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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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les t u ug up wi wh's hapninght now teorlost care hoffn jos h updat co htempaturesere shtered ster lora sprin warmeto 73, eakinghe preous rd 66. puebloarmed 81, baking thprevio recorof 7 pueb also oke threcordor e almearst dayn e month feby. e rerdig cam a dayen tind wahowlin windusts ang i-2re i the 500 h nge.atio wes-2 espeally ang theetmouninck w e 80-9mph rae. nd is nninto subde, t wee stilclocki gusts
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e windilcoinueing throug10 am. it cantaa le me br in thhills st of 25, buotherwe we'rdroppi ck to 10-20 this afternn. the nd is ing e lowe attirredp en at theemperares ar stup. thermeter adingshis morninare inhe 40snd 50s with in high
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thwind g so balast nht-- the wereoncernthissse ikeaign d cras on i-25. fireghtersad to me outo e ikea icentenal -- and sereheuge mel sign th tow0 fe above t ground ate paol clod downll lanes i-25 st nig from unti cloc moup opetions e wrapng uphis afrnoon r a seriesf fireacrohe ste-- faed by e poweul wi. lco count more an 100 volunt andirefigerfr elaso coty rac to puin ceer-- tdeal wh thisire. thanagedo contn it beforet burn anyes thisappeneabout miles stf colodo sprgs. the eriff'officeays th fire w likelstarteby a er whoarlessossea
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wh causeth bshnear canocity. canocity. it srtedr ghy 50 a ckzie avue yesrdayternn. no buiings bned inhe0 acre elty-- strred huds ores ed i is f s lst moinnot dve rere m tgeitut beredageas rit no uth cile dris y ba open. buthere isableucma thbridget hanck exessw. and h circ... thepordly ca sroad clos thimornin.. accordg to pic.. thdamageas repted ju ter is mng... and ey arelso adsingks avd the ea. thernoor howg pairs ll tak.. or howg --nly onlane wille op. we'lkeepcking is s r you and l you kw re... whene knowore. right w: thoands a payin
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late sreme crt jusce -- "antin scaa". iss live ptu--rom the it stes sueme cot -- iwashin, d. justicscalias lyinin pose ithe bung'sreat ll. justicscalia caske- wa brght in the blding is rninin a sber mony. b-c's teilams pis up oucovera from e supr urt. pete iams nbc ns / shingt, dc juste anton scal will e in rose thre othe dain theaha of thsuprem courbuildi. nats/ caet arring / rried stas his aived he earlr toda carri insbyupme courpoliceicer anely 100 justi scalis form laclerkstood oe male epg horary plbeare. presidt and obam bre ler tod to payheir rpects,nd the sueme cot is op to thpublicoday f thoswho wa to fi past d y thei final odbyes th tomorw, theeralt bacia of natnal shri of thte coeption herewashinon. vice- esidenbiden ll atnd. pete iams nbc ns shingt, dc when t twos of cemon
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announ hisice ofomin as ear as neeek fill the vancy onhe c. m teilliamat theupme urac you. new oo hr le- rewnedhoof boo"to a mkingbidioday. thatk-- n her e "puliter pri f ftion" 61. lee, w lived very ivate lifesuffer atre in 27. rperee w9 ard. deping rht now new o isoon-- ri learni cte fn ho distct ext secury tot d the so couy shce beuse of tea d- says recd a "se " tiyestery... theynvestited itnd swe camp-- notng danrous s foun.. and jt ard e onymoutip wadermed t
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nd iereftoclearocke on0 nearnwoonyon ate d-peto opest e lahiweend. nce thslide monda- drivhaveado ke an hourlong dour toet arod . riw-s cossman ug lan... natomichbennet.. and rado sings mor -- jo suthere wpping a sit tohe v-anic the spngs. ey're lkinth patnts anstout laintsve long wt time.. wel haveore onhe v news .. 5 and tonig. o ection tch corage: form presint bclintolle our aa thiseekend to cpaign r his fe-- presidenal candate hla clinto hel stopn puebomorto rasuppters. at eve startat 7:4p-m -- at t pueblconven nter meml on sy --ll holan evt in corado rings 1:15n thaferno -- atolorad colle.
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e publ. unt onews5 f contiing covege. the blicanrimaryn sout rolinas tomo. a new ll s donaltrump' lead ithat ste is rinkin a newall st jonal - c newsoll shtrum lead er ted is st 5 pcent. at's dn from6 poin from a montago. ump t 28 pcent.. at . nar rco ruis a15 poin, folledy busht 13. johnash d berson-- tiedt 9 pots live lk no live lk now om colado rings. it's aeautif day o there butong ll the waer tempaturestick aund? rl'srackinit alln
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caerinoday eti re danr not thques il breakg it do hour hour ming uin yo fstlertorecas recordigh teatur wer shatted yestday.
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6. pueb warmeto 81,reakin thprious rord 73. pueb also oke threcordor thl timearmestay ie moh of fruary. thoscoig ce on aaywhenheins hoin nd gustong i- were the 500 mph ng highelatns wesof-2 esally ang theet moins, cck w gustinhe90 m rge winds giinubsidebut 'rstl clng gus over0 mph y morni thwind wl ntue easg throh 10 a cy a ttle me bris up in e hillwest oi-25 but otrwise 're drng bao a 0 this afrnoon. the nds epg e lo mohere srred uough
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40d 50with 3 in thhigh evions. noon wl be nring 6in corado sings wh sunsne. mper wilbe ie 60s arnd pueo and on ty throh 2 we wilrm io the s ans fo cooli thugh th50s th eveni and into t 40s b10 p ve theacket hay if plan go outhis evenin you y not ed it y, but u willbablneed i later. wer th weekeooksreat if y want et ode sarday wbe mtly su and mi witghs inhe 60s suay wilbe coothor cl.
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the te is atver medicamaria and hool we'll youow oneocal
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inay'souy faly weirst iroduceyou to
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e's thmoerf a serely disabl dtrt 49 sdent at was spendewhen s accidtly sent h cannas metion t hool ia luncox.. nce th, an andmento the corado cegivil calledjack'saw" wagned by gernockenloer.. it aows scol disicts createheir o pics regaing mel majuana school news fe'keey kendy is followg up wh stors an dirict 4abt at's bn doneince t law psed. nats sging jenntorm' sixtn-yearld son son.. sus fr dravesyndro.. cannis tnly thg thatanbring m reli om seve sees "thiis my n's mecineit'saving s li i hao do sething m noing toot givhim himecine bause wren scol grod." laay, son s suspded whennie cint st medited luh to sool.. distct saithenir
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d apied eqlly and coisnt.. buey aoffereto wor withhe stoes famy.. aski jennifor heint. at theime innding fm mecal maana licy o"jac w" pasd. "we e absotely nhere. ter thsummer askedhe sa qstion.jack'saw alws schl distts to indiduallyorm a dical rijuanpolicyhat wod peit a civer- not sc nurse- to ce cams and minist the caabis micatio "whe ithcommite wheris th plan,here ithpocy, at aree gointois la gfx assoation rns th "fedel still gulateand rerd marijua as aontrold subsnc asul. lohool brd may jeoparze theistric recei ofederalds ithe bod ad a picy petidmintrat jua sch
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busaid istatt. t our res cang f cldutgne thchngis."ing ouat t striecmon $7milldoll fer fund theimply a to l" "i tnk feais dring thi laf desi to foow any pocy, crte anyolicy alloth tha gfx p teef 23 stes whe cal rijanas legahave en school sta lawmars set rul.. acrding the p-refor rijuanpolicyroject la mth, a hool dtrict maine proved policallowi carevers tadminier medal majuana schoo. nejerseyecame e firs ste to aow medal muana inchoon noveer.. t heren colo jennie no oice tbut to eak th w. en jacon had grandal sch "i d take n camp and ge it tm. i risk goingo jailnd him beinsuspend aibut heas hang a mical emgency.
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0 pounkid ta h aoss the reet, minist it an brg him ck." even tugh jason's alth i improvg cnas. he ha't gtochmuchhis ye.. so youan dena chiltheir educion ifhene the medine. yocan the cld the medion ithey nd an ucaty ou htoos mewhe. strict9.. clming tbe "beeen a ck d a place. is alsstandi with milies like jks'so an feder w. dictdelega to th corachooboard soatccsflyobed r a reon aed tthr fedel legiate agenda the relutionrges cesamenthe dr fols t to aowpsycoaive canniso giveno ts onchooounds der cal isio t's prably gng to ke channg oe fedel leve thenhe queion mes whha20rs twait."
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nochool stctin colo haormedica majuana liciesince j law ssed law ed ne montgo.. hools mainend newersey at areermittg disaed studen to ta cnas
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federagovernnt. ve. deo fied frospace weesday. shs dramic imes of e it kt nightime the deo, st by btish astront tim ake, sws the sparklg, litp u-k theinternionaace stion iss passesr itt nigh acrding the eopean ace encye i-s-was westver thenis chnel tord norern eu and athe timof filng.
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statioin decr asart of x-montmissior th roan spa agenc bomg thrst bron in acsie 1991and thfirst dso unr a brish fl. . mperates wilbe in e mid- s arou puebland n roh 2 pmwe wilwarmo ths and s befo cooli throug e 50s is eveng andnto ths by 1pm have t jackehandy you plano go o this ening. may t needt earl but u willbablneed ilar. weathethis wkend lks gre if y want g o tuayill beostly y and ld withighs the 6. sundayill beooler th mor clou.
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aften withs. [ anner [ lennouer folling is idsentn fonutrte [ amanda ] ing a sing wng mom the biest alleis not running thugh e fastd cause we're rushing fromnta"o point "b". i don't want endlike my m,and don'wao end up ke mgrdparents, who struggled with weight all eir life and i don'wanty lifeto babough i thought that i wld have a belly like this. i was always proud of my flat belly. so when i coul suck it in anymore, i wavery ashamed omyself. but my goal to be hefor girls. i'm a pers. i wao t al food! d i want it toteood. i'm justdy. i'm ready , uh- to me things hpen for . rd scrat ] [ le announc ] e yoread stuned to see amazingransformatns in jt 90ay today, you'llearn how to lose three times more weight and thremes body fat thietingn your
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up t10 ps d fi ierall your fst month. d w he's your host, thlevine. [ plause ] hello, a welco. thank you mh. we havch an amazing ow for you're going to laugh. me of you may y. but alof us be inired he stoese hear to tter to get it than marie osmond? ower. you love her. you grew up with her. ease welcome a true iti, my friend,ar oond. [ cheers and applause ] kathy! lot you! oh! -oh, my gosh. it's so good to see you. look at you! -looat you! -wan oh, my gh. you lo just gorgeous. nk.ndn, you -- women in their 20s would killfour by. -[ chuckling ]o.-and here you e still lookin -oh, you'r sweet. -...believable. -thank you anyodo il, and you still ok absotely incredibl
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we, i feel good right now. [ ughter ] you know what, thou? holy, absolutely, 0%, i ve the credit nutrisystem becae theris no way i cou do everythi thai do if had e 50 pnds on m that had to hu. it would absolutelympe. i mean, i spentar-- and i u l understa this -- inthat yo-yo-diet thing. -yep. nd is crazy because lose weight, and then you wld feelike you were doingretty good. and th, all of t sden, put the weigk on anlitt bit morthere's noworse for your body than that. and you get defeated. you feel terrible. it's those ups andow. they're just awful aren't they? they're tele. anevme you gain weight and itomesac -- i n't know how you felt, but i lt like a failur mm-hmm. mm-hmm "my fault." -i know. that's why -- le say, "oh, y're still ing nutrisystem?" it is why i'm here to you abnutrisysm, because i ve not yyo'e in nine yes.


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