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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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t. ds ishat i took piure of yesterday, evybody. feastour eyes upon this something wonderful is happ wderfpring spring, sing thiss wtodeels reve that ihe wul liz callaway singing "sprg," a so davidriedmand wrote. e's gloritalented. >> they enoh said. >> not even a lk. maybonom yesterday. gosh, it j makes your heart sing. just to seehe si s lgoria dething rely funny yester i do you gs, sn 20 years sin ice girls first so didom mashable.
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anbe."t st dt as aid it as a teleen innovella soap opera singer. ta a look. >> what i rely reay nt tell me what youwant. at you really really want. iant a ha! ian ha i wnaha i real,rely, reall wan zig . >> ts s hol lle wh yount, whau , ry wa >> anoer sweeticturerom jennifer lope sh pos thi picture o stagram her ins. they're already 8 years old, emmy a maximn. >> she coned i hpy bihdayo tight o m lii reerhen it her nctas and her ks tre andre was vyovocative pti oer .
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and shod the s fa int som, jt sthey w't seei what was d >>t wa momdoing? >> aewrithi >> pbly y fet ofhole.>>t al >>hat'soing e a t ee are we seem o scre s supposed t hapng theotmf re. >> ifhey' not haing, we'r going to post em. >> are tyru that's d. weeaaw . th was tee th whyt's cled twee go e af theother. there aeo tt hn oyee st. we spo abouthis with thomas farley yestday. s the guy comes in, the ial employee isitng acrom him ae doeshis every time. he brings him to breakf thisa g who wort chs scab. he specificayaln aance
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de >> badl >>o sometng tohe food soin de's going t wchowheyact.dhaill hp him didf he gng to hire th. ifhey have goodcharte >> yound i tked about is weho probay have the we t goi on thishing ou'reittiacro feo of a majompanyt nt t work you're gog to y to impress peith eing yo d think y'r goi to be onour best behavior even if they bng you a ofju you'd everyite of it. wouldn't it iou ni athem. yea >> ihinkou'rrit. don'thin youould rea the rhty. but i tnk ihey rned my meal and i was o job inteie i wouldust push it allarou >>hatld you do, a, myeriesof? i'd go the kitchen and i'd find out w it. >>well, yo a
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>> they often sea can f aotboutfg a date, they say if you really pay attention to a g on o the l learn a lot him. howe treats he s h t all right, welease get on "the bachelor"? >> yes. >> time for "the bachel"! >> dea, do you watch "the bachel"? >> i don't. i used to. iwas an emotional nig last night. it really was. i have to say. e hometow des - ben goes to the final four girls' meethe falies talks he parentsndhe siblings. so it can gther reall od, or real, really d. let'salk abo jo. weoike jojo. herbrothers, though, are extremely protective of their sister aroht up some very good pots. let's take a look at wt they said. >> i'moingo puthis in perspective. you've only been on two dates withheuy and you're my sister. an i le you. but how can you fall in love
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been on two deswith? >> i'vbeen on mandates. >> you just sa you've been on o sgle dates. >> but in the gro dates, we ve timelone with them. >> i see how emotially inveed you are. my rd is he's not as emotionally invested in it as you are. >> you brainwashed these girls way too ch, man. to see m sisr like that after tw dates,ou're put in a potion of you're desired by a lot o girls. psychologically that all makes wan you. you've bee on the other side a little bit. so toee oister get a lile more otional than i would like. the only thing i would a is truth in all yr answer. >> felt like tonit w honest with all the brhers. never td themnything toghth was fake oral. >> he's n gng to pk r. >> lov thosebrhers >>o aft t brother
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>> so this iheat that wen alwell uren, ihink she's fronunner in t competition. let's te a look. >> do you thinkthat,li, you d ben arempatible? try? like you personalities? >> are you asking if i'mn love with n? >> well, s. >> i feel like b is like my person. it's az it's insane. i wa like, meant to meet ben. i mean, i'm definely in love with ben. 100%. >> what makes her stand out to you? >> there's something about your sier that's -- like, i can't put words to. i don't know ieel reay lucky. >> uh-huh.
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sorry. >> canou just answemy quon? don't y. >> yeah. he's bn crying a lot. >> he has? >> ttashe fst bigry where you saw a tear bu h gshod up 's going to beoughad want a guy thatries when his dog of 15 years es. >> can iellou o thing? in "dane,"heyell youf a person looks dnndle, they'r not telling t truth. was looking atthat i'm sorr that what "dateline" says. >>usquicy,manda -- so her hometn date went reall ll. she' the only oneith kids. it was really te. n met t littl ds. end. it was bad. soe just met the kids for the
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good,hildren an't invested >> whyeet the kids? sh criednheca he cried. >>eri agai >> he crd aihe's gngoakt tohree ftit urjo,ndyl hereheare.>> i gngite'soi t pickhe mideon lauren thene hwas cryint. dea,hooou in the onde. >> w dthk? >> pkne othe other two. allrit, jojo. he you go >>e wh the all thebest. >> ye we .>> amaa,'m goi to ntinue prafor u. all rit. farite day of the week. >> don't miss all the fun we have. >> plus, more fun to come wit the mysrious debra meing. what does she don weekends? >> i don't know. >> i want to ask her. >> iant to know spice of life.
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out ljz. > she'sitnd creative. character onv,e' talking abt emmyarwiin trs debr ssing. >> w gat snaha gog. don'tndstan it teds gngo hpe fure it t. in the mysteesflaura, plays lra diamds, a no nonsense attitude even when it comeso family. >>aven't called. >> i have bno by with my job and my volte wo. >> wld you shut up. you want to know how i know u're ing, your lips are ving. now tell me what y're really into. >> mosy ga, meditati, just trying to fd balance in li.>> you do nott to mess with me toda m tryingt help u. >>o not mess around i do mess i don'yeah. 's debbiryan.
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george, who do you got?
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we've ned th vendorsup toff wotu ilhave yedarpeho sgetoiewyrdeam w. [ cheers applause sites oapchat that disappears and oth that put t can rch to you tell your ? >> hav anngoi diversation wit th. myaur decid her own to socl me for ys, and was vy oud th cion i so hrip over chris,e dided complely roveself indefinitely from social media until theigh ho cause rlized -- we took thr pho ay foe vacaon. heealized htracting it was for him a heaid ian oncera onlnd hoey and get ts do. bu it' difcultse s damaging, and we've rsonal expnced somof eamageough i look a social mediae
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invent i00 noby had an onoeally mak ws alith yknow we st dvi her and there. there were noigs -- horses we ithe wa thank yyrd ot you. it's brand weeeaws a bndaries r isow and it's growingo pi tt isut o con d i thi tt eventll there's gngo be bloes for this so tsoepen in t re. it just s new anaugh fast w didn't to containit. >> thees forever to catch up e so far in thlaw whent mesoocial media. igritcaace. aaren o 13-year-old, i so tubdy the possitief w canappen social dia, but i als want to trusthim,andlsoant m teel tt he has some acy. ran and were talki a en was 13othe got ahol omy diaryndea. erne h tha perice
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and was s upsetboutit. it was really almost changing forme. i fe lri h been taken away from me. >> i w phmenor a year. he hhe same experience. >> you're hi. i'm seriou >> what was the rs tng you ot >> i wrote aut boys tha i ked. i did write about party tt had wny parts weren't hodll t thin, and strule whing tt an mit myon onocial bec d waorust him but tn i don't thkt'safe. nto prott him f el >> t sws l "catfish"er sho t sho whappens socialedia grong a thkhat's wha neelook t the society is alingnannd so younow how toicyourse i lened h to police re qui bse oe ft th m paren rdyiary andut myunhmt f ye. never wrote anying aft .
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parents kids see what you do o your cial mediaes howuff y sh how u out. so y h tlly nt wh youeln how utuff out. dal, y kn, yav tocotantly tk toou k abouthat bouariesea becaenless you them at theouariesare, ty' not goio ha aic toy, hey, i'm not going pa . t . okay, weht nnncernextvetakes you behind snes of her
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more "hot topics" and raven talking abou"bla-ish ncan't wa f y guyoee epise. >> ohree, t, one, actio ally,oushod tell us whas it le havg nn yrshow because word the street isuy got tirendouer back h tous.'s h feeoutit>> is r hgr. a o. e' a -- soioayll t politicay crect things aut ra >> tt's wt w do i our relationip. no, e'lly fun and awesome and she really intenti when y're onand s not. >>he best gay tv sisr i ev had. nds do. >> it's a lot of fun hinger back.
10:35 am
mother's dayepise. was le a hu hot mess o reion. >>moth, you daughte i a ga t is lo. i'm ptty sure cou have found a moreensi way t sa that. >> n yaile . >> ngratulation >> not in my family. mama, list, se. ot gay, no, oh, od jes! tnk this time it's even louder andcrier. >> don't you conned senme. grandma, mama ma. >> it' like seeingld family an oldriends onc agai weave a great timeecause she rely bris aew energand new set of skio our set wh thinksot o fun. >>end my ster usedo love not so and we used to ask her what i like to be that sho and f. >> youe you ther's hair. >> ie been tat. nonoyou have your moth's hair. >> oh! ! e and myamil act wad the cho when she wa rll little. >>f yo sp crying i'll give
10:36 am
>>o it's just so awesome like breathing the same air r. >> do you havether quen becae wn we'reeft ane -- >> where lef tour own devices >> cane ! >>hi,y. wh >> did you get anything?ke, it wgr was ea i guess wre just gog to n thpiecwith t cren. [ chee andlause ] o my d. i'm do that. okay. oi to doit.we'll ht bac . >> trac, the last te we og you tothrownan thr ainw it tkou 1 trieyou readym yourse>> i'm ready.
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turnwe'll eck in on todas cacuses in neva. i'llave your [ nd applause ] >>ust havinball blacish," i nging ouwith thiladyllweek ea wcome trae li
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[ chrsndppus] w st. that it wasll aboutme i di't uer i unt now. >> i sul all autyou. u' cedic geni i heysh,'m . >> phy codyomon. he od ye. t but "blk-h" is the numberneho on lesi. you have gon fro showo -- you're tala dhilari o tnkouerch. ihi youe goingreat jond you'r a shnista, ay. >> a fasonis'so d youee b b you canecause'm in a short skirt. >> this isfabuus therrineel fresh and event' no sin t. >> no one knows it's not springy out. you havehe su you have bught the my one thing i
10:43 am
,o wohis. ause ]you ha snessed e ir and makeup trle it's not just me. anthony and i both are into our beauty gi here yougo. >> this g, you guys eveorning the's a new dget. anthony a wnghings unour es. drivento work weari a mask. >> y dri towork iop you lle. >>ouook ea you explahenehat yo p t lht >> yes. this right apparently helps yo by t cre colla ich what kpsouight anfres so uset wheneve i can. >> wow. >> i want to say congrulatns becaeacish" won b at theecen ac imag awards [ ee a applaus] ran's isod isoingo a inapril, buttorrow's isode, ykn is indicative ofhablack-ish"does
10:44 am
to tal about race ando it in way whe everybody rlizes that they' invoed. >>. s it' somhie've been hearing a lot aboutely and th way y guyave handl it isindfemkablend we ve speek. nd i want to see it too. >>t's goi on bout to announce the verdict oe brutality l. >> i think i heard about that >> whato you mean you think heard about that it'seen allve thenews i the one wheyt ie stre? >>t the kid in chicago.>> is this guyho w sho at the traic s >>no, thacharleston. >> then what was new york t w the unaed gho was selng carette that ched. th washe unarmedelng ds tha gotased7 time >> is he ok >>e' not eat. thas hilas.
10:45 am
hing tha writeo so increbly and they reall -- they are n afraido take on the topicsteed to be dised and how milyrips ove these big issues that us a in i tnt dealin, tal abou and having expin to our drand they, in e ntex of hisry and o own personallis, own psona expeensndowe're a ndf worng touhis st th is at. ere are big things t talk about. >> iavto say thou, the chemis bet yound th't b scpted ths onthe be relatiips tv. itspeclar. oh, enjha n. >> i c tell. u guys ao were both on lip sync le.
10:46 am
e are canells we're wrong searchi our hearts foro h of unowing is batteld >> oh,upivehooks.cheers a ala imean you nled it w, washat outfitn your clet alreaecause remember yo thatth video. the boots w mine. i've never had more f i my life you get t two songs if you hip sied, you must. irst song i d n j, super bass, and thwo, worinvo. hen didhisne a haveoaynow itounds clheut iee a i w tben atagenging. l w your mother is wee talking about your ges. her ther isdiana ross in caseyou were wonding.[ applause ] >> look look.
10:47 am
hysterecause i kow much love doithis>> it wen viral,his video. how did you lik >>ay, t expere w fascing. firsofl,ad no idey therwa gngo cle onage. i',ha hev haed. broeraser he's myom t sin ha a lotf fea abo it rs. en youoms dss, y nt to dt rit. it was a tohi beautiful mom around if you watch the whole video you see my mom's face because i got really shy and she ul believot shy buter face, t was a point where iterally waslike, sho i havee this? she wa like did- >> didr t girl exacy. d e s thi vulnerable par ofend shenowshat ptfme and t le diana rsent ayndommy kicd in and h fa w lik -uh, wt de donow? >>hey want m to d it. ouant to stt?
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>>ounc: torrowlu oods" star tom selles the sef "vie pketh my creturprisesyou do nowant to miss it. [ chrs and applause ] >> welcomeback. we have ignited a poop srm becaus the motrs of these two wome -- >>uh-huh. >> texted them aost at th same te,nd wt did tyay to u? m mothes i d mber reangr diar i think yoar i id, o ye youdid. w she says youav toel theho wo i id y knowoveu, ther
10:54 am
yes soow-ndo at thsame times one text well. what happenewith u? >> i loveyou, m. she goes, didn' rdou ary. your dad did. i believe in privacy saou heerd it whentas beg read. you're anowledge accessory to the crime. she said not true, talk to u later. wt asecond, steve just sent me naked pictuf himself. >> who did? y husband. i t my es a bleing. >>ou tnk you es are ding? >> but i me, how czy is it and doou thinkhat this is what ppens to parents is they remember somhingasy differt -- >>ah. tnou remember >>es, yes. >> ilways llyom that
10:55 am
happ iny , you saw it from aifnt doesn't meantt i sayis ong. itnshatn't allowed to eress i to you in that way becae i wasoo you to prs self. yo children i rllydo you neverw wt they' up to. they c be tingdrug on those two women agree with me. >> if someone isaking ugs,u're goingo seel ange ot necessiltherare a lf people who id iado ideay kid wasn drugs,ado ea. nev tlos day. when pple co up m and sayhey we hig the whole time and'm li t were? >> inow w people are high. >> but i don't. some ppldon't. >> here's the thi to always if you it or y tht about it or youid i in your way, they'reoing the
10:56 am
just le we'reoing t irtate you now because wre g. have a great day anda little te to enjoy t view. today:t will b slick anslush morning drive, lks shouldive themselves extra time to get to their morning destinations as they will need to drive slowly. showers ll become spottie roh noon, ending by the afternoon. adonal actions will bless than 1". temperatures lltay chilly, with highs only warming tohe 20and 30s. ndustsould reach up to 35h, this will ke it feel colder than it actually is -- making wind chill a factor! la veta school district re-2 ialso closed today.
10:57 am
aouncbre yoself beuse we'rabout ake ever faster,etter chea n's g a liciou twist onrefast that's evt's cracked up to be. plus, geoube mao's inhe kith e fabulous gloria estefan, and she's goanncredible seafood dish that wi turn the beat around in h. then, "chewer allenge" week contues, andt's michl' tu in the hot
10:58 am
hello, everybodywelc "the chew."thank you. thank you so muc we aciate at. so we got beyonc j. lo olia newton-john, these ars all ve one thing i biestriplehreatsn showbiz. but wee about give them a rufoeir ney,ecause today, we'rehowingou how to make everyingle meal fter, better and cheaper. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you guydoing today? ppy tuesda thaou. >> hpy tuesday. >> all right, , therare faster, better, cheapeories in news right now at i'd ke to your take on >> all rht. >> delta airlineis teaming u withanny meyer, u might know him from union square cafe, also shake shack, right? [ cheers and applause ] he's gng to invent airplane
10:59 am
delta one passengers wl dulge in meals like beef short ribs a roasted chicken breast, gu shrimp with polta. theyill also bpairing wi with these foo how doe feel about flying delta firscland having ? [ cheersnd applause ] wish him st of lu. >> yea it's a hard tng to . le nd a t moreeasong and a lot more acidi in their fo wn they're eating at an airplaneltite, a i hen't had a loof good rplaned. >> no,t's hard i'll tell yo when i was competing to be an in chef, after mario already was one on ext on cf. e ourompetion we were germanynd whad to cooan ailane meal. remember at. ands a , yore like, "i cou cook ything anre, don't er," you ow? give me stick and a tch and i uld even rub twoticks together. it was so hard to do, beca li mio said, you he toe times thseasoning mix too the fd me it taste the same in the r as it es on the grou. >> w is at?
11:00 am
anur palette >> well, it's thprsu a altitudend everything, 's cold and it's weiir that's not fresh at all. it's allllengi to yo lette, and believe me, you just filup on that salt. u wanto know w your oes are ght whenou get the plane? [ lahs ] >> y look like alown. but like, some of the greast chefs in the world have do you know, dear friend ne, pa minello, used to do itoronnental, thomas keller did it for -- can tnk of the airline, t is h haenedefort's t easy. okay, il tell you o thing, i looked up this just today, how much it costso fly dea one, which is the rvice, ial t clserv from new york to say, paris. it's a $7,000 round-trip ticket. [ laughs for that ki of ney, dannmer, y c comto my hoe and cook. [ lahs ] hat's lot ofoney. >> il tell you what, for that kind of money, i bet he wi. >> wow. >> s grand. oly crap, hould put bettitchen in those planes.


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