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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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12 hour shifts, we've got em me resight with pueblo county expecting only a trace of ow -- county crews didn't sndte as long on prepation w-- b they say their crews willrey go at any time, st in se. nats the meantime, c-dot is asking ivs r tice o tuesday's morning commute. if you sees, know at tre going to be sand coming ouof thtruck,ivus som distance, gives some rooand we'll get you where you're going the biggt pi adv t urgdrers too -- iso low for tra tin urorng commut...expi ally as we sasout of eb live ipueb, lena howland, news five. xxxx of course the very latest tomorr morning on news 5 today. starting at:30.. and you can track weathe ytime, on xxx
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today for a bill that would let n owne conceal carry at an time without applyg for a permit. "constitutionarr bil st onef many oduced at the capitol this year aimed to life restrictions on g owner the news 5'sndy koen was there r the floor vo ithstate senate. he jnsliveig from . andy, th bill cos th i e ofpposn. ertaoes,pponents ca it permless cry and a numb of them shod updagainst this d the othe. t the onso tell us tudeouguow re dore changing. wearing orange and blut-shirts . gun contl adcas ca tohe state capitol to say no to a series of new gun bills. 246 "these are reming protocols, systems tt are in place, that peop go roug forehey gain aer
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thatld l tchers m themselves .. that expands t stand your gund law ilu business owners .. and the elimination the ban on highacy mazis. :3"ty emo k anybshld be to lks arnd with a 30 round magazine or 100 roundm. these are apons sdis and ese aren tngs at sho be in homes." 0:12 jane ugherty's sister was scho couelort say ho. 29:44 "the young man that murdered my sist h easy access to multiple 30 round magazines." 0:07 nat sound: gavel thetateen. constutial c bpass pty-le te. 36:37 "ithstor you can carry an open cay firearm, but if u put on a coat, just t pcessf puttinth cer t arougutyf a sdemnor." 0:10 amendment offered by democrats tlet the bill go ters inead . we deated. 42:3e we tg a bad biasacceptab. obviousl toritdeclined
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sor nelldot ththll a contversia he thinks opponents ed t consider t gwing nber of gun owners and cngin attitudes abt firearms. 38"peoe are starting to ta a looand they'rstarting to rze tt having a frm is somhing that actually sps peoprom committing crime anit aually it's a protecti dev oplehangg eiat aut given partis split beten the usane nate, ot liky is bilor hers wilke t w to gotateitol, andy koen, within the hr,he jury has gone home for the night inhe trial of dynel lane,hout reaching a verdi. closing argumes were hea this morning,....and jury deliberatis lasted se six hours toy. isused of cutting an unbornaby om ather's woman's womb,.nd is charged with unlful terminion of a prnay,..and attemp
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prosecutors say she attacked michelle wilkins last march when wilkins s 7 months pregnant. michelle wki survived... r baby d n. investatorshe wa pog ist ad for babylothes... en ihappened. schoin ellict.closedoday.... aftethdistayit was notified of what they ed a "threat of sigfica olence waspptly maden an a called "ter school" ws 5's greg dirando isive studio ren the thre and the sheriff's ofce is investigating. gr late this afrnoon.... the el paso countyheriff's ce told us ty ha identified a spect....bu wouldn say it wasr if aarrest w made. as for the threat itse..... they s that's stilunder investigation....but it was enou that the district decided to st thscolown. this is the apwhere e thatwamade. not long aer the district got word oit..they made th decion to nc sl r e da ntwe spokeith say they t the notifition arod 5:30 thisni. 07 it'the first timeer in any ct that's
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and even thoh some say it s a bit ofn nvenience..... they say it wathe ght call. may dinearent t: 0if ty feel its thg sutantial th they need to cael school....they ould probablyo th ahe erf's fice agrees. greg maxwell/el paso county sheriff's officeot: 3: the felt for safety reasons,ased onhat's gone on in socty at there's times tmaybe close school and we ort those decions. but to some of the soos youngest students.... it was a bit of a bummer. little girl sot: 0:14 me and my er we like school to learn a now after dectives appear to have gotten tthe bottom of things......they'll be back in class tomorrow. even thougthe owner of the "after schoo apps helping in the investigation....the sheriff's office is still asking for your help. if you know anything about the threat that was the sheriff's the meantime they sathere is no threat to the community. we'rwointoe rertedk in n po countyver e
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it happenesaturday night at a home in rush. elaso un sheri's office says e owner of t e grnewillac awful of a ngs do whi is sdemear. the do owner sneen identifi. ti s a w bhter 5 ilen wither to check on her ss als wn they werettacked. three of the children hurt so bay th need ery. xx happening right no monent a public work session regardg pred cha to terates. e wn post-ned the final vote oe rateha at couldave so pe ng r potentiall doubling the meing started at 50 at the town hal as we've been poing... the final vote on the rate increase wilbe held on march 7th. we will be at tonighs eting---anbring u a full rtn anw devets ns five at ten. people who live southern so county beintold today well water could be continat with pentially dangero chemic is affec pple serity-widield a fnt ascoun pubc alth
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fr t wefie aquifer could at risk for contaminati of peflourinated compounds p-...chemils that are often found in products to protect carpet and clothing or fire retardents. they're linked to an ireased ri for certa canrskidney problemsnd lirth weight. tom gonzal el paso county publiheal "test youwate we've got a stf labs it's comex process and you do have to mail outhe sample. have a 71number and peoe here to help you through tt." blic health leers ar working to narrow do how many people this affec. right now they esitmatthat number to be around 0. pulo cnty commissioners provedontrt today to ainister eir mariju funded scholarshipunds through the pueblo hpac ucatio foundaon. thmoisoming from a ver approved marijuana excise tax on growers. it the f schship of itkind in the untry fued fromaana. thalso receive sta matcng dollars... by nt scal year, the county is expecting around 700-
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tax to roll in -- and an ditional quarter million of ate tching dollars, bringing the tol funds avlable to just shy of a llion! pace: a couple years ago, e are dollars th would have been going tohe bck market to drug cartels, annow money that used to fund drug els is now being usedolge scharships phef: we are justhlled tt we're gog toave ch a great ct on our students a the affordity to be able to go colleg thscholarship will be available r l studtsho graduate from a puebloity or county hh school and are attending a colle within pueblo county. ey are still working out tails as to how stts c ply. xxxx a huge plume of smoke visibl ross colorado ris fr a fire on fort carson-head at 30, weupda t refigh and big chans coming to a heaviltraveledrea of lorado springs. tell you about the multi-
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centennial bouleva. mike? i'm mike danie. i'll hyour extended rst ert five fecasnext a si ,,, ssibly sloppy commute... this... winter weather makes aeturn uthern colorado. i'll have the latest on the
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as well as live ,,,,,,,,,,,,, a look from caras in our area... ghs y and lows thi morning. currt temperatures all over soutrn colorado.. next weather maker, a fast movi stormilbring moisture tonight and tomorrow morning before dropping into tex. a ng northind will prent much snow from falling om downtown colorado springs to puebl windwill gust to 40 mph. blowing snow wl use dangerous travel tomorrow morning. ur by hour, snow tonig a tomoow morng. en nshine most areaduring the afternoon. mperatures wl be much coler tomorrow. totals ll be light in t spring light accumulations in north el paso county, upo possible in teller county.
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motains southwest of pueblo where uto 1 foot is possle. highs tomorrow in the 20's, 30's and 40's. 7 dafocast for t sings high tomorrow 36 witstrong north wind. warmer with sun wednesday. y thursday. n an friday through sunday. pueblo high tomorrow 42, muc warmer wednesday. dry thursday thrgh the weekend. warmer fridaand satuay then st aittlcooler sday. canon city high tomorrow 40. warmer wedneay with sun. much warmer friday and saturday then just a little cooler sunday. woodland park, snow tonighand tomorrow morning. slick roadand dangerous travel. dry and warm wedneay. iday and saturday will be ni
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a huge mess ring this morning's commute in coloradoprings. hydrt nding water shooting into the street at austin bluffsneararro springutilities says they sent a crewo the area, becae it inreak. there were several lane clures situatior control. xxx ds t ng and warr. major construction work starton ctennial boulevard tween gard of the gods roadnd fillme. soany roads need wk in colorado sings voterapproved the 2-c tax to expedite work,...however, only doars for the centenni project won't come from the new 2-c ta w tonight ll fsom's looking into what's different out this pject. bi this project and theany 2-c projectsill all get underway ound the same time. projects in the 2-c buet will mostlye maintena prementsone wi overlay
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d it needs tot rebuild..... morexpenve, moime...and coming from ffer sour a sphe there w a r sinkhole, other cuts from utility work, cracks sled, anceotholes. years of pes. each atory of repair on ntni boulevard. "we've suged with at roa over the years and sweave a project now where we're going to e to complety rensuct." prettyucevytng beten rden of thgods road d llretrt es. " we'll pull o a the existing pavemen all the existing subgrad also curb,utter, some siwa...a the mdans. whenity enneers a public mting and a if neigor to br hardscapes of landscapes for medians....ty fod out the neighbs had feelings toward somethi se thoslivingn roads blocked by medians and only able tur right...want to be able to turn left. ther portion wasn't expectg was a nuerf people asking to have tedians red." the innt when vo ssed the 2oad tax was to fix roa......only the lauage othe ballot about matencce wk......theork on cteial go far beyond th. it's a taleplacement....
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voter apoved budge..ppa. "pmalyocusedn pil projects. prec tt e really too far neo do a maintenan te ojli an overly. ke 2c will be in" is project happensn thwe silde of t holland par neighborho. remembern e east side at estnut.the city soashe big job finand gein chestunut back on wherthe s sinkho. they say theveot a plan to mini t impacof residents the chans being made by denver police---because ofkyrocketincrime rates, next at x. and traffic is moving again on partf 70 csed for nearly a week due to a massive rockslid
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covering colorado tonight: a denverolice officer is recoveringis hour...r being shot during an attempted burglary, carjacking,...cha se and ootout. e suspect was ultimately shot and killed by police e female offeras wounded in theoot,..nds expected to recover. a second burglary suspect was rested. one man isead after stando with sheriff's deputies inhe denver area.
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in arapahoe county. sheriff's deputi s a man was barriced inse--and at one point fired a shot at a dety. thando went on for more than 11 hours--ending this morning when deputies we able to get inside the home and found the n dead. neighbors reported hearing loud bangs ju before it all ce an end. the vestigation continues toght. xxx concerningtatistics today regarding overall crime in the denver area. poceay it's skyroctingn every neighborhood. police s i2015 homicides h a 10 year high car break-ins, tfts, assaults anburglarieslso up drally ovethe ye fore. denv'solice chiesayse s takenotind is working to makthe afer thi ar... pally by putting more tr officers on e street. they also want to give officers imto develop crime reductiostrategies and work on ngtrust with local neighborods. termittent closures coinue on i-70 western colora--onweek aft a massive rockslide. that slide left huge boulders
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a 24 mile stretch has been closed ding thclean up and reirs. c-dot partlly reened one ne forlternating trfic over the weekendnd will contie with that planor the next several nights--but they warn--"delays up to a hour", can be eected. xx cora colge lking rebound after a rough rivalry weekend. matt pricharhas a look ahead, ter in sports. and can p continue his winning streak as super tuesday apprches? the latest from the campgn
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another round of wintry ather moving intour state th afternoon. some areas could see significant snowfallbut everyone will see a significant impact. we're tracking conditions across the area--- here's a live look athe intate.. ,, and road cws ime aas are busy prepari... particularly south of eblo.. which could get hit the hardest. snow plowst c-s northern pueblo office -- aeady filled up with gas, sand, some, with d ir terial. and survisors are pinpntin possible problem areas. the southern region of i-25 heading into walnburg and trinidad....
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you can count on theirst alert weather team to ke you ahead of this storm--and anympacts it could he on your day. 'll have live reportstarting at 4;30 tomorrow morning a will be lettinyou know about y trble on t roa or poible school delays or closures. a suspect has beendentified in a soci media thrt....that shut dn school kids in ellicott tod. the sheriff's office dcribed it as a hreaofignificant violence....made on an app caed "after school". d as soon as it was spotted....the district says they decided it was beer to be safe and cancel classes at t elenta, middle schl an school,..o allow the erf's fi to investigate. notifications went out to parents around 5:30 this moing.... and some say it was the right call ndy beerdine sot: 0:54 they feel its sothg subsntial that ty need to cael sool....they should probably do that. the sheriff's office wilnot provide any furthe formation on the suspe. we wl continue to trk this storfor you we get neinformatio the school disict posted on
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back in session rrow. an uber drer, year old jasodalt...accusf onngpree in anday ma firsarancen urt today,..and toldrosecutors he shot and kild x people...and wound two mo. prosecutors say that aission resulted in dalton being charged today with six counts of murder...and two unts of tempd muer osecs y hehoopleov pd souwhpiing up fes i betwn. sounjeff getting - kalamazoo prosecor :36-:49 "this was not just a momenry pse, this wanot just a crime. therwas not something to provoke this. there arvideo taof tse incidents. walked up on these people and shot them. inlleight people were shot at three separate lotions. a woman at an apartment complex. a faer and son at a car deership.and fe peoplen a restaunt parking lot. state lawmakers are debang a numberf pro n oposals this session, at the capitol. one proposal.. would allow gun ne to rry
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would let acrs who wanted to, to arm themselves.. anyeanher... takes a look at gh capacity gas. gr from both sides of the is wtiol tod to have their ices hrd ========= " seetohink that you knowbe able to wa around with 30 round gazine or a 100 rod drum these e aps oldiers anwathese aren things that should ben home" state sen. tim nevill/ bill sponsor " in the state ofolorado you can carry and openarirrm, but if you put on a coatju e process of png tt code ov tharearm, you could beuilty of misde state senar tim nevi spsorethe calle "conitiol carry bi." 'lkeep tcking these proped bills forou. xxxx neva is next uin the publican race for the e house - and donald tru'sdds are looking good. he has song lead in the polls ahead of tomorrow night's gop caucuses right now marco rubio and ted cruzre bating it out for second-place. brian mooar has our election watch coverage. ===
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straigin torrow night in nevada will give him insurmountable momentum next week as the goprimarrace goes natnwide. sot: michael steele, republican rategist, former rnc cha :1ghnow leadi in 10 of4 states. te me who ops him." south carolina turned th republican race into ahree-man contest - th marco rub narrowly edging t ted cr for secondlace. a fighthat's getting even more personal. sot: sen. marcruo r- presidential candate :26-:30 "every sgle day somethin cot of the cruz campaign that's deceptive a untrue." rubio decried a cruz campaign video quesoninreligious faith as t latest in a serie of dirty ts. this aernoon -ruz acowdged the video was ls- and askehis communations directo rick ler, to resign. sen. ted cruz r- presidential candidate 5-:47 s was a grave error of judg asubio queions cru nesty ... cruz questionsubiobility to w. sen. ted cruz r- presidential caidate 3-:58 "there only two of us who have won a state so far - me donald trump." march first - super tuesday -
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nearly six hundredegates up for grab. including those in virginia ... where john kasich is being forced to arify is statement about w women supported him in the 1970s. sot:ov. john kasich r- presidentcandidate 1:-1:23 "we justot an army of people who - many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and to put yard sis upor me. l the way back when,ou kw, ings were fferent." and things will be different - wiuper tuesday looming as a potential game-changern th gop race. dio outcue: "brian mooar, nb ne, washgton." with jebush now out of t republicield. cruz and rubiore hoping to win over his supports - if not an enrsement frh hi xxx the cooler, t weathewe're eingoday--expeed to finish the work of fire crews and put out the fire on fort . the turk creeke arted on the mounin post over the weekend. carson officials let uow about an hour o as 80-percent ctained the flames have scorched an
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there will be a firefighti unit ithe ea through the evening to monitfi---but they do eecit to by the weaer overe fire staury duriooxein a rem area ieyour t. ead at 6'll tell y about thail scams going around right now that are becoming increasinglcommon fi's check back in wh mi in the weher nter. i'm mike danie i'll have yo extenfirst
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,,,,,,,,,, a lo frocames in our area... hightoday and lows this morning. currentemperures a ove southern corado.. next weaer maker, a fast ving storm will bring isture tonight and tomorrow morning before droppg into texas. a strong nth wind will prevent much snow fromalling from dowown colorado springs to pueblo. winds will gust 40 mp owing ow wl caus dangerous elomrow morning. by ur, snow tonig and oworning. thshine mo areas durin the ternn. temperatures will be muccoler tomorr. ow totals ll be light the rings, lht aumulatns in north el paso county, up t7" possible in teer county. the higher totals will be in t
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where up to 1 foot ipossible. highs tomorrow in th20's, 30's and 40. 7 day forecast for the springs high tomorrow 36 with stro north wind. warmer with sun wednesday. dry thursday. sun and ld frough sunday. pueblo high torrow muc waer wednesday. dry thursday through the weekend. warmer friday ansatuhen just aittle cool sunday. can city high rrow 40. warmer wednesday with sun. much warmer iday and saturda th jusa lile cooler suny. odland park, snow tonight and torrow morning. slick roads and dangers travel. dry and rmer wednesday. friday and saturday will be nice with
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hoey fs are ttinpl outdoorctn isear,ut r foe he coach frank serto has planfor e fure.. ..whould it ke f the falcons toake their rivalry outside?
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had say, next thise st this time last week the c-c lock room had different vibe. you could feel the excitemen anticion and optimism..but that's now been placed with a singlemotion, focus. two 1 losses tthd-u pion, one under the ghts at coors field, have the tigers re- assessing their game as they heo a crical last o weends of the regular seas. head coach mike haviland say e artomanynswere questis thate in year, adding they er fd themselves qck before they're caugn the ploff nament with no momentum. ese last two weekends e crucial for us. have plathe ght way and ay our style of play a make se that evething is ing in t rightection, nfent ansitive. the tigers c potentially nab 7th place if they can get some much needed wins....they'll get their first ce next weekend
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course ev eyes on c and d-us weend ashey duked it out at coor field, even air force head coach frank serratore. watangn bertidt sshewatch some outdoor hockeygofrank inbo n squad some outdoor experience. it's ave my pay grade ose ki of decisions. i think an outdoorame in lconta, i think we cld hit a me r with that my vision would you get the l and the avalanche invoed an an army aorcecollege ga l of our sakes, hopesomelistening toim asor ts seasserrat coul't bppier th h team. a riesit witrobe morris this ekend and headg into t with niagara othe ro..cosahe tis bouncing bacfr adversity and ining momentum as thplayfs ne....ich whye's trng not to overthink his strategy. i'not going to sigmund freud is thing, we'rju goingo keep clipping alg and doing what we're doing, eparing r upcoming opponents
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whe mo imptantly les wweo ant atouvethe faons readclch bye through the first rod, th weenth'll m for home ice in the quarterfinals super wh's behind thsurge onal reetoday--xt at 6:30. and no morhorboard sales a one major retaileramid dozens rorts of fires d other accidents.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, closing bell nats big gains to kick off the week onall street. gy stockadg the rally as the pricecre oil surg e dow gained more than 220 poin. e s-and-p rose 27 and e sd up . have you fled up lately? topping youronsumer watch: gas prices continue to drop. a lundbeurvey shs the average price right now.. is 1.77... down about a nickle om two wes ago. and om ar ago. we are paying abt 56ents less a gallon. prices haven't been this low since 2008. we can hp you find the cheapest place to fill up in
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ju head to koaa-dot-com to findur gasracker under the news tab. the r-s is warning the public to be on the look out for tax-related e-mail scams. tarelated e-mail phishing and malwarscamhave surged 400 percent this tax sn. fraudsters have enending e- mails that look like they're comingrom the fel agency many times these scammers are looking to getnformation that could lp tm fileake x returnwi aarge refund. the i-r-s rerts ey alrey eneay -hdr poedhiing scmes this year. tostore chain toys "r" us has decided toull all hoverboards om its website. that accordi to the online publicatioma-ae. toys "r" us id they stopped selling the vertrax hoverboard out of "an abdance of cauon." the move com aer the consumerroction safety commison said no hoverboard on e market meets i safet standards and, "sean unreasonable risk of fire." netflix knows only has seconds before you move on to someing else.
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it rolled out a ltimliollar remmendation sysm for s new obal audience. fore... recommendations were based owhere u lived, going forward, rmens will be based t viewingabits of customers from around e world. netflix's aim is tgiveou actly what you want to watch
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rain and snow tonight with lows in the tee and 2s. tuesday will start with snow and wind most eas then sunine and wind from laorning i the afternoon. his tomorrow in the 20's, 30's d 40's.
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the springs scue msion has big expansion plans. tonight on ns fi at ten-e okininto pral to adnew beds and seic yr- round for t home in our mmit aw much i ct. al-k pale long and st imptantly eservi their quality of li. only on ne faten'll you anique new "altertive" therapy d shyou how it cld benitour furry loved ones in their ler years thanks for joining us for ne 5
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. - i loong weak you? - "hey, garrett, how was your day?" at'sow normal people start a coersation. - when i wasanagement, i hapower. whdid i give that up? weernumber one in sink reduction d last in employ satisfacon i did that. w e seems du osomething. - ellingpain] - guys?
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- i don't thi'm gonna make ito the hospital. ini'm thisabhere. - okay. we need tols someone ruto thetore and buy some towels! no, it! we'ra ore! get some towels! - on i - you're not gonna have the baby in e store. yoha plenty te,he - and it cldfalse labo yoknow? that's called a braxton his contction. is babis not gonbe borin cloud 9. - maybe it'sraic - okay, we get it. you know the term braxton hicks. we're all very impressed. - no, i'm having th baby here. [sms] aythisit! this is happenin feel nothing - atteion, sppers. is there a doctor in the-- o am i kding this is d 9. anybody here wch aot of "grey's anatomy?" maybe "nse jackie"? no"the kck." - wels. to towe. oh. - move! pharmacist coming through. step aside. i need room. all right, cheyenne. i need to listen to me here, and we will gerough this. now, in e last 24 hours,
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- st se tums. - calcium carbate. that's fin it's not gonna harm the by. l right. - ay, yeah. that's i - well, yeah. i'a pharmacist i n't know how to div a by. grs. but, u good luck [applae] my training kicked in. you're welcome, everne. - [moaning in pa - okay, that's if the contractions are longer, that means you're in-- it'salled active laborso i guess yoren active labor. i'm gonna go get some stuff. - okay, look. i to pa in a w birth once the lfied, t learned what not to . - no, , no, no. - [yling in pain] - ah, no.yes. will we needotton balls? i' g cotton balls. - , no. ooh, y. - cheyenne, i want you to wait until you have an unntllab urge to push, ok
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- i can't believeyoknow how to handle ts. - well, i played the abortion doctor in a hell house once. - oh, cool. - if it helps, m a trainemidwife. - [yelling iin] - garrett, you're filming this - yeah, fobo. gured he'd want toee it. - all ght. can everyone elsck isa ivate moment. [yelling ipain] - you're doingreat. i'm rit here - exse me, mis what'she difference betweea sunblock and a sunscreen? this iit the baby comin - [yling in in [ylin ] alright. that'nice. i like that. li tt. oh, okay. - ye, this is it, guys. it's coming.this is the mont. - oh, um. thcontractionstopp.


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