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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 20, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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do you know it's ne? th lbrutal backdrop allowed us to analyze invidual stoc of dividual comnies. and makendividual dgments before the year. becoming less w's be pformance for 2016 this wee thisk. at happened that mak things lesshaotic the federal reservis putting itself on hold. c p let's no let's not talk about re hikes. it might be just what's developi plus oil and china are behavin themselv wch leaves rn ings.veve thathe strong suund on ad mey." tts alys. what gers h able to ace spite sling growth, aker overss market and bizarrwn s consering fony ems, ptilay fashion an apavit evens th even athe consumeras me are change ith thanks to better emploent and chr gas. wi that in md les goo e melan fonext w
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shingtonomnofo nofor fundentals.atllergan. almostll candidas want pric down d ers at s lowetaxes likehe deal at thfoigdomici is do with pfir icwillult ity at cself a tax breaveusf were in ica. algan is allegan is aersey coan new, n thesland of. my chari my critatrust atction rslus.cohas a significant posi and the stk n't ing atell. peaps an spell out a road mor aigher pr stk. a ybe maybe one atllows e any to aieve eveually least a 0 crse ith stk pric somethinthat wasopedor wh the originaallegan pfer e-inas annoued. it's bn a h ri to own anarmaceuticalpany with thexceptn ofohns &
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investors.opouou after th aftethe close we hear fromne of theost controversial companies we follow. fitbit. i am ada i am adamanthis is not just some st fossil, aarel, acceory. this is health &ellnes coir confirmed byr. davids, orf luc yeawho thisk onhe sw sa ron lengtheng live wi it matterhon we'll nd out. been othe wrong de of the tre here in my aff the cpany and thetockti agus menti he ks apple willo amthings with this h en it co health wellne. catatake a momt to sayle
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ofs vet s pre. e compy's commme to ivy. s d that the government askiimoo vla the licy a therust.ol cook ilore pro l enforcem enforcemthan he's poray. i understandocand the hard apple ve you its word u p wod ha privacy. theyan't gback on it easily. s noanpple markeng pl. its plge tt's t easi broken.arar partul paarlyhose in fash and ap and apparel doing poorly as we saw with ntr and disappoiing numbers fr vf corp. these are good companies.lytr for theiks tget ammed as they are well o theighsulbe sigof wt happ my's esday rnin
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's tooilaro rdstm.selltoo muchrodu from corp. d it is a pln a akerollar.he t we h buwe hava strong dollar that willurt earngs.on the o he other hand, home de will hava bett storyo tell when it reportat theame time ey r ai estimated ta aut tirement a more usehol formation is causiore remodelinglk stra ton ton is a hu supr to ho dot don't competor lowe's will havas good time as things. to make sharolrs ltl bit moreleased. h veor investors king an tere in a compantoo nkedo the e of oil. stick wi stk with home pot.
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sasforce the ceo the ceo seemed confint about his long-term prpects wh we oke in san francisco aittle t mohan two s ago. e stis woff the high of $82 more than twoonths ago. there s talk tt crosof would buy thsoware concern. a litt bitore gaveha the st the stock pre y reflect that negativity. thuray we ha earn ingsrom two fferent disaointga reilers. sears anhl's. kohl'sldas been the ttom theros thave fallen onartimes.fa it gets it gets hak my's quarter
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mait can bounce anay. ses,t'ju b ow who i betill have terrific story to tell -- domino's pizza. this c is company sel gpizza. they are a technology company. hold the cheese in our house when we order via cebook. mino's has a bizarre htory of selling o in good earn ings and rallyi.fa h ll be all t help you througe do's suaon. thursd we get results from palo alto, ohat put on a good day after a relentless courseown latelyt . we likth group.
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valu highly. y a if you a inclined palo altolimit your dyou kn side as it doecut off your upside. on7. spulat speculators lo it. it one that you don't have to own. on the other hand,oot locker also reports on fridaylo. we know fofowear is one of stngesctorout ere. if ft ckets hit ahd the quarter on some of the other tail w tail weakness stors it's worth buying especially as ne and under armour rept sales. next weewe are all about earnings, mostlyetail. you haveck your spot. rning and mament oriolyatter anthgo pvailleers hammered rath thae eness trading. ist itxaly t way
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plse. robert d atmmmm >> calr: >> calleim, ks f all you door t home trader >> my re. >> caller: after the great earn from alabet wherepl anythi other tn ofit-ting thsed $90 drop in price and wh you k pris hded. >> i gngo usthe price at sounds lo. ifwere valued the typicagrowth s icould easilyrade to $1,000. mytabltrt owns it.ertr it was pure profit taking. over the over the coursof the nex18 hs it would not surprisee if thaweo ,000. at's htrong busi .beinowa,le n.>> cle ts is ben fro iowa anks forll you do . i owshesn sam adams and is itime toe a move?si fo i a >>likeonstlationbrandsore.
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be.ndi like ke stz.osr ohio. oo-y >> b-yahjim. this ioscar calling t of to le do, ohi my queion is aboutatho oil corporiowithil being votilet these vels. i was wondering if tis good te uy matn oiilhi >> it seem ems cheap bueap isn'cutting itn thoil world. dob le the sts. in f u daplse u. >> cr:'s a pleasure to speith yo >> thank. caller: y rd me of my father withohe faciahair, sametature. tnk you>> calle he taht me valu dividend stocks when i
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didn kw whher to buy more or hoit going. >>ie i ields 3.we havceectl heel gretory here what yo. hat stocbreack 45 i want to pullhe trigge [ shotgu] the market is heavy for oc and woigoesown this sto gs wnith it eyaiout thsty abt why thatuldn't our 45 buc, level to bu next wk it's all about earn ings lly. the good os prevaiile hers -- , pain. which is the wt lde. tonigh revp the lawnowers. spring is the air.e. i check in with the gas pored equipment maker brignd stratton.
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lioteilms. whappened to the studi behi "mamen"nd "thhunger games" i haven studyi and t stump . why n' why n't you ick ramer! >> annncer: n't miss sef "madey." followjimcraon twitter. veueion? eecramer#madtweets send jim an il to madmey@cc.m or ge us a ll a1-803-cn
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at a t at aime wheno ny stoc he en annihilat nce 2016 is rt meerg ere are nners the. ta b sgs maker of gasolinengesor outdoor power equipment as well finish procts ke generato and pssure washers. the stk is up % ye to te which is incdie when you consider teakness of the
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thas for the performan, there s strouarter o january 20. e compy sas came in light buth der 1ces rn in bead f an 18 centas growg at 30. cp ases declin year ov yr. manageme magement also raishe full-year earnindance and yoknow wha though they have run here th valuion issonablock adinat 1times next ye's earin estimat and supports a n2. let's take a look wi the chairman and ceo of brigs and ratt to get a bett sense of where the cpany is headed. welce back"mad mey." >> great tbe bac jim. thanks >> itoell you, one the reasons i wanted y on is e thbest performg stock i foow. how is that possible? first of all make snow bler we haven had much a snow seas. second, holy cow this isn't ln mowieason. at's going on at bggs and stratton?
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sult of lot of hard rk by r team en y go back few yrs we rationizedrodu offings, took capacity ou what you areeeing is aotf cost cominthrough. the sav. at same time, were woin a lot oinva products over theast twyears we have me out wh mo iovation than whave in a long tim that's showed up in the margs, is th its the exion of the sttegy and hard work on e partf our teame thin >> we think becauswerean homdeand not pare u do b you do big internation buthey want to snd make thhome more valuable. briggsndatn fits in the. >> the houng market being do had it on us.eo
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that are first thomeers they want take carer vest. th the with theou market being e it's bee it's been a f tough years. nowe a seeinthe rebound in the housg markethich was obviously showinup then beca the lin have to housing. at helpful, too. when y lat t expure have bn tryidiversify buss we are 70-30 now, u.s.nd nonu.s foa few years idn'feel od bngostla coany with where the housing market was. noiteels gd to be tt sp. we think we've got addional ruay out theres housing continues to go. i think we'lcontinue to see uptick in the mark for us. ave >> i have tell u. november 10, 2015, iustrl nfence, yosaid q-3 january throh rch is the binning
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hois high season going? wl, it's too early to tl. weretill in this funny peri. st are stocked f the spring sellingeason. it's one of those thgs where it's tough to tell where tngs willo. we arepttic. the placement is better off ar ov yea we are cauti the sam time there ara lot of this gog on in the rket between discuson onetive interest rates d other thin that we are cautiously optimistic, if yowill. we think this could aood season for us. all right. i'm a big user of your procts. we have an in and es friend, yoknow, he's a do guy. we p washed my place, used brig and satton and i see you have somethinghat matts. i'm thinkingbout getting it. u have an enne that's quiet
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everybody else, isn't it? >>t is >> iis. it's one othe ings we are ing with innovation. starting, noe and store are three things customers look fo and users look for in equipment. so the technoly you refer to is 66% qeter than her things on the market. it's remarkable, jim when you go through it. starnghe oer thing. we are using lithium ion tties for sh button ting on a lk behinlawn mower. that's different. we he a mor yocan stand on en i don't kn i don't knowbo you, but i n't have thearage space. i could ha a ten-car garage and not have enough room. mow and stow allows you gain ba garage space. those are invations in the past couple ofears. i have the privif being able to see at's in e pipelinend i aexcited about
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>> john deere reported not great quarter d agco. whhavet you en ht by that? >> it's not much ag. it's lawn d gard. we are tiemoreo housing than agriculture.when y looat housing and people mowing lawns, that rt ofhi. th's where we live, ifou will. the agriculture in the u.s. is small. wh you en youook nationally, it's a smalpart of siness. reallyt's the housing market and cutting grass here and in europe. >> it's been a remarkablyear already. it's a great company. we lovur products. thank you for coming o"mad money." >> thank you, jim. >> chair >> chairman, presintnd c of briggs & straon. love their products. amazing to see the stock do well. theyavthe better mouse tra "mad money" is back afternoon. >> announcer: coming up, they are hiding everywhere.
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ever ever sin 26 began we haveeen a monster sellff. it's been absolutely brutal. many of the stocks are still
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rallearliethis week. talked to you abt how allice is worth buying because the stock iseap. not ever noevery growth stock that's be obliterated is necessaril worth purcsing here. consider the rise and fall of lionsgate entertainment. the movie and television ucon company behin hunger games, mad men, orange the new blk. the stock pt roaring endlessly high thas to wave of hits, the stock imbed % in 2011. 93% in 201 93% in 2013. buth it platead, inching up a percent in 2014 to 32. in 2015 lions gate shot to $41 november and ga up a huge chunk of gains unging down to 2 and chge at e end of dember to close up the year barely up more an 1%. lions liongate stalled out the
3:25 am
ever s ever since the rooer new year began thstock has been plumting less than twos mo. making i making ione of the great growth stocks of toment. the company its mo going from beloved namto a play thinof t short seller in record time. t's start with rise of ongate. content is ki a for yrs lions gate had the hottestv shows and anchises. theyad theyade a killinoniver andunges and e behi some of the bt shows on netflix. what if plow a bunch o money in a propertand it's a op ons gate is good at diversying proctffgs they produced 12 to fil, mostly small pictures and one or two franch
3:26 am
in at the box office. onhe he television side they are producing sit com, drama, reality, miniseries d excelling in the con tts acrossultiple plrms. they aret beholdenyone. lions gate doesn't ce if you tch onable, tfli hulu and the shows are on 24 networks. the company is disciplined when itesthe vimaking side. 70% of lions gate s are ofitable which is a high succesrate. more important theve never lost more than 20 million bucks on a movie they hav ey have been a discipled player. theyon't make many mistas. en ty get a mar proper ke "the ng gamesthey ke a fortune. i recomm recoended the stk fo years ago, a month before the fit "the hunr games" ce out. the ock tred a$11. thanks to myounger daughter i he read the books and knew it wobe hug yove a gain sincen. four months ago en the sto s at 4 h a61% gain. why have the wheels come off?
3:27 am
tripped? in a way they have taken othe characteristics of a pharmaceutal company who drugs are t to go f patent. star in 2014 investors worried about what became knn as the earniclf 201 at the te we wer't eve haway thug"the hunger gas" saga but people are ncerned pe when th franchcame to end. the moes genated over $200 million a picture. sure enoh the stock pe beforehe release of the final "the hunger games" film "mockingjay 2." th thetock began to ide when the opening day b oice was weaker than excted. twweo ey rord dippointing arter inclg a 4% miss. nues at $670 million. stet w loongor77 llion. they msed by nearly $100 million.
3:28 am
guidce indicating the numbers are trackingelow the previous forest. no wonthe stocplummeted 27% aayff news. e culprit, the last "the nger games" unr performed. the company produced fer new episodes of "orange ishe new ack"han expected but management indicated the tv business would be stnger in the next quarter. yo worried about a pos"the ng gamesearn ings op off had be worr lions gate managed to blow it. go of egypt, seems to be bombing.ey are th changing the film ragy with the id to relee lower cost films. trying to come up with new expensive blocbusts that may t beig hits. thave a w franchise the poteial. on the television side most agree e wess ithe quarter was a timing iss mor than a funmental problem. thnext qer lks good.
3:29 am
the four years and net flk renewed "orae is the new black"or three seasons. thatld be llucrave. it m b it m be eap at 14 mes earnin but the company's revee has been dlining for the lastivquarters dole digit declines. that trend is worrisome to me. u can get gher quali plays likeime for1 times earnings. these companies may havessues bulike lions gate they growinhere is the bottom line. ti fige out a way to grow consistentlyou ed t stay away from the busted ock. i n't see how it canerfo versus otherig mia comnies withore leversoing f is a boom and bust st ave been throughhe boo now he hunr gas" is over
3:30 am
to own mediatick with disney which s a massivnuer o tent pole franises iluding "star wars" and the emparks. disney may he ouble with e espn sucribers buwe kn ho triumpover the sues lterm. liongate h no idea how they can get the groove back save a takeover which i can rule out. until have a chan in fundamentals just stay away from lions gate brian in new york. bria >> calle >> calr:ey, jim. for havin on. uestion is this -- i'm a few thousand long in nflix at an average of0. my average pri i90 i woer wt adviceight have on how to py it fwa and where youee netflix going? down 21fothye valued at 38 lln. that aamindein it ia cold sck.
3:31 am
te pple, lte gbuy it. won't stop y. it notn earn is sty. sellat 313 times earn ings and i am an earn ings guy. i won't the way of this or amazon. if you le the produci won't say to sy away. netflis portit t great to bcontaid byhe maet cap musta. >> caller: tha you, ji tacall. >> sure. what's up? >> cler:question is thac a50% discntrom the highnd knowiabompaes are playinhardball with ape, would itake sense for apple to buy viacom now? >> like eld 4.5 b noe lance sht. we havhi qlity cpaeskeisney d me warr seing inexnsivel uld chher have go wihe alrigh lis ga ino lonr of the jungle. the ri andall orul . if yant a media mpany
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mor trng fields using alrnineltralields to srupt y molecus side cancer cells, a much less invasi way to st tumors than surgery, cmo or radi s pie he sky id nova cur nova curcan treat the platfo first lintreatment fo thmost aggressivrm of braier. studie studies shows e asffective as cmothapwithewer side effes. anthem aounc they are lling to pay for nova cure's brn cancer therapy makg th e fourth nationarae play to s va cure is studyg e same revolutionartechgy and a mber of types of canr for nonsmall celluan ovarian, pancreas and mesothio this is still a terrible environment for stocks like va
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45% year to date. this is a vicious cline giving you a teific entry point. if you wan spelaten a company like na cu, get comfortawithhe ideof realain. sa f sam in flori asked aut nature foo. i wasn't wa tfaliarith the coany busaid i would get ba to m. it's ainy foodomny lding globalackager of speci rice particulasmati. it's beea wild trade sht sellers published a scatngathingeport saying the shesere wortess yi it shou be listed fm th american stohanges. it came out they ht able t the annual rert on time. ov the coue of august, the stock und from $12 to $2 and chan. nce then they filetheir 10-k
3:39 am
reunded above $10. the company repeedlyissed most of e analysts who follow the stock discontinued coverage and i can'recommend the stock. mae smati ce is tanghe world srmut the ito much f me to get iolve why stick your neck ou rice. ua 1 february 11, dayer mpirt day, nick in ohibo mx. i know this one and i want t ke a fresh look at i the spladriverhipstvs, laptops, mitor tablets art phones. car vigationystems. they make controllers fo splays andario cps f digil meras. this is a playn the entire consumer electnics landscape.
3:40 am
ning with the stock stuck. o weeks ago thcompany port qer with guance stnger than pele feared. howemanameme struca cautusone about 20. it wor keeping in mind the ree ne went down. d the gross mas, the key men the se conduct space ve been shrinkg ich translates into a sharp decline in protability. at the end of the day theyre competing inou space and the stk is expensit 20 mes eags. if you bt you arbetting on a rn arounin a company that's very tough exsuo chinand diicult enmarkets psonal computers ancell phones. my view, w pay 20 tis rningsor ts whenou can buy a gher quality chip ker likekyworks solutionfor less than ten tesnings.p magnent 40% us revenue grow.
3:41 am
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it i it is time. iorhe lightning round. u say the name of the stoc i don't knowhe calls or th me of thstock ahead of te. i tell youhether to y or sell. when you hr this snd -- buzzer ] -- then the lightning rod over.e you read se-daddy? time for the lightningound on cram's "mad ney." wanto stt wi dick in virgia. dick. >> calr: hi, jim. yotaff is gr >> theare gr >>alr: read your book on ting and i notice united health trades sales at 120, down to 110. i'm thinkibout trading ndy position.what dyothink? >> brilliant i have bn watc the stock 110, 120,20, 11 1. i don't commend trading bu is one this ones g thtt i encourage you if you like trade to do it. james in virgia.
3:45 am
i goin ely and bieven the pruct piline of gwph. they have noseived i believi believe in relieng pn and suffering.ver re changed country. this one this one is the css hairs of too much politics for me now. it's too speculati. vie innsylvania. nce. >> hey, jim. w are yo >> good. how are you? >> calle first time caller but literally a forever fan. >>hank you. caller: i want personally thank you for your wdom over e years veeen rtate ough to watch sho >> tha you. caller:w w ur te is precious so i appreciate you taking my call. >> i'm okay. >> caller: my question is about fed ex. >> i le d ex . they are inexpsi. down a lot. hopefuy it comesown. thank r the kind words joe inirni joe. >> cle is this comrade crer >> yea m.
3:46 am
>> calle thiis jeph northern virginia. >> okay. >> calle uncoe he. fitime calle long ti viewer and reader ofour books e 2007 i rolled er my 401(, begamanaging my own retirement aounts and my nners areal still outwghing my lers. >> tnk you. >> cler: hey, my stock is an d cramer fave and one of my old gs. >> oh, g >> oh, geez. 's so chp. atalyst t it is cheap. it's grass com which is comi back. recycled over d over. i can't goinst it. it too low. red? w yo. >> calle boo-yah, m. ppy friday. o man. same to you, partner caller: thanks for all you do. you and the stafare great. theare go. >> cler:y qution ion itte i own it a17.
3:47 am
bu sel hold? >>old >> hold on this time. i think they wl figure it out. my ctable trt has a ny tion. weept it bause we ar fascinatedh it. but they havojo. they have into monetize the product. they have not been able to yet. in a that's satisfying to growth invesrs. sharonn louisiana. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i wld like to kw yourpinion on doar geral. >> i will giveou two-fer. i li dolr neral and i li doar tree. pat ansa pat. caller: hey, m. how you >> all right, are you? >> calat. lohow. >>ha you. >> calr: my stock y wynn. >> i'm huge fa mgm has comeown y lel.98%. davifaber interviewethe ceo today. 98of what they do in vegas is bop. or that.
3:48 am
rich >> calr:im, jersey sre boo-yah from red h red bk. man, i'm lovi t jerse she. laolce vit best italiafood in t country what'sp? >>al uteparcel rve,.s >>haonand .ha ahe gng th'rod. [ buzzer >> it's iday. that's when i kick off. erybody else is asleep. i get energized. ank in flori, frank. >> cler: hey, ji how are you? allight. hoaryou? >>alr:ood. i inrited press semi conducr anit bn cut in halfince then. i nt yr oughts. >> it's o ea you are hearing it a lotrom me what can iell u? i'm not goinay fm it. thatladiesndenemen, is the concsion of the tning round! >> announcer: the ghtning round nsored by td
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,, > some sometimes you shouldn't try to figure out things. you dot have to. metimes you ed to watch the interviews on the show. u wi get a good feel aut wh's about to haen. take today's merable sell-off in john deere,he agricral equipment ma thstk was hammeredweak quarter down more than three bucks. did anyone hear anything that competitor agco told us the other day when he s onmad money"? do people think e weakness described in his ses would n cay ov to e? thesve these have same cash strapped cusr. no reau would think things
3:52 am
ag. just lisn. homany night dos whave to bemoanheorry state of the mall deptment stor? how diffult is it compete th amazon. nostrom whicstarted act tter sit has to entoo much money versus what ican make. unleou have verypecialized unless y unless you have very specialed merchaise h few other than a home depot seem to be able to do the cust
3:53 am
is a decent ance they will buy materials. yahoo! yahoo!. eard from the ceof verizon who told us the company wants to make a for yoo!'s sets. take a listen. t e right price, ihink ng up assets with aol under tim armstrong wod good for invesrs hdi >> he didn't h or haw. heame out to propose to marry . wealked about the ceof yahoo! and she sd it's up to thboard when it mes to sellg company assets. so have e largest telco company verizon which ught aol already telling you it wants to buy yahoo!ndou have a ceo who doesn'deny her company's se a for sales. should we be shocked yoo! has a committee to consider the overres om veriz andhe
3:54 am
adam ierview? yahoo! goes high but d't be surprid here. the marketan bdiffult to figure out and 2016 has been a nightmare. can we stipula o thing? wh tnds are so proced executives show you at the are abouto dor what's happening the industry, shld we ju ignore commts and act all ocd when things unld as predicted? , we shoulprofit and avoid tential sses. the possilities an rtunities there to be ha you just need to listen. you need to lien to what t darn ceos re saying here on your tv screen. stick with cramer.up. that's so interesting honey because i'm going to share a photof my eggoaffle whent po up. l'go my eggo eg my eggo (answeringachine) he leava message. hii kn you're there, 'cause ian see y.
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> tham theric consumeisn't spendi on faion and parel. th's over. o, ty arstill spending on the me en home depot reports next weekhacould t bghst starn the retail firment and i likehe sck. be carul wh macy's. the other thing wecover, i oiabilizest allowss to cus on iividual mpanies. i like tha i like to y there is always a bl market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on "mad money."
3:58 am
i will see youonda george oliphant (voiceover):trquxpansivess of the hhlan is humbng-- the ehant countride ng with fairytale charm come to life the cities progressive, ive, thriving. bagpipes cry out. the woolen ted tween your fingers. thfine aromaf an aged si mt lls the air. otla is an assault on yousenses, and is the kind ambusyou weome with open arms. scotlands a scotlas a coy rich with a culture influenced by over 5,000 yes of hisry. surrou by wate this snning landscape crtevistashat ok as thhewe pnted,
3:59 am
ties bustling with energy. but ywheou look, everhing isniquely ottish we start our journey in the largesof scotlan glasgow. spt ographically the rer clyde, the incrible architectureand e rawling rks make youust want t lo in this city known as theear greeplace. spite my oottish heritag i'm entrusting my travels a loc guide. d it doesn't hurt that this native's a hometown hero. starf thste,mall and silver scrns, the my and golden globe nominated d tonyward winnactor, alan cumming. it was deculiar to this piece of the planet, when larks rode and long th strings of s, and the air ifted with the shimmering of actual angels. greenery entered thebody, the grass shivered with psences, and the sunlight stayed ke a halo one hair, anheathe and hills. walking into town, i saw, in other riant rncoat, the woman from t fish sh.
4:00 am
and what did she ha tsay for ? owk. her ancestors raged in their graves. and she spoke with an ancient misery. we'll pay r th. we'll pay for that. wel pay for that. [appuse] bravo! thyou,eorge. welce to scotlan come on down. do you perform here a lot at citizens eatre? , drschool iasgo it w my dream to work here. i justove the fact thait in this very worki class part ofow y it's this theater that does the most esoteric type of , d it just wants evyo to be involve that's really what i think the art ould be about. scotnd has a rhistory of amazing writs, poets, actors, arsts. so i love thatt' not just its p ts feares as well. scotland in general values ts very highly,


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