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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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and we ha -- we got h live. got him live from your ac frcesco. >> hlo. >> hi,y. >> is that your apartment, ra? >> hello. >> your work is almost de except for the nursery, s how does sa feel about at what sec do you have for her? >> he'ovingy cheese. >> well, sara, hello! i'm in your aparent, ashe said, we have a big surpre for you. by the end of this show i'm goin thave your nursery completed for you. i got max in there woing. we got aot to do in, gosh, 52 minus, so i got to hat's right. well youonlyave about 50 nutes lef reallet that nursercoted, so y betr t your bind to work. we'le you in ait. [ cheers and applause ] >> we need some eene oopi think weeedome kleenex for this one. >> my nose,'m crying. >> i j want to say how beautifueverything looks today.
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the greadesigns om minted. minted has what you need to celebrate your le one, includincustom designed birth announcements, baby shower and hoecor, nursery art and pho gis. and thanks to minted, all the pregnant wen are goi to reive a200 gi card. [ cheers and alause ] are you so surised, sara? >> i didn't know h this fit with of our ot tic you ce out and you said what are they -- >> pla kt lookinat me and i wasli, ishi a trump thing? i don't know what's happening right w. >> even this morni she said onef my friends texted m and she had she's in the audience and said why would she be here. >> s's kd o in the business >>e triedohange the
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out i >>haplai whyax w washing theloor las night. he sd he feltesting coming on hecrubbihe fl i'm going to cry, this is so amazing and you lookedo doing it. this bab shor i nust fo sara. 's f all the pregnant women who arin our audience day. [ chee and applaus] i haven't ldoutht. y'alre jus happy, like yeah! throughout this hour we're going to be giving a lot otuff ay starting right nowactually. sara, your "gm weekend senior teorologist -- goodod -- rob marciano is hereith a giftor ou audience.
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[ cheers andlause ] >> carter's. >> i lov that youe here. >> i think your little one would look exceptionally ce in t middle outfit. baby, let meell you wha you just rolle out. appantly y can tell us so ca tell. carter's whi is bulous is happ to outfit your babies with theatest i byhisnd ba essentials.yeah,rust byenerions. anks tcarter's everne, ever in the audience is going home with $250 gift certificate.
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[ eers a applause ] welcom bac everyone. day's blk history month celeates benjamin o.
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squadron, the tuskegee airmen, inor war iwentto become the first black general the airforce. we salute hi we salute his father who was also in th army, all in the fami. >> got tlovet. [ cheers and applause ] so, apparently, apparentl one of e many hurdles -- oh, wait. di you knowhat -- rber i told yhere wereemts here? well, she's pregnanoo at her man right n to i just out i'd lethem know, so you'll see,hoever pops first wil -- w deal wi, onef theany hurdles -- ch onefyou? >> shes right there ithe blue. >>nglatis. >> there's a woman right there who's due today. >> you're due today?
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>> okay, i have had experience.>> okay, tt's comforting. >> so ifomebody else pops before you and ty're busy, i >> thank you. >> and i have a mop. o on othe many hurdles - amop? >>ou know what ppens. >> i do. shh. anyway, e of the hurdlhat n parents have to get overs figuring out h to have x when there's a baby in the house. cosmo asked parentso giv tips, and clearly we can't say 99% of them on tv. but doe aone at the table have some tips that they ca - >> do. yes, please. >> i think you should get rrate. get a surrogate. >> thanks for the advice >> that's it. becausehe guy- >> the surrogate for the s or the by? >> for t sex, f the sex, yeah. a sex urrogate.
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not a good looking one. >> ihink it'sot norma though. >> it' painful right afterwards. >> it'sotally normal not to wa to do it but you sd that the dead zone can bece the ive zo, righ not when the dead zoneas itches in it. >> sa, know that you think that this isllyunromantic, busometimes -- >> it'sllunromantic. >> sometimesou haveo schedule it. you ha toook . my husband and i have a standing da. i'm not going to tell you what day it is. >> i know what ministry tim is. i've heard abo it. >> don't be afraid if the bab is still really littl to do it with t baby inhero. you could if they're in the crib, ttle little. >> not in thebed. >>ot in the but in the crib. they won't kw what's going on if they're a month or twoold. >> if you're doing it rht they'll know what's goinon. >> how many women -- i bet some women in the audience, how many of you have -- with your children ie room? [ applau ] >> e? you got to dt you got to do >> and learn tbrace the
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i'm ju saying. >> butefore you o, but before u ny of that, the t of th matter is, your body has gone tough a huge thing and it is rlly the last thing on your mind. it's the last thing on your mind, so make sure you get it -- a loving thingo give youife partn is a ss bath. somethg they can sit in. oh, no, you tru me on this. cause when everythin isaid and done youe going to want to coo everythg down andsooth yourse. >> is that sething youut i th bath?hen ysoothing, you dotindf somodysivin you a littleis over here when you're in pain, it's roh, baby. >> youw what else is going make peoe feel better. mommies to be because [ cheers a applause ]
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"gma" co-ahors, ron claiborne. ron, come on out. [ cheers and alause ] me on, ron. okay, ronny. >> there you go. . give each other a hug. we call ron claiborne uncleon beuse wre a big famy at "gma." what do you have f the ladies? beechnut, real food for >> bnut has no gmos, no ovcookin no exa water. there's abtely no . just real uits and veget are in t jd nothing else. and thanbeechnutu' all getting year supply food valued at450. [ chrs and applause ] >> yeah. and we'll be right back with
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[ cheers and applause ] >>hey, welcome back. check out designer francesco bilotto hard at work in sara's new baby nursery. the big reveal i cin up later, so kee on gog, ancesco. do your thing, baby. [ cheers and applause ] >> we were going to talk trump but then wen't want to
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threw it out. we'r going in a whole new dictntoday. 's all abo losing fends. ey sayosing friends cane a good thing accordi to life-sty site, your tango. they claim atoutgrowing some iendssign that you're growing up. wh do y ink? >> whe youave a baby you tend to change who you're hangi out th bause women who don't have ay get bor with yr conversations. >> i think even gro up wiout kids, you get to an age wheror so long youe catering to certain friendships andhenouealize they're not dinganhing. ve had t frid breaps th were prey traumatic. oh, yeah? >> a ieeded to happen. >> wha was wr >> did somebody dpsomethin >> if someone in labor? did somebody's water break? nothg? >> ihis group you're going to haveo raise yourand.
10:20 am
>> i heard a thud, i did too. >> as you get olde you need those friends that when y bail atheas mute that s i date cater to where yourif has gone. i d a couple friends tha ilt y tha we never see each othe and it keeps going and y realize you'r spending time on maintenancend you're not getting anythingrom it. wastin so much time peopl pleasing this ieship. y don't have timor that. i don't ink it's just kids. >> sorry. >>hat was her. wt did you say? >> i said ain't nobo got time for th. >> i love when candaceust eaksout. she gets a little icy. >>akes me ppy. >> it's the soda i'm drinking. i thinkt aerin point, like you say, when you ha kids, you're der, you com full circle.
10:21 am
a period ofim where weere f collend we've circled ba now. we live in four states. they live in ohio, michigan and virgia. we text every day. some of us aoing throu some py heavy stuff. buyou want the people byour side that have known you and knn youretty mh your entiife andan hold y accountable. >> otherwise some of your friends, they die and that's a buer. >> y're not that old, jo>> b if you have only friends your age, eventually thewi di o yo these people. >> that's s deessing. nd you're home alone watching cnn. >>hank for bringing it down, joy. >> youave thave different e groups is my iloshy. i have friends who are 40 and i ve friends who are 90, literally. those90 ones,ha good time. >> that's hilaris. >>yeah, yeah >>hey tell it likt is. >> i have no friends. audience, hope you are fling good because i'm reading this --
10:22 am
because i'm reang this for joy. yld b reading this but e doe't her glasses. so heomes anoth baby gift from ra's " weeke co-anchor dan harris. dan. cheers and applause ] come overere. >> yes, please, ease, dan. tell us what you brought. v tech video nitors. aty house we rer to this a thenissa f the baby. >> it's great thing. v tech's 3m baby mitor i a stylis addion to any nursery,
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partlive next. chee and applause ] so,e arehrin baby shower for sar a alth pregnantomen i o audice, but there'slso ahole lot of hormones goi on right now, and whilee can't give you our next est, w tnk youlnj his ease welcome back fabulous tom selleck. [ cheers and appuse ] >> thank you. have a st at our table. >> haveomey shower snacks. >> i didn' know i was going to presou thismy.
10:29 am
well thought they were goin toive it to you. it's kd of all about me. >> that's okay wh her. >> i'm totally okay with that. "three men and a baby". >> whatoes it say? stuff. i w kind of a surrogate female for awhil th's realpee, something you'll beco famiar with. >> i waslike, wh, he case? >> no, she shot the cer and the baby peed allov me and she just kept shting. n you s pee? >> yes. >>an we say this was such an iconic mie about children d -- >> and hot da. >> hot ds, exactly. u're a hot dadnd're still aotdad. >>eah, mother's veng >> i want to take us all back to 1987 and let's takea look at this vie. good night sweetheart, well it'sime to go i hate to leave you b i
10:30 am
good night swthrt, good night [ eers andppus] >> that is awesome. you're a dad in rl li >> pardo me? >> ye a dad ineal fe? a d in real life. i was thinkg about -- there's advic a guy cld give u. nt to la mazz classes. >> youdid? >> that was emrrassing mynd, theateichael ce crichton was in the cla too and i went d we bong hend michl wen no. and michael w a doctor. >>e dt bong ere. >> no it was kin of ir ld breath that'sll tyl yo to breathe. i fely adt. >> thank you for admitti that now. >> i don't want to scare you. >> i'm petrified already. it's fine you have beenith your wife jillie for how man ars?
10:31 am
i should get it right, shoul't i? >> oh, my gosh, d't pause on th. >> since -ce '83. no jillie is as as i am. [ chee andlaus] >> 33 years? >> i'd like to say something on your sh. we're not getti a divorce. the tabloid -- >>here sayingou'r gting a dirce? >> the's a tabloid story running arnd. i don't want to scknybody they make this stuff up. iove myife dearly. sh loves me.she wrot me a gre note on valentine'day. it's just a little naughty and nasty. >> uhuh. i like those love notes. en thi stuffomest, does one of yomome and say, hey, did you hear it's not working out? >> i id, did you hear? there is something i don't kn. jill saidheame ing. we're kind of used to it. they make sff upou kn >>yeah, they do. but 's not anymore just the tabloi.
10:32 am
stealinger from re hyants a f months ago. >> i rememr that >> it was a tofabricioyth mnstreammedi don't want to shock anybody t i had news vans and helicopters around my property forhree days. >> that was me at was me. i hiding. you know ian help it. >>e goback s, w do. you know, you were t first guest ever on this show. >> yes,ou were [ plause ] >> this is your 14th appearae here. >> well they called a said we want you on daythree. weot se things to iron out. i sai w can't ie onhe fiton theyai do youant toake that risk? i sai why not. it wasat. it was reay fun. >> you don't age. >> no, you don't age. you lkamazing. >> he was here one time- >> whoopi saw the uglide cause we had to work t other y. >> youe been on the show a few
10:33 am
[ applause ] roses. i did. >> and tell themhy that. >> becau i sck my butt i your face. >> what? right in her face. behind. >> the sai dohis goofy thing with barbara whe you're under r spell. here it again. i wasn't cfortableith this and i was nervous and unaware of where my butt we. flowers. every time i stick my butt in people's faces i send them fl like, routine. >> we have to talk "blue bloods" right now. it's in its 6th season you are playing the new york police commissioner. >> i >> aif thab wldt be hard enough you now have a new nemesis ander name is wopi goldberg. >> she'she hd of the city counci andhey don't agree on
10:34 am
>> you wan to tell it? >> no, y tell it. >> let's look athe clip en. let's just look at the clip. >> it will explain evything. >> comon,egina -- >> my ppl don'tst the li. this is a issueor whdon't you see this? maybe you need to fheole broken windows before you start everyw else. >> i don't even know what that rely? [ plause ] sgreat. >> n i know you guys have workogether befo. yeah, weorked on "in and out"." i played an unethical journali >> what's the secret one? is there a secret one? >> there's a mie tha tom me wi paulina pour its cove it's called "h ali" and i am somewher at the e of this
10:35 am
on t set for aut week. why i don't -- >> it was a camergu >> walke l and that's where we really got to know each other and talked aut sorts of stuff. but the climax of thovf youdo the expion is a clown convention. everody is dressed like clos andhere's this huge fig and whoopi was, guess, sick of tting ound- >> so i got in as a cwn. i can't find me because i'm in clow makeup. it'scrazy. will you come back? >> you we cool i d o those hoops on. oucuhave to me bk, tom beuse next year is our 20th ason and we would lov for you to be here make sure you check out "bl bloods" ts fnight. m on the show with him ts fr. yway, check youroc listi
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e pe ie lfregis nomoving up thatlantic coast. i' havyourco fore at no ur j us tomorrow go mning colorado... we'll catcup wit e presidentiales [ ee andpplause welcome back, everyone all hour longe ve b throwing sara a babyer, honoring you, sara, alongith th wonderful pregnant women in our dience. sara, your friends had a baby show a couple of wks ago but your paren couldt make it. >> ah, ne of myamily lives here so it's always a trek, so i adopt everyone >> you ddopt everyo. ew days ago w sent a camera cr to florida to speak with your parents and here'hat th toay abo youthei
10:41 am
>> sr 19 >> ra's the trd of ur. >> she always wanted to tak care o everybody, always oo sara a long time to find somebody thald her lif with, and when she met max,e knew it was different. max is o of th most rous, kind, lovingbands a gir could have,nd i think he's going to an ther. hsertt to he i thin he sur. >>e's jt a kind person and i- >> as a husband and a father. and that took lot for him to say that. >> bece's ner thoht that hisaughter suldate, t alone t married. i think the emotion ofer ng cldaseen really hard on me too, because she is the baby.
10:42 am
sobody else's mother and i a going to be their grandmother tears of joy. >> sara, we lou and we' happy for you a max. we know it's going to ben excitingmoment. it's going to an to yourives that hopefullyill be aderful expiee. i think it's going toeepen your love for each other and i think,sara, that what i'd like ay to you , weovou wi all our heart. [ applause ] >> we nee some more eenex. that was the besgift. everybody's crng. i'mustoi to -- oh, oh, iustantsara'sarents to be here. be he rightnow.
10:43 am
[ chrs a alause >> oh, my god. >> this is sara's rents,ick d sand and why it so importantor y' to be here toy? >> am i going into labornd i don't know it? >> we didn't know. we wanted to be here in advance. we're excited. >> your mother is hyperventilating. >> she's cryer andhis is where i get i from >> mewhile, the whole aience is crying. god knows whose water broke. >> youet this omour rents. >> ts something from when
10:44 am
>> tt's from my mother ontop. >>rom when who by? >> my motr made this for our son thi was my husband's. that wasour baby blanket? >> yeah. they finally took itway from me. >> this is a big dl because out of four kids i got it? >>his book was suppose tbe daddy' but grand never filledit out so we hop you do. >> an empty baby book? >> we need more kleenex. yo sisters weren't able to make your showerecause the but they also be herto say congtulations and bwi you and jo [ chrs andpplause ][ cheers a applause ] >> o my god. oh, my god.
10:45 am
ou asked the most camera sy guy of all. >> what was she like as a sist? >> like havg a boss and an asst i e. shwasy protectore s the world through the same eyes. >> i think the threef you brought a special gift for sara al, right? i hope it's my phew, ? >> my advice toou is just t ve everyay t the fullest an eoyecse it gs by so fa >> your little turkeysre old now. >> thanks. what does that mean [ applause ] oh, that's cute. >> are y sue? >> susan. >> susan. you ha children, right? >> i he o 2-year-old next month. >> so do you have any advice for your sister? >> yes, i would say trust your instincts, sara, and cherish embrace every moment becauset goesway too fast.
10:46 am
>> i y think i'm good lookg, you should see my uncle, i love that. jo isreat to u, too. and sara, we want to bring the re of the "gma" family out, rob, ron and dan. if theuys cldome on out beuse we're not do with our surprises. [ cheers a applaus] >> you guys lk good pushing stroers. you ys lo so good phing those strollers, can i say? i want to say, nunai've used thesoducts. thatou areduble, well mad fole they're a collection of smart baby gr bchesignnd they heif the entire audience with their one-clic treling wonder, and the ard winning infant car seat, pp this is $650 value.
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[ eers and applause ] so ra, you husband max and dn exper francesco bilott has been making over thenursery in your apartmentll >> a right. anyone- sco, are you there, honey? w is it g? hey,whoopi are youdone? >> we're in great hey x,he. les show her. max? x? >>on me he didn't -- oh, what the he [ cheers and applause ] >> i know yore reallhappy to se. >>h, my gosh. herought trixy. >> your baby. >> my little girl. >> hi max. nice to seyou, baby. >> is that a chihuahua?
10:53 am
hi, joy. x. pleasure. she's mo excited tsee trixy than me. >> max said she's more excit toeetrixy tha max. >> henowsise very well >> iderstand. is there anying you t -- you've been watching and checng it all out. >> sara, i love you so much. you'ren extraordinary person. you're going to n extrary m and'm just so happyor my futureon tha he's going to haveara as a m. i look for to it. >> can we take one second though? can weake o secefore u ben? e puppy, when youer ing, w lethis. just sayi. >> she's an alpha. she don't really wt no one to join us at this point. >> she's wearing a muscle sht, sot tel me everyt. ead. i t i t t we see e nursery so l's take a look at the room. see what the roomookeike before. >> oh, it didn't look good. >> ancesco,ow let's open that door! >> are you guyready?
10:54 am
>>o, go, go. [ cheers and applause ] real room. >> it's about tim>> wt doou ink, sara it' beautiful. it was just four lls. we didn'ow what we wer going t do >> we're procastters >> s the crib g ne h? >> max was like hyper productive is ekend. nest >> sheliket's w with heubbed t flo last night. now ll makes sense. >> itdoes. >> ggeous mom to be. is the anythingou wanto y? >> i -- oh,wait, do i have to read a prompt? >> yeah, you ould. i jtloored at all of these --his is the hapest day of mylife. i can't igine a baby makes it muchbetter. th is so -- >> you'll see. >> re it gets beer. >> it get better.
10:55 am
i'm just- i have nwords. i have to say somethin >> yes, youdo. >> youo have words to say. >> ye can somebodyut i in e promer. otherwise'm whoopi right now. >> no, she can't. >>oo, it's you. >> for goodness sakes,eopeyou had a great time today. wwanto thank palermo's kery t beautiful cake. sara, we have one more surprise for the ence. why don't you tell tm a this last gift. >> it's apers. new huggies little snugglers diapers are inspireda mother's hug and will keep your newborn'in clean aealthy like nother diap. and thanks to huggs,'re all geina six-moh supply of hgiesittle ugglers diapers. [ eers and alause ] >> so, wetou all to have a great y. we want you to take a little
10:56 am
i'm abbycone. toy:t'going to be a much nicer day, with more sunshine and lighr winds. h will warm intthe 40s and 50for most. it is pected to stay y, which will make for much easier cmute in southern the retu inlike weather. a weak coldront will mo tgh laod, this willrop teatures htly on thursday..ut no rn ornow is expected to
10:57 am
announc: if you thi last nit'diers so over, think agn, becau we're showing you how to love your leftovers. michael's got the secret to a sty,hey te that' have yoshouting risott-oh-yeah baby. then, mario's teaming up with a "chew" viewer to takher leftovers from tiredo inspired. plus, "cher challenge" week coinues and clinton is being put to the test in arazy craftinghallenge. get ready to fall in love with your leftovers right now on
10:58 am
>> thank you. hello, hello, hell welcome to "the ew so, nt to te you a sry. it's a little story about a plasticontainer in the back of yo refrigeratoth needs meov it just nesome affecti. i'lking about humb lefts. are hertoday to tell all the leftovers of the wor someing real important - we le you, we really, rely love you. [ eers andpplause ] i put my heart into that one. >> you d, felt it. you went out the. >>ow do you el about leftovs, do you love them? i love them. i reallyrely love them. >> hate them. >> you hate them? >> i don't -- hate's atrong word i don't want to e the word te. >> it is a strong word. >> here's what iill say, though. like, when we ma something a there's leovers, iinmylf eating it pretty mucin its rmal form. but like, whene o to we always ing leftovers home. and man, they just never leave the idgain. eall >>t'like, they jussit
10:59 am
[ laughter ] liz -- and liz is always and ov-oerer. whher she's ordeng food for like pick up, delivery,r at a reaurant, she's the assic over-orderer. >> andhey just -- syou have a lot? >> huh? >> you have a lo lahter ] >> ye, ozzeats very well. >>s he? >> yeah. >> oh, you give it to the dog? >> sometimes. just when i want h to be extremely ss [ lauger ] >> they just make life so easy, you literally can go in there and have a meal that's ready. or you can put a little effort in and make it something new. but it's lik i just -- i live on leftove. if i even ther to cook, i make twice as much. >> right >> rig. well, i he confession. >> yeah. >> am simply incapable of maki food for three. >> me, too. >> like, i mak for 1 minimum. but that's in. when i cook at hom i use leftovers all the time. and lo using leftovers. i ju, i neveknow what to do with someone elss work. [ laughter ] look at it. >> carla, i feel that you would ha a cplicated relationship with leftovers. whdo i feel that way aut you? >> yeah, no, i love leftovs. i'm very much like micha, but when i go to a restaurant and i ha lots of food, i will take
11:00 am
meless pson. yes. [ applause ] >> well, i mighteave it somewhere i think they might be, [ laughter ] mebody? hand it to them. but like, for instance, i was in new orleans and i was -- matthew and i had all this food, and w wanted to leave it to somebody and i didn't see anybody i'like, "oka suld i leav it where this paper rack is?" you know, like the newapers."should i ave it over he by is, yo, la pt?" did you lea ae that's like, "this is good, e it." >> no, the restaurant name is on the bag, that'your note. laughter ] >> you are a complicated person. >> yeah -- >> wha >> so stead ofust handg it to somne, u wa ad half an loo f the righot? >> no, no, lk, i get -- i get it, you don't want to rry it arnd fever. t do think you should institute a policy of li, allowingeople to know that this is food, plea eat it, enjoy it, 's notsoned. >> yea at leasa handff licy. like, ve it to aerson, don't just lea it on theorner.


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