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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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will be ce. a cold fro to our st, a push of dry mild aiahead of it tomorrow. the ont wi fring much cooler air sunday. dry tonighwith mostly ear skies. saturday will be mostly sunny, coolarly then mildir from lateorning io late afternoon. those powerful gusts have stopped,ut cleaning up the mess left behind may take days. we found downed trs trash and debris scattered across southern colorado today---some areas look like a complete mess. news five's bill folsom--picksup o team vegen ra sprgs. a lot of stuff knocked down an broken.... otr things lifted this..arbageow clingg to trees
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bws over a tr. and on the way down damages a fence. onmoreitioto tind sualty lt of tpled trees...and br windows. itoes blow in colora aevence by erday and the fallout of it today." and th fatrash that was flying in the wind. it's ad issue impactg everyone. e have a lot of work to ." trash everywhere. more trash than mo people real keepoloro springs beauful..went tolatte avenue to see what's ahead for a vounteer clean-up this weekend. " i'm suming that we're going to get over 150 bags from platte and chelton to platte and mark scheffel. that's just one ro. yes." a wind storm just in time for for the launch of a new campaign by the non-profit. it's cd "wind blows". the goal is ttinpeople to bag antie eir garbage before the trash it. when it's just dumped and the wind kcks over a garba's a ci widmess in thmaking yoveot to ntain it. that's how we can rely cut
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onto the rds, the ghways, the creeks, alover youneighborhood." we did check wh tree removal services...also ass companie they say they do know of some damage....but they have dealt with wors continuing our team coverage -- those strong winds ao pu through canon city yesterday... aving a familiar sight of eatoy. ne five's lenaowland joins us le outside our pueblo studio -- and lenwhat sort dage did the wi cause out there? wind gtsere so powerful out in canon city -- the worst damage ty sawere trees being puedver. some, evenalng onto homes. want to give you aloser look at theorst of the dama. thwind kcked over tree 80 feet tall into a home yeerday
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h street near downtown. but first thg this morning, crewwere qck to ta it wnand clean it up. luckily though, the homeowner s rprised ind s me onlyad minor damagfrom this massive fall. so the closer we looked, the more i reazehad pretty minimadamage, and i think whatever our ductible is, prab would be less than that so we were very, verfortunate. a ee also fell oa home only a few minutes away- off of 1st reet. a ci-contractetree remal serviccoinued their rk here this morning -cleaning up th leftover mes that homeoeras ao thankf to say -- he onlsaw nil damage -- noti that stery's windtorm cou ha been a wors live ipueblo, lena howland, ws five. the fire danger remains elatedss thetate. we saw several gra fires
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broke out late thisorning in "serior" - notwest of denver. firefighters say o w two acre weed ficontained late this afternoon justfter second smaller fire wa put out. there are plenty of dry fuels in the area and gusting winds that helped fan the flames. the cause of the fires--ill being investiged. new information tonight on a o- thoand acre fire in lincoln county -- about 45 mil et of colorado springs the lincoln countyheriff lieves a dcard cigarette sparked thflames.... made worse by high winds. more than 12personnel from multiple ageies across el so d neighborincounties.. went to battle the blaze near "punkin ceer." no structurebued, but one s threened and a couplof fences burned down. the first alert weather team gave you the first alert on this week's high wind and fi danger eli ithe week. yocaunm to as keep you ahead of our changing
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with the tools at koaa-com. there yoll find updated forecasts and our live inractive doppler. loping tonight: the prosecution and defense both resttheir cases today in the trial of dynel lane... she's the ngmont woman acc e cutting an unborn baby from a straer's womb prosecutors called 16 witnesses, the defense caed none--and rested afterane told the judgshe wouldn't ttify. michelle wilkinsas attacked last march when she was mont pregnant, she survied but r baby did not. lane is chged with aemed firsdegree murr,ssault and unlaul ternaon of a pregnancy. closing arguments expect monday additialecurity in falcon d-49oday after a reported threat regarding patriot lening center. 49 says it reived a "se to tell" tisterda as a precuation---they stepped security fr the distrt e el paso un sheri ofce. cers invested the thre and swept the campus-- and nothindangerous wafound. the district says the anonous
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members ofolorado's congressional delegation met with mayorohn suthers day e floyd lindstrov-a clinic today to see why many patients are waiting longer an a month toee aocr. ne 5'sndkoen spo with ected leaderabout those delays and what can be done speed things u the inspector general's audit revealed that two out of three patients at the lindstm clinic had to wait longer than 30ays to get an appointment. even thougabout one in 8 o those appointments were recorded as being scheduled quiker than that. ok rq our elecd ads in washington want results quicker from the v-a when it comes to apintments. "we're gonna bird dog them until ey get this right." the administration replaced its aderand updated their hedulingrocess. a is saying that these prle arenderontrol, they've brought in new people, the ha new processes. that's good as far as itoes, but unfortunately we're still geing a lot of complaints."
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a feral pre releed earlier this mth which found two o ofhreeppntmentok mor aon to sedul. peaps moreamng -the revetionhat meumen falsely showed veteranwere ttincare quicker. "we ne to make sure that we're actually hping solve the problemsthat we're getting veterans the access that they need to th clinics mayor suthers saidoday's tour highlighted an obvious need. "they gave us a little demonstration their patient scheduling, i'not a ve sophisticated it guy, but i could ll that was the st antiquated scheduling system that you could imagine." nator bennet said old computers are an iss across the federal government ... anit's costing taxpayers. "most of it ispentropping up antiquated sysms like we h rather than brthe federal government intthe 21st century which is wret needto be." the elected leaders are prsing the v-a for monthly updates on their progress because the need for care here is growing. "we have one of thfaest owing veterans populatns in
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lodo wants colorado to be e bestlaceo be veter." cossn lamborn ded that he is workinwithde of the hoe v-committee tentiaschele mor hearin about this issue. rmer president bill clinn coming to southern colorado this end. where you can see him---ahead at 6:30. we'll also have a report f south cana--fiing out why e upcoming primary could a game changer for republican presidentia candidates. mi--? i'm mike daniels. i'll have your extendefirst
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, video of huge elk herd in este park, co. a lo from cameras across the area.... highs today in the spring and 71 in pueblo. current temperatures all over southern colorado... satellitpictures, the stm that brought the wind yesterday ntinues to move away from corado... a storm to ourest will bng some frries to the mountains but still dry er the ler elatio. hour by ur, nshine mt the y with chilly air earl thenild tes from late ing into late afternoon.
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50's, 60 and 70's. 7 day forecast for the sprin highmorrow 63,uccool sunday with dry ies. a storm willri ahance of moisture late monday into tuesda ch colder esy with a highof 35. pulo high tomoow 70, muc colder sunday with partly cloudy skies. mild monday then few showers possle late nday nig into tuesay. hi on tuesday only 4 canon city and woodlanpark, dry and warm saturda much co sunday. a chance of moisture late monday into tuesday. much colder air tuesday. it will finally feel like february again. currt conditions in ouarea. dry with light winds or calm wind. ndpes overouthern co... very lht or calminds in mo areas now. nexteatheraker, tomorrow will bnice. a cold fro to our west, a push ofry mild air ahead oft tomorrow. the front will fringuch cooler air nday. dry toght with mostly clear sks. saturday will be mostly sunny, cool early then mi air from
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sonexpted delays for ivs on the south end of colorado springs today. bridgework had to done at hancock expresswaynd south rcle... causing periodic road and lane closur. springs policeell us -- a joint onhe bridge needto be fixed. rit now---on oneane is op osoutcile dve. all lanes are expected to be
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one-thousand summer jobs opening up soon. we'll tell you whe to apply next at six. and an update on the massive rockslide that has h atretch of i-70 closed f days.
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vering colorado tonigh the foer sgery th charged wi stealing painkiers back in federa court in denr today---and entering a not glty plea. a judge has also oered 28-year- old rockyllen to get dr treatment. he faces charg of tampering with a conmeproduct d obtaina ntroll substan by deceit. prosutors say hetched ringes on e b and took painkillertended f patients while wking a swedish medical in englewo. the investigatiohas led to thsands of patients neing testinfor h-v anheitis viruses. f pients--have tested positiorepatitis b. weather this week has been slowing down repairs and cleanup on i-70 in glenwood caon after monday'sassive rockslide. c-dot crews say snow in the mountains slowed se of the reirs because all necessy
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and rocks higher up in the canyon also have to be brought do bhand to be hauled out. c-dot said this afteoon that the weather impact wl determine if that 24 mile stretch re-opens tomorrow,...but say there are long tm mitigation plans in the works.that will impact traffic for the ne 2 to 3 wes. grt news for summejob seekers. water world outside of denver is hiring one-thousand peopleor this summer'season. jobs include cashier food service,ifeguards and pa service teams fveryone ages 15 and older. if you or anyone know want's to apply they' startakg applications on monday. one of the most beautiful ars ofur sta, rocky mountain nation park, also one of thmost pular the nation. the nation park service says more than 4-million people visited the park in making ithe 3rd most popunational park in e untr thgreat smok mountains and thgrand canyon the oy r parks toavmore visit
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it'sigst stage for c hockey, matt prichard is previewinghe battle ble....ler in sports. and nextt 6:30-the wind is noore--but the damage remains. we'll ow you the widesprd
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our top story tonight at six-30... the winds haveied down but the cleaup is picking up... from downed trs to dris
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some plas e a mess. at ts ho on the northeast side of colora spri...tirence is down aftetheir neighbs tree was bln over,..and ashed it. we gotumerous tipsbout situations like this, addition to what we foundesterdayith trees down and windows smashed up in the to of cascade. noe wiause issue....impactingll o the huge amnt of trash blown around tod caut trees andens.. keep colorado spngs beautiful haa volueer grp scheduled work torrow on east ptte avenue... teameadersent out today gaing the workoad. " i'm assuming that we're going to get over 150 bags from platte and chelton to platte and mark scheffel. that's just one road. yes." the non-profit goes t with volunteers four to five tis and week....but with a wind storm like ts they ehaze ey are working to asst the community....and everyone needs too their part by picking up sof e mess left by the storm. canon city is alsoleaning up afr those powerful wind gusts. take a look at these
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the windck or tr 8 feet tall into a home sterday afteoon. but fit thinthis morning, crewwereuick to iwn and cln itp. itappenenear rudd aven a 8th stre. luckily thou, the homeowner was surpseto find his home only had minor damage from the hu tree. so the closer we looked,he more i realid, we had pret minimal damage, anthink whatever our deductible is, probably wou be le than that sowere very, very fortunate. tree also fe on a home only a few nutes away -- off of 1st st. a ci-contetr removal service ntind their rk he thirng -- caning thftov mess. the fire danger remains elevated acss t state. we saw seral grass fires yestery---and two small res broke out late this morning in "superi".norh twest ofenver. fireghters s one was a two acre weed fire--coained la this afternoon,.right aftea cond smaller fire was put ou there are enty of dry els the area and gusting winds that helped fan the flames.
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infoion tonit on a two- thousand acire in lincoln county --- about 4 miles east of colorado sprgs. e lincoln coun sheff believes a discarded cigarette spkethe fles. morehan 120 rsonnel-- fr multiplegencieacross el so and neighborg counti....respo nd to e wild fire... fued by hi winds. no structus rned, t one was threatened and a couple of fences bned down near the punkin center. the first ert weather team gave you the first alert on this week's high wind d fire danger earlier in the week. you count on them to aays keep you aheadour changing wend it algside our am with the tools at koaa- dot-com. eru'll fd updated forecastand our live teractive dopple in the race for the white house, e nextests areomorrow: t democrs inevada. the republican in south carolina. for marcrubio...pollg a strong thi in our nec poll...
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cod with the front runners. stevhandelsman has the sry from columbia. if the pollings accurate marco rubio ... will n wouth carolina's primary so sen. marco rubio r presidtial ate :05-8 ve condentbout tomorrow. very optimisbeuse rubio' goal is 2nd or 3rd... but to beajesh..wh campaigned again with his mother barbara to beat john kasich and ybe ted cruz to te over as the ly surviving mainstream gop candidate t: sen. marco rubio - pridential candidate :22-:26 "we needo nominate somne that can bring us tother...i know i canetteth anyone in this race" rubio pporters arerging bu and kasich to quit sot: lucille caey, s.c. reblan :-:35 "we need that segment to bow out gracefully" ted uz won't. the iowa winner, polling second here, wantto dubio from thrace sot: sen. ted cruz r - presidentialandidate :41-:46 "he in sou carolina,hese next 21 hours are going to deci a gat deal." he linking rio to president obama on immigtion even ough cruz today had to pull his fake photo of the two sot: donald trum - presidential candite :53-:56 "this y ted cruz is really a
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dona tmp's once g lead ov cruis dn to five, in today's c ws walstreet journal mastoll so donald trump r - presidential candidate 1:03-:1:08 "runningorresidents kes guts ive nev done th before it takes guts, itakes guts" nats: 1:10-1:15 suppte i'm a muslim i sut this man to the ath with my lifetrp: did you get that ! and showmanship. the candidate whwould ban slims from enterg the u-s lookset to win ano primar dio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbnews, lumbia, south rolina the demoats willaucus tomorrow o in nevada where hillary cln's once big lead in the polls over bernie sanders is down to just 2 points form president bill clinton will be our aa th weekend campaiing on behf of his wife-- presidential caidate hillary clinton. hel stop in puebloomorrow rally supporters. that event starts 7:4p-m -- t pueblo convention center a memorial hall. and on sunday -- he'll hold an event in colorado springs at 1: in the afternoon -- at colorado college.
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we have information about how to s-v-p at koaa-dot- com. day at the u. supremcourt .. the body of the lateustice antonin scalia lies inepose. his fellow justices and president obama were among those who id their respects to scalia - who dd this p weekend in tas as many prepare for a battle for who ll take scal's place on the court---the focus toda largelon his life anlega. hiso- father paul scalia - led a brief service for family and his fellow justices. among them,...ruth bader ginsberg - who recently despite their idlogil rivalry. a funerawill be held tomorrow at theational balica in washington, with president bid among those attending. well-known and influential authors has died. "harper le who wte " kill a moingbirasd away lt night at thege of . the book became a best-seller and classic movie...
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all southern tn. blisher remembs harper lee as an extraordinary woman of gat joy, huli and kindness. friends say thoughhe appeared to be a reuse, she was incredibly social and friendly... just didn't care for publicity. deveping tonight: the prosecution and defense th restintheir cases todainhe trial of dynel lane... e'the ngmont wan accused of cutting an unborn baby fr stranger's womb prosecutors called 1witnesses, the dense called no--and rested aft le told the judge she would not testify. michelleilkins was attacked last march when she was 7 months pregnt, she survd but he by did not. lane is arged with attempted firsdegreeurdessault andunlaul termination of egnancy. osinarguments expected mond. the lindstrom v-a clinic in colorado sprin getting some
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afsome veterans had to wait a month or more to see doctor. yor johnuthers, congssman ug lbornnd senor mhael benn toured thclinic today laorn essed doubts about claims by v-a at scheling proems are w undecontrol... because heays still receives lotmplaints. one ofhe problems seems be an o of dateomputer schedung system. senator bennet ss that's a common probl acrs the federal vernment. nsad obeing ab to back, take out the o dos bed ftware, put in new vsion of it, they're writing another layeon top of it, which sometimes hato do with budget constraints, sometimes it to do with inadequate training. but e fedel government in general is horriblet ." a new leershipeam is now in pland the mbers ofhe coloraarasng for monthlreports by the v-aon progress ouly apintments forets. if have ng bre tvel
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me to ok flights is---ahead :3 first, let's check bin with mike i'm mike daniels. i'll have your extended fit
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6:30. a look from cameras across
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highs today 64 in the springs and 71 in pueblo. current temperatures all over sohern colorado... satellite picturesthe storm that brought the wind yesterday continues to move away from corado... storm to our west will b some flurrs to the mountainsbut l droverhe elevations. hoy hour, sunshiost of e day withlly air early th mild temps from late morning into late afteoon. ghs tomorrow will reh the , 60's and0's. 7 day forecast for the springs hightomorrow 63, much cooler nday wh dry ies. a storm will bring chance of moisture late moay into tuesday. ch colder tuesday with highof 35. pulo high tomorrow much colder sunday with partly cloudy skies. mild monday then aew showers
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tuesay. gh on tuesday only 40. canocity and woodland park, dranwarm saturday. colder sunday. a chanistumoay intomuolder air tuesday. it wfinally feelike
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ste t anbier r ra cge en.. ..c d d-tangt ouidand dethe gh, we'rtaki a lk the
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, big game tonight at doherty high hool buthere is an even bigger eventrounding the me. grant meh live at doherty for a ecial ndraiser for one eir fallen coaches. grt night tonight at doherty high school as the spartans are honing the lobato family... jey bato. anistant cch at the school killed in a traffic accide arnd christmas.. thscho hding apeal fundraiser for the family. athlic director chris noll
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spearheading this thing... why was tonight so important?? you had a go fund me page directedo help the fily immediately after the accident how did thado??
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last night d not go the way the rs had planned coloradoollege downed by deer on ho, leavinem still winless against th rivals. but the silv lining? they can figet excited for saturday! the will faff wthe eersors d satu nightin front of a d 'secteto b upwas of tusanstro! c-c t thece today, ping letut tirxcitent and beeaorusmeame me e to ge em aot of time to soak evything ion friday and hefully that's enough for satury. you real can prepareor it, everybody is so excited i'm not gog to have to say a lotome saturdayorheam i inthfirsfi minutes ter . once we'ng it's goin
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the bale on blake ts started at:00 ts wil there a have a recaat 1 of course th're all excid for this ge, but forolorado native cistian heil, it means atuch re to sehihomeatemacg e sporhe loves. 'sictoeepo is growg in colorado. mp: for christian heil, hockey was part of fen the roies. ing school lot of my frnds ayed baseball, football. was e the f, ale way thrgh hscho who iarns chrtianchs t ow a floh righ hiswn bar eys buee, e whole new way. ve played my fair share of pond hockey, en ou'm fr c t pyea mpitsi. thbrigoo d llomllg sarday..analthgh nkffert, suouinerta at. ugog to rockies game and going to coors fid in the summer and it's t out. never in a million yrs did i k d pyi hke utrongp,ut
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the opnent is faliarwe. -----a-ueason et hoerrongp,saysplins wahe go wawa cerinfo rils washe ngs when they came to ay the avs or cc when ty came to play denver. it was kind of mgoal to come play her so en tt portity aroi mmit t spot. : but e rivalry and isn'atetil amp up, it the crowd that will be cheering as th step on sh o se thereng topeopthis gam it preazing,an't eveally rehend iwelay sois jbe front of 8 here so 30,00is just uelievabl if you received either a dne
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r xtt 6: and dot get ammed.... wel ll youbouthe i-s warng goout to eveone
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, toppinyour consumer watch: the i-r-s has issued a renewed consumer alert--- warng
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scams ve surged a whopping 400 pet this year. e i-r-s says morne- thousand were reported in january.. anncrease of54 over last year. and ffebruary, 363 dents han report scams are designed to tric taxpays into thinkg they're ofalommunitions from the r-s. e feral vernnt saying tonight that hoverbrds---are not safe to use. th's the conclusiofrom the consumer productafety mmission following its months-long investigation. it has sent fici notice to tailerd manufacturers with w hoverboard safety standards... d if those standards a not followed, they could result in enforcement actions. the c-p-s-c says it's received 52 reports of fires from malfctioni hoverboards that have csed millions i damage. if you are the owner of a drone....tay is your deadline to get it registered with th f-a-a. all dres purchased before
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drone purchad afthat date needs to be re before the first flht the f-a has a website where you can register traveling by air foring break? facompe says you should book your travel now or you chance paying a lot more r spring break flight it analyzed pular spring break deinations to lp families and college students save on airfare. it found travelers who booked spring breakicketshiweek saved t30ernt on average compared to st minute booker mc-donalds is going ter fans ofhi and waffles with their new breakfast ndwich. 's tting wt it cls t "chickencgridd" at some ntral ohio locatio. it's a chicken and pancakes wich... orather... e mcken witht ns
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a incredibly pular stretch of the nta trailor bikers anhiken thnortend of colorado spr..has been closed for months because of ightened security at air forcademy.... but kers a bikers y soon be able to enjoy it again. we'll tell you aut reopening plans---tonighat ten. and medical juana prod--grown and sold i colorado springs being recalle we're lookininto the safety concerns--- d letting you know whs afed. th foroinings for 5 at.
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- threwo, one. see ya! - all righeople. let's his! - whoo! - tonight the ti is redot... oh, no!oh, my god. - and ice cold it's time to get bk wild... - ahh! - and buck naked. - i think he's gontofa - 2, 1! - so hd on tight, se we' about break loo. - all right, go. - iss "caut on camera." heers and apause] lcome to "caught on camera." i'm ni cannon. let hear it, people [cheers and applause] 're cong ayou om universal citywalkhollood, and night we've got it all:dram actio me, and all e lowdownfrom theharacters in theseredible videos. th first one starts at a high point,
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high in the swiss alps, the powder ipeect. andalivan is on a satn with f and res on a g - as jt me of thbestskiive ehad. - fellow aussie james mort takes the lead, withwi p l\onarotnsmeyeinelw. - ser'sadis whut owher - oaep]. jus. a he osnow rushes over m - daniel aeonardare un, but e's n of. whomeo'siein aavalche, u'otbeive te yore lky - it gets worse.
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- dad ardnng rece to e sign up. really, guys? - we jdidn think wd ed it that day. ere ve, undepared. i was trying to get myescue gear out of my pack. k up, an the james' pole. it's ski pole poking out...ive busttr five feet ofw. l fore i got buried was, "i'm the only one wearing an avalanche transceiver. how arthese guys goingto find me?"
7:00 pm
w - it went fromitued then fhings nto a ght blue and then white as ey finally uncovered my face. - we cld just breathe a sigh of lief caus'se now. - the ski patrol arrives, d it tak nearly an hr to dig jamesut. ybause ty go ti sve too - credibly, he h ninjuries, just some major gratitudr his iend heroic hule. - if it weret fothem, i wod not be her so i owehemy lif - avalanche! - ayno th was alose cal now, you know when a life is on the line, a rescuer's got toe co under fire, esally when it reafi. [siren blaring] houston firefighters, equiedh mera glass, responto aonstruction fire. whene initially roed up on scene, we seen a little bit of smoke,


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