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tv   U.S. Farm Report  NBC  February 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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or s we've literally taken 124 million cars off the road rms of emiss terms of emins,"> usda says since 2009 the industry has more than doubled r than doubled rewable energy producti. president barack obama says he plans to make atrip to cuba within the next month. this would be the first time ating preside vised the cotry e calvin coolidge in 1928. ju this weekthe white hoe announced it will allow as many as 110 flights a day cub t u-s d cuba restored diplomatic ties last ju, ter the u-s lifted a 54 year freeze trav a tde. for thfirst time in 50 years, the american governmentllowing an americanmpantouild fryn cuba. the white house is allowing a small u-s company to build a ten million dollar plant in the comst country. it's consider the first significant u-s business investment since fidel castro seized power in1959. .the tractor plant wil
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.t investo .the iestorslan to a th o-horse tractorsnnually. that's it fornews...meteogistike hoffmains us now wthe long rge forecasik are we shiftg aw thawet el nino pattern? ll, ty a timewe, beuse we aregetting th rge delopg in the western parts of theountry that brings the cold airo e east andou canee tha pattern starting tgo back, but were still in one of those patterns where we expect storms to occasionallcome into the we off the pacific, let's put this jetstream map intomotion. you can see how a deeper and deeper trougcontinues developing as weead onto this week and very cold air for the northet quadra of the untry as we ad to this coming weekend, t thhod keep it on the mild side through the southernier of the country and maybe some systems finally coming into the west, coming in cutting under that area of h pressure. 30 day outlook for temperates, i am still goingbelow normal for the southern tier of states up along the canadian borr and out st,
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across the greatak, northern rockies, pacific nthst, abovnormal f the southern tier of states, the moiure we are still kind of expecting that el nino pattern although it does go away at times, tyne? anks, mike. the sueme court di't talk about a petition from the amerin farm bureau challenign epa's cheseapeake b clean plan last wee the est court orginial schedud discuss ifr, but was cancelled due to the ceremony honoring justice scalia, who ssed ay unexpectedly last weend. acorrding to poltico, 's unkely the supreme court will ar farm bureau's challenge. if that happens, a previous ruling hodling epa's plan wilremain in placebut for those livign and farming along the east ast, regulations are now a way of lif national porter betsy jibben breakdown theluepri o tional corn grower presid chip bowling, t chesapeakesn esapeake isn't just a bay but big part of his life.
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orts, swimming, abbing, duck ntinand goose hunting"> we're about miles from where the ow flies frothpatomic river,"> bowling is an activ sporman and outdoorsman who lives along a ibutof the bay. but like other farms in the area, his love for the water requires balancing t passions- farming for maximuyieldshile protng the wate enjoys.
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led a led lauit inin afok e mandes- caing them 'governntal over' "b sman om orlando "epa istartiith e chesapeake b watered. unless t surpre court eps in, is latespoab will oming so to watersheds across the country,"> bowling says while he's rming,he bayislways top of mind. hs careful about chemicals d has impleemnted buffer strips and cor crops. "we're lening to cope because wvead the mandate now for so many years.most farmers are accustomed to e different regulatis we ve to adhear to,"> for example, since the mandat beg, ery farm has to adapto the ste's nutrient nagemen-f farmers n'haven upted planthey caot buy fertilize
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service. they set my ferlizer recoendations by my eld goal."> american soybean association president, richard wilkins lives alonthe delmarva peninsula. he also haso follow his stats nutrnt management pl. richard: under the clean water act, the federal governmt is responsible for regulating int source plutants that is a known dischae ur -uch as pipe, sh or smokestack. generally, the states are responsible for regulating n-point soce plutants such as runoff from fertilizer, rain or snowmelt. in 25, the unit stes cour appeals for third circuit said the
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and non poinso pollution- that could give the gornment more jurisdictiothrough the tmdl process. hat's a ge pm terms of the wae t constrew rules unr thn teact.turns t to bcase and if another court llows that same reasoning at theederal level r example, tis a tremendousevelopment. that vethe fedsetter juriicti over various type runoff farm fieldsnd rahes too. we'll havto watch to see whappens as we get into016,"> in the metime, farmers li bowling arebing by the rules and enjoyg th water.. bowling says water quality has improved andhat's l thankso what farmers have done to clean up the bay... reporting for u.s.arm report, i'm betsy jibben. thanks, betsy. mceowen says this new court decision has the potentialo bleed in other wershs acss the country. up next, john phipps.
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potentia f potential. fm dow agroiences. lutiaons for growinwod>
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antiobtic antiobiotic resistce in custer suppo john dale and beverly nauertz from richland center, wisconsin wanted more informion abt an antibiotic resistance and biotech corn rur: sai toome to the market, he whthe deffts he bprodts and the industry rep said mthat itibiotic , folkth short er to thion o". thisim was mt wi propagated by jeffery smith, an ti-gmo activist inis boo "genetic rou "genetic rlette" has bnthoroulyebunked by medical
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i fi more intesting, howeve is thpower aogo on a srt to suggest exrte. the source a seeco alerwhe scieific knowledge uerin. what he said was gen saidas given weighbecause of ouautomatic assumption thahe was privto inside information. social scientis have noticed how, as our technology becom more difficult for many to understa, we unrstand, we fall back on our presumed ability to judge people instead. so if the seed dealeris guy you like, you give more weight to what hys. its easy to dimiss such unfounded ai as falsinformation fed to a gullie d poorly educed publi but that doesn't solve r problem. from llhone cancer to ld levels water, complex prlems and the fear they spar- ar overading our abilieto
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usbetween e ientific couny d the puic is e best answer. buthat wi tak time a long time, i suspect. in the meante, i thi we cantake a big sp forward to relieve this anxiety bsimplyusing a tool we are already growing to depd on: google it. ifo not know how to sear foaners on the internet, especially with your srtphon it is worth learning if only to lower your pulse rate. it is now routine in our sunday scolclasto goome bibli historicalstion and move the discussion forward. persal tegrity is still to be respecteever, in the words of president reagan, "trus but ve". tha john. and don't forget youan send your questions comments to john by eml, or facebook a twitter. up next, decent ins meant a better mood across theouthern plains for many farmers. we'll tell y how that impaed eqpment buying when we go on
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byetting radiate first. sit loveroducts dom/ radiate.eeour cps al toy.
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deere.othi deere. nothing runs like a de> sta aew segment he on u-farm rortoininear.t's lled on the road with machinery pete. last month we sid ohio to discusequipment trends. th month, it's a trip to the southern plains. clinton griffiths takes us tamarillo texas toestern epment where mother nurhelped entice bung mtum 2 2015 brght a esh start for texas and lahomaanchers. after survivg ur yearsf a record-breaking drought, relliance prevaid and mother nature final gave area farmers a eak.
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i sure wish we have anotheonis year. > that switch in the weather is helpingrigger a regional shift in uipment bung.
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2016 cld bring opportunity spending wisely, to improve production. we'rtrying to be efficient,
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do> that's wh williams decided to purcse a coonicker that also bales e crop. new technology is a game changer for thisouthern plains farmer.
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stat t athis uni-trtor d bacombinatios on of-a-kind. this is the minneapolis moline, e un system that they developed and eventually solto new idea. it has a baler s a baler unit oit rightnow, butou can put a combine unit on it or chopper unit o it, but this one has the baler it w indf heraid whajuer tha had died and thiparticular unit was on his lend i tried touy it en. ani got outb so i kept tracof where iwent and the guy had it for 7/8 yea and he sand blasted and restored it basically and he decided to sell it a i ended up buying it from him. about 5 years ago. t tractor is one and tyou bul yourdiffert unit it, v pritive. the only thing it dos power steeng. ythibelt driven so everything rloside and if y ha u kn and you don't go to
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refinements. wl e motor on it looks like a v 4 wisconn but it actually is a mini v 4 but war cooled. because 's the same dign and everythingaso wionn engi but i no you have to drop the bales they have no hitch they didn't have enough power to pull the wagon and all the bales out of the t. but they were prey ahead of their te.ouould put the two row corn pickeon it and iwas selfropell todas country chur salute go to the argyle bib church. it's located outside the smallcommuny of colchester, linois. missy phlipsook this pictu of the sancar tiy derated fo stmas!hank ymissy,or sending that sendthat iu have a church you'd like to share, pleasel oril tho bmison. stay with us - tynes back wh cropwatch ne. u.s. farm reprot brought to youy case ih. to learn moresit caseih.cfficient
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, at right that's r on lake michigan. and it was cold, b the lake is definitley not afrens it has beenheastwo years. h told me lakeichigahas half thice cover itid a year ago. looking at all five great las,ic cer is around 20 perct. that compared to 82 percent this time last year. so a dramatic fferencelltyne, our friends in iowa have been seeing some snow. sve volkertnapped this picture of a sundog on frosty febary frosty february morning. so wha causes thi sundogs etically caused by high thin clouds made of ice crysts, whh create o otwo ligh spots on tehidof the sun. in this cas i think its'the i crystals jt in their... because the'no clouds in this pictu. it neat. just to the uth, there's not a lot o snow cover. jas tells us
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week, itad week, had been chil and dry, with no significant precipitation since december.yep, that was in missouri. mike, 's similar story for my parents back home in lexington, missouri, which si noh of jeskinsr and i were home this weekendnd this is a view from their backyard. i heard on the loc news that they are facing one ofhe top five snowless wiers ever. they've had some rain, but just barely a dusting of snow this year. d mperatur jumped 30 degrees in one day, even hitting the 70 degree mark thursda now on my wato aport saturday to flout of chigo, whitout nditiosn. it depdn on where you liveand here in the lake effect zones, we've had a fair amoutn of snow. still bew norm this year, yeah, still it snow.or john, al and mike, m tyne morn. thank you for watching u-s farm report. be sureo join us right here ain next week, as we work touild our traditi. have a great ekend, eryone. the chevy silverado theicial news gathering vehcile for farm
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good good rning. supeaturday. high stakes presidenal contts in sth carolina and nevada today. dona trump poised to win south carolina while making yet another con row version statement at a ray. >> he took 50m i pis ood. t t frontrne >> easy to say let's make america great again. you canven print that on a base marco rubio hopingo become th establishment candidate on e day he couldnock his one-time mentor jeb bh out of the race meanwhile, on the docratic side, hiary clinn's huge le over bernie saers in nevada, gone. that race too close to call. >> have a feeling, folks, we're going to make history tomoow. we're going to winn nevada.
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wife's defense. >> hillars opponent tke ab how badave . e're livh both races. and direct hit. a massivycloting the island of fiji tod. the top winds hitting over 177 mis per ho. and gis with goals the u.s. men's nationa soccer team eily bting trinida bago in thetonamethea ty have pched theiricket forrio. today, saturday, februar20th, 16. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" live fromdio inocfellaz and welcomeo "t on th satdaymoing.
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>>nd'm sheinle jon gsiddylan drer. erica has theay >> s the wkssin the ate. weid columbi and lexingt and loryn charlest fe things clr. w undid vot lt ther an peoplere skf e aign cas. >>ndylan and iere in las vega yonnatch tv >> i wasgambng. youeatchingon. did tellr. ut with a kne. flit. let's get tthe top sty. two big votes in the race for president in the presidentl primar polls in sth carolina a now open. donald ts expted tin easily ere, but f the re, there's a headattle to fini inhe top tee. r democrs, i is nevada. hiary cltond bnie saers areirtually in a dea heat there. th state caucuses later today. we have full coverag on both


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