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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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,,,,,,,, , anticatn of t varyi amounts ofnow. crwere outcrs southe cora preng we checked in with cot in eblo earlier yterdays they loaded up some ts with sd anothers witthe de-icing treatment. and whilthisa fast moving and stlyrong snow gher elevations. they are sll rinding y t on lot r y plows that mig be kingheir rods. ou see u khe's going to be nd cominout thuce use distance, ve us some and we'll get y where yoreoing puebloounty has onecieved ghdustin whi close the mountains more plowing is need..
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st up--datwith the changing conditis by wnloadour weheapp.'s free in the sto andlelay. e cold ss really helping to dampen a 12-hundred acre grassfirthat's been burning onfortarson fothreda. thisorning we' told 0- percencoained. but despite the snow, creware still on scene to monitor conditions. the firerked late sarday indung a shooting exercise in a remote area... but caused conce becse of thlae amount of smoke. ill today... no structures are threen w infoion isning d-exrivehas beenssd several citatis foa fatal h thd r parknd fetteanve nighpolice say the v driving a dammed into the fe trucile thdriver was trying to make a left hand turn.
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hospit where the driver the sedan was later prounc dead. thfed- t driver wa d for reless driving lting in thviim's identitha yet been released. following forou on story we broke yesterday during news- today... we'rtold auspect has bn entified... as part of aocial dia threat.... that resulted in the shudown of schl foki i licott yesterday. the sheriff's office described it as a ea snicant vience... made on an app called "after hool". asoon as thehreat was otte e district saytheyed it wasetter tosa- cael claest the elemenry, middle school and high school... allhe sheriff's oice to investigat the sheriff'fice isn't providing anspecific information on the spe. today scols ckn session... on a normale. time now for wther and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen wers is
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a e ar of low essure trekki across northern texas toward t east the main influence onur weaer this morning. the northeasto- southwest sle wind on the northwest side of the center of t low pressuris geneting a oow peciallyn r uthe area the heaviest snow morning arounwalsenburg and trinidad, there's en some snow around cora sings and monument, too. the heavst is oser to the his west oi-25 some light snow habeen falling ound pbland pueb west, too, but it has be melting rathern accumulating wit tempures above freezing. the arkansas valley from pblo ljunt above freezing. e rest of thea is in upper 20s lower 30s thi morning, so sn forosof u can accumulate snow will be limited to th morning and will be fadi fm north to south from 7 am thrgh
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mperatur will warmhrgh30this morning the suwill b breaking out by noon and hp to warm temperatures into the 30s and 40s this afternoon. clearing skies this evening will low temperuro cool into the s by 10 pm. we told u yeerday that it
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told yeerday at it could be sever weeksefore i-70 in glenwoodanyon is comptely repaired.. t the popular thoughfare far from thenly road in the state. wre rockslides are possibility c-t monitors me th 750 areasround the . ere rocksl could impac the ro en hbout mlion llar budgefor roslide mitigation, but that amount can't cover itll.. so-dot prioritizes the areas th present the greatest thre. the two at the topf e li. are glenwood canyon and i-70 at georgetown hill. righnow--- a denver police officeisecoverinafter she was shot in the g... and thsuspect believ to have wnded h -- dead... after being shot by police. is a pyeou night wolice sathcer confronting two burgla
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but e other n off. when t officer found the suspect... gunfire was exchanged anshe was wod. e suspect took off but shortly after... ran into other oers. the suecwas then killed in an ehangoffire thr entityas not yet been released. this morning... jury delerations continue in the trial of theongmont woma accused of cutting an born baby from another man's womb. yeerday was the fit day deliberations... buthe jury didotch a vet after six we've been reporting... dynel ichard with attempted murder and unlawful terminn of a pgnancy. elle wki sur her baby did not. ill ahead... asheccusber an wentn nd random shootingpree ifacie in prison... e of theictims is fighting for helife... we'rhearg hil xt. ... ape fans across thcountry are coming together toy show pport fothe tech giant...
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welce back... the gunman accus of carrying t a deadlyhootg spe in kalamazoo micga.. has been cha
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yesty wlso deedl.the osecutor says lton mitted h iolmentthe incident. ere poce sayshot eht people at an apartme complex, restaurant, and car dealersh sury night. so f, no motive habeen termined. ifonvicted, dalton could b ntced to life prison. theinvictims remains in critical ndition the htal this morng police say 14-year-oabigail " s shn e head... while inde car rents speaking firs. "abigail is strod shis a viant beautifuyoung la and she did not serve this... and ther did her grandmo those oth vic." l has dergonsuy an niathig. toda.. while surveyays 51 percent an lieve ape should hp e fbi. apple supporte across th
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ainst the f-b-i. as wve been reporting... this all stems from court order... foing ape to at fbi... byking into the accused san bedino soter's locked phone. alod. atckictims -and fectedfaesreexpect tken through theiat a brief o or--or the dartm just supporters are expecteto demonstratin 50 ffen apple orescross the u-s star at 5-p-m. netoda.. prident obama haa an t ut dn antanamoay... and white house officials ll submit the outline to congress today. the prident has ng-vedo cle thfality ay's haseca symbol. s a cruiting tby teorists... and that it's tocostlyo maintain. congress hpposed previous plans hut the ison down. the current proposal involves transferring most of the detains tother countries.
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u-s. the 16-yeaboy who ding insida hecopt when it cshedt pearl harbor last ek... has ed e w ihoital e and ouncedd erday. and three familmeers viti fm daer aboahe tr helicopter when it went down. twfami mem remain spitalized in stle condition and the third was treated and leas. unr inveigat surpsing. no one was injured... whensmall plane cr to a str sth califoia yesay. an officiath the f-a-a ss the ple trn tohe airpt for unknown asons shy after paing. the loded updia ad just south of the ait... damaging several parkecars... and the planes wings in the pres.. thimornins elti tch... publs inada willake part ithpridential uce ndat sntesterday
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state... mao rubispoke a cwd i mien... e ted spoke eo. at miteush fo or.. dona fleom atlanta h at asgas.p isted the at but send placeupor grs. time now f weather and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is he n with fit alert rgesre ekking acrs northern texastoward t e tn inncon ourer thi morninnorthet-to- uthwes upsle othe rthwes sidethe cef thw pressure is generatingit of ow, especiallyn ousouthern areas.aviest snothis m round en a inid, buths been some snow around colodoingsnd monument, to the iest is closer tthe hills west of i-25. some lht snow habeenal oundueblpuloest, but it s en melting raaccumulang mpur aine kansas vley omo tojunta freezin
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upr 20s to 30s this moing,snow most n aclate. snow will ited to ismorninwille fading from noto south fm t a temperatures wl warm through the 30s this morng. bkiutno a hp wm teer3040s th afteaes this evg low teer to olnto the by 10 pm. da.. po in coecticut are looking for the oup of peopl who werenvolved inouatckhees at ast doople can b here in vid fhting.police say thencent may have stted tetwwomen bued inach otr. group left be licearvet luckily no w seriously ils knkedond ot min iie high-speed pice chase in homa c to a crhing end! it l arwhenolic y ey tried to pur a driver oth..who offburing the pursuit the driver goes f-road... bas roh a nce... ancrhes intoome trees. nearly a dozen offics rrounded the vehicle wh ns n. theye abo take the drnto custodwitht indent.. but ceayaleans were founside the
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save mantu ie a burning vehicle in tenee! witnesses sathe iver w deed. nt the r.. and t a po... jeep bur io fles il other ivers... and k-9 unit -- quicy free the man. and they didust ments before the fire completely engulfed the car. and listen to this.... evything inside waard...
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police in connect ar looking fothe ou peopl o wered n out awl chuck-e-chee! at asa zen peopleane se iging... poce sayncidmay stted after o wo bued into ea other. thgroup left before police rid. but luckily no one was seriously rt. one child was knocd down and another suffered minor iuries. high-speedolice chase in oklaho comes to a crashing end! it all started when police say they tried to pull over a driver on e highway... who ed off! budung the pursuit the driver gs f-road... els throug a fence... and ashein some trees. nely aenfficers surrounded the vehicleith guns drn. they were able tta the driver into custody without incident... bupolice say several weapons
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strangs risk their les to save a manck inside a burning vehiclin tenneee! witnses y the dreras siswed. went off the road... tnessesay thiveras sideswiped... went off t road... and hit a pole... and epurst intflames. luily... other drivers... a k-9 unit -- quickly work to fe the man. and they did just monts re the fire complety engulfhe car. anlist to this.... everythingnside was charred. except forhis... a bible... fod fully inctmong fl! thghs so moving. essencluding the-9 officer decided to pray! t now you' tinli lookrom oucolorado sgsstudio nearockmm. we have more ldates on road cdith mingp.onhis first al5 weat
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new this morng: no iuries afa crane caug fire andollaedn austlia. this is new vio this mng-- of today's incident. firefighters are using thermal cameras to check for hotots-- bere dismantling the cra. thof the fire is known. w video into ourewsroom toda.. showing a u-led airstrike
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store facility in ria. the u-s military just released the video... th say the strikes were conducted part of operation"inherent solve," taing is militants in syria and iraq. the u-s military says the destruction of isis taets li thes... tsheupbility to carry out fure terro attacks. while most of us wouldry to stay away fr theserey creatures. one won in israel... is iitg them intr ho! she is transrming her apeninto a shelt for d bats! right now... overbare living there! theyg from her ceiling and inside aimly lit makeshift sheltecovered wi blaets. e woman eds d takes care of them -- with help from two lunteers. she says she has made it her life mission to save bats and leasthem all back to nature. meanwhe. historic waves are hting the
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historic waves a hitting t shores of hawaii. the water's umpingnto roadwa and hitting cars! was are hurlinlava rocks to a highway -- onoahucaing a lot of clean-up for crews! locals say -- yesterday's surf w the biggest they've seen in about a decade. and of cours.. there we a few daring surfers -- bravenough ride the masve waves! time now for weather and tffic on the 5s. teorolstn bowers is here now with firsalert 5. rgareaf lopres trekking across northernex wardhet the mn influence on our weaer this morng. the northet-to- southwest upope wind on the northwest side of the centerf e low prsu is generating aitf sn, especilyn our uthernar e aviestnow this morng is around walsenrg and trinid, but there'en se snow around colorado sprgs and monumenttoo. thheaviests closer to the lls west of i-25. some light snow has been falling arou pueo and pueblo west, o, but it habeen melting rather than accumulating with tempatur above freezing. the arnsas valy from pueblo
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thre oe area is in the upr 20s to lower0s this mog, so snow f most of u can accute. snowill be limitedthmorninanwill be di fm north to sou from 7 am thrgh 10 am. teur wl warm through the 30s this morning. thsuwi be breaking out by onnd help to wm mperatureso the 30s and 40s this afternoon. clearingkies this ening will allow temperatures to cool int the 20s by 10 pm. coming up on news-5-toy... re snow r sout colorado... wee trackioad condions for you thisorning... we have a live update coming up we're scrolling school and business delays at the bottom of
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comi up new5-day. mo snofor uthern lorado... we'rtracngoad conditions r yoth morning... have a live update coming up on what you can expector today's mme. plus... marijuana tax doars to get more students t classom. e te approby pueblo coty... toelp mo people in southern lorado further their education. temperatur are in the s and
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falling on some of us. the snow will mout and the suwill returlar today. ll show where the ow is falling and how the rest oour week shapes cg up in weather & traffion the 5's goorningthanksor joining us on this tuesdayorni... it's february 23rd. m shellene cockrell. and i'm ira cronin. it is a first alt 5 weather da we're scrolling scol and business days at the bottom of your screen. we're also keeping an eyon ad condiitons for you. some light snow s beenalling on and off in colorado spngs-- wi it cking up in higher elevations like woodland park. that's where news 5's joanna wise joins us li with a closer look at the road conditions. an... the snow staed falling in the monumentrea-- lateast night. here's looat conditions
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u might findome ice on your car this morning-- since the first batch ofnow meed when
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you can st up toatwith the changing weather conditis by clicki on e ather tab at koaa d com. yocan stay up to date the chging weather cditions clicking on the weather tab at koaa dot com. in other headlines. a major expan the springs scue msiononstep closer to reality. as we rerted back inctob, the springs'argest heless shelter looking to be able to staypen ar-rndather than just throu the wr months. they alswant to double their nuer of beds and meals sved. the citys nosteppi in,proposinusing 2-and-a-half milln dollars in community veloent k ants to help fund the 14-million dollar eralicetag for expansion.


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