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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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winds lihis. he belies one tremely rong gust shattered the slidinglass doors on t fro of s sh. "welit jt happened so quick. we just dn't know what ppen. i me it was ju boom, a of a sudden. gust of nd. i didn't see any rocks o anything that went through t windows or anything." a lot of sma shops had to put up signs saying they were closing early becausof power outages and wi damage. weant tonow what it looks like in your neighborhoo... send us your pictures. you capost them on our fabook pe-- koaa 5 or e tm to my-pics@koaa- docom. and course, we' continuto ack thlatest cditions and g youptes air and online at koaa-dot-com. reporting live icorado
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fifighterscross e region are dealinwi the winds -- that hampered their efforts to put out hotspots. overnight -- crews near the "lincoln county community of puin cen contained wildfire thastarted last night. this is our rst ok at that fire.. the shiff's officet thishoto.. also sayinthe blaze kely started by a carelessly tossed cigarette. no homes we lost... and the fire is contained. more than 120 people.. including fireghte from el paso county, falcon, hanovernd tri-kes respond. right now... refiters are mopping up t ots from another fire that startein fremo cnty. it started near an ag faci east of mackenzie avenue and highy . firefighters say twenty acres were burned in yesterday's fire... buno buildgs were damage the cause is still unknown this morning. also under investigation this morning... brush fire in pueb west. the cause stundetermined but
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yestday's fire from spreading to homes. the four acre fire did getdangersly close to two hoes. thmeouldn't be said for a fire irtheastern colorado. one structuranhundreds of acs burned in weldounty. multiple agencierespondeas the wind whipped the flames quickly through the dry grass. no injures and no word on a cause. the high winds are ao slowg repair work in gleood canywhere crewe working toix the road after if was heavily mageby a rock sle ea this week. c-dot fials say i-70 will likely remain cled at least until rrow.. mitigation work continues at the sce. but the highinds yteay delayed crewfor several hours. c-dot says the wind is also causing moreocks to shift.. and crews are working to addre that issue befe reening the interstate. we're so learnthe state may decle an erg to help pay for the cost of repa.
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ti now for wther andic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. recordigh temperatures were attereyesterda colorado springs warmed to 73, breaking the previous record of 66. pueblo warmed to 81, breaking the prevus record 73. pueblo ao broke the rerd for the all ti warmest day in the month of february. those recordighs came on a day when the wind was howling. wind gusts along i-25 were in the 500 h range. highs evations west of-25, especially along the w mounins, clocked wind gusts in the 80-90 mph range. wind is beginning to subside, but we're stl clocki gusts ov 30 mph early th morning. the wind will continue easing thugh 10 am. it can sy a littleore brisk in the hillwe o25, but otherwise we're dropping back to a 10-20 mph this ternoon. the wind is keing the lower atmosphere stirred up enough at theempetures are stayg up. ermoter readings ts morning are in t 40s and 50s
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today mes with more sun and leinthan yesrday. expect warming from 7 am through 10 am from the 3 and 40s to thlower and middle 50s. noon will be nearing0 in colorado springs with sunshine. temperatures will be in the mi60s arnd pueblo and caon ci. through 2 pm, we will wa into the and before cooling through the s this eveni and intohe 40sy 10 pm. ha the jacket ndy if you plan to go out this evening. you may not ne it early, but you will probably ed ilater. weather this weekend lks great if you want to get outde. saturday will be mostly suy and mi with highin the 60s. sunday wl be cooler with more clouds.
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today... testimony continues in the trial of a longmont woman accused of cutting a stranger's unborn baby from her womb. acrding to surgeon. the victim, michelle wilkins probably lost more than half of her blood aftethe tack wilkins survived... t her baby did not. prosecutorsay the suec dynel lane was obsessed with pregnancy and ut being pregnant.
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r baby clothes. ne has plead not guilty to chars of attempted first de mr, aaultnd unlawfulermination of a prnay. today... clses at the "patrt learning center" in district 49 will go oas scheduled... despite an anonymoip about a possible threat happening today. a districtpokespern says -- the all clear was ven after the el po county sheriff's finvestigated the thre -- th was reported anonymouy rough "safe-2- tell". however there will be enhanced security -- and sheriff's deputies on campus today. meanwhile.... colorado springs police are investigating a bomb threat at rockri elementary school. it happened sterday rning... police say they didn't fd any explosives---but the school was told to "shelter in ace" while they iestigated. ill no word today onhat arked that threat. still ea..
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camera....we have thlatest on the cts who we ied in e crash... plus. the b-i continues their search for answers surrounding accused sabernardino soter "syed farook" y his relatives are now caught
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ve you seen this csh landing caught on camera in hawaii? this morning we know a 16-year- old boy who was in the chopper at the time --s inritil condion. the pilot anthree otr people on board were also rushed t hpil. the licopter went down yesterday near the u-s-s azona merial -stands jumped into the wateto help pu people om
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before first responds and the coast guard arrived. today investigators are still trying to figureut why the chopper wentown... as the f-b is orring apple to help emack into the i-phone -- of accused san bernardino shooter "syed farook"... the investigation is als leading to fark's relatives. yesterday the fbi seched his brotr's house in corona for the second time. agents cried out box.. and a computer. they also searched thewo cars rked out front.. offials would not scuss the nature of the search -- only saying thewere looking for even- ashe oning inveig toda.. e so-cled "affluenza tn" willppear in tas courtroom to learn whether his seill beoved to adul court. ethacouch has been in juvenile facility since his extradition back to the u-sast month... after uch and his mother fled to mexafter he vlated his probation. if a judge decid to move the case to adult court, and he
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cod be sento prison. as we've beereporting when uch 16- he pad guilty to driving drunk and causing a crash at killed four people. the city of flint, michigan will be receiving mti-million dollar grant to help with the city's ongoing water csi the gornor omichiganays two-milliodollars will be approvedorhe flint mayor's "fast stt"lan to begin reving pipes. goveornyder says theipe movaneeds toe "mapped out" before ibegins e mayor says she wants to start training workers for the pipe remov proce next week. today... justice antonin scalia's body will lie in repose in the great hall -- of the supreme court building. a private ceremony will be held before the public is invited to pay their respects. as we told you earlier thi ek... a black drapis also hung over the courtroom door scalia's
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bencitself. the funeral is expecte be heldomorro time now for weather traffic onhe 5s. meteorologist stepn bowerss here now with first ert 5. cordigh temperatures were shattered yesterday. colorado springs warmed to3, breakinghe previous record of 66. pueblo warmed to 81, breaking the prevus recorof 73. lo alsbroke threcord for the all time warmest day in e nth of fruary. those reco highs came on a day when the wind was howling. nd gusts ang i-25 were in th50-60 mph rae. highelevations west of i-25, escially along the wet mountains, clocked wind gusts in the 80-90 mph range. wind ibeginning to subside, but we're still ocking gts over 30 mph early this morning. the wind will continue easing through 10 am. it can stay a litt more brisk up in the hills westf 25, but othee we're ping back to a 10-20 mph this afrn thnd ikeeping the lower atmosphere stied up enough th the temratures ar staying up. thmoter adings ts morng are in the 40s and 5 with 30s in thhilevations. today comes wiore sun an less wind than yesterday. expect warming from 7 am throu am from the 30s a0s to
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noon will be nearing 60 in colorado springs with nshine. temperures will be in the mid-60arnd pueblo and on city. thugh 2 pm, we will warm into the 60s and 70s before cooling through the 50s this eve and into the 40sy 10 pm. ha the jacket handy you plan to go out this evening. you y noneed it early, but you will pbably need it later. weather th weendooks great you wanto get outsi. saturday will beostly sunn and mild with highs in the 60s. sunday will be cooler with more
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aook at this... a nasty crash on t race track during last night'can-am duels... the alifying racest dayton on the final lap.. jamimcmurray... and jimmy joson ge together... causing a chain reaction... that collects kurt busch -- tt kensh -- aallmendinger- and martinruex junior... all ivers invoed are-k...
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whh mes it time ul out the back up ca... thdayta 500 runs sunda in this morning's eltion watch... donald trump is sponding to pope francis' criticism of t presidential candidate's view on building aalalg the southern u-s border. yesterday the pontiff told ports that a pn who thinks about buildg walls and not bridges is not a christian.. trump fired back during st night's wnhall in south caroli... calling sgracefu to estionis faith. trump: and he al talked out ving wall is not christian d he's got an awfully big at the vatican, i willell you. it'gonna be an interesting -- how -- how's he... cooper: but pele do come and go throu theatican, d it en to to. trp:nd tre gon com and go throughhe wall. i mean -- u kn, but theye nna come and go gally. trump says he "doesn't like ghting the pope" and heelieves the media made the pontiff's initiacomments
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withevada's caucuses and south carolina'smary just one y away, demoat candidates hillarclinton anbernie sanders are working to win minority vors in last ght's town hl meeting in las vegas one of the biest issues discussed w immigratn. sanders said it a top priori and he wanted to "unite milies and not to divide them." ton also vowed -o make producing an immigrationefor bill - a top priority of her idency. voters in nevada will take part in thefirst caucusthe west on saturday. still ahd... a woman makes a surprising diery in a can of green beans oking dinner... we'lte y wt's not
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welcome back. right now you're taking a live look froour pueblo sdio... you can e the stng winds are whipping the american flag around! we have more live updas on the conditions outsideominup in our nexhour.... in other news... po francis says he is willing to relax the church's opposition to artificial birth corol... to help leen t sead of the zikairus. flying home from mexico,he pe said that "avoiding pregnancy -- is not an absolute evil." as we've been reporting... the explosion ofika in latin amera is leading some governnts to urge women avoid gettg prnant... as the virus has been linked to
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in london... police are looking for the two thieves who pled a man in a chokehd unl he passed t in order to steal his gold rolex watch! the entire crime was caughon security camas at the van rental shop where it happed. you can see the vtim tries to fight off the thieves... but isot successfu once he's subdued the robb snatch theatch of his ist and take off. policeay the watch is worth about 21-thousand 500-dollars! list to this. a ahom mak aissting discery in a can of greenea... shfound snake headhen she opened up the can! she says shehoughtt was burnt bean at fit... but shtly after realized what it really w. she contacted the manufacturer, "westernamily," and cans are already bei
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ght theycoting trbaort etnewhatocatiohat specificot of green beans went . by tigert the miami zoo wi final get to in his moth after passing the all important swimming test! z officialneeded to make sure the sumatr tiger cub name"satu" wou be able swiou tt in ths exbi--heere to fall in it soere's theyidt --he staff rew to t dp en.. to see whahaened! ck.. lile su didn need lpnd was ableo pale hself toafet he'lbeniishes
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time now weather and traff on t 5s. meteorologist hen bowers is here nith first alert rd high temperatures wer shatred yesterday. colorado springs warmed to 73, breaking the previous rd of 66. pueblo warmeto 81, breaking the previoecord of 73. pueblo also brokthe record for the all time warmest dayn the moof febar those reco highs came on aay wh t wind was hoing. wind gusts ang-25 were in the 50-60 mph range. s evations wes i-25, especily ang the wet mountas, clock wd gusts in the 80-90 mprang wind is beginnto subside, but we'rstill clocking gusts over 30 mph rlis morning. the wind will continue easing through 10 am. itan stay a lile me brisk up in e his west of i-25, but otherwise 're opping ba to a 10mph this aftern the wind is keeping the lower atsphere stirred up enough th the temrature sting thermometereadgs ts morning e in the 4 and 50s with0s in the high evatis. today comes with more sun and less wind thanesrday. pe warming fm tou
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noon will be nearing 60 in colorado springs with sunshine. temperatures w in mid-60s around pueblo and caon city. through 2 pm, we will warm into the 60an70s fo cling through the 50thisvening a into the 40s by 10 pm. ll it just happened souick. we just didn't know wh happed.
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well it just happened quick. we just dn't know wh happened. i mean it was justoom,ll of a sudden. shatred windows... knocked out por line.. and broken tre... the's wind damage all across southernolorado... we have a livepdate cong up... ighbors ouedr the strong smell of marijuana... t the meowners who are growing it. are well within their rights! what the marijuana task rce is doing to cb prlem. we're still windy, and the win is keepinghe temperatures om goingolder than 40s and 50s. high elevations are repoing 30 today will unseasonably warm again, but we are not looking to break more recor as we did yesterday. the windl gradually subse th mning. his will be in the 60s a 70s. your look aheathugh this ekend is coming up in weather & traffic on the 5's. good morning, thanks for joining
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'sebruary 19th... i'm shelleneockrell. and i'm ira cronin. 's a first alert weather day-- with strong winds-- howling acro southern corado right now. na of wind thiss what it looked like outse our h avenue studios pueo around 2 this morning.this is new vio showing one of our rkg lot sis-whipping in the wind. daylight will denitely bring a new look at the damage the wind left behind. ws's joanna wisein codo springs-- where utility crewwork to restore power to one neighbhood overnight. strong wds proveto b stivacsshe pikes peak rion and up ute pass. we found wind damage along highway 24...
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trucks. the wi also ocked out power to stoplights at multip intersection onhe highway. thowner of the "wines of colorado" shop says he's bn ere for 18 yea... and 's never expienced wis like ts. he believes one exemely strong gust shaered the sliding glass dos on the front of s shop. "well it jt pped so ic we just didn't know what ppened. i mean it was just boo all of a sudden. gustf wind i didn't s anyocks or anything thawent through the windows or anything." a lot ofll shops had to put up sig saying theyere cling eay because of pow tages anwind damage. we want to know wh it lo like in your neiborhood.... se us your picres. you can m o cebo paa 5


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