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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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can city is also cang up ter yesterdays perl nd pued tou tn. ta aooathese piur.... the nd knocked over a tree 80 feet tall into a home yesterday afternoon. but first thing th mning, crews were quicko take it down and ean it up. it happened near rudd aven a 8tstre. ckily though, the hoowner was surpsed to fd his home only h min dame from this ive fall. so the closewe looked, t more i realid, we had pretty minimadamage, and i think atevur deducblis, probly would be less than that so we wereer very fortunate.
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a feminutes away -- f of 1st stet. cityactetree removal serve contued their work here ts morning -- cleaning upe leftover mess. rember youan always ke an e on the weather using r interactive tools at koaoa dot-com. our first alt team posts updad forecas---and you can drive the doppler right down to your neighborhood. new infoation night. thncoln county sheri believes that discard cigarette sparked a massive grs fire lt night. th was breaking ws at ten---and here's a new picture into our newsroom. more tn 120 rsonnel re brought in from multiple agcies across el paso and adjoining battle the wind whipped wilire near punkin cente that's about 45 mis east of colora sings. re than two ousand acres o grasslanburned. structures burned, but one was threatened and a couple of fences bued d and developing right now. fighte are iestigang wh spark tworass fires in "superior"s afternoon. crews naged to control the two
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parkway. the fires causedighway 128 to shutdown temporarily. there are no injuries----and no structur were maged. mayor johnuthers, congssman doug lamborn and senachael beet visited thlistrom v-today to see why soany patientsaiting longhamonth to see a doctor. the visit comes eels of a federal obe that found emplees had allegedly falsified documents that how quickly tients were receiving care. ne 5's andy koen spo with our elected leads today abt the issue. he joinss live tonight with more on what nds to be done. the inspector general's audit realed thatwo out of three pati at the ndstrom clinic had to wait longer than 30ays to g an appointment. ev though about one in 8 of those appotments were recorded as being sched quiker than that. after tourinthe facility, mayor suthers ankethe congressman and senator for acting as watchdogs to make su ve here in colorado springs are getting the best possible heath care.
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claims by the veterans administrati that the scheduling proems are now undentrol becaus said is still receiving lots complaints. one of the problems seems be an antiqted comper hedulingystem. senator bennet said out-dated computers a problem ss the federal vernment. nste of beinable to go back, take out the old dos based ftware, put aew version oft, they're wring ather layer on top of it, which sometimes has to do with budget consaints, sometimes it hato do with inadequate training. but the federal vernme in general is horrible it." since the scheduling proems have come to light, a new lead team is n in ple and the membs of thecoloradoation arasking fomonthly reports by the v-a on proess about timely appoinents for v meanwhile, congressm lamborn said he is speaking th the leadership of the housva committo schedule more hearin.
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develongonight. closinguments are pected monday in the trial of the lomont woman--hargedith cutting an unborn baby from anothewoman's womb. prosecutors sted their ce today after calling 16 witnesses since the trial started weesday. the fense then rested wiout lling any witnses---and defendant nel lane td the judge she would notestify. prosecutors say lane bt and stabbed michelns last year. ins survived the attack---her baby did not. lane is chd with attempted first-gree murder,ault and unlawful tnation of a egnancy. new tonit. a propos bill inspired by the rape accusions agast bill cosby woappral in thstate house today. the bill now goes to t sene. laying it all out for yo the prosed bill woulchange the statute of litations on xu assaults from ten years to 20 yes. ase first to y---two women in our state claimhey wereassalulted by sby ars ago. they rectly testified th t bill would eer vms by
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a reported threat sparked extra security in falcon school district 49 toda d-49 says it received a "safe to te" tip yesterday. as a precun---they stepped upurity om the strict and the el paso county eriff's offi officeestigated the threat and swept the campus-- and nog daers waun the district says the anonymous tip was determin to be not credib. new informatn tonigh.. cacity couil is moving foth a new marijuana ordie that would chae thingsgsor unlicensed gr operations. week -- council unanimously pa the first reading an ordinancthat would restrict allarijuana grows to a locked home, garage or accessory ildi comfter council was flooded with complaints from homeners who were d up with e isance smell coming from nearby neighborhoods. one council memberold use enrcement found 97 homes with more than 100 plann them year. eeded o somethg, we coacd the statd what w told to usthe state is the
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maybe by an ordinance, code enforcement, fing our own ws, local ws the dinance will also limit the number of plants to 8 r person and 16 per household. cocil ll taka closer l the ordince dinsecond reading athe ef the month. they want to set the ground nore growing season starts. in our election watch corage: former president bill clinton will be in our area this weekend to campaign fohis wi presidential candidate hillary clinton. he'll stop in lo tomorrow to rally supporters. at event starts at 7:45 p-m -- at the pueblo coention nternd memorial hall. and on sunday -- he' hold an evenin colorado springs at 1:15 in the afrnoon -- at colorado college. both events are free a open the public. all eyes are on uth carolina ght now for tomorrow's republican primary. a nen-b-c oll sh donad trump iseading over ted cruz bpercent---that's down
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marubio is polling a strong third. e democrats will caucus morrow out in nevada---where hillary clintos once big lead in t polls over bernie sanders is down to just 2 points a mmunity ming togethe night to rally around a coach they lost around christmas time. grant ech live at doherty gh scol wre the school is lding a special fundraer tonight. good evening rob - greatig at doherty hh schoolonight. the school is noring the memory of jeff lobato... the assistant coach o was tragicallyilled around christmas. toght the school is honoring his memory and h family th a fundraiser with all the proceeds gointo the family.
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if youhink your allergies are kicking in---you're not one. hoors say you can prec urlf---coming upn tonight's your hlthy family. and safeoncerns oververboards. we'll show you how the government is cracng down on the hit toys
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thousands of people are ying their respectso the late court justice -- "antonin scalia". right now---hiflagraped caskets lying in reposin the supreme cours hall. earlier today there was a ocession---and sreme court policeerved as pall-ars to carry the casket into the grea hall, while his former crks stood by the casket in rotating shifts. his funeral is set for tomorrow. and w tonigh harper lee-- renowned author of the bo "to kill a mockingbird"--- has died. thatook-- n her the "pulitizer prize for ftion" in 19-61. lee lived a very private lif and suffered a stroke in 2 she was 89 years old. new at 5. the government is crking down on hoverboards. u-s regulators he told manufacturer impters and retailers it will seize or recall any of the of the scoote that dot meet federal safety sndards. these toys wera big hit this holiday season---buts we've told you---there are lots safety concer surrnding the items. regulatorsay there been reports of fires blameon hoverbrds 24 states.
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llars in property damage, includg deructioof two homes and an automobil videof a hugelk herd in estes park, co. a lo frocameras acro the area.... highs today 64 in the springs and 71 in pueblo. rrent tempatures all over sohern colorado... satellite pictures, the stor at brought the wind yestday continues to move away fm colorado... a storm to o west will bng so flurries to the mountains but ill drov the lower elio. hour by hour, sunshineost of the day with chilly air early then mild temps from late morninin late afternoon. highs tomorr will reach th 50's, and 7s. 7 day forecast for the springs hightomorrow 63,uch cooler sunday with dry skies. a storm willring chance of moisture late monday into tuesday. much cder tuesdawith a highof 35. pueblo high tomorrow 70, much colder sundawith paly cloudy ies.
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poibleate moay n i tuesay. high otuesonly 40. non city and woodland park, dry and warm saturday. much cder sunday. a chance of moisture le monday into tuesday. mucholder aiday. it will finally feel like
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chs are your sunreen is packed away---t th's n a good idea! why doctors say thsun can ill be a concernurinthe wier--omg up in tonight's health watch. i thoughit was bur bean and low and behold it s a sne head and womatrpraring dinner---andlmosserv up someing not on theenu! 'll t you know about her gross scery, rigfter t
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so adorbale new ctesnto r newsroom
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will finally get to join his moer---after passing s swimmi tt! his names "sa-tu." the o says it needo ke sure theittle cub could swim just icase he ever fell inhe ter his mom's exhit! so the zoo stafdecided to throw him into the deep d with plentyf help jt in case,...but idn't ed it---and was able to paddle himself to safy! e zoo pe to movea-tun with his mom in the next few da. is sry icertaiy a lker utahoman ss got little surprise in a c of green bes... a ake head! troy wker says she found t head in the middle of all those ans while eparing a mealor chch fctioshcontted e mafaer "wtern fam-- car already being pull frostore shelves as arecaution. s/troy walker/founsnak head0-:3 "mbiggest concwas at soone d gee bor mething and not thake ad
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the compantaking steps tmake su something like this doe't happen anyone el. a beautiful ght across sout coloro---bulong ll tsearm eratures be
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,,,,,,,,,,,, welcome back. inonight's heah tch---most ofour sunscreeis probly packed ay for the wint. but deatogists say sunscreen is vy rtant even dung thcloudy, coldayof winter. sk eerts say it's a common misconception at youon't get mh sun exposure in the winterha t smer. they say the sun's u-v-bays are less intense during the wier but th're stilarnd yea long-a iyoget intohe biof notring sblk
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so alyson lowe medical thician - :40 - :4 "they penetrate into the ders, causg re wrinkling, more aging,iscoloration." the bestay to otect yourself from sun damage iso use a broad- spectrusunscreen... 365 days a yr. and in tonht's yr hethy mily. itig ne ringim yebut alleies are already becong concern acros southern corado. doctors say our recent warm d windy weather to blame. they say 30 fferent types of alrgins are stedn colorado rings---and there are thin we can all do to protect oursves. avoidance is alwaythe si rrsttep,f cose that ca be diffilt if you ve to d anytime ouide so following that, using an oral dicine like aritanor zirtech, or legra e uslly a goirst ste doctors if you these s of medicin and are still having allerroblems---yo
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fore health stories... just head to "yourhy" here's sevtoriese' woing onor news fi at six. the former surgery tech charged thse l today's developments in denver. and crews arstill busyixg this strech of i-70 after a massive rockslide. we'll let you know how our weather is impacting the repair efforts. mike? mostly clear oveig with lows in the 20's and 30's. sturdall be mostly sunny and warm with highs t0's, 's and 70's. much cooler sund with increasing clouds. thanks for watchinnews fe at five. wel see you back right he afr n-b-c nightlnews,
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developg developing news toght. mad dash. hours bore the crital vote what he has said about the iq war, and hillary clinto fighting to hold off bern nds. > slammgappl the s fore the vot in twotil ates trumundefi f what he has saidbout the iraq war, and hillary clton fighting to hold o beanders > mi ale the feds fire back in a fiery battle ove cracng the san rndinoillers' iphone, and notrump calling for a yct. >>hoverboard cracowafter ns of fes, some bning homes to theround, thgovernnt says enough. a major new warning atou ld a outright b walking free. after four decades locked in solitary confinemen a stunning twistn one of the most famous cases in modern amicanistory and harper lee dies a89. we remember the legendary elus auth of "to kill a mockingbird." "nightly news" begins
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announcer: this i bc night news" with lester holt repoing tonight om columbia, south carolina. od eveng. on t eve of two big votes on the road to the white house, the republics in a primary showdown here in sou carina where e headline tonight donald ump losing ground. in a new nbc news/"lltrt journal"/marispoll umpowds torz but j fpoin, 283, dn from a -point lea jus montago. rubio virtually unchanged at 15. the xtev day may provide clarity in these races in addition tth republicans voting in uth calina, democratic voters will caucus inevada tomorrow followed by republicans there on tuday and then it's back to south carolina next saturday, the 27th, for the demoatic primary.
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urgency in both races. 'vgot both races covered starng tonighwith nbc's ty tur in north charleston for us. hi,katy. >> reporter: good evening, lester. donald trump has jt taken the stage here. it's n less an 24 hours befo t state votes, and as you said there are indications athis raceould be aotightern many hadhoht. doldrumposing his mmdi leaas ted cruzri to replicate his wiin iowa. donald trump sounding confidt to a boteus crowdn myrtle beach, but the billionaire istill on the defensi, w for 2002 howard stern radio interview wherhe said he supported the iraq invasion. >> are you for invang iraq? >> yeah, guess so. >>eporr: trumpas repeatedly claimed on the ail andas against going into iraq and i was agait since a lo time. i dn't want to g into iraq. >> reporte this morng on "toy" he explained the fl-flo >> it's the first ti the questi wasver asked m thawas long before the war stted. by the time the war started i was against it. >>eporr: also, a new nbc news/"wa


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