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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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ump may have won but it was a ing the last republican president a >> they lied.they said there were weapons of massdestruction. >> reporter: by thsday, smng the pope as sgraceful. >> no leade especially a religi leeruld h theighto que ather man's relio orfah. >> reporter:nd onriday in his lastally b the vo, recounti an internet myth aising mass killing by a u. general more than a century ago. and he took the0 terrorists and he took 5me hpedbullet in pig'sbld. >> reporr:xit polls showing that like in new mpshire,he majori oftrump's voters decidedn him months ago, meaning his miad of controversies andoutrageo staten just didn't matter, and neither d his consnc ip-flog againoday on repuican buttonsss like fundingnn rentod plaed parenthds a l of good - a really good job i a l ofiffere areas but not on aboron. so i'mot going to fund it if it'soing the abortion.
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>> rorter: and what heeant in a 200howard stern radio interview where he staid hed he supported the iraq invalgs. >> are you for invating iraq? >> ah, iuess so. >> reporter: today, unleo clarify wre he st >> i really don't even know what i mean becae t was a long time ago. o knowshat was in my ad? >> reporter: tt same polli showed nearly half of south carolina voters did nid until t last minute a ty stlyidot decide for dond ump. that means going rwar sin the field is winnowing,s goin to haveo gain not just maintain support. d if thisrowd heren geora i any indication the campaign is confidehe will be ableo do that. ka >> kat turut wh donal trum mao rubis very narw seco-place finhn south cali over ted cruz was enough t giveim new energy today as he tries to estabsh hims trp'sop rival. be gutierrez isn arksas tonight with rubio campaign gabe? >> reporter:te, gd evening.
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primary, marco rubio's campaig els it is buiing momentum, having boded from that disaointing fish in new hampshire. earlier tod in tennese, we sawis largest rally yet around 4,000 people,is campaign said. the crowd so large, i h tod ouide. aey tning point for rubio was h hi-profile endorsement from south carolina governor nikkiey along with senator tim scott, ty are painting themselves as the new generationof conservatis. but ted cruz now aue that he isne b suite t b downump, havg bten him i iowa expect the cz campaig to keep hammering rubio on hisordn immiatn. rubisampaign is already lookin ahead t super tuesda th justpped u a rly re intleoc are now adgo nevada.ght now there's a scrame for jeb bush's dons questions ov whether the former florida governor will eorse his
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the solid rejectionf j bush by voterniowa, new hampshire, and last night in soh carolina lef himittle choi but to end his candidacy. atunningersal for thean many thought would b nextn li i a polital dynasty. kelly o'donnell tonht with more on that. >> reporter:or a disappointed b bu -- >> thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: -- ulbe noxclamation point to finish thisra. >> so tonight i am suspendgy caai. no. yh, yeah. >> rorter: after three stunning defeats, bush made his exit a his case. ideas matt. policy matters. >> reporter: for tind of ndate h tried to >> heto myound, resing to bd to the politil whims. >> reporte but the political tornado that is umpattere buh insultshat uc >> inow you trying uild up your energy, but it's not
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>> he has failed i this campaign. it's been a totaldisaster. nobody cares. >> reporter:ush was knocked off balance andaded in a crowded field. punchingack with confidence came too late. while donald trump was building a reality show, my brother building a security tus to keep us sa >> rorr: fily itselfas complid. . bush stillop in south caroli, hit the trl. but but affection and respect for a mily's long public service did not translate t another victor>> jeb ran his race. he didn't run the rac that gog to pe to the most intense votersn thiri seas. th's w ity boils dow to. >> reporter: des all the advantages ctatns, jeb bush rutfnrepublict h tak
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gables, orida. anghe mocrats, new montum for hlary clinton today aft caucus voters in nevada deced tlace their bets on r. clinton's vicry over bere sands ps her in stronr posion goi int the democratic primary in south rolina nex sarday we get morenhat tonht from isten welker. >> reporter: hillary clinton di a wav o fresh mentum. >> is ts a greatight or what? >>eporter: after a decisive victory in critical nevada >> some m have doubted us, but we never doubted eachotr. >> reporter: for bernie sanders, e loss is a big blow. to courting africmerican ters at a baptist chuh in soutcarolina an was b vers who largy delivered clinn's victory, choosin her by a opng t% te aggressivengagth. and rallyingith congresan
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who relsed a new ad toda >> just like she's always sto with us. rorter: sectary cls embracef president obam policies as well aser incrsing up close and peonaltyle may have also propelled her, edent during the msnbc telemundo town , speaking t a woman whose an hadeendeported. i want toell you il end tee and n-year b oviooouo n ha tachaveagain. rorr:uthe welso obstacle t mus overcome.latis cho sanders by single dits, and ynger vots cked the vermontory 72%. >> we will do wellhen young people,orking class people come ou reporter: today clinton cebrating her victory but also quesoning some polls, showing a sanders lead g nos. >>here ovidence w di ry vyl wve oup o voter. >> reporter: bot candida n loing forward to sth rolina where clinton has a
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stes will be in play.>>f s wins bn south caro, as some people think she wl do, then she's going haverendsomentum going nt weeke and the ser tudaystates. so i thi it'sust a real proble for bernie sanders. >> reporter: clion is on a two-dayraisg swing in california while srs ouaisedntonorhest timeasmoh, cnt h monwice what sandersas nd still it's cash he will need to go the dian. >> kristen welker, thanks. we turn now to that terrifying story from michigan where six people were shotnd killed last night by a gunman who was laterarre. uber crm tod t tsusp wasriorha e mccoy has our report. >>epte a sot on a mpageandoyerzing ch, satuay >> have something jt driving arou, finding pple andhooting themead in tir
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45-yd jason brian lt. say his spree of tror began at 5:42.m. lot. she' expected tosurvive. then 10:0p.m., rich smith a his teenage son tyler a shot an killed at a cardeerip. a ime later,104 p.m. four wen shot and kille i a cracker barrelarlot, on their waye from a play amg them, 60-year-old mary jo nye, who was kill long with herisr-in-lndt frie, 62-yearld mary l. nigh. 14-yol gir with the was taken t the hospital, pronounced dead forehan an hour,n police tell news dos were preparing to remove her organs for donaon, and she suddenlyeezed her mom's hand.still ale, ty rus her mich's goverr met with t girl's parents this afternoon. >> she working hard to stay ive, and she'sot all our
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ch to come back from th >> reporr: detectis seching t hom andar of jaalto recered a 9 millimeter handgun and other idence the say ties him to the shootis. neighb across t str from er dalton lived with his wife and two kids idisbelie >> total shock. we'd say total outf chacter for jason. >>eporter:alton was a driver r uber. at least one psonlaims he rode withim the day of th ooti ubayt'rified and heartbroke that it did a background che and police confmed dalton did n have a criminal record >> wha d we know abo a motive? >> we don'tnow anything about mote rht w. right now oommon denominor inhi is hi the ranmness of this is hard dea th, and thasnef the mo fritening things abt it. >> reporter:s a memialorms here at the cracker barrel 're learnin a newhilling detail. orities do cfirm to u theye invtitingeports sbe dr w
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fares in bweenheshtis. uber tel us they are coopating with the inveigation. suspect is lely to be charged morrow kate. >> so hard t believe. blake mccoy, thank u. lawyers f bilcosby's wife filed another motion tod king aederaludge to postpone her deposition tomorrow in a lawsuit filed by group of women who accus cos of sexual sat. camill cosby is scheduled to ve her depositio a a hotel massachutts. today's motn by cosbs teach d concerns about surity anubjeing camil cosby to an unnecessary media circus. we get mor fro stephanie gosk. >> reporte bill cosby ge his last interview to the press in hisifef more than 50 years at h si, stoi he wanted t r all ou wheth any of that w true? >>re's nreonse. >> reporr: cle cby may face even toucher questions when
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massachu these ys, the coue is rarel seen i p tother her las stame w iued a year o, following a string of newexlmiscondu allegations. the man iet and fell inove with and whom i continue to love, she ote, is the man you all knew through hisrk. sh went on to criticize the mea for not vetting the accutions. the alleged victire suing cosby in massachusts for defamationndheir lawye wants t hearro camille, who rkedor herusnd as buness manager for years. private conversations between married couple are protected by law, but business conversations ar despite oppositio fro cosby's gal team, a judgeuled the deposition couldforward. thi now a icket. it's n wayo n prect what she doe have to ansr a wt sh doe't because everything that she's going to talk aut >> rorter: the massachusetts
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lal swirlundsb withuls abuse, 12 alged vicms have fed lawsuits, and cosby untersued eight ofem, including mt cently on ia tonstan who's accationsed to the al ces in pesylvania. cosby'syers have repeatedly niednyllegations of wrongdoing a have fought back at every stage. now h wife, who stayed out o the lime lig fordecas, is in the middle of the fight. sthanie go, nbc news, new york. in theouth pacific, the death toll is n at leasten after a powerful cyclonewept thugh fiji destroying hundreds o homen t cha of isnds. ficis said all tourists i fiji were safe. the storm was one of the most powerful evero hithat region. >hennightly news continues on ts sunday, aew anangerous druhreat fing young people who not know you totaled yo brand new car. nobo's ht, but there wil still be pain. it comes when ur iurce company sa they'll only pay the quarrs of what it takesto replace it. what areou supsed to do?
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a winninsmile. and nohae of getting an athlec scholarship. and that is why you vest. the best returns at just measured idollar we' we'reack now wit growin new threat, one tha has thuntry'seading drug experts soundg the alarm for parents and teeners. potent new chemicals sold on the ternet easilyade into dgs thatealers then sell using re familiar names. andne small dos can be de te 1ar-old ta fitzrald was aol stent, never troub,ot into ptiesr drug buter friends inood bury, minnesota, sayhe was curio ouhe drug lsd. >> she assured it's not dangerous, and i didn'tnow anything about it. so i assumed that s be
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>>ter: dur sleepover, tarandriend took what they thought were tiny ts of lsd. by morning, tar dead. ou hea this trible sry ontv, a you hear a this tragedy. tou nerhohthatap toou ki. >>eporter: a tragedyagedy, but also for investigatorsn ts small townmyery. lsdely caused a fatal erdose. turn out tara h actlly dosed on a synthetic drug, a far more dangeus chemical called 2i, often sold mass carrizing as lsd. >> that's the drug on that little tiny pink piece of per? >> it's sern myky fingerna. reporr:5 i w made illegalnhe u.s. just months befoara died. >> you're talking aboutn indu that' killing o ki. reporter: t head of the d says new per sthic drugs
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into the u.s. fourhe past serve years, mosy from china and. the formulas are tweaked constantly b manufacrs trng totayne s a of e law. >> it isgale. evime a kid gets a hold of one of these things, they're ng, eept tre mblinguthe li>>ecs soinnste ablutely. yound i couldo b the same thing on the same dn the same place, andothingapns to yound endp ad. >> sh aarngor nt ll he mh more ons or tig "da lin"
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little gi's emotiallefoesena. >
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tha has a l ofspos qtet.hehis 4-yearld gi'sanother, prin harrisxplain tt . o will no longere the prest. he can oerverms, aesup. no! no! >> it'sokay. 'v got to voteor another president. >> iotea. >> huh? >> i'm not ready for aew one. >> the videoas had wl or 2 miion ews on book evhe presihimself responded, sg t shou derea because i'm notanhe. and that oe lea t wte house,'l be a cen jus like he w s grows up, e caget invol right alongsid me peg of e prent, a pair of bald e who happen to be known as mr. president and the first lady are nesting a pair of eggs at theatiol arboretu in washington, seen he on a 24-hour eaglecam. they are expecte to hat in
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the eagles built their nest in 2014ndd oneagle last year. these a tstald eagle to nesn t national tum in alm ars. > apectacar viewrom space this weekend on twitter throughhe len o astrout scott ke w'snghe end of his mission after almost yr aboard the intnation spac stio key returns to earn march 1st with other crew mbe a toyis birthd. et h bthday wish.
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spirg change he on >> fally tot, we're siting a neiboood in l angele that was sfeng from the rav of uan dec b hasunrg a big change with eel ashsteve patterson reports on what has b aost artistic community. >>eporter: with each stroke, a tiny transformaon, artists g emptyalls as their canv, kreeingmurals. galler own jasontedo d coloroneighborhood. start? >> we startith ourn th side of our bing that got lot of community ppor fr there w decided that les take it a little bit farther. >> an idea which fled the ley projt, a mission to tern devastated spaces into works of art. it sply begins by asking neighbors f pmission to int the alleys in their backyards.
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theirsen, and g to work it c take anyeromou toons toomplete a ent mural. sincthis projecttart nearly two years ago, more than 80 artists from acrs theorld come to los angeles, painting and catingore than 100 muralsturning allways int art galleries. each wall swly forming io an t distct. >> this isctuall one of th asons we decided t buy o house here. we peeked over t fence and there was some art out re, whichug ol. >> reporter:nthony remembers th alley before the ar jt as a lot of ju affiti graffi. at nig itaseally scar it'secomeafer in myopinio'll sple out othe blue, jt come out andark and walk up and down re >> ts arti bies it abouore t jt what's on the wa. >> it doe tou t community an that's theholeoint of doing this wor in the street. it's not about me.
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it's elingo many smisand so manyappy feelings that it one of those project that it can't stop. it'sust got to keep going because the joyhat it brings all these pple is immeasurable. >>eporter: joy you can h but see. sten, nbc wsos s. nd ts "y ws fo this sun nigh leol wl be he morr i'm kate snoweportingrom new yo i' see youomorrow on msnbc om na ohe evef e repuican ccusthere. r allst c , ha a night. thanks for wat thanks for watg wsiv ur wke. ofays last nand headnes cke at 5:30 d ten. vening. an fing news five on your sday. i'm zach thaxton. developis afternoon...
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ntinue fighting a more than thousand-acre wildfire on fort carson. the re is ill at a reported 12hundred acres -- tame acreage estimate ast night- however, ft carson leaders say itow some the ght continues. officialontainment for the so-called "turkey eek fire expected treac65- rcen 00 tonig, wi coeath helpi in th fi fht. rtarson says tre is not a need f homwns in the area to overly concerned, even as smoke istill visible wh we rainto yesterday w juxtreme fire behavior. can send engineall day long bu twhen the fs are eight to 12 feet long and the grs is one foot tall we c'tet in there very easily sometimes and this just got away froms.. the fire was sparked late yeerday morning ring live-fire exercises. they have dug fire lines with lldozers and will stay on sce
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tang a livlook from our eblo studio. the thatlethe yesterday fr t tkey fi imuchess vibltoda les geover t fivmeterologi clee homan... carlee today's conditions likely helpful fire crews? coolir arrives today and taketemperatures down a few notches to near averag afternoon highs in the 40's and 50's. cloudsill be mov throughout the day so skie won't bes bright as theyere totart the we skies clear this ening wh ovnight lows dropping into the 20's. a quiet art for uronday. ghs will make to around 5 bere oext cold front arrives with some need moisture. ra/snoshowers will begin in e hier eletions ound lunch time and will be moving into t lowerlevations throughout the second half o the day. snownuesvernight and
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in your election watch-- bill clinton fins up his southern colorado campaignto with a tripo colorado college this afternoon. the former presint stumpg


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