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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 25, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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e nearlyhiou cindown fr an pls n ear itr homeowners can shelt. >> i'm trying to get some of it noand some of it later. >> repter:ven with school canceled, some kids couldn't get the y off. >> i'mike, yeah, no scho.i'm o grandma e. now i'm out here helpi shoveling snow spenthe last rs in houston, texas. this is different. >> reporter: megan hughe abc news, washington. incredible imes. checki today's forect, that wier storm sysm dumped snow on the eastern great lakes and ohio valleys. heavra in w england, t south ieout aftethe tornado outbak. ld in the west >> 30s in minneapolis and detroit. 40s kansas city and atlanta. 60in sea and dallas and 80s in los angeles and phoenix. > a w isis video threatens the lives of facebook founder mark zkerberg and jackorsey, the head of twitter. the 25-minute video is t
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itncludes pictures of the two men vered in bullehole isis sit is spopdresponding to cebook and twitter to remove posts that promo terrorism > reaconoming now to al ceo tim cook speaking out in an exclusive intervw with abc news. cook tells did mui that his mpany has cperate ful with the fbin the sa bernardino shooting inveigion. t cook ss apple won't help the bureau bak intohe iphon of syed farook's phone. doing so they say would require software that would make hundds of millions of stoms vulnerle. >> t only way we know would be to write a piecef softre thate view as sort of the softwa equivalent of canr. we think it'bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is ats attake re. >> but a sio governm official tls us the i wants appear tl develop way into the one that will only be
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no one els inis interview, cook so suggested the government made a mistake in not contacting ale before resetting the icld pawo that's associated with the phone. >> the fbi directed the fbio reset the icloud psword. when thais done, phone will nlongerack up to the d. and so iish they wld have contacteus earliero that that wouldot have behe case >> a government oicial counters that,ayg whether it was a misker not, the fbi would still be asking for accessto the one. that's because t icloud would t have provided access toll the datan the device. cook also says he will be adessing the entire matter th president oba and that he's prepared for t to go all eay to the supreme court. app has until tomorrow to
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judge's ordero helpnlock the phone. the republicans are preparing to facoff in houston tonight. their final dete beforsuper tuesday. after winng nevada, donal trump is now taning with mitt romney and last night mco rubio attacked trump by name, cung h of not taking stronough sance on amacare and the middle east conflict. we get morw from abc'som as. >> rorter: fresh. nning e table in neva, dold trumpounding like the nomination is ready his. >> it's going to be amazing twmonths. we mightot even needhe two months, folks, to be honest, all right? wi youome t here, pat? look at him. >> reporter:rump in virginia de bside wh evangelist pat robertson. >> man, it's gd to have you here with us. >> reporte so coident, he's now vealing his prioriti for a running mate. apparent the outsider candidate wants an iider v.p., someone ableo help him cut dealin washington. >> do want somebody that's political, because i want to get lots ogreat legiatn that we all want passed, that just sitting there for years and years and years. >> reporter: in vada, trump scooping up more votes than his twtop va combined. >> after a wholeotf months
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home. >> rorter: senator ted cz, houston, endorsedthe tes goveor and lashing out at trump. >> we are not a people who are impresseby a lot of blustery rhetorichat's not backed uby truth. the time f thelowns and the acrobats a thecing bears has passed. >> reporter: butight across town, rising rival, senator marco rubio. >> wcannot have a commander in chief that is t readthe first day in office. u n'ju saywewhen i get there, i'lhi the smartesteoe and they're gog to tell me wt to do. >> repter: buth sena struling to compete wi the trump show. in aare interview, the mogul's model wi, melania describg what first drew her to the dold. his mind. amazg mind. i'm my own pson, he's hiown rson. d i think at's very important. i don't wanto change him, he doesn't want to change me. >> reporter: anditt romy
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theitaretus. romneyays he thinks the's a, quote, bombshell in trump's tax returns,iting no proof, romney says he thinks trump iss rich ase cla to be or that he's given as much to charity as he says he has trump call romney a fool and saying he's trng to act like a tough guy. tom llas, abc news, new york. new developmts in the battle over e esent's premcourt nomie. source itell abc news president obama isonring a republican. nevada governor brian sandoval to rlace the late justice ton scalia. sandoval is a rmer fedal judge who supports abortion rights this is seen as orture to e gop nators who say they'll refuny hearings on the pridens nominee. >> my hope and expectation is that once there is an actual nominee, once this is no longer an abstracon, that those on the judiy comm recognize that their job is to give this person a heang.
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mcconneland senate judry chairman chu grassley both agre to meet wh the present in t coming weeks over the nominion. okay. , lasteek we told you about a patent applicati from jetmaker abus for seats with storage underneath. now it's considering wider seats. take look. is iwhurre economy classein abus planes look le. nothcompany hafiled a patent for a reconfigurable passengebencseat. theyook parbench from- >> ptty much.this is bench. look at the little people. it could accommo not only larger passengbut childr, as wl. detachablet belts would be used for every no matr their size. is there an ible slide also comes out fothe kids? >>ind of seems like a ride. but no more of tho extended seelt things. >> oh, boy >> jushave the bench. >> a right. >>hat, jack? >>e doesn't like that. >> he's applyingis filte
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a good study here on "world news now" and thisne r ghup there with e greate ever. ke some time and concentrate on this headline. pizza,olks, is addictive. >> it is te. pizza addictive. yes, that's a fiing of a sdy done at the university of michigan. >> the wolverines who d e research say pza is adickt because wha isade of. ugh, sauce, they' both cked wh sugar, and cheese and ingredients that act as an opiate during digestn. who thoht about this? curedts like pepperoni and sausage contain salt, which proveshe taste. for many, no wonder 's addictiv >> latehone up, b nics. let's order e. >> let's d. >> let's get on that. >>an you get on it? >> get a phone on e anchor desk. wshould have a t line. we really shldave a hot line to big nick's. >>et some hot line bling but
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ming up in "the skny," the st memableovie lines of allime. your vorite on thlist? think about it. ao ahead,cott kelly's year in space. a record-setting tronau loves abouhis job and at h misses theost on earth. >> piz probay. > a erin andrews fro ancingitthe ars" and her emotional y in cou. what h father is sing about a stkein a case getting widespad attention. u' watchin"world news now. aouncer:world newsow" weather brout toou b resoe. (ugh does your caet ever feel rgh and dirty? dot avd it, solve it. oufoulwi a special nditiong ingredit, softens yourarpet th every use. it's rolve soou kwitleananfres bu asofts. resolve. a rpet tt welcomesou. anto clean p messe
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wion. n'it, ll this number now. shoulders don't just carry pad ey car your fans' passions hopes, and dres and maybe, a cha greas... because oulders re made for greatness. not dandruff a frightening scene caug a frightening scene caught keucky. an ecigarette battery exploded in man's hamilton s shocd when his pants ddenly burst into
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extinguisher. he put out the flame hamilton actuay suffered some rious rns on his leg but is expected to bekay. ever there was a posteroard for not smoking, this would be . ahe. man. all right. goodo know he's going to b all right after at. that is frightening. so check him out. that ball band that you saw there, a man police in ohio e calling thgaine ndit. he'scc of stealing the hair growth drug from store shelves across the buckeye state. cops say it's likely he'trying resell the stolen rogaine either online or at flea markets and they don't believe hs using any oft onimse because, viously, its not working. > s that in the poli report? >> yeah, they don'believhe using it hself. >> oh. >> yeah. >> two interesting videos. ell, on to serious news. aourt battle pitting erin drew against her stalkernd
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yesterday in nashville. >> that's becauseandrews' father took the stand and eang dn in tears at times, describing how h daughter's c's ryanmithith th >>eporter: theain of h daughter's humiliation was etched ohis face. he kept screaming, i'm on the internet! i'm on tternet i'maked >> reporter: en andrews wiping away tears in courtser father recounte her hror at being filmed through peepho at a tenneee pair yot bymichae didarretthen >> i feared for her fe. she uldn't bathe. she wouldn't talk. all she would do is y. >> reporter: feelingshe tald abou on "od morning america". >> i remmy d saying to me, you may ve stalker. and i just srteding dot say that wor >> r barrett ser 2 1/2 years foalking. andrews nosug him and the ners of that mrit for $7 ion. claiming the hotel ientionally pled barre next do to the
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thhotel claims barretts a criminal w tricked them in gaininaccess. as for andrews' fa, he says his daughter hn't been the same. >> she's a sll of thperson she s before this happened. >> reporter: ryan smith, abc news, neyork. >> ttimony was pttpowerful fromhe d, i though >> and so ny years later i meanis hpened a long time agyou can stil see the emotional toll this is havingn erin andr >>ou cerinan. > ale's big nightn londons she's crowd quee e its. >> i got to ask you,has your favote mov le? mfavorite movie line? >> favorite mie ne. and can you guess what t top five mov lin e? 'r going to tell you cin >> i'll have to think out that their grad a their commits. service learning mak school exciting connecting
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tt2w]j# [zt tt2wr)+z< tt2w rr)]4!j# ]lh tt2wr)]@ex#*&`:zb< 2w rr)]@et#j'`:nbx tt2w rr)]@ej)`:e"< 2w@ep#`: tt rr)@ep#j,`:3c@ tt2w rr)@el#*.`::jl tt rr)]@el#`:!\$ s so ski time now for "the skinny and topping our headlines this morning, ather big night for ade. >> the pop ssation scooped up four brit awards ilondon last nit. the incled best british female solo artist, album of the year and sinof t yeafor "hel." >> andf you cagure o sponsored the awards. a special honor, tbal success award recognizing r hievent overrent
3:17 am
from the intnational space station by british astronaut tim peake. and congratulations to the incredle ade. she's taken the world by storm and is a true global ico i really wish i could be the in pern to pse your awar resassured that we' a ge fanup here. so cgratulations oncagai >> pretty cool. by the way, last week's grammy awards pushed adele bk to numb one on the billboard artist 100 charts. nex to hollywood and the top 100ovie quotes of all time. >> so last month "the hollywood reporter" polled 1600ndustry inders andheir top five. >>tarting with the wizard of oz. dothy's iconic line as she stped in a world burg in vibrt technicolor, "to, i have a feeling we'reot in kaas anymore." >> numr four from a galaxy far r ay,"star wars," may the force be with you. >> number three fr "jaws," you're gna need a bigger boat.
3:18 am
"casaba," and who esn't remember this, here's looking at yo kid. >> thabrgs us numb o the top quote ll time is ->> youougo, where shall i go? what shall do? ankly, mydear, i don't gi a dn. >> i tug it s going to be u had me at hello fro " "jerry mcguire." from "gone with the wi," the last wds spoken clark gable to vivian leigh she cngs to e hope shean sll win him back. she's still clinging and not winnin next to s b dollars paid for a film that hasn'tven en seen yet. after shelling out $10 million for "manester by the sea" asundance, amazon has secured north amera and streaminrits to woody alles yet untitled ffo 5 milln. >> that's three timeat s paid fis last moe rrational man" whiarely eked out $4 million at the u.s. box office.
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when ss it, enjoy it even d i enjoy . feel the differencwith k-y ultrel. i'm a rocket man, rocket man i'm rocket man cket man so we're talking abo rocket men one in particular who spent moreime in space than any otheruman iknown histy. >> after more th 300ays aboard the internationalpace stion, our own david kerley got thchceo speak to him about everythi from miing homepossib traveto mars. >> commander kelly, are you ready to come home? >> you kno i'm ready tcome home. 's not le i'm climbinghe walls ornythg to g out of here you know, i recogni the importance ofhat we're doing on the space station and, y
3:23 am
privilege, but at the same time, i've been up he for a really long tim a iwi bgreat to bto ear. eporter: ldution flight. this was allbout seeg whether humans can go ars. i we don't the ta butan wke it toars? n you dot? cod another human do i >> from a subjective perspective, i think absolel i feel gat but,ou know, tre are challenges,specially with radiatn between the earthnd mars that we need to wk on overcoming, b it's sometng that i hop seen my lifetime >> reporter: youold me you were gng to hit a wall. you knew you would hit a wall. did you hit that wall? how did youet through it? and h didou feel about geing thrgh it? what got you through it? >> i rlly haven'hit a wall yet. i want to get to the end of this with asuch engy and enthusiasm that i had the beginning. 's kind how i still, if i don't hit the wall i the nextix, ven days, i thini'm home fe. >> reporter:ightning round. wh you get home, bare feet,n grass or sand?
3:24 am
first choice.but i'll be in kazakhsta so, u know, it might have to be sand. reporr: ordust. pia or fet mignon? >> obviously, filet mignon. you don't reallyiss foodhat much. at least i miss the experience more of, you know, sitting at a tabl with frien and family than i do actlly allhe different types of food that missed up her >>heer ches. >> reporter: cmander kelly, thanks very much. congratulations. look fward to seeing you back here on the planet. david keey, abc news, wagt. >> thank you for thatdavid. at was f. >>ery cool tweeted about seven hours ago. countdown six days left and 96 sunsets ft. >> oh. >> so it's very cool. >> such a sense of -oh. he said radiation. i'not going to mars. i'm tellg you now and i love food. >> i will do it. i will take onfor humankind. >> we'll send you upere. >> that's tr.
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to stay around for yourself and for your fy. screening ves lives. good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> a i'm kendis gibson. here's a lk at the top stories we're following this morning on "world news now." >> deadlstms leavi a path ofestrtion rnadoes kiing ateast four pele ivirgia alone. while nely foot now an blusring windsn the midwt cause ightancellations a pale roads fulloverage ahea the liveof facook founder mark zuckerbg and jack dorsey, the head of twitte isis says it's responding to efforts by the t tech giants toete accounts and remove posts that inciteiolence and ote terrorism.
3:28 am
mourning the loss of a sheriff's deputy killed in a shootou nate kerrigan, a 13-year veteran died while carrying oua hi risk eviion. andplanaker abus is considerin replacing ateast some of its ats with benches. the mpany's patentpplication ys the seats would bdesigned r larg passeers ell chen. those are me of our top stories on this thursday, february 25t >> announcer: from abc news, this is "wld news now." >> good morning. we're gointo sta thihalf hour witthextrweather ats cking mu of the tion fthmidwesri he, theast coast. >> this morng,irgia is under a statof emergency after tornads left at least four people dead d dozens mor jured. abc's linzie janis has details. >> reporter:se deadly storms barrelling up e east coast torna just came t right on 460ig now. >>epter: a suspeed tornado striking werly, virginia, shredding homes d leaving at least the dead.
3:29 am
the dozen tornadoes g the gu coa. many siking at night, people slept. >> you need to pulover. reporter: in pensacola, florida, campbell garr and h frnd making it to their driveway, riding out the tornado in hiskup truck. >> ogo>> a i hwait sounded ii paed my truc nexto a trai >> repr: the ef-3 tornad packing 155-mile-per-hour winds, damagi more than 100 homes he these ople didn't have much time to reacat all. >> very little. very little. >> reporter:ding these apartments. look athis, the entire second floor of this apartment buding ripped off. you n see righinto peoe' ling rooms. >> look at that thg ming in here like this. >> reporter: twisters claiming thlives of at ast the others, ining two at thi louisiana rv park, where ashley ea and her family were huddling toghe wh w it ke going thr th tordo? what weryou thinking? >>ust, god, let use okay.
3:30 am
>> reporter: the tornado ripped through iseighboood, destroying this home. but look, a stack o books still sitting on the pian and re, the refrigerator still standing. linzie janis, abc news. >> wo quite a poweul storm syste thgreatechicago metropolan area is also facing a major clean-up where as mhs ft we heavy snow created some hazardous travel conditis. the storm rced the cancellation of near 10 flights to and out oe chicago ea airports. reds of snows tri keing up, but many drivers found themselves trapp. conditions could be even more dangerous later on this morning with fng tempere turning roadways into sheets of ice. well, checng today's forecast, the eastern great lakes d ohio valleyan expect several inch of owefore thstorm moves out. rain in england and chilly in the northeast. drying o in the tornado zone in the deep sout >> we arl alouof l. 80s out there.
3:31 am
60s and 70s seattle, new orleans and miam boston. 30s in chicago and detroit. well, frh off his g win in nevada,onald trump is embroiled inet anoth w of rds. thisimits mittomney, the former republican presidential nominee has chalnged trump to show the public his taxes. romney ss that he believes trump is hiding a bombshl in those tas, psiy showin the's beenng a his t rt donions tts. trump hit back calling romne awkwardnd goofy, saying he the 2012 ecti ll, threpublicans are taking the stagen houston tonit for theinaba fouperue. and thleing ndes are rowi theospunches t. it youvoe, your vote. abc's zi kanani coverin e campgn starting with the republicans. rorter: after celebrati a landsle victorinevad >> i graand grabnd grab.
3:32 am
i wa money, money. now we're going toet greed fothe united stes. wee going grab d grab. and grab. >> reporte a tameronal trump before an audience of evangeca irginia >> i'vt e od pern today, at least for the next ho. >> reporter: still, trump couldn't hold back h mounting attacks on senator ted cruz. >> sorz ge us obacare in the true sense, because any good -- oh. it's tru >>ter: cruz d marco rubio coming in neck andec for the seco contest in a row are now lobbing the me critism the front-runner. >> if donald bame president, nobo knows wthe heck he would do. he doesn't know what the heck he would do >> dond ha outlined what he'soing to do on y issue. >> reporter: tru picks u his first two endorments from currmembers of congress. on the democratic side, hillary clinto gains the endorsement of sete minority leader harry reid. >> i want an election about al change that will make a difference in ople'sives. >> repr: with clinto heading in thiweekend's soutcarolina primary with a dominant lead, bernie nders is
3:33 am
next constn super tuesy. >> secreta clinton was the initableandidate. e is not tneta ndatw. i thk we've got a realhot to n it. >> reporter: voters in 12 states and o territory will head to the polls next week on super esday. a crucial day for republicans and democrats. reena, kens? >> our thanks totherin d. > john kasich is apparently undeterr deste a dismal single-digithowing in neva. the ohio governor is rejecng calls from fellow republicans to dr out of the ra. kasi had airt message about quitting. heaid, quote here, forget abouit. >> forget out it >> sounds very n yk. well, president obama's choice for the next supreme court justiceas been a top isen the cign trl. d now there's a new developmen >> yea apparely the predent is said to be considering never's repuican governor brian saoval as possible choic abc's arlette saenz is in
3:34 am
reporter: gd morng. eyei aeplican for the supreme c. a demoic soue tells c ws, pridenama is considering nevada governor brian sandoval to replace e late justice anton scalia. saoval is 52. the republican has served as nevada governor for five years. prior to tha he was nevada he appointed by presidt george w. bush in 2005 and unanimously confirmed by the senate. saov iconsider a ntst he supportaboronightan implemented coroial rtion theresint's heal caran. issues his paroses. floating a republican name could be an overture tgop senars who se a hearingon the presidt's none >> my hope andxpectaon is
3:35 am
recognize at their j is to give this peon aeari. >> reporter: president obama i expectedo make that pitch in person to top republicans.senateajity leader mitch mcconnell and senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley have bothgreed to meewithhe president in the coming weeks. kendis and reena? >> tnk you, arlette. one of the senators who would be asked to vote on a supreme court nominee took a trip to africa last week and got up a c and personal with somef the anals. nator jeff f of arizona and some others were squarely in e sights of a charging pack of elhants during a bt ride. a hippo show someth. the rpose of flake's trip was to learn more abt wildfe poaching you can say th t.'s trip to africa was a lot smoothethan that. >> do you thinthey found.j.? usually they run towar people. they ranhe other way. >> they ran thother way. cayou e?
3:36 am
>> you got to chricled on stagram his esce from africa sterda o much f. loved watching tha safari, which i've always ed to do. a different type of adure r a group of verans who lost limbs fighting over. they're attending a winter or camp in california's high sierra >> they've been hittg the slopes all this week. thekis and snowbrdings all part of a week-long eve put achie e. >> incredible. look at those pictures. and wh they get to the bottom of the run, they get on snowmobiles for the ride back up to the top. they say that e whole thing is actually meant to challenge them to do things that they norlly wouldn'to. >> very cl. >> i would say, i couldn't eve do tha prty iressive. >> the ghinghey don't have to get on a ski lift. we've had so manrts of ski lift probltely, eye better off. >> ght. very iressive anve spirin coming up, all the security before the academy awards and how the oscar winners are kept seet
3:37 am
makeover for facebook users. why "lik somethi when you can ove"omething? > and the abc news exclusive. david mu's interview with ple ceo tim cooktough qutionabterroriss cked iphone andemands from the stice partnt. yoatch"world news now.>> announcer: "world news now" kathwith frusttion, oking foa way to make fference. th i wanto help pele,i nt to make differee. tt gsone. enhe saw something. could a hero? she d to apply. i shouldive this a try. a feweeklater,he was accepted into amicor i' a n ser gr,ook shar away she wt torag. the e mepeople who shared herassion, people who wanted to makchange, people who joined americorps. all these people a heroes too.
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ishat number two train maybe? apple is dging in its heels its andoffgainhe fbi's dema to help it eak the ipho used by one of the san rnardino killers >> abc's david muir sat down with ale ceo t co who i standing firm, saying that the issues about much re tn a
3:41 am
>> they have our dpest sympathy. what they've b through, no e should have to gohrgh. applhas cooperated with the fbfully in this case. they came to us and ked us for all the formation we had on is p. and gave everything that we but this case is not abo one cut the fure. what is at stake here isan the government compel apple to write software that we believe would maundreds of millions of stervulnerableround the world, iluding t u.s., and you'd have. >> repter: and you'd have to write that sysm in order to unlock that phon >> yes. the only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer. we think is d news to writ we wouldeverrite it. he never wrten it. anthat is what iat stake here. reporter: the sit believes that syed farook used
3:42 am
d i'm cuous, do you ruggle all witthe possibility that there could benfmation on that phone that uld real her plot o people o were involved in planninthe san bernardino attack? davidknew a wayo gethe information on t phone that we haven't alrey given, if we knew a w to do this, that would not exposhundreds of mlions of other peoe to issues, wld obviously do it. >> reporte i want to get to what the f director, james coy, has said. said it's n aut a'sabou quot 14 ppleho were slaughtered and my more had eir lis ruined. maybit hol clue, maybe it doesn't b we cat look t survivors in the eye and ourselves if we dot follow any ssib ld out there. do you underand where he's coming from? >> i donderstd whe he's cong om. anhis i anncrediy mpx issue, to place a backdoorn the iphone. we believe it puts hdredof millions of stomers at rk. what we think at this point
3:43 am
ishat weed to stand tall and stand tall on inciple. there's probably me infoation about yo yr phone than tre is in your house. our smartphones are load with our intimateonversioour financial data, our health rerds. they're also loaded with the locaon of our kids in many ses. and it's not just about pry buit's also about puicafy. reporr: b your quiet moments, do you have anyoncern that you might be able to prevent aerristttack by breaking into that phone? >> david, some things are hard d some tngs are righ and somehiarth. is is one of thosehings. >> reporr: and in ts case, you believe there are some things that sthoulner b created? >> t. >> reporter: but timookells us they talked to the f early on, giving the adviesa,
3:44 am
diey do that? >> unfoat t - the early days of the inveion, fbi dirted the county to reset the i cloud password. when that is done, the pho will no longerk up to the cloud. and i wish they would have contacted us earlier so at that would n have been the ca. >>eporter:ow crucial was that missed opportuny? >> it is very ccial. >>eporter: i'm curus, tim, did you everhat y'd find youel a t center of such aruci national debate? >> no. this is -- this is not a position that weouou like in. it is a ryomfortable position to oppose your government on mething doest feel good. and to oppose it on something where we aredvocing for civil berties, which they are supposedo otect, it credibly iroc.
3:45 am
friday to rnd to the urs orde to assist the fn n bernar case. davimuir, abc ne, san francio. >> we should point out that tim cook did says we that he to theupreme court, if need be. wilke end ue.>> it was fascinating with the pollumrs that va jotyf ericacally suppthe fbi, sang crack e phon b support gw f ape among those who owned smarhones, so, divided. >> yep. but unifyingepublicans and democrs, young a old. >> the's one thing. coming up, chae febook oping u'll really li. >>aybe n justlike" but yore wating orld new now." otr s the coer of o family. she shaped me as an acto as a musician, h bng.
3:46 am
died whewaon6, ts isnal. w, hopully mhetbak yr wakeca. colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer kler. but u can prevent this dease reening ndeccerous poly sth theyca removforey rn io cancer i've bsced if youhihat u're atn incrsed ,like i your docr when to start screening. and olde ease seene i'doe my mother re. ea dalca totaarnd for yose and foyour family.
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2wu# bttt2watu# "a@q_\x ttu#4 @qtwt 4watu# s4 0 t ttu# s" tq @$tt4watu# s4 gz y#l tt4watu# s4 " hnt& i- at4 tqx tt4watu# s4 " jntq148 u# s4 " lzt&)yd oo faceb ieank sed m girls and get out the mall but n jt wait for th to write on m mall >> yes, famous sound. >>nyonyou knowho's hooke on facebook knows all abt the standardized way the giant allows us to like someone'po or content. >> or poke someone on facebook. that'seen e probm. u uld only "ke"something. now faceboo is alling all to sho muchore brder range of emoti. here's abc's david wright.
3:48 am
acknowledged limatns o "like." >> tre aore ntimts thateople to express an just posititor that they like sometng. >> reporter: so there are more ways to act. e a tmends prm. rorthme esur ki t treatest builr me. and would builthe greatest wall you have ever seen. >> repor "winter is trumping." w originalloduced for the austraan brostg coation. ll, steaof's uou can nogive it a lovew or ha-ha or ad or an angry. >> i don't tnk they like me veryuch. >> repter: a featureha advertisers kehevy are rey looking toxpit. >> start lovin >> reporter: so far,ovishe most popular oion. ineneral, that is. what's not to like about that? david wright rk. >> intereing. i like the ft that they't have a dislike button. >> iish they did. e' so my co on -
3:49 am
>> but tre's so many things that we would like to disle that get posted on o teline o ou wall, o facebo, don't you think?
3:50 am
3:51 am
positive. >>ou>>wning horses haslwayven meou ouf joenity. , i'm jas piens, jr. e ergencs i facen tv may ea but the emerges i may faceas an american qrterorse owner caery real. lo mpi hor,smok, wadeg. w, a my horses are seen a veterinarian lea twi a yeae-a-lns exam,de, pren alth problemforey becoio my vetinarian hes ke horses' dewming raon tck anis the bes for
3:52 am
toearn more,isit ughtu the amua horse ciat anyourocalerinaria you feel that ener that goin in the room? >> sure do. >> it is not because it'friday eve. it's because we're now three days awaom hollyod's biggest nit as oscarreps ck into high gr. >> it's exciti. i like that when it's lng intoscar weekend. you ow, behind the glitz and the glamour is a highly speciazed press of tabulating those votes rrounded bserity as abc's andi hitt shows us. repter:hey are e be
3:53 am
are set to carry those famous briefcases again. >> andhe oscar goes . >> reporter: holding theames of this year's car winners. has there evereen a mie? >> no therehasn't. >> reporter: for 82 yea pricewaterhouseoopers coundhesc ballo. 6,261 ntut to tingembers this year paper and online. >> we control evything from the time they go out indiced with security code and those come back tos. we thehave those in undisclod location. >>eporter: insidthat secre undisclod location security tight. there's a spialized alarm syem, biometric los and no internet acss, where a small team counts l 24 categories by hand. >> it's upo brian and i to then consolidate everything, make sure we're going through eir pis, countg that and recounting that. weill uff the envelope osit, seal it with the red. >> reporter: those 24 winning envelopeand a duplicate set
3:54 am
briefce like this one. both are locked in a vat unt osca su when ruiz and culinen enter their code and take t briefce. each travengifferent route esrted by los anges poce no ma what s, at ast of uwill get the. repueel a litt bite 7? >> le bi >>eporter: last yr as a spoof, they en carried trd brfce used by host neil tric harris and bastage they onlyand the envelope to the psenter sonds before the announcement. is this e hardest secret to keep? it's imrtsecr. the reality is, ere's a secr we keeporever,nd that is, who got second? >> reporter: brand hitt, abc news, los angeles. interting. who gs a lice escort? abc is the placeo oscar nit.
3:55 am
sday, p time of course, ne ioworld newsow" next mday for a complete wrap-up. >> it's going to be a fun night. was this brk's outfit? t art be.ghg] you guys have douch wiri ts place in the last two ars yes, wree . the dseally likehe ighborod toooo h ese.k ttci ve is everythinok,jean yeah, sure. everytngkay, j? kl no. it's this house. cffor the mortny. i think we're real oue.ouncer] ma peoe e oublwithheirortgag the natialoundation forcrit counseling can help you work rough yo mogarobl, ervi comelfr. ifou tnk y're in call the n-cay. yeesalled them. d now knowwhat we need to do yes, wth workingith them.
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3:57 am
> ng news inmerica this morng, double edgerm. heavy wis and torrential rains in theasleave thousands without power overnit and communities in the southre stund by the ddly deruction as the midst is hit hard by whiteout conditions. we he the laten the stm track. privacy figh ceo tim cookelling a news that apple is standing firm against thgovernment despite that order to acce a terrorist's ipho. >> this not abo one pho. this is about the future. >> the abc news exclusive interview just ahead. fighting the flu in the depths of the seas. some encougi news about th year's vaccine.
3:58 am
one if you haven't. and, oh, boy, nts on fire. a small explosion in a store caug on security camera, and, no, that is not money burning a hipo we, good thursday morning. millns of americans are reing fromhe vicious storms hammerg the eastern two-thirds theountry >> along-aanti virginia is under a state of emergency this morning where rnadoes and thderstorms have left at least four people dead. tens of thousands are still thout power, and roadways are flooded. >> and in the midwest blizzard-like conditions left a huge mess. arly a foot of wet, heavy snow blanketed ads and knked out power. ivers planningo head out this morning need to be carel of dgerously i conditionsreated by frigid temperatures overnht. he impact,early 20
3:59 am
r, which is likely to imct air travel acrs the country today. and on the gd the full fectf the devastating storms and the massive cleanup ahead arjust starting to unfold. overnight, monmerica hit hard as a dead winter stcontinues its march noh. torrential rains flooding the d-ntic te northeast. the downpours creatingla floowaing aw cars eati a mfor e d.c. area i thinking like i calle g toelp and pyed. >> repte in new rkeavy winds overturned ts truck on the george washington bridge. th time lapse shows the stm mong into chlotte, nth rolina stronginds toppling trees, homes and power lines there. rehan 160,000 people without power across 7 states. 's t ssyem spawd terrifyingwis. in virginia, sta of emergency in effect.
4:00 am
young child. thethinwe a 2-year-old baby was found in the ods. >> reportehat ba a two others prouncedead this devastating. >> rr: acrs the region more than 30 tornaes in the last d alonefirst tearing acss louisianatring this rv par >> god let us kay. let us get through this. >> reporter: and on the back de othis masve storm, blzard conditions across the midwt. >> if n't need to make the trip, don't make the trip today. >> reporter: iparts of illinois and indiananearly whiteout conditions making travel extra dficult. and th area, by the way, i for more stoday. take a look, but it's not expected to be qs he th t sw shows coinng temperates will move back up into the 30s. n e mid-lantic northeast plan on moly dry conditionslthough temperatures willbit cooler > well, to politics now, t


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