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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  February 21, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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new at 4:30- bill clintonishes upis southern colorado campaitops with a trip t colorado college this afrnoon. e form president smping for his wife hillary one day after her ctin the nevada caucus. ne 5 jessi mitchell ins us live from the campus... clinton had r potital voters ornizers telus more an 1- thsandeoe showed hear whathe former president had to sayetweenhe arts ceer hall ana separate viewg room -- and ing at colorado colle, it me sense for him to put of emphasis
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clinton lked his wif desireo implemt free mmuny coege and other jo training pgram--lso putting la more small bunessncentiveto creat jobs. he elaboted onillary's plan to combat dr addiction, and solifying a path to citip for illel imgrtss opposed depoio e centtheme of clinton's talk was incveness throughout the country. we d't need to make america great again. america never stopped bein great. plause we do need to makemerica whole again. the crowshowed lots of love for both bill anhillary clinton -- rallying fothe rch 1st caucus. the former presidentpent time ter his eech shaking hands and kissing babies. tonight hearhichart of today's age the spectators connected with most. live from colorado colge,
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d about last nig -- in you election watch, the race for the white house is taking on aew shape aftethe south carolina primarannevada cacaus. now all candidat are focused on super tuesday, march 1st, which incdes colorado. he jennifer johnson. super: atlta :00-:xx fresh off his big wiin south carolina... nat sot fr donald trump "we had such an amazing victory yeerday - inedible!" donald trump mpaigned sunday in georgia...sur tuesy state. c take full --------in/out -----:xx/:xx trump beat sond anthird place finishs marcrubio and ted uz by a substantial 10 percent margin the often-brash busineman w says hneeds to sta acting like a commander-in-chief. sot donald tmp / r presidential candidate :xx-: super already on screen in upper corner - f news sunday "i think i' be very presintial at the apppriate tim.rig now i'm fighting for my life." rubio says gop voters have to be careful. sot sen. marco rubio/ r presidential candidate :xx-:xx super already on screen inpper corner - abc this week "the consequences are extraordiry ife get th election wrong....a replicans need nominateomody who's going to
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and who's going to win this election." ted cr, who came in a close ird, is not concerned. sot sen. ted cruz / presidential cdidate :xx-: super alreadoncreen in upper coer - abchis we "our game plan from day one was too well in the first four states and nsolidatconservatives o foard to super tuesday and we're positioned ideally to do exactly that." aft poor showing in south carolina....jeb bush has end his presideial campaign. naf hillary in neva saturday n "thank you so much" in nevada...hiclton won the deatic ccu clinton and bernie sanders square off next saturday in south caro's democratic primary...sanders campaigned in that sta suny. sot christina miles south carolina democtic primary voter :xx-:xx "i look forward toust seng at they have to say in this last upcoming we." clton says she kno she still haa trt sue with man vors. insert ends o cond pau audio outc: nniferohnson nbc news, washington. again all eyes are really on super tuesy - rch 1st when more delegates can be won than on a other single day of the primary season. anwhe, republican presidential candidate, ohio governor "john kash," siged a bill today to strip gornme money fr planned parenthd in his state. e day after his weak showing
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the bill iprivate, despite the ate. the legislation targets roughly 1-point-3 million dollars in fuing thatlannarenthood reeves tgh thehio he dertment. the mone which is stly federal, supports h-i-v testin scenings, and prevon of olence against wom. this new bill prohibits funding for any organization that preforms abortions. state and federal ws already ohit taxpar funds from being used to pay for abortions, exceptn cases of rape, iest, or to save the life ofhe mother. oppones say sich is putting pocsore are. following up for yn friging ory delo ghinalam cnty, miigan. ce have caured suspect thie was driving arou shooting people at random. there are multiple deaths and several injues from shootings at sever locatio. 45-year-old spect "jon lton" reed whout
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oftmencolex, father andon killed a car dealership, and mo victims ot at a "crack barrel" reaurant. "the randomness of this is hard to deal with, anthat's one of the most frightening things out it." dalton was a driver for "ur" d a weapasou in his car. police s they're condent they g the right suspect a new mexico fily is calling for justice after they claim u marshals shoankilled tirrelative by stak u-s rshals were carrying out an arreswarrant in alquerque en they ot a killed 2yearldedgar vara." himily says he w outsi workg on his truck aroun4 a-m when the shooting happened. alvarado'samily ys after hours of waitingthey were ld his death was an acciden "they said thathey h made a mistake because he was o tre at the wng tim the's no such a mistake by killing
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hysterics wahing at least fiveeople beinarrested who they believeere offials' true targets. the u-s attorney's office said they will t identify tse arrest and will nocommt on the issue at this new details day in a horric dog attack in el po unty. it happened lastight in rush. e owner of three greates is now facing chars of unlawfulership of a dangous dog.this is a misdemeanor char. as we fit told y last night at ten, four children were uled by the do. they were at theome of their moer's boss athe time. e nd t owner of the dogs have t been identified. staying on top othe state of public schools in rado today we've learned only a ndl of theearly 40 failing schools statewide have shown any signs ofmproment. thisomes as e school receiv federal grants totaling more than0-llions dollars about 30 schls only have one
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state school board couldove to shut them down oturn them into charter hools. the state ucation depament says it is waiting on lel opion from state attorney generaon the consequens of removing a district's accreditation a dtrict fails to follow the ste bod's orders to convt closschools. a warning foe-cigarette us xplosions have sent four pele to spitals in seattle nce october. recoryrom the explosns is exive, wh one 24-yold man dergoing five surgeries and skin gs to hisorearm and bow. docts say it is ening re ofn th once ought. fire experts have assoated the explosions with a small trend of batty failures. the "americavaping association" ss properlyse e- cigarets po no more rk of fire an celhones and ptops. it may be february, buthis weekend people were already tting ready foboating season hundredsf people came out for the pond boat show" at the
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this weekend, and towas the final day. they h erythinom pontoon boats anshing s, soup-up speedersor we boardi. for so, it was a way to do so scouting ahead of the actual season and gave the r something to t saving for. erson/looking to b aboat t: 11:25 really seeing wha the offer. seeing wts available will filyusome boatg seasdetermine what we want to do. sot 3:09 i don'tavthat much. a little o of your price range. a lot t of my price range. in addition to the boats, there were also plenty of hunting an fishing otetp. must tv-- a preview om the sts thselves... they nor e direct tha lp make thr shows
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yore watchg ws five at coolerir arrives today and takes temperatur down a few notches to near age afternoon highs in the 40's and 's. clds will moving in throughout the day so sk won't
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art the weekend. skie clear this e with ovnight lowsropping into the 20. a quiet start for your monda ghs will make ito ou 50 beforeur nt cold front arrives with some needed moture. rain/snow sherwill binn thgh eletions nd lutimend will beoving intohe lower elevations throughouthe second half of the day. snow continu ernight and in tuesday as windpick up. cumulation willepend onowuicklynow starts to accumulate a how chpslope flow can coribu, but ar 2-4
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with hr tota forhe motains anareaof t lmere. esday could be a ssy day with the combination of snow and wi causing blowing, drifting, and losibity. highonuesday will only be the 30's and they'll feel much colder with the wind chill. things calm down and clear out the rest of th week. a good deal of sunshine and highs back into the 's by
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nori director that hel g coutless cssic-v shows toouliving room--- sll ead we hear from the stars of "cers" and "friend ...
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possible a heararming moment for a familyf refues who fled from isis iiraq -- they have been reunited with their belovepet cat in europ this mother and her five children fled fr the isis-controlled city of mosul in the fall. they walkefor the days acss borr to turkey, rryi theirat with th in a baet. the cat evenurvid th treaerous journey across the aean sea in a rubber boat. t when the family reac greecen late october, their cat slipped out of the basket and t away. three mohs later after a social medovement, the cat was reunited with itfamily. if you've ever watched an epis "cheers", "frasier", "friends,"r "will and ace" you've seethe f direct
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the n-memmy winner has rected hundreds of epideof those siomand ma oers. cast members frosome of his ggt hits, cluding "friends", rnid cently for a celebratioof burro' er e twhour sci cald t see : an allr ute toames burws" airs tonight at 8:00 right here on news 5. ma bargehas a prevw. natsat thearverydy k .. he wimji t d danson / "chrs" ;05-10 jimmlaughed du rehearsal, you knew it was fuy." nats meburrs rect danson andpany fo23episod of s". john ratzenberge/ "c 8-20 "hisgnou knew exacy whate walking abou wasn't a guy to wte wor." or energy for that matter...ts "lost mkeys" the cast of "frasier arned fm burrow quickly. sot vid hyde pierce / "frasier" :28-34 "jane and i were rehearsing r bit, androm across the un, he said ' are you doing?' we saidehin sd op i sit!"when "the big bang they" launch, burrowlit e fuse.
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sot jim rss "t big bang theory" :41-44 "it's li working with a scist comedian."he very first episiends" got the burrows touch as well. sot david schwimme/ "friends :52- "hally w, key hping us aca rlly fi o relaacher and our characters." sot jennifer aniston /friends" :59-1:04 "we would do athing for jim burrows, because he gave us the opportunity aetime. hiimpactas even bigg on "will d grac. directll 188 episodes. sot sean hayes / "ll a grace" 1:12-1:23 "tard the beginninof the first season, he td me to do a headstand on a cir whe my cracter sd i'bore a d adstand, and i'mik w wod u en thif th?" t ly that... na "whatakes her differt...." burrows plays a mean piano to ot. nats "ladies and gentlemen, jim burrows!" markarger, nbc ns. the 75 year old burrows cently dicted the 1000th half hr
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premres on nbcext month. a quiet start for your monday. highs willake it to around 50 bere our next cold front arrives with se needed moisture. in/snow showers will begin in the higher elevations ound lunch time and will be moving into the ler evations throughout the secd ha of the y. snow continues overnight and inuesd as winds pick up. acculaons will depend on how quicklow startto accumulate and how much upslope flow canontribute, but around 4" looks like a good general esma, wi higher tals for
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o on this sunday nit, can b stopped? th b victories this weend fo donald trump and hlary n. and with jeb bushow out,ho ds to gaimong vots
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shootg rampage. aerriing and deadl night in michigan. sixeopl sho a kled before a suspect, an uber driver, is captured. pl one girl's markable fight for survival. one s dose. th dangerous new drug foding into thi untr one teenager's tragic story is a warng forarents everywhere. and wk of art, a neighborhood once in decne now transformed by a stroke o brliance. e mals remaking aomnity. "nightly news" begins now. >> ann >> announcer: fm news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly ws" with kate snow good evenin on aight when donald trps still ring high off aig victor i south colina and jeb bush is o of the race,he question tonight does strump have the republican nomination
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histor is on p's side si 1980, n republican presidtial canda has w th the new hampshire a sth rolinarimaries as tru has and gen to losehe nomination. and inhe democratic race, a simi ques. isillary clintonlowly making her way to the nominatioit a win inevada yeerda and south colina all but loed up. weavet all covered as the candidates fan out across the couny tonigh beginning wit katy tur iatnta, where tmp held a ral today.>> is beaufu thank yo reporr:onalp' gp tominatioettite and he knows it. bragging to crowd of more than 000 in atlaa. >> we won with erything. tall people sho pe, f peop, sy le justwon. repr: tmp sweing a of south rolina's congressional districts, banki all of ate's 50 delegates spite marco rubio's high prents and t cruz fcals. a voting bloc tmpclinched
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ump may have won but it was a ing the last republican president a >> they lied.they said there were weapons of massdestruction. >> reporter: by thsday, smng the pope as sgraceful. >> no leade especially a religi leeruld h theighto que ather man's relio orfah. >> reporter:nd onriday in his lastally b the vo, recounti an internet myth aising mass killing by a u. general more than a century ago. and he took the0 terrorists and he took 5me hpedbullet in pig'sbld. >> reporr:xit polls showing that like in new mpshire,he majori oftrump's voters decidedn him months ago, meaning his miad of controversies andoutrageo staten just didn't matter, and neither d his consnc ip-flog againoday on repuican buttonsss like fundingnn rentod plaed parenthds a l of good - a really good job i a l ofiffere areas but not on aboron. so i'mot going to fund it if it'soing the abortion.


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