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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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rich's wlaurie posting on facook today sayingy heart isered literay anuttey ushed pieces. > an a parking four women killed, including 67-year-old ma lou nye. i't kw i'm into explain to myon who doesn't get to see his granother ever again. >> reporte the final victim, a 14ear-old girl, remains in crit condition. initially pronounced dead doctors when prepin dotion wshe su squher er's hand. her parentarasng our p isncers nt dalton, a man who crimalrecord, had a hiber rang before satury. >> wre working to suppt thw enrcemen investigatio we provid them wh gps logs. >> reporter: several passenge he co forwth receipt showindalton gave them rides even after the shooting began. one man says he took an uber with his family because he heard about th shootings and ght it we safer than walking.
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u're n the shooter, are y? hook his head and sa no. >> reporter:or an enmunithe rand tackll cohend. er cfirms dalton dipass a bkgund eck,nd thepa says iha plans pre wa ofse sgs also ton arinomhe shooter's faor the first me.eyay they delyndill ope n hoanwhy is haened. not eakiewhe. shupth cram op aides d spre sior marcrubi but as the campgn squabbdold tru surloinga and te ispiy rug t fos opnentto stop him ila clinn inst bersfaces ncasgl ll bate. it yo w nbkson covering t gop in vegas. ie
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re ianyby se besides dona tmp be ns near locfor nation. ma in esblhmenstil seeming stund. this now lookse trump's race to lo marco ru uze toto hiwithruz tonight dealg th hwn necaaign dma. a tlg shake-up r ted cruz, firing his top aide for tweeting this inacrate veo, wrongly suggting marcrubio dismissed the bible. >> i had made clear in th campaign that we will conduct this campgn wthryhianrdofte othte choose to into the gutter, we will not do the same. >> reporr: cz ping to ve pas atcks from mpetits thate' upo, quote, rty ks in donald trump's words, the frt-ruer wasting no time pouncing as he begins to takeheirf ab ihagh repter: theeavy favorite to win in neva tomorrow,resh off his victy in uth roli tstlishnt t rca
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the fact that with a le of weeks donald trump could be pable,ul coin t publican nominee. >>orr:or the hmen thealarw going off, anitet t. dapig ort om ers bob dol orrin hatch and tim pawlenty. >> atheld continues to nar the numbers are going to get a lot mor competitnd th'soi to open thdo i for lea oneer candidate to successful challenge donald trump. >> repte but story trump's side. no moder republican has ever won new hampire and south lina thest the nomination. n startg accept reaty. >> he's got the momentum. ihink there's more than a50% chancehat sheh he'sominee hand that's what's ttin for hey lot ofple. >> rorte do u think you could work with donalum >> i cld worwith m. >> aonversation ompingald trump is lot oful in he's leading in 10 4 st whwould h? >>ep cruhas to te texas an well iothestates to topple trp.
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somewhere,ng itn florida, but even thamay t be engh me running outor s rils ttake umdown. haie jackson, nbc newslavegas. r kie hu coveringhe crat acs where rnie sanders is ruggng to keephebe from flaming out afte a snginloss to hilry cli in neda >>et me tell you there's short e letterwer to a thvictory,s. >> reporter: but for sae et frin stn and hedo tch onith african-american voters, interrupting suay dinne brooklyn bapst church. >> are wbehind tay t riameranotthe answer is yes,e are, but i would also ll y that we are makingprogss. >> repteo win the ninion you ed 2,3 degat. day clinton has 52 gateto sanders' 51. black voters wilbe critical on super tuday when nearl 20% of delegates to
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tial conntion are up f grabs. there are 571 delegates at stake across the south where clinton is son far more than the 8 delegates in states the sanders' mpaign believes hcan win d then a the so-called r legate party leadand elected officials. right now overelminglyith clinton, pnger faahead in t ovall dete unt. >> tkeepace with y cln rnie s wodn he ust win the primaries, he'd have to domate her in a t of them. rorte clinton ai kping e pssur criticnders' record on gu and releasg a new video focused on the flint ter crisis. >> her immediate instcts wha can tak ibeer reporter: not taking any ris after ttinned earli the race. s llng sof msuorrse univerty o sshutthe s ing
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ny of those colleg kids are gng to be headg out on spring brjust as march voting gs started. leer. >>hank y. ere's high drama tonight springfield, massactts wher bill cosby's wife camille was foed to testify a lawsuit brought some of her husbd's accusers. one of several lawsuitse's facing in addition to criminal chae pennsylvan. in this case, one of the big questions, what did camille cosby know? nbstnie go et >>orter: des nghe sie giing, cle cosby teified today fohours. >>inn italy volved inarious aspect ois fe, and so w - we thi e's got impornt inatn. reporter: cosby's 71-year-d wife who also workefor year his biness manager was deposed in defamation lawit brout by seven women who accused the comedian of sexual assaul a judge d llcosby cod be desein tcase because hework is not otecd by law inhe se prate cosaon
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aintf's rn aredn tre is likely e rsho hor knowe of mr. cosby's xu proclivities than mrs. cos. in995 magazine are she id m husband and i fution as partners, not only in marrie t terms of busin it should tway. we are a tea fomore than 50 years as his we, camille cohas a point of sta out of e spotli is is a oi iniefromvea ago w uncomfortably turned to mounting allegations ofexual misconduct. >> the's no respse. >> reporter: in a statemena month later camill questioned the uthfulness of her sbans accurs. none ous will ev wa ithe posion oatckg question should be asked who is t victim. beverly gooden is a ominent vict's advoca. d eak ouagai these ctims blame everyoneut himor shocking,
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concerning. >> reporter:is lawyers ny all of e les,ut they were able to keep his wife t of the fit. stephanie gosk, c news, springfield, massachutts. the legal face-off betweee ceo of apple and the director of fbis ing judged in the court of public opini over a real judge's order manding e lp the fbi unlock a iphone used one of the san bedino attackers. as nbc's pete williams tells , aew poll outonight sho the public ionhe fbi's si >> rorteill o nels are now gaging each other directly, and the imssioned bale ov security rsus ivacy raging i cyberspace in a new bg pog, the fbi's mes comey ys as cod no ok serrdin oong survivors in e themes inhe mroifhe dn try evethin possible to find o was on iph le beh of ck ro
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a new pollut tonight shows 51% say ape should help the fb unlock thaphone.38% de wh apple. former homeland security official says now that apple admits it could open the one, t company's image as defender of privacy no longer depends on wins this battle. >> i d't think that the ine government or the russian government iiting around to see whethe thfbi winshica toecat their into make apple . r: ban e-mail today to employees, apple'seo m cook sayif the company is forced to create new software to help the fbihis time, it would be equintmasty ldpen ioon ly way t antee th s porf tisn't usede says n't fallnto th wrong hands is never to create it. washgt lawyer ted oln representing the compy says the gornment has never demand this muchf apple. it's askedot to open a d but create do, create a locand en
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the lock, and ont does t youipho is notafe anyw orte the nex ve comesater thi apple formally i t. thupo th dge. pete wilams, nbc news, washington. a mber dt the supreme court today as theusreturn to the nch r e firstime sithe passinof stice nin scalia chf justice john roberts began the sessiowith a trite nong the black drapery oncalia's chair right nexto his and calling scalia our man for all seasons saying we will miss him beyond meas >>much of thdeep south isalert for a pontially powerful stormshreatening 20 million people aoss five ss for poibleornado, high winds a hail. the sereeather is pricted to h tomorr afternoon in louiana anwill spread allhe wayo gegia and north flida withhe that lastingell to the ening >>y after is aimed responsibi for a ries of rrif deadly
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agreed tanother asfire deal for cout li the first tre that iled to take hold the new deal would n prent e pef olce inflicted by isterd. keirimmo explai. >> rter: a ltl boy, hise vered in bloodis carried away from an isis suicide attack in sya's capil. alst simultanesly burning vehies, twisted mel,sis targeting the city of homs at least 129 killed in the dole bombi on sunday. isis is e of several jihadist groups t included in a new syrian cease-fire announced by the u.s. and russia, with a pho call betwn est obama anvladim putiteay the secd truc brokered thimo thoriginal deawas all buigred last ek, but id a
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siecei sper ai childrencrbling for chicopees spilling of ad stck >> is a sif re >> reporr:t'a gnprog. it is. rorr: a new n.eporis ls opsticusing goveorce ain ma war are rampant on many s, the report says. the u. wasya o e ink c ke news, lo still ahead tonit, a new wningabout certain flooring so by a popular retailer. the cdc now claiming e potenti risk of canc fm it is coiderablyher thant first belied > so, the vide liftinspits acss the country. a year-o woman so moved by a dream me true at the whit use e ju has to
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beautil covergirl! whare yosingg e en the diase contl warn day thatple who veertain t of ooringei homefrom lumber quidatorare potenty at greater riskf er th pvioutht. the cdc says it base an elistimate incot dataand so e danger cou b three timegher than first thought here's nbc's tom costello with a nsumer alert. reporter:he c mits it simply miscalculated. it n says th potential cancer r fopeoplexpos to certain types of lamina flooring from
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not 2-9 cases per 100,000 people as it first sa but inste it's threeimest. >>ever really a good eling to find out that your ds are on floothat c be potentiaki th sk. >> reporte we firs t haled matt la year just aft ey spent $2,500 installi new laminate floorin they say they have sie ried it out and settlewith lumber liquidators. ter chinesmade mina foring was shown to conin tentially dangerous high levels of formaldehyde. >> it can be installed just about anywherin your home. >> reporter: hdreds of thousand liav tug to have installed the ringut only a smlctn of it is bved to ri. hares lum liquats dropping early trading. >>eporter:cks have dropped from 105 to uer $12 orhe
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what you do withit is up to yolel hinks in space, and question tonigh why is there a goria on the international space stion? the answer, because brhers will be brothers. it's a gag gift from e twin tanother. retired astronaut mark kelley sent the suit up to his brother scot kelley who is about to complete a year in space i just over a week, but before he returns to earthe'sow ung the suito chase other tronauts around the iss all in good fun. just a fraction of a second mthe difference in th ytona 500, the osest finish in the
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hey joanne want to trade the all day lief 2 aleve with 6 leno up my a for 6 l? no thanks. r me it's aleve. ight ahead at x. mo winter weather is on e way. finalltonit, a10ld woman from on'capil sayshe ner ght shd be thi famo. w that mlionha beeneliged be viral vio ofer visito thi house. shsat wn witou n allen an explaid thathe was so happy she jt d to bust a move. >> how are you? >> i fe! >> o it's so nice see u. reporter: it was a moment of pure joy. virginia mclaurin, 106 ars young finay
5:55 pm
meet president oba. >> she's 106. >> no, are you not. >> you areot 106. >> rorte grandma virginia as she's affectionately known danc and ggled and celebrated every moment. why did you wanto meet the predent so much? >> after iound out it was a black president ani didn't thinthat that would ever hapn, and i really wand to mt m. rtehen laurin wasn 1909, taft was presidenpresident, the american flag h 46 stars, a loaf of bread cost aickel. she grew up a sharecropper's daughter in segregated south carolina and now lives on public assistance three miles but a very lg y from the oval office >> a bck president. ook at him! right there. >> a black wife. >> that's me. >> reporter: t mont went vira 9 llios the first five hours. >> i asked where we the ds, and they said they couldn't me eporr: you asked for thki t. >> they said the
5:56 pm
reporter: mclaurin had ittee prident d ev called. an invitation finly arrid to an afcan-american sty ption where grandma virginia and e obamas made some htory of thei open. >> what's et totian at 6? rter: ron aln,bc ho > ill do it for on a mond m leer holt. for all ofs at nbc news, you for hing and gd nit. an eire school district---closed after onymou thre. we're folling the investigation for you into what happened. mike ad libs weather as mikacks the next rounof ntry weather--'rkeinan eye othe roadfo u. ing where plow cwsre standby.
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ing for news 5 6. i'm rob quirk. ani'm sayd. rst tonight-- snow tart the we a take live look outse otcolodo sings pulo. ad forecmi die joins us now...a heavy snow in ples right nowike. radar,ain and ow falli now and the moistu will become re widespread late tonight and continuento morrow morning. a look at the springs and pueblo now. winter storm warningor the higher elevations where upo a foot of snow will ll by torrow afternoon. clouds lowerith rain and the snow tonight. temperatures will contue to dropon. sn ending tomorrow morng
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road cws across southe lorado are gearing up... asike said, easouth of eb could see trunt o is one. let's check in nowith news's lena howlandivin pbl.. and c-dot crargein ready c-dot crews, responsle forearing i-25 right me he, say eblo is ly expecte get a tracnow. but nditns expted be much rse furthe.. rdwalsenberg trinidad. na alws take time whene kn
5:59 pm
me to get our trucks ready, maurour materis are all red anlace tang fuladvantage of the ca before e orm.thguystheyd of do thei final sptionof tir truc a ger things and make sure their trucks aren good rni order snow ac-t's nohern pueblo office -- aeadyilled with gas, sand, and some, with de- icaterial. it tak awhe toet everything bk in order from thst storm aruckrsgettysn the sches to ce in at nigh it takes somepion cd highwayupersochk er says ey're shifng their focus toheossible oblem areas. t w we'rst expec mayba leeavier snow foothndountainsmasouth anwef pulo, they say m inc southern parts of ouregion, like i-2headed io lsenbu d tridad -- toing the list of ccerns. that'll be our focus aa, kinda watchinghe weatherfromow on, we've got crewcoming
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12 hour shifts, we've got em me resight with pueblo county expecting only a trace of ow -- county crews didn't sndte as long on prepation w-- b they say their crews willrey go at any time, st in se. nats the meantime, c-dot is asking ivs r tice o tuesday's morning commute. if you sees, know at tre going to be sand coming ouof thtruck,ivus som distance, gives some rooand we'll get you where you're going the biggt pi adv t urgdrers too -- iso low for tra tin urorng commut...expi ally as we sasout of eb live ipueb, lena howland, news five. xxxx of course the very latest tomorr morning on news 5 today. starting at:30.. and you can track weathe ytime, on xxx


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