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tv   Today  NBC  February 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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a lot to g to firs the restsf the pridenal race donald t w a bigin i south carolina andecond imary win and then comg in seco anded cruz iird. >> meanwhile sanders alinton went int the battle necknd neck. clintonon by percent. >> we ha full coverahead, but there's a baking story right now. just a terrible scene in michigan where aunman start to shoot randomly ateople from his car. six people we killed so far an a fher and ason. a 14-year-old girl is fighting r her life right no
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three different and one is a 14-yr-oldgirl. >>t began here just before k36 p.m. in the parking lot. aother with her three children gunned down righ now she is in serio condition. shortly aer 10:00 p.m. more shots. a father and son kild at a car deer. >> we have seone findi peoplend shooting the dea in tra >> ttsontied 1 minutesr. fipl cars . priity 2. 5581 s 9th strt at cck barrel. four sho fired. >> fouwoman dead athe scene. at2:40 a.m. was taken into
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lice searching the homend vehicle whe police say that theyound gun. the vtims were picked at random. >> we're veryonfident that we hahe right perso inus can we have sigca ee. >>epter: as youre nfidt tt theve the right man. ey would not elaborate at tspoint and a motive is unknown andhat is the million dolr qution this morning. >> just an awful scene in michig. thankyo to politics now. donald trp's big victory and nowith t primary wins unr hi belt. it was a nk and neck racend let's begin wh nbc in nnessee. >> goo morng. ovni mark rubi cam here to racfor a lly today and
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the man to beat ishat billionaire and defyied all odds. >>icry in south carolina th morning and dald trump is stea rolling to the gop nomination. >> there's nothing easy runninges for presidt. 's tough. it's nasty. it'smean. it's vicious. it beautifu >> going toecon place is mark rubio a going the endorment of governor nikki haley. >> now thehiren of the reagan revolution are ready to ge the leadership. >> a bouncin fwr a disaster finish in new hampshire. >> afteronig this is a three onra, ande will win the nomination. that races iensifying and rubeio inching out ted cruz that fought hard in t fir primary of the south that drew a record tu out. no the battle of whoan stop
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e're the oy campaign that has beate andan beatonald trump. trump. >> and scrambles on for donors. >> tonht i am suspending my campaign. >> yeah. yeah. >> an emotional jebush nishg frth despite h brother andother campani for him. two floridian's went io cafornia anly two emerge >> people we' goioelcome on tour team. now, we arrepublicanwi caucus on tuesd and tmp toweng over vie gas and the part of t childhood the and rolling the dice and trying the regain. let's put this thing way. let's make america great away. thkou very mu.
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>>ohn kasich was not even in uth caronaas night but focuses on battl in t east and midwest. race. go morningo you. >> good morning. >> it was hug night f nald trump and record turn out in sth carolina. the are 46 counties and donald trump won a bythree. is the nomination a conclusion athis snoint. >> if this were any other, at's what we're talkingbo this moing. no o has wonhem bac to back since 1980nd not becam the republican nominee. cruz a rubeio have sourc a there's no doubt about it.
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pathd. does it stay a three way or get down to go. the only tng thathey ve now is whethere canin it on a one a one on one. is it enough wins to say by the of march tt it won matter anymore. i tnk that's whats going to be the next ten days and thi sort o fight to be the trump alteative does not sort itself out to actuallyreate a sp trump movement that you c se we have beenoing through this m and there's o haaught t attention. th is a q tt was of voters, do you suprt muslims fro entering t the united states? 74 percent said that ey did. >> dond trump is more i tune than aone se.
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that w he is o o the ce. notn ted cruz and that's at is t probably the bt explanation why others hav failedhere donald trump has succeeded. he is dictated thehe terms of the race and been the guy to be the most declarative and toughest tal wther it's isis or muslims and that talk hass republican base. shows you that donald trump is more in tune with the republican party than anyone else running. >> by theay chuck do not go aw we want to come back with you inment. >> w go hillary whehe came up otoandt' giving her a boost and benny sanrs says thate has only begun to fight.
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>>eporter: goodorni to you. they're breathi a sigh of relief.the pollsereeaock and in th e it's aecisive victory after losing the defeat in new hampshir mpire hampshire. >> hello. >> taking it to the state. >> we just won nevada. >> it was a win wholinched earlier in the day. >> i youant to congratulate sands on a hard fought race. >> very aggressive, affective campai i applaud themor their effos. >> itaises questio inhe
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picked tm and sanrs urg the suppoers not to ge up. >> i believe wn democrats asmble in j at the coenti, we're going see the of o of the great polical upset in the history the united states. >> and trere som encouraging signs and sanders won mor votes he and trumpedton clinn among young votersnd clinton ramping up t outreach. >> it's not just enough to make collegeore affordle. you need helpith the debt tt you already have. >>t gives clinton a bump as e goes into south carola and super tuesday where they make up large part. actor mgan freeman doingn ad d saying that hillarylways
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>> for theupporters in nevad it's aut sayvor >> rep >> reporter: she wlnd min trying to reach the million that sanders made online. sheas nearly twice the amount of cash tha him. >> thank you. let's bri in chuck todd once agachblt youan s it in her face ahe looked relieved last night and it was a solid wi how critica washis w and how daming wasn terms of the momentum? >> we, loss her would have been that she lost two out of three and bely the one that won wason by an eyelash. now there's two under the beltis was is was the best shoto g
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itvery operationnd you c bring in the same day. it more thanlintonndnd erythi was in place for him. he out spent her and she won. now for saernds w doe he win? 's easy to see and it's not more. those e the fo biggest states that won super tuesday. if you cannowin any four, she is the nominee on march 23nd. there's a lot o delating and e willo to june and have a lead that's not surpasd, and that's what mad nevad significant. let's look at the numbers, an i thought that it was interestg and 376 pernthey
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e youngerer 72ercent und t of 345. did they have to worry about that or what did do to target theounger ters? >> yeah, clin donton is in an interest interesting spot. she is going figure out how to appeal to younger voters. ifhey' not there, she can not win the generaelection. she can not -- she'sot going to win them ove she beco she become the secon cice and ge red around. i think thas ahallenge for her bause so far she has yet to appeal to them. >> next time if you have more time how you manage to get sleep. i was watching you last night
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>> well sle i will sleep 17. 2017. >> ye who needs it. >> well, the candidates are back on the smp today and jeb bush is homen flodaours aft suspenng the cpaign during an emotion pos election speech. is this the end of the bush dynasty? dynast >> ll, he began as a front runner and hadhe name, legy and the money. peaps that wahe problem. >> the medium of iowa, new hampshir h spoken, a respect the decisi. tonight i am susnding my campaign. >> thend camen saturday night. >> thankouery much. >> emotionaloment for bush afterhe forty place fish in south li.
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carolina governor nikki haley' endoement signa you h it will play out. >> am disappointed thashe did not endorse me >>is mother tling matt lauer. lauer. >> there are other people that are qualified and we have h enough bushes. >> i am a candidate for president in t united states of america. >> until he was up stage by donaldrump and bush did not consider it a big treat. >> they re offered moments on the trail. >> get back in the business of crea creati aeacel world. >> at first the bush name did
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>> it's a serious job a requires -- >> dee a $10million super pack, money couldot buy him votes. >> we do notave to go vote. it's all finished >> the one thought t the belified to run for president could not persuade voters for another bush. >> thank you for the opportuty to r for the greatest office on the facof the eerpthar. i loou all a god bless. >> jeb bush was just out of tune with the voters now the family legacys going to continue a it's up tohe nextgeneration rhaps jeb'son that holds office in texas already. >> the you support that jeb bush did have and the m stream vote whereoy go no >> and the money. the big dono. had he s pledding withading withoters
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endorsement and i think that they had to go to mark rubio. even thoughat h feels tha rk rub mark rubio mark rubio jumped his pla and ould notave bn runnin i think that they're going to ha to end up ther on of the top bush family members and rubeio is going to to get lot of experience because he has to prove tt h is u to the sk. let's talk aut the forest w. dylan is here f a checkf the weather and it was pleasant here in the east. taking toats f. >> it' gng tbe pleasant today. >> 61 degrees in ctral park and we' going to see temperatures above average. weave ve the rain in west virginia and this is inex too. heavrain and this could
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because the fact that we see an ch and an inch and a half we have significant rain fai and and in the last 44 days only has,,,, forecast. up next the dangers of a new drug that has o oicials
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whe u sytoms tewithin e la two days. before takingmiflu, tell ydoctorif y're prnant, nursinaverihealthonditions, tother nes. if you devel an allergic reaction, a seve s ounusl vior, stopaking tamiflu d ydoorediate. childrennd adolescents in particular may bet an crsed sk ofzure con, normalavior. the most cmon de effects are mi to dete nausea and miting. tilugo aival with tamlu s >> still to coma reunion in th making. e cast of friends here
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firere are still oscene at the turk creek firthisin fca s around esterday moin.. anyocasee this video
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fire" ju how bad it ast its burn 120acs and is o10 percent contained. it's locat on the southside rtar training ground. no homes arehreatened, but the rge sme plume could be seen for mis.....and d so people a little nervou "no this is a bion i out workin the motor ho outn front of the house and the smoke got so thick i thyo ts is bigough i wan go see wh's goinonwar drops fr chinook helicopters ined multie fire agencies in the fire atta. they stopped flying ert....butpick ahimorng.arsoys iwas d dung a tining exercise. arounde ti as the fire at fort carson... anotr ld fire ard innume. it started near the interstion of wright and doolittle on monument's southwest side. th vw fr the north shows thsmokthat was visible throughout the tri-lakes regio rtunately, firefights were le tge underon teyour forecas
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>ay, yb t
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thisy.chdler and pho aoe a rore. he >> hi. >> wre bac on this sunday morning, fruar21t,20. that theery fstpi of riends shotff t air i ,htefth sixt mbe wle tother agai muore on t comgup. meanwhile, outside her on rockefeller plaza, this is a great livel crowd. and o and o a really pleasaneekend morning. >> not a bad d to be outside today. let's loo at what'sing adline thi mornin domp and hilry clinton will try to keephe mentum ing today after their wins in the replican pmary inou in neda. marc rubio ce insecond. ted cruz in close third and jeb bush dropp out of e race. time,nieanrs i urging his suppoers not to give up. stary o state john
8:29 am
agreement in principle h been reache on a cease-fire in ria news cone this morning i jordan he saidetailsre still being woed outut he hes presiden obama and russian presidentdimir putin would talk about that a soon as possible and proceed with implementation. bill cosby's wife expected to face tough questions when she's desein aivil case agaitim torrow. calle cosby will be ging her depotion in a defamation suit ought by women they were vtims of billcosby' allegedexual misconduct. their lawyer wants to hearrom the inrentertainer's wife of 52 yearsho worke as his business mager. weather waseasa,eall pl >>eay nice. >> really nice. >> wtre theoing ty, no. 60snfeuary. i think edys on the s ge here it going to be little coolertoda but still a beautiful day. most of the country still enyingempeture well above age. bueventual tha jet strea willip tth south and bri
8:30 am
especially thr theast coast. butachrough dal today, fighs inheower 70s. 60 morrow. and 58 deg as we gonto tuesda fntal stemoing to od cple of are low pres thatill rid a it we sra, much neederahr da that w stretcho the gul asalso see s s heavikets of oughest viinia tomorrowe'reoi toee me in ly dow across the gulf t. sometendst d seightnowegs to movent the rockies and temperatures i the northst will continue to coo back down tohe 30s and 40s. i think i founsome girlsho maybe haveoneo e american girl store wle in new york. what did you think when you walked in? how was it?
8:31 am
>> it was ,,,, and and thas your lest forest. aig? dylan, ank yo an alarming story this morning about how one small dose of a drug was deadly for a minnesota teenager. nbc's kate sw has more. >> reporte tara figerald's friends say she was an old soul. >> very phosophil. she wante to- she wanted to know t world worke and god worked. >> repter:ut the honor roll student also loved music and adventure. so her friendesay they weren't shocked whenhe told them e wanted t try lsd during a sleepover with a girriend at her house. >>he was really into the beatles and they obviously tal about that kind o thing in
8:32 am
ta taken just moments after sh took the drug. >> the reason ty had selected the night of the 10th was beus ra's pts were g to be gone in the mning for a sporting ent for her sister. >> reporr: tara and her friend plned all out and as teenagers do, the had their friends out taking photos and videos. this is sef the video taken th ght. the video showed investigators how the nightt an, gigg high -- >> how do you feel tara? >> don't know. >> reporter: -- to this. tara lying unrespon on the basement flr. she was in serio trouble. ter friendevere tara's's parents who we right upstrs andhe never calle 911. tara died just hours later from one small dose. ta's family was heart broken and investigators baffled. it turned out ta had no idea
8:33 am
synthetic drualled i. >>he had a high level of this drug,25i. >>ad you eve heard -- >> never heardft and m sure tara hadn eitr. wish would have gone downstai. i probably would have detted someing off. i didn't because i didn't want to infrge o their space. >> reporter: chuck rosberg id mhin sinnsyntheticru come from china. how sayseasy istor someone in amicao buy these chemicals? >> too easy, extremely easy. somebody sits down at their oard, orders itver the internet and i sho up in a package. >> reporter: they're then anormed into many forms, lls, even quids. d the dgs are a lot more dangerous than they look. fact,he chemicals areo potent, they ve to handle them with glov. >> the reason tt detecti and i are wearing gloves is if you
8:34 am
and becom -- the drug can affect youusty absorpon. >> reporter: if iick up tha pi opa i could get it throughy skin. >>or re yeah. eporter: wow. >> thatasate snow repting the. you canee more of her report on "dateline" tonight at 7:00, 6:00 central here on nbc. up next, our sunday story from the fashion designer who dresseelebs like beyonce and rihanna to the cast of friends, together once again. then, harry smiaking us behind the scenes in one of
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ake the dust and gup there and make somebody happy, when i go to sleep, i dy job. we' we're back on a sday morning with a questi. what d kim kardashian, beyonce, lady gaga an lo a have in comm they all heorn othing me a desner fro queen >>is name i luan smith but he'sakg aark on the fashionorld and doing it his way with his signare style. if people in e fason industry are searchingor something new a fresh, they found it here. his nelaquan smith. andebrities l beyonce, rihanna, kim kardaer sisters, and jenniferopez love what he creates. >> the laqnmith woman is bold, s'sxy, she's confident, she's fearless. >> reporter: laquan just
8:38 am
we. he even had idsirculang and his guests could b pieces ght o the spot. >> that's major because a lot o tis when you a vie new nd vie t runway, pieces available until three to six month later. reporter: all suess didn't come overnit. his grandmoth gave himis fi sewing machine when he was 13. he wnamored w fashion, evenaking his mom and grandmother's old clothes and redesignin them. >> i would litelly, like, dissect it le detach it, tak a seam ripper, open up the sea tryo understand how the skirt or how t blazer was made. that was my, youknow that was me teaing myself. >> reporter: laquaas rejected the t fashion schools. >> i was so devastated, but at e same time i kind o , li, we my teaaway just thi of w to kind o overco how i felt. >>eporter: he keptetching, and designing, and taking gold leings he created and passing
8:39 am
>> nexthi i kn, all this giftin that i did i eedp eing, like, la gaga with the leggings made, i was surreal. >> reporter: h continu to send out hlothes and then i happened, he saw a post o instagram of kim kardashian in the hampto getting pizza. >> i was sting on my couch and i'm, like swirlinghrough instram. and i had had had alr given monica and kim's tm a bun of clothing and it just ppe instandt was, like, ldneweverythg. i'm, like,his is my ess. this is my two-piece. >>eporter: while laquan acknlees tt celebs help genera socl mia bu, he women too. >> wow. look at - look ayou. a twirl for .
8:40 am
>> reporter: heays tre is a yl for every won. u can do ts. or perhaps thi his snatured cat suit. >> you walkn the room, a ey aren you. yourehe, no questions asked.>>eportete and remember the schools he was rejected from back in date? now those same schools ask him to c srestory. >> i love i can ipire som or insre themby, y know, ory or b thehings i create there is room for growth and there i rm for everyone. i've been to lot ofason shows, fashion presentations. it was very clear, it was packed but people were roongor him. >> how could you not? >> and his mom and his grandmother. shsaid, i hav tosay, bk in the day, he said he wand to do that, i thought, does that y bills? does that have peion? hado letim fly and clearly -- >> did you keep anyf the -- >> i didn't keep a of the clothes.
8:41 am
i was gng tohowou a bch and i tried somewhere i just walk forward becauset didn't zi but ioveth. aren't theyfu kd ithem >>heers. >>to dialen in theylan in the orange om, withhe plazaans ofhe day. i hea y two a both in theion king i your hools. >> ye >> y're both playi zazu. >> yes. >> you'ren n york and what are y going to see today? we're going t see lion king excited, lik -- >> y're a liteit e beere too,rit? here. i'm lik so excited. >> even dressed thepart. >> thank you. >>ove this tement. still to comen "today,"our favorite group o friends back togeer once again. >> bt,hese me i le the lile earng litecash back rchases. that a win. but imagine eaing it twice. you cawith the cdouble cash car it lets you earn cash ba twice.
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it ch back then cash back again.anthat's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earncash bacice on everypurchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to ear it mak lot of othecards seemne-sed. eat upbuddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let until i say so.
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b >>ac now on a sunda morning talking. wh wl happen wn theas of riends" sits down together for the first time in a really ng time. >> the group is part oa gathg that is actually part of aribute to the ow's director james burrs, a man
8:45 am
se ts s wld cha television. nbc's joelgarjulas re. >> reporter:he year was1994 en "friends" bst i w into our homes our hearts.el >> oh, go monica, . >> repor ming jeifer anton, courten cox, matthew rry,avid schwmer, matt leblc and lisa kudw usehold nas. wi their off the cs chemistry, rachel, rosmonica, chan, pe and joey nated t airwaves, defining e '90 and coining some clc sayin. >> u ing? >>e re oa brea >>eporr: -- and songs. smelly cat >> oh, my god. >> i know. >> soundamazing. reporr: and while ty starred in front of the cames, was the man behind tmho lp me the show a grndbreaking hit. ndary tv dirtor james burrows.
8:46 am
reionor soong and itk on man t y alltogether. you mt - >> not atoth. >> reporter: tonight, t cast minusatthew perry, will be back toget on the small screen, paying tbute to burrows. >> we would donything for jim ows because he really gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. >> reporte riends fans everywhe thrilled the closest thing to a reunio since show the wt their in 04. >> i misyou much. >> miss u. >> h do you ein t "fend "friends" phenomenon still going strong >> the story line i so stng we all want to livn the purple apartment with the frame over the doornd you can see yourlf in each of the friend >> rorter: the show so popular by the fal seass, t cast membersere eac ming1 miio a epe. good you. >> reporter: but can a price tag oo many css
8:47 am
>> therein? >> ah. >> ye, youdo. >>eporter: thebreakups. i ross, take thee emily. take theerachel. >>eporter: the makeups. >> iot off the plane. >> reporter: the paref star i'm her sister. >> reporter: and the events that stil make us smile thrgh decades later. but if we learnedthing from those six 2 somethings living in manhta iis thatur friends wl forever be there. >> okay, sho we get some coffee? >> sure. >> okay. >> where? >>eporte for "tay," joelle joelle io. >> matthew perry couldn't be the because he's doing play in london. tch more of the union as rt of the tte to jame burrow t on nbc. harry smithakes us behind
8:48 am
roof rht after ts the viru 's a reay big al. and with fever hes,nd chis, m kns it nds g sotion: an antivir. don't kid around with the flu, call your dtor within t fir 48 hours of spt and ask about presiponamiflu. attack thelu vus at its so with tamifl an aiviral at helto it fspreading in the body. tamiflu in luid form is fdappred to treat the flu ipeople two weeks of age and older whose flsympmstarted with the last two days. re takintamifl tell yr or 're egnant, nursing, have serious health cditions, orakot dicis. ou develn lergiceaction, a seve rash, orig of unusual behaor, stop takg tamiflu and call y doctor iedtely children and adolescents in particular y be at an incrd risk of seires, confusn, or abnormal behavi. the mo common side effects are mild
8:49 am
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antintiv th,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thi >> this morning on sdays with harry, ae all know,n any suessful evor t are ys unseen and sometimes heard of es. harr smithsere t t u about herd o brdway >> gmorning, everyby. on aiven night on any oadw show y're oftenn e of the talent o stage. toda we wouldike t introduce youo atar with a majo role a star you will never even catch glimpse of. it is a tradition
8:52 am
revival of "fiddler on the roof" s won rav reviews. playing t packe houses night after night, and about this fabled show, we would likeo are some inside formatioyore the filer. >> . >> in fiddler on the of. >>yes. you don't play the fiddle. >> i don playhe file. that, like our ltle secret. we have to tel everyone? >> reporter: jesse kavarski was taught how toook like he was playing by the pit's lea viinist violinist. >> a tutor tha don't often get from thi wld class olin itist and she gave me the correct posture and alignment and h to hold a viin. swe little bird >> repor >>eporter: jesse' tutor, kelly haltompkins. eight performances a week, it is
8:53 am
the ggeous violin sos threaded through fiddler. >> it is a due that iet to plou know, with via spking --inng and i'm playing. so it one ofy favorite moments inhe whole >> rorter: it her first time in broadway orchtr herirst le ical music. my elementary schoo in greenville south carolina, took us t hear the genville symphony at the local orchestra and i still rember hanngn econytching. i w hoond iai that's what i want to do. >> repter: and tha she has. he busy caree as a soloist and ensemble player hasaken h from coast to coast, andow oadway. and i a sw whe the aience ows ery word of every so d ery ne of her sos. what is it le forou t know the notes you play have such an importan emoti effect on
8:54 am
the entire experience. >> t actorsontinually tell mehey feel my rol as the viololoist is another aracter and i feels wonderful to be so valued in that environment for wt i'm creating aistically. that starts myningight ghts a week. >>eporter: it is thrilling, honestly, to be that close and to hr it played so betifully. oh, thank you. m godss you >> reporte for key, the sic is always t more than justheotes on ge. in the casef"fider," much more. she sel publish the memoir of he late neighrnd friend, alfred murray, a hst suivor and violinist,alled the lastquart. >> my husband even id goodness, you can't help but think there is a little bit o alfred in all of this.
8:55 am
thrilled about role i the show. it is aboei transported. that's what a prmance shoul do to you of a kind, ony tistic rformae, certnl sic, it sul transport you andhashat my job is. >> without our trations, our livesoulde as shaky -- a fileon theoof! >>'s >> she's ptty good at that transportation stuff, right? really good. if that were not enough, lly, in her sre time, either solos ses concerts in heles shelters. >> mygoodness. >> wow. >> so betiful. was it just as pure and woerful -- i c't imagi in
8:56 am
you c feelhe vibrations, righ a beautiful tone. >> it is incredible to bring her to everyone because s many people have seen the show -- >> walkiown the street, would never guess in a million years,righ >> thank you for th. >> thank you. >> thank you forpending tim with us thi mning on this t tune into "meet the pres" uck will bealking with marcorubi donal trump, ted cruz dnieande. >> thasng too it fors aunday mni heret
8:57 am
ve a fantast sunday. this th sunday morning, another big win for donald trump, now the undputed republian
8:58 am
it's nas. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beaif >> but republicans believe it's a three-man race as mco rubio and ted cruz vie to beco the chief trum challenger. >> the 21 cenry conservative moment is the son of a bar tender and a maid from uba. meahile the bush dynasty comes an oicialen >> night, i am suspending mpaign. >> ump, rubio and cruz all join me this morning. plus, hilla clinton gets t win she so deerately need nevada. some may haveoubted us, t we ne doubted each other. >> while bernie sandersloes in the firsttatewith adiverse electorate. >> you're ing to see the resuts o one of the great political upts in the hiory of the united sta >> bernieanders makes his ce this morning. joining me for insight and ana radio talkhow ht hugh hewitt, sbc's joy-n reid.
8:59 am
report and jon ralston, deen of the nevaolitical press cor and nbc analyst. chuck, rub, cruz and sanders, welcome unday in a postrimary a cauc eiti me tess." fr nbc newsnwashington, this is "meet the press with chuck tod." ood morning i'm shing ey sturd had primariesecause welcome to an amazing sunday where everything seems t bitarer this morg. verysimply o headlines out shakeup saturday thanks t south rola kp evada. we now have the three-way repubcarace so manyected d we n have a democratic fnrunner aga, and her na hi inton, n. republicans. donald trum made it clear that he is now the republican vote. and all 50 delegates at stake. th batt r second, diant secd frany, a back and for affa all night with rco rubi ng out ted cruz
9:00 am
kasicaron tey all finisheday behind. and before the night was over jebsh s officially out of thra. re a trump, ruo a cruz as thenightunfolded. >> there's nothing easy about running for presidt. i can tell you. it's tough. it nasy. it's men. it' ious. it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. d we'reoing to star -- we are going to start win ingning for our country. >> now the childre othe agan revolution are readyto asse the mantle ofleadersh. tonight,despite milonsand millionsofllars of false and nasty attacks, despe the entirety of the ptical establishment cing together against s, south carolina has given us anoth rrk result. >> b the way, no rublicanas ever won suth carolinand io


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