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tv   Matter of Fact With Fernando Espuelas  NBC  February 21, 2016 6:30am-7:00am MST

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ittes thpreme t be emoortant y was in our polics.fernso you tnkin ths an issue twille na to a rtn exnt? one of the dominant su? ken: ihink it ll connue be, rticully while the prident is eitheconsider nomina sner aeady minated somee and itecomes a bighin the us sete. i think those two thin tend to play off eacr in aayat we hall peorm sof thecial is, iar aboronights, gay rights. cld rllseo the fo en mohan ey already d in psident ec. fernandoand, o cou we're not st electing a present, wereinmanyenors ac t couseveral of icblanin atesn presenama. soow doethisact theices? ken: will be huge ho states. wisconn a good example. nator ron johnson, real soci cservate, also a fisc conservate, bng challenged by rusfeinld,
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on s fiscasues.i inouldly semt becomepoabilrepubl cs rpletebeuse it w rce them town oese soci issuearticularly stances sociaissues that bes appealintohat ow slice of invors who are socal in detngthtcome stewide tiis, issure appealinase heubdecr partyrespecly dow ess impac either sanders othe inton campai?issomething eyan useo movate? ken:ell, we've clyeen bonie nders and hillar inton y useto sak theirase on isss that a soready rtan ready coreo eir campaign , for stce, bernan realseit to invoke tize united,heupreme
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of uimitin potion idividus,nspocs, e supepacs that he veighs against. llary clinn hatalk about it critical for oice fotion rhtn issue that s has really owned d haas a core part o h lil rsa. but i n'think thdides que extre as ion thereicanide and i don' thk at iis apontllyprobmatic an ise demot orreican it's ren demraticsi sorof me out ying ithe waatt s alwa bee repubcan side, in the general elecontou really me aenti linrod issue. fernan: let's ok little bit closer. super tuesday is coming . manytates wille selecting eir noe for both parties are seeing?what's going to hpen? what dyou in kel,raditionlyuperdas tharst re st otionalpaign of the abity aanidate
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yo some tse core, a sort onaowand quirky states tt decidete in thearly primarocess.iowa, mpshe, sth na, y s onnd gn nda lot e annest nessire ty of ststruct t ypof m tt tpudv ange ocross the olcountrthat emedia ets he wh tueay is.from oere was me thghthat eveif donald p doesel supersd will be the point at which the air let out of ban cause doe't ha traditional campaign inre. think that reasong has beenrn os aweee naldru doi sll einhout a tditional gn infraruure. fean: wehank youh fojoinme ke ia re. rnando: in01 mt romney
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eleven pnts s carine ste d main i win coorubns is november. coming up, sur size ng. >> ihink it has peted democry. >>uyininfluence with untraceable mo plus, his endorsement could swing the vote in south cana. >>ve made upy nd.
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takes a closer look at the plosion of super pacs. jennifer: if the rd to the white house is paved by votes, the trip tre is pored, at least in part, bmoney you can't n a presidential aign witut sious cash, and the soce of it is often a litical acti thsentn interenror labor unio ahey raise moneyrom memberanenbying for their sharause by ying to get cdidates in or o o office. for years, there were lits on what coulde colland ent. the ruleand after court cisions in 20 that seiasursiz ps. now uper pac's" can raise and spend as much as they want on anr tysagi into the millions d beyond. pporteay it's formf free speech. nlegn cte'creeth
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if you are thinking giv $1 but you heasomeondonated $100 million ta candidats per pac or even a million or $0, y have to think, where di fit thidecracy? jennifer: stl, nmatter how much mon is spen, ble says wer on ection daremains the ot box lawrce the endf e da t the average zen sthas is the vote. jejeerin washington, am jennifer das. fernando:, t t -- says thore than,000 oups have organizeas ser c's, spendg ndre o ionso r in cye.ecutdict sheiloie e ires w are wrintemillion ar ec i'm su tt rexpng in r themrimariha e nglacear-- whe owethy oosi who will the noe. mt have some impact, t to
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impact do you thin sheila: certainle money does hampact. at a mum, it kps caidates ithe race long pa e point at whichhey might otherwishave fdep thrnt and it dmeme candidat abletirsse oure n thtsidgr whi are supporting their campaign are usinmore deceitful or nega msaging so it do changehe tenor of the caaiwell, all this mone t i would say, younow, again, allf the ney is peapt ine as impactl ts i wi be peoplknow w inanspdthne : wellt'lk a that, becae a loof tse supec'e se in at donordon'have to dilo whohey are. so how can we know? how can we know if candidate is efftively being bought?
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right now for th publi dendhi a l of the meyndhe messaging. super pac's do have to disclose their nors, but unrtunately theyay disclos just the rentor of thoney, an not thoralource ofhe money. so iy comg sll corpation, an c,r a non-prof. fernando: z corp, somewhere bermua or may not oromewhere anyway, des the moneand u never actuall kn who is behind x. sheila: exy, and that's ally danrous foremoc. peopleilnot particate an lieve in the integrity of the stem if they don't, if they n't see where the money is cong from and whis behind the messaging, because in fa it m be dren by ulterior moves that we ne to undetand. fernando: as aarting tught, t lose he, but at the amemes mething we can do acizenso b this cye? sheill, 's an interesting cye. people raling around t use of campaigfincerm.
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plank inhedend trump mpgns. tnk the mt imrtt ing to nede our place at table to meyed interests, use they would le for you do at. ferndon't stay home heila: don't stay home vote. but don't ave it there. ve g trte anbe hearin congres make sure representates detaow youeeabou the ement ofhese ls and sc iparticular. rnan: sheila, thanyou so or joinie today. sh. my pur thank fernandoaccoing to, 52 peopave disctions ove miso this ar. the rgest donor,obert merc wi the-fd is tegies, hanad $1to auper pac for senar ted uz. >>p next -- ronon the for docrats whats thkey to the sthern vote? >>here is a significant,
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in this country.hen, leaving therodun
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does religion long in fernand as bernieandersnd llary clinton battle for the soul of the south carolina democrats, clinton picked up a y endorsement on friday. inflia conessman jes clyburn tew his suppo behind clinton. could it be a gamehanger? i caught up with him in his office in columbia. congressn, wcomethe program. well, obously very important imary in sou cina. democratic pty's trying to select among two candidates. how do youee the primary goin what areour rvns thu far? rep. cly rep. clyburn: well, it's a very close primary tionwide. i don't think it's quite as
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there'no question that you have two verviable candidates. they atheyre appealing tooters certainly gerationally, but i ink atrowhat i saw thi morning, it'gog ba ry isk turnout and i hopewe t a co yeain bh the publican and democrat primarie primaries. think my voti think my voters are concerned about closg the inco inequality gap that exis in this country you hao be a bit touchedn
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that the is a significant, and i think, a dangerous income inequality g in this count. vots areoncerned about whether programs a in place that are goingoelp restore the st wealth. the fa that so many peopn so many communities -- the fodation owhich wealth is built wahome ownersh, and enou have a dtrucon of of theomwnership, then all of a sudden you haveery only a recovery ly beg experncedy the investor class. and pele w lt their hos d thei wealth, and nothing is being t in place for them to
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rnan: fally, are younder a lot pssurom both or eitherhe clint osaers campaigns to throw in your suppor u are csidered e most respected political leader in southarolin whats the sure like? rep.lyburn: it's be intense and still tang place this morning. i'm now getting pressure from lleagues in the congss to take a stand. i've spent the last weekend family and friends discussing this. my wife has made it very clear to me at herriends want me ake a stand. and they want know before what stand i'm going take and why. d that's where thessure's coming from.i can resist even my colleagues in the congress but i don't know
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[laughte fernando: alright, congressman, anu uch for joining me to south carolina democts will get a chance to vote f their minee in t primary nt saturd. >> coming up next. muim workers praying on the jo >> iever had anybody make it ry difficult for me to pray.
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to practice eir faith?on svive paisanolitics? fernando: all walongside lleaho hold rong regious and cultur bel. socialedia pointed us to one woplace atissin meat packing plant.itaithe eson: what is a reonable accommodation of religious practices, and when does it beco unduhard seven somaliuslim woatthariens plant ibrilli wisconsin veued eir emoyer in conflictver ligis actice accordg he companyth
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uc line to pra ismic pracce calls for five ecificrayer times each dy. previously, the rkers were le to leave the oduction line to pray of the five daily prays, until theompany and itpocythe prod process. rkerdv says not thcase. the breakthat they re takingere very similar tohe type of eaks thatther employees re granted for using the bathroom and nmally th would ave one pe time, which meanthe operation would coinue until tt rson turned. rndo oneormer employ : spe through a translator about hisix months on the job. >> i remember from a very ung age until now and i haveever had anybody who had madit very difficult for me to pray. fernando: the company sayst has empled muslirkers fo st nine yearand wants to be aomting. t its not solad indent. inoloro,50 mlim worker we firedn a simicase at
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last december. e col ameis las is rsentinsome of tired workerin s, afor re iby break tim. i'd likeo knowour though. twt me @matteroffacttv. check on facebookr connect with our videoite to view are vide from all ou rams. >> whewe return -- an iginalist.
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tonin scalia.fernando: this weekendthe country pays its respectto the latereme court juste antonin scalia his funeral, her washington, offers time for retion on serve toountry. juice scalias judicial iloshy is well docented. he oncsaid, "the constutn at i iet and apply is not living b dead, or as i pr to ll it,ndurg, juice scalia's imprint on
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many hl hiigalist interpretion othe law. criticsee it as a guise for conservative activism. all of us can respect his love of cntry a our constituon.perhaps s why alguinovhetr not tpridouame successor seems, well,un-american. the electoral procesis an opportuny to vet opposing vis of how the cntry suld be govd. the constitutial process provides t frameworkor govece. iteems to met ou respect for justice scalia, r elected officials should let the procesr replacing hiay out within that frework. after aheointed out n onoccasi, ou titu iintended suivour politi. m rnan espuelas. i'll see yout ekor "mter apong rforme tion captiinin whic rpons its
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coming up on n comingp on news five today weekend -- 6 peoe e dead in michan after a random shooting ree. we'll have the latt on the investigation. so i freed out cse we live on the prairie so brush
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time a fire at fo carson got the attention of most of southern colorado. and thire continues burn th morning.. we've have the latest on the damage.....and efforts to put it out. weather weathe two mo states down in the ce for the whho with trump and hilla tg top spots. webreaki dowanother g day he camign trail. good morning and welco to news fiveoday weekend. it's suny, feb. 21st i'm eg dingrando -- ani'jessica van meter- than for jning us. toss to wx cooler air arres today and kes temperatures down a few notches to near average afrnoon highs in t 40'and 50's. clouds will be moving in throughout theay so sks won't
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skies clear th eveningith overnight lows dropping into the 20's. a quiet start for your monday. highwill make it to ound 50 before our next coldront rives with some ne moisture. rain/snow owerll beg in the higher elevatis arou lunch time and will be ming into the low elevations throughout t second half of the day. sn continues overnight and
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remember-- your latest weath -- whenever and wherever y ne by ing to ourebsi -- o-a-aot com. just clickn the weatta rerews are still on scene at the rkey cre fire this morning on fort rson. it staed aroun11 yesterday morning. and you can e this deo sh by "el paso county wildla firejust how bad it go at last check - itburned 10 acres anis onl percent ntained. it's located on e southside of fort carson near a training ground. noomes a threatene the large plume of smoke could be seen f miles.....and had se le a little nervous.


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