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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 22, 2016 2:05am-3:05am MST

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and h cple thed the ha vee. i thi that'sogo beyou, it ging tbe otadvo eing l's hmble of yousni tadric we ganges, siongen yur staar. wsday ped tha, frayyo h.onsardou s paoodierula deit lyt t deeoe rt ockha e you --esoualieort thngheat are tc a weo makef all tis is ek? >>el on the ndat ifou look atthe nde, we h a siatn whe we weern , o's te b
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lkingchr.k, --'rin to lanomarere totalndcoletete g to gone.wereoing t comth agreath cren, ltcare singsa o drein.f eenes w h d s allhee yo calingwa pereoing hemidd of the street. people are not goi to die on the sidewalk if i'president oka >l m somngditfr t at p houian ou mo ndet sndinva m no tht apmes n op dyingn tstrts. u call ever u want -- n i and tht. letme you tis -- allda s. >thihobe ahoanff rao i ith no. nk 's going to bp to . i wa it tbep toem. but i'm really talki abou that.w nle peop
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thapa of the probl with thrubliomow they into this sition 're gokea ofople. but,e t o ave itwengvean thereoi ls nsivn obacare. they'oing to ive. there gng to beot ffet option e ing to he aot differt optionright now you no you ow hy?because the insurance compa controlled oba caheygavim a lotof ney.that'ouav a stalts ttou cn't ctive bngw les tl odyou dhe plan pahood oes. that'srht. do >>no s ydendha d.>>cratill s tthetolann pa ot g to tions. that the moneyhive tned ooony go to the hs inding mamgrms andth t.ou kt gt, wsuppding plne parehood >ah. didt hadoi bortions. lo, inderstand and many,
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beeryourill e erstanand some y goork. cerviccancer,ol womens heh is are te of. i knowef e candidat i n'ten their e t i tndndf mns h uean pantodod job aotofiffenttt o sootoi tount if it'soing abort i amotngfund ow theay's a's 60%. i t belie it's 60% bthe y, bu think it pobber. nned dsomry gk.would ong dartiot. let tosue o .obviououlipse out. let me yth howard stern clipn 2002. >> . ure. we have an idea who th ene a lotfimes the olin'tant to tl at. >> a you vang ir >> ye g w - i w tfist iwa
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liken enic srt f wa t st d w you m byt >> ll,hat i mean byat is itlmt shouldn'tave been one. u kn, i reall't ev i mbet w atimewhno wha i t isn dne r rrot it odn't ha bee srt y knoit wne. ped lok ac atas pba the cre ng ngn ilethkcty a j wh he s doing. heen in, ught th less ed w taunted bese saddam husseas
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hers said lno although i th mae he waed o lootnvatn ithd, we'ery god ridsffertan whu ' odnds. d f i as real eatemdsima w t fst tim tnk qstnas e aske o thas lonre war a. th was man mnyonths before th wa toopla. d you could s my swer wasn't exactlyrill jocar bod a poinyeyesty tetsa trum isoo whate se lokatthbut rd the war i a ity t worin ook a themiddle no start efhat t into aqan y kno e h? nog. we lin.
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ls killd. thnd e haoundrris,ovellpla ht thin n is now tingraq. y've bee tryi or ny edany're nallyki we heh'r ovrahetimore isyoof ied ub thhas he i iae thelestsa wed wharal thosrli c ,go be ai-elaian by >>no. i'very proisrae t, i washeead ofhe
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erorid aial for. ion t- lk, e g to t iner lpn,h de ti i you'r g i t pab arde eis peoe are wied ey'ghha.ot mtl onsid the o ide,ty'auhtat o n'dthnposon i llest ican. malmaker. tory lve thatzzle.ou're notoingit're gog e ode or everyoerstandsa'moi l ob a cle'r ver erioheher de llm sang>na ump i'mo e the.onatulation ourbig n. stayafe o thet ' watch ony. thank hank y vy uch. >> y g alit.i'nedo be mnho menecost gh sena marco ruborida.sen ubo,elco back to "mess,r. >> k you.
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>you . oksryb etesttiee abouisn pceastgh yoad every mndorseme thouould vead y yostllisd ant n southcaolin owdo look at this as a positive and not a tiv bause 5% othe peopl votedestend aut 7 reubls d c have saideant seoer thanaltrump to be r minee. rem is tot w ill dedn l nit amngivethereop or four herpple. ink nowth rac rowive r dt n continu tonarrow, we're t ctinin it er u u d't e capans opeting fl-tin te tate ito t process. hreeates buti feelrethat n that thehoic havcome lesand le moew er alttild trmgog to ce
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orka ut food >> thess iink epcansave ha goi againsld'en js tc ve neait yo sa he n a cahiue. i'meouinerew with him. he d't have a l of aditretaes is astll ning w youvewovers voers? >> ah. well a couple things p numbe one h'l say something over theopnd you guysn the pressill decide let's not cover aythingand focus on the outrage o statement. he'sbe ve go at doatthat. d a11 psonr p fld i ced l ofeople ou that'sog techarr to.e sonoint i w mis plere rea ang in teye ato .has why in it dt my u.snator ho woio an th mtu hendo ourgist'grysh buoot ough.
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you eere'h we' gong to done t. what y'r so er some levofcounity he myamis aute re veralabo oennows u we c w thi gg ath tgs an tt'ig thisen 's camigndmintnk tsott are now bec therar lss peole inhe racend more time pay ttio some of at. >> look throughothe ek it was e l campais you dm, a l aire g a'e athruut oimmigratn. nto p a sniit t and t aon fr you on he o side >> weno have to deawith e1 mii pop thatare re illegall >> we have to deal wth mill invi are her ley. >> bill thasenatoor k a g to ar t qlify for it. >>ssg a bkgrod check. >> psed a background chec
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yi . ying iton a>> tong afaroce >> bu d tnkt's sse ow y codn'theadslayed iurou've ard itnd seen rence,hat part of that is not rue? >> donmatte the pnt -- r o all pple didn't care about it this i w an attackng on in sttefr sta d pop have d d ta it a serisss t tw sabt ted cr. idean to fi mpre,teruai nd tong1illion peop out t shads. ted cruz sa ateanedimgrioref pass. hers the b line i tr tolve a very difficulsue a we triedod besta most csee bi poblein ctrd aridthe ti anen s ero e ho and constis,e even beter.
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ansoow it v cearhe ofo ggoin piece begnibyecr bordt. psihete s not goingbe what werepeting ofo its ngto begin by focusing securing ourrder mo 'r o bleo ythiel >> l ht ialprs. woke ese trng. thatllhat' l a tha's astte vily younku ca upe. whe se doou nnu snow itbout wng woyet. ou got to winewhere. >> it s. we, i thi fist of al a w understa allhe sates awa delegates differely. so weave a dfferent straty r each ose state dependho tyd el eneget intothe er ll nrch b cunks lega tshere you need to n stat and fee very good o where we're going t b by then. i'mot ingoreal oampan out ' n b tf difere ples i nnesen arkans ada,reingote
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tuesday a kp arin a bun lace we ve aationpaig a frt abot escial tst nig all ri nato mco ruio, going tait ay son trl. is oitoui ra erq, next 23 day s. ank you noto the mocricacd b cruciict for hylivada yerydbixt gut, "et the ess,nor.oo be wh>> t srt w somng u said onfday. sai on fridtould be 0,2 30rs fm people will look bkt wat hap in nevada and shis w nngof theti lusl res tu out the wayou tught wt ha, r? >>well,atneisover the lti wee chuck, we 25 in down t fi pois down. as i understand weuallyn tinoote sy,
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adwan wve oern,wi ple, w c pldonher ouis t asoodb i ant tog out age turnout >> you kowt last minute here wereep that r dheuliniowoy f pturut plllainton singo wllinclg rht the th inlas ga youhama differe? >> it's hard to sa wt i now , chuck, message of a rigged economy in whicopleneva and around the untry a w lo ho fwas, why most a inome a wngo top i'l te sg el,is iss of a corr cam antem e bigon test in lleetying to beio t are ssnating. ain, sh wead d gert. by ty,enenly
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i tin dll wth w class people.merak o a candiho 8. nevada l aned.she h team o r poers. o i'm p of c thwe obvus i wsh wecovene attle bitbeer. but a the of thy i inke ts 19 delegates, we 15 deat o onheate. isesngisteng toricry seeast ght. want to ay a clip of it because i may sound falili to you. here it . >> wall stre can never be alwe treaten minst bank can tfai weul ja. > it'sprty cleare hrhoric o l ecauseofou cadiy. do youse that as victry o rts? that yo got her trying - >> huck,ch >>-- comp ssage. e' lin i copyri uehethosere our word
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secretary has gnize edds t amicop are etremely grab t pow wst, , the iegal behavif wastree heay dtha, tha k gts reorwatrt exivesoytheomy,here's no posecutongnstm. emecaneople ua tt we nd re cnth in vpolica revoonhich sayso the pepl on top knowa yst i's iti the who d theerac olltiha dro oth jeb boutsnt evybody.herablyad mrel er spoiis ndacy. rt oe pleitited? t ur mes andd te done itut supe,sn tislrea resoting >>no --w i s ways it is. but think, you know, if you
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more than just money. it's the natu ofheandidate an tssa andllt exe.owha edi i c mtributio fr pe tha clion has. ut's io the super ha hhesery vi wouenngus in xter ee isy beau o tsu pac se this ma ye they do. he goo xt?you' y'tust com sere ght,am closein ne. butin got to andertuesdaou win a majoritye d on ser tuesday? u don't hav to wi majoty of the states but yeed n majoofg t whi >> t.
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sotetts hiwere lng p d ste vt so i wink wllurplehe wel. y bin keas vginia essee? b sta s, whainhition jumecl n y, ht heat iue y dete kwh ste atpro legaon lo ingardmn. thiha ptyod atssorus w a fsing veryryin g asten.bu let alsoy . aren isceo ve
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into d ry,rin.t y kn at nnal lling,ppor wethchuck, we c loy. tme was yo shero 5%po ngng >> aiend knon morni bis cena in arr thanksorming ay s e tsir. >> thank u. andndwhen we come back, how wil ted cto an is nwe wee tohe world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or aoss the gle in under an hour whe communies are living on mars and solar satellites provunted ear. in less than a centu, ngtook the wld from apnes
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, >>o oi nowy very nroirdpl finh soucalina, suz.r, wmeck"mee.">> k, wmrecehnwedn auueion t b t swit seemed ue hervents tt y held throughout thecampan. herit is. >> cultre eshinthe ampth wll ople to take aantage of tion like thnverydis way. >>we, i'veid'sn lying becse if you say omething that'true and you sa over and over again and you know is not ue, there's no otrword for >k th s, icr thiis bst lar i' sen. tat wo my
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togo y hdit cantc b a li ahi o oeevo twe g tmofu aial ofis hu? ha it k? oh, liste chuck we saw with both donald trmp and marco rub that their response whenever you pointto anything in tir record ist to yell r, a et l ano m direct aracanrorybegn arin ar ishat nesn do no iendsu any of the cdes. i wlingeirprais. sindonald praises o'ais anyb 'sprse i goiepcu on. and's ahyy re liar.beewhount to their wnrecor t o rors, thewn woey do'tliirrecordsau the recds ansistent
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ste fing tv thaonte edconsiste almost entelowo leon that rea rearkale theory that's defamation to sh people whathe said otial nker are s tan hat. >>ser, i'moi tlay at press conferen cl to you because to m contrasro what y just id. here it is. >> donald s had a long career using gret wl and power trying t bully others. neanyo pois tothir actual cord, the respns o both donald trump a co rubio i yell the word liar. whenever aone does ash ad ds playshetual words of donald tru on tional telision, his reonse iso yelllou eir strategimtolllar,li >>id ti p re it sme mesesyowerening a t issthat youoalkboutra.were tpy w
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emedasifou aowed yrself t entialy let tanubio s geter yo thaed emnd lost foc o yrmsae. >> , listen, chuck,hen now very much a hap warrior vermuch joyf. that press confrence s simply diusshefacts, layi out th actfac. notgagin arer tacks myself, justut re a c, herar tevid, nor amat of wer reyifacns d u twted oo woauote ed froenat t cobrnmpmy honesty. it hea pu and st ote wtte brn.iai eallyemarkletosee idat,rund rubio makin u and putng tng out for which es idence and no basis.
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thng hadnenng ltnigh wt wawpp iuin prtyouutne hircarona togtho thing hav numbehnonetr cnhi race who canwin. andwe coives ninnite bi our aign butnut f anne do lieve that donal trmp t bestndid head-to-ithhiintonovembe's 70% of rns nationwi wh naldishe riy, r camignthe only mp hase donad ump andthatca b dald trump. atreseeing wre seeipuicg inible numbe mi ni th h t yerd rteppwhst saihtio togeer and ca so huck, path to
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s ha aong, sonnight o pe tsday cong uarchinownethess coul ontoepser i saidservate dnete w arorder ainouliwe ffr cd. kld was 20 ptahd, wthatga hat wether t w a vryin or o won yoout o wa fie. the y,oule inowa once wit nnethineere oim a re, o turonstitl ightare cmin t capan.yttal rumknf cleaesat owhn beatps dnald sen erakgmontattai me. he dsn'tackther caes becaus he eis camiiews us e oly aleato im.
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many ple come arond a y, liten, want real erva dota aashin deho will alsgr a g rael. l are youatonald ump t er xawa in s be ak it wi bonderfullp obe ok hope wewel i ieve wi d wel. we' gotmang t iasi xassclrlcrojel of bverey, wintex. ane' goingdo ve well sup es nd we'ea stan hure'dedo vada tnd to e. >> ll,eakingad t'm dli xt. ywa, stor tthan
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, > al >>all right. e to s road ead. we're usi "meet the press" da dowoabee ou t things have en turbulehrough now, wait until you seeheext 23 days. fs republicans head wt to nada tuday.doats wi goto soh na nex sur but it march 1her things ge sc heirst aupf tu ntests tt day. gop side the tablishment favored mrco rubi he's going toe focusign placelike massachusetts minnesota, virginia. ted uz, he's goi to be pa in thde uth s.e.tasf albama, arkansa geor andouse he has gotto win in his home ste of texas large evangelical populations he hopes make the diffence in all those deep south tatet i'mahieessee very cl t thiisgoing to be g state ofup tueay along wth virgin were abist cnd hav nn t south ove mre nservativendas. at's ereubnes beatum
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factor everywhere as he proven so r. fthe democrats,'re lookinglrea at hillary clinn tingerocus to btat like texas ere she had an event last ht bnie ders, he's cherry pickintates so r. he's outspeinclon place lahoma, mita olhe t oy o air in massachusetts. but canhe beat herin a bier sta haven't seen far. movg down the ro o mar cld actual be a goay for both cruz a sa w? two ofhe statesre caucus states kans neka, which y see o e left. heavyor the ses th.while cnton will be fusing th day on louisiana. it primary with a large afrin-ameca electorate. shifting gears to the 8th, al yen for the perceponhat within wille s rtanas edeesone line,prab hn kash'andtdthe w. is an oprimary which means inichigan you don't have tobe registeredith party to
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go news potentily by the way for sandersnd tru as el and t ju ound thener he oh big sur tuday of march,arch 15 9. the cl thing we'll get to preview ofe novemer battlegrounds. e got orida,illinois,missouri c ldi t p th dacold be the esablishmens last sta on the rpuican op tp. e' beck mont on hiab sunday morning with a look the republican race. can rub o crn attlsure had a lot on my mind when i got o of the hospital aer dvt blood clot. what aut mmily? i'bu isappenen?i was vewarfin hos but i ndered if is was t t treafome or told me abouiquis.eliqs trea d a blood cts d dus e riskf em haening again.not only does iquis treat tand blo clots, but eliqs also had signifantlless jor blng than the standard treatmen
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wow. >>wow. welce bak. paelis fal hererct to fourandate inte on tissunday mornin hu hewitt, keyestination is year f puican tial -a of msc s's bee l he country f the last few eeks. y and ra hos ralon li on zs in nevada ow a nbc analyst. hu hett nobody has why snt ' ver? >>onaluabe
2:42 am
reality politics for 11 y ing reality television. he is clearly the frontunner and carly dominating, but i belie in some oldles. i belie marco rubio's ing win florida, i think ted cruz will win his alamo in exas. i think a month fromnow we m be back heretalkingbout an open convention because i think ld res apply. john kasichwin ios we >>f ths-w cos i t et poin uth cana. lemeut usomenus. e shares myvues, tedz, t candidate. candidatthto bring ea the ading candidate w donaldumand theon that won i november, rco ruo. ere your splip's change, elec >>he dfere is that t trump numberchange is so much larger than the lead tha t otherwo have ineir lan. a tt'sngo behe chlenge for thosethewo going fward. the other chaen for mco rubio this umptnt you're justoi to getll those sh and kasich vote.
2:43 am
sichvers,ll eouth rolina busand caykasich voters, thoo rubio, hwin but he has to show he can go one-o-one againstonald trump aurvive tha >> who ge to the on-one? marco rubi the one guy that hasn't felt t wrath of trump yet. verybody else who is either out ofherace or serely damaged. ted cruzas been daged. >> rit. but marco rubio hasfelt the wrath of chris christie and ove he has a glass jaw. the question is going tbe could with stand a similar barge frold tmpo is relentless inoingte e peoplee tnre a threat to him. in addition to thatugh says marco ruio will win florida, that isn'tlear at this point tht donald trum n't win there. >> i n't know it's clear that ted czs going to win tas the wa. >> it'st eoughoee winnng co andthi. at some point d to win one, rubio has toin.
2:44 am
hometate of nevadamr ralston. that'tueay. > dona p is gong towin nevada easily. is a weird process in nevada isn't evhing a weird poce in nevada where they have it on a tsd ht, differe s times. turno maye lky to get to 10%. but hugh talksabout o rule uys are talng ou this math. e areo rules anymore. th ol mathoesnk. noby knowswhat's gng happe i don't knoy we al afito sthaut rig ow who goes one-oone wit trp is the key question. it dn' lo like fromour interviews or anything else -- they're not going to get out, right? as as th exists and kasich and carsonanging around for lttle whil along as mp will winveryingle rac >> hugh, you heard donald trump with metoday, he doesotstick toepublican orthodox. this is alwa suppoed to have be his dowall,maybet's his strenh. >> we have a debate thsday ni it ll be iteg toee owndles theush li
2:45 am
>> i agat ectly what hapened. >> so we w see hursd night how ansha he did you.i li's fronru for a reason. he does esent a smhup of washington, d. represen a total lelin of everything that people are angry about. h has anka. iust s was the last night and s is t generational bridge that he needs becausear ruo, the children of reagan line, is a good line. >> yeah. y kn, when you're lookg this-o ahea >> no. i mehe ly proem wi the r of li it reminds you tha he t yng candi t? so yo to be carefl abt usngthat. t lo, i thou sll hav pren you' g nd you'r jstwig, h winnin baf vo's n jus l'sothi e n winwh thowur, oly nservatis, onl wn se kinds of states. hwinnough across a broad array ay.
2:46 am
40% ofots who were late deciders. earlyvoters 60%. not only tha but donald trump is actually doing what bernie sanders was billed as doing. bringin voter in eproce >> ok arnoutn sou carona. exac was actuall doing that. his accomplisng getting rtular mr.lyhiteorki clsotse at thr o pay, ublanpar anhe oly he >>whoes hi wato runait? ld trou think? >> don'thinko anyre. decrat think. >> of thethk i thon - and i'she eaer ce for he i hernd >> mazingatching erew wthru ise likeuyo t th evequestis, o i ask associat say wtever comesto head. w he sor of eolved on the heare qion h read the cliff notik did ch wh wren qte prered h knows the issue
2:47 am
but clrly he can't t past e rockipping b esn't maer t ba. >> it not matred. no, i'seen the messe tat matters. i'm goin to pause ere. we got too to th decratic side wheneome back andhy llary clinton'sineerhtlyeenthe re tthst.elyo 've a co ontoy foseon 'sext for youruses p,tea vefod. cennion. ratingnsfoion. accelerati nt. hewlett packard enrp. i ve ahma... of pieces in mlife so when my asthma symptoms kep k y long-tm corol medicine i talked to myoctor andfound missing ece in my asthmareatment ce-dailyo prevensthma mptoms. eo is foadults with asthma not we contrled
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> welco back. an is here. no'rgoing to talk about the democride of things fm aout tuay ter
2:52 am
jo i wt to start wit y. there's a ne aillary has o here, second one now narrated by organ freema i'm going toplay itr you and get you to react. >> she says their names. >> tayn mn sot death. ndra brand did notwrong. an mthe mothers fight r jsticeown. >> iwas on nineohsag wh aedut black liv tter hillar clion saidll lives tter. and now lok where shis today look at thehetoc she' now opng from ie sande. youan't s she's tlvng ante.nd b is she trying very hd to move to where the democratic base is. >> you recalled a couple months ago she met with a lotof the mothers in chicag she hashe endorsement of some of the mom bernie sanders i thnk has one or wo the family membes too. i'm a little uncomfortle wth using the families of these dead hildrenn thisway. both of them have. both sanders and hillary clinton arw trying to invoke th memories and e the family members of these you pople in
2:53 am
>> dyou think it ocrass? >> kes meunmfortable. ido he to say hilla clinton understands fdamentaythat he cdidacys in the hands oafric-a full stop. nevada it wa a 2% rout wit aican-americahat carried her ov the op. south carolin she will saved by african-americans over age 50. and not even justll african-americs but rican-amicansof aertain age, right, over 50. he kno thhat is what she needs. >>k at the xt 12 states on the nktdemocride. it's mething like 7 othe 12 have an african-merican electora percta of or e. >> rht. > i mean,hiss joy's righ tis- >> e is exacy rht. >> mayomeossrassut at's whate's doing. in the geratialdivideyorexactly rigdon' hurt as mh becse yes,he doesn'do as well with unger voters voters but she doesn't neeto. in nevada she lost over 25-year-olds by a tremendous margin, she picked upver -yeaolds who ma upa bigr part of th electorate
2:54 am
as well. >> harry reid t most vaab player- is harry reid goi be known a t person o sav hiy clinton' nomination? >> i think he will be. a having come back tohe state he saw wh was happening in the state. he w the internal polls. clinton was hemorrha. she went from25 point ld down to 9 after new hamhire. it was neck an neck. harryeid said i goto do something. he called up the head the linary union. they eing wallwers id ygo to gethese folks out to vote avil latino ey knew theyou go f clinton. he did thatit other unions too by the ay chuck. not justith the culinary ion. but woy is talki about the african-amerin te forgotn bee we tlk so much athe latino vote. >> i's about half of the non-white vot not just hispac. >> t facthe g three-quarters of that vote. he had every african elected official except maybe one or two in her corner campaigning for er. ut harry reiis the gu >> hugh, w that it looike
2:55 am
thfavofor the nomination and sdenly it hiary clion standingre as the boogie person for e republicparty, does that change repubcan voter calculusor no? >> it does. >> changing your calculus, b -- >> the former secretary state s the nominee. she is also the will sutton of classified data. andhe'soi tbe a loerm efrt of replicans her it's dold trump, marco ruo ed cruz to paint her to thecner. hey had anoer ree of data on friday. there's morecoming. she i a tremusly flawed candidate >>e loses allhe tust queions to sanders. that has been af hew ttgthereas the th wre noonger it's lie, ,y od, y sders win. esat change way voters think in thepuicanprimary? >> i thitdoes. thinkoters are very istite andad strategic, theynow shn be beaten. they'll look analummao o, ted cruz, maybe johkasich, whoan b her, what's the atch.
2:56 am
w on super uesd. 'll see. the reblican blenho the v then beenight ye en womeck lss than a nute, our end game segment d end of the game fortheush dynasty. comi up "meet the pss" e brou make sure you're keepi up with your ki' online accounts anthe socialedia they're with them about appropriate online behavio being proactive and involved is t best way
2:57 am
know.,,,, "mee "meet the press" end game is brouto you by oeing, buil t tu ntury at a tie. it'seing treatedasn tehought ow, but guys,eb bush dppedut of e race lat nigh soutcalina puteorge h.w. bush into the wte house, butt george w. bush ithe wte house and sent jebush back to miai. et me sou themoney totals.ebbh, youate say hehejoconnoy, ser in io, one leleigesenin n mpshir tee det dstpeer so co. thi symllpres etame'sowal s tn t does h?>> no,t's because he's such a good man and the roles have changed so dramatically. the rules are complely fferent.
2:58 am
of the '90s. ey are the reality tlevision rules is decadend he was not sted fo it. >> j, this is a conservate governor. thisis arguably his records governors more conservative than any curnt republican governor. >> more so than kasich. >> how did he get paintedthe moderate? >> well, i think because je buhery of the cases he would be painted ashe grown-up. his theory would be tt the rty wld go to somebody perhaps sarah palin, perhaps anhegaffe like candidat and pty ldoto numr one, tt lane is so nt bstlit candites. and byheayav ld edin florij bsh ha nevethaeatoln. henefittedot o good torched his own campaign in '94. weak opponent in '98. benfitted from the clinton boom and befre the bush buzz. >> it's funny how history gets ewritten. she's right. has now how the hist jeb bush is ging te rewtten. itd have been a different version of the me events. >> but w velea long befo dald u got this
2:59 am
replicans thebe one oncern they had about jebus is whethe he was too rufor this d whether he was going be stng enoh tond up to hillary clinton. the bsh fos thoug money would help paer th ov rendeople of his servati re, but when he ent on theat ste and totly flubed and came on the owscodn'tnsw questions abour ande looked like h w sy, it absolutely lidied the concerns they had had all along about his skills. >> you used the rght word, strong. this is thelection about strength. donaltrump look strng to republican voters. jeb bush aone who's been around him he's a sstantive guy, he was a coervative governorut he doesn't project well. he's a terrle candidate, right? hew t wrong guy at the wrong timeforhis electn. they wa donald trump who's going to say what they want to he. jeb sh, they don't want hear his policy prescriptions and hear the way tal >>ne numr put p, all os money thg ugh, es th suppo j eer i there ano rues?
3:00 am
donald trump. >> i will say one thing has chaned dramatically wch is the supreme court vacancy and it wi shape the vase on myide beause i'd rathe lose an election tn lose the supreme cot. so i thkoing ardhi ithe narrative chg. andi do knowow thendat rpo t his. > if youose the ec, you lose the cour >> know >>t's worth -- iar you. i got to leave it ere. wh an amazing all imari nd to be sat
3:01 am
prary sarday and if it's sunday, it "meet the press." > g no destattvve shphtiharvadesne of tinse tows harks on e trury as tbale new york city ave five-star amenities, everythi is top-no ouanto travel inlecoo holly. >> then dcor haii's clus exclusivtropal padise at thfoureaso>> we haveeceid the highest rangeral.five diamoatin for many years. >> later discover sd
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tors, ses,mu. n bndel rohe legen sunsestp, andage west hood i peecy poiso real the trent nit and h s yrengys setleva yilsee the hol on t strip w ms on e ti t building. right awre seeg slee sty hhat is unke any o othe sunstr>>cover the ar-studd anchc phisti that ad
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