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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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> on this sday nigh high stakes. big night in politics. the results comg in on a crical st f the democratin ne. the repubca showdown in south carolina. with some on this survival. final farewell. e largeoutpouring and tribute at the funeral of sreme urt justice antonin scal. tusan of udts at public universities worried about their future caught in theiddle of one state'sudt poti. race f uali. he wonlympic gold in rm a new film about jesse owen rem uof the enduring struggle. "nightew b right no > decision 20. this is "nbc nighy news" with lter holt. >> good eveng. great to be with you his y,otin day in two key
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llarlion will defeat bernisanders. saers' chaehat nehampshire. mplites his path to t nominati. the polls have closed south carolina' repuican priry inecendays,ed cruz has bn c ground with donald trp. at rac considere too cse to call. anell you at is point it appears that be reway race amo tmp, cruz and rco bio. with eryone else far behind. will go to south calina in just a moment. our tm is in place to cover all o this let' get to the big story out of nevada. c's kristin welke is in lavegas. >> reporter: ster good evenin it was ectric here at caar's palace in las vegas toght. secretary clinton devering her vicry speech. there s a lot of concern amongst her supporte she would lose this pivotal state. it w a nail biter until the very end. this is aisive
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rwar in additiono thanking all of her supporters, she also directly t some those young rs who w giving senator sanders a serious lo. take a listen to par wh have she hato say. >> tens of thousands of men and womenith kids to raise, bills to pay andreams that won't die. this isr campaign. d it is -- it is a campaigno break dn ery bar that hou ba. we're going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so everymen can go as far as your hard work can te you. >> reporter: ts is a g loss for senor sander it raisesuestions abt his abilityo win the larger divers stat tonight, he td his supporters not to give
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take a listen. now it is on to the next. setor nders heads to south carolina secretary clinton headto texas for campaign event. then she will spend o ds fund-isg in califnia trying max t million at senator sande has rsed online. >> thks. the outcome inevada will set the stageor what's next for inton and saers. andrea mitchell joi me for me on that. yohave been looking at the patho the nomination. it becesougher for saers. he needed this to show he could play well strong in more diverse states going forward, she has huge advantages in soh lina. they h conceded they c't do well ther then youo to super
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yes, massachuses, vermont, his home new englandarea. asid from the minnota caucusesnd colorado, perhaps, he has to go t georgia, tes, win a big state. he has not yet proved that he cano that. sheow has t momentum having lost badly in new hampshire to him and bically tied in iowa this i the first timehe h proved s can stabize her campaign. >> andrewa mitchell, thanks. as the vote ce in in south cali, a three- race there withtrum cz and o with a race o cle to cal >> reporter: donald trp has gone dark today. no publi appearances. the candidate and the campgn hunker down hoping to eek out a n, which i a surprising turn of events given that a week ago he was up b doubleitshere this is a tributed a little bit at least to s debate performance saturday when he acsed grge w. bh about lying abo
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destruction. george. bush is still a vy popul figure here in south carolina. sources within the campai have told advi tol to back orom phone ban ones told donald ump that they were heing push back from ters. donald trump has drawn massive crowds hen soh calina. it is where he s enayinhatat boardi isn't e enou. he recounted aoax about about a general where he dippe bulls in blood to kill terrists. all of this to say that ts country isn't tough anymore. donald trump sayg h is a leadeto make it tough. we will see votersth caroli wh him. get him over the line tonight. lester? >> thank you. we want to go to ha jacksonn south carolina. foowing the cr campaign. >> reporter: hi, lester. the cruz campaign has en wnplaying expectations of an
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cruzhouldinish strong here. the pol have close a couple of minutes ago. there's sensen the campai that cruz alreadyched a win in onearly at io. he will finn e top tier re. ooks like d mov on carryg moumnevada and the march 1st tes. th important to s strate. head as to prove night that he ca conten in the south to pyn th sec primary states dow all of th is coming as the chairf the at republican pty tellme many precin precincts hereroke cords midafternoon. predtion that 650,000 ppleill haveoted ithe republican primary today. how does that affect the cruz campaign? at this point, it looks a theyhey can look to iowa, look to history where they broke records and where ted cruz camen first. >>allie jackson, anks. marco rubio hoping
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carolina tonight. gabe gutir gabe gut air ez following hi campgn. >>eporr: the rubio campaign hing rebound from new hampire. they lking for a rong finish in sou caroli. one ae telling me the finish in the top er here would be a ge comeba this camecured major endorsements throhout t state, including senator tim scott and phaps mos importantly, governor nikki haley. together, the trio caaignedcross the state a the nut faces of conservatism. now the rubio campaign pes t his other candidat the reican fie drop out. the gop wi coalesce ound rubio to take donald trump. nehampshire, had been so devastating. but could south carolina be the turning point? the question now is where exactly rubio finish in relation to dald trump and ted cruz. >> thank yo let's brinur potical director chk todd. he has been lookingt some of exit polling o vots toda in south caroli a nevada. what are you seeing, chuc
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quicy through neva it will show y h clton wo she w naowly hes h s wo firsoo at thege breakdn. once ain, thisar divided bage. clton winni b amonlderte. sanders winning ang yoge voters. you see there, clinton did a little better ong younger voters, slight thanbe. the big difference for herhyhe won, won union eholds one in fourevada caucus parcipant beng to a union household. sh wony ten points. ink l ves, casinowoers. that'sow she won. that washe differ. ll it the esblishmou will. insi t south carolina exit poll, thers a reason why it sclose. likeo break things down ideolocallbout on -bout 40f te are v conservative. among very consertive voters you h a w t by ted cr. i winning os amonoderateer an somewt conservativevoters, nald trumps
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categories. ster, those two categoes make up % of all republicans that vot today. if tts h things turn o and those it polls a shown to be simir to tt, that's why trump and cruz and rubio a so close. rubio, second in almost all of e cateries. >> chuck, thank you. a pitic battle over his successoreats ups a funeral was held for justice antonin sli o diea week ago in texa several thousd people attended the service i washington. we get more from o jue correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: justice alia wanted simple funeral in parish urch. as it turned out, more than 3,000 came to the massive basilic of th national sinef th immacate conception. it was celebrated by his son paul, a thic iest part of t nablyarge sciaamy. >> he is theather that god ge us for the greaadnture of
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suregour names atimes o xe up. buere arnine of . reporter: le scal himself, the service was deeply ual but marked with humor suchs the timee got a surpris going for coeson. >> h found himself in my confectionassional ne. and he quickly departed it. 's as heut i later, ke heck if i confessing you. >> rorter: fello catholic, justice clarcehomaread from ripture. >> grovehis love for us in that whi we were sll sinners, christ died for us. >> repr: amonghe moners, vice present ben reprenting the white house , a former supre court law crk who critic the president for not tend
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th paid their respectsriday stice scalia lay in rese. the oth seven of the urt's remaining justices we here to were two retired stic john paul stevens and david suitor. juice scalia's spot will dide draprad in black for another h. ehite hse showe theredentalki th an armullf background merials assembley his staff. this was a day for ing a man ded to the law, to his faith d to his family. pete williams nbc news, washington. when "ni news" continues on this saturday, thousands of college stents ondge as budget battle threatens fundin a b night for the u.s. won' soccer team figing for a spoin t sumps. our next item is a genuine "ne your price" tool. this highly sought-a device fromrogressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just easy paymen of $4.99lus tax! the nes arblowing up 'vgodera from pghepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo
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with venture, yoll earn unlimited double mil onvery purchase, every day. and when you're ready travel, st book the flight yout, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost now you're getting somewhere. wh's in yourallet? in e middlef th sester thsands clege students in iinois have an added worry tonigh whether ty will make it through the school year and beyond. that's because the public uveity em in that state is caugh up i a budget crisishat has gone on for eight months blake mccoy has our report froico. >> repr: charles preston is a senior in frnd arican udies. thiseae is a crash course its. >> feel like my government has fled me. epter:rest and his classs of chicago state universityre in limbo, caught in the middle of a state budget battle, unsure they will graduate. they got30% of the
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e. this year, ht receiv dime. neitheave the state's 11 other public universities. >>his is a tremendous distraction. 's a levelf irreonsibility i have n seen. >> it's harmful. >> reporter: to you and your fure. >> and the communit i'm fg for the future of others a well reporte prest has led demontions from chicago to the state use springfid. >>e jus want to graduate. >> rorter: where the government is deadcked. a nepubcan gornor w wts t sin a weaken ions. the other, a moatically controlled legislare wantingo raise tes and proct unns. the result, illinois has gone without a budg for eight mohs. would you cl this a crisis for iinois? it's bend a crisis. ye
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i ho not irparably repabl >> everyone is nervou it's notust the ts. it'sfacuy. >> reporter: back at ico state,his woman is set to graduate thi decemb. hard. >>eporte yre gradting. i am so close. i st c'tfford to arover ain. orter: a cloud unrtaiyr a stysnction. blake mccoy, nbc ns, chicag p next here tonight, celebrating the life of an olympic trailar trailblazer. we wilook at the w lm about jesse owen jake ree, daive"
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,,,,,,, thehouston. the u.s. women's soccer team i a qualifying trnament for the olympics. for the americans, it wasn'tuch of a contest. th secur the pla in theames wh a 5-0 victory. the u.s. weoing r i frt raht olyic gd dal. >>wa another summicsight cades ago wn a young american caused aensation that reveerates to is day. not onl didesse owensin four go medal, but in doing so he made a powerful statentbout race. thisweeken a n film ons about the life a times of jesse owens.
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from r mott. >> jse owensas t fastt humanfis day. epter: this suer ears sinc jesse owens domitedhe olpics focus " he >> you want to win gold medal? >> sure you want do it in rlin? >> reporter: his four gold medals stunned hitler. >> the cpetiti was and.wee v glad to come out on p. >>eporr: wleis perfornce made headned him a household me, to ny he was the wrong color. >> your friends will have t usehe icentrance. >> reporter: the actor who plays him says the vie is more than black d whe. do uant people to gut of it? >> peoe can look at himnd y, if -do what he d at a tim and place where did he it, youknow, the's
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me not to be great. rorter: iot lyhls aticrouwe o ens,t s h humitygain ciale a smit fami man, something his daughters say was most important to them >> it had to make it in about the true story ofy faer. and allthe things thate went through after the olympics. andow he survid them. t expectatias th we would finh school.lf >> goo college. >> gooege. t tlle. go to ohiotate. repor bef clay omence, or ro, carlwis, even joe lew reached their pinnle,he was jesse owens. white. ere's ly fast and ow. reporter: bzi a traior oer w followedn his tracks. >> owens! eporter: in the o greatns. ron mott, nbc news,
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, finally tonight, as we have seen, this presidal campaign energized some vers looking for ter alrnative to candidates the conser mainstream. kerry sanders reports, they include voters w had prey much dropped out. >> rorter: da 51-year-oldori bins
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sn't donn a lon time, shevote her return to the voting booth for one reon, donald trump >> i felt good. i me i felt like i was votingor somebody that might actually do at they y they're gog to orry >> reporter: accdi survey, o te voters who went to eolls iouth carolina todays a soalledost voter. apathetic americans who h given up on the process until now. who is the last president you remember voting for? ronald reagan. >> reportehat was 36 yeahen was a reghter. dierent says he is back, invoed ipollics becae ofrump. billionair whatit for h to youould say more power perhaps. maybe. i mean, thman is
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tome, h me apt to do the right thing for the un >> repr: the lost vo trump. rubio draws oy 4% and cruz even less. experts say becausethey a to trp's ouidatus mostf thos voters we bieve are mi back inill vo fonaltrp. >> reporter:he trump affect amongost ters may explain what coulde a record turnouttoday. a wildard yeto b lly lculated. kerry sanders,bc news. colu, so cana. before we go nighe inrmatn outf soutcarolina. nbc news pjectin that dond win theou blican primary toght. re on cns.m and uates thrtthe eepgvening m lesterholt.
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news, good night.,,,, goodveni. an f watchg ne five youraturday. i'ch thaxt. rst on n5... a rge wiland firbuinon car-- t sm visible fores includg in thein
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take l all ts smoke coming from fort carso th is what my of you aeeing d smling ts afteoon. causing mh con ro uthern corado.. take lk whe it's comi om.. iss ancle look aa fi afort car. provided to usy the paso tydld fire t maf u arted see t smfromhis fi juste as so as parked.. fo carson officials say was caused by traing ercisen the soh d of the post. right w.. at l 500 acres havrned.. buno buildgs ahrea pele from ar ay as con could shemoke.. it had some nervous. mutualid froel paso unty, hano fountain, and the air lp right w ey're working to ild a line around e fire.. agn at this point.. no strucres e threated.. erous partnts working
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wel continue to ep you updad. live near fort cson, kk, ws5. alsoay, a fit doole d wright imonu -- th's omument's southwest side. the re wasuick conined. smwas visible r many roughout the tri-lakes right w the e d amount acresurned isotwn. live look in botcolora rings and pueb... e warm wther feeling me li sprinthan februy.
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hoffman tracking the rmup and the fire danger. she has yo first a forest... carlee? it has beea lovelyaturday wibundant sunshinend his well above avege in the 60's lo sp into the 20's an30's tonighunr clear skies. a cold front ely sunday will bring changes for he lora. we'lhave more cld cover, especially forhe second half of tay. temperatesill so be oler


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