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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the suspect, who's been identifi as martin wth was ki, but it's noear if depues kild depues say corporal nate carrigan was shot bwirth the two others deputies were shobut surv r a news deils inhe inveigation. here's wwe now so. investigators say the tire serving an evictionice, th was part on an ongoing battle over wirth's home, which was
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hickenloer, along with colorado springs mar john suthers, who was the attorney general at the meand a judge. wirth claimed the foreosure was unconstituona l. rth wanted a jue to bthe county fro d evictiim he also wanted to strike down several state laws a federal judge dismisse the lawsuit last ptembe with today's officers in colorado he been shot over e last tee nths. that inclus a deer police officewounded just two days ago. a mesa county puty was ll elier is mon. and garrett asey, the u-c- c-s ficer kill in the ped parenthood shoos on black friday, in colorado spring the mental evaluatior accused planned parenthood shooter, robert dear made a brief appearance
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krdo newschanl 13's e's li paso county ou tt sevemore weeks. heather, the hearing was ved to march the exam then. attorney dan may says both sis will hav10 onceheesults arreleased. you'llecl, exam was orderete dear announced that he want to firs puic defenders and represent mself. it will help dede whether dear ial e of king that decision and competent to dear seemed hearing bude
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media to find him becae h secret and exclusive files to share. de is chard 79un inclung murder, attempted murd and assault r the black friday shootings that killed three people ... and injured nine. several shootingti wereth urtroo toda th were escoednto the urtr. and usred ou right af dears being held at th criminal jusce nter. li i lorado springs angeli loardi krd wschannel 13. reghters tackled brush fire in pueblo we this afternoo ke a look at this video fm the scene in the area of highway 50 and pcell boulard. firefighrs think the fire mahave started with a tiler, or a chain, dragging on the ground .. causing sparks. a fence along the roadas burned, but the is no other damage. lets g you outsidfor a live lat chf meteorolt rachaeplath tracki ahilly night togh
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whent comes to potholes, there's a grey area for drivers pking ls, service drives, and alleys. so, wh responsie for repairs and dama cin
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newschannel 13's scott harrison explains, it may be sier avo a pothan tfigu out who responsible for fixing it. re's an example a pothole location tha don't think about. alle ne, behind east full of pothol, and has been for a long tim "at leas6 or 7 years, minimum." bryan korum alerteus to it. thley is next to hiho where he runs a cuom ao shop. "it's damaged a few cars, a few bumpers. we've had to redo and fix a couple of issues om vicles being in and out." korusays hesked ...ut hasn't heardom the cit about who is sponsible for repas in the alley. confirmed thcity is responsible for maintaining it, and many others. other neigors wonder wn thci wil addresit. "theromi from e city council that they're into take care of the roads ha given us renewed hope. it's too soon, in my view, to give up hope." but potholes on pvate proper--like this one behd the 8th street donald's--are a different matter. it's on a service drive betweethe restaurant and an auto repaiir shop. neithecan agree on who's sponsible r it. "two years agowe
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notoriously bad pothol arod the 8th street sonic in lorado springs, and aadjacent shopping center paing lot. it took some doing on r part, to determine who actual ownthe erty. but ce we d, we ntd the owner,nd the potholere fied." but they're sl redeveloping. a nic managesays hel keep an eye them. drivll keep trying to avoid them, and hope they don't get worse. in colado spris-cott harris, do newschannel 13. the head
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shll loo the ownership question, and gean answe
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three deputies ot in park tonit at 6... we're live in bailey with new violent encounr... ictionotice. hi controversial donald trump is how will that caucus? it's going to be a litt cooler tomorrow, bua lot warmer on saturday! your forecast is ming up! it wl be chilly tonight, with lows in the teens and twenties. tomorrow will be h oler, coming up! it wilbe chiy togh witlows in the teens and twenties. tomorrow will be a h cooler, withighs only
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into t 40sity across the state, with a few more clouds in place an we expericeondny. uroloro springs 7day mperatur warming up through saturdthen cooling into thes onsd. your pueblo 7day forecast shows temperatures warming into the s on satda aying dry through monday. youron city 7day forecast shows tempates getting into the 60s on surday, sund and mondayyour ll count ay fect shs mperates in the 40s and 50s through the xt week, wi a chance for shows on nd
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an eig it's caughon camera. how the vi's doing tonight... thas up next. an e-cig explodes .. and it's caught on cara. how the ctim'soing
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explosion is
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it happened over the weekenin keky survandeshow viim standnet a s statn. en allf suenlash, explosion d fi. e n ru thetore. an employee shes to help, grbing a fire exnguisher the man wen to the hospital for second dree burns on his legs. ape ceo tim cook is sitting down with david muir, for an exclive inteiew tonight. ok is talking about s company's high ofe gh th the fbi over cking in an i-phone used by e of the san bernardino shoote. en with pressure from top official including attorney genel loretta lync apple refuse sing the privacy of miions of pe is ste. the interv with ale's tcook is up next on world news tonight. after some early loes this morning, th ocmarkrerefor someodest
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d and p poin. y have or lora. we'll the presential candidat as they prefor i'llavyour recaat 4:3m. aryour day morning
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da breaki news toght. we're on the scene of a deadly tornadoure several states, mes destroyed. hohildren bracing themselves a dangerous night aheafrom south carolina all the wayp so breaking tonight, the raceor president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. hilandslide win in nevada. anthe major publican now the abc news excsive night. myne-oone inteiew with ple's ceo, tim coo for the first ti, co on wh apple efusing to hp th fbi break into the iphone us new details tonighon the pilot in that deadly cpper crh.
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reporter, the "danci with the sts" hos erin andrews, sng her stalked a major tel tonigh did ey put the sta right next door? her father tonht, breaking down. good eve tonightrom san francisco. and we are here for our exclusivinterview with apple ceo tim cook. for the firsttime,nsweri questions abo why apple will not help the fbi break inte iphone used the gunman in s dino. > but first tonight, the horrific sne playing out across several states. deadly tornadoesnd dangerous weather ahead this evening. from the carolinas, all the way upo the noheast, strching across 1,000 miles already. anf-3 rippg through th apartment colein pensacola, florida. inor colina, sending scho childreto the hallways. and in virgini at least ree ople he en kille just this afternoon, beuse of the r. d behi all of this, blizzard conditions moving in, blowing
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indiana. re than 2,000 flights canceled, cot to coast. abc's nzieanis leads us f fr t tornado ze nigh >> reporter: tonht, those deadly srmsarlling up the st coast. >> tornado just came tough, right on 460 reporter: a suspected tornado striking waverly, virginia, shredding homeand aving at t three ad. in theast4 hours, at lst three doz tnadoes hitting the gulf coast. many sikin at night people sle. ou need toer repter: in nsacola, flora,ampbell garris a his girliend making it to ivewin ohe torna in his pickutruck. >> oh, my god. >> all i could hear was i sounded as if i parked muck next to a train. >> reporter: t ef-tornado packing 155-mile-per-hour winds, damagi more than00 homes here the opleidn't have very much time rea at l.
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>>eporter: includinghese apartmen look at this, the entire second oor of ts apartment building ripped off. you can see ght into people's living rms. >> looat that thing comin here like is. >> reporter: twisters claiming the ves at least three others, including two at ts louisia r.v. park. wherhley east and her family we huddling together. what was it keoing through th tordo? whatere you thinking? >> just, god -- let bok. let us get through this. repter: david, e tornado ripp thrgh this neighborod, destroying this homebut ok. you can see a stack of books stilsiing on theiano, and over here,he refrigerator stl stanng. the storms now ming north. david? jusincredible. linzie, thk u. let's g right t abc teorolog marci with theck of these ss and et tt righbehind i all. >> rorter: heydavid. what wide-rehing tornado outbreak. all spinnin around this monster lo rightver ohio, not to side of this. be critical.


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