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tv   Today  NBC  February 20, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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>>nd'm sheinle jon gsiddylan drer. erica has theay >> s the wkssin the ate. weid columbi and lexingt and loryn charlest fe things clr. w undid vot lt ther an peoplere skf e aign cas. >>ndylan and iere in las vega yonnatch tv >> i wasgambng. youeatchingon. did tellr. ut with a kne. flit. let's get tthe top sty. two big votes in the race for president in the presidentl primar polls in sth carolina a now open. donald ts expted tin easily ere, but f the re, there's a headattle to fini inhe top tee. r democrs, i is nevada. hiary cltond bnie saers areirtually in a dea heat there. th state caucuses later today. we have full coverag on both
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interviewnhe nt hour wi senatomarco bio. let's start this morning with nbc's hallie jackson covering theacen southcarolina. hallie,oomornin >> reporter: hey, craig. good morning. we are heading into the final push f the fir in the south imary nearl e ndidate has sng to prove. this mning on tsing day, it is donaltrumpaing eyrows with conoversial ents. this morni as replicans blket theate, state of playooks like this. donald trump o top, but rsing eyebro at a south carolina rallt ght. this time for tling a story ou geral johpershing to kill c ki a century ago. >> i dipd 50 bullets in pis blood and th shot 49 of those people. the 50th person,e id you go back tooureoplendou tell them what happened.
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rurrackingite snopesom, tre no edence it erappened. trntsoming the same y over the remarks on iraq. >> i wasgainst it. reporter: after highlighting his positn onhe iraq war, new interviewsuggest sething differen with howard stern before the war. >> are you for invadiniraq? i guessso >> reporter: fox new confirming this interview took place after thert of the iraq r. >> looksike a tmendous success from military standpoint standpoint.epter: the trump campaign respond. quote,r. did say he supported t war. he commeed on the execution of the invasion from a mity standpoint one day aft began. now with hiss on ted uz. cruz hitting back. >>y to say let's make americareat again.
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seba cap. >> repte a sup pac supporting cruzith ro calls about e confederate ag. cruz camigning with phil bertso imagil rertsons or of e united naons. >> rorte marco rubio joine south carolina gernor nicki halley halleyilley haley. his campaign warningo wat for qteirty tcks from cru day. e twon aerocious fight f cond. b bus nar behi. hi mher by hi side >> it's amazing. 90 years old. stloi ro. rter: in bush country, he isg sth carinaon't be his laststand. jo kasich even inouth calina tohe inew elandooking ahead to the primariesther carson hopin hean
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it istill donald trp ihe lines a inhe editori pages iseend "t wall stet jourl"s trump t release t taxreturn bere super tuesday on march 1. >> hallie jackson in south carolina thanyou. > and to the demra in the rtual dead hea wit hilry clinn and bernisander today iaucus day in th state. at onc ld t an eas ra fornton i now a dog fight. have nbc' kristen wr th more. >> reporter: sheinee, goo morning. to put this in gamblingterms, hillary clton once had a straight flush here. now the vermont sator will have a winning hand. these caucuses wil hav an efct for the rest of the country. it com dn to turn ou hiary clinton aernie sanders makinglosing arguments in nevada friday nigh
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morrowe'reoi to win here in ne >> we h a lot of work to do my friends. think it ia ilege to do is work, but we haveo do it gether. >> reporter: with the race delocked, theypent theinal days chrisrossing the stat urting latinos and african-americans. all critical to wningere. >> guess what? there's a caucus in nevada. >> so much at stake in the election. one of the more consequentia desions. >> reporter: andhe campaign is atg up. hillary clinton aing sanders not bei a democrat. >> she loved theresident. he loves her and all that stuff. wenow what that a about. atsrying to win support withhe african-american mmunit reporr: forr prident bill clinton getting into th
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aspects of h presinc >> tt >> tcaaign heen remarklyact free. >> reporter: nevada wuppod to be an afterhought for clinton. the dou digit ld evaporated 1%. and jeff rastonelling area mitchell. >> it could go eher way. at i why you see all this acvity on the lastday. >>epter: clintonicked up endorsement fm congress mber james clyburne. it could help heren nevada. if clintnt loses here,t would be aevasting loss coming o the heels o n hampshire. if sande loses,taise question a his alityo rae the electorate back to you. nk you. >> a elise jordan andarold
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ford are here now nbc ntritor contributors. thanks for being with us. let's srt wh donald trump in south carona. hall mtion he desibed th arican gener me than a century ago shooting a group of muslims. this is what he said. >> he took 50 bullets and h dipped them pig's blood and he had his men loadis rifles and heinedp the 50 peoe and they shot49 of thoseeople and the 50th person he said you go back to you people and you tell them what haed.d for 25 years tre wasn' a oble >>again, dald trum tking about this american geral. over i the philippines. dold hurling insults on
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now repeating online fables. s isonstt with his campgn celebrating on/1er muslims. no o can point to facts to ck this the question isow does he fe toy? youant rubio to do well. you want kasich t do ll. soone to takzndrump on. >> whaoes iook like? >> it has to be cse third. not a blowout third. if cruz and trumpplit 70% of thvote and remaig wit 20 that is arobl for t establ blishmente. rubio is surging w le >> and what s to trump's campaign ifomes in second or third? nsidering he all about winning? >> i think it is a reall terrle outcome for trump that haens.
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south roli polls unreliable. ey are don wh landlines a es and half of the people i south carolina are wirels hoolds. going forward, wave t seef cruzs iually am concernedwith. if he doesn't do well in south carolina, notecessaribe one,ut song second, he will ve trouble in the c. states. he southern states let's talk about jeb sh for a second. we saw jebushrot out his brother in t l country. he had his mothe comeampaigning yestda he pulled out all the stops in south carolina where hisather an won. if h does not fin ll, what happens? >> he will have tohink about ing t.
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donors hshld have a shot in tht set ofstes.otise,t iard to imagine rnorush caconvince his donors. south carolina i a great state for the bush family. he bughtn his mom and brotr. he w hoping he would g the haley endorsemt. th ireas the pressure. >> he said h was dappointed by it. hepentlmost $100 milon so far. >> he stillas a l o money le in at pa ld sustain it longer. e queion is willhe estaishment t wanting him to get out and open up a lanr soone else. >> a let'salk ab the mocrat nevaas consiredhe westernfill filla clinton, if will this morning, e isn a dead at. we were tkingehind the sc this morng. you talk abt sport anagies and mome. how powerfuhat c let's bring in bernie saers he. ets this and i this happs, dseave the momentum to take ts rough? >> itsorbleor hilla if
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th is panic for tlion campaign. the cpaign has beenhere longer.i thi hilry ultimately wl prevai there, but i wle close. notot winor hillary. >> elise and harold, tha u. >> i neethat baer'sam in south carolina. >> i will sdt to you, m iend. thank yo both. fami and fends s good-bye to tate supremeourt juice ant scia. his funeral will beeld in a few hou aft his serviceo iday. sete wims in shington with more. petegoodmorning. >> good morning. justice slia'uneral silicabasilica of natiol shrine the immacateconception. east was cried past the former law clerks and io the eat hall ofhe supreme cot. mo tn 4,00 ppl filed
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go-bye after wai ilo lines thatraed arounthe budi. lo, theourtado yopen extra me. president ama and mrs obama passed by honorin the casket. and arayer wasaid at the t fday morning for memrs of the family a remning eightstes. he wl celebrate theass at euner and burial which is a privacemo the white hse says prent obaas been rching o dictlyoepublican leaders telling them hentends to move ahead with the nominati. theene doctic leader sa it cldak a month to nameha nonee. the funeral today, a eight ofheupreme court jusce will aen along wh t retid stes. jo pl evens andavid sutter >> tnku, pete. the island nation ofiji
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wi speed a near 180 miles hour withustsf nearly 220. that is equal to aategory five hurricane. e capit city isepting the power is t. the gnmt declad a ste of emergencyor the next 30 dayssts900,0esidents are facing quote anordeal theoseos grave ki. >nd affluza tn ean uc wlace adu cou after the pbaon violatio he fled to mexohi i a olationfroti after h killed foueoe ia unk ivg crash fourears ago. >>nd josh dylan french is descrid asrmnd dangerous.
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-yeaolditting the fale offir er the. he tn grabbeheunnd iedo shootr. she says tha gun fled to fire frch h b in juvil cu bere et's tk abou the weath now. dylan i he with the check of theforeca. ne tab wt ppen with tt windn chago? >>ye 's theindy city, but this ok it to -- ather level. >> 72-me--hou s. lot this woman. the poor thing can't stand in winds lik that. sohwest las par wit 72-me-an-hou s.a categoryne hurri has nds up to 74 m per hour.see glass breaking the ildings. tree topowe was out in several areas. it was ady wh the windings in effect.w weil start to this ease a t. look at the jetam. this is mort y s
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way up to nortallong temperatuspsiifan almosthe entire countryseres today. in the areas in thelains a midwest, 20 to 30 degre above average. dallas should hit 80day. sprifiel78 nashvill . at is 13egrees above avage. this spreads eard. ington, d.c., 63 deges today. we are cse t60 i new yk ci later this afternn. sta inhe0s tough t dwes a we go tough the xt seral days. new york dps bk to the 4s
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th > >ndhat's your latest forest. >> dylan, t>> >> now to e feud wh apple anthe federavernment. the feds sheech compy is refusing the ruest because t mpany is worri about its bottom line. nbc's steve patersonasmoor the banceit security andcy is athe coref the dispute with ale and the federal rnment. idayoreiving the opportunity resp feral prosutors argued a jge shouldorcehe tecia t create program to cck syed rizwan farook's iphone senixecuves arealli the oer aangeus precedent. kening any softwe to a nuclear bomb tt in the wrong hands couldhreaten the pricy
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>> it justne phone w, but if you bui that pathway, others wome looking it andou canno control those pele anhey ut odrposes orter: psecuto call that overstat apple couain custody of the software and doesot requirbar or hk its ers. saying the rusal is concerned for its biness mol an marketin sttegy. experts say the bndinges on prac aheompany needs to fighthe order to proct profits. all while billionaire candida donald trump calls for a boyct. >>et ale openphe phones e find out where the threats are coming from. i said boytt apple until the doit. boycott em. o cares? >> reporter: the caseeady under way the court o pubc
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for "today," pattern, c ws, los angeles. > virgin has rolled ots new spacecraft with sir richard brson leading the way. acecft uni w unveiled. the cft is designed to take tourists to the edge ofspac spe. thest spaceaft broke a during aest fghtn 2014. ansonopes the n tes flights n begin inew months. >> the u.s. n's sr tm going tthio ompics. the team clinchedpot la nit at qualifying nant. won5-0. theyyor t tournament chpionshiptomorrow. both teams kno they are hea to the summer games. >> ionever seriously doubted teausa. a lookk a the week's
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eaold arrte and aus of pretendin to be .>>pl why somen miamiging pol urgi pole ofrs tboyct beyonce' ng nc
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nb alkingbo b inouth calinauringhe prarie wther i fantasti >> it will st ntastic. sndartloudyskie >> no exses. >> when theeathers a , it maers. s. ke fks at me. sti to comee saturday morning "today," catcngoun the medical headlines from t latestews abika viru to americ owing problem with .
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or you get eliminad nowet's getn formation kay >> a ltl controversy over beyoe's song "formation." why some policofce are cain f aoytt wereac o ts saturday ing, february0th, 20. lo at these folks. a great crowd on rocfeller az wl hea oside a si tm i a little t. >> at as 20 degrees wmer thanast weekend. >> would say 60>> aea wave. >> it was 1 lt weekd. >> it may asel be . here ist isaking headnes on this saturday morning. a busy day for republica and democrs. making tirin pushes on the primary and caucus day. publans heango theol
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we will talive to senor marubi about how impta das primary isor hi > jared gl i ag feral applsourt f a orr ntce. he was snc t 15 yeaor possessing child por and paying for sexith ueragegirls. the u.s.torney'sffice has tcommente nd talabt the tired et. ndre of pple taking par t stesnnl nce-atho thtart min androng sterday. the d w't stop for hour the 700ancers cnot sleep, they cannot sing tha time al for a goocause. the mon rsed benefits pediatricancer at thehy's children childr's hoital. lestart with the recap of the headlines. >> fm t big talk on the aign til the'shat cour attention.
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the sou of scr comingromwashingt, c. >> nbational pol sh ere's a new ontrunneror the psidentia nominati. this as trumppinsff late test critics. >> personhouilds wls and no bries i not christian. >> sanders and clint are in a dead ht inneda. an clion gsooed f tackin sanders at town hall >> he dsn't evenw last two democ pside did. d you know at , it's true. several do.>>ons after the tr attack that leftea s beno, thipho used by onethe kille has pitte chnt app againsthe fbi.
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unlock popul ce he fedaludge orded apple t creeewtware to unlock t iphone >> timookaysf te t softwarend i fel t wronghands, it could unlock a lony hone. and aornado touching d near the rur town of century, fl lankets o sno >> the stormped sno and o fueled by el nio as par of the iveysm spann 1,0 milep ttt. >>nd ioridn ead on bai after he warresd andccus o pretngbe . m.oaex. mot ting t
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be wherem >> ainvestigioncd jayfteratntde olheckroer and fog tm for sh tgeould not cnt onhe aation ta. > the th aual gramm awds celebted t musi bigges kendrickaking home b um and getting a standin o tharibute to the black li matr bu highly aicat appearan adeasarred by aio glit. i bve myeart w embrass to wake up th nexorng and people saying we sll love i didt a youf u stl le me. the germa short hair >> the n t g. >> aerhort haid pointer from calnia best i sh. the 3-yearld btut 2,700 her dogs
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>> youere athe grammys. as on theed cpet before wating ery a-list star wk by me. gaga did not? >> she did. she was dressed in her homa to david bowie. to be ten feet from her w incrible. >> you shy sees astar yo aerson and the "it"factor. >>he oozed. >> that adele peormance. >> i watch it. she s the microphoneell on piastngs. at me it sound like a guitar an o otune. >> her voice. i'msive to that. shs adele. andhe sll dn amazing jo >> absolute. >>e sllove her. althghhe doesn care let g atherheckf e forecast. >>okay cole of scaered showers and stms psible through thehio
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that it.u see t specs of green? the scaeredshowers. will see isolated stnger s ler today. brief hea downpour and lightnin notot ofevere weather. margina risk a this cold frtoves te east. th will cl temperas down. ahead of , the very gusty wis likhat we saw i chicago yestday. elsewher were lkingt teeratures to be about 15 to 30 degrees ave avage. 50s and 60s u the et cot. s and 80s throuhe plains. mperaturesill ave
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made for real, real life. > >>are bac on sday mog. guys,t's timeo trd. end. hers the qion forll theparents. when your kid comes homeith cold or stoma virus, do both paren get sick? >> all the time new rrch shows hin childhanges y imme system. atudy in jal fou havin a k radly reres t ie sys both pts by %ause they are exposed t a wide range of germs and gs. i believe that. i just had a thght. for t first time ltnight, didn'tat o mytle guhe is eatg r ispy treats. i said let me have a bite. thought - >> you are diy.
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ceme versoon. itound like a high end walmart. and scientists ldo ha sound a sime cure for bbing headaches. pencil.grab e. its easy as it sounds. th found holding aencil twn your teeth, go ahead, relaxe muscl in taw and ases tens you are supposed to te down . >> iam. does itelp you rex? diyou used tbite dowon pencils as akid? i did. you know whatelps a adache? a little ter. a lite tyl. a rda rouy apologizeing for a fo a photo. popstart. >>'ll cnnel sheinelle this mornin >> that's the danc youot that >> a legal bate tha rocked th music instry.
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courthouseer audgeuled against her request to be released from the conact with ny. the deal scifies sk ongs ongsid dr. ke. 2014,isha fedhe lawsui against t produce whose names lucas gobwald f seal assaulting her and drugng her. the lawsuits called defamatory. weird suation for her ere. to a potentialoyco on beyoe. eiami fops ing formation. membsf the miami chapter of thatna pole uonoted tooycott the april 26thhow the mar sdiumhere she is slated kif h to the reasos she u this year super bowl to divide americanh black panthers and anti-lice
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thee ces after praisend protest of the singer for the performan where her dancer we bla berets and ammunition. > rondase ey are wk post the this omoting herrance on "the toni fansthe notic theture retohedo makeerrm r. ronda is known fositivey ag apolizin fansndwing the onal anduche photo. a ts against everything ilieve. pro of eve inch of my body. i willure you it wilever happen again. >> int t with h last ar f a stor at one of e this she talk mostly abt. sh was veryro ofeing a big girl a healthy gi. >> iieve hern that e.
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morning here with anothernd of would you ther. >>t's so far away. dug dp to ce up whhe queson >> seconds onhe clk. >> we srt with einelle. >> would you rheo abo your normalay naked, seously, oall leep f a year. , i'dathe abo any normda iouldav to sk it up. >>rk? rathethan miss a yea o life? yo wou rather ms a year a tnyear. you justoingo haveo . you come to wor na don' d thadance. hello! >> wld yathe be trapped in anletor wh a bunf tog o traedn a gro ppl wh horribl breath? wetdo. >>ou youatheiv whomucriv who tv
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>>h, i ratr le without sic. >> right swer >>therwi i'd hjo >>ould youathere forceto say everythin your mind o never speak again? >> ink youould sa please dot. >> still to come, whyricans stillre n gting enoug
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heworl >> thi "y" on nbc. stillo come on "today," the latest on southarolina and nevada on tig voting d and we willalk to marco rubio. > and us, tgeng big rigs for millions of dollars in stengoods.
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goo >> good rning. super satuay. all eyesn nev and south roli today with two high stakes presidential consts in those states. republicans alrey at the polls. democrats pparingo ucus i nevada later today. much attake inneva while south roli, it's an all-th to geteople t the s. 'll ta liv to repubcan cande senatorco rubio. irec hit. auge clo equal to a cagory fivericane makes landll on fiji. e monstrm pacng wds of more an17 mes per hour. the entire area under a state of disaster. it will hours before theull scope of the dame can be seen. >> girls wit goals. a big winor team usa handily
5:59 am
t olympicuafy tonament at meansheadsreeaded tohe. today, satuayfebrua 20th, 2016. lou have to go and make me like you trip from maryland. it's my bihday. >> happy birthday. >> runng the centr pk raon torro andt'ser birt.>> iit ae or a she? >>s a girl!>> it'syst time in new york and we' fm rde island. >>'m turning 9 in new york. >> welco >> welcome bac to "today on ay morning. a growing crowd on the aza. >> it feels like april. >> we will get out theren a bit. righw, tollsre open in soutcarolina. thatstat of course, n perf inicking the eventl gopnoe. >> no doubtbout
6:00 am
caronah tepublican primy and nevada for the democric caucuses. we have you cered on both sides. in a moment, w will speak with candate senat marco rubio. fit with hallie jacks with the republican race. good morning.>> good morning. 40 people haveome through inhe last hr as cdidates geteady for the push in t fit in the south primary. donaldrump lking to dominate is raisingyebrs with coversial commts. sry he toldt a rally last ght about general john pershi soting muslims with bullets coated in pis ood. >> he sa heook 50 blets and he dped them in pig's blood anthey shot 49 of those ople and the 50th person he saidou go back to your people
6:01 am
and for 25years, there wasn't a problem. problem. >> trump trying to mak a about militaryoughness. rur tracking web site found no evidenceo support the story happened. trum ampingp attac aer the positio on isel. cruz tryg to fight off marco rubi for the second place position rubio's camig warning i pporters of potenal dirty tricks from cruz toda and the ys, youave jeb bush ping south carina will not beis l stand as we look ead t a ver by d voting day in south carolina. sheinelle. >> hallhank you. >> senator marcoubio i in h carona this rning. heoins us liveor an clusive "today" sho interview. good morning, sir. >> good morning.
6:02 am
trump yestday, lastight down in sou carolina making t contvecontversialments about the general roundingusms and ooting them inpig's blood. what do we make t of sentiment? >> it is bizarr i' sure people were ofnded. i hope people wereffended by th. that's not what the united states i about. it is dbtful that ever happ. never hea that story bere. so, look, we' in aery weird year here. people are saying whateverhey want in politic todayndhere seems t no accountability. we will focusn our message. we will have a debate over this issuin the next few days. the presidency is aerious job. especial now more than ever. i hope we can focus on the rious aectf itnd not t cius aspect >> withhat said, evangelicals are lar votingck in south carolina. yet, donald trump is leading in
6:03 am
at is your thought on why trump iseadihe evanlicals and wt i your mee to them? >> first of all, let see what happens today. that's the polthat unts. who who cares what somebodyd years ago. you ask about evangelical vors. evangelical voters care about the freedom and liveut the teachings of ourfaith. they want our cultu to reflect the jeo culture vaes. they ce about t niona serity. they also work. they haveoung chiren and youngdults i their family. they care about the cost o goin to clege and health care and everyth els that s. ouressage is the same forevyo. we will retuo th priiples of limited government and free enterpse and strong national defee defense. if we do that,merica has a chance to be bettern it has ever been.
6:04 am
americans t leave our kids rse offhanoursels. satorjeb bu, you kw his brother campaigned for him in the low country. he h his mother campaigning for him a we. he finishedixth in iowa.he lost endorsement of governor haley. haley. how is ihat you beat jeb bush and kck him out othe race for good? >> we don dealith that. that's not the way w deal with it. i havemeous admiration for the bushamily a him.i'mot in this race torevent hifrom win i'm in this race because want to be president of the uted states. you cano ony webite you canee why i'm running. i wish him the best. itill have tremendous personal reect and affection forim and his family.
6:05 am
florid andre man. we wil see howt tns out today. >> nator, a l ofolks lking abouthe endorsement you picdp from govnor haleynd timcott as have aot of republica backing you. if you don't fh in the top on the palmetto state, is th considered a loss f your mpaign? >> no, ink we need to remember this is a crowded el there are sixeople running full sleampaigns here. that i usually not the case. by the t you get to south rona, four years ago, everyo knew i was down to tt romney and newtgingch. you have fe full-time campaigns andohn kich h been in d out of the state and he w sond in new hampshi. th i a very different election from any other year. we saw that after new hashire. we will see a b after south carolina. i think once you get the race
6:06 am
will have a much cleareror aditional campaign. unlthen, states like thi wi b imrtant. for a lot of people,t is abo whetherou cano on. we are leaving here tight and be in nashville, tennessee and nevadaomorrow. we feel od about t wee to come. >> sator marco rio i combia, soucarolina ser, tha you f your me. good luck. >> thank you. ank you. let's turn to the democrats no hillary clinton and bern saers e running neck and neck. e stakesre s high. we have kristen welker wit re. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. secretary clint and senator sanders saers spending millions courting africanmerican votersan latinos. hillary clton lead has evapored. clinton topng sanders by 48%
6:07 am
friday night, both candidates made their closing arguments. >> 10, 20, 30 years fm now, people willook back on what happenednevad anday this wa the beginning of the potical revoon. >> so let go caucus tomoow. let's get o the pa. let' win this election. let's make sure ourntry st on e path of pgress and int the ture. >> reporter: a win here in the state would be cticalor clintono regain momentu from the loss in new hampshire. for a winorsander could provee i cpetitive in larger diversestates. sheinelle and crg. >> kristen, thank u. atate ofmergency dear on esldation of fiji as cyclone winston makes landfall the storm is packing
6:08 am
waves withe power of the cat five rrican cell phone veoshows house batt. a judge refedo delay t deposition o bil sby's wife theeposion i par of the famation case against b cosby by seven w who claimed he defamed a fratern at buflo at collegepended or a poibazing death e. the p investigating athf the 21ear-old s toetminef sometng he drk dung a hazin ritua was toblam usef the deathe pha frateity has been suspend byhe school. let's g aheck othe weather wh n. mbe souernlorida with below avage temperature. you se the jet strea off t thrth. the next storm system developing through t midwest as mperures ithe0s.
6:09 am
r his inhe 5s a 60 we will s the ntormsyst dra ith wmer ai it will be rain uand down the st coas here its getting together back rough theoces into monday. will sta to see itrodu rainnd sevetorm ang the gucot. heavy rain down the east coast the middl of the week. > a > andhat'sr lates forecast. >>dylan, thank you. now to story of highw bbery.
6:10 am
tur out therere safety cons wh what theyre stli iide because it wouwind up in yr mice cabet or table. scottfreean fm kxn dallas hasmore. sct, good ing. repter: aig, good morning. ju one stolespecially trr ful of cargo to net thieves $1 million for more. we have eluve veo showing thecope of e cmesnd how it isosting us mey a why police are struggling to kp up. along the america's highways. wheelers haveecome million dollar targets for a new breed of bandits fueling massive black market industry. >> theyre running business. the busin is to steal t stuff. rorter: busins s b the bad guys now havearehouses that look lik walmt. >> all the stuff you want for christs is what they nt.
6:11 am
prairie, texas dcored the ipng center run by a suspected cargo theft ring. palates of soft dris and oer pular products takingyn organized group accused of stealing by truck. othe bak int trailers. in the video from tralers insurance, thies use a bol cutter and crack ope the lock and go shopping in search of items they can sell. >> the folks a smart. >> rorr: investir phillipri it a trucklo of stole cowy boots. stolen diesupplements. the most pular are beverag and food. investatsnterceptedtole beef bound for a bla market. >> those who steal it, do they carebout t de it expires? no. >> reporter:xperts say stolen od a dru are oft sold
6:12 am
putting unsuspectincuomers at risk. companie t le cgo pas theosthaing csurs gher es th w h s a l angeles,dallas, chicago, miami. spite the big losses across th country. mo states do t have a statewe cargo tft task force. many local police dartments don't have iestors with special traing to work cgo gas gas cases. there is low rk thatou will gaught in some jurisdiction. >> reporteo compani are rnin to low jack. ey track itrom a command ceer. 2365. >> reporter: usi technologyo trk the ucift erfr baitilers wed with cameras to catch crooks in
6:13 am
>> the bes thing you can d keep theargomong. >> andn the ad, kers a avdi era stops. >> i'm lookingor suspicious vehicles that may havbeen following me for quite whe. >> reporr: a pro along most major highwaysosting billns. we he to start somewhewe have to x thlem. >> invtors tell us s cargo teves stake out es and followrivers leavg for mesaiting for th to m astop. otherso carards like t on wkend or other timewhen bins i slow. in one example in texas, thieve taetgle tiler o packas w $2.5 mi craig. scott, fastingory. ott,hank you. it isike somebodyut o a mob moe. >> its scary for t iv. yeah.
6:14 am
next her on "day" osaturday morng, the latestn the zikvirus a how youan lp getiteor at it' it's a taste so bold,yet so soth, it could only cled, blk silk, from fololrs. a taste you could eny,
6:15 am
to folks o there whose abetic nerve pain. shoots and burns itway intoour day, i ar you. to everyone th this pain that makes ordinary tasks traordy painful, i hear you. makee yo doctor hears you too! i heou bause i was erwhen my dad suffered with diabetic rve pain. if you have diabetes and burn shootinpain in your feet or hands, don't ffer in since! step o d ask yo doctor abt diab nern. tell 'em cedric nt you. thi this mning in ay" ro we have not hrd a lot outikvis, but shoulde bencerned? e natalie azar with
6:16 am
>>ood moin shnell l talika viru zikosquoes founde t. whe i u.s.ould the vi to? t peopleost in danger for becoming exposo arehe people wholivn the g coas. florast, yee theapeast es. thapteg. it eends furp i rtheast. the tosqut ca transmit. the one mostcerned a is the onen e gulf cot. other one that actually ds up ait hier. can also transmit zikaut t neas efficiently athe i. wt about ces tryin to nceive the counsel we hbe ving people bed o c idelines, for womenrying tome egnt, the sd
6:17 am
virus transmiion is ongoing. theigger question with no definite answer isow lg virus can live and possiblytransmit za and stay a man' is thecern of thele tryin to conceive i th man h exre. should they wear condom for e durionf t egnc>> i under eimated this. millions of men are taking testosro rlace er $5 billion yea ihe et. t therapies wo>> sheine he is what is interein weot t nih sts. got results fm 3 of 7 ongoing studies. the one we aralkibo toda looked at thromes. ats phycalnction, vitality and sexualfunction
6:18 am
stterone ung g f oneye dexua functn inmen.not dramally, but ltle effect onhyca function and vitality. it did improve mood a bit. study was too short to draw long te conclusiobouthe gel abilityf it. this is theirst really wl signedrials to look at this since th instute ofedicin chgeds in. lore ono something thli to a of lack o sleethe cdc saysne-thirdf us don'et enohsleep. >> guess the ste had t highestercentage t bt sleep?>> wher>> s kota. should mto sthdakota >> i n here >> i heo sa iou are getting les the recodeoughly seven hrs ultshe lon tm heah ul inclu obesity, hyperten and dte what cano about that of the tngs it e ary jona keepth do that i theinni oth
6:19 am
are not aeen 30 minutes, g up and rd a book. thankyou, dr. natazar. itay be wmer toy, but winter is not over yet. we have ideas toetouhr e long nights
6:20 am
6:21 am
c. oming up, how this di cou helou leger. >> after these message vo: ro ari,pelereakg ar tir typ2 dietes non-iictozail iooa pill to lower my gar. but it didget me my goal. i askctor about victoza heerentl pil and mes pen. victoza is pren to lorblood suand c. it's taken oncey timevictoza inofoweig loss, but may hyou someig ozaorksh yo bod lower blood sur in ways:
6:22 am
vioza is an injectabl escription medicin that improvelo sarindultwith type diet used et a exercis itnocoended tirstedicatio tre dbeted shldnot be ud ppl wi te 1 diet oriabetikeacidosis. ctoz not endi with mlte insuli victa inoinsun. doot te victoza if u have personal or ly hisry medlayrd nc, multiple eocne nasia syrome typ oryou ealrgo victoz orny ofitingries. s rgiciomay ud chin rh,orifculty thing.teour do iyot lu oelngn yo neck. riousi ets mayapnin pplo ke vtoza ,
6:23 am
orm youromen your ba, wi or without vomiti. tellour doct abo l e medicines you ta d youavanydical itions. tangictoza wit sulfonylureainsulin may cause bld sugar. mostmode eects areheadhenaea, diarea, anting. de effects calead to hydrat whh macauskidn proem your pi isn'tivg you the corol u need asurocto out n-inlin oz itovedy mo ns i'm wh thisews5 now update. a suspect wanted on two felonies is now in custody this morning. a colorado sin officer stopped a vehicle... with michael jack in the passenger at. jack was wanted on two felony warrants. inside t vehicle... officeound aandgun... and some dru... cluding meth and heroin. he washarged with possession eaponsy a evus offender andssof controlled sances. we're still waing to get more inrmation this morning
6:24 am
car accidents lastight. u're lookingt video of one of the accts on south nevada where a man was hit by a car just before 8 ar st. el and southgate road. police the man was crossing the street... en he fell into traffic from the median. officers say t driver is cooperating and wanot intoxicaded. e other accident w at elton roadnd fountain ulevard nd 65. where other person was hit by ca both victims are in serious condition. let's get over to for an update on your forecast. a vely saturday with abuant sunshinend hhs wl above average in 60's. lows sliinto the 20's tonight declr skies. more clouds for sunday, especially for the second half of the day. temperatures will also be cooler
6:25 am
6:26 am
6:27 am
6:28 am
>> we ar back on thi saturday rning, february 20th, 2016. aelyrowdertoy. a little warm. a lot wa. a lot waer >>are last weekend i fro theire pit. >>ye was numb. you couldn't feel your face. >> this isgo. t is ad birthdays. a triplet birthday. wt over aaid wre is thehi triple happythy notheless. marriedor years. >>nice >> still speing to each other? i lit. >> crai we hav a sweet 16. righre. >> happy sweet 16. >>verybody goe >> w allemember theood old days. > so mucho get to this this halfur. still c h pop franci comments is not the first time her other fol ve tenn politicians.
6:29 am
you get overwint's last hump. mario armstrong wl helpyou. > and cooking u a chick dish with key inntn grnt to help you live nger dylan has the forecast. it will be warmer acrshe country. we are loong at a nice day for the primary down in sth calina.partlycloudy, temperatu s an 70s. no excuses. heading out toneda, temperatures a nice out tt wa 50s and 40s in somef the rthern partsf theste. wn sth nr lvega grsune th is noainsp t imie or uces. weettwe thunde espely tftnoonnd overthr s utrnllinsestekenttennessee. stern hal of e y,teerur ave er5060 i the plns. scattere storms aroaching the
6:30 am
that's a lk at the e>> w aayeeuch lely signn the pla. gotme atpedsrns a littlehiith coee.>>'rhrorom fl a vitg us.ue byridaandard is chilly. yo picked ad morning. you should have been here last weend. at was cold. guys. thank you. i just foundut twitts exodin everybod wano kw where you got your leather hat.
6:31 am
>>yeah. you d't bieveme >> i'murey wife bought it. >>t's arp as thesay. >> thank you. that mns a t. tha yo a lot of people a talng abt pope frcis he back at the vatican after the weekong visitmexico il there, had mments about donald trump. he is nhe first popoe in pitalters. c's anne thompsons a vatican ci. >>orter: good morning, sheinelle. the vatican is trying totamp downheuror overhe pe's comments. th ssperson singhe pope's words w not a persona attack id not mention trump by me now l pesefore, he is t mid oth pital debate. pope francisai a the borr as a stor. bu the words on the papal plane ded political to ny.
6:32 am
abou blding walls and not bridge is not ristia >> for a relig ldeo es a peth disgracefu >> it was pope francis inntion to g involve in that particular ate. ink itasonaltrump' reaction atherpeop's action is turn this into a political epode. >> rter: they have a htory of smilg, but clashgn policy. john ii took i wh clton a bh for e pro abortionosition and the republican for t sond iraq war. nedict admonishedsint ama for supportingbortio and stem cell rese.d ptembe fra urd cgres to take aio onclimechange. thenvironntal chlenge- reporte it americ amican politicians.
6:33 am
lastweeke id theh does not need princes. and th week showednger over somee llingn a hairr aperson i don't le fighting wi the pe. >>eporter: aer a, the pope'susinesspeace, politi. anciss on the recd opposing wallsr fences from the ptiti tha sepat the palestinianerritoriesrom isel or the zor re fens inunga toput migrants as for critics say vaticanas s, t walls we built in inth centy. d thertf st. pet's silica andes ooeveryone. hank youan. next,hat rning unlimited cash back on purchases.
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we ar we eack on satday morninith a little helpo get you over winter's last moh. if you are fighting cabin fever as we await for ring's arval, we have help. fitp, g gts wh rio armstrg.od rning. >>oomoing. you have aot tdo. >> we wlind down witloves toeepingewarm tha-glove allows us to swipe anype on t one. at i reay go. you can do-mail teing. yo have the nois hush blueoth earphe was mike. yo can keep your es warm and ay musi >>nd they'warm. >> this isvailable at the azonlectronic stor they are ome. wt to keepm on.
6:38 am
deal afiveness disorderdiso.thphip u. s it is eat. and virtu rty is real. $99 forthis. it is powered by oculus. you can play a ton of gamesith the family or like dog, i'm swimming underter. it makese fl le'm on a virtual vacation. >> as y me left to right? >> i'm seeg evytng. sharks and fish topf th te only $99. put yr andro pere. >> y never dippoi ank yo >> tnk you foraving lan, ieel y le halff ese. >> i wld lik all o em, shnee. thank yovech.>> is cold outside o satury nit, plenty o inside. we hav tar bch here i lov this for cplesho jus wanto say in. >>t can do withour
6:39 am
significant other. is a blanket fort. is not just ds. if you are he and having cabin fever, setp a tent. you can have gtourme. e ge tournamentan go all year. youantnacksnd mood lighting. make it fu >> and if tsteep'srockin i love the girl party deeid. >> spa outgs are expense. you can make your cuticle oil. you can do aac andils.>> youd favor ings. av examplere.>> throw gls nig favore ingsparty. you c swaour favorite thin gifts. everybody brings a gift and aps it.
6:40 am
l thi thing.this is a shofoamit cesutgel. you mix it wit water fosup. it h ne ent. i sy sband's ihe shower e so have n wi the kids et the famil involved. youe bubblart. youixndpndaterandblow. >> okay >> put on ther you a creat gorous art thbble anrame it >> tt i greea. ra thank you s much. crai overo >> grge to the rescue ire. although we have a month of nter left, it is not too soon to g house ready f spng. georgeipha of george to the rescue. we havauiz of wha we shld do to get ready. >> says it is a weekend. a lot of stuff yuldo.
6:41 am
sr wt til spng >>ait un .wrong. do iefore everyin t ot u wano cleartut now. cial on autiful d. eayo yar w. lowrythin to up a be bifuln th spng. estion two, shouldou climb on the roofo inspe sp >>pect from theground. t are you do w u g uere?you willot bring the mateals. bring binolars. look for place yhi there aroue dring ios tx. should you wait toan t attic i t warmer month or w? >>no >> you nailed it. that's what i'm talkingout. mostics don'tave air nditning. you don't want to get u in the suer wn it is hnd ifng. do it now re all the an dust.
6:42 am
ofl cleanr le th on. >> gooeson take the of eavehemon we will you tie. no rsono go unrengll t a caning them can get a spala and br ife. putet paper tol. go over wi um geor,hank y so much. learneds rn> up next, aicusen dishhatld the k t
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6:44 am
sahiis "today" >> torning in oday foods full of cck that
6:45 am
than forco. we me a free ran n. hav natural antinfiemecndrend mooms garalts lf tsehis mn w w li long healthy life wit s >>ssinge don deepry it >> w wl brown in conut oiwhich a heahy i'll put you work >> whedy nd >> wave kosal and'l have pp is ishi fiv spwhat wes iwn in coconl.i he ss bed alre >> c coconutoil?>> iealthyo cook . ou aoing ag wit
6:46 am
theext thing is weill take it out of e pan with the conu oi ifou add tveggies alts >> theyre n dice >> w will lm . they will braze ou >> look at the lies. ty eyre wtingors t finish. >>he tte so freshndot greasy. >> clean. >> all of th spices >>garlic. >> glic i. >>ha is is? >>t is a nice spe. theic fe that in. we will add t chien back in. we wil glaze. that i chise rice win nega this is the liqd from e mushroom that i ry good for the immunesystem.
6:47 am
stk. th i goi tgo f 2 minutes or add the chickack innd cor . after 25minutes, i'l a in green. ef dnt bier winter greens re. kale t mustardgr >>hat aut vy verknewnutritus weust add inhe greens and fresh ng a turmeric. u can geturmic. yoget l of thee aromatics.whent comes to longevity and longealthy fe, one of the factor wh aocon flesn to onef thehi to reduce
6:48 am
we have healthy an-i annflaory here have a lot of s good immune system. you. >> thank you. >> youeed t come to my hous we have we here a well. lo. >>t actuall does if youook aun t wod, most every cultuho has sedentary, sedentary, they have wine a part of the meals. thank you foraving me if you le to- it tough toalk witour mth full if you like the recipe, go to toy.m/food. we are bac i pb&j. 's pb&j. unless you make it rht.
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>> shus was sayin chickens a h a healthy break fast. >> if it is goo h icken, thatat iseally good fo you. >> wee t try cocon l. good. a dferent flavor. fantastic iever hav to bake it. >> witthat, that will dit with us isatury mornin tomoow, ll intduce you to a27-year-oldesigneraking theashion world by storm. ehind t scene of "fiddlern the roof." and cheerso a fantc turday.
6:53 am
i think you can. >>hy not?>> modation. i'm with this
6:54 am
a suspect want on two feloni is now in custodth morning a corado sprgs officer std a vehicle. withichael jack in the enger se jack was wanted on t fely warrants. inside the vehicle... officers found a handg... and somerugs.. including meth and heroin. he was chaed with possession of wns by a prevus ofndernd posseion of controlled substances. we're still waiting to get mor information this mning abtwpele hit in sepa car accidelast night. yore looking at viof one of the accidents on south nevada where a man was hit by a car st bore 8 near st. elmo and southgate road. police say man was crossing the stet. en he fell into traffrom e mean. officers say t driver is coopating and was not intoxicaded. the other accident wast andountain ulevard arou 65... where another pers was hit by a r. bo victims are in rious coition. let's get ov to for an upte oyour forast.
6:55 am
sunshine and hig wl ab average inhe 60's. lows slip into the 20's tonight under cleaskies. more clouds fosunday especially fhe second lf of the day. temperatures will also bcool
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
coming up on news five today weekend -- council woman helen collins has been fou guilty of violating the city's code ofetcs. we'll show you why...and what it means for her future on the uncil. he majory of their strains were out so that might have been a good reason why they didn't selection in there." and people reacting to t major marijuana recall in colodo we'll ha details happened and how badly they' hurt. we bin this morning....with a ne 5 alert. fire fighters are ttling house fireight now.... along highway near cascade. our crews just arrived on ene and took this cture.
6:59 am
fully enlfed in fles. we haven't heard anything about injuries or a cause. we'lbe following thistory throughout the morning.. so stay with news for more infoation. thanks for joining us.... one go tng f fire fighrs t there they are not dealing with those strong windse've seen over the past few days. lovely surday withbundant sunshine andighs well abe average in the 60's. lows sp into the 20's tonight under ear skies. re clos r sunday, especially for t seconhalf the day. temperatures will so be oler


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