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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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urgency in both races. 'vgot both races covered starng tonighwith nbc's ty tur in north charleston for us. hi,katy. >> reporter: good evening, lester. donald trump has jt taken the stage here. it's n less an 24 hours befo t state votes, and as you said there are indications athis raceould be aotightern many hadhoht. doldrumposing his mmdi leaas ted cruzri to replicate his wiin iowa. donald trump sounding confidt to a boteus crowdn myrtle beach, but the billionaire istill on the defensi, w for 2002 howard stern radio interview wherhe said he supported the iraq invasion. >> are you for invang iraq? >> yeah, guess so. >>eporr: trumpas repeatedly claimed on the ail andas against going into iraq and i was agait since a lo time. i dn't want to g into iraq. >> reporte this morng on "toy" he explained the fl-flo >> it's the first ti the questi wasver asked m thawas long before the war stted. by the time the war started i was against it. >>eporr: also, a new nbc news/"wa
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poll out today showing hilead slaed >> ery time they d polli have a l poll. >> repter: one tel reason, trums cution dung the debate at george wbush lied about weapons of mass destructn. urces wiin the campaign told nbc ws trump has been warned to ease off,oth advisers and eve onbank volunteers o were hng negati reaction from te abo his attas on georg bu. >>aturdaght at the debate his temperamt was on display. rorter: cz inco puning up and down, ckg trp his own wor. >> it's easyo sa les make ameri great agn. you can even print thatn a basell cap. but e estion t asis do you understand whamade era great in the rst place? >> reporter: and again linking mao rubio to president obama in a new ad. >> marco rio burned us once. >> reporter: the battle for one, two and three getting tense. all whe john kasich and jeb bush stre
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bushringg t his mother ainod, trying to bookend a d ek one bright spot for um t vatican ariethe po 's comments today ou the ont-runner saying in no way was this a personal atta, noan indition of how to te. katy tur, nbc news, nortchleston, h carolina >> reporter: this is drea mitchelin nevada where bnie sanders is pulli even with hillary clinton, and as time runs outhe contest is getting nasty not just promisinfrhis and free that and free evything. >> reporter:anders aling up h critism of bl clinton at the msnbc telemundo town hall. >> bill clinton did a etty good job as president, b let's belear. i happen to think at our tre reements from naf through tpp ve been a disaster. >> reporter: the clto firing back >> i just don't know where l this comes from becau mbe it'shat senator sanders 'teally a mocrat untile decideto run for
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jumpedllver me last night. that campaign has been remarkably fact-free >> tha you. need you satury. >> ror key to wning here, union workers, 55% lato so both candites hit a picket line. ha you so much. >> reporter:nd inton drummingp iosupport in the sinos wherucuses are he. >> give us an opunitto expss ourselves, so i'm oking for a ndide, a person th will stand behind us >> rortehat do you care about? >> immration. xican,ou know. >> reporter: thas important? >>hat's importt, ve impor. >> i think that's g to be a real problem if sheoses here, nojustecau her appeed but because her whole argument is abou ectabili. >> reporr: bh campaigns already hittg the airwaves in the next state, south calina. morgan freeman narrating a new hiary clinton ad da >> s undands at our country c't reach its potential unlesse aldo. together. >> reporter: with a theme pulling togeer at seems to imitate a recent sanders ad. >> o job is to bring ople tether. repter:lion
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poant sout carolina endorsement, veteran congressman jim clyburn. >> my heart has always with hillary clinton. >> reporter: but before clinton gets to south carolina, she has to get out o nevada. a lossere to sanders ter barely winning iowa andhat huge loss inew hampshir would dama her argument that e is relectable. lester ndrea tcll, thanks. wee ined now by our polical director, the moderator of "meet the prs," chuck todd chucet's taka look aat oine . dependinonhe ouomes, what's at ste re moving rward in caaign >>ell, it's fao tomorroake-up saturday because in manys this r in get shoen upepending othe results morrow. mao rubio ha onhein s carolina. 's got every endorst you want in southarola. he has spee ney than anybody else. hi appears to be manh some momentum.
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heas g to t in first or second. donald tru, he viouy t any timee's sing, it's t a good dayor a guwho doesn't lieve in losing, so he got aot othe line a t cruz n't afford third. a bernie sanders victory inevis a bier deal to him than clinton vtory would be there s shake-up satday, bottom line. >> wll be here t cove it all,chuck. thanks very much author harper lee, a literary icon who wrote one of the most defining novs in er culture h died at 89. her 1960ook "to kill a moingbir aut racial injusce in the deep south is easured by generationof rders and is still taught classroomsround the cotry. tribes poured in today for the beved auth. nbs harry smh lo at he enorus impact. >> repter: in harper lee's homewn of monroeville, alabama, today, folks put up black bbs in rembrance the grt auortour the thousan still comingo the old courthouse tsethe place so perfectly detailed in the film
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hero atticus nc defends an innocent black man. >> andn our courts all men are created equal. >> everybody wts to be atticus. everyby wants to be the denderf the aker, and i th th's o of e reasons why it -- it will live on forever. >>eporter: perhaps the mostmpnt ory in american terature, "tkill a mockingbird"aptud e injustice and miliation of racism. prof andiffilt tr made lable by the narrato young scott. >> you nev reall undersnd a person until you consider ingsm hipoint of view. >> harper lee, "to kill a mockingrd." kill amockingbird. request ". >> repte truths >> reporter:ruths made evide in englh classeross america for more tn 60 years. >> there's an n made important message to learned fm harper lee'book, being true one sf an mang theight oices. reporr:hile amica loved her
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no fan of celebrity. not even oprah could persuade her to do an terview. lee did not publh other book til last year, "go set a watchman" was an early dft of her beellerhich dippointed fans for ses flattering portraya of atticus. but a broadway veron of "to kill a mockingbird" is in th arica wre race maer and has always ttered, her words have never rung more true. harry sth, nbc news new york. > e ttle pitng e veus theed has ratcheted up to another level tonight th the jce departnt slamming the tech giantor refusingo he unlock san bernardinoillers' iphone saying the mpany is only worried about its reputation. toght apple is fing back, a on top all of that donald trump is now calling for a boycott. nbs joe fryar has the latest from lifornia. >> rorter: with apple publicly vg to fight a court ord to create softre
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rookphon t raosecs fia on auing a e ld fce techiao co. thgomeays plrel pearto bbased on itconcern foits business model a public marketing sttesomething coany niieis applcetim cook posted an open letter saying the u.s. government has asked us for sethi we do nohave and somhing we consider too dangerous to create. they have asked us to build a ba door thip. ecorrespd hat day, ang the t ordoes quirple pride a door evy ipner hack users. ecorcontend apple cod maintain custody oftever softwa it builds. the white house also wehing in. >> we don't want to allow terroris to estafe haven in cyber space >> rter:r apecives feel tos filing i frivolous as the mpany hasn't reonde t crt order yet. ma tech coanies are nodefending apple. >> i think t govement's ierest inurveilli people,
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importt interest, shouldt tru all ounterests in being secure >> repter: donald trump who sends ma tweets from iphone alling for a ape boycott until the company unlocks e shooter's phone. app ought to give the serity for t phon >> rorter: tec ant nos a week toespond to the judge's der. joe fryar, nbc news, los ans. powerful wind gusts near 70 miles an hour swe through chicago toda winds so strong so on the streelike this woman needed help to keefrom being blown er it knocked down street lampanreated to blow bikes off their racks and factored into a construction collapse atru c flying debris from a high re forced acuaons, and the willis tower sky deck was forced to cle. well over 100 flights were ccelled or layed, and morthan 100,000 were left thout power in northe illins. thousapaid thr lastpes today jusce antonin scalia as he y in repose in the supreme court's grt
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present obama and the first lady. as f w might replacscia on e court, nbc's pete williams reports a new nt tonight about who the president may be considerinr the seat. reporter: antonin scalia returned to the cot the la timehis carried past 100 o his former law clerks. sidehe eight remaining juices gathered with th scalia family for a pray from his n paul, a catholic st. le tse whha died the lo rter:th son op "shington postabout ttint of ming e laatte k me. e, s did himself afte mindme thaa supremcourt juste obably had better things to do. esident and s. obama came to p eirespects as did more than 4,000 people who waited in long lines. also herhingn, c.eals court
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mentned as possi succesr. vice president biden sa the nominee could be areviou confird judge. >> there are plentof judg who have,re hh courts already whhave had unanimous supporof the republicans. >> reporter: one obvious possiby, jue ne kelly o unaniusly confirmed in 2013 with the support of t judiciary committee chairman, republic charles assley who just happenso frowa. >> i'm pased to suort her confirti. >>orter: tomorrow justice scia funet the ca of th natu of e ck immaculate conceptio is son paul celebrating mass. pete wliams, nbc news at the supreme court. there's a lomo ahead for usonight. the crackdown on hoverboards. the hottest fad of the past yeain more wa an o. the fed says none on thear tdo iyou ha onho so, nowti fom affoecades in solita conne g newsonig in your mual
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icianswho partated in tpdivo cl tri. bigews tonight involving tse so-cald honchds that involvg thos > binews tonight involving those so-called hoverboas that were so of the biggest sellers ov the lidays. they have also been involved in dozens of fires across the un some having rned homes to the ground. today the consumer oductsafy commission is taking
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thehoverboards curry onhe market is safe, and it could sn confiscate or recall every one of the nbc's m costel has details. reporr:t was ry close call for a familyf six in nashville. the fox family's home stroyed by fire. twof their children trappeinsideanaged to escape jumping out ofhe second-story windows. >> when the door opened, the oke and the flamesit was so hot that t smoke was justo blaci couldn't g io the house. >>eporter: cause of the fire, a hoverboard. >> we almost lost two of o children,wo of our children almost died because of the christgift. >> reporter: one of at least 52 hoverboard-rat fires in 24 states it's on fire! >> reporter: destrot least two and ca in dr the nation's airline bannhem. for months the coumerroduct safetyommission has been tting all makes and models, diagnosing why the lithium ion batteries n suddly overheat and catch fi. today e agen nofiedoverboard manufacturers, porters and retailerthat all horbrdmu comply with new ul fe standds a reat to coter reca any of theat n' liy t agcy. isre any hoveoae market that you thk is safe right now? >> i'm not aware of anat mt current stdard.
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>> zero. >> reporter: in decemberlone cusms and botheredatrol ized morehan,300 potentlly danrous ds wit dective baeries at jfk airport. now any hoverboard at arrives aa u.s. rt c be confiscated if it doesn't meet t standard and wh dozen of reports of those falling and breaking bo safety relators main hoverbrds are inherently unstable. if you o one, tonight the consumer prsaty commissionecmes putting it ad demaprf the retaheirt meets the w fe stdards. tom costello, nb >>we're with sothing e cdc rn americans are not getting nearly enough of. ne tonight tt th say you shouldn't spoiur kids.
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risk oity and heart disease. among other issues 6 aamong other issues 65% ar sepgeven hours or re. researchers suggest more us need to get to bed at aegular time and turnff tv and electronic devic. you're probably saying to yourself right w that's probly eier sa an done. the last of the prisonerknown as angola t is free nit. woodfoxas alpert wood fo the longterving solitary confinement prisoneraseen leased as rt of a plea deal. as's jacob rascon tells , it's been hard fought le to gain his freedom. >> reporter: few may ever understand freedom ke albert woodfox ased tonight on his 69th birthdayfteris attoeys say spent more time inolitary confinement an any other priser in american history. ittart with a prison riot in louisia state penitentiary or angloo 1972. prison guard brent mill was stabbed 32 times. woodfox a fellow inmate herman walla were convictorhe
5:51 pm
to solitar confinement. prer robert king gothe same palty for a dferent crime. they became known aroundhe world as thengolathree, spding decades in 9 x 6 foo cells, even as woodfox and wallace' cvictions were overtued twice for idequate representatind chars of racl discrimination. asreleased in 2001 after 2ears alone in a cell. >> i'm free angola, but i don't feel free as long as hean al brert in prison. i don't consider myself free >> wall ws was set free in 2013. he died of cance days late and today albert woodfox pleaded no contest to th killin and was ntenced to42years, but he had already served 45o w releed. d in statement woodfox, who has always maintained his innocence, said i he the eventsf today will bring closure to many. rha fou defr jacob sc, nbc .
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at votersere in south carolina tel me
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numbers talked top of the that sw a tigening of thgonesidential rac south carolina underscore how fluid things appeanight. i dropped in at a local barbecue pce during the lunch hour to take my own scienticeasure of what's driving people's decisions. wan ice tea. >> se. >> sweet or sweet. >> sweet in soh roli. >> it's not hard t found carolina reanwho hamade up your nds. >> you're unual. >> i don'think i'm the onlyne i ink a lot of people a startinto give atherook to some of the candidat. >> here at doc's barbecue many folks told us theirote may t o th candidate that they want but rather the person they think they can win. >>o any of you beeve in t polls? >> yeah, i do. >> wt do t polls tell you rht? >> well, they are telling meha probably going to be between trump and uz i was reallyiking ben carson, but poll-we i do
5:56 pm
any nger. >> youe inueed by the polls, may not vote for him. i thinit may be a wastedote so i may golsew >> how aboou, bert an't hit. m g at whoas th ce of wi you watinth pollrefully? >> i would like to vo for the candidate o has the be chance tdeat llarand atome point haveou to vo for the rit rson, whis snding for ica. >> weryou captivat by trump at anpoint in thioc >> i really ke listening to him but at the endf the day, you ow, justis deanort don' ealeader of e free world to me. >> is the anybod among the caates you think thatould unite cotry? >> i wish i could y s, but all i cano is hope. >> do see a healer out thereto amonthis republican lineup? >> wish i d say so but hontly, no, feel liktrump so polaring, cruz is so far right that i don't think he'll be able to bring democrs and republicans togetherand , no, i don't allyeesoone is going be th middle of e road candate.
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ings on minds of h li puican vers on thisight before e primary. at will for onnit. m lester porting tonight from columbia, south cleaningp. after two daysf powerful wd gustin areas---we'll sw u some of the worst damage in ou area. mike ad libs tse veterans in colorado springs--wting a monthr more just to see a doctor. state adercome together y to try to chan that, we'll te you what the an is. heo evyone and thas for joining us for news 5 at 6. i'm rob quirk. good eveni. i'm ddie garrett, in f lisa. new tonight at six, the marijuansk force in colorado springs is lking at some new dina for the city.... inclg toheregulations. this is a stwee been
5:58 pm
ws five's inive report brigrov is lit city hall... br, what a some of the changes they're looking at? nigha lot of discussion on futurenfcent, limiti the pla cntnd ning. ey're ching towardn ordinc the marijuantask for has been meeting since january when the grow laws wereut in place. the laws were passed so quicy and because it is an industry that conties to change adments need to be made. tonight they discussed moran rcmeant ning and limiting the plant count. ase ld you yesteay there's been auproar in neighborhoods alacro they because of e smell. they hope that will help to resolve that issue. however th could impact those patits whose t drug on a day basifor things lik epilep aovnot everyone agrees with. sot :18 mark slaugh, marijuanadvote i thk that this taskore will enup making a lot commendations on behalf of the executive branch the task forc itselfhighly stacked in favor of the status quo establent and there's only maybe three or fr people that
5:59 pm
interest from the other side and ers zero patnts at the table whatsoever. the public w able to voice their opinion's today. the marijuantaskorceays they willave a neordinance put into place by meressing all sues. that's when thmoratoum ends ve in colorado sprin on brie ovs 5. it's been a wild weather week acsshe ste fierce, hoing nds haveorn down trees, broken wdows and made a mesfor drivers on the interstate. today--it's about the clean up we have your contiing team coverage this evening. our crews t live tracking the damage. let's start with leafocaster mike daniels--mike the winds are ing t at least? current conditions in our area. y wi light w or calmd. wind seds ovouther colorado... very light or calm win in most
6:00 pm
will be ce. a cold fro to our st, a push of dry mild aiahead of it tomorrow. the ont wi fring much cooler air sunday. dry tonighwith mostly ear skies. saturday will be mostly sunny, coolarly then mildir from lateorning io late afternoon. those powerful gusts have stopped,ut cleaning up the mess left behind may take days. we found downed trs trash and debris scattered across southern colorado today---some areas look like a complete mess. news five's bill folsom--picksup o team vegen ra sprgs. a lot of stuff knocked down an broken.... otr things lifted this..arbageow clingg to trees


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