llome back. and there's going to be more sort of, you, secrets real jamiealexande aracte h t obvious arort of -- >> the cls,ght? they' clues. theyke a rmap to her past. >> ouse o card is her ggie on tflix. season 4. this show setive. ths one ofhewsave to cover. it's like ttg government mpossiblto find out ythingt iting up for its four seasoe adng a bunch of new chncluding n ll, ellen bun,oel kinnamho wasn"t killg" andn uicidesquad." but seas 3 endedwith, spoiler, wit clair leavi frank. so ts wl sort of see the llout ofso hoda. hanks a lot. sorry. >> i mlo. >> ja le of seconds. but na f's novie. >>ketao fo that comou 's aut aoman w goe's -- based on a bookbout a ttory abo thisan who actually did do
2:25 am
no. it'ike a cedy -- it's li a dmedy. it's a com th. it'somedic. has mart rbie. d myavore this yo wehink bon's album is comingut in e xt fewweeks. >> wt? >>es. all righty, then. formion. >> thank you >>hank youguys. >> all righty,hen. oh, baby, you're gonna love boie's buzng about >> newr thatun and functional f the little on. oh, my gosh. >> hi the. oh, ami >> dreiest littlin the woanust the tras 's the "ngent ink" ralize th"pnt md mildewon thewer curt foup to ys" spra itlsthe r caus eriate enathls footfuki scover me waysou can lysol disitantay
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it 's time for bbie's bz. if you've got a little o at home or you're looking for a great baby shower gift we've got the new product every mom's going to want. >> herto sw them to us, "taystyltor bobb tooms thas who's bught along her adorable little guy. >> and her friens name, andrea. >> what yogot, kid? this is all about some baby love. i have recently discoved t woerful wod food that ge st ckt , ts brhigh frofor momtzmt that thought of sothing i've wdered y ha'toddone this bere isray p rying to get into theowisctlla maetas
2:29 am
tl ays put. >>eah. oh, my sh! ndou can just --at. glide thtr bac and it apin place. sohiso ces o. and goes intthsher wash t he can the bow o to f iback at me. but yocan -- the gaover ddy. >> you can grahemagnet. soes, you caeat w. >> ws ? andf yoalrehave high cir tt yolovesy peashas thougfimil y keepveing s t. you'll ne ths ng inheers. buis mightere ing. asy. staut. butlso at restaus, on the , c tables t such a g woeep the lace. v very cute. >> o so- >> andha >> the bibs e r fun. just fun. >> they're intesng look, you just -- sticker reust stick-on.ct
2:30 am
boonasup with three ent tops that -- st the y get w the stw, but i onty p you ha rant or whatnot. and lot that >> c >> syou cave a s cup anyw you d noress aut it. so thi anoth great tng. it totime, nai freida, such a sdea.ta a look -shaere. is actu a nail fi s aped you can getohe corf your uy's nha nd. that yoget in ttle sithout cppg him wir big il >> i rsehildren withony ofuf 's rlly ableo me. >> theall co with pers anwhencomes the al th time,his otr prt -- miles gettinghe overe. >> a, go to aunty hodi. >>his called the elfy
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it's gre ltle lic ontthe sideth tu thathe ys c ha pce tay p. >>hat so te! >>nd ohe bec kid dooveurel phones, this fr skihop i aeally smart strehy son teth. anwhat ie tha iust stic right oo the ller ytrolle and your ce one t go flyin oo the grou and breinghen s was to tch. it det droolit averyinelse. skip hop, ve smart. lof customerquest it d city s, if youe in e city, there e wheel coversfor yourstroller. don't have to track the dirt back into the house. >> great ideas, bobbie thom. love to seeyou, miles a andrea and tag. thank u r g th and our ambush makeover ladies abt to fhe mirr see their hot new r after your local news. stayit.ey jerks."
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in casyou didn know it, it's thirstyhuda a we are ready for thbig reveal o our ambush makeer. two luckyads w spent theast tee hrs getti primd and pam rd crtes of t bstylg amn e busiss>> "daxrhttylist to th stars - ouislicari, , lalala, la >>ven jerry sis it n. tnk you, rry. >>nd "day" conibutor a all-ou fasonista, ll main. >> hi, guys.
2:35 am
it was a littlmore mild. wh t wthers more mild, we have mor peoe ic fr, wchs mu me fun. >> and geto see mor o th becausehey' notll covered up. >>he n a coved up. >> pela lee is 53 years old om boston, massausetts paworks as an accounnt so spends mosof her te in busine clothes toy is her last day of cati andhe's reao gohome wh a brand neok leta ln her or >> this we, it olia an sydney's birthday. rr! but is gifis f mom sohy do yo want this forr? >>he hn' had shing ts nice in a whilnd i thit would oodor her tha a keovernd mbe nlo, anthink eer awhat's nice. so what a loving ly. aru rey for us do whater we want >> i go. ye ll right, kids. e husband david, i daugey and olivia.>> they don't seu,a. keep youblindfolds on for a . here's pamela meehan before. ght, pamela. let's see the new you!
2:36 am
ke a look. >> wow! >> oh, my god. everyone has the same ir color. >> snning. >> spin right arnd. take a look. >> oh, my i love the hair! >> thecolor's actly like -- >>h, wow. beautiful.>> l yr husband. >> oh, my god! >> kleenex. >> her husband's crying. >> give one to david >> did. there yogo. david, are you oy? >> i'm good.od. you know what i love? i love look at david for onnd david, what doouhink?he's beautiful. . >> thank you. >> lo tl us -- the color' spot on. looks just like the daughters. >>ry nnd tn t lucky, hoda. what can i tell you? at i dbvious -- she had highlights on her hair.she starting to go a little bit gray.
2:37 am
>> it wasgerve her skin even paler. cor works. this inessa ircut today. simple, because she s t xte. >> jil that outfitkill. >> you kw, i love wint e. you could wear winter ite in the wi this is thel outt is white hous black mar and lookt themmetril slits. >> iove that! >> kid what do guythink? >> she looks amazi >> she'seautif >>w! >> enid did autifuke. >> big r of applause for pamela and join ur fam swe. >> o second is alyssakauf, 45 fmmer, michan. alyssa w as a eech pathologist and here vacation with her family before our glam squagot a handle on hehe had never cored her ha. >> wow. >> righ let'sten to her story. >> well,here'stle extement ihere becse you ly wted this. so telushy. >>'m so cited e he. myfaly's singt the
2:38 am
and i'm ady. >> okay. so we ked this earli aryou ing let us wheve nt? >> u-- whater you wa.>> good girl! s'se ther hba lay d eir daughters shelby and emily. everyby t out of bed glad you're here. look alyssa before and bring out alyssa kauffman! come on out. alyssa! >> whoo! >> wow. >> oh, yeah. what a nice -- all right, e you guys ready? >> beautiful.>> te f your blindlds! >> oh, my god! >> whoa! >> wel >> where's my wife? wow! >> you want to seeourself? turn arod. >> oh, my god. i n'believe it. >> you look awesome. >> youook autiful. >> cool! >> wow, can't bee it. >>pin right around and look at camera 12, please. >> alyss the whole thing is, she said louis, i d't wr makeup, i don't do my hair, i never colored it, i bely cut it.
2:39 am
really close to home. i just made it a little warmer, around the same she. it will grow o if she to or she could color it. i'll ge her a formula to take with her of course. enid did a very natal makeup. anait,imple hacut >> look at theamily. >> and jilly, girl, who did put her in >> some pieces by clara sun woo anthblouse by white house blma. i love this faux leather bla and the pants areto but grt mixing and matching pieces. >> i love it. >> so lightweight. and that's wash, sweee. ou can was. >> let's bring other our -- pa, men t,weetie. round of applause f both our ladies >> jill and even sx advancenivanessd erybodbackste. peopho p it's never tolate f love. >> everyone has a storcoming up after thi >> you'rgoing to le st can't wainice job, ladies! can a toothpaste do everythi well?this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it.
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24 hou. ro heartburn. ve everye has a moment evyone h atory. don't they, hodi? >> yeah d we tod have a very special lovetory to share with you. lindsay wrote us about her wonderful grdmher phylli >> at age 84 phyllis recently married herigh schoo
2:43 am
're going toeet the all in a momentbufit let's li to lindsay's lr >> last year was the year of the dding for me. bfriend and i attende fo afteds we joked th we d ficily surved weing se. t ere wrong >> 85 and 83. w awome ishat? in late nember,hile at a family birthy dinn, my grandmother's 85-year- boyfriend linked ohis glass and announced that they just three weeks lati was back at another wedding. whso just happto be my grdmher. bubbe 'm goimakest t you. as cusmaryi ga spch and toleverne about hoi met my bubbe at myirth anshe was stantly azy oume. growing up, was fortunate to live close by to my best friend. as a teenager, iearnedhat it's never too late for love. my best friend had started exchanging e-mailsith a boy d nate, wh she had
2:44 am
50-yr highchl reunio my bubbe has hadase of the scolgirl giggles ever sie. i 't thi it wapossib for my grander to come even more autiful. but nate has cast the mo gnificenght shi through smile arkles in her eyes. ile the best frienusuall closes the toast with some wedding vice, i decided instead to end with a quote that syoled the love and 70 years ofriendship. a goodarriage where both people fl like they are getting the better end of the deal, and i am confident that my beauful best friend anher handsome groomre both cong out on top itheir marriage. who would have thought that th fiftwedding woulatnd in 15 wlde the most memorable? >> we never get tired of stories like this. so special. hi, newlyweds. >>e with us are the newlyweds, phyllis and nate, along with phlis' lovely
2:45 am
>> how is married life? >>onderf, ri ou gke it? >> ne. >> wve a l of fu ou d >> nat were u nervous pring? >> didn't prop just d it. whado you mn? hodid that happe >> tse thitake ping, n't th e were aoyfrnd birthd we'dhe e cake. and he stood up iiddlef staurant tapped on his glass. and my boyfrieasike thato ni'sng t sahappy rthdme >>ope. >> ande id, e're gng marrie" andhyll, what didou think? nd she sd we a. wee going toet mad. >> so u'd usse. >> y >>n thcar ri ove oh, othe r ri over. somef the st tngs in life arthat snteous, ght? >> ty had beenatinn ars. >> and theitould never lastdi't ddinso at your wedding?hat right? that's righ >> did w a wedding song?
2:46 am
one. >> y >> ok beuse don't where. we've speciaong written just fhe two of you, okay >>yeah d it's going to be performed
2:47 am
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fobeer rults, e fini jry we a we are just back with our newest "everyon h a sty" honore.lindsay opper and mer grandmother phyllis and phyllis's husband nate. >> phyll and nat jus got married, but still need a wedding song. so david friedman and i wrote one just cle"never tooat for love." he to si ifous is one of the ea on oadway, tony ard nner victoa ark. wall ow older as years go
2:51 am
and wonder have we had our final chance to lookn our ver's eyes again to blush and feel alive again to to ld another close again and dance a romance well it's never too late for love never tooate to find what we've beenaming of love ner go outf shion love never ns outf ssion no no it's never, it's never too late for love we all ow grayer as years go by as
2:52 am
away e l forheillead fore aonder we' livi for longing for that something re someday but it's never lateor ve never too late tod what we've be we've been dreaming of le never goes out of fashio loveever runs out of pason no no it never, it's never too late for love so so openouhearopenur ur es 's cser an you alize aro rounthe corner around the
2:53 am
right there in ariend a fendho has loved you forever so membero ver say ner 'caus 'cause it's never too le fo love neveroo late finwhat we've been dreaming of love never goesut of fashion love never runs out of passi no no it's never even if it's been forever it'
2:54 am
lateor love >> yes! beauful! >> congrulations >> it's soeautul. we'll be rht bacth another surpriseor phyllis and nate. >> beautiful. >> this is "day" on c. >> beautiful. never too late to fin there cld ba nati, there had to be le willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challeng, what they t be. , the u.s. army masters noly tactics strategy, bualso physics and chemistry. weake battle plans and create breakrohs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mison could be anything. so we prepare for everything. shoulddon't just carry pads. they carry your fans' passio,hos, andre and maybe, chance at greatness...
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i'm back. ale pmor a better . happy anversary er, darlin can th muclove be cleaned littlbit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle the grease cleaning power
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a drop oda and s gone. wel well,t's r too late today are honoring a very special family. needs nate and phyllis who arhe wh phlis' grddaughter lindsay. >>hey were just treated to a special wedding songerrmed
2:58 am
composer dav friedmannd david wild in from hollyod. >> so what did you guy think of the song >> i tught it wa outstanding. >> know what i noticed, nate? u wereki at phyll t whole time he was. >> twhat you we do has what i do. that's at a man in love does, right? so you have your wdi song now, all right? ur life is complete.e. >> yeah. >> except for -- evebody should have one. >> everybody suld. >> exceptor one thing. we wanto keep the celebraon going. kw you guys are going to head back to massachusetts. so bba s flagship restaurant number 9 park lated in boston's histoc beacon hl is treating you three to a specl dinner. and e's more. >> and the renowned boston symphony orchestra would like invite the three of you to a performance of your choic throughout their season. >> so you'll listen - >> you'll have a nice dinner and beautiful night out in boston. wow. >> rrific. >>oes at sound good? >> , yeah. >>hankou fending a beautiful letter. >> thankou guys. >>nd if you've all been moved
2:59 am
want to tell your story too. go on our website, tell usour story and wll be happy to wre a song for yo >> how awesome is e? i'm blown ay. >> vioria's great. hello. great job. >> what are you doing? >> new nancyamott album came out. david. >> filn hlywond tv, everything. >> everyone' busy. victoria, wh are you doing? >> iave a piazza reunion concert coming with the orinal cast. beautiful browa show. >> coming u tomorw we from "fr use"ori loughl. she'he to in u for s fun and games. >> and tuys from liing boston" sho y how to add a fireplacjustutanywhere. sto tt e. plus a make you money i'm here to vel thplayin field for all vestors. the's always a bulmarket somewhere, a pro to help you find it. "m money" star now.
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