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tv   News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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remember-- your latest weath -- whenever and wherever y ne by ing to ourebsi -- o-a-aot com. just clickn the weatta rerews are still on scene at the rkey cre fire this morning on fort rson. it staed aroun11 yesterday morning. and you can e this deo sh by "el paso county wildla firejust how bad it go at last check - itburned 10 acres anis onl percent ntained. it's located on e southside of fort carson near a training ground. noomes a threatene the large plume of smoke could be seen f miles.....and had se le a little nervous.
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i was out rking in the motor me out in front of the hse and thsmoke got sohick thought you knowhis is big enough i want to go e what's going on water drops from chinook helicopters joined mtiple fire agencies in the fire ta. they stoppedg ovnit..but wpi b again thimorning.rt carson says it was arked during a traing exerse. ar the same time as the fire at forcarson... another sparked inonument. ittarted near the intersecti of wright and doolittle on monument'southst side. this vw om the north sho the smoke that was vible througho the tri-lakes region. fortunely, firefighterwere able to get ntrol of the flames witn minu.. and the are repts of injues or damageo mes. and we've goan uate on that massive house re nr caade we first showed u on o yestda it hapned up us, anghighway 24ear scade. t timfi cre gotere... e home w ady fully enlfed
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it uerontrol... not in se th three storhome. no injuries re reporteand firefighrs a still trying to figure out what caused it. four children are covering this morning after twere mauled by thredogs in rush thel paso coty sheriff's office says a woman took her kids to her boss' property to chk mare. that's when dees bossdogs attacked thchilen. knothat she did ginto the barn to eck onomofhe dogs, so the chiren were out erightd when s cam out of the barn, s heard the reamind saw ur of five childbeing uled b the eas." reofhildren were injured so badly they had to ha surge. the sheriff'office iworking with the pikes peak humane society to deterneheer any charges will be filed and what ll ultimately happen tthe dogs thsecond white suprecist ng member who escaped the depament of correcti
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ier this month.... isack behi b 36ear-d sinton waarrested yesrday aeron in denver. e o-c saysimonton and - year-old "wesley j" are meerof the 2-eleven crew, a white supremact pris gang. jos is already back custy. deloping story stinger developingrning.... law rcement agencies kamao, micgan are scrambling to find answe aer le people were shot d killed what appears be a random shoin the shootinghappen or five hour peodri catis. wot oft t rkg loof crack brel restaurant in "tas townshi" ere police areayg five people died. 6 people werkilled in all, lice are saying up to 3 more ople are critically jured including kids shortly aftednight police saidhearrest a person of interest w they think is t shooter. ecausee don't know why there n cctiobetwee ofhem. is all apprs to dothis is your worse case enario that a comtyan hav lice he t yet releas
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buhave idtifihehoot as jason dalton. noto your election watch and the south carolina republican primary and neva democratic caucu the winners-- hillary clinton in na, dond trp inouth caro and e outchaone of the big s its. n-b-c's "steveanlsman" has thlatest from coluia, south carona natstrump walk it's the sond victy in a r for the national republican frontrunr ... donald trump's first in the sout s/ donald trp / r presidenalandate :19 "when you win itbetiful d were gonna start winning for our country / but,s th cast their ballots, mainstam republicans flocked.... to marco rubio, powering the 44 year old's comack from 5th in new hampshire s/ mco rub presentiandi : - :40
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is countryadr a new generation onsvatives to guide us into the st century." ted cruz kept ot in the top tier of thre s/ed cruz r presential cdate :44 -52 "we're t only campaign tt has beaten a caneat donald trump." jebuinished far do in fourth and qt the race... with partinshs/ jebush r er predentl ca :5- 1: "weorward tailvati, conser pla to dres the unngllenge we fa because dpitehat yo ght ha heard, ideamatter, policy matters evad. hiary clinton st once-big lead in theolls b still wo s/larylint / d presidential candidate1:15 - 1:28 "i am so, so thrilled and so atef to l y suppor outhere. m have doteus but we never doted each other. unn leaders pued aig
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whhelplisander lat intocomes heor the decrats' pry next the presumed farite... as replicaeave he ad to nevada for whature to be a fice fight bwe a rub ... aru. i'ste handelcolumbia, soh caroli. now .. back to you. former president "bill clinton" spokto a room full of hillary pporters yesrday in pueblo. and will be doing the saoday in colorado springs. many of the suppters say they are looking forwd to sing the democratic par united... and th think hillary can do that... d work with publicto get th done inashingto there was a li out t doo the pueblo cve er to ar from the foer prent. he raled the crowd... mingffllary's win in neva.. coeryo tcauc mir. esident inton talked about how his wi plans to take on a numbersues facinour country... calling hethe bestng
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thmeage that reay t ho, fomost ppl thewd was amo t grth cltowi ha similar campaign eventhis afternoon lodo colle. peop in ji are picking up the pieces this morning afte tropical clone winston hit the island natn. how much damage the storm did. cooleray but wve got even colder tperatures and
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fo at least 25 people are dd and another 100 hurt after a pair of explosions in syria. the cityf ms was hit by the two bombs today. the area has beerepeatedly targeted by boings in
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no group has claimed responsibilityet... t similar attacks ha been attruted tis in the past. ia is amg the u-s fo the deaths of two of its embassy staffe. they say the two were killed fridayn libya by an airstre aimed at aisis camp. several buildings troy and doze we . rbiaays their staffers w being ld hostagehere athe time of the strike. the u-s s noconfirmed ifhe rbia were killed... t say a key isis operative was like kled by the strike. in ukrai, erdamarked the two ye anniversary othe deadly anti government protests...that some say changed the country. hureds gathered iniev to remember thoseilled in the oodiesy of the pro morthan 50 peopled from spere. thdeadly claes eventlly led to the ousting of the priousovernment. aftethe change in government... russia annexedhe crime peninsula from ukraine. and russian-speaking separatists launched protes thatalated into a conflict that has
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however... not every demonstration in rae yestday was peacef. nationalist demonstrators attack tffes of ruian bankin kiev. demonstrors threw ros thugh the banks' wdows and damagefuiture and equipment inside. protesters also ndalized the offices of the holdi company of ukraine's richest man a neighood in germany having to deal wa sse siholehis rnin it opened up lfray.. answalloweparts two uncupied buildgs it left a at about 50 yards deep. thanully, no one was hurt. the areaas blocked off to kesureone stumbled into e ho, and the dingwe declar a total loss. thcause of the skhole is unr investigation. fijis clning up the damage fromne of the strongest storms evecded in t s pacific. tropal cyclo wston packed sustned windof 143 miles per hour erwere early reporf
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devastatn in remotvilles. the capil missed the wst of the storm... but muf ji lt power, water ancommunications rvic. toss to wx coolerir arriv today and takes temperatures down a few notches to near averag afternn his the0's and 50's clds will be movin thughout the day so skie won't be as bright as they wto start the weekend. skear this e wh over dropping into the 's. a quiet start for youronday. ghwi me it taround 50 befo our nexcold front arrives with se need moture. rain/snow showers will begin in the hier elevations around lunch time and will be moving into the ler elevatis throughout the second half of the day.
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intouesday awinds pick up. accumutions wi depend on how quickly snow starts to accumula and how much upslope flow can contribute, but around 2-4" loke a good general estimate, th higher totals for th mountains anareas of the palmer divide. tuesday cod be a messy day with the combination of ow and wind causing blowing, drifng, anlow visibility. highs on tuesday will only be in the 30'snd ty'll feech witthwind chill. m wn out for the rest othe week. od deal of sunshine and
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with a jge this he's beingskedo explaisome pictures he he spectaclef playing tds . but in the front of the cc players mis... th gta beat denver and sp is losing streak
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hoey game in corad histy... coors field okin every b the part for the02 meeting between these two teams. deerot it goinfirst... pa aoss e ea.. cc's colmccaskill trie coect ut it slips pa chare nehama.. and s e firtst goals of the night... take a second look. less thatwo minutes later... pios's strike again... collin staub collepass behind the net... sneaks it past nehama s two nothing at the ened of the rst peod. cond period... tirstht... m maccaskill driving to thne.. he fires this one past the denver keeper... 1 enver... and e igs have life at the end the period. thd period tm noavro backo ba gam... nver ss two als in less an twoutes... again. on.. grant, unfornatelyha to call is o a battle. had this in hand all nightlong, but didt ta
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experience on e e.take pkg fr a once in a lifetime experience on the ice. take p it certainly wasn't wh the c-c tigers hadn mind.
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front of that many people. it's sothing ecl. e big question is, what now r the tirs? fegameleft in an overall disappointg haviland says, they have to finh stng. have fourames lefto g ready for that pff and we're going to go the road and two at home. we've just got to get back to playing thwawe know how to pla take liv the tigers will get the chance to do just t next weekend on the road amiami ersity. disappointing night, but let me tellou, still a lot of f o he....n't wait to see what the n-h-l brin to this stage next weekend at coors field prichd news 5 spos. tough season for air force basketball so far... good news... they are playi their bt ball ofhe season right no falcons going for a fourth w
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tryi to avengen ugly road loss tnew mecoarerseas. lobowith tons of inside esence... dunk... and then a he three tout them uni... eilargest lead of the game. e secondalf s all about haydenham... thtip in hera jacob van 3... st t t of be.. t the triple from e ng.. didn'tco a sgle point in e first half... on fire in the second... new mexico wouldgo away... ijah brown for three in the coer. lobos up 3... he finished with 32 points.. but emotion gham wod nobepped... he lost his and moerriday ght d pled onod schis 21 points seco hf... air force win 76---72... fourthtrght win home you knowyh read it every d they see wve lost five weve lost six they see that a they were putting too much pressure on themselves and weado relieve that pressure antalk about some other things and they been resilit ancame back a worked thru... you weven py od
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right?! maybe wehould start in bruary? taps desk cawe work at out? taps desk we've got muornews a weatr gh wn news we've t much more news and weather right herehene
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ay wit ll he' we here's sothing we can all relate to these daysrd motor cpany hasla t ta se of t bum out youraily com. e coany is expanding t availabilityf its pothole- detection technologyy incling it in e new 17 fusi-6 srt the new technology detects when the car is running over a pothole and itantly adjus the shock absorberto keep the te om dpping down. the feure has previously been available in ford's expedition and its liolxury cars. when yr tarefund comes i.. do youlan to spend it or save it? the national retdetion's analaxrerns survey finds 49 t tse expec refd plantoth tn spd it right away. that's the hhest percentage in the survey's history. in addition to saving, almost 35 percent plan to pay down dt and 22 percent will use their
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rapp50 cent" has some explainingo do. he filed bankruptcy last year, but lateposted pictures of himself wh piles cash. one photo shows him th stacks of00-dollar bis at could easily add up to 50-thousand dolls. a judge told histtorys thsday he must come court to aiwhere heot t mon the rapperwhose real name is cu jackss en drennto baru lawsuits. 's facing financial claims b s ex-girlfriend, as well as ntrust banand the headphe
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dois s workingcln up the damage from tt rocke on i-70. w long it could be befe the
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weomba andkingwith nto weekend. i'm eg dingran. it's sunday, feb. 21st firsup this half hour -- aick look at what's mak lis th morni. re crews are likel hard at wo this morning on wildfire at rt carson that has burned 1200 acres and atast check... was onl10 pce contned. the turkeyre f arduringin ercise water drops from cno helicopters art to pick back again this morning to help e l ginglame spineemingly om sing spree in chigaseeened da. s...d l 3 oerar alluding one d.time. it's notlear wt the motive r the ootings ght en ur cldn are coring isorning after ty we mauled bthe gs in ru. r motherook them teck on h bs' anils.
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that ty need sge. shce pikak humciety are woing er werrg ll happen to the dogs. toss to wx cooler air arrives today and takes tempaturesown a few notches to near averag afteoon ghs in the 40' 'scldsill ov throughout theayo sks n't bes brhtth were art the en skies clr this ening with overnight lowsropping into the 20's. a qut stfor yo mony.ghs make to arnd 50 before o next co front rives wi some needed moisture. ra/snow showers will begin in e higher etions around luh me will ovg into the lower elevations
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thday. snownuesvernignd in tsd as windpick up. , ousands turned out yterday to bid farewl to supreme court justice "antonin scalia." draped in an americaflag, e caf stice ia w ken in t "baca othe one of theimculationinashin. tn 33 potician fen capatheirespsptsinudins s courjustices and vic president joe biden. present obamwas not there, but e e theupmeourt on friday. scalia's s, threvere "paul scalia" deliverethe holy. sot: rev. paul scalia, justice scalia' son :43 - :48 "god blessed dad, as is well
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couny. snt ny ree cas heatn'high co he was considered one the country's most influenti conservatives. apple remains under fire in the wake othe san rnno attack, refusing thelp the fbi decrypting the i-phone of shooter "syed farooknbc's stpattson hae test othis growing legal battle. the balance betweesecund privacy is at e core of the spute between ple d e me.. - givg ape the rtity rnd to eir initmoti. deecuts anothe guina judgshorce t ch giao crterogram at wld crack san bernaino shooter syed farooi-phone. in response senior apple executes ali ord "dangerous" prt keninyar ar ws. coulcy o io cohnir ectrfodaon t'ju pneow but i
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willlookinr it and you cannot ctrol who those peo are and whher they're goto use it forood purposes." but prosors call tha overstatemen-- saying ple cod mainin c of e ftre . a tt ds no require apple to "pride 'back door' or to "hack own users." d the govern... now attacke company's motives: saying the refusal "... appears to be based on itscon s ne marrtsay apple' es oprivlithde tprofall ilbilliona ump... calls r a boycott: nat so donald ump "let apple open up the phones sothe fiut wse reare comi and idoycott alentil weo repuic riv mco rio was reuanceddeclg it " tough issue" while stressing the importance obeg good rpate citin. while apple has a we t respond to the judge's order... the selreadyerway inhe
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a tennese inmate cghon deutallyttking deioofcer, the esng..... ha fouea ic ear-old oseph french" used poeln om a ilet tk toth ea guard bef stealingo make h escape fday nit. the officesustaid some maj cuises, but hasinc released from the hospit. yesterday morng... french was found dead inome nearby woodshaving shot himself in the h he had been and of tilefos. dot's plan reopen 70 in glyon yesterday....didn' happen. and now its saying it ll bcled tough weeken a pnger due the sw onhe . crare workto repe maroadway while also bringing dn otr dangerous rocks from the hillside following la mony'rock sle.
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leer psterdaff to discs somar is the fac city couil members talked abt wide of tocs, cluding the ise ofrash in e street'story we'veered exivelfor you here at ne ed, pr x cechagtooton. esrdthnehbodg for people who live in the mile-wide smelter superfund site neigors were inv to meet anlk about the fute the utide neighborhoodft continated yardsre caned up. puebam cooler for today and we're gettg even colder and brging back snow in your first alert 5
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er air arrod and takes mperaturesown a few notor aften his in the 4an clou woving throhout day so ie t be abright as th we srt. sks this eveningit ght lowsroppg into the 20's. a t stt for your mday. gh make it tound beforeur nexcold front rives omneed isture. rain/snow shs willegin in the higher elevaons around lunch timend wl be moving intoower elevatis roughouthe sechalf of e day.snties overnight and into tues ndpi up. accumutiwillepenon how quowacmute much fca coribubut ou-4 look aood nera estitewi htota for th untains aneahe palmer divide. tuday could be aes day with theombinaon of snow and wind causing bwing, drifting,
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his on tueay wl only be in th30's andhey'll feemu cold wite nd c. thinalm down and car fothst oe wegood deaofunshine
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,, it's another rso grab that
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goodor your health. . gofor l you co lovers ore. a nt scientific vi sws a new posslelt benefi that morning p of jo cording to thedy. inkiore psf coee a day could lower your risk of certain liver conditions by mopercen more tn 0-thoueopl took part nine diff studies. scieis reviewed da... inhaissidered the t ta-analysis show th
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a mainew york lost his ll at nc it wt heot i twoat tt's getting peop's aenti. eceivea leer with his credit cards and drirs license inside. but e person who found the wallet... wasn't exactly a good mari they wro thath kept th money because they needed pot... e wallet becausehey thought it was cool... and his bus pass because the fareent up rently. the n who lost the wallet posted the letter onocl dia... sayi "thanks... i think." , u're looking abreckenridge ski cam. ssica's back right after this
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alert five as yowake up th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, weekend.
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, a rare tiger cubas born inn donesian zoo this week. the baby sumatratiger was ented he media for the first time yesterday. this critilly endanged tiger b-species is only found on indonesia's sumatrisla. officialill don't knowhe sex of t cub because is still under thprotection of its motherwho they say is very agsive rightow. the worlldlife fund estis the arw le
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traffic cle. m 5 os reme youan alwget the latestal news and weatheall day long on o-a-a dot com.. anbeure tooin us for more locanews tonight at 5-30 and 10. anks for watching news fe toda i'm with th news5ow
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good goo .
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trump and clinton the thublican ringhigh. >> let's p thi thing away. >> mark rubi goi for send.ow theldren o t revolution revolution. and emotional jeb bushalls quit campaign. >> while on the democratic side ary clinton gs much need winnne. >> som mayave doubted but we never doubt eachothe >>ere sanders promingis support ers tt it's not over. wee le opaign trl. ea sho rr sgan as a guan s ramp >> priory 2. 5581fired.
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foriv hours. >> going to three difrent locations and killing six ople. they grabbedhean belied tobe the shoote we'riven t scene. >> what will s s ain the legal battl of bill cosby as shes set to depos tomorrow. a highl reunion a the friend's ct sit dnether for t first time inearly2 years. >>ow you doin >>ou how i feelsor them to beack tetheafter all of february februa 21,16. from nbc news thiis "today" liv from stuwelcom welcome im chanel jones. >> glao have you w us.
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a lot to g to firs the restsf the pridenal race donald t w a bigin i south carolina andecond imary win and then comg in seco anded cruz iird. >> meanwhile sanders alinton went int the battle necknd neck. clintonon by percent. >> we ha full coverahead, but there's a baking story right now. just a terrible scene in michigan where aunman start to shoot randomly ateople from his car. six people we killed so far an a fher and ason. a 14-year-old girl is fighting r her life right no


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