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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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vermijo. it all happened earlsaturday morning en police y the owner of an illegally parked jeep- ied to ask a tow truck driver to release his vehicle. the tow trk drer said no a cnta ceayhoft... dark cored sta wagon pulledp to lot... and sooninsi fal shots out tinw. e tow trucdriver trio chasthe vehicle.. poce say the suspect got aw the station wagon wafound lar, unoccupie with a lly loaded gun opage se. no ats have been..anno w injured. thowner of t great danes that viciously attacked four kids ie eastern el paso county cmunityofush llsdnor argeto tac the ownehes hanot ideifel pas countysherifs fices he's ng charges ounwful ownehip a dro d,
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thattack hned ay nit whfficls sayom out her fiidwier tohehebosses animals the won told aut she chkingn the rses the rn wn shhearre d rerned to fihe children had btacked b e dogs th t chiren had to have surgery. w thisngthe do aused ofbbing ig over noe mplaint will urt. it hnetwo ag theock or k re sayic aed th a smallat, knkeon his ighbn riy'to complain about the volume of rit-v. police shat's when riley threw e man to the gund an stabbed him multip times rilewas rested. the victim's injuries re non-lifehrning. today... closarumentsrexpected in the trial of "dynel lane." e's thlongmont aused cutting aborny from anotr man's womb.
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the defense caed non.. e defee so restefray ter neolthe jushe t testy. during the tal, lane's fir interview with police was ayed for the jury, ere she clai thctim, "mhelle lkins," wathe one who tack her we've bn reporting... "wilkins" was attacked last march when s w 7 month pregnant -- she surviv, but hebaby did n. lane is charged withttemed first-degrurder, aault, and lawf ternati o egnay. time now for weather and traffic on the 5s. teorologist stephen bowers is
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,,,,,,,,,,,, right no.. 70 throughlenwood canyon is ck oter laeessivrocksle. c-do usiar to escort drirs t cany but. in jfew hours the hiwa
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the nextay themclosfr to m whil contue repairs after 4. ivs will be coeda pica today... "bustang" service ll also resume to and fromlenwood springs. the tis will varbecae of the pilocasituation will be posted on the bustang websit c-doestimates the damage fro islide could ran fro toillion dollars. as we' beerepoing. gang activity in pueblo coues to incase ore ens become cau in violen and drugs. one mother ispking o hopes of sending aessage to rents everywhere. at a recenmeetin--the community grou"theillars" inebloshe spe ofer's me in e boy scouts and pling baseball. she's asked not b idtified, but sa sheer thgh her sowould windp hanging arndhe wrong c. ighth ad his behavior started to change dramatically becoming diant and ody, and s parents learned had been taking marijuana edibles. he was runni the streets
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he was angry he wrying a t, ae di a fu-fed suicidettpt. did a full-fdged suicide attempt. after spending aew days in the spitnderlose monitorg, he got sober andelead withoucoinued careor a edation for his pants to help him stasober. he relapsed, aound up enhr mthin aehab faty nohis mother wants to be t for warning signs from their own kids early on. she's puinr more educaon fofamilies about maruana anditdangerto youngins, someshe's working with t pillar to initiate. still ahead... six people die ia deadly shooting rpage in michigan... we'll te youhat's haening day in.. the gcea dge. us. e coany who un used in e deadly sandy hook shooting is fighting
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against the victim's families. welcome ba. toda.. the michigan m accus of ing six pele in raom shoinspe is
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rd c. amazalset raaturday night, shooting people outde an apent cox, a car dealership and a restnt. six peopleie andthers, including a 14-year-, were seriously injed. th45-year-old driver, o'maied with two chire s no ecord. and athi.... inighave cored a motive. direthe i... ndinbehi jud decision tordeapplto hp ha into the i-one ed by acsed n bernardino "ed faroo "james com" says the agency ow it to the victims of the ist tacktoai access to the gunman's cellphone. last night. comey posted a messageayg the "fbi can't loothe survivin t eye or ourselve the mirror... if we don'foll this lead". comey says the court casisn't about ying to set a ect... but inst.. it about jti for the 14 people killed i
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some victims of the attack -- will also le a bri -- supporting t government's position. today. wyers r e company that made the gunsed the deadly atck at sandy hooklementary school will in court. e asking jgeo dismiss a wrongfeath lawsuit filed against them by the families of some of the ctims of the mass shootg. the wsuit allegethe gun used inhe aack, an ar-15 high-power, semi-automatic assault fle, io daers to sell to t publi... and that the maker of that g, remingn, .. along with distributors an seers veegal obligatio to safely mark such a dangous product. changing directions w... in this mornins elecon wah... w vepmentsn thrace for the white house after an entfuenfor both rts. in souarola... siman naru won the primary byouble ditsnd
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d story on trump'side -- sin 1980, no repuican presidential cte h won bo the new hampshi and sth caronamaes- asmp has ndone on tlo e nonation even bigger news... former florida governor jeb bush sud s campai... after nishinfourthn primary election d t docrade... hillarinton is ing position headingthdecratryn uth calinacomi weeke.. after beg srs in the nevada ucus saturda.. it wla vers who rgeldeved cls victory, cg her by a w marg, 76to -pce. if clion wins in south carolina on sarday, e ll have seriousomentum headg into sup tuesd omarc and comi u ourext ur... we'll hear from bill clinton.. who s heresohern codo ralinsut for his fe's cign. to.. the sueme court isack in sessiofor e first ti
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justice antonin scia. oral ats wilbend a-m easime.. ief justicjo roberts is expected tntion scal om theen. a rafor scia waseld over t wkend as we'een rting... ident ans mite a rnt... alouepublica are pushingbaba... sanghat job shld fall to his successor. time now for weather andraffic on thes. meteorolist stephen bowers is
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thisorning aalifornia tr driver is recoverifter a three r crash sentis vecle over the se the interstate.
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inside truck rescrs were fiy able t pull man fm the kage then lift hiup to e freewa gy sket w te spalor trtment. drivs in otherwo hicles suffeonly minor juries. today... we're waiting to hear if den today... we're waiting tor if dozens of mascots bro a gness world record... take a look... er mascots groovedo electric slide at e "mascots r a cu" ary ent phil. costed chacters ieto break the ness world rd for the argest gathering of mascots in one location.' and tnk thedid it w the guinne people st need to veri it. still ahd. a refugee family ireunited
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one... hotheir pet madet ck into thms...
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today almost 130 people ar,,,,,,,,,,,,,, today almost 1 toy most30 pple are dead after a ries ombings in syria.local ws rorts isis taking responsiby for explions in damascushat kiedpele... and injured 170 others. a hun rights orgatn sa anotheplwere killed bytwcideomrsn a difft city. e ads ta place a thu-s anund th it and ssia havreachea prisional agreemt on a cse fire in th countr meanwhil.. serbias blinthe u-for the deaths of two ofts embassy staffers in an airstrike in by fray-s airstke on an isis cp destroye ildis and killed dens of
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that the serbians,ho werisis hostages, actually died in the rike. however,he pentagon says the tack probably kied a keisis operative. today... residentin fiji continue to cleaupasting damage left behind by a rocis cyon local say aleast six people died in thetorm. hundreds of homes collapsed... as winds reached up to 177 miles r hour. perts say this is the strongest orm in the southern hemisphereince record-eping began. heartwmingent foa faly of rege w fl is in iq... wh there reunited their loved t in europe! thother and her five chdren fled from the is-controlled cityf mosuin the fl. theyalked for three days across the bordeto turkey, carrying their cat with them in basket. e caeven survived the treacherous journey across the aean sea in a rubber boat.
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greece in late octer, their cat ipped out of theasket aw. thmonter after a soci media movent, theat was reunited with its family time now for weather and traffic the 5s. meteorogist stephen bowers re now witfirst alert 5. mid-level disturbance moving through nohern utah this rninis headingastward. its ady inging se ow toreasund salt le . clouds will creaseadily today snow dengr e eastern mountains th afternoon anthisning. areaof snow will continue developi et of the mountns overght tonight.a weaer advisy in effect for teller county and far western elaso unty, where 1 to 4 inches of snow is expecd. wier weatherdvisories are also in efct for the w mountains,he wetntain valley, and sare de cr
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snow totals of 4 to 7 ines arepeed in southern areas. winter stormnings are in effect for pikes peak above 11,000 ft and for gher p along the wet mountains and sangre de crto mouains. locallhigher totals are likely on those higher peaks. temperaturren the s this morng, so ve the coats handy. y sunshine wsee ll be fieredhrough increasin clouds this morning. the clouds will ntinue t build this morningnd intis afternoo temperatures will warm through e 40this morning. noonbethe 40s d 50s with developing ow wesof i- in the higher spots. snow conties developinov the mountains thisfternoon. highs will be in the 40s and s. ars of snow wi try to move t of the mountains overnight. snow accumulation ea of the mountains will generally be less than inches,nd more sn will likely melt rher than accumulating. cong up on news-5-today... crews on scene right now.. monitoring a damaging fire on fort cson... we have a live uate on the progress fire-fighters are making... plus whayou expect if you live nearby... us.. bi con wpsa caaign
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,coming up news-5-today... crewon sne rht now... monitoring a damaging fire o fort carson... we have a live update on the progress fire-fighters a making... plusyou expect if u live ar. pl. bi cnton wraps up campgn
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suppt hry he hato s auts affeus he y hi fe's t r candidate for voters in soutrn colorado.... wee colder this morning - cold enou for the coats! tempatures are in th20s. highs will be in the 40snd 50s, aome fastnges are set to move in this afoon good morning, thksnius on is mony moing... it's february 22nd. i'shellene cockrell. and i'm ira cronin. first at 5- we're tracking the tuey creek fire that broke out on ft on training grounds-- quickly spreading to morehan a thousand acres over the weend. ws 5's joanna wise joins us live outside of fort carson... where crews are still on scene. jo... goodor.. crare ce th stahevernight to monitor fire a make sure dsnet outf contol. ce whethe sucomes upyou stilbeblto some smoke in the air, t crewsay
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they spent theeekend digging lines around the firrder to contain it... and they are cautiously watcng make it doesn't mp those lines. the turkey creekou saturday m. staring many people in southern colorado.. with the large plumesme visible in colorado springs, pueb andon city. ficis say hapned during a shooting ercise. in a reme area wre no ructures arehrted. osunday they sathe fire rched about 12-hundred acres... d they were pel of having it 65 percent contained. the od news is morning.. the cooler temperatures e pe thelp with e fifigh of ce, wnutotrack isto a bring th un t aa com rertinve in colo spngs,wi, ws 5. this morning's watc.. bill clinton rallies up support for his wife hilry here inouther colora
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cln sitecolo college in colorado springs... stumng for his we ary one day afr her ctory in t nevada caus. heold the owd ofth thousand srterout hills plan tfight th country's drug problem and lify a path to citizsh for illegal mits. the rmer pdentlso talked about his wi's desire to plemt ee cmunity college and other job- training proams. loutenant go "joea," who was in t audience, rehat e cu shoulde younger aricans. heir fute we mt mo foc on. there comg ouwith bted to jobs, ed to buy a home, needo art business. that's what he wasalking about. the ceral theme clion's talk wasncsiness througutou and on surday ening the rmer presidentallior his wife down pueblo at the


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