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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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incredibly, dozens of peop inside this gold's g, unharmed, as reported tornad ri through. >> i srtedscre ybod get down, erybody down, cov. >> repter: entirsi of the building sheared off. the storms started in the me of the night near san annio, with gol ball-sized hail. this car getting pummeled. heavy ra bringing accidents. e rsonured when this acr trler overturned and three carslammed intit. in houston, this school bus caked with mud. flipped onto its side, injuring t driver. no kids on board. davi tse storms are onhe move, headed east, and nightti is the mt dangerous time for tornads, so, ahoriti are asking everyone in theegioto be on alert. david? >>inzi thankou. ofours becau people en go to bed and you say this is not gointo weaken thugho thnit. >> rorter: no,he winds top to botm are suchhathings if anythg may strengthen. that's going to be extremely dangerous.
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slidell,louisiana,ow just east of hates berg,urghattiesburg, stretching intolabama for the first t tornado watchepostedntil 10:0p.m. again, aarcularl drous siation, with large tornadoe possible. thisends ipointso the eastas we gohrou the overnight. look at the low as it acks up to theth and east. severetorms in the colin. hey snows on the back side of this from stlouito chicago to detroit. so, winter component, as well. >> mess right through wednesday and thursday. rob, tha you. in the meante, tonight, we movento other developing headline. new surveian images tonit of the alleged ubegunman, in thhourbere the rpa. isppently is t suspect at gunhop, earliern th y. the owner he ught a tactical vest and appeared upbeat. just hours later, poce say he targeted victims at random. three dierent sis, within 12 miles. actually picking up passengers inetween t shogs. abc's alex perez witthe surveillance. >> reporter: tonightthosne imageselieved to sw er drer jasonalton side a gun shop.
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seemed out of the ordinary, and dalton bought a taical jacket like this on >> t pern that wasn here wafriendly, taed to us, was smiling, joking around. >> rorter:ess thr hours later, the f shooting. instigs sadalticked bes bet t attacks. >> ie describethis as inteional, alirate, as ld. >> reporter:ber confirms 45-yeaold father of two had passed a background chk and tonight, new detail abo thi car dealership where richa smith a his 17-year-old son, tyler, we gu down. authorities realing tyr's girlfriend survived by hiding in backse of the family car and caed 911. and 14-year-old abigl kopf, sheas among the victims shot at this cracker brel reaura parki lot. four others, iluding her grandmbarb, kied. doctors say thteager's hea at one pointtopped. her family desibing that moment they learned she'ale and still fighting. >> actually, shequeezed
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you n't expect it, and all of a dden, it's there. my dghr is n dead. she is a and she is fiting for r life. >>eporter: andavid, the uber driver has bn appointed a public defender. mewhile, investigators tonight say theyre hunting for answers a motive. david? alex perez wit us tonigh alex, thank you. next here, to theace for the white house tonigh and the publican showdown in nevada. tonit, vers will hav their say. front-runner dond trum trying to seal theal, ubling down in h attks on senator ted cruz today. but one of his closest allengers, senator mar rubio, wracking up endorsements trumplaining today w he isn't going after marco rubio, at least not yet. and one more develoent. one republic candidate saying today, i don't knowf my purposisbe president. abc's tomlas in las vegas. >> reporter: donald trump, toght, sayg nevada is no one-night sta. promising a long-tm relationship, if ca-goers
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believ, so that's it. trum-- i going to be with youe all night. all night. >> reporter: tru hoping a win he will choke y ho from rivals liksenar ted cr. >> ts guy, ted cruz, is the single biggest lia i have ever dealt with in my life. >>eporter: theop frt-runner, relishing his fight with cz. >> he is like a little baby. soft, weak, littleabby comparison. for lying, he's the best i' er seen. 'she best. >> reporter: but todaycruz fighting back. >> wow it souke donald is really getting worried ange scared. you knys have a barometer to how conceed donald iy how much he's insulting and just how rattled hes. >> rorter: but as he battles cruz, trump refusingo lay a finger on senator marco rubio, who ntinueto w enrsements from establisent leaders. >> mar rubio is niceoung n. he has not hit me, i'm treating him nicely. when he hits me --oh, ise going to hit.
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nasty,hichin which case, you know, fine i hope he does becse it's more fun, right? >> reporter: rubio has momentum, t he has yet to win a single state. if you don't winonight i nevada, what proof do yohave, what evidence, whacan you show to your supporters that you'll any state at all? >> you have haajority of republicans that do not want donaldrus e minee, and as long as they are being dided up three or four people, it's goofor donald. but that's not going t continue. >> reporter: dthey need to dr out then? >> i think voterare going to take care of that, you already saw that. >> reporter: a tonight, onof rubis rivals, goveor john kasich, snding li a man whose time is runng t. >> d'tnow if mpurpose be president. my purpo is toe out here dog what i think i need to be doing, and we'll see where it ends up. >> repter: kasich's beat style, a stark conast to trump, who recently lit into a protester interrupngis speech. >> he's walking out like big high fives, smiling, laughing, like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> and tom llamas with us live tonight. a big night ahead in nevada,ut some ndidates, m, you were
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>> reporter: that's right, dad. senator marco rubio and governor john kash, both in oer states campaigning, focused on ne week d super tuesday. vid? >> all right, the results overnight and first thing in the morning on "gma." tom, thank you. > w,o major developmen on theemocratic side. just four days until the sou carolina primary, antonight, hillary clton drawn back into her e-mailontroversy. the nequestion, will top aides now have to teify? the clinton team's response, coming in now. and the question for senator bernie sanders tonight, is there stl a path? hillary clinton with a nearly -point lea in south carolina, and abc's cecilia vegis tre. >> reporter: ton, as hillary clintohopes for a big win in south calina, federal judge delivering starkeminder to voters about that controversy still hanging over herampaign. the judge ruling clinton'sop aides and state department officis shld testify uer oath about theirole inting up the private e-mail server she ed as secretary oftate. bernie sanders on the trai
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he needs to keep his campaign afloat. but when the crowd began to boo at the mention of clton's name -- >> my opponent, secretary clinton and i have a strong disagreement -- [ booing ] no. no, no, no. >> reporter: sders wouldn't vet. >> no. i reect cretary clinton, we can have differences.>> reporter: sanders now setting bd soh carona, to s tsd hoinin colorado, minnassachusetts and his state, verm inton trying to in on her support among minority ver ss t sou counti ovictors arkansas, texa georgia and alabama. >>llight, we'll see. and cecililive tonight the clinton team resnding to word that clinton aidemay w haveo testify? >>eporter: david, clinton's mpaignanager said right wing tacks e behind this court case. for her part, she is he in this chuh tonigh makinher lastine pitch to south carolina voters.
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>> cecilia vega with us live again tonight. celia, thank you. next, to a major new voice in the battle between ape and the fbi tonight. of cours at issue, wheth apple should help thfblock e ipho u one oe san bernardino attackers. night, that tech giant, microsoft founder ll gates now weighingn, sayg this isn't aboufinding a back door into that phone. he says it's an isolated ce. ain tonight, a's pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, apple supporters rallied oside the fbi anat appleres across the country. >> hdsff o phones! >> reporter: microsoftouer bill gates was weighing inn apple's against thurt ordeto open a san bernardino killer's iphone. >>obody's talking about a ba door, so, that's not the right question. this is a specif case, whe thgovernme'sing acss to information. they're not asking for some general thing. they're asking for a particular case. >> reporter: in his interview with "the finanal times,"
5:39 pm
whatpple should do, but this is a debate that needs to be had and resolved. >> the cous will tell them whether to provide the access or not. it's ndifferent an, you know- shouldbody have beene to tthphone compan to get information? >> repte hseems to be at ds with her giants of tech iustry, who have rushed to bk appl ewpugh poll findi % of amerans bievi thatpple should clock that phone. an 38% that say theompany should not. >> repter: but david, apple has its ppters. a rally here at fbi headquarrs is just wrappgup, and th re qte v. david? >> pierre thomasive at the fbi toght. pierre, thank you. and to the white house tonigh president obama day vowing to ose the guantanamoayrison, once and for all, revealing his new pl. but tonight he, we ask, whe wothe prisoners go? some of them to unspecified locations here in the u.s. here's abc'shiefhite house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: it holds some of thworld's most notorious terrorists, cludin9/ mastermi khaliei
5:40 pm
al qaeda's chief of operations. in relsing his plan to close guantanamo -- >> keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in e wod. >> reporter: -- the president is trying to keep one of his first promises as a pridential candidate. >> wwill close guaano. reporter: t wte hou pls short specics. ofhe1 ee 30 would btrsferreer coie threstbrout to unscified locations in t u.s. >> the yays are 91. >> reporter: congress has ready ted to forbid bringing detaineeto the u.s but the white house today didn't ruleut the presidenting on own. it's a really simple questn. if those barriers remain in place, can you still cse that cility, yeor no? >> we are now asking for congress to give it fair consideratio and not goi t spete athiint, i cgress refuses to do that. >> reporter: andavid, if the presidentries to defy congress and close guantanamo ohis own,
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crt in fac thave alrdy h ers ake ca. >> jon karl live at the whe hoe. jon, thank you. and jon,s yoow, the was another maj developmen today, in a different bate playing out in waington. the fight over replacing justice antonin scalia at the supreme court. toght, senate repuics ruling out taking action on anyone predent obama might nominate senate majorityeader mitch monnell quote, "presidents have a right to nominate, just as senat conitutio right prid oith holdconsen in this case the senatill withldit." mcconll addinlater,e isn't inined to hold the courtesy meetg he psident's minee. jon karl reporting that the president stilplans to pick a nominein t next two to thr week to a troubling n headline tonight involving e zika rus. w cases here in the u.s. e cdc is now invesga 14 cases that they say y have been spread roh al contactnvolvingen who h vited areas witha outbreaknfecting their female partners. two of those wom are preant. investigators e still working
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virus and rtfes in . > the is much dn "d wsonig" istuday. the h prile wsuit.amous sportsorter and a farite o "dancinwihe stars" now taking on a hotel an a stalker over vaon of privacy. erin andrews in cot today, her lawyer making her ca. did the hotel make it easier for a stalker to get a room right next door to her tspy on her? >>the small plane crash, right into a parking lote close call fveryone, right thon the gro credibd 're ni n taa melothme level couple nside. debris found inrees 3feet above the ound. and inveigats tonighth the pole cau.'ll be right back.e rise sytoms worn because ur hearisn't pumping well. (water filling room) ab50 percent of people die (dog whimpering)
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ing t hotelorng her alleged stalker intthe ro next door. legey alwing him to spy on r through a pele. and he's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, erin andrews, who made a name for herself reporting from t sidelines, and now host on abc's anng with e ars," finds herself taking on a tennesseearriott a a alker, in a $75 million courtroobatt, claiming the hotelade it easyfor the alker t viotape he the nude. >> this is so miliating to r, and icoues. eporter: hawyering nhville, miae did bartt cal the marrtt o vanrbilt univsity wita range request. >> i, miael rrett, want a roomext to erin andrews. reques >> rtend theotid nothg p himrom ndg her ro number d subsequentooked himn a roextdoor, ere, according to the lawsuit,e removed an altered theeephole of her room. he stds there 4/2 minutes and er >> repter: breat sting thvideonline. in 2010,pl g stalking and was sentenc t
5:46 pm
but accordinto andrews, e dent caud severe and peanent emnadistress today in court, the hotel's wyers arguing rrett's crimin bior s s responsili, theirs >> hdeceivedhe connived, he stalked. >> reporter: according to the hotel's lawyers, barrett is expected to testify in this trial. and t trials expecd to la nrly tw weeks. david?>>yanmith with ustonight. thanyou, an. hen we come back here,an you guess the five healthiest, happiest places to live in amera? the new list just out night. and new details cong iat the scene of a deadly housexplosion. take a look, nothing lt. a couple inside. debris 30 feet up in the trees. and, tonht, thpossible use. anok at this. the close call forrivers. the small plane crashing into a paing lot. unbelievably, no one was hurt. thindeis nex with mmoderate to severe ulcerate colitis, e possibility of a flare was almost always my mind. inking abo what to avoid
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> to the indexotr ne tonight, a we're learning more aboua deadly house explosion in washington state. the home dtroyed by a massive blast early thorning. a up living there, 65 and 70 yes d. bodies were discovered hours later. the iobrng windows eighboringomes andhe near s debris found in the out feet abe grnd authory pre, the me'sy ce ogas, m be to ame. > and to a cse call in southern california. watch thtop leftf ur sc the, surveillance video owing a small planhi to ausparkg lot rth the plane hiing a movi car and five parked ca. itent down right after takeoff. the pilot watrying treturn irport. no one was hurt thaparkg lo faa veiging. and to the list the healthiest a happiciti, it's o ran id anumber o, sayi
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here's steve osunsami. >> reporter: to the children he gets to scol every morning in wilson county, tennessee jothpson is iv bn in behem >>eporter: but tonight, families here e arninghat the mabend t wel for the la4 years is n arammy wier, too. >> "still rockinmy soul," fairfield ur. >>ter: on grammy stage, he thanked the folks back ho at the bus barn. wld l send out shoutout to the transportation mentn wson untenn >>eporter: thompson sis bass for the fairfield ur, a legendary a callgoel grou his day job pays him $17 an hour, drivg little bs and girls with scial needs. the cldren he sves areow sharing their love, whi he says, els jt as nic as ammy eve os, abc ws, atle m joe soundgreat.we'lsee m he b.
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back here tomorrow night. i'm david muir. from all of us here, have a g ening. good nht. 's one of the biggt events i the marijuana wod... and it could be coming to pueblo. the latest on mors that the cannabis cup could headed to souther colorado. temperatures slowly warming up a dist trend... human affick a ere's more l ses thanth the totop .. good evening d thks f joing us for krdo newschannel at 6. i'm james rman. and i'm heather skold. we begin tonight with the fight er cannabis clubs in corado springs. right w peoplere gatherin tir opinns at a publeeting at city hall.
5:57 pm
colorado springs city council and community members gather to talk ab the establishments which have b opating under a grey area of the law.some marijuana clubuppo mah from studio a-64 on east donu he meeti a city h theyon't want to add regulations on the clubs... tonight's meeting comes just a few weeks afr a raid at e lazy lion east bij et. no one wasarrested during that rd. e meeting is a chance for people to ge answers and shtheir thoughts on whether marijuana clubs shou be open. wel t you know what haens at the eting night onrdo wsannel 13at folks along the pueblo mesa are bracing for git crowds.. that is, if pl are approved to bring the infamous "cnabis cup" to pu. perm h been filed with eblo county to hold the marijuana trade sh in april. the ow cobe helin e same sce as "bas in the rd just outside of pueblo citlines. we spoke with neighbors in the
5:58 pm
lo as there's no trouble.. they wouldn't mind hing the crowd. "i tnk people most used canbis ing lenow since it's bee quite a few years since it has been legal." e county attoey says the permit been aroved pending a few final details... e final decisi will be made 30 days out om the event. at a difference few hours can make ... earlier today... it was a dicey drive in southern lora ... t take a loo now om garden of the ds ad-lib traffic vi alg smoothly, d it look li mo oth snow we saw ernight and rly thisin movi on. a muent e this morning, with telle country taking an espially icy hit. wood pk and crystola got nely half a foot of snow... with one observer cling in ten inches. the heavy snow taken care of quickly on the major hiways, but ngered ait on the de streets13:45:56 "you just have to slo down and behavei love colorado...ts won't be here
5:59 pm
elevations got f to a rough start. this car slid of e interstate near monument. and an s-u-v n into theack of achool bus up in north gate... oneas injured. road conditis ha reay impr in comparison to the y coits ing. it willbeery tonith low drping into the single digits and teens. then, tomorrow it is expected to be noticeably warmer and mu ls wiy. i'll track the incoming spring- like weather
6:00 pm
now to efforts to fight hun traffickg in the pueblo community. since september, an adolescent eaen center ipulo has seen 12 girls in its hum trckin ue trtm owseei facilities to the ste's new human trafficking council toda there e three girls el pueblo right no. who e being rebilid afthe trau bng fi. thcenter reors


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