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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 19, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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lcomto "money,welcome to crarica. my job is nojust to entertain t coacd teach. so calme at 1-800-734-bc.or twe or tet mimcramer. the s&p the s&p back sli nasdaq dropped. we need to roll up our sleev and figure out what can be ug now that we're havi a pullback from the monstelly we've hafor the past three days. for the donasdaq, it's the best since august of lt year we're r along earngs season so we have a real gd feelow f howompaesre in which s weigure out tocks are goin become apg as t market s in for profit takin it almo alys does after re rip orter a roct ray. you may k y is iwoh ering giving there are so many real problemsut the.
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firs the probls ara little less pblemic tn they were. for instance, the federal resee is more onur sidthan we thoug. laight, jas bullarhe tend all hawks, the s louis deral reserve present who s so optimistic back in the fall inow oply questioning th to ev discuss more re hikebecause all the tmoil out there maybe en from thla one. at's my dion t. n whrecoiz theac ve chang and thus he nds tohae his too.that lel of flexility is good send,ipo the hat to mr. bullard. cond, e dollar, the ba o many comp exist h ceo clb relentlely against e sket ocuencies i follow. sure, 'sred again versus that venezuelan currency where a dollar buys you ten livars instead of six. woe to the companies that have ma big bet theres. veneela, like il, just
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d we know we'rstill irng with danger when it cometo oil. the price of crude has beeable toold steadily a $ ofe, of late, i wt to tk abt a deal between tdiand ssia not to mpverybody more thaey a doingf ir and ir keep their supplies down b they have pledged to pump more, n less so who knowshow there n be a deal. anile, rus brazil, my ergy exper remember broughhim on, author othe best selli "domino effect" ports t ithe lf of xi oil pductn abt to sehis year over last yr cause of wls that e finay coming online but the heavy oil out of tho canadn tar sands,t's now flowinin e states. unbelievable. thcosto ing at gunk in from uthere the mket,n nyasesft transrt s, they're sling t stuff oss of a couple of doars per barr. mean, me on,ou can't make
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on top of that, rm weatheras made it so natur gas can't get out of its own way. that addo producering ort capal whi is ho you can see m offering9 llion shes last nighat $18.75 four months ago stock was at $47. someone must be smelling a bargn because itially it w going to be milon ss. thcompany up siz the deal ane stock is stilloing ta rrific premium. it was up almost buck from the pricin y pricen oil deal low anthey wilme. vehessone ofur key xes ry, the lack of mergs and isitions seems to havbe checked by the second largest deaweaw last we. a chese company un aidfor inam hh ow, th looks likeupermarketh. that purchascomes on top of a hugeid for a, the home security company bthe value-seing apollo. en, yodot get cole bids for $6 an of thin r and not think somethg has
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is earnis peod tyou n ta a good hard look and ma bing gin th s of the plback? i am enamod of mcdald's reoff a $1.40 turn today. that right, that finally has ll has k. why not? why not buy this onen? the turn, it is r real and the weaker dollar could only help things. last wk, burger kingir all cylinderbut weiscored la nig buthat coitor ck-ie-box is fng the d's marketing. the way, i am as furiouat jack-in-the-box as i am appreciati of panera.beuse e foer orpromised
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overlivered. ck off 12 bucks and change today. trulhurts,speciallmy charable trustght in the mament and wrong reassurancut panera has made up it you can lrnf you follow alongitmy web site where i play with an open handilled botjack a d nera ecstasy.let's inudpanerareadn the mix of stos we want to b here it's dn alst s smacker that why it's a slighto see themoingowerno onever says it'greagsoing lower you missed tso we'rgetting chances here same gfooroxthat w wn $. we jt spoke to the ceo of that la good quarter, rememwhen we were in svice? remd uss is g and l costs are coming dn. in the meantime, remember, clorox the is the only large cap
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thatad the foright tdih nezuela,iteral gave up o the plak yoformer o. what bllia and gutsy decision. congtulaons. w much dyou ho comes down? a wee lile bit here? it was only down three cents with the nasdaq wn a full percen is company reported an azingly strong quarter, now it's 15 dl a year buy ck and reducethe dividend that it elds 33% yo gngo be long term , sc maybe thdeclinallows you to get tooneywellnd 3m. e ttearly 57 istill waoff s $1 b it dng remarkable job. honeywell poct change fro s $107 peak.why it doell? e ason is at is benetting fr what truly is a bu aospacele. ad been written off by a lot of people. 's beingout by investors who wa knowing to doith bong and its alleg accounting issues. u know my dictum, accounng irregularities equals sell and while i know this principle has kept me out of terrific opportunities for whatould be
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more than let me make mone whcus on the two? 3m and honeywellave been hammed by a stng dollar. en as oughy'veotte mu rht. theiearngs could getail windteadf a ad wind if the dollar stays oa weaker . by no am i slating g ich is 3% yield but any break oil wilw you to buy at $tock at 8. am ieing pen-wise? sticking wh the hope for downturn that has haened so gularlr thish of a ba-burning rally. i say buy, buy, y, theit's sell, sell, sell. how abouwhe wave fds? remember that old frnd. it had been ought down ba competitor as we as woy that natural fo is going out of style. but this repor
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the robust results. i love what david sa, dr. aggiabout ea well. whe wawhitve is tingl. e mpy affirmedhe numbs it ge t week while admiing it hast tt cha ght t. ink means it's pure upside genowuch tt and chper plant-based milk would beersus the kind that comes cows living in a highly polluted eirment cowwe mask there ? how do theeat?th mostly sit d eat. yw, here's theotne w atheal is peri ou somoprtunitiear going start knocking. instead of saying darn it, i ssed it, rememr these three-day bursts like wee just d tendo beollowed by multiday decnes despit terrific improvements in the actualconomibackdr. soet ready andet t bad mes ro- at least when it meto stock prices as we let thbetteres roll with the fundamenta.
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southern cifornia. >> excellent. >>aller: >> calle jim, thanks for taking my call. d like i'd like your opin vens. in 201the reportg they did ov $biion in acquisit ahistorical low inrestates theirrofits were uby 15%. based onir earnings report, what ee should we knowjim? >> you kw, ictually -- i don'usually talkbout hi-the-sces ufbui sen e-il tmy staff yi we have to get b back on, she'the fabulous ceond chf the company and thers been aost of wngr as ifetad isbout to ha and i think the d of her, i wrote about hein "t rich carully." ll be the one i trust, not analysts so deb me bactohe sh. how about matt in florida.
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>> caller: booya how you doing,mer?>>eal we, how abouyo pane cal fine anks, i' beatchinyou r a long meiate the entsiasm only youan pvide. >> thankou. >> calle my estion ion ultaalon. i'm a longm shareholder. ur interview witry dillon several years ago and was soress by hethat i bo shares and i'veeen hog er since day prscience int o with sthg agar i guess,esearch port, kind of scaing thstoc iwas down% at t low and recered meon i'll let you tk, but what do you think abt ulta long rm. aw t i'nehe i don't ha accs to theeport, i have access tohe earnings ulta hahad theye been tacular but i'm be remiss to smiss the rt havinnot seent so'll the ople sd it to me so i calearn what they dot like about ulta,
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i want you tbe optimistic, roll up your slees and go to work. on mad tonht, thamusement pa operator stk is on rise are u ta enough to get on thide? geready for eat advee when i speak witthceo of six ags. then aiance state is the company behind the curtain of so many of your favorite retailer but its shar he be ythi but loy lately. happened? don't miss parone of my se and fall series. >>it it's gar day.
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i wa what he has. hrtes-3buthe n l di fmmered krill oil. unke fish oil,absorbed by your body. med. e dien is easyo abrb wa i want consistency and yid. i suggest you think about six s. here's a here company that is t largest eme park operatoin e nation and it's noonger just a summer stor
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earned two cents a share whe wall street was lookg for a three cent loss. rees were up 18% year over year. six flag six ags saw a 22% crease in attendance. that'suge atse levels stock gives you a 4.5% yield. th's why we want to k in with jim reid-anderson, o and to be executive chairman and cfo and incoming ceo johffy. mr. reid-anderson welcback and lcome tomad mone" >> thank you, ji >> i donto bury the . the last thing you had to say on your confence calls,be i remain one of the top investors in the companyi'm confident our talented team will deliver tremendous results" and that you have had an eight-fold increase since the day you started. so congratulions. thank you, jim. >> and you will betaying on and sthave an office and be able to help joh not that u need it but you' be. >> there johneeds very ltle helphe's an amazing executive. i am staying on,l be the
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on bigger strategic issu, including governance of the mpany d mna anarealike that. have to tell youji after our xth record year and we're t up for what i think will be a senth record, this ia greatime to be ae to hand over leadership to an azing person john duffy and marshall barber who will step up as cfo. >> we' go to you, yohaa great moment on the conference callyou said when we wer lking abt how the company does, it's not just july and august, you re answering one question, you said i hado sit great adventure during holiday in the park. it was 30 degrees anthe park was cked. how is that possible? >> we've made substantial vestments in both our fright fest offering octer and our holidain tark offengs in dember. d, jim, at's one of the reons why, y know, now if you ink about the foth arter,ears ago it usedo part of the season. now 's a major contribor to our financial performae.
3:17 am
gerated a loss and now we just generated $62 million with five million in attendance whh ughly 20% of our overall attendance for theear. so it's been a great performance and continue to invesin both tse francs, particularly iholiday in the parkhere we'll open it to even more parks going forrd. >> now, e compy is more levered at this point toour past but also to new rides and your excellent presentatn, sts coming in 2016six flags new england, theall seem to have a refrher that ive exciting stuff at's the furum of your numbers. >> that's absolutely correct. for us it's all t innovation and having something new and exciting tt you can go out and market at evy single one of ouparks and that's what -- the strategy we put in place for a few years now d i can tell y y that 2015 was a phenomenal yea in terms of our new produc offerings t 2016 iour best yet. aatr fact, it's the be product lineup that w had in a decade. >> is th
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scariest? the most difficult? because i know thae on i've been onre sscy but may kids don't regard themhat wa ithe twist? some a for lite kids >> it's a balance. it's some very exciting roer coaste, thrill rides but also familyides. so for us it's a ne balanc betwee you know, 5 of our attendance is ens d 50% is mies. we nt to make sure ittays balancso we continue tkeep guestsappy and coming back to the park. >>ouam >> you came with thea of the pass which gives you the great cash flow and th also leads toome more spendg in in the parks, these are going in e rit diction. >>hey e abluly gngn thrighdiction. weseen tmeous grow in ouactive pass base, both
3:19 am
john was proudly t everyone that is mninghat our active pass base w up 26% year en ve strong, buildg the history, jim. >> definely tr. , you've made aut it, although younoi el herwise, thait's a py on cheap gasoline. athe same time, yoare 80 mis from my house ani know that if it cos half asuch to get there, i can spe more when i t tohear so there'sious a spare chan prospec it's not what you base the sto on, ough >> that'correct. we've look at histic dat arou gas tnds angas pric d thcorrelatn wi attean and approxitely 80% of our attendanccomes from within 1 miles of r park. buimyou're absolely righ it puts more m in people's pocket so wheny come to the park they'reendi a lite bit more and that's obviousl helped us in of our -- the guest spendingithithe rk.
3:20 am
fall and winr. w d you know it would rk en iirsteard about it i said, geez, it's chilly d cold, i don't know if i wanto do it. how did yokn? >>n many cases, it's aatr of belief anthink we have the best team in the iustr m, andhere was a strong vi th we d a anche in fr fest, which is the haoween ent, that we could build on and we have gon through the roof there. and e view wcould tat fuher using our actives to be able to expand into liday inhe pk christmas events. that h bn amazing, just amazing itill continue t gr, i feel very strongly abt. >>hat i want to congratulate you onhe incdie run you' had. jo, i wi you the best,ou kn i care emdous abo whatouave done. that's jim reid-andersonsix flag's ceo, now nameexecute chai, anjohnuffycf incoming c.
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let's end this.,,,,,,,, ks a ks are now well off ei
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many of which were set in th firshalf of 2015. th downturn hafectivel brokenformerly enticin owth stockthat were so love so how bad has thearnagen adividual company level? over theext cole weeks w plan to lo at thmost nle risend fall narratives of the present moment stocks tt had ared, so higher only be viously crusd and mbled by the recent selloff. an we're talking about broken stock it's worth starting with alliance da systems, ads. the company that w behind the scenr credit cards th cusze mketing loyty programs foretairs. foyears ai les data systems was thmaet's golden y, the company could seemingly doo wrong with classic grow sto that st kept roaring inexorably higher. frhe beginning of 2009
3:25 am
astoundi 570% rall it start tradingideways then pulled back. the was a f period last fall wheret seemed the stock had found itfoing but by some time before 2016 gan, wellthe darn thing just collapse including an epic 2 decline in a single sessiojust last month andlle data has w fallen fm 276 at t end dembe to $1of y. that's less thanwo mths later. so what went wrong here? ta syste, adttedly n as citing as the decline and fall we need to understanwhat made th stock a pennial wner in the fit place before evythingl art. t's start withhee of allice data ems.
3:26 am
bewith the company's appoen its current ceo who has ben thow. this was during the depths of thgreat recession. this guyaw an incredible peri ogr for alliance as reilers embr the loyalty card model idroves. ey also made a serof smart acquisitions in 2011 and 2012 ginghem more exposure to prive lal critdsbig growth indtry. all , th leda peod ofcceleratedrowth or arg, for alliae data.d ney mars can't enough of stocks witarg. fast forwardo 2014, the coy made a pr of acquisitnst street was initially bullisabout, buying b loyalty and mor impoant nversant, an adveising technology company e of 2014 the wisdom was that alliance would have rip roarg growth for a long me toome, espially en the
3:27 am
for 2015. management forect a tremdous 25% revenue growth. wow,he mket loved that by the time begot to february of last year, alliancdataas ving theirorecast ta lower. but on becse of currency ises relato e per eaking strong dollar and at the time companies wergivea pass right at that moment for currency-related weakness. by the te we get talli data's peak last april, things still looked pretty rnood for these guys very strong first quarteand even though the valuation was getting a noseleed around 20 times eaing there sily wasn't mucto wor about aoc the stocks stall out and traded sideways basilly from may rough july. sounded ke a consolidation move, ght? if youant to intife mont whe fal alliance data began, it last july when the company reportts second-quarte relts. e numbs were solid. en thougadssed wl street's revenue estimates, they delived nicearnings. what really killedhe stock was the fahat thguidan was mixe management gave you a pretty pessimistic the fourth quarter,
3:28 am
d ile th is the smallest of the three maybe divisions othese other seents were doing fine. but it was a shockindecline. thstocks spenthe next couple of monthin purgatoryn part because all thin growth out of style, that was in august september. buthen ty reunded alg witho many o uart ny analysts defend the name but when the company rorted agn in october the results were str were saight up positivand even though guan for 2016 came in below wh investors we loong for, wasn't d enough tdeil the bulsh naative. but ter peaking ain in early november, alliance data etty much spent the resof 201
3:29 am
endinghe year $275, which brings us to 2016. ring seconhalf olast year, we started to sethe cracksppeahe story, t by the time the new ar rolled around, the barbarians werat the gates and the fall of allice data syems was uly atand. when6 began, the stoell about 10% the first four weeks along with the gup sello with the rest of thear th the company rorted the d of janry and while t results we mixed, they weren't awful. however, what's re important guidance and e guidan for the next quaer was particularly weak and the guidce iat matters here which is how alliance data could se an tounding 19.4% of its value in sgle session. erhe next o weeks, the ock sank another 10%. now that was a pretty extrem mo. but let'coer some of the cos, firstwhen ance data sses renue projections, that resultedn a fourear revenue miss for 2015. in other, the coy missed numbers that had been fosting since february of last year, uh-, we don't like that. fuher morethe revee grth for 2015e in at 21%, that sodsood, right? it was deceleration whatrom what we saw thyear before. remember mey managers loved alan da for its
3:30 am
lee, too at thit, alliance da h deloped a t aredibili probwhh makes hder r vestors to believe t company'emingly sofull year for year forecast for 2016. manage is sahey exct to earn $17 thiseath'ln .83 in the firstuarter. thatorks o if you do the arithmetic to 5.32f you analiz it's hard to ke that forecast on fait as the guidance represes a rerati down 10 .8% growth. atak it differenkind of story it n't a high-growth or so where do weo gorohe? that'shamatts in "ma money," that's what matters in crameric k me roaring back, dung the rally over the previous threeays up anher 2%the ws today, justodaythat alle ubleits ybacby $500 million, tt's 12% of i maetap. noi'm intrigued.
3:31 am
like iusedo be, the rent weakness needs to viewed as abuying otuniesally since the compwiin there buyitock with u. ev though the owth has slowedthfact is allian data tdes at jt ten tis ear's earnings estimates, i wod pay ten timeeaings for a company with 10% growt evenf you beeve management s coletely lost much oits credibily and thguidan for 16 ihot. i'm telling u, the stock is's the bottom line matter how cheap allta getsthough, if this market goesacto growtstocks and it will te aiance ta, too, bearefulverthe, the mpany enefng fa hostmaselar owthtrends liksebig data, customized marking hand 's too cheap to nore. this sto may have beened by the recent sellbue storhileot perct, is und gh to be worth investing ins los you remember to beatient aer a 20-point mup and buy ion e way down the rise and fall of alliance data. i like thiries.
3:32 am
jete. le >>aller: need somedve, m. you my gu abt palo alto networks it went down 7toy and ughly 20% the lastew i ca mbrer ask-to- r whato do and sai cand no reon ft so my , tee whetr i should hol buy, it, or should i jush? okay, tha for calli yougurui hope i live upto tha there wano doubt t is one of tse kind notes that said palo al't doing g i didn't know thresear firm. wepoke with e ceo when we re isan fransc the coany is doi well t the ma the rk doesn't like rtain hiwth stoc and tha one thatt esn't, either. wherwould you buy it? think you sahe right g, maye have to wait. i think the quarter ll be od, but you knowhat? rit now od quarters aren't enou to move gstuck. allian daytory i't completely over, it's noperfecbuit still sndli engh
3:33 am
down. the declinand the fall may ve finally gotten overdone. much more "mad mond. is it trash day already? waste manament has been cleaning up the town for decades.what's i wh's istore for the company's future i' talwith the ceo. apple is front and center on my stock screen, but maybe not for the asons u think. don't miss my take. a storis cing,our call rapid fire, tonight's edion of e lightning round so stick with cramer! i think we should've taken ale at the river. tarzan know where tarzan g rzan does noow where taan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where ewaterfall is? waterfall? no, me tza king of jungle. why don't you wa to ju ask somebody? if you're couple, yofighoverirections. it whayou do ifou want save fifteepeent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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we k we know the maet can be y toay volate, difcult even for the amazing threeay n that eed yesterday. that's why it's rth searchin for gh-quali stocks at shed us they couranscend the downward pull of the averages during the big sellf. which bricks mto one tha allynd that'waste management, . they're thrgestrash collecti recycli company in america. stk is up 9% since we spoke to the c of la jy in last year. no small ft, s&p00 is down waste management reported th morning the company missed on the top line but it did report a nice three-cent earnin on the bottom 68 centasis, plus t full-year guidance was very soliwae management give you 6.5% dividend boost, you know h ch we love t it's yields back to 3% because itaised the dividendot cause the stock went d stock is ls than a pointff its highs. can it keep imbing? let's lo les lookith david steiner, prent d ceo of waste management and learn more about the quarter and wherthe company is headed.
3:37 am
>> hi, jim, thanks f havin me. >> i thought thicall was really a quiessential stdy she goe it looks le that everything's kind of going your way in rms ofctual trash collection when it comes to industrial and constion. >> yeah, >> yeah, no doubt about it. you ow, we'rreally liking the eet spot wh the economy rit now. evything'slicking. we got the rig tinlace. got t right salespeople i ace. now if we caget help from thoscycled commodity markets evhing will clicking on alcynders. in the meaime,he rest of t business is performing wel >> one of the things you hav that most compans would love, you haa better -- labor orause freeing up by e oil patch tuly worked in your direction. >> no doubt about . anyonehat wants to pick up waste has toe a truck and a driver and, yoow, having the trk capital actuly fav thbigger companies that ha access tcapil but erne nes cess to those drivs and we'vrked hard to me
3:38 am
ng great benefits, by offeri great working conditions. we've tried to make getting -- being able to get drivs a competitivadntage and that's at's happening in this market. we're better able to g drivers than our competition and that lps us pick up more wae d grow the t line. >> i w >> i wt to tk about reclg. i ow a lot of e tual end uct is wr, but iother countries, you're in gerny, you recycle wrong, it's not ime buthnalties are so great that you recycleight when lk at the recycling, it seems like there two problems, one is that what you end up with is norths muchs it used to, but second, these contract, in our country you looat what's recycled, it goesnto a blueox a ts's trash all over the pla. if t if they mat that it was illegal touter bottles and certain bins, would u ve a good business? >> oh, a oh, absolutely no dbt aut it. that's wwe're working th
3:39 am
yoha wt u n ll the commodities r but onhe oer si, wh icosts colct it androce it. thmoasteha m in, e mot cos us ocesit. so i iour cuomers can lp us eep that gbage so easior us to pcess, it's eaper to processt anwe can do more cyclg beuse we can make it a profitab stand alone siness. so we're wking with custers to do just that. how can we get cleaner materls that can make ney for us ma money formers and be good for the ronment?ould >> wouldn'it te citation acturasholice,o tospeak, like they have, to me it so peopakit serisly? absolely. anit really is bigultural ift d there e some place in t unid stes whe they've ne tt. we'd le to s that done more often, what we call cye often but recye ink people wofavor that bause a lot of pe want to be good at thistuff. urn mep as being fabous for you.and t pe d thinkf urn asomet that ens in theaste business. so telers why it matters. >> se. well, u ow, every timee
3:40 am
prabilat comesthe bottom line. this tone replace that custo you haveal costs and different cos to bring omers on boao every me we can keep customer're making moneyn that custome we're reallyort of like an annuity policy with oucuomer moustors ataying wit usen to ten years eeping custers is pamount. do kp thh good servic that's w saw ts quarter. we had a 9churn rate, half of thats struural, comps gog out bess. but the 9%hurn rate is the lowest since 2002 anwe didn't use prices to keep those customers. our rollbacks improved in 2015. we'reeeng the customers in the right way, by providing cellt rvice. >> that may be one of secrets about y yove become so automatic in terms of these de bst >> yeah. well, you know, you ow, jim, at first and foremost we a a cash-generating machine an that's what we owe tour shareholders so we genered $1.41 biion cash in 2015.
3:41 am
$1.5 billion to $1.6 billion and in theast we've always said come heck or high water we'll genera 1.2 to $1.3ilon in cash. we now say uer any circumstances wee going to generate at least $1.4illion in free cash. that's a ne up for us a we hope totep itp even mor >> o lasquestion. i founcuris,'m fm pennsylvania origilly, tt you talkbo tnsportation costs, fl costdown mns ndfills can be further away. there were a lotf landlls near where i used to live. i guess w rk ldfill more expensive enhough yon a t of them rsus whef u haveer fuel costyou take them to someplace cheaper? >> yea so when you're getting r of waste there's two costs,he cost to diat the landfill d the and thco to get it to the landfill as the price to gett to landfi goes do, you know, 're le to movet further distans, we haen thave the
3:42 am
entire country and so asuel pres come down it allows us to retcout that lanl stem so definity good us and, u know, ously as a transportaon comnyow fuel is good and en aan amecan buness low fuel prices a good for the american econy. now, look, there's a bigger segment than there used to b where 's n gd, the energy segment, we' located in hoton so you can see some of that but orall lowuel prices loof meyntthe consums' pockets in the unit states and long-te thas go for the united states. >> wl, y'vbe csistt, your stock h done buloly, i know a lot of people he bought it off of how cyou ma the story. davisteiner, president and ceo of waste management, tnk you mucfor ming back on "mad money." >> thankou, jim. >> hone of the stocks you hope goes down so you n buy . 's sistentt is le ocork. love tt, "mamone is back afr the break. .
3:43 am
to learnbo medicare, the optiyohaveyou see, micare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medic expenses. the rest is up to you. if 65ar torner,think about an rpedare ppmeinrance , insud by unidheahc inrae coany.kell snddid di supplensuranla p covesome at micdon'pacod sa y out-ofoct mecal costs. ait. call to requesyo fe ci g. and ther infortiow hp yochoosen later. thess of plans let you pi any dtor hospil th tak medi patients. aners a rangof plans to c dependin youeeds d your bt. if yourni5 so ca now grted cause e o abtorr.iy.
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3:45 am
's >>ite lightng round. are u rey? time for the lng round. let's start with david in il.
3:46 am
general, b, ho or claim? >> iike amgen. 's political situation wre everybhates bi, nohang on th. joel in north carolijo? >> caller: a big booyah. i want tknow what your thoughts are on lpl financial. >> i he to lk into them n. when i see that 5% yield on a techlogy cpa dt cone let me do some home work. bob inontana, bo yo, robertat'sp? caller: booyah fromontana. >> ne. cler: my stock is cell x therapcs. >> thehave ten ts e e sh 's incrediblif y wt lika speculive stock, t probab aood one toet started righheheve kill celex. lego tgenen essee,
3:47 am
show. got oma health carors, soncer i aconeabouth healthare reate vestment trustth've been king dn, i need mo information on what e ce cos on was eaking with a real estate investment trust say ing careful heth care trustsi haveo be carul t's tsen florida. se. >> cler: byah, jim, om the sune sta a thanks to and your staff minus collectily bils. >> w trying. w, that's ni. >>aller: thankouyou and ur s. my stock tay is novemberlpha tao, norc american transpt. >>k, the stock droed too ch aft that quarr which s a d arter,t es yid. has a nice high yield of 13 anwe h thewnern cnbc a told a good storyut ithe d thiswild rider.yield is good cause beustheris a demand fo hinkers.
3:48 am
linda? >> calle >> caller: love the show. >>hank. >>ler: t. >> we're not recnding any neryck period, of story. da in lino. davi >> caller: jim, oyah from chicag >>xcellent. >> love you, love th i'veeefoing you since forever. yobeing the michael jordanf wall street, i know you've been bullish in november and december and i just wted to see what is your recommeas of thes prices. >> iasig fbit, i told u getn,old you g out d told youo t back in again and i haveeen dead wrong but i think when fit f repts will be good quter d mes rk won'tet udo. dr. daviaggis agre. and at is e conclusion of the lightning round!
3:49 am
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he morkn does esal matr l of a sudd thiss a market that has endlesdiain for low-valu stocks. its mantra has been sure, su ey're eap, bo what? hower, the market's sudden noying that ymore. take, for example, the ch-maligd airlines. the stocks have been selling at price-to-eags mples that are equalent of roughly
3:52 am
stk. now, it is is true eacine has ises, southwest might be . week steve holmes, the ceo ofindham wldwide td us his texas business is in severe decline because of the crash i oiand s. but southwing fabulously, delta anamica have the zika viruand strong dollar goin against em but people are willi to overlook the negives now that it ses oil wiy wer longer, we have beenhe russia/saudi promise not to pump more o if iran andraq agree limit production. i don'think e latter two ll play ball which makes the airlines aood behe giv that jet fuel is the bge expens eecllnow that the dollar igettweaker. i like the gup here. i ow youon't want toear about cummin amerson, two deep cyclicals that seem thave caug a btom in orders. but bo are startinto talk
3:53 am
ch ys around 4%, i like th. yes cuhas llied buif i'm rit about an impending llback, this engine maker could be a value play. cummins traded $49 higr a little more than a year ago. i woulca emerson the deepest of values that are of od instrials because it's bn beaten down for ages. i look amohlorders and th seem toave beeak forever bunuary orders came out day down 5% 10% n't givep, thas an improvement from the0% to 15% decline inecembed that's an harbingerf go sing from a stockhat'rebounded from $41o $48. emerson down om62 at the highs. anlet ive you one other value play tt is front a center on my radeen. ape! ape at $96wn $1.86 got hred. it trades just n tis earngs. thcompany just aounced a $ lln ndeaomofhich
3:54 am
theame time its apple pay feature went live is mni in c whe electnic payments are far more evt an he. know peoe have been sed on the rock d rd place that tim cook the c finds hse invethencrypti iue doese betr h clien to stop terrist acts or stick t his gs have promised privacy is a hallmark of the company's sic existence. ? let the court decide.u do but u don'need tto member that ap gting $3biion in svice sales a ar a if u chyour reguplbillas do, it's a fasgrowing revenue reminds me ocable. yeah, th'sheonsistent service dreath everyon wabut it's jusnot talk out ougho i'm talkin abt it i t it bomesuge rt of the company's busiss in no me and it's not reflected the stock. i meion apple todabeca s ludoppelgang ibm caugn upgrade from morn stanley and soared on a hold to y moren 5%. even th a loof tecwas down today.
3:55 am
more higy an apple because everyone is so woredbout apple's current cell pho sales. mean, that insane. iverse sulibm be getting a hier price--engpullhan ape. t's not forg authe ip 7t e ceof rin, the ceo of t-mobile told me they are so excited abt. how about the incredible gns apple coulha if e dollar has ed? lieno itconferce cal otth ibmno cpany i foow heen hurt the sur strong greck. if i can rly big, whatld happen if one of these newfound bears on apple chang hisin vae ising a comeback. the's finally sorgency reoc tt have been veatedith, y che but so what? wenow g replaced by yeah, cheap, so geit before it'sot. that'shat may be hning in this mart sdey aves
3:56 am
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3:58 am
i likeo say thers always a bull market meere ani omise to try to ifor you mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow! it's fray, februar 19th coming uon "earlday." 'smp versusope francis. ashe pontiff critized those who build wallinstead of bridges. theonald shot back. for a religious leadero question a person's fai is sgracefu >> jandhe democrac got spif ahead of vada clinton promises immigtion refo iher first 100 days. and in fact, gria steinm eryone kwshe's onef the leading feminis o america, made me anonorary wom my years ago.
3:59 am
withiv pagers. > and fair fight feud. > and ellenegeneresnd a jamba jamba e ript. an battlingheements. "ear taystts rhtnow. > d just when youhink yove seen it a in the 2016 esidential ce something new. crital comment fropope francis dond trump's boarde wal propal, proving again there may beo one and nothing theonald w't te on nbc's katy tur hashe report.>> reporter: donald trump proving the is no thing and no one tooacredor his politica poticapocal i ier ie
4:00 am
a person who only think about buildi walls wherever theyay be and not buildingridges is not christian, he told reporters. just hoursearlier, the ponti was praying ang the mexican si of that vy bord. but e the pope wouldn't s who catholics shoulote for, donald trueclared tha his holiness suld pray its m. if andhen tatican i attacked by isis, i can promiseio apromise you that the pope uld he only wished andraye tha donald trump would have been esident. >> repter: anoer day, anotr controversy but sll no ear break inisppt. >> i think he has to respond. the pe'somingt hi >> donald trumps a good christian ristia as is the pope. reporter: south carolina is known for its religis bloc


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