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tv   Today  NBC  February 22, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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>> s's notnoo mu >> tt'shate sahe dayt s l yo petayndny cet was love yr ps. i t emn e sofa. >> ian believehey jt m liat. >>he immiaoo athe ca. dheyveret mdy a n o youfurnit >> ah t to ge rid aoon ssible. >> is natnalargarita da how do you li hoda? like m ckth just tuilael. just ila. thas really hasikne of those why we have a margarita cupcake, you might add?reui soaked. wry it? eing so you it. >> i'm nsed to ing swts. >> yourrainer i watchinyoyo trasatchgu, ho
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>>omethingrgarit. >>li. ju lime. >>ou're go pay f th yw a word i don't like wh it saysime is in what i curd? >> i deous. hat'sthe >> anywas crey stf mhelle upcake is a worth . >> but h lo?hey don't tell that. ght. kanning an awfulot lately. n g f good reasons, but i showing s o how tirin therhood can be is in this next pie, h exhausted. they werut shopping, he a kim and the babies. is that north? >> northlong. she's ll >> ty we out with chrissy teen and john legend. >> theseuys don't do that, do they? >> the she sthat out.e sa we h
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ay>> we also a ir titheirrand -- not brandnew, born er. >> it'sbel. 'seay ti al babies arebetifu though,they? >> i couldn't rember if saintwas the are born.there are so many people egnant and hg babies. chriey ten ssieigsegnt. >>ookoweaul oks. she'geou >>ere'wh hped. ssieig wweetinghat shwa go ve nht rs ce andeler wn e ba i born. >>hefirst-timemoth, ay. >> sowitterent cray like twitter . ey we singt'partime pareg, who do u think ar allhoseings
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s. sh nig nurse doesn't ight. u're up wit ty're a teac e id i'm so use t sharing life thatget how protective i h to be . i cannodle this kinf dgment. sulhe have to but itunfortunately comesh the rritory. it's the we live. it blows mydt people ink tha theirpion i goingo matr t kno wse opinionsatte so don'tveneahis stf. >> she sayshaver s wan twitr. a cplofim she tweet mesome rll czy aug rndil andughaimst. g after pe negative tngs aut her. good fr. whyive the any power? would jt ignor them. just ignor . pray fthem do g, t doniv the the power
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>> if sody hasmisunderood tion about g, then i rndo . but somebody jus gg me eir opinion onhingnd theyve me- ye . no, no n't givhem powe t? >>right, chs? ch says s.we dar wthrisys. hean say whateve hnts. doe doesn't make sse to butpparently tre's a rit way toritemailu' going toskour frid g t dinne a y w to un like a nmaumbeg,no ergeot azy. >> whatind of fenre w lkg abt? and would youe ovger to ask a fen to ha dier c yougo. do y want to go t h? at teo yowant togo? kno wt i do you? mbch qstn mark 's what i d t sebody lot ofime and anazed 5. mil
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>> tyermined the ahe sings. youshoose and dide h el is bt way to k onedinn here'sumber one. he i was tingbout y rldoout g pi nrtw he i dinitel wld le to g tetherexek out tge zza? dhis isho's hey, wldeol wo t u. do youant toet pizza? i'm sexcid. iould s mberon le or hungry pizza? meetme.hne dyo? i d know why tnk it' funn there'sotng reall funny about i butt' hysterical. i've lost . i wld g- wouldndumr re'm s exted but i wou he to cee at wlday oh mygo i c't wa, let go getpia.
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>> hey, i'dy ke to get tethe next ek y wt to get pizza? i think thasridicuus ift' aood frnd,heknowu nto get geth. expe keep those things en you she rds, s you nt to t.inrha goilocks area,otoo ti, not t negave, n too iourface.wh kd fenoverst do e-il. th'snvenetter g.da i hungry. let'o eat. you'd say yes and that would be t end of it. so agaicity of shton shton a apptly ilo aprently they'ror of wraedup. >> a youid wonr if it s bouncy tngm tir
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i'mot saying it's notoingo last, but -- >> you sure a hkop i esn't. t' honest. >> sola gn efi stefani coun't aenngnd soheroug her hone and wafacetiming m.>>he man ds 0ig a year. ofourse s c bet ery onof tm. it'sot lik she msi h bar mzvr sothifoue i lovhla do y gndea allis cling arments? buts t thing about fatimi. i wa tngyou, wt the beacnd there were frirls ing at aab a the fift fen cldt come t th beach, sheasresent evywhere. y,ok we're havin blberrnces fomean watchg th ps tnearnd look thenr andt gets eled and
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ashe alcololt brast? th sulbeen haven. oh, tha go itsyo >> ion'twandhink ifre waserperson sting the, whocares. hey, at the sunr tre waset about th one. give i to aass orhere a l what'm wearg. ust em, i don't ow, a little annoying youthis,id knere sitting next to them you outedf a eyroyereanre n. tohinkhese tng through. >> yhoo, this iindcute. so tittle girl sav up all er money becauseante buy her bther a hamsr. >>t iso ee sh tng er t? >> she the yer sister. look ath moment that she cidedoreak the piggy bank.
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acon. >> a >> a hamst.paid f it. why e y are you crying? why eou crying? >> tnke'happy. >>reou hapcryi? >> howoes it end? plse tl me ,s the setest ing. >> c i tell you one quick teeny story? >> appareny not. >>hen iradued -- when i graduate fm colle and was looking f a j a neede a r,yrother worked at popeye's fed chicken. he worked there every day tt summ a ieeded$1,000 do payme to t car because i didn'vearo go t work and h wroteis wh che tome. he jusrotehe che a hand to me. he worked everyay that summer and he gav me the check. >> ooh. >> how do woter day. >> all right, forit tng and tyight beceouto
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thonly egg that ves youso mmore: tt taste er ntion better eggs. > let et's g you allaut u on the juicy gossipou might have missed thiskend with "tay's buzz." herith e scoop i nina o. tararro. >> so tlorwift was sy, sy, busy. >> monday she with the a- a-listers at e grammys, sunday she's at her bes friend dding. she' just a normal gi. this is a wedding that taylor een looking f to for aon time. e told eople"e this was her very first tim as mand thrilled. e t girlsor rm akra esses. or kt the dresser
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i actually had lunch with brittanynd her d. you did? >> yeah w ias down in florid ey werd frids withy frnd theloom and t we like t wee ahead fro theddi andhey' lov low can see thathe wld be greatrien with her. >> taylo has kwn brittany since they were t years old and sheas knownhe groom since she was 4-ar-old ol so they all seemer ose-it. the really a rlin aylo was goingive ,000 t ke$ha f some ney. thari shero out a c tokea for h leg trou. she' in court and w tol she cannot record music ouide o heronyntract. she want to t o because of she' allegedt he r her, that he druggedr, thathe ffered emotional lewis. dr. team said the allegations again luke will be
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a lot of fem pop sta a ming to a' dseayinth i somhits mini prlem. lady gaga- >> i wonr i she in debt now? >> she's n making money or prucing any records. sohe you're notwoin n making moy,neas tomagine thattaylor'seyil defini cend>> tsbreak- t amie alexand from "t blind spot"nd peter cinelli. >> tse two have been engaged nce march, 2015, and they ha called it its. herep told "usa da that 's bse o famynd wk commments. jamie films "blindspot in new rk cy and per fms "supergirl" which is in.a. he h three dghters with h ex-wifo oneas tomagine that -- >> i s them at thparade, 's de ey w tog a jt
10:16 am
i think she did o littl st or sethi but thewere hangingout. >> thi too me by spre becaus at th gden globes th we makin o all or th redarpet and this seed hot ahe at least they madhat desion before thegot rried. >> so "friends" ion. >> it was yesterday. eegenry director james buows directedotsf gat s. big ec inonor oim but itas a ltlerien" mini reunio everne was there eeptor matthew perr >> do we havelittle? thi we , ye. in e binningt was not ha thing. y jus wanted to hang out with eh other. as n a we have to do th. weeayust fell in lov and ed eachther instaly d h o at eac other's houses and watchhe show together we did at thebeginng. we watch - >> youdi y wched tother >>t the giing. ah their yore.
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>>ennir go on to say that theirlsll had lunch togethervery d for tenears jennifersad. >>hat wa theenfe lad? >>hey dn tell >> one piece of lettuce probab. should youti tip of ur servi isterr? >> we are dishing o answers to yourquette questis. >> a findut who he youe gointo do grt. hi. ja's always othe move. luily her light & fit protei smoothieaneeup with her. cked with grs ofro and added sug.
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i'e rkwhilyou slee ill don't i'ra you think a resume'snough? who'lltep when things get tough? n't yowant that kind obrain? ees de. you' gt soone e. but onu ha a brain . it's what we d everything monday, weurprise our fan of theweek >> let's s theglob 's ld miigan >> that's whe our fan, carey watches us on nbc hi, she'sning us by spe wither baby lo are you exted? oh, m gh'd b jng andn ifidn'ave asleeping baby in my arms. >>ld she four and a h nths. >>he'seet. before we put you t the test,
10:21 am
were osen. e takes pride of being a mother of three teens. >> ?>> and ba chloe is mths old d she id she's been t bigst mirae. >> she wants all of uo best friends, which we ar their favosugegments and bush racle. >> you'll have 1seconds to anertly. bobby thomas higights t late beauty and fason a snt called bobby's stes andeal bby's buzz or om talks. nderful. you'veon a fabulou resort vation. u canak chloe. you and guest wil be heade to orlando, florida where you'll stay four days andee nights at the reunn resort. >> you'll enjoy golf, relation time aund the pool.
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whore youbringing? >> probably my husband. >>hald b nice. hank you somuch. get rea lean and dab. i don't know. >> i love memphis, i don't unrstandthing anymore afr your local . >> yes, y do. >> lean and dab. ln and dab lea dab lead da how's your t need a new one. and your ff maker need a new one. oh my gosh, doavneed a new one-itis. at can i do? o and get a new samsung tv or keurig coffee maker. fingerhut you get low monthly payments onver half a million items. oh, thank you, doctor. oh, don't thank me. thank fingerhut. erhuco
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lean we are back on this nday monday, rea toerve up so advice for the resurant etiquette dilemmas. >> you want toake sure y behave tastefully as m mrs hielf,homas rl
10:28 am
we p our napkin onur lap? >> the h will be the first everne else. whatf we' gether o oncou sat do. >> hi lads angelen, may i take you orde >>,e'reot qte rea ye back. >> ay. holos q se ti >> whato u dobout a re waiter? e've got f issues going on here cleay. our menusrese sohat incaso eerve thate are rdyo orr. non th case we just sat down so clearca over far too soon. >> which isic now tok. we haven' seen each othern a whil we'lle talng more than looking. >> but this is arestau, not unge. 10,5 minutesth maximum amount of tim bef you'r lookg a tenu r to order. we rea with dri order. >> hoda iseady f the drink order. >> the dnk orders alreadyre. times you comep and it's
10:29 am
yore tryin save a little extraoney noting to ecit. >> so you plop things over the chair. eyou at the beginng i takeour coat? a mine. eo k it. or come in and're st co. >> so is that a no-n >> thisnown as wr spreadghe your coats and gles and scaes areak up re seahan youare. if testauran has coat check and it' largeem, you' gng tohe it bse this cluters trsp t and t and t sver cou trip ove it. ifou don'tave a coat chec keveryingself-contain yperson on th backour chai noerre people might need toitthere. >> our foo is arred and we dered icken. i made dision for >>ha yo
10:30 am
ou don't wanto dropit tha you. le know if tre's ythingwrong. >>llrigh thanyou ry very ch then we sayrace and che in oh,xc ,oh isbloody. >> so it's not cooke t your >> whatyou do? >>e please,'m so soy, dyouee i'm just little concerned. it looks good t . >> y gsalmonla. lete knowow youe feeling. >> soouandled that beautifull yodid ectly rit. >> wishing salmonella on hi >> ihink he earned tha commentor sure. >> you sdt lily. you dnut it on eiter the waiteris j in the so sending it bk - >>ever take it out on the waiter >> never take it o on the waiter >> i rember o te somne brought youhi and y
10:31 am
wateng but i actlly orded lmon theone is so impornt at hns now? >> now we sayha mas faey. desser what if you'r the only rson tt sit it wou he been hoda. >> it wouldavn me. don't worry, alex, il get it to her. her t iss wit orring a dessert and ts is ofn the ce wh appetiz aswell.u me the onl one that ntss t was oer desst. itms like oth peopl o get on their y, y're no going to yes, i l dessert i'd lik coffee. or one forheable maybe li. if mebody ords aapze and everydy ee orders a ful al,ow do you diy it upo it' ? >> i y'reing with
10:32 am
if there's a vast y, yo ordered one cktail a everybody el orderedte have buddytepnor you a say hoda only had one cocktail whyon weover he >>s sgo-bye if tservices terrib. >> le is. o yo sti t>> here'st we want to do. we're not going t take it out at the end othe me. weengo spn t mont it happensy sakin th t ge b. don spt the end. that's wrong way to go. >> thankou very much,thomas. always a plee thayou. the out that keeps hoda woman look aoned a fabulous ashe is fro her persol aine we'rengo getoving wi iove memphis doi the ttest n d craze called the lean and dab. >> i'm t lea now an incredible rerth for y ha. w from l'oal, traordary l shpo a shampoo em insed wi lcious, lightweight oils in just one wash hair looks instantly
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all all right. this breakoutong became a pop culture phenomenon withore than 250illion you views turning "i lovememps" into a soci mia star. >> these days it's all abo the dab. everyone from athletes to licians haveeen doing it. and now ie memphi that's thisonderful guy, int tooith his lates hean and dab. hhe an, and very popular nae-nae. soou bught it altogeth. t made you decide to put all those together, sweelttie? >> jt havingfun. coming up wh sometng ever can have fun wh and just have fun. evebody has fun a you make money, perfect. >>ou have a big gup of pelever here. u'reoing t sing fir and play it for us and we' going toe re
10:38 am
iove memphi >> oh, my god. >> oh,ygoe's right there. >> can you teach me h dab. i'm finnaell you how to lean and dab ln and dab lean andab i finnaell you how t lean oh, my god no, ,o y, oh my d i i fa tell you -- wak up in th morning a you ow ow nana slide to the left
10:39 am
popto thent p p it to the back lean lean d dab lean and dab, lean and d i finna tel you h wa my go no way,h my god i finna tell youowolide to theeft sli to e left, slideo lt sde to the right, slide to the right, sli tthe right wal it to the ont, walkt to the front pop it to thback, pop it to
10:40 am
nowet me kp goineshoe all can i don't have top d ama me never the house without night gown likehe wweing kdown how coulde mean it hold up, wait bleep ] to hit your brakes running around they can never me waitin ony lighera actio lik mhael jkson thi i wha dooab it just go for it i like to pound i kwt's pvate growing up in memphis,
10:41 am
lean and dab, lean a dab leannd dab, leandab >> i finna tell y how to lean and ln and dab ean and da l a hit hithe >> >> n necessary. >>
10:42 am
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about xe hahoda's tonedrms and lean
10:47 am
of the way andrab a water table. we're going t show you how she stays in shape. >> i want t point out i have never h a pnal trainer i my life. i had never had e. i was in the g and a girl at the gym named darcy said you've got to miss this guy named chris finn from equinox. okay. and i start working muscles i didn en kw existed. >> a youhoughtou wen pretty good shapeecse you work out all the time and you said hsaid this. >> what? >> i wast inshe. i really wasn't. chris is hereecse he's going teach us. where are youfrom? syey, australia. jt le to hearim talk. i've been living in n yor out 15mont. >> so he' going to work three body pts of urs, ka. >> mine >>hr out of the 8 tha nd help.
10:48 am
thing.t w going t p t thre m oneshattty muc everybodyt home wan to work on. booty, arm and gs. >> i justid thenae-nae. >> ishis the booty. >> sp up with a knee rise int real nge. >> keeping him. >> step up, knee rais step do, lo do, lounge down, lue. >> i wanted to put workout clclhes and hoda said no >> is that lunge or no? >>end theear leg . >> show he sho her. she ntso be shown. >> d it agn. >> wll do three or four on each side. >> stedown, kee, step wn, rr e. >> without showing your spanx and stuff. got that
10:49 am
as part o a circuit we'll d three rounds. second activity is for ms this isoo for bi shoulderin and eps. prlem areas for everybody. >> okay. >> so start with th weights by your side. do a curl. >> >> >>p and back behind you. >> i sting out, ian do it.>> up, press, tricep exnsion. elbo elbows . so curl, ess, when you go down for the tricep eension -- >> can youest them on yr neck? >> likethat, peect. right there. >> now? >>ac , down. >> if you do it fastough, sets of , that will get your heart rate up. >>okay.
10:50 am
>> 45 in the moin >> the lastne is hoda's favorite. it's called plankst-ups. jumpn into a pushup sition. go down to the left, dn to e rit. >> i can' will you show a more of those. >> down to the left, down to the right, up to the left, up to t. >>ou we a nav e.a.l., right?>> i wasn the kmondcommandos. >> and i actually fee a chan. >> youl fd it rlly challengin in your core a doles up on the trs.>>sn'thr nice? ul'tou s url >> she been telli you how grt you are all thisme.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
r vorite things are next. >> fir,st, thi is >> time for o favite things. vaseline lipherapy has tse little tins. ha you seenthose? >> there$39. >>ndhey ha l a ros nt, ty're notopen. but it'sose tint andifferent kindsf tint. but wt dyou haon, me importantly? >> i tughte were gng to woing out s ise a sli b spanx. >> i under the rophe's goingo swu. , gosh! me . >> it's a little snx ing. y look go! >> it's got a littl pantyns too. >>, lk a yr bod! >> yeah i know. that why iidn'tor out. iteally comrtable a well. >>t's lik a whole spanx underthing and everyoneust wts you t stand up again.
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
>> i gssom no one wan m rs and aeers and app >> announc it's snow day on raael ray. >> rachae >> rachael: whoa! >> announr: whoetter to b sned i with ke hudson >>ouat? annor: wha ioo
10:58 am
"gma's" jse palmer isr o snowoain but when it come to baking,enowho is bo. >> hotmess. anocer: now,reou rea r rachae [cheers and alause] >>hael: ome,erody. hay snow day, people! [cheers and applae] >> rachael: now i knoou thinksnow da it' onlyorid when they call . a grow snow and we're standingd an ice b with global bartending champion this is ars. [cheers and applause] >> rachael: nice to seeyou, er. noio seeu, as well. >> rachael: what are you concocting for us today? >> nothing for me says lack of reonbility o sno day le enjoying cktail to warm ourselves up a t. >> rachael: wha a gre w to st theday.
10:59 am
you havehreegls, i td you th you had to be ppared foone tra. >> i did. you never know when company might come er. >> rachael: y wle hpy you areere da who wouldn't want toet swed in with kathuon. [chers applause] >> thiss charles. >> hi, charles. i'm so excite >> rachael: he's lik literally the wod champion, the global chamn. >> ts i vy exciting. >> rachael: thenly thing gger tn tha i inter-ga lactic b chpion the ice bars the first time too. >> rachael:ll right,buddy, what do you have toda >> cool weather vsion o margarita, one of my favorite cotails and perhapshe perfect e. wel p a twist on it, keep it fresh, light and natural. >> sweet. >> rachael: and low sugar, right, we asked for that. >> very much.
11:00 am
obvio, lal sur. rng oesrom juic. cloudylecider, nothing adto at. al: i'm an upsta new york girl, i dig apple cider. >> insed apples. >> is a beaut thing. >> rachael:reducing, gooday tohink aut it. >> we have spice, we have taken -- >> rachael: rsinnd apples. >> grapejuice, dollop of agave. ar aniece, we nee to balce e lemonjuice. straned. ye you can't have it witut t good pa, the quila. we are using you you hear you like tequila. >> am. >> >>--


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