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tv   Today  NBC  February 19, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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primary south carina. as willie mentiod, this electionas taken another straist, with this bk and forth between donald trump and thpope. we wiltalk to mr. trump live in a momen we want to begin our dision 2016 coveragis mor with nbc national corresponnt peter alexander. good morning. >> sannah, good morning to you. uth carolina, of course, famousor a good spirited debate. the ghting has gone from rpsing to surrea here's whe thingstand t republican sid you can sethe race is tining. donald trump, rdg to t new nbc news/wall street journal poll outhis rning, up fi points or ted cruz. down to a 16oint aantage he had one month ag mao rubio and jeb bush in a statistical tifor third. >> reporter: donald trump now diffusing what began as a holy war of words. >> don't like fighting wit the pope. i think he's doing a very good b. the pope is a nderl guy. >> reporter: the donald versus
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>> for a religious lear to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >>eporter: pe francis afte praying on the man side of e u.s. borr responded by challenging threpublicanront runner's proposal to bui a wall. a rson who thinkonly aut budi wallsnd not bridges, his holiness told reporters, is t christian. trump arguing e pope woulde blesto have hiin the white house. >>f and when theatican is attackedy isis, which as everyone knows, is isis' ultimate trophy, i canmise you thathe pope will have only wished and pyed that donald trump would have been president. reporter: a top tru aide tweeting this picture, showing vatican city surrounded by walls. hhas a g wall at the vatican. >> reporter: trump is also facinguestns over 2002
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the bilonaire sd he sports the war in ir,espite the recent claims th he opposed it. >> are you for invading iraq? yeah, i guesso. , you know, i wish iwas -- i wish the first time, it was done correctly. >> reporter:e tried to clarify s remarks. >> probably the first time anybody asked me that estion. by the time the war started, i was against the war. >> reporter: for allhe campaign season's nastiness, emotional moments, too. >> would hope in the lord and in my friends, and now i found n my presideiacandide that i support. i'd really appreate one of oshugs you've been talki abt. [ applause ] >> reporter: like john kasic comforti a suprter struggli struggling with personal hardship and depression. >> a powerful and movingoment there. hours 24 hourso go nooom foerror for these candidates. alof tm pulling out the
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mom, barbara bush, 90 ars ol will be ck on the trail today. ck to you. >> peter, thyou so much. donald trump is with us now on the pho. . trump, good morning. >>ood morning. >> l's see if we can clear something up that become an issue in sou carolina. the question is whether or not you said that e bush administrationied to g us into the war in is exactly at you said at the debate on saturday night. we will ll the tape. >>hey lied they saithere wereeapo of mass desuction. there were none, and they knew there were none. >> here'what you said last night at a cnn town hall when asked by voter, who di't like the sentiment, whether you'd be willi to reconsider. we'll roll that tape >> would you be willg to thinat? >> a lot of people agree with what i said. i'm not talkg abt lying. i'm not talking abt not lying. >> wch is , mr. trump? it smed li you backed off that claim a little bit last night. are you still saying that the bushdministration ed to t us into iraq? >> i'm n saying anything one way or the other. >> you did
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far as i concern, the sion to go into ir w probly one of the worst decisions ever made in the history of o country. it l to e total destilization of t middl ea and everything now. it's a total disaster. >> i'm sorry to interrupt but to this specific issue,here are vors in south carolina that e seizing on this. whetheor not you aused the bush administration of lying. >> ihink you're seizing it. i don't think the ters are seizing on it. i don't ow if he lieor not. he could he could have lied. mae he did and maybe he didn't. i guesyou'd have to ask him. whatever, the decision to go intohe middle east, iraq, was one the worst disions in the history of ourountry.we snt wepent $2 trillion iiraq. we lost thousands ofives and we he wounded warriorsho i love allver the place. that was t decisn. iran is taking over iraq. we lt anhaeehuliated
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ifou go in, you go in to win. but thwar inraq was one of the worst decisions. y he made , there were no weapons of mass destruction. he said there wereeapons of mass destruction. there wereo weapons ofass destruction. it's bn a horrible decision. maybe the worst sion er made by the united stas. >> mr.rump, it's willie geist. let's take up that question of iraq. u have said as onef the pillars ofour foreign policy credentials that you had the wisdom to know it would be a bad idea to invade ira that it would be daster. you said you sd thatn 2003 and 2004. last night, buzzfeed unearthed a ip of you talkinto howar stern september th, 2002, whe you we ask, should we go into iraqnd you sd, yeah, i guesso. i guesmy questn toou, mr. trump, is, are you exaerating how strong you were against the war? i know you've said things down road that puyou out there
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r, but are you exaggeror how ha youere against ? >> no. that was long before war started. by the time thwar started and you have documentation of this, by the time the war stted, was against it u see ticles in 2003 -- don't forget, i wasn't a politian. nobody ced about my opinion. that was just a questi asked of me. i was civilian. i was an entrepreneur. >>t the time, d yothink it was a good idea? >> to go into the war? in 2002. >> it was a saster. but the but the questi was askedn 02, ng before the war started. by the time the war started, i waagainst it a immediately after it srt and for my years, i've be against it. i said it'll dtabilize t middle east and iran will take ov the mdle east. that's what haened. >> let's talk abouthe dust up th pope francis. we heard about what you had to say about that, d you feel
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something inially harsh as you were you were initially told. u said yteay nader, especily a religious leader, shouldave right to question anher man's religious and faith. i wastruck bthat. ov ts last week, and en iday, a week ago, you eeted about ted cruz. how can d cruz be an evangecal christiawh he lies so much and is so dishonest. itppears you have been questioning another person's faith. >> no, i'm not. ted cruz told ma lies. he got caught. you'lle reporting on onen a while, what heid with marc rubio, wh a falsad he put out. whate d toen carn in iowa >> you qstioned his faith, whether or not the fact you say he's aiar makes him less of a christian. >> no, i didn't. >> how can he be an evangelical christian whene lieso mu d is dishone. i'm n questioning h fah. i sathated cruz holds the bible anthenies. he's been caught on almost all occasions. heid voter violation forms, whh is a fraud. heid so many tngs so bad.
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it. marco rubicaed an absolute liar. neveen ything like it. i've nevereea politician do that. ted cruz lies. everybody ows lies. it's dgraceful a, yet, he says he'anvangelic christn.that's his -i'm not -- i'm just saying he says it. >> mr. trump, thank you much. i think we cutt out -- the cell phone signal cuout t i think we got it. thank yoso much. we appreciatit. thank youmr. trump. thgsreetting tiger on t democratide. look at our nell.nbc nbws/mist poll. hillary clinton leadbern saers tionally. 53%/42%. a month ag secretary clinton was up 25 points. andrea mitchell is following that race. good morning. >> good morninou, willie. within hours of bernie sanders calling bill cnton's hievements dastrs, hlary clincame out sngin against r rival at the msn wn hal
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atator san wasn't really a democt untihe decidetoun for president. >> reporr: it s the fit timeilla clion so fiercely tacked bernie saers r not being a real democrat. he doesn't even know what the last two democratic presidents did. you know what, it's true. it's te. >> reporter:iring back at sanders fosayi in 11hat presidenoba shou face pry challeng. >> t idethat there cana primarwithifferent ideas g floated and debate it's no teible. >> reporter: and for criticizing bill clint. >> i happen to thinkill clinton did a pretty good job as presiden let's be clear, i happen to think our tradagreements from nafta, frotpp, have been a disaster. >> reporr: many questions cusi on immigration reform. including onwon, a u.s. tizen, who husba was depo >> what would you to bring my husband home?
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polieshat i want to see, and i will change ose policies. >> how long wod it take to change the policies? i've been waing six years. i't -- we will use r executivoffice a power as much as we can. >> rorter: later, unpromed, clinton reached out toer. >> i will end the three and ten-year bar provision, so you n't ha to face that ever agai >> reporter: botwere asked if they'd tackle immigration reform in their first 100 days. >> not a dtator here. it h to do witcooperation from the congress. >> il introduy pory list. this is the top othe list. >> reporter: clinton came under fire for notelsing transcripts ofer paid eeches. >> i am happy to release anything i hav when everybod else ds the same. >> reporter:itexit polls showing young women voting for saers, he embraced his feminine side. >> csider myself a son feminist. in fact, glorieim, evybody knowe's one the
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dee an honorary woman many, ny years ago. >> on thursday night, both candidates showed upt a unn picket line with labor a key factor in the voteor the caucuses tomorrow. ey have one day left before the caucuses it is a crital test of hillary clinton's campaign. she was once far ahead a now it's neck and neck. willie and savannah. >> senator sanders playing to the honorary wan vin neda. andrea, thank you. let's ing inhuck todd, moderato "et tress" and modetor of last gh wn hall. chuck, good morning. >> we have chuck on a connection h atlanta. >> let's talabout the town ha and what's happening in the state of nevad the polling there, i know yo said befe, polling is unliable. we don't get lot of it. looks tight bed on at w know.what was your nse of things in the om with secretary clinton and senator sanders last nig? well, what was fainating was thfact that, by the y,
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different poin. it was a ruckus room a little bit.init tel you somhing abt what's going on in the groundn nevada thmepent there, it's clear to me that both mpaigns ree that s has the momentum andhe questiois whether clinton's lead, which she had week ago here, ibig enough to hold for a surge that there's xpectation that nders supporters are going to flood at the last minute, reregier and g there many of them will show up. >> let's talk out south rolina. february 27th for the democrats toote there. we hava poll out of uth carolina on both sides where does that shake out? look, i think a lot depds on nevada. a sands win, and i'd aue it's a must-win for sanders, but a sanders win in nevada then allows him tsay, see, i can n in alace with a diverse electorate.hink
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a wiin nevada would allohim to make it a single git ra in south carolina. that's why saturday is so important for both candidates. >> chuck ton his way home, thk u so muc >> tnks, chuck. it is an emoonal d at the sueme urt whe the body of justice antonin scalia will lie in repose. a public viewi ahe of funel services tomorro c's nbc's justi corresponnt pet williams is at the crt for us thisorni. goodning. >> good morning. th will be justicecalia's final return to the suem court. a building where he waamg the lot serving justicesn u.s. history. today's ceremony is onhe knew well. >> reporr: insidthe supreme court'magnificent grt hall, juice scalia's casket willie in repose, an honor last given to former chief justice rehnquist in 2005. back then, justice scalia escorted president and mrs. george w. bush as they paid thr respects. today, president and mrs. obam willome to t court to the same for justice scali
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puic aearance of justice sincsc death, said his coeagues are allad. >> he was a life for of the court and it'll be arayer place without him. decent man who has made an enormousmpression. >> reporter: tomorrow, the funeral at the basilicof the national shrine of immaculate conceion, wre his so paul, a catliiest, wi is lebrate mass. vice predent benill attend e funeral but presidt ob will not, prompting ted cruz to describe mr. omahis way. >> lawnd faithless president. who is eager to travel to cuba but unwilling to show up ae funeral of jtice scalia. >>eporter: with publicans saying the next president should appoint scalia'successor, biden to bidetold msnbc's racl madd the senate must act promptly on president obama's nomination to get the court back to nine justices.
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in the next month or so, start e hearing process, they say nothing is goingo happen uil the next ectio it won't betil xt je orfore you have a supreme court justice. >> after a private ceremony this morning with a pyer and a reading, the supreme court wl be open to the publir thos who want ttheir final good-byes. llie and savannah. >> pete williams outside the supreme cour thanks. pope fraisback and forth with donald trump isot the only reason the pope is making news thimorning. on his flight back to the vatican, vatican, the pope indicated that contraceptives could be used t evene sprezika, spchurch's longtandanne thompn is at vatican city with more. good morning. savannah savannah, as we have see with his comments on donald trump's border wall, pope francis can be blt. even his closest observers were surprid by the exception he made yesterday to the church's opsion to tificialirth contl.
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native latin america, the zika virus rrd by mosquit, is beinlinked to babi born th abnormal smalleads. public healthfficials have urged women to avoid getting pregnant in a region of the world that is ovwhelming catholic. the pope said contraception to prevent zika is the lesser of two evils compared to ortion. he said abortion is a crim absolute evil, and likened it to what the mafia does.ile il surising, francis' decisions nothe first in the church history. in the '60s, the pope allowed nuns in danger of rape to use birth ntrol. that se as in the zika epidemicow, francis id it was a clear exception. thatxction has some ople in latin america hailingrancis as a modern popeho finds solutions. but expes insisthis is not a change in church docine. >> this is not alanket statent applyo l s
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but this is dealing th disease th's wreaking havoc people's lives. >> now, po francis also talked about the test gossihere at the vatin concerning a cse friendship st. john pauli had with a female ic philosopher. was it a sin? pope francis said friendship with a wan is not a sin. popes can have holy and healthy friendships with women, and popes need their input. without it, he said, are missing mething. savannah. >> anne, quite the newsy trip ck to the vatican. appreciate it. let's get a first check e atr om dyl ifor al. >> n a week ago, we were talking about record cold. now, we're tking about recor warm temperares acsslmost the entire cry lookt this ridge in the jet stre that's allong temperatures to warm up. we saw seral record his through thplai, texas, the midwest yesterday. today, w see hhs acr
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especially through the midwest, where temperatures will be running 15 to 25 degrees above averag lo through the weekend. wichita,2 today and 74 on sarday. th60s on sunday. son, mississippi, mid to uppe70s. memphis, tennessee, top up in thmid to upper 60s. this will start to sprd tohe east. temperatures ud down the ea coast will l above average. we're log at highs in washington, d.c. andichmond, virginia, top out in the mid 60s for the start of the weekend. even io monday, temperatures wellbove average. that's a lk at the weather ss coury.yo loc forecas coming in0 secos. obusine an carof te omatter mt. so wheyour t refunarrive ma it go a littlfurther at wmart. from ectronics, to home decor, en tires, w on evhingu ne gorn ouof yr x rend.
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,,, tha that's your latest forecast >> thank you. coming up, startling video of a sight-seeing helicopter carrying a family ofr as it crashes near pearl harbor. one person i inritil nditionhismoing. one of theitnees who spran into aio is speg outhiss morng. > withlu c on the rise across the countrt canou torotect your family?
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scene.buthe high wds yesterday layed crewfor sevel urs. dot says the winis ao causing moreoc tsht.. ancrews e woing to address at issue before reopeng the interstate we'ral learninthe ate declare an eency to help pay fort of repas. which are estimated t5 million dollars! chiemorning meteorologist stepn wers jw with a aour local focast.. stephen... toy comewiore sud less wind th yesrday. that doesn't mean the wind goe ay. the strongt wind todayill be confined tthis morning. winds 10-20 m will rry us through this aernoon. expect warming from 7 amou 10 am from the 30s and 4 to the lower and mile 50s. noon will be nearing 60 lora springs with suhinempatill be in th d-60s arounduebland caon city through 2 pm, wao the 60s and foreling thh e s this evening and into the 4 by pm. ha the jact handy if you plan to go out this evening.
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clds. ghs ll be in0s and ,,,,,,,,,,,, bec becau i'm happy >>7:30 now. it'sgif.19th of february, 20. these lks argeing a jump start on their wkend with a visit to our rockefeerlaza.we have nalie, dylan, me and will said this was like a slber party. >> you werdoing yo nails. >>t's the trh. eview steals and deals coming. >> i s back like this. >> i thought we wereoi a news show he we are. re. let's get to thees this morning. this is breaking this morning. u.s. war planecarrying out air strikes on an isis trainincamp in western libya. as many as 40 peopleere killed. the u.s. was repory targetg a seni tunisian operative lied to two milint
7:29 am
a u.s. official said that operate was likely kild in the strike. our new naonal poll shows rn sders cutting into hillary clinton's lead 53% of voters supporting secrety clinton. 42% suortinganders. both candidates taking part in a nbc town hall last night, and theylaed ovepresident obama. >> he'called him weak and disappointing, tried to get someone to run against him in the 2012 elect therimary. i just don't knowhere l this comes from. >> tre is one the two democratic candidates here w actually ran against barack obama. it wasn't me. >> the nevada caus is tomorrow, whilthe reblicans compete morrown a ary in south carolina. and justice annin scalia's body lies in repose today in the great hall of the suemurt building. the public is invited to pay their respects one day before funeral sees also this morning, we're learninge about terrifng ash caughtn camera in
7:30 am
of four, plunging into pearl harbor c national crespondent guel almaguer has more on this one. miguel, good morning. >> willie, good morning. the nationatransptation safe board will b on-site lateroday to startheir investigation. they already have what cld be a itical pie of evencece video of the last moments the chopper airborne. >> repter: the sightseeing helipter was losing altitude quickly. witns say smoke wacoming from the tail as it closed in on gathered along the shore. then it happened. slamming into the water with five pple oa. the chopper began to sink immediately. scott witnessed the crash and sprang into action thelp the victims. >> it was sputtering and came down. he putt righoff the shore, where people were. soon peoe saw what was happening,hey started runnin
7:31 am
helicopt went down, many along the shorplunged into the water. >> i swain to aircftnd e kid in the backst wa entangd in the seabelt. reporter: some ssengers able to sw ashore, but a enager was critically injud. everyone rusheto theospital. >> i pray the kid is okay. gus he'still in critic coion. >> reporte the navy says the chopr iswned by nes aviation, registered tjeffrey. th photo ten from his facebook page. the sightseeincompany tours pel harbor, offering stunning view t u.s. arona mori, e the aircft went down 20eet offsho, directlyext to a vitors' center. >> seen the helicopter sputter about 500 fe. the lot diwhat i would s was an amazing job. >> r the iestigation into what went wro has just gun. an iredie crh caught on camera that everyone was luc tourvive. >>itg privacy ncerns, we
7:32 am
critical cdition. the otheinjuries are believed to bminor, considering the foe of this crash. we did reach out te owneof the helicopterompany. oulls have not yet been rerned. wiie. >>hat video tas yourh away. miguel, thank you very much. there are new develops in appls ght against the federal government oan ord to hinto the phone of a san bernardino shoot. it sethinghe tech giant has done in the past. here's j fryer. >> reporter:ederal agents thuray takg even from the mef a relative of san bernardino shooterfarook. >> can i talto real qu abouthe raid tmornin excusee, can i talk to you? >> reporter: what e ds real want isess inside faro's iphone, sparking a public fight between apple and the govement. more tech giants are bking apple,luding facebook and twitr. ceo its cecky itine stwi t cooanap
7:33 am
leip. e judge is ordering the coany ftnlk ne deny goven unr urde tteens r al ki buy>>epor tech mps t ths of rem lafoemen each yr and erustometainany ses,acedith vad bpea the companies comply. in a cou case last yr in new york, prutors nod apple has peatedly ad w enforcement ofcers in federal crinal ces bextrting data from passcode-lked ipnes. yingleomied wi a least 70 court orders sinc 2008. r ape, thean berino case is ve differe. apextract data from phesh olr opering syems.ioeaie faok'shones ruing on ios
7:34 am
exact data fm those devices beuse e encrypd. thcompanwould ha to ild so-cled oor to getde apple co-founder steve wozniak says back ors are bad idea >> i believe thaapple's and recognition and lue and profits isargely based on an item cled trust and trust meyou believe somedy. u eve you're buying a phone with encryption. shouldn have hidden back door >> reporter:pple has another ek to responto the court order in this battle over privacand security. r fo"today," joe fryer, n news, los anges. les bacto dylan who is ifor al. >> we ha cl video. firena in missouri. the defini is spinning vortexf fle. dn't cause any damage, but itas pt adfire. sometimes these ldfis are so huge, they create thr own wind. it's windythe ar away, d it helped to spread the fire. the has en no ines reported. itore a brush that cgh re. we are sll looking a conditions tay that could lead
7:35 am
it's very dry. humidity is ound5%. 's ao very windy. look at all ese hi wind rnings and aisories. 55illion people cod see very gustwinds today,erhaps in excess of 65 miles perr. especially across the northern plains. we go through the day tod we'll see the wis art to spread into est. wel see gusts as high as 3to 45h isolat higher gusts. that combined wh temperatures in the 60s and 70s credit saids the conditions for fires to spad it's ahead of thcold fnt and behind it, ware looking at gusty conditio. up and down the east cst, no a logoing on.
7:36 am
ouin the m 40s. that' >> tt's your latestforecast. >> dylan, thank you. comgup, wt questions do you have for us today? on trend,t ishe return of the id fishbowl. the le season sge in f
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we' we're back at7:. this morning, hostals are repoing a dmatic rise in flu cases. >> nbc medic contributor dr. talie azar is he on what you need tow when it comes to protecting yr family good to see you. >> morning. >>etake a look atcd latest m. we're seeing thesing up >> yeah >> how dor t's aittle i se generallyspking but not too late. we aays say thathe flu seass going to start in e fall and go through may. one t i wan to p out ou the map th iat it lasteek's ma th c com out w t we survelanceowarhelaing. in apleours w hav a w imantl when reach out docrs a hpitals across th coury, th have valuided thate are seeing an ck in thnumb the number oplace cases.
7:42 am
ere are dferentndicators thecdc us to try t determine the severy of the season. while they have some, they don't ha all of the dicators. again, the people we reach o to have said they've seen, and the cdc is cfirming, we're seeing a range of severity from mild to severe. importantly, there he been cases, agan the young adults we generallyhink are the ulneble oup, who have gotten severe illness that has requiredintensive care. i alwayst to pointhat we know that the most vulnerable groups are the peoplov the age of 65 and kidsnd the age of 2, as well as peoplh chronic illnesses. if you're not vaccinated a otherw a healthy, mile-aged adult, you could sll get a seve illness ifou gethe flu. >> does that map and the late surge tell us sometngbout this year'flu vacce? i know this ar, it wasn' very fective.
7:43 am
covered by this year'svaccine. a lot of people last year were sayi, why should ihe getting vaccinated? >> is it too leo get vaated now? >>bsolutely t. we see flu sson go wl into rlymay. it takes about two weekso develop antibodiesfter you get vaccinated. real, now that we're seeing -- we're in the elytages of this surge of cases. it is n too late. we recommend vaccinations for evyby over thegef six months. a l o anti-viral eatment, as well, if youe a candidate for it. speak t your health ce ovider if you thinkou're infected. >> good formation. dr. azar, thank you so much. >> i got my flu shot from you and fee terrific. >> great. it went so well jthead onop start, adele teams up with ell t pu off theltimate hidde mera prank. and photoshop fail. the battle over this image
7:44 am
7:45 am
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don't lego until i say so. i got u... art rong with the lasting energy of 100% you' doingt! whole ain aker os. and off yogo we' wre back at 50. getting a lot of recommendatns onhat savnah should do wit the boot. we need t bedale it bedazzle the boot we might t t dohat next week. >> weave a bedazzlingun at home? >> i do. it has mple es >>et'sake i beautiful. h photo presidential race getting aot of attention thismoin carson h story in the ange room. >> a little more ation than your boot. th is azy. llow along with me i you can. canruz campaignhared this age on thursday ofenator rco rubio shaking hands wh the prident.
7:49 am
not so fast. quickly, this is anma tha showed cruz's team photooped the ima wit rubio and obama's face on it. watch what happens. re's the example of thephotoshop, right there. >> oh,ith their left hands. >> put rubio andhe prident's fas onhe sto photo. immediately, the #cruz photoshop look off online. ruo was edited into everything imaginable there he n the mona sa. luke skywalker. he was in space. heade fayemous oscar photo. he meme victim getting his "star wars" moup with princess le. miles wrecking ball. overnight, the cruz campaign edhe etedmaith a real hanke between rubiond obama. not quick enough to beat the trend.
7:50 am
>>t was almost lik inntiona at-hand handshake, and then had real picture. why not go with thatfirst? carson, th so lo >> the inteet w tre fors wi the memes.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
od fy morng... wecomion top of the hour. i'm ira crin wh this tay show update. today. parents and students at the "patriearning nter" in on.. may noticearr lice pr at hool. class at the distric49 campus -- ll gon aled... span amoip about a ible tt happening day. e district says the all clear was given after the el pa couy sheriff's offi investigated the tea-- tha was reported anonymously - throug"se-tell hower the will be enhaed security -- d shiff's puties on campus today. former presintill clinton lle here in southe colorado this weekend.. enuraginvoters to ucus for hillaron marchst. tomorrow the former present will be making a stop in pueblo. sunday he will be inoloro springthents a fred open to thpublic.. mo detls on where the event are happing lle leased later. chief rning meteorologist -- stephen weoi unow with
7:55 am
y cowith msuan le wind anesterday. at doesn'tean thwi gs ay the strot wind today will beconfined tis morng of 10-20 mphill carry us through this afternoon. pect warming from 7 am through 10 am from the 30s and0s to thwer d mile 50s. noon will be neang 60 in corado springsithine. temperates wil in the mid-60arou pblo and caon city. throh 2 pm, we wl warmnto the 60s and 70s fo coong through th50s evening and into the0sy pm. havehe jacket ndy if you plan tgo out this enin you may not need it earl but
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
it's8: on "today". coming up when faith and families coide. >> you have no idea,he nighare that we have been goingth meet the par who say they lost their daughter to a seetive relion. everybody getolde >> everybody get goldie. >> i'm an actrs. theegry actress ope aboutfame, family and the surprising new work that m be her most azingccplishment yet. it' the most impnthi i've done? i' have to say probly hello,ba ice. >> chug. >> she'll show you h een
7:59 am
prtoda iday, february 19th, 2016. the way you do wt you do iurni 21 in n york. >> i'm hoelrate birtayll theay from tes. >>dmorning, south carolina 's my birthday. wayouo what you >> goo >> good morning,syracu it's wding anniversary. >>e'reing schoolo nce in new york city. >> we're from texas to meet wrangler. >> good morning, everybody. it's friday, february 19th. 32 degrees on the aza. eat crowd out here. everyones in a super good mo. love it. i le our btladies. check it out. the medicaloot i not fancy enough we need to bling it out.
8:00 am
>> what's thathow, "pp my ride." ce. jl martin ise with a steals aeals t help dri away your w blues, including a al on nl polis that the ladies cant stop raving about. carson and i areuffering the consuences. >> yes, we are. don't foet, y he lefethe timateweddin we've partner with my"my bat greek wedng to give you a wedding. wedding. go to todacom/wedding f all the rules and gulations. >> sounds go. thank you, carson let's head inside for the check of the top stories. >> for the presidential candidates, it's theinal full day of camigning before tomorrow's contest in neva a south roli. kristen er is las gas. od morning.
8:01 am
anotherusay of campaigning here in neda. with the caucus ls than 24 hours away. thsday night at our msnbc/temundo town ha, t candat had the sharpest exchanges on topics fr immigration to who is more loy to president obama. >> reporter: senator sanders and secretory clinton taking direct shst each other thursday night. >> maybe it was that sanrs wasn't a democrat until he decided to run for presiden it's ue. >> one of the two democratic ndidates here ran against backoba. it wasn't me. >> reporter: the audience also fire up one perso again asking clinton to release transcripts of her gde sacks speeches speeches. >> i'll releat when
8:02 am
>>eporter:anders ped on his his filmeminism. loria steinem ma me a honorary w. >> reporter: fighting to get immigrationrerm done. >> is priority. >> you said you'll address it within the first 100 days. >> we will, jose. >> reporr: donald trum exchanging wor with th pope. >> the popes a nice guy >> reporte t pope said a g who tks abo b a wl is not a christian. buzzfeed unearthed a 2002 intew, where tru showed support forhe iraq war, which he said he's been opposed. >> are you for the iraqwar? >> guess >> reporter: trump trying to clarify. y the tim the w d, i wa against thewa >> clinton is getting a bot.
8:03 am
carolina democrat. the primary is aeek aw. clinton leads sanders tre by 28 points. >> kristen, thank you. today, the president and first lad and the public pay their final respectto supreme court justi antonin scalia throughouthe da thousands of peop will file by h casket as his body lies in reposen th great hall of the supreme court. where scalia served f almost three decades. his funeral takes place tomorrow at the basilica at the national rine of the immaculate concepon i washington an update on atorye told you about las mont apartme building on the edge of a cmbling cliff was torn down thursday in pacifica california. it had beenondemned yrs a because of the costal erion. it was perched precariously, in danger of falling. another apartment building right next door may be taken down, as well. t' not usual f a
8:04 am
globetrotters to hit a trick ot. m be tesyet. ke a lo th stapl cter balconyn los angeles. he heave the bl 100 feet i e bast bew. no wa >> nothingut ne the obetrotters are per rpforp ing -forming at staples nt on sund. azing. >> ionder h many times he tried . >> w shem do these things allhetime. >> thank you, natali comg up next we'll do trng. you think it doe't matr what you wear to the gy it does not just for ting. appantly, what you wear can prove your woout. >> all ght. >> i totally buy that. plus, you have tseehat happened when adele sws up at a restaurtith ellen in her ea telling herxactly what to sa for a lot of families, faith brings tm tother. what happenshen it tears them apart instead? ronan farrow's g atohns's, the products in our bath time routine
8:05 am
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we're we'reack now. 's8:10. me for what's trending today. have y convincedourself to buy fancy eakers,hinking it might help you with your workout?
8:09 am
or a cl dress, ting do betn my prtation >>f ik the pa, i'll b e part. >> iry to convinc my husband all the time to buy somhing new. >> you're right and it's bacd up , wait for it, e,science. theyid atudy and fnd weargigner names can boo your performce. >> aha. >> it resolves around the pla see - pcebo fect it allows to land perfor betr.thk he you ever not wanted to go to the gym but you' like, wan to wear the new sports bra, whatever. >> i h theame wear o sports from when carson was hting tr >> t cut-f shirt? >> you'll feel better about yourself >>n you lk cute working out, y work out harder. >> that's wha you're going for, te >> i'mure that's what i'm
8:10 am
an ima went viral onne. korea war vetenn th 1950s. e man in e picture, h wants toeep his inty private. maandson poste his ctur on redditnd the inrnet dlared him, the h grandpa. ice ilas sy shahis sryn faboag iwent wi a lot of you submitted your hondpa ph we have to share some. >> let's see. it's the iforms. that helps. >> ao the era. >> look at him. >> let's go back to the -- oh, hecu. >> when reached forcomment, natalie morales id,hubba, hua. >> oh, my. >> it's like hollywoo h out. is friday. wehoht we'd get out theld fishbowl. let's start with you. 90 seconds on the clock. >> i start? >> ps it arou. >> random question
8:11 am
>> if you don't like the question, throw i back. >> is that tr? >> new rule. >> what'souriggest turnuntidiness. posh. >> cleaning upy uff. >> wouldou rat fl ngov for aonthr be foedo wrtileos all day, every day, for a nth? >> sttos. >> hgover is never fun. ungo suggests maybe i had a fun night the day before. >> good for you. >> would you rather eat your favoriteeal everyealor the re of your life, or never eat your favorite meal again? >> i'd rather eaty favorite meal every day. thaner eat it? yeah. absolutely. >>ere we go. you could read one person mind, who wou it ? that's a toughone. my dog. >> i was goingo say, i have a runnin dialogu of what m dog is thinking.
8:12 am
y long. whascares you the most and why? i hate my sto droppi le roller coasters, all tha stuff. i don'know if that's the most bu it's one of my fears. >> the fire/tnado thing doest scare you that you showed u earlr? ho i tst pernou ca whe he a bad day? my wife. >> from natagnatf you could any rock ar, whoou yoube? go queson. dot kn. madonna. >> okay. we're done. >> thas . that wun >> madonna? now for thenk adele ellenuld off. dani patrick goes undercover fofo a joke, as well. >>thursday, ade w on t ellen degeneres show. talked about her pformance at th grammys and how disappointed she was afterward.
8:13 am
fun with ellen. she walked into a jamba juice thde caras, wearing an ear piece with elle voice, and the sin to do wha ellen t her. ings got funny. take a lo. >> am i seeing wheat grass the? >> yeah. >> take out scissors from your pue. in yr pse are isrs. i would like --ndta chopping some. can cp some up? >> anything you want. >>ut it in your uth. chew on it. >> >> the's a brush inourpurse. ask her to brush you ir. >> can you brush myhair >> it was >> it wasgold. >> awes >>ou he t wch thehole thing.
8:14 am
i love at series. another sr who gramm rfornceids- actually,n'o a rinn at the las minute, she backed out due to bronchitis. now her w tour wil delaye two weeks due t production delays. it'll be the first solo f rihanna since 2013 finally, danica patrick, you' used to seng her in ca but not as your drer. the nasracer went unrcover, pking up unsuspecting passengers. hat happs next. >> buckle up for saty. you might need it. my boyfriend thinks i'm a hoible driver. >> why? >> i don follohe rules. i drive too fast. i ride too close. gosh, come on, light. i hatewag.that what we want. >> come on whoo >> whoo! >> no way. >> this is crazy.
8:15 am
in the d, danica vealed w e was and the passengers g a selfie out of e experience. fray. >> very good. >> popularight no dylan, h i >> that'sour latest forest sann? dyla thank you so much. ts morning, we have a n instalen i ourseries undercovered.
8:16 am
need more attention. >> iestigative correspondent rona farrowas been diggi arnd and uncoved one about ith and family. good morng. good to see you. aittl background, experts say there are morthan 3,000 unorthodox religious groups across the u.s.nd europe. some, people say, are ngers,. what happenshen a family thinheir daughter has bn drawn into a dgerous cult? she sayser pents aren't acceptg her beefs. su decuir suggested this deovedtopic. >> there's t beck the cult becky belongs to the group and we can't get her aw. >> voiceilbox of -- >> repter: it's rebea's birthday. thosereer res. thalling but they kno they won't hear back. >> we love you so much. we wh you were with us. miss you.
8:17 am
daughter's mins been hijacked. >> you hav no idea the nightmar wve going throh. reporhe fy says i came out of nowhere. recca's childhood seemed perfect. she was in the national honos society,n the track team, in the school band. she wanted to grow up to the a teacher. >> was close wh ster. she was rllyhappy. >> reporte about nine years ago, an acquaintance vid rebecca jn a ble sdy group. her fily sai she started slipping away. >> she didn't com home for christs. she didn show upo my wedding. reporter: then ty say thin got really weir suenly, rebca was married t another memberthe chch >> they arranged amarriage >> what you tnkt was arnged? it was so sudden. >> the flow w from koa, oke littl english. >>e're glad each ave one ou joid us today. >> reporter: theroup isd the world mission society church of god.
8:18 am
beevesod has beereborn as this man, cntly living in south korea. the group ss it has 2 million mbers in175 countries. anches arecross united states it's a tax-exempt charity and es community service. ovhe course of more than five months of repoing, c news hrd fm speciasts, reporter and former memrs who told a differentstory. including fiv forr members o all used oneword. >> i consider them a cult. >> reporter: thas former member chelle. she cims the group i brainwhing ople, convincg them to hand over their savings beuse the world is aut to end. >> pple are separating themselves fm their milies ey're quitting hool. emptying o tir pensions to donate the money to the church because wha d youeed a pension and a 4(k) for if the world isoing to end soon? >> you thi it couldappen to anyone? >> anyone. absolutely.
8:19 am
what was going to hapn. ba ltle over a year now. >> reporter: charles and candy e afraid for the daughter. they wt her to get out lik chelle did. they set outrom the family home inichigao e last addresshehave forbecca, an office in new jersey. >> we won't give up until have herback. >> repter: they think going blic, exposing the group, may their las chanc at helping thei daughter. they're weari hidden camera when they findrebecca, she's rious. weame a this way. >> this ear is a drop in the bucket. you didn't drive that far. the earth is small compared to the grand universe god created. god is heren the flesh now on the rth. >> . >> heavenl mothe is here. do you think i'm hame that god came in th flesh? >> no. he came 2,000 yearsago. >> and again in 1948. >> does that mean you can't hav aelatnship wh us? >> i tried. it doesn't work. it over. i'm not going to have
8:20 am
that's my decision. >> >> beck open it. >> tsit. >> open it for a cond. >> i am n g to hug you and kiss you. >> i need one. >> no you don't. >> i nd e. >> do >> needne. >> tha >> that was the cult becky. no matter what she tells us,e love her. we haven't given up. rewe want we wantedo hea from throup so we headed to the churchhere michelle and rebecca rshied. >> what is a cult at is t a cult? nobody can deterne at. >> reporter: that's missionary john por. >> t world mission society church of god has always bee an organizaon, a church, that wanted to share the love of g wi nkin >> reporter: he disputes ery algation. >> we don't brainwash anne.
8:21 am
>> reporter: he says no one is forced to give to the church. >>f abody emped out their saving account t do thatit wasn't because the chuh asked th to. it was something theyelt they wanted to do. >> reporte the church said they brought a member to tal to us, as well. it w just before we sat down that they reve it's rebecca. i grew up as aormal kid. iad lovin parents, and they raised me up well. >> reporter: sheayser parents aren'tespecting her oice of faith. >> it feels very much like an ultimatum. choose your faith in god t mother, or choose ussour pares. >> one of the things your parents claim is that you were aced into what thealln arnged marriage. >> absolutely wrong. it was not a forced marriage by any means at all.>> ror rca said her fali aio are fcing herto sakg outpublicly. sh has direcsponse. >> am n in acult.
8:22 am
i hope that youakeup, mom, and reali that i love you. i ihou wou stop liste to o peoe and sta listening to me andelieve what i say. trusme >>he's ck reporte her parents are convced they're doing the righ tng in trying to bring her home >> when s does wake up, i hope she doe'tay to us why didn't you try mo? >>r try er. >>ry hder t get me out. i rlly wd get out, but i just couldn't. >> experts told m this group's activities doaise red ags. h autationor diving falies,etaliating against critical member the group sued that former meer i spo so, michelle.
8:23 am
the group says this is america and ty're exercising their right to freed of religion. >> it's heartbreaking to e how torn the family art. >>t was fascinati about the cult. but as a rent, you fl y child slippinwa andhey elehey might be llback. >> is in the of the viewer, whether this is a group you want a loved oneo be rt there are a lot of families in this situation. >> and the parents heard her say, she les her mom. hofully there is cfort there. >> there in contactagain. we'll see. >> yrext rcovered story? people pickedoodesfi up, t csi inflt, miig. it been hug spoig on war safety. thensr to he prite businesses taking over america's water. is it a recipe for more horr? college for convicts. policies involved there.
8:24 am
are they p docto and can they b dangerous? head to the "today"show's twitter page andickwe r good friday good friday mornin.. we're coming uon the b the hour... i'm ira cronin with this today show upde. looking ahead. the state house of representatives will voton a bill -- that makes changing birtcerticates easier for tranendered people.. it allows you to change gender on your birth certificate. regardless of surgery... and -- certificas llo longer be marked as "amended." thbi -- passed house comme on thursday by narrow 7 -to- vote. the o-p controlled state senate -- jected a similar billasye the high winds are also slowing repair work glenwood canyon , wherews e working toix the road aerwaheily damaged by a rock slide earlier thiseek. c-dot officials say -- i-70 will kely remn cled at least
8:25 am
mitigaon work continues at t scene. but the high winds yesrday yed crews r several hours. c-dot says wd als using mo rocks to ift.. and crews are working to addressthatssue befor reopening the interstate. we're so learning the state may decle an emergency to help pay for the cost of repairs. which are estimated o million dolls! chief rning meteologist -- stephen bowersoins us now a look at our lol foreca... comes with more sun and less wind thanterday. that doe't mean the wind goes away. the strongest wi today will be confin to this morni. windof 1 mph will carry us through is afternoon. expect warming from 7 through am from the 30s and 4 to the lower and midd 5. noon wilbeearing 60 in colodo springs wsune. temperatures will be in e mid-60s around pueblo and caon city. rough 2 pm, we will warm into th60s and 70s before cooling through e 50s thisvening and into the 40s by 10 p have the jacket hay if you an tgo out ts evening. you may not need it y, but
8:26 am
weather this weekend looks great if you want to get outsi. saturday wl be mostly sunny and mildith highs in the 60s.
8:27 am
8:28 am
clouds. s willinhe > 8:30 now on fray, februy 19th,20. pretty day outn our plaza. ng is her maomes backext week, aer having thisk f. looking forward toat. >> c much-needed help as the winter weath has wreaked havocn your . yo don't wan to miss jill's excluste anddeal plus is yr kitet up to ruinoudiet? sam ka shows you how to arrange your space t mak
8:29 am
goldie hawn opens up about her passi projectnd secret to her happines >>y, our finalay of r pris eepstake weave priva cookinglasses d a tp tur se head to our website, club t enter. >> wrangler, you're stepping o my good foot. i have one ft. l's get of th s co nar the ekend. a lot sunshine. up and dhe eas coas0s ands. wilbee scaered thderss,ecllyear louind souer ills d wte kentuc. the rain spreads out aittle bit int nday. ohioown to xas, those ll becatteredwers storms illking at ures e averagedhe stt. s in ehet. 50s midwest and into the plains,too.
8:30 am
mountainnow back in >> we're >>e're cebrating a big birtay othepl how d are you? >> 11. >>here arefrom? >> boston. >> i see the pats hat. i dtea h out on purpose, i r. savaah. dyla thank y so.> a a n sals an dealsor you thisrning. jill martin is her toelp us be the wintereaut blues. rning. >> morng. it isnowing indio y. >> this islo.
8:31 am
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there $470. the $79. 83% off. >>hat includes t ma, foundation the ine? >> erythin y >>hat do w re? >> theeral makeupt, $75 tail. we wd eveg easynd in a set. when it comes, y dit everytng you hehat'ixhs to year old andtart over. this is 0% naral. therar sencollections. youan see all the different collectis, depenngn wt you need to reenish. al on reta, $75. thel, $19. that 75% off. >> comes with a little ush, o. >> everyt at's good trave brush. we liko paredown. >> we' bee all over the nai poes today. >>t'sls a gat gift to gi someonouav a bklub you're going t mee' hoe. color cbailish sets. $59. retail seveiece with all different combinations.
8:33 am
lan,veryoneicke different set a has differentpersality. 's ol. reta,$59.50. the deal, $18. 70f. >> wow. epill morfoam cou layn at. >>ut my feepnth >>le you g.this sleeppillow,re, $89.99 this i sup coorta ner sep at's super mftable. layers of memoryfoit mol t howev y if you sepn your . do you put youilw case on ? >>no, just sleep on, unless youant to put yr plow case it,chmine. $26.s theeal fro $899 it has comfortable material. it'll how you sle >>'ll go the oe roo toee carson.
8:34 am
the col nlishes e jobacompan >> j >> jl als has a fason line with qvc. we teamed up for theext big ing. winner. ory. theyold outefe anybody could describe jill, we're at it again. it changed her life and her business. we aret itagain. in time f mother's day, we are looking for all you mom inventors out there. th ms in rld. heado today.coo enr. you'll h ance t appr live inur sdio in front of a panel of judg. the winr the nex day will comen live wit me on qvc to theiroduct.
8:35 am
sbrr. >> get t,moms. up next, goldie hawn ope up about what she saywas th most important thing she's ever
8:36 am
8:37 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.,, > we a back at 8:39. most kgoldieawn fo hendreer ywood. it s 5and es oscarto >>re's ano roler ose to ht. shenvited nbc's j fryer into h h into her home in l angeles t discuss what she calls her eate accomplishment. >> i want to go to lch. >> repr: cy is the vecle that drove gdie hawn succe. ou think jt because i'm a movie star, i don't have feelings. well, you're wrong i do he feings m are.i ve a of ! makg peleghnd fl odnde fuy, and that, is the greatesgift i could
8:38 am
thoscar-winning tress s been flowing a mh re seous ri tt on chdr. ima wht nowis th the most importt thing i' ever do i'have to y, probably, yes. >> otwhree. eporhe cre ogram called minworking witheuroscientists, psloedators, they developed an interactive way to teach school kids how ei worl.does m >> mindfulness is being ink it's wonderful t le to bring yourself bto er and actvehe sensofow. it's we have we don have day. 's g moow hasn'ppened e betiful ing o li ght no >> how haris tt? >>he only thing 'sard out it is finding e time to do. >> reporter: a few tes each y, t ks pae. itald braibrk. tea w qut ments, tir
8:39 am
>>hat'telling our dies thate're calm and can tnk cleay. we're reto take a test. eady to calmn. reporter: it cae aggression. aryyour friend, shld youit them? no. n th we pause, take eas, in and t. >> i donarly as ch coesolion with ts th're tt ae to manage eicoctwith themselves. >> reporter: goldibeliev i ditati. >>lose es >> cr eyes. u'comfble. nds are our lap. ter: sheme a quick . >> thoughts come intyo mind. let them f away. >> reporte srted ticingn hes to cm anety during h rapise me a a sta o"laugh" >> dyou k kidsay dean wheu we g? ost nite i ink thrld has change oby. chang after 91. i think we live in a
8:40 am
reporter:he mind up ves kids the tools they needptisc and compassionate. 650,00children, kinderen ugh eighthrade, are do program. when yore caloeit help witur sl work? whem calm dowat hom i doy yoga, i el li cado my homewo more and i can fos.>>heu he thehihow doest ee g >> why is at? becau it ols u down. >> he yohearsocess oriethat he -- >>eah. >> -- d yo >>nef these ks the and sai or thiscl wou haveotten thug colle. >> w stories like that, how do you r >> i c beour children have to ha every cnc. d every chce tlive in a hey, happy world >> reporter: f this comedy legendit's aramatic tu,
8:41 am
think aut foay", frynbc newslifo. i love goldie hawn. >> i know. >> blanketove.>> closey ey a heaher ice. medate. >> trapeutic. >>llco >>s grprra s kate min ie thiseedointhmede hings teally be nfident and have a hhy mind real imptant >>e coall esso alrigh >>olely. > comi up xt, foer w e ch sam ks ows you how setyoitcho liveger tter
8:42 am
8:43 am
nbc. >>d b to you by lalaogurt smooths. practice pracce it on the go.
8:44 am
ar, br and hlthier life former whitese ef, sam kass, s it all srts with ho space isarranged good to e you,yfrie. llou take evething i love out of th pantry andfridge? >> but w going to rera a lot of it. >> where do we begin? >> nutrition and diet is the number one cause of preventable diseeur country by a lot. a lf itsow we set our kitchens up. 're ting to e healthie doinerything w n, b we're doing battl in kitchens. omeome a putut our favorite treat on the counter. we end up eating more of is. a good fend o min h done search that showsf a woman s chi orackers,here likely toeigh nine pound more thanavere. re, 2 poushaage. da, 30 pound more. it'sus out f u t eat. >> we don't have toet rf it all toer you want to conceal it littl bit? >> iould try t g ridf so of itth things rllylo,
8:45 am
the tshf, wheean't se them. th meanshat en up happing iou're oy goi to e them when rlly wan it. >> worko get it not whe see it. thatp onyou ehate. >> by the way, thiwhere everyby leav them. when i h f wo, io to the chips a cookies. tt'step one. u ve to get i outf sigh th this you want t ea we want t putn sight. fit g, te fit andut it o the coter. thevera pern whoad thi onhe coter,even ps le. real >> ah. >> t oth thing y can do putut dry fruits andnu. health snas t yeny. your ksl eny. you maketohey'll rni through the kitchen, ite of seeing the cookiehat s just there, they're gng to gra ras, whar it is. ou're still hing t okiesus nt?
8:46 am
you just want to only have them occasionally. gat w to do it. move to the fridge, m.n here? >> t fridge is t same ise. we he most of vegetables d fru in eot engoad ath food. >>rget they' there. >> bring i o of the ads. let'sut it where w can see actually, the evinchows that you're thr timese kelyo eat setngf 's eyeline >>ay. >> t staplre easy cut , fruits aetleshe u ve avocoes, whi are also a gre snack eggs ampornt fheal enfrui herbs are ao somet that will make any dishes. >> i lik nofat gek yogurt, too. put your o fruit in it. >> it's rich and cream has no fat. other gat thing to is water readyavailable.water pitches increases h much
8:47 am
>> the things i lk f toake t are this are sugar. one of the coupl ingrient or lots o wor you don't undetand. if youon'tnow wt thais, you probl wt tbe eang it >> sa r ic sw us odnacko make a wo br he s peoak iswed. 'l b th. >>ll yr vetsou nd meg d whmmus isnetheshi to . olive oil, lemon, rl. >> right witthe chick as. >> a qck blend aou'reoo to go. y use vegets y ha in yine in th fridndth>> exa am ss greo see rien >>aye. >> a lit o a buzz kill on cookies butl work through . >>utm on the da
8:48 am
8:49 am
this is "today" ,,,,,,,,,, we e e's51 timeor todaspecial birthday wies. with a o assignnt,yl ts the honors. >> i feel like aimi'm wking harod.inon o o lin lo livingetr series, we crets to long life. happy 10 birthdayo therine in pe.e sdhe secret is tosense of humornd smile at everyone
8:50 am
mr. al r is 100 yrsold. fro ilnois. ysatin t psfark ocolatevery is his secret. >> that's my sect. love al. >>appy 100 bday marg armstrof land e s hav aream a a ssion f c help you.franscansco. >> love it. hav to have t gla of whisy everyy. >> and the dark chocolate. >> alladce.meda of ,io turned 0 well.e says eatraham cckers r breakf lik. ast but not let, a happy 100th birthdaoenjami huda o newyo. tw cups o warve moing a wk me every day. >> ce >> if y wants tor someone'siles bthda or
8:51 am
don'tforg tnclude a o. >> nic dy >> und aot of pressure. >> he got stu on a flight. >> longevity, there's always a little olatchnnay >>joyinghe lite moments in life >>e life. >>ove . we have somet reay special next we. it's up interng i car like to try. here's a preview. >> reporter: from servingp the weathe forecast i studio 1a -- >>wo >> azg.epte -- tvi breakfast to e king othe jule. >> wt, ge usp show business? >> reporter: al does h internip at sango zo >> hi, w are you? >> i natae. roratal sees i t devillly ds wea pr
8:52 am
>> reporter: she interns at "cospo "cospolitan "cosmolin"agin carson will be at a different runway. seeing what it tes to be a ramp agent, helping to t travelers' bags where they need to be. mewhile, matt will be learng theopes as an air traffic controller. it non-op laughs as willie terns atsarday night ve." you canell h heart was reallynto it. can weet a piure? reporte i goi to flo around cedian amy schumer, as her assistant, while tamn shadow movieirecr duay this one is trying t bite me repter: ill beog d rhie leend da,shey inte at a p groomers. fina sheinel dyl are the women behind the flatts. amazinginternships. know
8:53 am
for the men and wen of delta innd'r doing that! bdley cper i your phon > wr devil wrs pradinternship? >> it waawesome. >>hey opened the doors in a way they usual d'tdo. w w hosting? >> missa mccarth a kanye. >> wow. >> you got a goode. you're a rock ar >> with rasc astts. got to hand offhe gr on age. s wa aoo es i h a really gdti. >>y t way,t's calledp for e job. it's all next week, srting withmond al hasis internship at the diego zo >> v cool. up next? >> we have a bus hour.
8:54 am
outhus. ,,,, go friday mo goodriday morning... 're ng up on the topf the hour... i'm ira cronin with this today show upde. today... parents and udents at th "patriot learnnter" in falcon... may notice a larger police presence at ho. clasat the district 49 campus -- willo on as scheduled... despite an anonymous tip aut a possible threat happening day. the districtays -- the all clear was given after thel paso county sheriff's office investigated the threat --t was ported anonymously -- throh "safe-te".
8:55 am
security -- and sheriff's deputiesn campus today. foer president bill clinton will be heren uthern colorado this ekend.. encouragg voters to ucus for hillary on mar 1st. morrow themer president will bmang a stop inueblo. sunday he will be in colorado springs. e ev areree and open to the publ.. mo details owhere the event are happening will be rele te chf morning meteorologist -- hen wers joins us now with a lo at local forecast... ephe.. todacomes with msun and lessind than yesterday. that doesn't meathe wind goes away. thstrongest wind today will be nfed to this morning. nds 10-20 m wl carry us through this afternoon. expect warming from 7 am through 10 am from the 30snd 40s to thlower middle 50s. noon wl be nring 60 in colora sings with sunshine temperatures wl in e mid-60s arou pueblo and caon city through 2 pm, we will warm into the s and 70s fore cooling through e 50s this evening and into the 40s by 10 pm. have theacket handy ifou plan to go out this enin
8:56 am
you will probably ed it later.
8:57 am
8:58 am
,,,,,,,,,,, t > thisorning on "tay's ke," donald ump veus the pope. what the presidential candidate is sayin and notaying tha gh surprise u. > then, the ulte geography fail, and it'shirious. a min bending performance meant list. al andco no >> annncer: from nbc ws, isoday's take" with al roker,ataliemole willi geist and tamn hall, lerom studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today". it's friday morning, february 19th, 20. i' wile alo whal and dan i for alhis mornin he's on assignment, ass tamron, down i south carolin getting rdy for tomorrow's prary. dynas oorngjam.
8:59 am
it. >> it'sn honor of al. he got stuck in th airport i real iet call at 9:00 lt night al isnng to make it bac in time at' i'm here. onor ofal, "onoa again." >> hee i . he instagramed a cture. >> montreal is areat to. >> nice p toang out ght. ood staurant ll we talk atle politi? s. theepubnmaryn south caroli a i ntioned, tomorr. ahdfat,onal tmp taken thi to a entiew ac squin o withe po. wald bk cmesite bihae made yeery. on the he fm mexic yeerday,heopassk abou tmp and hhallenged s ppol t build walto out illal immiants
9:00 am
that's the pope responding trump's proposition for a donald trump argui t pope wolessed to hav trump as ent. >>or a religus leader t question a person's ce if ahen the vatican is attacked byis, which everyone ows, isisis' ultima trophy, can promise youhat theope wouldave ishe andradt na truouldave en president. >> a top trump aideweed a piure showi the vatic cy rrounded by wall sayi tope benetshang wal aund wree why suldn amera? doldmpaid he st a townall last night on cnn and other appearances where he said, i don't want toet int this. is the fter he ar thecommen,ayghe met this the pope. i like him.waing ayro battle with thepope i don't know you wan
9:01 am
>>f anybody would, h d. i fl there are bigr powers tt come into play when you' o theop si >> izing when yhi abelon you thinkan'tate anymore oro to aiffe place -- >> nothing is ted >> the pope. itbelievable. >> w heard t comnts sterday, i w li,e got kng >> it's what we s eve >> ow >> s trow in south roli itl bugeaythe mpai. wel see anyhis affealtr >>robablyt. >>ot at some incredib video, and sato around this. this i helicopter that crash landed. it was a caut on came. e hopter had just taken offoutse of pearl harborn honolulu, near theu.s.s. arizona memorial. it sputtered out of contro it had gten about 500 feet up in t a or so. the pot a a family o fouron brd lus to th hospit. a perso i sd tbe i
9:02 am
clearhy theelopr - wh hpedn i stardsprithe natnaransportty boas goingo be on siteay sta the investigion. you c imaginheamily going o dotsin seebeauful haiiand ens ens. tragic we h ara for t perso who is in critil condion, that ty come ouof it. >>ave you done those i ha? they'l hbove awateall. stunning. >>est toen th scen i'veevere iut hop tosomey. we're thinkg about that milyday. >> also t piloteing cdid for briin it wnnt ter, fla, whehe wer peleneby enohhatitss leouet tohe t elpem >> rcues quick as possle >> on a lht te we s tharer today. adel and eenav joined rc. th plehi azing
9:03 am
d le ifeing lines. 's hilaou >> a i seeg wherass there? h, whe gss >>ake outcissor fm your purse. in your pursesissors.ou lik- a sta chopping me. can i chop some up? thank you. >> dum out pue. ere my money? i ndo porthis, right? mp iout on theount, ofhi lesee wt i have here. >> let'see wha i have he. >> you h>>ouav kves and twizzler >>hat se do iha? >> mone, youe spod to carry thos >>ow do i p forthis cash o cred.>>o i payrnot?
9:04 am
iave to pay? >> the accen makes it more funny. i'm sprised the peopl hindouer -ou haveeee,on pfs ur ke .>> sheas gnawin the watgras and wn tyav u the heas like ts is >>noer fnylidurihe orte. mehe hardeart i solvinghe puzzle. they solvedt no problem. 's what happs afr. it w aat saj folng up qution >> read . >>ondolae throuveni. >> yeah [ apse ]let'heck yourgraphy knowledge. coury douhink we' sendin y to
9:05 am
deti gt? you ghe triput also an atlas. >> thas hd ough.ante venice isroblotth hdest one. meanou a pnhe spik that- >> ye s caut up in the mo. al sai wn he was on"wheel offort" he we the e fail.he wasmom, the pressure. >> sayhe was throwing curve lls. >> they gottrip. venice france,here he'll ting. >> orparis. have shing we want to try he achlt. aprent t appaly, aentisted coffee flou made cof be dd it your n to b u as a subty tystitute for flour, of course just a little t. , it gives a little caf kick. >> doetaste like ee?>> i don think .
9:06 am
>> doesn't smell likecoff >> try it. >> i'm alws first t dig? >> go for it. tnk you. >> m expeence,affeinees thr tast wesee. i'll do it witut t sir yrup each serving pancakes has 6 grams. >> don't try i witthesyp. nd. i d'tll tashe coffee, to be nest with you. iaste bitterness. >> the's a little -- wn you brth out,ou c tas -- >> eh serving h 1 igrams of ca fee,caffne,he uivant of o cup of ffee. >> y'reot a coffe drink his cld be substitute if ded ak or boost in morng. >>ivestle picke >> are peopleho add ait something to give em t extra's not commercially available ye we should point it's shing still in
9:07 am
let's how wel e ofhe . >> i don't like m syrup. i like the aunt jamima.>> my >> husband is liket's not od f yo >>eitherre thepances. >> they say don't use this lik regur flour. just add amall auno th regular furn reci. tubstitute for regular could be dangerous. >> tt cld be a lot, yeah. >>t is a little bitter. >> i'm into it. it's good. >> got akick. i got a kick. >> doouant to do the weather orno? >> youred maple syr on it d ruined it. we have warm temratures to talk ou l weekend long, especially througthe middl of the countr whidgen the jet stream high tperatus wl be above average, by 15 to 35 degrees above average in some eas. we bke lf records sterday. we'l see a smaerin of cords broke today. dall shod hithe70
9:08 am
stlos, 70s today a tomorrow. 'lpread et into tomorr.we are going to temperatures well above average from basically new england down into the soheast. shar let-- chare, 70 we h we have this cold front that will trigger gusty wis, especial tough the northern an midwest. we could s 65ile-ho winds.
9:09 am
elevations andupstate w york >> that' thas your latest forecast. >> dylan,hank you very much. coming up, when actions speak lder thanwords. our helps us rd the by language ofresidential candates. at's after 's a it's aays worth remembering... that icing the cinnon rolls isrivilege not a right
9:10 am
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theraflu expressmacombines... ximum strength medicines available witht a prescription... ght yourorst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. e power to feel tter.t eve every move the presidential ndates make hashe potential to help or hurt their campaigns. even shrug of the shoulds. >> we ve the president of the body languagestute.she' heo help you read the dyag of fourf the caates jeanine, goodmorning. >> good to seeu. >> we dsect t words so much, but you're going to clue
9:13 am
there are somels there, as ll, as what kin ofeader they'd be, ght? >>ablutely we ally wil lookt b langge more often thanword i' a knote saker f big corporions. i'll say,hey'll all ho hold hands. the hula hoops are in the middle of their hands. go in a circ, the hula h have to make way. i dohish my body. what do you think the executives do? they climb toughhe hul hoops. they're in the three high heels. it's because of the gesture. theyl pay attention more t e gestu than the words. >>et'start wit hillary clinton. play the und. >> i've aays been somebody who believed and raised in my family an faith, and with my blessings,ad opportunity andbligatio toelp others. that's what i'll do as president. >> you mht not he seen it. it'shouldershrug. watchth. it indicates certainty.
9:14 am
onehrug already. two shrugs here. a thir there w go. the hat trick ofhoulder shru it's uncert when'rsayi a addydee fi -- difinitidifinitive answer, i cancels our certai we don'tnow wt the catalys is he for hilly, butll rt her ssage. you thinkoters pick up on the cues subconscious. they do. this i say peanut butter and lly on my sock please, your brain says, i don understand that.>> sign of humit maybe? >> no, it's always uncertainty. in unitestates o amer at do you wan for lunch? i don't ow. she's imploding here. >> let's look a donald ump. of cose, again, w hea a lot
9:15 am
you rd the body language. >> peoplere buyg it. you kno it's happeng. >> watch his hands. rewindit. >> uses the hands a lo >> he does this move a bit. let's rewind and watch donald trump's hands. >> turned ou be a disaer. you kno what's haening. >> i always think theonke wi the tamurin ere, the cymbals. m not saying it to dipect donald trump. this movere tha he does constantly, rememberou wind thtoy and nkey is lik ding,ng? he does the banng of his hands in t air. >> what does it tell you? it's connectedh people who think outside of the bo creative thinking. that's why you get someone that is fthe rl estate industry runninfor prest. he'll be on the frontes ing to theeople comin intour boer. border patrol. he's going to thk outside the x. creati thin if youant someone that has th strateg with crvity. e'reot getting politics get into this. >> he's chopper.
9:16 am
democrats and look at bernie sanders. you say to kee an eye onis fier >> when i tk about docrati sociism, i notooking a venezua or cu lootenma and swen. yo kno wha goen tho countrie see t wagng ohe finger? let'srewind the clipagain. he wags his finger a lot. >> i'm lki at cuba, denrk an swen. you kwhatoe on? >> wagging t finger, judgment lingers. when we wave our fier, it's judgme judgment wavering. poli do thrks onis, on the grouny you may fl judge by hi but is he saying somethi he sgmt judgnt cou come. meone could be like, ie the right person for presidt?
9:17 am
>> we d't kwhat the calyst is >>r a bigng. >> have you come to alass at e body inste? >>'d lik to be gue speaker. >> we've hadou here enough. let's look at marcorubio. yoant us to focus on his facial expressi >> i. you have to clear itup. if you n't, pple y,t mu be true. he didt re it we sawhat he dido carson in iowa, whichas wrong. >> he i comes. >> trey wdy came upith a stement, sayinge wa no longer endorsing. >> watchis face. it's sgt. his per pomingup, eyes and se wrinkles. >>e saw ate did to dr. carson. >> he's diusti. okt the bw. it's le he's droppin a noverbal fbomb. don't know what t calyst we can assume, a most people ll,hyould someone sprea a rumorhat'sot te that we
9:18 am
we see this sgus >> for the photoshop photo. >> we talke about hillary eay. e weoing ashrug. he's congt. i don't like that happened and we conngruency. i >> i met joe biden one time and i say, let'shrow him bacin the mix. he's theuy that keeps it real. >> the way this rac isgoing, he mht be in the mix couple eks. alwaood tsee you. thank you so much. coming up, from "arica got talent" to our studio. oz pearan (baseball onv in background) th heartailure, dang i waysn the se.symptoms worbecause ur het n't pumping we. (water filng roo abou50 percent of peodi (dog whierin
9:19 am
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sto stop reading my mind. i can feel it. can stop. >> in our next half hour oz pearlman is going t blow your mind. straight from merica got talent," he' here withind bendgricks unlikenything you've seen before. you don't want misst. willie and talie? wait. this i ver co > we' wchpith ruth b, wh beme anvernightinng sensatnnustix seconds. how o vine sho hero s stdom.
9:23 am
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>> taking ak at the henes. the president and fstady and e public a ping final respects today to supme court justice antin scia throughout t day, tusands of people wl filey his casket as his body liesn repose in theat hall othe supreme court. where scalia serd for almos ree decades. s funeral tak place tomorro in shington. pope francisaid he is willg to relax tchurch oppotion to arficial birth contro t ctrolheprd o e za virus. his fght h fro mexico, e popeaid t avoiding pregncy is not an absolute ev. the explosion of za in latin amica hased some gnmts torge wen t avoidetting pregnant. th virus has been lied t rth defect hoitalare reporting an alarming jump in the numbe of
9:29 am
official say t edinant stin hitngeoples a good matcfothe current fluvainend ty'rerging a flu shot f anyon who has yet to ge one. the biggestisk ieople ove 65r those undhe agef 2, or thoselso with ch ilses. exrtsre recin a fluverye six months of age and older. big arts cfts sre isling hundrs of thsandsroductt m haven eosed to mold. the recall involves more 250,000 poinsettialowers and y paper xes. theye sold at chael' stores last ye. there m b md on e products, posg a rk to ople with allergies to mold. nsumer should returnhem to chl's for a full and those of you who love chick and waffles, mcdonald's is testi whatld he big thing. soundsamazing.
9:30 am
ddle. ey usesyrup-fill pances for th bu just being tested nown oh. it cou b offeredlsewhere if it takes off. i'mntat > let's get aheck othe weathe dil dylan, what about you? was hoping for a sample. we e lking at the weatheor the weekend. 'll be nice. spty thunderstorms back rothemidwt, b up and down the east coas 50s and 60s. ugh the midwt and the names, 40s,0s and 60s. temperatures will be above average. on sunday, we' see a bter chance o shors atorms from the gre les to tes. temperatures droppin to the 4s
9:31 am
hanging above average >> that' >> ts yratest foreca. >> my mind is aly bent. >> we're read >> throw it in the a, whatever its. >> ion't kw what's ppening. if yo watched"america's g ta ltason you gnize oz pearlman. he wowed the judgesnd the audience with his magic of the mind. >> now, he'll try to get into our heads with azing tricks. oz, good morning. >>ood morning. thor having weon know expect.>> a notable gamee on the "today" ow two tths and lie. >> yes. >> we'll play it in a fun way beuse it's ainst ntalt.
9:32 am
"tay" sh twotruths. and a lie. >> b lie. >> d't decide who lies. you decide. les keep it as rdom as possible. willie, take theards and mix them up. there'so way younow which is whic what is wh who who. yocan't s them c u? >> no. >> hand o to dylan. hold i cse to you. anyone any one you nt. this is for you only. look dow and see wheth it saysie or truth. hold i close to your body. we'll do a rowback. the's no way we could he heard abo thisn t show. t's go way back in time. ppyve. ur fst boyfriend. your fst rlfriend. fit crush. >> are we saying this on tv? >> we'll see. >> ok. >> now, here's tgame, each of you thought of the person for yourlf. di youhink of the person? >> sure. >> sure. yeah. >>opular in middl school.
9:33 am
>> whoever had a card tha said truths going to tellhe truth. tell m the rea pers's name. >> i don't want to -- >> just the firname. >> if your car says lie, make a fake name. whoer is going to tel me the lie, thi of the fe name now so you don stumble on air. i like how willie was nervous. he's nvous aboutng the truth. >>no, no, going bac -- yeah. >> truth or lie. >> going through the talog. >> the catalog ofgirls? >> you jusotoursel in troue. >> sorry. >> wasn't me. >> you did itn yr own. >> ofou wl tl t truth and one tells a lie les do it. ur first crush? >> okay. >> here we go. what was t name of your fir crus >> laura. >>interesting. i like t way you sd it, fu eye contact. what was tame of your first love? >> tommy. >> she hesitat a hair. you never know.
9:34 am
ood name, by the way. solid oice. thatas defitely the truth. don thi you would have dep quite a fake name. ho did io ? did you telhe uth? mm-hmm willie, you wer nervous. you toldhe truth,s well. you said tommy, which was a lie. you probably have not thought of e first crun years, is thatright? righ i see you and him and go back to when this was. thin about when -- see h you did that? that wod. this has setng to do with school. >> wt are you picking up? >>oh, mygosh. >> whe did you meet him? >>ntkindgarten. ld on. something aut it is really nny tt u remember about him. uld i hav foundhis on facebook oon online? no.
9:35 am
was fun story. one time, close yr eyes for me, dy >>natalie, look.. llie. wh was soun about you and the young man? >> we kind of got engaged and said we were g to g maied. >> you were goi to get married in kindergarten. ok at me in theeye. soued -- people don't lie big. if she said tommy, itound ke theea , bobb whi was his name, wasn't it? >> it was. >> wait, did you talk before? i did not talko himt all. >> had youetim before >> on break. >> i stalker formonths. we have to bring bob out. i'm kng >> d think bob rememrs me. this is way back >> let's say sething notable. >>amazing. >>illie is thinking a it. you're atwork yohavehe greatest job in the world. yo likeim of >>yeah.
9:36 am
mentioned, i'morki rd. somethingbout atr. a trip, a vacation >>righ >> i want to think of something notable from you past. right away, i can tell, you wouldn't have done t obvious. nothing in the lt yearr two, correct? >> right. >> loong bac in time. how many years ago are w talkin >> the, think. that would have been roughly 13? >> 3, yeah. >> give or take. >>at right? >> might have been '14. >> you're there with somee. i see you smiling. i don't think you did the obviouchoice. someere in e u.s., is that correct? >> yeah >> ieel like youidn't wan to go orhe top, braggingi sawhe segmentit vice and paris. th has yr name on it in weird way. twis isnd turn envepe with yourame on it. natalie rallsmoras.
9:37 am
willie. o i get trip? >> you holdn to this natalie. will, three yrs ago, whe did y go that was notable? herand nyon >> okay. have youentioned it on air ev? mae. a lon timeago. >> how man tripsave you bn in yr whole li? >> hundreds. >> you'rehinkg of a fale person, right, not your wife? >> no, because youd not my wife. >> good. >> he said, don get men trouble. rule. >> rip itopen. there's a n inside. >> okay. >> who was it, not you wife, what's her name? natalie morale >> reahat out loud >> seeing it clearly, thisad be teeears o. >> louder. >> natalie went on a trip to e grand cann and had the best ip everith willie. we did a s at the gnd cany >> walking the grand canyon. >> >> h did y do >> not that good if i tell you. it le -- >> thank you.
9:38 am
oh, my gosh >> unbeevable. >> amazin >> amazing. >> that's incredible. >> where is bobby now, we want the know. coming up, it lyk a few seconds for her life to change and she and she wille performingor next, ruth b. amazing!i have driver. hiname is carl. but at's nothat we all he in common. we talke our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat anhelp rede the riskf dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also pron to ducehe risk of soke in peoplwith ab, nocaused by a heart valve problem. r people wafib cuently ll managed on warfarin, theris limed inrmatioon h xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk ofoke. you kn, taking warfan, i had to deal thhat bld testing ute. couldn't havhealthy salad whenever wand. i founanother way. ah, treatment wi xarel . hey, safety first. like all blood thinner don't stop taking xarelto without talking to your doctor, this may increase your risk of a ood clotr stke.
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9:42 am
while watching "once upon a time" ruth b wrote a song about peter pan. >> she poste it on vine and withinays had 84,000 >> what >> wt became h hit single "lost bohi you will hear in a few moments. thanks foroining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you posted yourong on vine -- well, sixeconds a then included me of th song. then you explodovernight and now you have a recd al. >>t's an incrediblcord. 's been aweme >> what out the inspiration for the song, ru whatocked asou we wang tha >> i was wchin nce upon time" an meand it was aboan and i star aan chordnd lyrics and i bui it of of that. >> a vine ially ses . >> yes.
9:43 am
>>t'cry. i thk vine forcesou to be very create wch i'm tnkful r that. u have tbe super origiland really wow t audiee. soonis going to op and check you out or scroll t past y because it's only six seconds. >>ou he a l of viewers. don'nywhe. ruth bilsing "stoy" after hair owed it. thveg chan inucing new d improved garnierlia... e onlyaircolor powere 60% o zero i lovehat, witia... hair gets better every me i u it. now i don'see yness or dlness. l i see ishiny, illiant color. and zero grays. iteels so softnd healthy. 's the best expeence ve ever lori my ha. new garnr olia brilliant cor, visibly healthier hair. jane likes to mix things u at'why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluy d ry iher
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9:47 am
preste . >> as promed, re now is ruth with the television debutf the hit song that started it all, "lost boy." there was a time wn i was al nowhere to go and nlace to call home my oyriend was the man in th moo and even setime would go away, too then one night, a i closed my eyes, i saw a shadow fing high he cameoe whhe eetest smile told me he wanted to talk for a while he said, peter pan, tt's what ty cl me i promise that you never be and eveat d i i am a lost boy from
9:48 am
pan a whene're bored we play in theoods alway on theun fromaptain hook run, run, lost y, the say me to me way from all of reali neverlans home to lost boys like me and lost boys like me are free he sprined men pie dt and told me to belve believe in him and believe in me together weill fly away in a cloud of green to youeautul desti as w soared abovehe town that never loved me i realized i finly had a family soon enough we reached neverland
9:49 am
andver sin thatay i i am a lost boyrom verland sually hanging outith peter n andhen we're bored we play in the woods always on the runromapinok run, ru lt bohe s to me away fm all of reality neverland isome to lost boys like me nd lt boy like me a ee eter pan, tinker bell, wendy darling, even ctainook you arey perfect storybook neverland, i love you so you are now my homeweet
9:50 am
and for always i willay i am a lost boy f neverld, usually hangi outither pan and when wre bored, we play in the woods lways on the run from captain hook rurun, lost boy, they say to me me awa fro all of nevedse to losts like and l boye me are free neverland is home to lost boy like me and lost boys like me a free [ applause ] wow. stunning. get used to that butiful voice.
9:51 am
we'r bk in a moment.
9:53 am
applause ] voc > vocal lsons here wh sheinelle. >> i do all the things now. >>or you voice. >>ecause you lostouroi a while. wtever works. how are youn this fine friday? >> great. >> i'm so eed about this sty on friday. we're going to intduceou to this up a coming design. he's 27 years old from queensquns he jus wrapped up a show at n york fashion week. it was packed. erodand anyone was there. kardashian, beyonce. people lovem. he even let me try on his designs. >> love it. >> nice. to kee them.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
>> cat walk, right? >> 4'11",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>>nnnc>>ou: ws, this is oday." thathie e ffd a hod ko, tbfr studioa in rockleplaza. >> erodngralaonma it t t d ay, br9. tt'one of my ms. "cey tea bce. la, la, la. >> it's -- cbyhe oan go, lori reay go witthends. who iited llaughlin? uh havheal taste
9:59 am
if you grew in the70s a -- 80s an 90s or you he children home ynowbout"full hous" wel put to thetest>> look howd s lks>> kno. >> have kn you since i was 16 yrs ol kathilee. at >>he was at gm she hadt enstard. >>e rinis lar. at'sct ght. we havnenacthrer. she'the oy one tha lks the same. the guys from flippin boston are here to help increase the vae of your heith incredible before d after photos and ourendquire h another unbelble ory that can only beescribed a god il >> ri'r d? i'mexcited. >> going to be fun. ng forward to sitting
10:00 am
the hallmark thing,too. >> thiseas >>'t t o tv witut y on it lalye traireio a ofit. >> aartlthere b ws. erweavfoun o the i re named dri in xas. i delie look. hoda >> yotrha miing le? 's ho.hodauthe hnhoda. >> tiglah, lo wt mi. 's sg notondreal>> bobby pin calleit in. ishis a >> she drovey theee with her husb bing cr wdidn't w to s a googlemap.


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