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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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d this 3arldother fromouthern california is cing felony grantheft arges. veronica paderezs listed as president of tchool's pta, now cused of steing 2,000 from t group $,0 from little league. her husband says it's ala misuerstding and that the charges would be straightened out so. >>om of the year. re a great littlgi jt looking r a coleot girlto compete against her. oh. sh9-year-old jesselyn silva of hackensack,ew jersey. she's beenoxing for two year alady. >> float la butterfly, sting like a bee. silva's already won a cou o tus ahe'sn the ring workinwi a tiner. the problem is she can't find many gir or boys to box agait. >> she says she loves bong because you can hit people thout tting in trouble. look athat. i'm scared. her grandmother isn't a big fan. dad calls her old fashioned.
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>> exact. >> she got a nice little hook. lookt at. >> she can take out ronda rousey. >> she's gotomething going there. >> yep. ming up,peakg of boxing, sylvester stallone bigscar wish. can hein the award he didn't get back in 1977? >> also ahead thcontrorsy suounding yton manning the sexual assaultllegions at t university of tneee. the coaches speaking o. >>singrones to tck down poache hunting endangered anims. t.j. holmes isn afri to show us the hi-te fight.first the focastap and the storm warnings along the eas coast. youkids. rn yr neighb kanye wests tweetinggain>warn yo kids. warn your neighbor kanye west is tweeng again.arn your ks. warnour nehbs. kanye west is tweeting againarn your kids. wa kanye eeti again.s.
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case of mumps was confiron its bloomington campus. while most recover completely fromhe muches, complicatio death. scrambling to contain an outbreak of dierent ort. >> the coaches of every sports prograat the unirsity of tennessee are joining forces to defend their school's reputation amid a sexual hassmentawsuit that's linked to star quarterback pn manning. here's abc's baz a nani. >>eporter: a united front at the university otennessee. >> i couldn't be more proud of toe paf a culturre at tennessee that is trul connected anbonded. >>porter: 16 hd aches comingorward togetr to defend tir school's reputation against allegations of sexual harame made in a lsuit sweeping national headline >> to think at the university is not treating women fairly is totally not true. >> reporter: aleast six women disagree.
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claiming it eated a hostile environmenfomen protecng ma athletes by actwith delite indference i its response to incidents of sexual assault. e suit focuses ofive recent ses. but onparaapin the 64-page complaint refers to a ear-old allegationgain supehaion quarterback peyton manning ba i1996, a female trainer at the school accused manninof sexually assaulting her by putting his genits in his face while s exaned him, a cla manng vehemently nies though he did settle out of cou. >> it's involving one the grt heros in our culre in sports. it's sto incredibly potentially damaging tpeyton maing. >>he universityches are concerned a theamage the lauit could meato their rrent hletes.
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lot of these inviduals that don't go to parties that have nevetouched a drop of alcohol. >> bazi kanani, c news, washgt. >> and but jones, the head coach there says it's being used the lauit is being used against them for recruing purposes. it affects a lot of women coming forward. a case like this canave such big repercuions across the couny at a local level. >> and ramifications for the university. manninwrote about the incide in his book says he sily was caught mooningnother athlete d id it was crude but rmle. >> she had a different side of thstory. >> absolutel >>coming uhis under threat in the wilds of africa. >> their bgesttor mans aching them for theihily veted horns.
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th's next.tt2watu# bt@qop< tt2wu#4 _\x tt2watu# s4 bm@qtwt tt4watu# s" dztq 0 t 4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4w s4 " gzt& y#l tt4wu#4 t& tt4watu# s" iztq #dx tt4wu# s4 " tq 148 4watu# s4 " lzt& )y in south africa, rhinos ve been hunted for eons overhe past teyears, the llings have reached a crisis level, skyrocketing by nearly 5,0%. >> now conservationists think they've und their silver bull r friend t.j. holmes has the storfrom south africa. >> reporter: i'm otrolit rangers at t oldga ree in afra. armed pohers come after a rhino ernight on these
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air suppor is ithe latest attempt to comb the killing of rhinos in soh ri. the project is cleaish, drones with frared caras patrol t air and send ba images in reti to amoomnd center where a teamonitors them. looklose the whdots that's and the rangers prol. but aoach is spotted, the drone team can tl theangers ere intcept. south africas home to over 8 of the world's rhiopuln. but they're facing ectioin e wildecause of their high coveted horns. theigh dem comesro asia wher the hornsreieveto have medicinows. isan say'srd f friends that in cu diseases. he mixes up the horn and puts it in a drink. >> the is no scientific oof that rhino horn h any medicinal benefits
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rhino horn doe h the attributeshat it's said to have. you , it's the same as teing a christn jesus christ doesn't ext. rhino poaching has reached unecedented levels in south africa. ten ars ago, 25 were poached the number last ye, 1175. i met with a fmer poacher who asked us n to show his face. through a translator he says he killed at least 50 rhinos and says hdid it to suort his family. did you evefeel bad for what you were doing for killing imals? >> hsaysmes, i would feel sorry for the animals but i had to dwhat i h to do. park rangers say ting to sav thrhino poachers is like fiting war. >> some woulsay they're getting close to wiping the rho off thplanet. anyou all are fighting that battle right n. >> we're tryinbecause it's very bad. >>orte butor n, th wacontinues to save some of afca's mt majestic eatures.
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ll thinumber now. so over the course of 46 s, sylvestere s appeed and starred, t this, in more than 5moes. most famously, of cose, the rocky d rambo frchises. >> so far he racked up only three ademy award nomitions. could th be the year he kes home the golden trophy? here's abc's brandhitt.
2:23 am
iconic movie hero with strength and heart. created by a m kno as one of thst humble in hollywood. sylvester sllone. >> reporter: back in 1977, sylvester stallone did not win thoscar for best actor or for writing "rocky." t after shadowboxingith mu ali on ag hwa still appriative. is someing m going to treasure for the resof my life. unbelievable.k you very, very much. now nearly 4yes lar -- >> i neverhought i would be able to cross this thresho again. stalne is backs rocky, nominated for a sporting actor in t suel "creed." >> everything i got has ved on and i'm here.with his daughtey s de, the llywooheavyweight won his rsgoldenlobe last month and flected on being absent during his quick rise to fame >> then i realized thami is everything and that's the greatest award you can get. u get one chance at life
2:24 am
>> people seem to be cheering for sylvesstallo.they want to see him win becau he's somebody who's woed so rd and foruch a long time. >> when rockwon best picture, e lm'sroviders are seen pulling stlo on >> i like to thank for inyof cky with us >> reporter: sunday he may climb thosstairs again this time for his own oscar. sylvester stallone's star has be on e lld lk of fame for more than 30 years. rocky franchise augesuccess, ossi me than a billion doars worlide. brdiitt, abcew hollood. >> it uld be his night. abc is the pla to be on oscar's night. liveoverage starts sday at 7:00 eas, 4:00 pacic. tune in to "wod news now" xt mond morningor a full wrap-up. >>ooking forward tit. chris rock >> chris rock is host. wilbe fun and exciting. we should point out that jack will be he with shio >> our bhelor analyst. >> baclor analt. nd we are l gearedp and ready.
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be wearing? >> just ou it? arg?
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how about you? call.. this morning on "world new now,donald t ws neva. >> the projeed winner as the caucus votes come overnight. the impan threpublicans as trump looks ahead to super tuesday. live extenve covage straight ahead. dueling mocrats. hillary clinton addressing cororsy at lnight' south roliown hall while bernie sande reaches out to critical aican-amerin voters. >>another major storxtreme weher and the deadly tornadoes hittg the south. the threat far from over. get this morning's warnings from accuweher.
2:28 am
cele performers won grammy awards ts hbleus driver with an amazing voice is getting the atntion he deserves. it is dnesday, february 24th. from abc ns, this is "world ns no" we do say go morng to everyone. on what is ausy wednesday rning. m kendis gibson. >> and i rnain. incredib nbe for dald trump. >> absolutely. >> really surpsed. >> we'll get into the entrance pos and what we' seen. but i never thought we would say this morning that heid incredibly well with hispanics. >>did very well wi hispans, getting more than 40% of the vote there in nevada. so thawherwe'rin get stard. iteallis a winning strea for dald trum scoring a mi vicryn neda >> he racked up his third
2:29 am
ref republan p marco rubio in a distant son lledby truinace. now trumpromisla results for super tuesday. lauren lister joing usive omas vegas. morng to y, >>eporter: gd morning, reena and kendis. entrance poll results owing at caus here marked new highs in desire for an ouider candidate a vot ger. those voters helping to vault dona trump to that victory. p voters lined up to caucus here in nevada, choosingho should represe republicans in the race fresident. >> the reason i'm rely for trump is he's reallyayinwhat everyone's thiing. >> t'snly one,rump, of course. >> we love you, trump! >> reporr: a newprojecting donald trump won tevada caucuses as expected. if you listeno the pundits, we weren expected to win too much. and now we're win, winning, winning the country. >> reporte trump made his final sh witnevada voters tuday, hurling instst rival ted uz.
2:30 am
single biggestiar i've dealt with i life. now, i mean it. now, i've met much tougher peoplehan ted. he's like a baby compared to somef the peop. ilike aittle baby. >> reporr:nd cruz responded. >>frankly, i'm notilling to gamble my daughter's future with donaldrump. >>ter: cz tling abc he thinkstrums insults are barometer for how rattled the front-runner is. cruz taking some jabof his own. >> the truth of the matter is ifld bame president,ody knows what the heche wouldo. he doesn't know what the heck he would do >> rorr: marcoubio escaped trump's attks, but launched a few himself. >> i didn't just become a conservative like a year and a half ago when i thought about running for president. >> reporter: ben cson and johnkach stillthe re,, deitw pollumrs. just deleges we at stake here in nevada. next iser tuesdaymarch 1st, when 11 states will ve and nearly 600 delegates are up for grabs. >>nd kw trump did hav a
2:31 am
buthatre we h from his caaignt this point? >> reporter: he did. he gave a victory speech at his watch party right here in las vegas. he said, you know a couple months ago his campaign was n expected to win is and it did. and he said,he cntry is something to be winning. he tte his sues as you mentioned, kdis, with ee evanlicasnd also wh his pan icon. helsuted his success was the poor educated saying h los the orly chaed. he also okof the upcoming contes and gave a vote of confidence that he will do well in those. he always says it like it is. you ner have to ubwhat's in hisin we alwget e first word from h. abc's lauren lyste thank you so much live in las gas for us. we'll check back wityoa little bit later. >> the quote of the night, we love the poorly ed kaeted. the democrats now, and hillary clinnnd bernie sandersooking to sway voters in south carola.
2:32 am
there. the candidates took part in a town hallast night ling ou their differs and ttling r e ucial african-amican vo. we get mfrom abc's liz kreutz. >> reporter: oveightilla clton fired up. >> 100 reasons why. >> why ithere e anda and not forverybody else? >> reporter: cnton cfident with that giant lead in the palmetto state, now brushing f new concerns about her e-mls. >> i well awe of the drip, drip, drip it is not something that, you know, is going to hav any lasting effect, a i'm not worried about it. >>eporter: in the final days before voting here, th clinton and bernie sande making their final pitch tofrican-americans in a state whe they are expectedo makep halff th mocratic vot e mustustain and strengen theistorically black colleges and universities. >> racism, along with economic issues, educational issues and l the rest, have to be dresse otise, you know, ware never going to be e nation we shou be. >> reporter: earlier clinton in a church joining grieving mothers fr the mother of eric
2:33 am
>> nobody reached outo us. nobody listened to us. nobodyaid black lives matter. until this brave and powerful woman stood up for us. >> rter: meanwhile, sanders admittinhis campaign still worko . >> whyo you believe that your message is not rating, as well there? >> we started with no suppt. our suort has grown and it h grown inhe african-american community. >> repter: now, tre are new qutions over clinton's mas.late yteay aeraludge said some of inton's top aides would have to testify over the e of her personae-mail server. sanders is hoping too very well in somethe supe tuesy states next week. reenand ndis? >> o thanks to l there lookor more political coverage coming uin a few moments. our deputy political editor is here with her insight that's later in this half hour. well, an allout fight is brewing for the replacemen forte supreme court justice
2:34 am
majority leader mitch mcconll with his strongest words yet, ruling out any set action on whoevepresidt obama nominates. he says republicans will not hold hearings or a full senate te aer t next esident iswo in. president oba isxpected to name his nominee in the ne few weeks. with the deaine fast approach, we're getting a lk at how app planso defe itself against the fbi. there wereallies nationwid yeery to support apple. thtech giantill sathe urorder violates its free speechights and apple will argue at congress should decide t issue, not the courts or the justice deptment. a major storm syem is bringingn severeth to the south, particularly the gu coast. at least three people are dead, two ofhem louiana. a trailer park home exactly wher tornado also critically injured morehan half a dozen people. not far away that, or another twister badly damaged a gold's gym that was filled with people.
2:35 am
everybody get down, get down, take cover. and before i knew -- >> a mississippian wasilled when a tornadoit h mobe home. overall at least a dozen tornadoes have bn reported. is storm is bringingnow, freezing rain and a toado thato millionsoday. re's accuweather's paul williams. hey, paul, morning. >> thanks, kendis, reena. th same adly storm is not gog to die out anytime soon. this low pressure system that' rely the controlng mecnism will create a mix ofnow the cold side of it. torrential downpours throut the ohio valley region. this is the rts we havto watch out for. 's gng to afft florida, georgia, south carolina, going into virgia. we're looking for anher even where several tornadosre lilyo form. so, please, continueo stay tuned. kendis, reena. it'ing to be a long ght. thank yopaul. two pe he died in a house exosion ar seattle. ast ort powerful it sent debris 30t into the a. you see what's left there. amazing, theictures. people up to eight miles away
2:36 am
inveigators om the a have joined the search foa cause. vestigators say they found sevel reasons why takata air bags have ilated with too much force in e past. those air bag explns he usedt leasten death worldwide. scientis say their use of a certain chemical without a dryi ant increases theisk of explosion after lonterm exposure to heat and moisture they ao foundparts. airag do not uphold -- or ld under ereumidity. inveigator say their findings applyo mos of the 28 million vehicles withheir bags recalled in the u.s. >> "consumer reportut with its ranki of top cars. e p five bras include au, suba, lexus, porsche a w. the top rankg domeic brand is buickt number seven. the magine krs perfoance and
2:37 am
>> okay. my my toyota corolla isn't on that list. >> n and here's the newest offering from another luxur brd. it's land roves new collaboration th the british shotgun maker holland d holland. >> there it is. in holland aolla's signature green color. only 30 of them wille sold in the u.s. starting in the spring. >> here'at you get. it features rear seats that recline and comes with tle thers also a lther guse. it canoltwo rifl. luxu. it's going to cost you a bit here's t sticker price. $245,000 fothat, i want a kitchen in the backseat. >> but it hold two gu. all right. >>erica. >> yeah. apparently it' french walnut wood detailing, customeather im floor and mats, and etched door handles. >> if only i cou afford it. it's the most expensive suv to go on the marketver. >> it's a beauty.
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rember, medicaoesn't cer ythi e rest is upre f ecn guide]art gathering thfoation you to helu ep rolng nfidence.
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turng ur sry, donald tru eilwinning e neff ner causes overnight. >> this is trump's ird firsplacinish after new hampshirand soh carona 60% of caucuoers sthey prefer someone from outside the political establisent. >> and abc ns polil dictor shushannah walsheoins us with re insights about the voters what's so sikin to me, shush, is tha see these vors, thant someonwho is a outser. but the republican eablishment has really rlied around marco ruo. at whapoint dohe t ses meet? >>ou make a greapoint. since bush out of the racewe s the eablishment circling theagons coalescing ound marco rubio. but the question really is, is it too late? now you saw donald trump tonig with what looklike a big win. third ate winning. 've seen in cycle how
2:43 am
i think that this question of thes two sides is really the story going forward. >>nd rlly we should mention -- we keep talking about this being aeally big ctory. we we talking whe he has won alady. it reallshows his depth right now. >> exactly. he's won i the south, in south carolina, and he's won in new hampshire and w, of cose, in ne. but les tal about the entrance pol a little bi he won with hispic voters two hispanic candidates, he won with conseive vors and evangelical voters. that's a rl blow to ted cruz who wants to be the conservative in the race but also truo trying to be the establishment choi. >> i want to also turn to the democrs. looking ahead to super tuesday, can you say with 100% confirmation that by super tuesday we'll have a democtic nominee locked in? >>o, becau be sanders says he is going to go all the way tohe convention. he says itll the time.and heas theoney to back hiof course, though, theield
2:44 am
and s tuesday, we'll know really howuch more he has to go. >> okay. so lking ahead to supe esday, obviously, donald trump hae momentum rht n. do wsee rubio and cruz winning any of those dozen states that e upor grabs next tuesda well, they have to. in order for this kee going, they haveo keep winning. you see mco rubio and tedruz on electio nightsoming out and giving victo speeches, but trump ishene that keeps on wiing. so think that as ts es on, we're going to see t home statefirewars i ingo be in tas, ted cruz's hometate th in orand even ohio wherjohn kasic sll thra if they can't win their home statthathows lot. >> every political journalist is hoping for ared convention. >> i definitely would be
2:45 am
i still think we're a long way fromhat, esciallyf donald trump eps onwinning. there's not much to brer. >> he's won three a r. pretty clwhat's going on here. >>still do have a lore to go. >> thank you. >> deputy political director shushannah walshe. all right. let's move o mi up in o next half hour in purit of justice. the ancing wh the ar favorite who's ld rsf in a real-life courtroom drama. whyn andws i sng t tional mott hel a what it suggests about hotel security for the rest of us. >>outsid nashvile celebrity ding ipln sigh the ol b drir o won a grammy. why he'sack he job ts morning. you're watching "world ns
2:46 am
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why don't you rocky sl hy don't you rock my soul have you rock my soul i loves. thakes my soul smi. this nexstory. the american gospel group, the fafi four, has been arnd fo more than 9ars. >> c y believe that?
2:48 am
last week, the group won a grammy awa for best roots album launching onef its members to an unassuming -yead bus driver in unexpected fe. gets to school every morning in wilson cy, tenness, joe thpsons just t bus drir. ilies here learnin maind the wheelr the last 1 yearss now gy winner, too. >> still rocking msoul, the fairfielfour. eporter: on the grammys, anked theolks bam he at s we'li to se a outout to the transportation depament in wilton county, tennessee. >> reporter: he sings bass for the fairfield four, a legendary a cappla gospel group. his day job pays h $17 a drlitt boys ans with specihildree seesnow sharing tir
2:49 am
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avoid a septic dasr with rid-x. > annow 's te for "the mi" well, a third gater in north carolina enters a talt show. and, boy, does hnail it. he has autism a decided he s jackson. look at this. >> get >> lk at that. >> and he ils the mo walk. >> apparently wasn a restaurantnd just started dancing and alized he's got talent. he nails the talent sh, dot you think? >> vy cool
2:53 am
>> i could wch this l day. who doesn't love "billie jean." apparently likes bno mars. he's practicing other mos of bruno rs >>hat'great. so, you have a son and you have a daughter. >> yes. >> a youlways say thatour with hisiste yeah. althe timetalking about that. lo my boy but it's a struggle. >> we know how siblings can be. ta a look at this video. >> whais this? >> oh, no. >> what? >> tt's a really silly name. >> tt's adorab. >> used a sharpie to draw a little brother into a zebr >> how could you g upset? does loo like a zebra. pretty cative. >> i hope that wast a permanent arpi
2:54 am
>> can you imagine? >> debora! i think yosucceeded. ratulations. >>e's able. y know, i spend lot of time googling recipes throughout e day. very osed coo last week i wanted a recipe on pizza apparentlyur producer found a perfect one. it's a rap. ta a listen. got my feet up dog ow you want to get t pepperoni ooked sausage for the homeys sised oon mozzarea eese that's all the ingdits you'll ever need we'reaking aizza making a pizza >> why didatie tell mthis was perfecr me? i lov to bake you have a p, so you kw how to mak the pizza. apparently i only takes t nutes for the dough to rise, whichs aays theig in >> is thathe key t it. >> yeah. pizzin ahour. >> that's a great wayo get around it. learn the ingredients by just making it into a rap. >> exactly.
2:55 am
>> there's a lot of ingredients. >> cooki oil, sa, sugar, wa ter,izza sauce, pepperoni, bacon bits -- >> there's been worse. >> mozrella cheese >> it's better than getting the pisbiry dough fromimage of a veteran in a wheelchair. buthe war in ira like a wars, taking its ll on our yog men d women in uniform. i beca paralyzed wh t vlei s di in edve jason came home to an intensive care unit, anwe faced a bureaucratic nightre ju to t the services he needed. thank goodne paryzed vetens of america was there. ey said, "you focus on your rehabilitation and 'll take re othe rest." since 1946, paralyzed veterans americat to ee at our spinal cord injured verans receive all the care ty have earned. pva al advocates for accessiblity and civil rights for aeo with
2:56 am
find a cure for paralis. life is full onew challenges r family. thank you, pva for helping us et them. paralyzed vetens of america. improving lives, building futures. ake t the h scrub down oo mhin' joints don't jump no more [ boi-oi-oing ] [ creak ] [ creak ] [ boi-oi-oing ] mble ustairw [ ringg ] shuffle down thll theing inarsore ow! [ knees knocking ] [ boi--oing ] [ cr] my jointson't jump no more y join don't jump no mo [ bang ]
2:57 am
a age from the american academy of orthopaedic surgeons. visit oroinfor tnts ain't sore no more i still got it. this morning on "worldews now," breaking news. extreme weher, the furious this morning on "world news now," breaking news. extre ather, theious storms leaving behd destruction and heartache in the south. e powerful system the move right now. also breaking ernight, nevada victory. donald trump'saucus celebration and what it s for e rest of the repuicans. we'll take you liv las gas. and new this half ur, the workout o that became an unexpected sensaon. >> theitness freak and busy mom who es wine in her exercise routines. thlaughs and support she's gettg worldwide.
2:58 am
returns t las vas stage dedicati her performance to the love of her life. her words, her music, in "the sknyon this wednesday, febr 2h. announcerfrom abc news, th is "wld ns now." hi, everyone. good morning it is a busy wednesd morning. i'm kendis gibso >> and i'm reena nan. 'll get right to the presidtial race in moment. but first,reaking news. a massive storm stem amming the uth right now. >> morthan aozen tornado have bn reported overnig, causing at lea thr deas. two were at this trailer rk. this is louiana about 40 miles south of baton rouge the last storm track in ment. but we begin with abc's nzie janis. >> loo it's gog do. >> reporter: fnel clouds ying to touch down in new orans. >>orna warning in this area. takehelter now. eme threat.
2:59 am
spawng this massi waterspout on lake pontchartrain. >> coming off to the sid >> reporter: watch as two more form on thsides. one reported twister ripping through rpark in nvent, uisiana, killing two people and injuringozs. in downtown prairieville, major damage to business. incredibly, dozsf people inside this gd'gymunrmed as a reported torno rips through. >> i srted screaming, everody get down everybody, get down. take cov. >> reporter: the eire side of the buildingheared o. the orms start nsan antonio withba siz ha. isar getti pummeled. hey rain bringing accidents. e person injured when this tractotrailer overturned and ree cars smmed into it. ese stor on the move headed east sohoties are asking everyone ross the region to rein on alert. liie janis, abnews, prairieville, louisian we shou point out that storm warnings a going up
3:00 am
ea. >> and taking a look at the rar, tornado watch inffect in georgia and florida overnight. dangerouconditions from the deep sou up the east coast. covera continu with accuweather's paul williams. morning, paul.>> good morng, ken dishgs reena. same deadly storm that causedavoc throughout the deep south, that same system isow going shift towards the east affectinthe folks as far north as d.c., richmd, and as far south as jacksonville down to tampa wit damingwinds. chces o tordo as well as damaging hail. and u ha to keep imind why. this front's going to cut underneath all this rm air and cause thstorms tfire off.kendis, reena. ll, turning politics, anotr sweeping victory for donaldru. >> tru won the nevada cauces byhat looks like his widest margin yet. made his victy speech


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