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tv   News 5 at 10PM  KOAA  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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southern colorado campaign stops with a trito colorado college this afteron, ther president stpi for his we hilly e y after hectory in the da caus. he told the crowd of more an a thousand supporters about hiary's plan to fit the untry's drug probl a lidify a path toizenip for legaan. thexsi alstalked about his wi's dire to implt fr comnity college and other job-niro colorado lutenant gove "joe garci" who the audienceagt e be on yermericans it theure we must be most fused on. there arpeop cinout de, ed tgejoneed to buy a home, ne t start a business. that'shat he was talng about. the central theme clinton's talk was incluveness througho coury the crd showed ls lov for th bill d hillary clton, rallying for the mah t caus. and new momentum for clion after her win in nevada. the victory erbernie
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sition going into the demoatic prima in uth carolinaext saturday. itas black vots who largely devereclinton'victory, choosing hera wide margin, 76to 2perct. alys s s still nds t she heap with tino vors a you vs,ho pick sanders72erce. day, clion qstned ose polls. "there's a l of evidence that we did very very well with every grouof voters butted to "we llo well when g pele, whor css peop come out. if clinton wins in south cali osardayen she will have seris moment heading into sur tuesy mch. the linging question tonight -- does "donald trave threican nomion ed or c h-- will he -- be oppe histy isn trp's side -- since 1980, noepn presidtial cdida has won th n hampshirend uth ronarima- as trump a gone on to lo
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trumswept all of south carolina's cgressional diris, banking allf e state's 50 delegates. is com aer a rocky week in which he called "george w. bush" liar and took jaat the pope. he ao flip-flopped again on pland rentfunding. plned pareod doeal good jt a lot ofre areas. but t onrtion. so i'm not going to fund it if it's doing tboion. :08 i am not going to fund it. 10 trp is now fued onaining groud in super tueayoting. with trump in the lead right now, the face of the republican race is going througchanges. a sappointed "b bush" ha stepped out of t race after losses in ery state far. "ted cruz"ized up his republican competitors before a rally in nevada tay. uz saytrumhas a glass ceiling for electi success, and pointed t that m rio hasn't won a steet. ru meahile, cautio g-o-p vors, sang they ne to be careful heading touper tuesy. marcrubio/ r presidential candidate "the conquences e exaordinary if wget this
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puicans ne to nominate bodyho's going to ify th partygr thearty and who's going win ts election." despite comi in clthir in south carola, cruz is n coerned. ted cruz our game plafromay one was to do well in the first four states and conlite nservatito go foard toersd and wre sied idely to doxact both rio andruz lost to truminouth carolinby a substantial 10-pernt margin. meanwhile, republican presidal candidate, iogornor "johnash," d a bill today to strip gornment money from pnn parenthood in his state. one day afr his weak showing in south carolina, kasich signed the bill, despite calls for a veto fromany in the state. the leslation targets roy 1-point-3 million dollin nding that plann parenthood recieveshrough the oo al pame. the money, wchs mostly federal, supports h-i-v testin st a cervical cancer
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violence against women. this new bill prohits ndfor any organization that performs abortis, including anneparenthood state and federal ws already ohibit taxpayefunds from being used to pay for ortions except in cas of rape, incest, to save t le of the mother. ponts say sich is putt tiefe heatlhar now frightening story- police in kalamazoo, michigan have arst a man ey sayent on a sotin rampage. ope at re diffent locationst n, shting 8illi 6 of em. n-b-c's "dan schemans w detas in the smingly random vle more tha24 hrs after tfirst shotwereired.. people ghered at a special
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nats licedentified thgunm a 45- ye-o jas daln. authities say the shootings began saturday...just before six colex...... james george/victim's neighbor "i heard something hit the siding so i checked t thba window and saw t car driving f anen lookeout here the waa man layin e gr."he vti a mother of the, is w seris conditn. thshting sontinued for more than hrs.....a car dealership and a restaant parking lot x people were killed....cluding ler smit d his er we killed shopping for a new. maryjoe nye and her sister in law mary l. nye so killed...they had spent the evening at a play. seven hours after the first shotwereired police apehended jason dalton without incident. jeff getti/kalazoo couy osecutor "we do have a hand gun that's consiste witthe evidence that was found aach one of these crime scen there'stherevidencee car as wl " dalton was a drir for uber and one man aims hrode with hi before he waarrested. voice uber ri "i kind of jokingly said to e erou'rnot the shooter e yo ge meome nd of
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knowhat hapd o respoiblebut admit what they d't know is why.. ffetting/kalamazoo couy prosutor e n't know athing out a motive right now..rit now our coon denator is hi" poli s dalhaties thmmunity d not a inal record. dan scheneman nbc news ong the victims was a 14-year-old girl w was taken a lal hpitaand reported dead, but rued to surger when she unexptedly squeezed r ther's hand. she is in critical condition. loing ahead toomorrow for you... cling aruments are expted in thtrial of "dynel la." she's the longmont womanccused of cti an unborn baby from another woman's womb. both the prosecution and defense rested theirases friday. osecutors called 16 wiesses, but the fense calledone d rested after lantold t jud she would t testify. dung therial, lane's fst intervw with police waplayed
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thvict, "michelle wilkins," wathe one who atck her. wilkins was attacked last rch en she was 7th pregnt -- shsurved, but r byid not. lane is charged with attpted first-degree murder, assault, anunlawful ternation oa prncy. new tonight... i-70 throughlenwood canyon is ck open ghafter rockslide a week a, t ere are condions. dot is usi a pilot car to escort drivers throughhe canyon unt 9 a-m tomrow. then, for the next several day thnyon will closagaifo affic and open with piloca startinat 4:00 p- c-doestites the damage from is slide could range from 2- 5-millionolla. "bustang" service will also resumeo and from glenwood tomorrow. the times will vary because of the pilot car situatioand will be posted on the busng website. new at ten... gornor hickenlooper is in as president obama hoed the final ational governors ation"ner r s
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president d first lady played ht to dozenof governorin town. duri his remar, esent oba hs not naive in believing litics cane a "noble endeavor." the people wserve don't typically think in terms of d and bl, left origh ead. they want to maksurehat they've t a good job, that their ki can succeedthat th can save engh for retirement. they want to kw that wre doing our jobs, and th we are eratinth aense o fairne and we'reooking out for folks t a voice. in other words, you sejust as i do the bas decency and goness of the american people every single. that's one of the grbefits of plic serve. heent ono say government of checkand balances wilonly work when people are "llinto work together for the common good." the owner three gre dan
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kidsn theastern po cotyommuty of rush will face misdemeanorhaes related to the attack. e attack happened last night. a mother went to her boss' property to check on her boss' dogs and horseand brout her five kidwith her. as she came out of a barn fr checking on the horsesshe heard her kids screaming and fnd three great danes uling four of the children. threof theids ed er the misdemeanor s "unlawful ownershiof a dangerous dog," and automatic charge in y attack involving injury. no nes havbeen released in the case. we'll ep tracking this for you. now tory yl on only see on news 5... inur continued cerage ofincreased gang actity in eblo, we're nding that me and more teenagers are becing caught up in vionce and drug tonight, one mother shares her story wi news 5's ssi mitchell ihos of sending a message toarents everywhere. this mom ispeaking out --
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thnged her family rever. at a recent meeting of community group "the pillars" in pueblo, she oke er son's te in the boy outs andlang baseba she's asked not to be identified, but tellme she never thought her son would wind hging arod the wrong owd. he wasn't bringingis friends arnd u that wasig thi that i notice too it seed like he was hiding his fries. in eighth grade, his behavior started to change dramatically becoming distant and moody. we thought he was upt with a breaup with rlfriend. year ler we found out started with the marijuana edibles. she d her husband also learn their son had been hanging out with gang members. they tried unsuccessfully to tervene, andventuay he opped going to school altogeth. heas running the stree. his behaviors re very erratic. he was ang. he was crying a lo a hdid a full-fleed suicide
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tespendi aeways in the spital u closeoning, got sob andaselea without coinued care, or a ation for his pants to help him stay sober. heoon returned to his friends, who his mom ended up giving him majua -- this time laced with mhamptami. filly turning to his family for help, he entered a rehab program for e mohs -- and got sor for good. but the family now lives in fear of retaliation. the teen has beeassaulted ltiple times by the same pele he once callriends. sting to g p pteio ordersgainst the other juveles, hishes installea security stem in their home to keep them from brking in. and shwants other pares be alert for warning signs from thr own ki early she's pushinfor more educaon for families about marijuana and s daers to young brains, something she's working with pillars to iniate. in pueo, jessi mitell, news 5. later this week, jes wl be taking an -depth lk how pueblo's et sideibrary is tang its own stand against
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at's thursday on news 5 atte a lk in corado rings tonigh.. news five terolost
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aten overnight a few clouds clearing by morningith lows dropping into the 20's. monday bighang are comg first to the highervations then t thnews viewinga.
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warming ahead of colont with highsn the 40's and0's. the front will bring more isturehat withhe uslope flow will give us nhanced chance forted showers and snow shows. ere is a wintestorm watch for ller county fr mony at m til esday at 2:00 pm. ow accumulions are expected to greer i highlevatis. in a 12 ur perio we are expecting between-3 inches across the news 5 viewing area. rye blush and lorado city could see additiol 2-3 inch. byedsday skies wl clr the sunsne returnsnd temperatesill be back in the 40's and 50's.
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hd to the weekend wit mostlyun skies and highs back ithe 60's
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geneon oso ago, th latest in gaming wenby names like "space vaders," "donkey kong," and "pa tonigh an inside look at an old arcade reoning for t rsme thiwed inkewood. throwbca s frhe le , and '90s is celebrina grand openday.hypee wi 1601 rd street in lakewood witnogim.thde is fied wh games likean, injos,trma d vas main frs tohe90 anawho socia cays ing a flas chood."t charmhink ijuhe a of b a cld, when yofiplay v gamas kid anitind yohe i ris g a .
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open the arcade aftegrowinup in l vegas in the '80s andequently vising old-scol arcadewith her parents. she says hyperspacarcade prides a place for pple to play ghey may have never seen bore e arca is rictor gg,hewi not sell alcohol. opeflyeoe can have fun wiou" duval said. kethe past cuotrter games. rs wl paa $10 en wiun tme the cal be otuda fro to2 , frat p. to a anay fm to2 a.m. d opg ur 4 , "hyperspace arcadeld its
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ll fd neae "ca ta" restaurast 16 avee anreed street in od. if you're a hockeyan, thiss the sportscast for you. avs a outdoor gam galore....and....
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've goalth andore, feuary has tre february has treated the avalanche very well. so welac the tm has lineemlves up in a playoff spot andon four of five, heading into sundanigh avtaking on the cacks in the nd half of bacack. 1. vancver wostrike first, adam cracknell, the backhand..1-0 cks.2. ik hansee timerom out inront..2-0 radim vrbata..pili on....finds the twe....3-0 at th poin.. ey're ill in ithe 3rd it's 5 to 0 outdoor matcp mneta 1. eakaway, cey crawforwith the save but the rebound is put home....wild jumping ontop eay. tick-tack-toe pass finds nino
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wi. patricne, getshe t you very mucunce....ts the only blackwks goalf the day.... wild winnin decisive fashio 6-1 in minnesot 14! get in the box! 34! t in e box! d of course we had our o outdoor game yesterday, the battle on e..a here's a rare look tohat the refs see out on the ice. go-pro mount to tim wah's helmet last gh as he talked with the coa and conolled the plays that made for one exting game 35,0 people to in the matchup....just adng to an already electric atmphere. unfoately, thennagueral outdoor matchup wasn't whac-c tigers fans and players had in mind. 4-1 blowout loss to their rivals, the d-pionrs, cappg off season sweep for the pios and adding to an overall sappnting year thus
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but even with all that said, the players still loveevery mite of the unique game experience. i t wn on e beh between the fit and send period erand look up at thero and the were peopl everywhere. it was pretty phomenal i dot thk i"ll g an experience le that again in my life throckies e alady talking about maki the battle on blake year'to hoping those dreams beco a reality. it i't oft we get to talk about nascar herin coro. but y'daytona 0 gave u a very good reason to art. denver based "furniture row racingiv martin truex jr. had a day at the track. trueand dennha locked in a dead heat ll the endbut the photo finish handed the win hamlin by a tenth of a second! at a finish onascar's biggest stage....a although he ragoodace, truex says thers plenty othings go back. wish i would have crded him up the track a bit mo latbut
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d camout onop oem
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for tell county from monday at 00 pm tiesday 2 pm. snow accumionsre eected to be greater in the higher elevations a2 hour period re expecting betwn 1-3 inch across theews viewing ea. rye blh ancolorado city could see andditional 2-3 . oo dtroyed the competioat theffice ain this wndtaing the top ot with on dolla foa 10-day domtitaof 5-mi aftellinin aassive 2-point-milliots end 4- t, t comictati
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fox starrings foul-mthedna toedhethrin x haro35 in4 llally, ool"adfor 8 milln lel bof mccsf
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"t odooran tmeong" (buck mcneelnarration) the outdoorsman is brought to you by can am, the des it all. d by outdooran inteationa visit outdoorsmaniomor you free e-membership.


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