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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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cln sitecolo college in colorado springs... stumng for his we ary one day afr her ctory in t nevada caus. heold the owd ofth thousand srterout hills plan tfight th country's drug problem and lify a path to citizsh for illegal mits. the rmer pdentlso talked about his wi's desire to plemt ee cmunity college and other job- training proams. loutenant go "joea," who was in t audience, rehat e cu shoulde younger aricans. heir fute we mt mo foc on. there comg ouwith bted to jobs, ed to buy a home, needo art business. that's what he wasalking about. the ceral theme clion's talk wasncsiness througutou and on surday ening the rmer presidentallior his wife down pueblo at the
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suortersell news5 they're looking forwto sg the deat par unid. theyhink think hlary can do that andork with rublicans to ghings done in the white house th crowds sh lots of ve foroth ll and h. e colodo ccus kee onarch 1st. denver where morng.. n ence svi wil in dozen volun rall the state capol they'lbe urging rado lawmaker rejt some are llg "danrous" gu that areg theiwathugh thstate ur rinow. one d allow concead weap publischo.. and anothed dismane lorado conceal carry rmitnd training requiremen. new this morning... sh to send mstudents to college with muana sales t dos. .. the pulo countbo
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iniative to match the money raisedrom the "pblo county scholarip fund". the fund is ido ion's rst r-provedolge sclarship paid fory t x dolls. we'll be sure pdate u onthe tcome of today's meeng in our continuing verage of the terate ireasin monument... the town is post-poning the final vote on the ratehange and tonight... there will be a bl work session to discuss rate inease. anyone who lives in monunt or ow auss there is encouraged to attend. the meeting starts at 30t the townall. as we've been reporting... the final vote othe te increa will be held on march 7th. ficiin manitoupr are hoping to avd another summ like the last one... as seen in this video from augu of last yea. tomorrow... thcitymanitou springs -- flood recovery team will bholding a meeting to
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flood revery projects... anyou are vited toive your input... the meeting is scheduled for tomoow evengt 6: manitou spring weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist sthen bowers is hereow with first alert 5. mid-vel stbance moving through rtrn utah this morning is heading eastward. it ialrey brgi ssnow to areas around salt lakcity. clouds wl incrse steily today with snow deveng over eastern untains this afternooand this eveng. areaof snow will continue developi east of t mouains ernight night. a nterea advisoris in efctor tellecountynd farwestern elascounty, ere 1 to 4 inches of snow is expected. winter weaer advisories are alson effect for wet untain the mountn valley, and de cristo untains, for hrfanand las animas counties. ow totals of 4 to 7 inches are expeed in southe aas. winter storm wnis e in fect for pikes peak ove 11,000 feet and for higher peaks along the wet mounins and sangre de isto mountains. lolly higher totals arlikely on thoseigher peaks.temperaturesre in th20thmog,o ve ttshandy. y suhi we e filteredhroug clouds thirning. the clouds wl coinueo
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ternoo teeratur will warm thrgh e 40s isorning. noon wl be ie 40s and s everywhere it was pretty enomenal don't think i" get an exence like tt ain in my li. the rockieare already talkin about making ttle on blake
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this wke'snnaguera ouoor tcp wa't what c-c tigers fans and players had mind. it was a 4-1 blowout loss to their rivalsthe u pioneers
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players say they stilloved every minute othe unique game peri. i sat down on the bench between the fit send perio there anlooked uat the crowd and there were people everywhere. it w pretty phenenal i don't think ll get an exen like that agaiin my life. the roies are already talking abt making the battle on blake -- a yearlyradition! sunday's dayto 500 gus a thrilling finish that was almost a hugein... fodenver bas "rnure row cing" d driver mtin true jr... it was truex and dny hamlin locked in a dead heacoming to the ne. but the phfinish handed the win to mlin by a one - one hundrenth finish..
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still poisoning iin t splight the city of flint des with their going war crisis.... and coming uin your healthy ly.. a lookt the daerous life
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just i- s in ellicott distct 2 cael today b of what thstrict cd a "threat of sianviolen t stnnou t dn cancel cls a facebook st overnight. a ma-up te haseto betein. theltyheff's ce is investigating. in today's your healthy family.. in today's your healthy family... we've been rting on the
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flt... antowe're oking at how thle-ted taper wil impacthees othchilen who drank . lead caus the mostevastaon on developinbrns of bies antoddlers. weve the full pact of lead poisoning doest become clear -- until later in life. "sha sresty of o lead psoning survivors and how their lives are impacted decades ter. --- pkg --- nats as pents -ou want to give yourld t best shot at life. sot: holly brightwell, motr rememe dahe wasorn and i was neveso happyn my life his fst 18 months - david brhtwell metve velopml mistone. then. sot: hly brightwell, mother first i didn't read wh was goinon - he was havi silent szu david had been eating an breathing lead phips and in their home ts: parents "it was in the c.. in t walls." "i just can't
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i st prayed to thed." jerry rkwas diagnosewith severe lead oning atsoerallabi mot "he's been iand out of the hospal 18 times... 18 jerallabin had ia her son been chewing on lead paint chips at their home. t: jeral clabin, motr "as a pant it willrive you crazy ... all u can think is mbaby might bra damaged." sot: parent "will he ever be norma" lihehildren in flint - no one can ever know who david and jerry might have become... but today - we know who they are. rry will turn 21 soon and still lis withis parents. sot: jeral clabin, mher "he don'call me mother. he call me numr yes. ju a ibi we're all numbers.. we all got numbers. we all nbers to him. i don't understand. he'seen do for a long ." nats dr. bryan burke eaterr nearly two decades ago. we showed him jerry toy. t: dr. bryan buician ou c tell thate'more in control of him tha was
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because he was the most significany lead poisoned child i'd ever sn." any bld level higher iv consideredlevated. jerry's was astonishing 20.. high enough to kl him. compare that to levels in the s... that's t hhe the state ys i been le to confm in flint children. nats "ihe circling around me." david brhtwell's level o exposureas7. sot: hol brigh mher id had bn diagnosed with adhd with tourett.. lot of tes i will think of ma thoughts at once." david yse has alwa struggled foc sot: david brightwell, had lead poisoning "i usuly le to think like background music in my head to help the focus because the ckground music heps. he ial aigh school graduate sot: holly brightwell, mother "haduad th aar diploma, wcht - at one point we were surthat was gna happen college is not in the picture - and david istillworkg on gng drives nse. but he didet his first real job recently - hel kids with spial needs.
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"hs got the most kindest heart anybody i've ever known." dad's mom thinkshe challenges of his own chiloo - ve made m sensitive to those of others. sot: holrightwell, mother "i am very proud of the mahe has become." weather and traffic on the 5s. meteogist stephen bowerss here now with first alert 5. a mid-levediurnce moving thh northernh this moradineawa. is alady gi some sntorod le ds wilse sadil dawith snolo ove e eastern mountains this rnoothisning. areas w will continue develongas t mntai nit tonigha er weatherdvisorisn effe forler coun f western el pascounty, where 1 to 4 inches of snow isxpecd. winter weadvisories also in ct for t wet mouns, the wet mountn valley, and ngre dcrto mountains, and for hueano an las animasounties. snow totals of 4 to 7 inches are ctedrn
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fe pesk abe 11 ft and fohigh wet mos ng dcristo mntains lly gher totals are like those hher peak mperatures aren 20th morning, so the coahaannshie see wi be filtered through increasing clouds this morning. the clds will ntinue to ild this mning and into this afternoon. temperatures will warm through e 40s is morning. onill in than50s thevelopg esof i-25n the higher spo sn continueseveling ov the mos after. ghs will bin the 40snd 50s. ars ofllo mo ouofhe mountainsvernight. snow accumulion ea of the moins willenerally be less th 2nches, a me snow wi likely me rather than accumuting.
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l ahd...ifou'rwondg whou ould sour return on thisear... 'll te you what experts ggest ould do tonsure 2016successful financial ar. tht oucoer
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welcome ba... in this morning's coumer watch... a cls-action lawsuit has been led against a-c eatres... claiming the cha makes it hard for blinpeople to enjoy movies rding the l fed san francisco a-m rely provides apppria, functiong audio-description vices to bnd customers. those listed in the lawsuit say the deviceare often unavailable, have a low ttery, play the wrong audio descriptns. the lauit al claims m-c stafsometimes hand bnd stomers devices intended for those o ardeaf. this tax sson... the irs is on pace to mah or exceed last year's... 77-million refunchecks... that averaged about 28-hundred doars a piece... as many are reiving refund..perts say there's somthing betteand smarter yo shouldo with yr money -- inead of going on opng spree!
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thg u should do is pay off high interest rate debt -- like credit cards. they also recommenputting your refund money into an emergency fund. anth... if you still he some left... it's ad idea to deposit some money into a retirement accot. a reminder... the date to subm tax retns has be moved bacur days. this year's deadline falls on apl if you plan on makg a big puhase with your t refund like aar... "for is producing a vehicle that ce useful for drivers on our p-hole riddenouthern coradooads. the tor company is expanding the availability of their poole-detection technology by including it i e ne2017 fusion v-6 sport. the pothole-detection tech detects whenhe car is runnin over a pholend instantly adjusts the shock absorbers to ke the tire dropping down in hol
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teorogist stephen bowers is re nowh first al5. a milevel disture moving throh norn uh thismornin hea eastward. its aladbrinng some to areas ad salt lake city. clouds will crease sadily toy now ngver theruns th afan. ars wi cnu dengt he mountaiovghtonit.a winter wth advory isn fe for tler co a f wen elcoty, whe 1 4 i sw is exp wintereatherdvorieare alsoeffector t wet 50 eas snowill to move t t mountns ornht. snccumulatea of e mountas will genally ble than ihe ae wiiky rather than
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developinghis moing: threa snificant ence" forced ainistrat atlliccott district 22 to cancel classes tod. the stri annoued the on to cancel classes ia faok post overght. a make-up date has yeto be termin.
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develonghimornin "a threat of significant olen" rcintrats at ellit dirict 2toceclass da the district announced the decisi tcancella in faceok posovght. makep te has yet to be rmed. the el pcounty sriff's offivestiging. right now we're trackinghe turkey creek fire that bro out
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fort carson traini grounds-- quickly spreading to more than a thousand a over e weekend. ne 5 joanna wise joins us live outde of rt cson... where ews are ill on sce. jona.. go mni ews ar scene. thyereveo toe ndreit't o cen sucos , yo ghill beble to seeom smin the abus y there'd toor they spent the weend diggi lines around the fire in orderto ctain it... anthey are cautiously watching e sure it doesn't jump those lines. thturkey creek fe oke out saturday morning... startling many people in southern colorado.... th the large plume of ske visible in colorado springs, pueblo and n city. officials say it happened duringooting ercise... in aemote areahere no structes are threatened. osuay-- they say thfi tohed about 12-hundred acres... and they were peful of having
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havi it 65ercent contain e odewis morning.. the ol tperatures are pectlpite fi c we'll ctinue acisrynd bring y the test updatesn air and onlineaa dot com repoinlicoraspringoanna se, news. new today... colorado sings police are loing fothe suect who fired shots at a car lot -- in th100 block west rmo. it a happened rly saturday morng when police say th owner of an illegally parked jeep -- ieto ask a tow truck driver to releashis vehicle. the tow truck iver snd pulled to a lo po s sly after.. a rkolor stiononll uto t l and someone inside f ser shs out heindow.
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but li say theusct got ay the ation wagon was und ter, unoccupie with fu load gun on the ssenger seat. no arres haven m and no was injured. e owner of three great des that viciously attacd four kids in the stern el paso co community of ruswill fmieanor chges reted to attk. the ner of theoghanot beendentied buthe el po co sriffice says 'sacinchargeof unlawnep roog, is mis ta happened saturd ols n ought fives wi her to check on her bs animals. the woman told authorities s was checkingn horses in the bahen she d scream anreturned t the ildren had beeatckedy do three the childn had to ve surgery. new thisorning... the colodo springsanused stabbing s neig over a noise complaint wi be in court. it happetwo eks ago in t 0 blk northiotreet. s t vti aed th small bknockeon his
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complainbout the vole of ley's poli sayt's when ril threthe t gd and abbehimultipimes riwas ed. thviim's injiere nolihreateng today...closing arumen are expected in the trl of "dynela." she's the longmontomanccused of cuttingn unbo babfrom another woman's mb. during the trial.. prosecors called 16 witnesses, while the defense called non.. the defense also rested friday --fter lane toldheudgehe would not testify. during the tri, 's first interviewi police was ayed for the ju, where she claims the victim, iclle wilkins," was the one who attacked her. as we've beereporting... "wilkins" was attacked last march when she was 7 months pregna -- she suived, but her baby did not. lane is chargewith aempt first-degree mr, assault, and lawful tnation of a pregnancy. time now for wthernd tffic
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re nith t alert 5. a mid-diure moving thrthern u morning is headg ea. is already inngome snow to areas arod lt lci clou will increateily todath snow deloping over e eastern mountains this afteoon and this evening. areaofnoontinue delopi east ountains ovght tonight. a weaer advisy is i effect for teller county and far western paso county, where 1 to 4nches of snow is expecte nt weaer advisories are in effect forhe wet mounta theet main valley, and sangre dcr innd for hrfs imasount ows of 4o es a expeedutrn rmng fe for pabe feet anfogher peaks alonthe wet mountainan sa de cristo mnt. locallhigher totals are likely on thoseigr peaks. mpaturre in the 20s this handy. any suhine we e will be
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t now... i-70 through glenwd canyon is back open after lastees massrockslid c-dot is using a pilot car to escort drive through the cany but... in just a hours thhighway wi close again! toy anfor the next sever ds... the ghway will rema closed from 9 to 4-p-ile ews continue repairs. after 4...drers will be escorty a lot ca today. "bus" serve will also resume to and from glenwood spring thtimes will vary because of the pilocar situatioand will be posd on the bustang bsit c-dot timates e damage from th slide could rgerom 2- to 5-million dolla as we've been reporting... ga activity in pueblo
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increases mo teens become caught up in violence andrugs. onther is eaki out, in hopes of sdi mesge to parents everhere. at recent meeting -- of the community oup "the pillalain pueb, e of heron's timethe scouts a playing bashe's asked not to be idenfied, buys s ner thought her n would wind up hangg around the wng crowd in eighth grade, his behior stard cnge dramatally -- becoming distant and moody, anhis pares learned he had beenaking majuana edibles. was runni the seets. hibevis were verertic. he was angry. he was crying a lot, and he did a full-fledged suicide attempt. afteenngews in the spital under cse monitoring, he got sober and waseleased thout continued ca, or a ucation for parents lp him stay heapsed,nd u
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parent berfowain s fr theirwnearly on. shs pushing for more educati r families aboutarijuand it ngerto yng brains, someg she's woing withhe pills to initie. stl ahea x pele die in a deadly ooting rpagechan... we'll tell you what'happening today in court. ashe g cejudge. pl. thcompy who tun used in the deadlyandy hk
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why they're pushiing back ainsthe ct fam ome ba. toda the chigan man accused o killinx people om shoing ree expected t arrned rd c. inigorinoo s
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opleutsi an artment complex, a car dealersp and a restaurant. six people died, andwo others, cluding a 14-yeaolgirl, were seriously injured. the 45-year-old uber dve who's marriewithwo children, has nomirerd. and at ts ti.. vestat uncoved tive thctorf the fbi... stainhind a j decisiono der apple h ha intthe i-phone used by accud n rnardino shooter "sd farook" "james comey" sa the anc es it tohe victi oth terrorisattack to gain access to the guan's cephon lastight... comey posted a messageaying the "fbi can't loo the survivors in the eye or ouves in the mirro.. if we n'follow this ad some vtims othtack -- ll ao fi brief -- supporting the government's position. in a n online post ts morng, ale called he governmento withdraw its request and rected the company is not helping the f-b-i because
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toy. lawyers for the company maheun ud inhe deadl atta at sandy hook elementary school will be in court. they're asng a judge t dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit filed against em by the families of some of the victims of the mass shooting. the lawsuit alleges the gun us in the attack, aar-15 hiowed, -automatic sault rifl is o dangerous to se tpuic.... d thatheaker of th gun, mington, .. along th distributors an sellers have a legal obligation to safy marketuch a ngerous oduct. chan dtions w... in this rninelection watch... new developments in e ce for the white house ter an evenul weekendor both parts. in sou carina.. businessman donald trump wonthe primary by double gitsnd collected all 50eleges after wiing ea votinstrict. and hi otrp's si sin 1980,o republican
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both the newampshire a south carolina priri- as tmp has ae on to lose e mion bigr news... foer floridaernor jeb sh has suspded his mp... after finishing fourth in the primary ection. and on the democratic de... lly inton ro positidingntth mo primasout mi wnd....ter inbeie sde in thea caucaturday... it waslack voterwh ely devered clton's victory, cosg her a we marg, 76- to 22-percent. clint wins sth carolin satuay, shwill have serio momentum headi io super tueson march 1st ancoming up our nt ho... we'll rom billlinton. whs heren sohern colorado rallying supporfor his wife's campaign. day... e sue court isack in seion fothe first me sie e suddenea -- of stice antonin scal.
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a-m easte time.. stjo robts is ct to meion scia ssing from the bench. a funel for scalas hel ov weekend as w been reportin prent obama pls nominate a replacement. though republicans are pushing back... nghat joshldall to his successor. time now for weathernd trafficon thes. olt werss nith first mid-lel diurncmong h nohe uh is morning is heading eastward. it ialready brgi some snow to areas around sa lakcity. clouds wilincrse steily today th snodelopi over the eaermountas afternooand th eveni. arof snow wi connue developing east tntains overnight toght. a wier weath advisory is in ctor telr tyar st paso ty, e 1 ihes ofisxpte wierer aories also in ef fhe mota wet mntain vaey, d sa disto unnd forueano anim c snotof tinesresoutas rmareffe pes peaabove
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althwemouninan ngre dcrtoains. locally gh tote likely on those hher peaks. mperures are in 20thmoing,ha the ctshandy. y sunshine we see will be filted throughncreasing clouds this rnin the dsl continue build isorning and intis ternn. mperatur will rmhrough th40s th morning. on will be ithe 40and 50s withevelopinsnt 25 in the hier spots continues developing over thmouninthis afternoon his will bhe0s and 50s. arof snow tryo mo t of the mountainsvernht. snow aumatioeast oe mountains will generally be le than 2 inches, a me ow llelhe
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morning a califora truc drer is recoverifter a e car crassent his vehicl tof the rsta... crasng 4 below! ews worked f hours to resc thiv w wased inside the tck rescuers were finallab to t m frowrec th lt him up to e freey in a gury baet. as taken to thital eatmt. drs in thetherwo clesufd ly minor injuries. today... we're wag toear if den of mascots bke a guiness wldco. ke look. 38cots groov tthe electric slide at the "mcots for
5:47 am
the costumed characters ied to break the guinssorld record r the 'lgest gathering of mascots in one location.' aney think they did it! now the guinness people st need tverify i stea fugefa is reunited
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ankso ci mia... today almost 130 peoe are dead after a ries obombgsn ria. l news rorts isis is taking respoibility for exosion scus tt killed 83 people. and red 170 hers. a hun gh oaniz anhe46eoweled by two bbers ia ffer. delyst pce as the nod atan ssiareaca ovisiol emt on aease re in the country. meanwhe. serbs blaming the u-s for the deaths of two of s embassy staffe ian aitrikib. friday's u airstrike on an isis camp destroye builngs and kied dozenof pele. e u-ys innot cfirm that the serbis, who were isis hostages, actually died in the strike however,he pentagosays the tack probakill a keyisis operative. toda sis in fnt t ean devti
5:51 am
ferocious cyclone. local police say at least si opleied in the storm. ndreds of homes reached up to 177es per hour. expertsay this is the stroest storm in the sthern hemisphere since recorepin ben. a heartwarming moment for a family of regees who fled isis in ira when they're reunited with their beloved peinurope!thisher d hefive enled the reunited with their beloved pet cat in europe! this mother and her five cldren fled from the isontrolled city of sul in the fall. theyalked for three days across the border to tury, rryi their cat with them in a basket. the cat even survived th treachous journeacross the aegean sea ia bber boat. buwhen the familrehed greece ite oobertheir slipout of tast t ay. mohs ler a cial media movement,he cat
5:52 am
me nowor weather and traff on the 5 meteorologist stephen bowerss here now with first alert 5. a mid-levediurbance moving through rthern utah this mning is heading eard. it is already bringing ssnow e ty oudsincrse steil today w deveping ove eastermountainthis afternn and isvening. eas snowillontinue ve east ntai ght tonight.winter wer advisory is in ef forler western asty, whe to ihes of sno expecd. winter weather advisories ar alson effect for the w untainhe wet mntn vaey, ansangreistomoins, and for huerfano and laanimas couie owotals of 4 to 7 ines are expeed in southern areas wintertorm warnings are in effect for p peak above 11,000 feet and for higher pks alone wet mountains and sangre de cristoountains. locay higher totals are likelyon those higher peaks.
5:53 am
any sunsne we see will be filtered through increasing clouds this morning. thclou will continueo build th morning and intthis afternn. mperatures wwarm through the 40s th morning. on will be in the 40and 50s with veng snow west of 25 i the erpots snow contieseveloping er the mountains this aftnoon. highwill be in the 40s and 50s. eaof snow wiry to ve ouof mntains o snow aumulation east of motains will gally bless
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, us.
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white house shts tkeaduperuesd." aoc in aeander for one caat. wee colderhis moin enou for the coats! temperatures are in the 20s. ghwill binhe0s and 50s, and some fast changes are set toove in this afteoon and toght. i'll havils ng up weatr & trafc on the 5. good morning, anks foroining n thonda.. feua 2d. i'elleneell. d i'm cr. just i classes in ellict district 22 caeled today bauf wh thdirict cd a "thrt of signict vience." t nnhe decision to cancel clses in facebo post ovnigha make-up date has y to offi is vestigatg. first up at 5 we're tracking e tuey creek fire that bro out onort carson training grous-- quickly spreading to the eken 5's joanna wise joinss live outside of fort carson... whercrews are still on scene.
5:59 am
odning. ews e on s they sd re overnight t monithe fire andsu gnt. oncehen e n , u t ilblome smin t aewsa there'no nee worry. they spent the wkendigging lis around theire in order contain it... aney aretiously watching to me sure it doesn't jump those lines. the turkey creek fe broke out saturdayorning... startling many people in southern colado.... th the large plume of smoke visible colorado sps, lo and can city. officials say it happened during a ooting exercise... in a reme area whe ructur are threatene as of sund thesay the fire tohed about 12-hundred acres... and they were hopeful of havg it 65 percent contained. the good news thisorning.. the cooler temperatures e expected to he witthe re fight. coue, wll cto trk th s and b e st uat on air d neaa d. poinve in rado
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thksna oonnuincovege of e r teree in nunt. the wn is post-pg the navote on the chae d tonit... the blic wor session to discuss the re increa. anyone who lives in monume or owns a businesthere is encouraged to attend. the meeting arts at 5- at the wnall. as we'ven pog... the final tee rate increase wil be hd on mch 7th. we sll have a montleft o thwint season ahead of us.. but the destive force summer floodis still fresh in nds anit springs residents.. this is video from august of last year...


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