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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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ldru iin theriseat in e andt, his rivalsave rely touched today will pitrump ain son of the city, marco rubio who spent his childhood he and has re fily hen in miami.teru tedruz i lking to sneak in cond >> repter:t's arting to sound like its vegas act. trp, thenetable. >> we ha a big land n't want tbl it. we have too all e way. >> reporter: venti his ang against protester. we're not aow tpunch back a more. lo the old ds. u know what th used do to lth wtheyere in a ple this? ey'd be carried out on a strehe folks. d like tpunch him the face>>ter:mp ipoin of hivs 0 of the next 14 stat. on track o theelegates. >> iwe nome someone that half the repubn party hates, we're ing to be fighting against chther all the way november. we'll never win thay
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marcrubio ising to ld the tablisens rge. d cruz is cleaning up the mess within his cpaig with hi toaide showi rubiolow off thble. >> >> i made clen theam that w wlonduct the campaign wh the highest standards of integrity rubio outrad. >> forhem to take videand transcribe words on it that's not what i said, it's disturng. y da somhing comes out of the cruz campaign that's t true.>> reporter: later, trump te ofon cruz. >> this guy is sick. there's somethong with th. reporr: despite sculation th aubio-kasich ticket could prove formidable, aides say, no chcement chance. si
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>> wgot anrmy of people o -- and many women who left their tcheo out and go door to door, and to put yard sis up for me, all t way back when, you kw, things were different. rorr: the cnton mpaignouncing. it's 26. a won'place is wherever she wants it to . ch lerpolozefor what he called an irtful comment. >> this morning,e'reetting aapshot snapshotf where th stand. a ro sho trumpolding on to the lead nationally, 3. ted uz in second marco ruo eepingin t last wee wh'soticeable in the numbs, rio gaineis last we wh two kerepublan groups heavily rsented neda. ite evanlicals and vots who entify as conservative. savannah and willie? >>eter, thank you. on the democratic side, beie sanders says no planto leave theac even
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clinn has 52 to sanders 51. clinton inton maintains a lead on the party leership. a survey of super letes fis 449 backs clinton only 19portsanders. sanders ld sporters monday he sees patho ctory.>>hort three letter answer is y-e-s. are ie campai till th en wee gone much faer, ch furthethan any or many people wod have believessible. they've got the rourc to stayn. next up for democrats, the south rolina pmary osaturday, wherinton holds a big lead thels. >> letri in uck todd modetor of "me thess." uc we wan to do something a little different. wean to run through the scenios that establime republicans are running through right now. how you would stop tmp, who is
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ere are a uple scenarios peopalabout. the first one,tioned, hacr losing to trump in texas.explain. >>ell,avnah,he cleanest way to stop trp is to hurry up and gethis to a one on one between marco rubio d trum what's theastest way for tha to happen? on supersday, for ted cruz to lose his tate oxas. it's a neck and neckace. this giv donalp iaadvante cause he can beat hivals in their home states. if you're marco bio, the fastest y to go a one one, cruz loses s and, suenly, everybody coalesces and a possibility of a one on one is there. chuc w hea it every four a brokered connt this is gog to the conven and hadn't happened fore than 6yes. could is be the arand what doeshat le? >> it's possible. on super tuesday, of the 1 contests, essentially, everybody
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biwins tennessee a flora. uz wins texa hn kasich wins ohi dona trump wins his fair share. it's three or four didn't ndidates who w regional states or theihometes and body has a delegate ad. by the way, we will know this on march 16th. we'll know the d after the second super tuesday in march if there is onl10delegate le for trump, we're gog to a brokered convention. >> there onether scenario, and th's le entrant tohe ra. this would be if p is blowing romarch and th the panic rely sets in, and en it'all abt simply nying him a majo of gates, doing whatever take e is s a filing adline to makinhe cifnia primary. maybe a mi romney. this is a enarioomeone outl to me a couple days o. mitt romney wod file late, you may get favorite sons an daughters to file latesimply to t to beat trump, deny him degas and anoer way
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i have to tell you, it's the starfetche >> romney saide t get in t maybe it'll chge. befo w beforelet u go, let's lookatts and do math. wed e chlenges bernie sanders has. 20% of the delegates up fo grabs on super tuesday llary clinton has a good sized lead in a loof the stas. >> she does. the only way this starts to be- to get tou for her again is i nber on bnie nders comes withgle ditsturdaysoutrona. and then from there, he's got to beat her in a big state. texas, tennessee, virginia, georgia. those are four of the biggest states osuper esday. can he beat her in one of the four? he does, i think maybe has ance to sort of reset this race. right now, it doesn't look possib >> chuckd, thank you s. >> c, thanksot. > there is a new wrinkle in the fight between apple and the fbi a cell phone used by
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he's sing. nbc's justice correspondent pet lliams has mhat. pete, od morning. >> good morning, wlie. rprising because up til now, the other ch giants, including fabook's marzuckerberg, the unr of twitterndnder of googlsuppte apple. bill gates says apple ld do what the fbi is aski. >> i think theeoe want the government to act on their behalf if the safeguards are there. >> reporter: bill gates, the under of micsoft, says tenogy companies shod be forced tcooperate with law enforcement in tror investigations. he disagrees witple's ceo m cook, that forcing apple to lp help the fbi on the iphone of san ardino shoer sd rizwanarook wilsea daerous ecedent. istorically, the goverent has gone tphone mpanies and bankand lotsf companieto ther information. >> reporte washington lawy
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says the government never demanded thimu. >>rivacy and lerty is rtant to the cs of th count a to the people that b apple pducts. are weoing to allow terrists to take atight away froms? without fighng back and asking the urt to look into these ises? >> rep wring in e "new yo timesew ys poce commission issionerl bratton also esfter apple. he a h is not solvina murderr not nding the message that mig stop the next teorist attack protecting anyone a nellhows 51% say apple should help the fbi unlock t phone.38% side wh apple. for gates, he says he welcom the ntvey. >> peoplfeel like e govement not being blind and being to y and stop bad things before they hapn, it's a good debate to bhaving. >>pple customers w sport thmpany stand against the fbi planemonstrations today in more than 30 cities. they'lcarrbanners that say, don't brear iphones. >> fascinangeb
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former nsand ciahief taking up for apple.u can' u can't predict whe this es. te, thanks so much >>omplicated qstio. > we turn he tc ooting spree i kalamazo michin. a l was held f the vms last night. 're hearing from the famy of a teer cliing to lifthis houras police try to figure out a motive in the attacks at apo be random.ron hheatest on this. good morning to yo >> good morng, savannah. 14-year-old girl is one of two survivs ofhe shootings. shbeing treated behind me at onson methodist hospal, as the communy strugglg at drives someone to rget unsuspecting pple li h. >> ss ive, and she is figh for her life. rorter: late monday, tears and hoperom the parents of abigaipfthe younge im ithlamao shoong spre ails strong, d she a brant, beautiful young lad andidn't d ts.
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lot, along with four women who are killed.he at t hospital, abigail w pronnc dead. while ctpreparorrg donation, she sque her mother h t waa micle on its own. >> reporter: dtors say the othesurvivor has bulleloed ir ki b is ex tver. nbc news learned thelfriend of tyler smith, killed angde wi his fher a car alership, survived by hidi under a unr blanke the backseat of a car. the suspect, uber drer, ja dalt, adtted involment in the rampage thatilled six pele. >> he made a sme. >> from his responses, there's ttle rse. >> reporter: no answo the questions why. >> i prefer toemain silent. eporte authorities alle lt w picking up ub
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prior tohat day, his record look good. >> reportealton had been o the job one month, uergo a backgrou check by e company and a high rating before his arrest. hundredsame together at a vigil monday night tpray for e survivors anremember the viims. >> t5-ar due back in courin a few weeks on march 10th. vannah, willie, backo yo on mt,hank y. he way, ng up the next half hour'll s on hocompanies ke ubeen pontial employs. questions a loof people ha in t wake of this. in other news thisorning, bill cosby's wife s answered qutions der oath ivi su tied her husband's alleged sexual assault of seven women. wyers say she answer questions fotwo ana half hos at aassats h the seven won accuer and of defem b deing their letis of seal assault. the plaintiff's erpoke
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he saihe belves the jury willestore the gnames and taons. >> at the end the day, ju is goingo determe who has mo credibility. is it thsevewomeat we reesent, or it bill cos? >> camilleosbyl swer quesat a second deposition nextonth. bill cosbyas reptedly denied l claims of sexual misconduc there is a teat of sever weatr in the sth tay and al is tching that. >> right. noju today but into the ernight hours which can be pontially ve dangeus.we're watchi the srms alrey ring ufrom houon gveston, corpus christi, pushing to the et. we have tornado threat from new orleans to houston, 21 million people arisk, large hail, tornadoes likely overnight, tonig into tomorrow morning, we've got a severe ri, a rongisk,rom mobi to crestview. tallahassee involv, asell. daging winds.
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day,hetorms inexas. thenhey go to louisiana, new leans undethe gun. we move to thievening. the stormse toississippi damaging windsnd reay significant, lontrked tornads ovnight. wednesday, it tracks into orgia, the carolinas. 're lookfor a tornado thre itheastercarolis, as well. over the next couple days, anywherem 2 to 4 inches of rain guys, the real threat here, especily overnight, we can't stress this enough, the danger of thenadoes, cial long-track ones. there's a ntide tohe storm, as well we'he bk in a secon althank veuch. fm overseas than gernment ying it acce a hal combat opations in line with the u.s.-russian plan for a partial truce. sya would ordinate with russiao decide which gro and areas would bencluded in e cease-fire is is t incled in the deal. secretary of state john kerry
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foreign relatnsommittee oveenforcement of the tce. the ong battle over the u. supme court and efforts to fill e seatf the vay left by the death ofntonin scalia. republic repuicang jumping on atementst then sator j biden 24 years ago june of 19, biden said the senate shoulnocoider a nominee duringn election yea he was speaking hypothetically. the senate wasn't considerg a nomie at the tim bideresponded. as my co shows, i esided over the conderati of stice edy, reagan nominee, who s confin a presidtiallection ye. we have dric video out ofustralia uction c was on fire in melbourne. ated to this. the arm of t crane crashinto the ground. thankfully, no o was injured in t aent. officialsay the fire may have started in the motor of the ane. huge wes are causing big problems ihaii.
7:15 am
on to roadys and soang cars. transportion officials were forced to close the highy. locals said the surf was the ggest ey've seen in a decade. few dang surfers jped in for a ride. al is back with more on the ather. >> quick look at t natnal forecast wesharpecting the strong storms down tough the south. beautil weather ong th coast.weave snow out othe roies. it'll make its way on we'll get to yr l recast
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snow snowy sidef the orm wi me up in ten minutes. >> al,hank you very much opening statements beg today in sports reporter erin andrews' lawsu. was the hotel where she was videotaped ba stalker negligen increased sutiny over the vetting process in companies like uinheake o the
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aren't jusa place touse" but to "buy". something e city says is illegal inside city limi tonight's public meeting is set for 6, in council chambers... the plan wilbe voted on in two weeks. chief morning meteorologist epbowers joi us now with a look at our local forecast.. ephen... e avienoisorning
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30 n. it'suesday morning, 23rdf feuary, 16. it's le we're at a rave here it's stuo 1a we have a nicewd outside. wel get there a coue moments. >> ts is the lamest rave. i love you guys but as raves go, this is noa great rave. back inside studio 1a, here's a look at the headlines. publican presideia
7:28 am
in the nevada caucusod. donald trumpoldsnoth mmanding lead the polls as heooks to make it three wins a row. at a pked ralast night even trumpeemed surprised by his perfmance so far. >> whonew this w going to haen? i figured ybe we'd be in the middle of the pa and ee out the end, like a rse. we win ithe end. but we have a big lead and we don't want to blow it. you know, frankly, we've got to go all the way. >> no anas ever won new hampshire and soutcaroli and losthe nomination. a judge deni bail to the uber driveaccused of going on a deadly shooting rampage in kalamao,ichigan. jason daon is charged th killg six ople and atteting tkill two others. far, no motive ha determined. and the white ushas just announced that later this rng, president obama will make a stament on the detentn cility at guantanamo
7:29 am
for years to clo. c news will hav live coverage on many ofhese staons. also this morning, sports reporter erin andrews and her $75 milln lawsuit against a peeping tom who coed her naked and the hotel she blames for allowing it to happe the tria the trial gets underwa good morning. >> it was a public personality's most private moments. this morning, sports reporter erin andrews is ing after not only her stalker but the hotel that putim ithe room right next to her. >> reporter: sports caster erin andrews walks in a national courtroom isorning, ght yearafter a man secr rerder nakher hote room, then pted itnline. oking for a payback, she's asking for75 million from the stalker. and the hotel where it happened.
7:30 am
became obssed with her and cour tes court testimony revealed tt he followed andrews secretly from city to ci. at this marrtt hotel in nashville, according to court documents, barrett rueed h om be placed next to a an grantedhe rue. the complaint saying barrett remod ald the peephole of andre' door and recorded video of her changing and gettingressed w her consent ornowl andrews' emotions were raw still athe trial, agonizinov an embarrassing video that had been viewed more than 3 million times. >> i won g this down in 30 months or 30 yea. my kids, mfuture husband, wi have to dealith this. >> rorr: bartt pleed guilty talki and shoing e vids and ed0 nt in prison. he's free w. in a civ suit, andrews is sug rrett and marrttmaiott marriott intertional is no
7:31 am
thmanagement company athe claiming t vid caused and continueto cause her great otional distress and barrassment. andrews telling oprah. >> i kepscaming,'m done. my career is over. i'm done >> reporter: but s wasn't. she's appeared as a host and stars." her career as a ts reporter showinthe stalker victimyou should be ashamed rsel i did nothing wrong. i should be allowed to live my life, but this isn't ove >> the jury of seven women and five menill hear opening atements this morning a ial expecto st about two weeks. andrews' staerill teify, bunot inerson. he will ben deo. sannah and willie, back to you. >> tha y. now to more on the deadly shootings in michigan that killedix people and wounded two more. the er driver now charged in the case picked up passengers during his killing spree. ere wereo apparent r flags and uber did run a background check on h.
7:32 am
could have been done to prevent the tragedy, a how companies like uber vet their employs. nbc's t costelloas been lookininto it. uber doesn't plano change any policies following the tragedy in micgan. in large part, bause the suspect had no criminal ckground inhidigital age of apps and de sharing and home sharing, how you know if you're totally safe? reporter: it takes just a click anthese days, you can boow a tal strans bedroom a weend get away, or summon a stranger tta you, even your kids, home. all you haveo go on is the otheperson's customer rati. every er driver is rated. you can rate them on ur ap they can rate you. it's like, it's reliable. i trthem. >> reporte uber says driver jason dalton had a close to perfecting. 4.73 stars and he passed the uber background check. no cminal record.
7:33 am
where a background checkom back completely clean anthe motor hiclchecks are completely clean, we can't always pscreen and pdict all behavi. >> reporte to become an uber driverplican must provide name, address, social serity number and insurance company. er vets them through loc and international databases. including court recos. uber has been accused of not doing enoulsewhere. prosutors in sa ancisco last year said the backound checks ssed criminalords of 25vers. including one o spt 26 years inrison for send degree murder. and uber doesn'tun fingerprint checks opotential drivers like taxi compaes do. >> because uber es fingerprtsit can't be sure the information on the background check belongs to the applicant. >>eporter: onehallen, say tec say th experts, seices like uber are growing
7:34 am
everyone. y're not sittg xt to the peon who is gointoir you and looking them in theye and convincing them toire yo >> reporter: uber drers themselves have been tted. beateny enraged or dnk passengers. some vlence caughtn mera. fromide sharing to home sharing, it's a bravnew world. for mill of amerans, the is no substitute for safety. >> so in this new econy of sharing, the qstion is whether simple arithmetic would suggest bad actorsill get rough, as they do in eryusiness. in educaonhools,n indu as one uberir said to me, i believin wt ronald reagan used to preach. trust verify willie a willie andavannah, back to you. >> tom costello, thanks so much. uber saying this guy had no crinal recd. we couldn't have caught him in the first ple.>> 4.75 rating, so he was good to that point. >>ragic situation. let's talk about the weathe >>e're talking about the winter se of the storm
7:35 am
watches in effect from champaign, illois,p to mich. 11 millioneople under these watches. we'rwatching this storm em push uthrough e ohio valley. rain will change to wet ow in oh and indiana. we expect it to continue east into the appalachians tomorrow. itl end as snow for interior parts of the northeast. snowfall is basically going be ry confined to northern mich, whe could s over a foot up near saginaw. chicag you'lsee about 4 to 6 inches of ow beforit'sll
7:36 am
that's wt'goinon around the country. >> that' >>hat's your latt weather. >> al, thank youery much. coming up on trending surpse staway. what a gorilla is doi aboardth international space station. >> what? >> goto be a gdtorythere. firs w membe of the kensington palace stafare threatening to go ontrike a what it can whthere was y to look atelapsingltiple scleros? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is n an injeion. it a pforepsinms that has the power to cut relapses in hf. imagine what you could do with few relap tecfidera y cause s side effects as alic reactio,
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you're unp already? yeah, help me find some mu. re. (beep) hey. o.k. they'llo. wap to the mountain growara of folgers. thepa of wan'p so, whe do yant to sta i ink this is prty good place. is folgers your cup we' wre back at 7:43ith a dispute involving the ral family. >> t duke and duchess of cambridge'staff at ksiton palace thrteningo go on strike. keir simmo is in london with more. what is going on? >> hi, guys. go morning. this follows a history-maki striket.
7:41 am
year, butowks at nsington palace are threatenino wk out. what must the queen be in? >> reporte at the royal palaces, they are worried abityabout money. not the incomehe royals receive, but a proseday cut for som aff. already, some are complain thatilliam is a little, well, deremplod, putting i few shifts as a helicopter pilot and taking a month o at christs. kate worardust last week. >> howong does it take to change over? reporter: editing an onne newspaperor charity. no, stop the press, it's some royal staff thrteni a strike. th'remong those who work at william a kate'some, kensington palace. rol emploes fear they'll se $5,000 ayear. the salaries cut by a charity that manages the palaces.form staffayhe youk withhe royals, you d do it r the moy. you've worked fhe yals
7:42 am
>> t reason is there this privilege, the idea that i'm working next to a royal. >>eporr:t can't help tt kensington palace jtadn upad costing $lion. >> those staff that e closest toilliam and te, guys at butre their toast and pouredheir tea areot invoed but the royals are fously ugal. the queen is said to wk around buckinam palace switching off the lights to save electric. true story. >>he t the thermostat down. true ory. >> a lot of places- >> don't stand wh th frigerator door open. >> keir, tha you so much. > just ahead, what is that? e massiveh the size of a car. >> what? >> it has the intern buzzin and the change coming to starbus not sitting well with some cuers.
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>> we're back at 7:49 with what's upset aot of starbucks customers today. cars is in th orange room with that story. >> wish me luck. starbucks announced on monday what tyalled exciting new changes to the rerds progm. many on socia media were not so thrilled. re's t deal. righ now, you get a star eve time yake apurchase. basilly,o matter whatou order,ou're earning pnts ward a free drink. co april, the focus shifts. you're going to ge pois based on how muchou spendinstead. if you a lik me andet a simple cfee every y,t'll take40 mor t reach the free beerage each time. if y spe more, you'll g there faster. starbuck said thiwa t number one request heard from cuomers. tim wre,hanks srbks for niing thosef us tte gur bck coffee even wre, now i have to
7:48 am
gain any rewards. sincerely, aall dark roast drinker. starbucks are encouraging people to hdut for what's tocome theytweed, we'll be introducing new ways to earn st so the majority of members willn sta just asfast, if not fast as before it remains to be seen if this will havempactn customer loyalt lolt 'lfind outn apri >> you lost me at,ry to f . >> a the time at starbucks and not getting the rds, i've been missi out. >> if this is our biggest problem, we're doing great as a country. thanks,carson. coming up natalie's dil ars prada mom a
7:49 am
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tell your doctor if you have livease or are taking otheredications, because these may increase the amount ofxifaxan in your body tell your doctor if u are pregnt, an on becong pregnt, are nurng. the mostomn side cts arnausea and an increase inivernzymes if you think you have ibs with diarrhea, asto your doctor
7:53 am
good tuesdng. wee mingp the t of thhour... i'ircronin... with this today showate... a suspt has intified in a soal med threat.... at shudown school r ds in ellicyesty. erifoffi descr it as a "threat of significantol made oanpp cled "after school". as soon as it was spotted... thdistrict says they deced t was bettero afe -- and cancel classes at the elementary, middle sooand high ol.. tollowhe sriff's office investige.
7:54 am
providy furtr inrmation on the suspe. today... ol iback in seion and on normaschele. chief morning meteorologist -- stephen bowers joins us nowith a ok at our local forecast... stephen... the heaviest snow this morning is around lsenbu and trinidad, but there's been some snow around colorado springs and monument, to the heaviestclosero the hillwest of i-25. some lig snos been falng around pblo d pu wt, toutt has melting rather tn aclating wit tempatures ave freezg.snow will be miteto ts morninand ll be fading from north to south om 7 am through 10 am. teeratures wilwarm thrgh the 30s this morning.
7:55 am
noon ap to wm temperurnto e 30s d s this afton.
7:57 am
allow temperat tcool into the 20s by 10 pm. it's 8:00 o "today." coming up, the 's 8:00 coming up app the angelinafftewtudy ows women undergo preventa preventative. >he man is after she accus
7:58 am
somethe bigst names behind the popularsinger > and she puts heest heel rward rward and i she has to keha . >odayueebary3r 2016. 2016. we' from saniego and we love tod lo today. hi, kids. mo and in new y city. hello to my we back in virginia.
7:59 am
it' 8:00 tueay february 23, 2016. i know i say this every day, but we have t best crowds, eryo s exci so hpy to be here. they're here with bells on so od morning to them. good day for a selfie. a rit. that's a goo thing becse matt's under the weather. he'll be bac soon we pe. coming up cebrity style for the rest of us. wee going to sho you t tackle the season's hotst trepds that you think you cannot pull off. >> you can pull that off. >> first, let's head inside for c othe morni t sts. good moing. donald trump is hosting a big lead. trump unloaded on a at a rally sa
8:00 am
him inhe face. cruz fired a top aidn monda that teted marco rubio of brushing off the bible. with jeb bus now out othe race rio is hing to pick u sut from eabliment republics backed b bob doyle. > a rift is growing over apple's refusal to help the fbi hackhe iphone. llies in favor of iapp being beg held coasto coast. a new poll sws over half of amicansack the i's effort to force apple t help investigators. cro softounder billates weign sup of the fbiing s se and not a general request. >> new repinding that
8:01 am
preventative mast tmys than ever before. doctor, good. so the study shows that wen e getting by more than one-thir one-thd more masttoes than ever bere. >> ihink women a bei more aggressive about theare and more proactive, but according to experts the biggest rk for woman i terms ofancer really s do with their genetic predposition as wes fily history. acing to som s tha have been done, what sms toe drivinghis more aggressive approach iore fear and anxiet a mbe some misperceptio about what their risksre bause studies wou
8:02 am
approach athe sameoutce. >> what is alarming is accorng to the same study is ebe of women getting double surgeries i tr. arehey taking off more than theyeed to? >> according texperts if you're family history i not very strong and you have an early stage breast ncer your omeou probably larf you do a silar conservative approach. that's why experts are slightly alme this study isot taking into accoun because this is 2015. >> tt's a gdpoint. i think ifhis tndontinues we might even see a highe mber in thet five to years ifha efft actually comes into play. >> thanks so much.
8:03 am
that he w hiv positive may have had a life sing impa. more people googled hiv than er before. researchers at san diego state university sayhe number of searches f hiv information jued b 2.75 millionnd after years of waning interest news reports mentioning more. >> a fisgetting revenn a young hocky fan. it is a new hampshire traditio you ts a fishn the ice, but when the tradition called this guy instead flocked,e couldn' heav heave the slippy fish over the glass. it took him tee times to achieveheal his embarrassing perfone a a viral sension. >>owid it getnthe? >> it's of a tradition. >>heyringnt thearena. >> i think i y don gett
8:04 am
ba in your bag and bng it home f dinner. a heate case for pop star kesha. kea. >> she is fightingo getut o hereporting contract. the man at the centeof thi dispis sakg oor the fit time. >> rorter:he high profile court battle betwe a well known p star and producer is turnininto wt some are caing a tal by twitte e's gettingupport fm singers and celebriti after theudge denied her bid to be released from a recording contract. herlleys took to twitter shing t #free sha. lady
8:05 am
your av taor swift is donatg $25000. s is going to he a diicul roahead ofero wi in the court of law, however she seemsoe wni b time in the cou of public opinion. >>2014 s sued dr. luke claiming heexual, physically anemionally abused. she said he forced himse on her whi she wasntoxicated and drugged. monday dr. luke took to twitt ying didn't rape her a i have nev had sex withhe we were friendsor many yrs d she was like my little sist. in a statement his attneys acsed her of using a vicious smear campaign to ruin his repution. dr.uke is suinger claimg ade up thellegatio ou get out of h
8:06 am
her attorneys argue her career a is at a stand sll bause s won't work with d luke aser contract ires, but h attorns say she is already free t record and release mic witht worng wh dr. lukes prf she doesn't want to and he claims she isn't fe a my. it hasarkeditter lawsuits in three diffent statesith bot sidesiggi in now fighting in and out of the courtroom. for tay nbc news. let's bring in theegal anal good morng. let's be clearbout what this is haven't gone through a trial. this isn't the end of the ca, iss the begning of e case. so she's saying he abused me, i don't wanto work with hi i want outf my recording contract and sony is say y don' he t work with him, but you are bound by yr contract. >> thiis preliminary
8:07 am
eay in the casand r laer do meet a highegal bar and the judgeaid he didt mt thatbar. >> this is just the fst step and she lost thisirst leg battle. it doesn't prevent her from coming forward with her case. what happe wh theselaims she makes of all kind o abuse with dr. luke wt happens no does she have to pro th? >> there >> there will be a trial and her attorn c bring forth wiesse and evidence. but ahis point the judge says there'so injury because you don't have to work withim anymore. all she's claiming is that sony wouldn't pmote her in the future. >> on tse allegatns of sexual assault d le says she gave statement under oatht a prious deposition saying it dn't happen. is that a problem for her? it's a huge proem forher.
8:08 am
rvivor doend to sayo it didn't happen,ut is tough for her to ercome. >> is it pblem that she ner went to law enfcement and repd it? >> ihink it's less of a problem. she did bring these claims forwar wither lawyer. the bottom line you seell the celebrities andhey're saying free her, but she i free to record as long as she stays with so. if the allations were oven, wouldhat b prove ough to get herut of her contract with sony. >> i thi it's a winning poi for sony tha she does not have to work with dr. luke anymore and tve pointed out they've lived up their end, they've spent millions o dollars promoteling her muc. they w t promoteer music, they both want to make money, sony wants to go forward with her.
8:09 am
>> comingp nt h do you handle it when you're at a restaurant and your order is messed up how about rillas in space. and the n so fabous side of t fas world, natal takes on an sbernship. with my moderate to severe ulcative colitis, the possibitof a flare was almost always on my mind. inking about what to avoid, whe to g.. d how to dth my . to me, that was norm. until i talked to my doctor. shtold me that hum helps people like me get uc under control and keep i under ntrol when certain medications haven't ed well enough. hura can lower ur ability to fighinfections, includintuberculosis seous,ometimes fatal infectns ancancers, incding lymphoma, have happeped; have bloo, andrvousystem pbls, serious alleic reactions, and new or worningheart ilure.
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tell your doctor if you've been to areawhere certain fual infections are common, and y've had tb, hepatitis b, are pron inftis, have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection raise yoxpectations. ask your gastroentologist about humira. wi humira, control is psible. listen up! i'm hereo get the lady of the house back on her feet. and gi her the strenh and ener to stay healthy. who's with me?! the complete balanced nutrion great tasng ee. with 9 grams oprotein... ... an vitaminls ensure. take life in! everything you need to know about life, you can len from granola. keepsimple. always breal.n' aifial,t alwa be swt.
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8:12 am
8:14,erse known as trending time. we've a been on job intervws d know the tion, where d youee yourself in fe s? what's your ggest weakness? >> right. >> t ceo of charles schwab takes a takes a differeprch. he tak t perso to breakfast. it'sot scones a green tea. beforehand, he tells the staunt to mess up the job apans order,o get sothingrong to see how they react. do they get upset, frustrated, are they derstaing, lution-oriented? he toldhenew yo times 'll all make mtakes. the eson is, how will we recover andil b respectful t oth when ty ke them? it's a way to look inside somee's h rather than just their heads. reat . >> i like it.
8:13 am
on the other hand, if you were on a job -- >> one has to do with the other.>> if you weren a job interview. appantly, it goes oto say thatome bosses thinkf you're not asstive and don't say, i ordered the lmon, not the chicn, i says something negative. tnk if i were o a job inrview ahe bht the wrong orde i woun't say one thing. i' justat it and concerate on the interview. >>usually, y're too nervous anyway. not me. >> i wonder if anybody has shown and gotno mad and flipped the tablerder when the order was wrong. that's my guy right e. >> you're hired! > all right, the words mola mola mo. it's this massive fish captured on video off the coast of portugal. it translates to ocean sunfish. it i the lar bony fish in the world. the species c weigh up to . the size of a smallsuv.
8:14 am
million views. >> so cool. >> mola molaoesn't translate to terrifyg fish? >> no. >> giant forehead. lookt the sha of that thg. trslates t a salt lobster >> wow. >> rare mola mola. >>sorry. > n to another strange crtu, at least inspace. what is king kong doing aboa the internaonal space stn? of of course, 's not king kong it'sstronaut kelly having fun, ching around a fellow cw member. where did he get the gorilla suit? >> acme. >> no, a care package sen by his twin brother, mark kelly. scott kelly wraps up his year-long experiment in sce next ek. >> thas what happens wn you
8:15 am
>> great excuse tolay benny hill mu >> they're american heros but it might be time to comeme. >> it's their entertnment. n to theoptar who just outd the king of pop. aictial president gets a real ho >>ihanna is first this rning. where's the tequila? >> oh! >> i'l try and make itthrough. rihanna h a huge milestone here. she has a newong called "work" featurg drake.topped the billboard singled chart, giving her her 14thhit. she has one me than michael ckn. they'd bn tied at 13. wi the new honor, ranna is on behind the beetslesbeetles. >> cine dion getting back to her residency where she'll honor her husband, who died after
8:16 am
the sw will kick o at 10 eaern ti. you like to it, the concer will be livtrd on r weite. finay, a bigor for one of the nation's most respected and feared ers. you respect presint frank derwood, right? >> of course. >> the military vet from south calina who is not above mau pl niation -- murder? kevin spacey played him. it part of a pubcity stunt for the serieshichebuts march 4. pretty go. that's yr pop start today. tequilass. >> you keep a littl flat today. >> thank lot. al, how is the weather looking? >>e have winter weather he in this area. first, again,ant to reiterate the threat of seveather down south. for today, this afternoon, we've
8:17 am
new orlean to hat. crestview to al, signicant overnight tornads. we're watching wet sno in the northeast. it'll start around noon. as it makes its way to the north, snow in boston, rain alon the coast. nter weather advisories from parts of pennsylvaniall the way up to vermont. heavy thunderstorms on wednesday in the afternoon. we look for some places picking
8:18 am
that's yr lat weatr. willie? >> al, thank y very much. day two of our up for the b "today series, whe we put our sll to the test b being terns. al tackled the san diego zoo on monday. natae, iyour turn. >> i've always loved fashion and had t opportunity toork at "cosmopolitan "cosmopoli" the best selling youn won's magazine in th country. sounds like adrea doesn't it? i filled in for the executive sistant to the etor in chief. wh day it was. "cosmolitan," her i co. oh, my gosh. eelike i'm in my dre right now. i'mingy dream. i like that one. ie that e. i like tt one. little b littleit le "devil wea prada." llo. >> how are you? >> natalie moles. i'm your assistaor theda >> good.
8:19 am
y fd lint roer >> sure thing. i'll b in with a lint roller. >> thank you. where is the lint roller? >> first off, te little b of milk, nosugar. lipsck, i c't rember the color. i need endless suppls of . the fruit bowl behind you, the ba looks liket's going t giveff poisonous gase get rid ofit. these shoe i want meet the degner. try to gethem in ts afrnoon. >> okay. >> thathould do for now. >> is that all? it for you, but il have more things i a couple of minutes. >> okay. tea, a, tea. she likes earl gray. there is no. ere's english breakfast. this is herup butt dsn't fit. okay. >> natalie, nalie, when city a cup otea, i nd it immediately. otherwis had i been in
8:20 am
have shrivelled to the size of a walnut and i would have dehydred >> i'll get it first nextime. fay, look at tha can i ta a messa forer? >> what is the ch's special i the cafe? >> grilledchicken. >> iee more ticke for "hilton." >> she'd like to see, if possible, if you have ur tickets available for fray's show. >> this frid? >> i need some jewels. >> she would like toeef she can borrow jewelryrodney garb. friday, four tickets. >> lipsck, i need to reapply. >>eedle in a hay ack. >> i think i found a lipstick. long earrings, feathered. >> li try thison. >> cuffs. >> ssaon col. >> too matchy? >> no. >> could you get thatout?
8:21 am
>> armani, we want the gown. >> 3:00. >> think we got "hamilton" for friday. azing. i'm s good at m job. >>he perks of the job. look at that. these are amin oh, mygosh. >> what ar you dog? >> i just wanted to make sure - the are the jewels. i wanted to model tm for you.>> you did, d you?iould take them off now and puthem meere. then willou disinfect t earring, natalie? >> sure. >> i just got in troue. >> let's go down to a shoot later on. i want some help >> little lower. bring it down a little bit. natalie? >> re. >> it was serfun, dies, thank you, b i have to get back to the office. bye.
8:22 am
>> i just wan to let you know my actual executive assistant is back, heathe you are relieved of yr es. i thought youid goodjob. i thoug you did a goodjob. i wn't expecting a lot and, expectations. if you need a reference, you can give me a call. >>ours no >> than. >> i'm out! >>o glad to be bkt my real job. obviouy, a lot of th was - >> did you get a ticket for "hamilton"? >> no staff. they were sweet to let me tag alonrete to be their assistant sit. ifou want to be an tern ther you have to be in colle to receive credit for it. e tgh but is a gat boss. >> s didn't notice you never got her thete >> don't tell the secret. too lat but you're out. >> herssnt id, i switch it on her ahe time. sorry! >> you threw hernder the bu >> that's her lastaytoday.
8:23 am
seriously, how'd y g amilton"? >> know a guy at theront of. >> ver resourcefu had to d something for m job, right? >> working hard tomorrow on"up for the job," it's caon'sturn. heento theairport. >> hreat time. the men a women atelta hard. yo get onlane and assume it'll you to the destination fe and you nev think of the men and women and what they do in between to get the plane,, good tue m good tay m! p on the bottom of theour... m ira cronin. with this today ow update... there's a publiceeting tonight on a plan to ban future marijuana clubs in colorado springs... and possibly phase out existing ones ithe next years. the clubs were desned to give people a pce tuse mariana and
8:24 am
similar inres.... but the says concerns have popped up that these clubs aren't just a place to "use" but "buy". sothing the city says isillegal insideity limits. tonight's public meetingset for 6, icol chambers. the plan will be voted on two eks. chief morning meteorologist -- stephebowers jns uw wi lookt our locaforecast... ephe.. thheavst snothisorng is aunwalsenbund trinad, but there's been some ow arod colodo sprin and ment, too. the heavie is o the lls st of i-25 me light sw en falli around pueo anpulo west, too, bs been melti therhaacculang with temperatus above freezing snow will beited to this morng and will be fading fm north to south from 7 am through am. temperaturesill warm tough the s th morning. e n will be breaking o by
8:25 am
tempatureso the 30s and s this aernoon. cleari skihis eving will allow temperatures to cool io
8:26 am
8:27 am
>>nnou >> anner: thiss anbc nepecialeport. res wi g >> good morn in just a me presint obama will me a atemfrom the roosevelt room at the white use. t him to put for a plan for csihe prison at guannamo bay, cuba. this is somethg the esent has vowed to do since heirst n for thjob asted
8:28 am
we he alreadarclear oppositi from sete majority lead mitchonnell and i wi stir debate the campgn trail. let's bring jim mik la she have skiern erre as as,800etes aantana ba that number down to 91. unr thpresident's nean as many as 3could be released tothountry at uld co. mli tentiocili for to of those detainees who ulroht to the s. ancarceredanmoel for life. have republican majorities in th chambers of congress. let's go to the president rit now. >>go morning, evyby. inig agast terrost lil qaeda and isil we are
8:29 am
tional pow. oulita our military, intelligen, plomacy,omeland secuforcemenederal ste cal, as well as e examplof our ideals a country at's commied to universal values. includg rule of lad human righ. in this fight we lrn and we work to nstant improve. when we find something that rks,e keep on doinit. en it becomeclear at something isotorkings tended, when it does n advancour security, have to change cours r many yea it's beenar th the detention filitat guantanamoay does t advanc our national surity. itndermines it. this is not justy opinn. this ithe opinion xpts,
8:30 am
t againsterrorists becau they use it as propaganda in their effos to recruit. it drains military resources. with neay $450 million spent last year ale to keeit runng. more than $200 mlionn additional costs needed to kp it open forward foss th00 detainees guantanamoms our rtnehips with allies and other countries whose cooperation need agait terris when i talk other world leaderthey bring up the fact at gntanamo is not resolved. moreoverkeeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the rld. it is viewed as ain on our broader record of uphoing the highest standards of re of
8:31 am
as aricans we pride ourselves on being a bto other natis, model of thrulef law. but 15ea after 91, 15 yearafr the worst terrorist attackn ameran history, 're still having to defend the existence of a facility and a process where nosing verdict has beeneached in those attacks. not a single one. when i first ranor president it wely reed tha this facility needed to close. this was n just my opinion. this was not some racal fa ft view. there was a bipartisan support tolose i my predecessor, president bu, his credit said hwant to close it.
8:32 am
thatndrepublican opnt, senatojohn mccain, agreed on. d so in one my firsacts asreside i took ac to gin closinit. d because we had bartisan support, wtetosure th we did itight. i indicatethat we wod need toake outime tdo it in a system way and that we had examined all the optns. unfortunaty ri that period where we were putting pieces inlace to close ithat had priously been bipartan support suddenly became a partisan issue. suddenly many who previously had said it should be cledacd f because ey were worried about thpolitics. e public wascareinto thinking that, well, if we clo
8:33 am
d since that timngress has repeatedlymposed restrictis med at pventing us from closing is facility. now,pite the politics we have me progss. of the ny 0 detainees once held at antanamo more than 85% have already been transferred to other counies. more tn 500 of these transfers, by the y, occurred under presidt bush sinci took office we have so fatransferred 147 more. each under new signifint restrictnso keep them om turning to the battlefield. and as a result of these actions today just 9detas remain less than 10 today the fensdepartment thankso very hd rk by
8:34 am
well as hiseam working concert th the office of management bget, today the partment is submittingo coress o plafor finay cling the facilityt guantanamo once and for all. it's plan that reflects the hard work of my entire national security team. so i especllwantthan ash and his te at d.o.d. this plan hamy fl support. itefs our st thinking on how to best go after terrorists and de with those who we may capture and it is a strate th fr ma ents. rst, we will continue to selynd rponsly ansfer to other countrs the 35 detaineesut of the 91 that have already been approved for traner. keep in nd that process involves extensive a caref coordination aosour federa gornment to ensurehat our national security teare
8:35 am
transfred to anotheroury. so, r example,e insist t foreign untries constitute strongecurity meur. anas wmove forward that means thate will have around 60 and pentially even fewer deinees remaing. second, we will aclera the periodic reviews of remainin detainees to determine whether their coinued detention necessary. a reew board, which incles representatives from aos government, will cone to look at all relevant informati incling current intelligence if ctain dnees n nger pose a continuing significant threat, theyay be elle forransfer to another cotry as well. number three, will continue
8:36 am
withhe remaining dainees stl held under law for dention. rrently ten detainees are in some stage of the military commission's process, a process that we rked hard toeform in my first year in officwith birtisan sport from ress. but i have to say withespect these cmiio theare ry costly. they have result in ars of ligation without a resolution. were, therefore, outlining addition changes to imove these commissions which would quire congressional action a will be consulting with them in the near future on that ise. i also want to pointut that in contst to the commission process r article 3 federal courts havproveno have an outstanding record oconvting some of the most hdened terrorists. thesosecutions allow for the
8:37 am
against terrorist grps. it proves that we can both prosecute terroris and proct the american people. so think abo it. terrorts like richard reed, the shoe the shoe bomber, of l te la who tried to blow up a ple over droit, the n who tried to bb times square a the b they were all coicted in our article cour and are now behind bars here in the united states. we can capture orists, protecthe american people and when done right we can try them and t them in our maxi curity prisons and it works just fine.
8:38 am
putting forward todaisn't just about closing the facility a guantanamo, it'sot just ab dealing with the cur gro of detainees which is a complex piece busess because of the origly apprehended at ppened. is is about closg a chapter in our history. it reflects e ssons we he learned since 9/. lesss that nee guide our nation going forward. so even as we use miliry commissions to close out the seofome current detainees, which given the unique circumstances ofheir ces make iult for them to be tried artle iii courts, thype of use of military mmission should not set a precedent fothe future. as they have been in past wars, military cmissions will continue to be aoptionhen individuals are deined durin
8:39 am
option, the most effective option f dealing with indiduals detained outside military theaters, must be our strong proven federal courts. fourth, and finay, we're going toork withongress to fina secure location the united stat thold remaining deinees. these are detainees who are subject to mily commsions, but it alsincludes tse who nnot ye tranerred to r countries or w we ve determinedust continue tbe detained becausehey pose a continuing significant threat to the unitedtate we are notdentifying specific facility today in this plan. we are outling what options look like. asongress has imposed strictions that currentl prevthe transfer of
8:40 am
we recognize that this is going toe challenge and we are going to keep making the case to congress that we can dthis in a responsibland secu way, taking into account the lessons and great record of our maximum securi psons. and let me point out the plan we arsubmitting today is only the right thing to dfor ou secutyit wl also save ney. the defense depament eimates that this plan compared to keeping gutanamo opewould lower costs by up to $85 milli a ye. over ten yea it would generate savings of more than $30 mill over 20 years the savings woul be up to be up to $1.7 llion. in other wds, we can ensure our security, uphold o highest
8:41 am
money inhe process. in closing i want to say i am very clear eyed out th hurdles to finally closing guantanamo. e politics of this are tough. i think a lot of the amecan public a worried aut terrorism and in their mind the notion oving terrists heldin the united stat rather some in some distanplace n be scary scary. but part of my message to th americ people herewe're already lding a nch of really dgero terristhere theted statesecause we threw the book at themnd tre have been nonciden. we've ma we've maged it just fine. and in congress i recognize in
8:42 am
fears of public that have been fanned oftentimes by sinfmation thereontinues to be a fa aunt of opposition to closing guantanamo if it were easy it would have happen years ago, as i wted, as iave enorking to try to get done. but there remains bipartisan support for closinit.angin e stakes involved for our secuty this plan sees a faihearing. even in an eion year. we shod bebltoavan open, honest, good faith dialogue abo how to best ensure our national security. and the fact that i'm no longer running, joe is no longer ruing, we' not on th ballot, it gives us the capacity to not have to worry aut the polics. let do wh is right for america. let us go ahead and close this
8:43 am
and do iright and dot carefully ando it in aay that makes sure we're safe, but -- but gives the next president and more importantly future generions the ability to apply the lesns we' learned in the fight against terrorm and doinit in a way that doesn't rseome of t proble that gutanamo has raised. i really think there is an portunity here for progress. i lieve we've goan obligation to y. presidt bush saihe wanted to close guanta despite everything that he h invted in it. i give him credit for at. there was an honest assessment on his parabout what needed to ppen. buhe didn't get it done and it was passed to me. i've been working for ven years now to get ts thing closed. as president i have spent cotless hours dealing wi this. i do not exaggerate t that.
8:44 am
me continually. they often rai speficase of detnees reatedly. i don't want to pa this problem on to the ne president,hoever it is. and if as nation we don't de with this now when will we deal th it? are we going to t this linger on for another 15 years, another 20 years, another 30 years? we don't do what's reired now i think futureations are going to look back and ask why we failed to act whethe right coursethe ght de o hiory and of justicend our best american traditions w cl so, iant to tnk secrary carter, you and your team did an outstaing b and u have shown greeadershi on this issue. with this plan we have the oppounitfinally to elite
8:45 am
strengthen relationshipsh allies and partners, enhance our tional security and most importany upho the values th define as amecans. i'absolutely committed to closinthe detention facility at guantanamo. i'm going toontinue to make the case f dngo as long as i ld this office, but this is a good moment for everybody step back, take a look at the facts, take look at the vis of those who have be mt committed to fhting terrorism and undetand this stuf eratives, our intellig officials, our milary, let's go ahead and get this thg done. thanks very much, ybody. >> president omaddressing the countrfr theideos velt room at e white house laying out hiplan once agn closing the detention ty at guantanamo bay, cuba. les brg in chuck todd nbc's police c director moderator of "meet the pr the president twice invoki president george w. bush as someone who once shared his view
8:46 am
closed. >> you kno on his first full day of his presidency i remember sitting therwatching him sign an executive order thasaid he was cling down guantanamba that prison with one year. here we are nearly eight years later and it'still not closed. the point ishis, wile. he h- he had more bipartisan support for shting down gitmo ght years agthan he does today. he had john mccain ready to work with himlindsegraham rdy to wk with him. they don'to it. already fore the president spoke this morning, willie, a major democratic senor from colorado, a state at hous one theseig pri that these guys might go to saithey arnot coming is a planhat the president wanted to get out t it has very tt support in congress on a partisan basis. >> that's a democrat and majority leader mitch mccoel calling this an ill considered ew side by a president. muchore righnow anmsc. excited abou returning to theizarding
8:47 am
8:49 am
>>ou see it there? >> we s it on some of the star >> kerry whin. but not asry as t '7s powder blue. it's alic ue. mascar maybe an eye liner,
8:50 am
>> if you have eyes, do mof a purple, they say? >>usto yr cor reay pops. it doesn't compete again it's color of your eyes. >> wou you do it with your nails and match orth much? fun colsor nls ways a goodchoice. th tren wide leg pants. we'vet on acelebritie 's reay te. cially peo who are pete, ty often think, i don't know if iano is. >> that's t question. evenicole richie pulls it off. the vertical lines mak it look long and lean. >> this is our model corrin. >> she's rocking thelook. itbout the fit. hi wastedpant, hug the smallest part of the bod and im a theay to e fl heels a a must. >> they are. mayb a the ot. >> extly. >> any hght ladies shld wear heels with it, to keep theeg longnd eek.
8:51 am
want tooheitted top as opsed to somhing a ouse? >>solutely. she's wearing a body suit. you don't worry about t top ngou it's completely g to stay exactly where iis. itsice with the of you it, it has aide hole to add a f ent. pretty. thank you so much. the nexttrend.t'sho ceb 've seen this look a er very >> sure. olivia wilde iinbig '70s bows. she wea thisok at lair and go outafterwards and l trendy. at's fun is wearing i litte itind a little off kier.wearing a trendy miniki keeps it modernndslee how do youakee it's not too, i guess, li too sy, i gus? guess? >> is about keepi t shape,
8:52 am
ep hair do i don't feeoogrim and red up. n a lim o weari bows. you can even doow in you . it's aend, wearing littlebbon, mbe a loose, low ponyil. a rease" potail. >> thank you so mu, al. deni o m on denim. have to get thisne rit. we see, is thatate hudson >>wen stefani. it's a great airpo look. >> we ha janelle modelingt. >> it'sbo two difnt washes. don't wch thewo of em. also, treat denim as a neutral. ad a pop of col withour ps orring or aun pan. shs wring the leopard fts. it's like aring bla but tter. >> basicall you don't want to have the dens watch complete. have two col or xtures.
8:53 am
and butn dow sht. a skt. >> let bringhe modsack out for oneore look. laes, rrif. you, too, em rehion incdi toulff ahat, head to our nterest page. affck i coming up. first, your local news and weatr. good tuesday m good tuesday morning... we're coming up on the top of
8:54 am
i'm ira cron... with ttoday show update... a suspect has been identified in a social med threat.... th st down school for kids in ellicott yesterday. e sheriff's office described vience... man an app called "after school". as soon as it waspotted... the district saythey decided -- it was better to se -- and cancel classes at the elementy, middle school and high scho to allow t sheriff's officto veigate. e sheriff's fice isn't providing any further ination on the susct. today... school is back in session and on nmal scle. chief morning meteorologist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a look at our cal forecast... stephe.. the heaviest snow this morning is around walsenburg and trinidad, but there's been some snow around colorado springs and monunt, too. the heaviest is closer to the hills west of i-25 some light snow has beenalli around pueblo and pueblo west, too, but it has en melting rather than accumulating with temperatures above freezg.
8:55 am
rth sth fro7 am tough 10 am. temperates will warm through th30s is mning. the sun will be breaki o by noon andelp to wm temperatures into the 30s and 40s is aftnoon. cleang skies this eveninwill allow temperatures to cool into
8:56 am
8:57 am
this >> this morni o "toy' take," oscar wnedrian brody is here tkibout hew thrillerktrack." asey affleck on plang the good c inriple" plus, theadgewillt you looking gorgeous. all that and more coming up now. announcer: from nbc news,
8:58 am
ker, natalie mole wiletndnha,ive fm studioan rockeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's tuesday moing, february 23rd, 2016 i'm wile alo with natal dal onn asment. my morni jes you bk to middschool, "the sympho"y rley maeyarl and the juicecrew '89, i think it wa gat vide fantasc. >> i remember that. >> gat bass line. >> rrific. >> let's talk about this app sty. iteeps gtingor interesting. new twt,height bwe the fndpple over unlockg ione usedyne othe attack in e bernaino ma ting. microsoftounder bill gates weheinid with, surpringly speople, the fbi fbi. sa tech companies suld be fo t cooperateith l enrcement in terro instigatio. >> i do tnk peoeant the governmento actn their
8:59 am
gone to phone cpani and basnd lots of companies to gather informatio peopleeel like the government not being blind andeing able to try and stop b things befo they happen, it's a gd debate to be vi. >> ieresting bause sany the othil vley execives immedia sid with appl and cook. cludingaceboo and ttter andgoogle as we,ua me in t sidf ape. he an outliernd o oth founding tatrs o silic valley taking this position. >> h says the is aisk even among son vaey, they're having theebatee are having >> slightly more than half side with the fbi as oppos apple. the fe oit, genera micha han,hed of the nsnd cia says apple has the right idea. yo can't prehere people e going to come down ifascinating.
9:00 am
od crsat to be having. absotely. weav the frdondt's prte by our constitution. like the freedom to loo like an idiot when yeexti a walkg. >> i'llefrainromsing wo idiot becse ien own to this. >> into a ulptur >> not io aculpture but ts happens on rock cente on a day basis. t onl me but i've seeneopl lkntolls. th i tsia scuture in enanalle t kiss. the problem is, it's in the lkg pa. th's not goingo present a obles ? ll, it se did. this is 20 fee hi. they say within hours of installati installation, they had eight pele walk right into it. >> how do y missthat? >> it git. bu it is right in the walking th. >>vehe path. no in the path. >> in their defens theeople
9:01 am
this hitslose to home f you. >> i nearly walked into a table. don't move it. enou of . >> put a cameranit fantasc. >> appa,hey had to remove it. they put it to the side. >> oh, come on! >> the artt sd tha texte aprently were looking, of urse whi walking. there ygo th he slpture isar of thei every day utine,ike in thalking path. >> i c'teliey cav to ers. >>e ,! wo get arou>> snd you ground love this next one. ifou've g morehan o kid, you themtogeth, methg isoing t happen. chec out ts little girl w hadomeun wit h baby sist. thermanentmarker. >> oh, boy. uh-oh.
9:02 am
>> i did wt? [ [ laught ]. >> >> i l . >> gng to leave her scarred ternli the littl sister. >> she doesn't say anhing. looks ater momike, wt's your proble >> evener fa. >> that's theest part. >>hen the little one turns arnd. front and ba. >> binkyn hmouth. >> with h little bu i loveit. >> zebr >> come on, zebra. iove zebra. >> and theadgaga, coverin ene eye. >> is that sharpie, a permanent er? >>hat's questi >>erma er. >> it' going to goff sily. >> thechee the face. oh, mygosh. >> clearly mom isn't that t.
9:03 am
>> i can't wait ten yea f wt payb going to be. >> all-mer. >>s great. it'll be one ofhose where d anom embarrahe younger sister b winghat out to a date. lo wt the girls did back then. cinut at theehears dier >> sli rry thereater in. >> s fuy. ou h a latet. aitizens brigade? >> the upright cens brigade, the improrouper in the city and now across thcountry, it started by amy poehr, and they d night late, like a late nit show, in front of a live audience. amazing group of young actors and writers at ucb wte e mate, they produce the show. theyid all the hrk. theye thefutu. th be the next nlwritewriter
9:04 am
wrers. it's like a tk show. i d amonogu h side kick nille walleasy est, talking about the campaign. >> thisan killedit. listen toth. >> oh, no. >> 2 hour mcdonald's i south korea will try servingeero attract ctomers because ere's one thing iehought while sitting at mcdald's a 2:00 in the morning, it's,y, wish eryoneere was mor drun >> irote se mogue jokes and they wtesome. >> have a ture m friend, willie ve aays said, you'll g places someday. >>ucb is awome. if you get a chanc tse show here,l.a., erer,he them out. so much talent in tt ace. >> wel pled. > we'reasking, we g this shoutout going. moms, sdsheir wildest first concert looks. dads cannot apply. >>why? i don ow. it's wt the id. >> n fa. >> i don think it is ehe buthashat ts is. for a chance tbe flowno new
9:05 am
keer, courtesy of jcpenney. nalie shared her wilde fst concerook whenhe was and wentospan llet are share your towback pictures 'll pick a winner at the e of t month. to o facebk page faok.c/"today'take" and ll us w we shld tell rock youst spking of going to our"tos take" ge,oday iay 20 ofur 25 days o geaws. what do we have, itney? >> a coo waret. worth 00. we wantore 300,000oday at are w ? 6,000. meon, people. face.c/"today'ta"." check it t. >>llrigh also che thisout. at's going here somebody hittton. there y now, we've gea thunderstorms pushing throu
9:06 am
for today, we' anado threat strchg fm new orleans to hattesbu. e concern is tight to torrow mornin risf long-track tornadoes. a signifint threat ernight. this is reallyngous. welatchin tsery, ry el beushi u through.behiit, snowm chi, st. los intodetroit. are eecting to see the rain chan to wetnowthere. avierwersnd thrstos. theainnto snowornterr part of e rtheast. somelaces picng uupwards
9:07 am
all >> >> facebookom/"toy's take gettin awfly close. >> guess what, guys gues w is a our "day's take" ta this guy. youngest pernver to win a academy award. now, starringn a new psycholocal thriller, adria brody, lies angentlen. >>yes! >> we have an tor. joing us aer thi pet momentare betiful, unle you have alrgs. enouey may see it diffentl only flonase is proved toreeve both itchy, wary es andcongtion. no other nasal aergy sprayan say at. en wbreathe in allergens ourbodies reacty ovrodu sixinammato subs use our sy. agy only corol one nce. flonntrols s
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us uimited sad and breaticks. e best tour of italy is the oneou create. at olive garden. if your family oing is mag for l the wrong reass. you mabe ming through rgies. try zy for powerful alrgli fferti becae it starts worker on the f you tak try zyrtec muddle nmore . 13 >> 13 yrs o,dria bro sh to serrdomer winng the amy award for st actor in "the pianis" now, adrian sees dea people in his new thriller "backt,"
9:11 am
the loss o his ughter. take a look. [ scamin ]. >> okay, i'm t. you canet g now,ll. >> rry. was like, i coming. somethin is gng t haen her thethinou kno it's comi. >> ikn, but it sll happe. >> adrian brody, what s this like, shootinhisthin iwa - it's lots of fu i me, interesnghing autshting anying scary is it's
9:12 am
making . t ie the world of super natural. i love --s tuty film. yo can really getla th can actually be frini an exciting. and it's >> tel u abo yr charter. pla a ap iat right? ye, i play asychologt osoi tou araatic time,he his-e rent stis daughter, and he'smoni. ealize thall o h patits are deceed.>> oh.that frightening. >> that's hard t ll >> exactl it is. >> a gets tthe heart of e matt. ever going to see any money with that. >> very true. was the least of his concerns, by t way. wasn't thinking about
9:13 am
moment so youe restoring -- or y have restore ts 00s s barn, si in upste new york. >> mm-hmm. >> you've made a documentary out it whi istory t itself. an creins the, i sothinhatol >> it's inresting. tually, whe i fstoved in t us iwasn enormous process,obuild thace. th f few nhts of ling there, wch after a seveye joury, so iwa only a i manad t livn the main house, a i w in be ting tooo bed,nd i heardhat soun lik snor it coming fm the second floor. i crept downstairs.
9:14 am
snoring.i was sc. itas my ownittle -- >> and you sti wanto live there? >> i haveooice. i s sevearsking the place. i'miv here. >> howo you get a breathe ght stror a whole house? >> all the wiow >> wo crazy. >>yeah. >> i wt away. i still don't know what it was. it w t first nig.i thought it was some san thing with e pipes but it wasn't. >> somebody juset you kn. >> i weim u ae stayed awak igus. >>ou'r br man thame. ank you so much "backtrack" is available on direct until it hits ter this iday. t gd guy in the new acti fm "triple 9." we'll catch uith casey
9:15 am
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we are never getting one of ose (mivan). we are never having anher kid. i'm pregnant. am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, ste farm is there. > casey affleck starred in a string of hit filmsrom block busters like the " ilogy trilog to "gone, baby, gone." and the assnation of jesse james by robert ford,hich earned him a oscar nomion. noe stan the new gh-strung, "triple 9," where he playsclean, new detective surrounded by group oty co. here's alook. >> this a't agame, chris. the rulesround here are different. th ain buckhead, a right? you better learn fast. >> man, let me tell you something, youave problem
9:19 am
don' question me like y know something i don't know. you let an [ bleep ] in front of th neighborhood, you have explaining to do. >> cas affleck, g morning. >> morning. >> youe got ll of a cast, between antho mackie aon - >> what was the oername >> you raced through tt one. >> it's how we d it. >> i was counting on you carryinge thugh. >> noan. >> what was it like o set a that actingpor? ias pain in e ass. they'rello good. u kn, this moe, i didn't al sthem. ey wen always on t set when i washere. woody'fi woody'first day, he is aut, shopnd gy scene. driving dn the street, p
9:20 am
steps tsee me. that's fy simple. wokes thfirst ke races down the strt and hits a tr, jumps out of e car, hea is bleeding andunsp theath tome. i figured eryone wouldesce andtopnd lay wdyown for a minute. woodyept to the scene. okay,ue tt' he ay iter oh milon, m go. d it make i intth fin t? ah, i did. that'slways beer,he unexpect, ght? >> who is y g in this ndscef chacters? who isou character? ere doe hit in play sort othe onl - i'mhe good gu a bunf baguys hous how'that? >>hat'ood. >> youlay a l different and intenseol
9:21 am
an incredible cast?>> we youkn, i'veye a lot of bad w do -- thiwas k o ffas -- h has asimple, morcode, simple sse ofig wrong.eemed to me. i wted to a p offi iik the script. the dir i reay tale, swt guy. >> you g a ln e works your latt filtun nc "mchter b the a, has a lot of buzz. tell us about that. >>hat is written andirted byenny and iwa one o ese -- iwas a beaif rict. erytng heritess exceionally well wrten.n't know what else to say. w avie, a it ended turn turn outat. to it t sundce. i'veeen in aotfmall movi thatidt tn out grt. th one turned out better tha ulve imag. a lot of good tkbout at
9:22 am
quit a bit. you' saide'sou soundin bod whenou're conside a role. haveoto ask you about that. >> he is >> have to a you about at" arouexcias his fans e? >> haven't -- >> ty' cited. i am excited. this is t movieverybody was t "b rman >> versu "deadpool," yeah. >> exac >> iexcitei wan tseeit yeah. >> he sousxcited >>thrill. >>et meryhat agai i'm excedo thi vi >> m beer >> bely ctains himself. >> drive aar io a tree.
9:23 am
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tak g aook a t headlines. neopments today in the fight against the zikavirus. al-bas r testor the z virus is availabl e annentomes v aboratn between t tex hospital 'll resultshin selhourforeded, phycian ced theossibiliong delays of testing iocal a st publih laborat
9:28 am
food and drugministration will begin testing some foo the willerrod-. age p to eck soy baen s an corn, milk gs. it's thet widely useweed kill onfa scienttsaveebatheth it h lin to hlth problems. und-up's maker is connt th tes will rm the safetyt it calls the vital tool use farmers and homeowners enuraging news foreoli their weig. ew fnd obesee cannifi imprheir he by losin just 5% of thr byweig. a small weitoss n only reduced tal body b c the rf twoiabes anioscul disease i obes adts. whil lin m wt hps cell function and muscle tiue,
9:29 am
today bongs to the laborarador reve reiever. it's in i 25th year ahe top u. dogbr her bresave a lot tark out. rman rriand retever a to fiv piveli. > the happies citynar naes,flida, accorng tothe latesnkgs. e port meares howredents flbouthe ysal al, siales, ncia secitynd counitie linas, californ, was nner up let'set a che othe weatr from al. >> if y'r in the southeast, you're happy about where you're livg becau we have a lo of wind and rain. vereeatherpossle, especily along the gulf. icy m in the northeast. snow back through e roies. suhineut st. inl.a.toda intotomorrowe are going to
9:30 am
the stheaerid-atlantic cot. y mixn th nth w rn erywhere else. easternhird of the coury goi to ess for driving air tral torrow66 in dallas. orston. ok for a high of 82ndny in l. th's,,, >> tt >>hat is yr lest ather. natalie? >> tnk yo al >ow tthe binshindhe beauty. gh-th appsnd gadgets to
9:31 am
aveie he wit h favotes. good moing. >> thiis a segment youl like. >> i oesseith this read we have bey here melin thin for us,hich is li-changing for tse of us who he foughor our l fi the perfectndation matcthere is an app amakeup company that are now doing that you. >> 94% of women actlly don't have the matching cor undation. >>ye >> now youy use the scan y face with the ap >> wt' acalled? >> hc basically, in camera sh calibrate to g perfect. thent to y ishis btl withour nnit. and the fndatio t mates yo rfectly. it'sreal $4 >>t smsikt'site pense,ut acal, l ofoundio are more thathat >>absoluly0,$6
9:32 am
side of your face.u ve great skin to begin with so you d't need foundati. i c't tell. which sideas -- >> it's seamless. you can barel tell. >> and t bottle has her name. amaze amazg. and the dateo you knohen you purched it. what i love, going tough the app' see shs. it has a satin finish and esn't have t ceyl. awesome foundation. >> it'll b my n favit thing. let's move on ove here this is purevaporizer? >> s, ts isoi to refrh th air and moiure rise it what cl youanonto wholeoor drugsto a puha a nural eential oil. therson l.d. buon. if y cehrghe.d.sochhed. it perate it, wheert's n,me petri l, swe an. i veinmon in there now.
9:33 am
>> freshenp an area, if have aokey area >>oo f nuy, yoga udio, anyth you want. >> what's th? >> in the summerhen you have yo medication snacks, and ths a beayegme so ma, allhe stu isot and melt now phisn th fezer d it kp things cold fo toevhos. ce thisn youll y. whethe i yr tis, maup, wheert the mecation, not prm. t inhe cool it ca th maket forsnd girl goodtechlo. wh is goi cleanghe brhes, gh high tech. this cans your brushes in5 minutes. it goeshrough a soap cycl two rsecles. i've neveen anying lik bef and it'sthor. tylly, y clean tshes fast al of us hav somany. is goes through a process and
9:34 am
clean you makerushes relay,right? absolute. >>eason f havg this. ios bought ts at the rpor the other day. i said this wn i waldup, i almo bough . theayo coscba y sisr g me thi for ristmas and it wasy go el g. e best par -- >> erythin is ld t. >>veryingsaiout. youan s ytng. >> z i up. as a dra spng. coolrt y go e hotels and layhis on the counr. don'fu with anhing i'm alwaysn rush. i takt and gon your y. they he wirveion,o therare comrtment forour technologies. >> fantastic. >> startg at $25. >> whaoe ha her il polish co. >> tis are a called supeup. it ang expensive,igend na polish. it canost u t $ nai
9:35 am
you can cho you favore lor an there, ll uch shade t apopateco you cothe drugstore and buy the $9 koff version which is awesome. >> looks thethis isho cas that lights the perfect lfie. >>t has three differeight optis. may beyonce'sist. we'r going to aelfi . come in here >> y c see diffen. >> look at the lighting. l'sutff willie. >> he you h me atbencs stis >> it ao otecve,too. c stf. katie,hank you co cong up,andbags hope. how one womanurneder loss into a gain for fil iomo sp te bodhiwelc sh soa you may not feel it butsomey waescleansers foh ap. oh. in? that'slly sc
9:36 am
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vona reduc t aun of sug all b t body through thkidney seso s ohrgh thocof. d whe it'sot ightoss, it helyou eighvokaan cau rtant ffects ing atio may e you eel diy, int, laded, ly wstand othedeffects m roblems, l yeast fections, urinary infectio, urion, pot in e bloo insehost roffrre ot te vo if y he severe kneprlems or e on dlysis.stopg d lloudoorghaw iyo pe spts chshswli, or difficuy breathing swalling.
9:39 am
may cr rof bloosugar. imagine liith a c.u long ye's only one invokana . k uroc n neral mills is removing fi flavors and colors from ouceres.soan love cereal. again! > this morning on hope to it w n jsey wow iopgth a dastating los b heing oer families. she's min hugempact on the lives of those in need, one handbag at a time. >> whahiew line >> reporr: riss nning her own btiqu i larlo. >>hank you. >> tnk y so much. >> reporter: handbags,er
9:40 am
accessy. yoan pic out andbag, a lor,ddstyle yolf ue eporte unli mossmal businesswn whe each sereprents ofitt her ste, lucy's gift eachansaio hpsnon-prit. itakesyuses soique rorr:aris dones 10 ofer proceeds to varus arities, all in honor of someone she lost. >> i always wanted to be an trepreneur. i do not think i wou haveone thisithout m horrifi tragedy. i lost my lovedusband almost five years a t aerde and vlent death. >> rorte he s kled while onusiness trip, leaving behind marissa and tir dauger lu. e ccumstances of his deh, still under investigation. m h was so bevont hiing overyone else
9:41 am
legacy is carried on >> reporter: and i wasn't long bere t dhartchity w born. born. ielieve through faith, love,support,encouragement of so many, i was ae t tak this little idea, selling handbags and justontinuin evolve. >> reporter: profit for each habag funds ities, ranging from p. cmbers schl heing childre with special needs, to sa, an organization supporti women andhildn fect b domesticviolce. >> when you're in a hole andou ally areeep athe bottom, takesong time to climb outf that. i now see tt ian ctie t grow. grow. ifther peoe can make un, maybe i c mak one and ge eryenny of i aw. >> we need moreomnieshas llg to give back.
9:42 am
anybodyho knows my bosl sa tha she h the biggest hetn the world. all she really wtssor t aect t charities. if we can accomplish tt one bag at time,hy not? >> reporter: for mari giving back heals her t. >> i've already achieved the most important goal. my husband is smiling onme. mang himroud iust everything toyaughter and he is always with . >> wt a gre ntimen > cing shod y p of yrebtr se for retime? how toutou tax refund to go use wh our pal, right increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann,re you mingn? netive! stay on target. what are you guys doing? aro, thrusters! they'r closing in! i'll guard thease. for every mily that lives star wars, this ithe place where star wars lives.
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and helps keep me hethy inside and out. nefiber aly ap this, i ca nd benef healt shape he f ais tha that's yours. i'sorry. >> w t read it toth?>> no. >> tnue tfunds $3,000 tyear if'rexpecng one, yo obab have plan the windfa. >> first >> listen t "today" financial editor,he has great advice for . in a game ofs or that? rng. >> tha right, this o that, tax refu io i' g t ask y qstio and youick thi orthat, by puttinhe $100il into theprop pig bank. sh you use youraxrefu to this or at,ay dow debt, this,utn your timent coun
9:47 am
al is with the retirement accot. weano pay down debt 'sec t interest rat on t debs probly hier - oh mness. throngway the money. >> i was celray >> the interest on the d is probably higher than the return you'd get in the retirement. y're gettingch dollars in the retirement account, that's the way to go. always forhe hing. >> that'shat i was thinking. >> question two, getng a fu thiyear, lik you do everyyear, is this,od o at, n good. >> h cou getting a refund be ba >> ahe winner. it's not soood. it means you're givi unc s an interest freeoan on your moy. whatouhoul do, go t human reso or adjust your withld if're not putting 100% of e m in yourirement account, bump uphat contrition at the same time. ay. >>inll arou.
9:48 am
loing to a vueo your me shodou you fund to do th,etew fro or, o th,et a n garage or? bofou goih e f door. yes. a newront doo will cos you about00. et0% othe monack ifousell. int it re that's my opinion. >> all rit. >> sulu, maneopl w rkxclusively at homere afidfakg thhome office deduction because it's a audit flag. ould you take it or should y skip it? >> feelsike a trick qution. >> wile is goiithth, it. al sd take it. al is coect. take it. >> t question. ifou truly have a home office. has t -paatntn, s. >>t seems obviou iidn't think it'd be the answer. >> i you ever a home office and you donake the deductn, you'eaving money othe tabl
9:49 am
inrestinglhess oy ditingbout 1% of file, expt for peopl who makeve $1 million a ar. they're auditg ofthe. ay >> this orat? ifoue gng to use you refund t repla aol applnce applnc suldit teyear-old washer, o a n-year-old frigerator? willie frator. there you go. the ansr i this. washers made befe the yr 2003 he really been imov on. you'll saveouel about $180 a yry erg st.c. who is our winner? >> we get one mo. >> all right. is or at? according to aew surve fro heo, wareost people spending more of tir nds on thisyear? is itl orclothing? >> the opposite to keep it intere >> it is travelpeopre snding67 mo people a spendg mn travels year
9:50 am
perience rat thanings makes y happiernd who is the wier? als thewinn >> i getng a bag omo baby! >> whew. tha forlayiurgame. >> you. congralatis, a ror. >> tnk you.
9:51 am
9:52 am
is is oday"n n. > i i like bra. >> what? >> a zebra. >> oh! >> wn your big sister has a permanent marr and a little too much time. >> oh! s preciou >> ian't handle . >> the bestid of e da >> that wins. >> zea. >> whave debra messing. thanyou for asking. >> hello, debra ss
9:53 am
>> beautul new book coming out called "com to the gard." i got theaudio. >> yes, you did. >> and wllook sething wondful.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> roaed > f nbc newshis is "today." th kathie lee giffo andodtb. live frotun rockefeller plaza. >> erybody. oo day tuesday.
9:58 am
>> >> so o kitchen slaving aw is ey winningnd the alwaun debing. an deborah's not just hging around the kitchen doi thing. shs live teting ochat. sohat' you ndle >> @dramessing. 's veryreative, isn't it i likehe picture you use on twitter. you' looking down or up - >> thank you. >> but it'sery creative. >> is provocative? a le nay? >> it'like that. that what you've got going. >> we're goi to beking up mething inhe tchen, too. i see a ned. >>hat arecooking? >> sage roasted chickenthe's five gredients, . soeasy. >> the best roastedck o me. s says >> all ght. >> elvis's newest artist of the month. this mide school -- his musica in middle school turne him into a youbestar.
9:59 am
attent fromen a lady ga. all gro up n a he'sot me n music. e ha headline from sterdas sh u migh havissed this. ifd, wanou to pl fi your eyes on wt haened. the veryndfur show, kathie dropp her robe. an was quite ment. >> it was my favit thing. t was her favorite thing. so i think we ve it. look what's happening. >> yes! >>y god, you look good. look od>> look at your bod >> youta? it looks good. >> nobody cares. >> peoe d. ces? people cared. [ applse ] >> you guys areot a css sectiof am you' prts kno ite bigervert ofall.
10:00 am
t. ds ishat i took piure of yesterday, evybody. feastour eyes upon this something wonderful is happ wderfpring spring, sing thiss wtodeels reve that ihe wul liz callaway singing "sprg," a so davidriedmand wrote. e's gloritalented. >> they enoh said. >> not even a lk. maybonom yesterday. gosh, it j makes your heart sing. just to seehe si s lgoria dething rely funny yester i do you gs, sn 20 years sin ice girls first so didom mashable.


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