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tv   Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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killed including a toddler. the search conties this morning for vms. inth carolina, ts twister caug on camera. iwaprty, pretty ifying. >> felt like who house was shakin >> repr: sen houses ripped aparand dozens more suffering major damage. >> it's amazing that no one is hurt with l the damage we had. reporte in the midwest whitut conditions eating havoc fodrivers. in illinois, highways litred with carin nofter neay ot o wesnow fell. erght torrential rains slamngheorthst, blinding nditions forci drivers to pull off roads. winds packing such aowl punch, this semi tractorrailer getting knocketo its side on the heaviltravel geoe waington bri power lines down ignitin acro newsey and in philadelphia, nddropping eeon carhouses. e storm forcing nearly 3,000 flight ccellations, 1,200
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alone. and back here in lancaster, pennsylvania, we canell you the national weather service will be coming to look at th damage to see if that was caed by a rnador not but the good news right w, perhaps a miracle, no injues and no deaths reported, sam. unbelievae,io and the damage there so what they'll lo for is whether the straight winds was just a pushing damage or they'll to see if there was a twist. if there is a twist, pow, tornado. now, if you think that february storms aren't ul look at ze of that tordo. this is just o of them we re talking out. thatnen evergreen, virginia. w toaverly, virgin, a town wakingp thorning destyed. a to tt's loinound and realizing that at least three members ofheir comnity are dead this morning. phlip mena is ere live. hey,hillip, just telus what you e oundhere. ain, monster storm. >> reporter: theevastion in this tn isust stking, as
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three people were killed cluding that tdler but the trailer they re in whenhe storm h is nhere to found. all that is left are these pilof lumbend tsted metal and over there the remnts of what was yeerday aunctioning laundromat. you can see the change machine nojust out in the open a. auorits are sllssessing the dage. everyone has been aounted for butt's going to be months before tcan build. so sam, just devtating blow his community. i got to tell you when people walk out the door and they can't reize whe their streete orhe the markers that they ew every day in their neighb it's unbeevable this sto isn't done. weave power behindt. we've got big blast cold ai some eas will still get snow snow wrappinaround t great las and in iwas g snow systems ll, inchein indiana. 10 near flint, michigan. you'll get more snow today. this colair charges in and these are e storm warnin
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soatch that low ll away then know we've got some big changes in the northea allhe way in e great lakecoming. watch these temperates from the 50s today, pow, to the 20s friday mning. saturday morning, just 12 degrees in burngton, sunday, 31 degre. co airn w york city, it ces the d of t ekend but right now it's cold and windy coming in behind all at storm dag okay, sam, than very much we move on to the race for wiup tuesdayt five days away, donald trump s lo of momentum after three straight wins. toght's gop debate may be the last best chance for his rivals to shake thingup. jon karl has all the latest. >> repter: we're down tot five candidates onhe stage tonight. the others can't find a way totrump wn, iton be long uil we're down tone. at a predebate rally in houston, marco rubio show a n willgness to take on donal trump. estioning whether he's ready to be commander chief. >> you c't just say when i get
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peop andhey'll tell mehat to >>eporter: ia fox news forum st nig botrubiand ted cruz quetrums consertive credentials. >> ware going to all the conservative movemt to be defined by a ninee who isn't a nservative. >> donald wins the gener eltion who thek knows what he'd dassint i mean, you know, we need a president we can trust. >> reporter: trump is also king fire fromhe last gop nominee, mitt mney, er his unreleased tax returns. >> i thinke have good reas to believe that there's a bombshell in dd trump' taxes. wh pple decide they don't want tgiou their taxes it's usually because there's something they don't want you to see. >> reporter:rump firedack tweeting that romney, quote, blew an election that should have been won and is nowlang e toh gu coming offhree straight wins,
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his wo mination. i mean, it's gointo be an amazintwo months. eers andpplause weight not even need t two mohsfolks, tbeonest, all rit. >> reporter: he's even musing about his potentce presidenti pk. the outsideraying he may go with a washington insider. >> i do want someby th's potical because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed that's just sitting the for years and years and years. >>ter: trump is also gettg s first inde pport. just yesterday, geor, he was endors by two junior members of congres hisery first ssional endorsements b as he told you just yesterday, endorsementsre a, quote, was of time. >> he did at. you're in front of that ar let's gi everyone sensof why alit super tue wh astake? >> this is the sgle biggt day ofhe entire primary. near00elates at ste, abouhalf youould need to clinch t nominatn. yove g most ofhe big states in the south, a little bit of new england, a little bit of the midwest and, george, this is also where you can continue to get delegates en with a
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>> donaltrump ahead in most the polls in most of tho statesight nowo th rubio and cruzave toind mewhere toet a win. >> reporter: especiay ted cr. his ho ste votes, he has to win texas and his entire campaign has been based on winning in the south if he can't find a way to win there it lights out for that caai. as forarco rub it's unclear where hean win but you can look at where he's spending his time. lot of time in minnesota, virginia, tennessee, oklahoma, unear which of those states he can win but he's got to show he cawin somewhere. >> okay, jon, to matt dowd i texas where threpuican debateilbeeld tonight. thebataybe the las be chance for cruz and rubio to shake things up until now they'veeen going at each other more tn they havet trp. >> we've seen idence that ted cruz is willing to take on donald tru but i think t real questiomark is on the same stage c mco rubio willing to get into it with donald trump? and i think body knows the answer to at question. i think there's internal
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they confront naldrump on e stage tonight or leave him alone and continue on the y. so ihinkhat's the million doar queion. will mar rub take on donald trump stageonight? >> wl anyoneick up on this romney wehing in on campaignesterday saying ere might aombshell in donald trump's tax retu of course, hfaced questions, as well. you think anyone will pick up that attack? >> i d't think so. it seems a bizarre line of attack by mitt rney who as you say was atckedn his xes by harry reid in the urse of is. my advice to mitt romney, ere's a lot of vulrabilities donald trump has b don't go after donald tru on tax returns, wealtor car >>kay,att dowd, thkser mu you'll join us on supetuday. u all caay w on super tuesday. i'll bith our whole plittall team plus ful coverage on "gma" and orld newsonight." w to another battle, this betwe and the vern over national secu andva
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wsonht" anavid muir sat do one-on-one withpple ceo tim cook to findut why the compy is refusing the government's request to unlock the san rnardi kler' iphone. >> as we sit here you know some of the families of the victims in san bernardino ha now come out in sport of the judge's order that appleelp the fbi unlock that ipne one ly reportedly ying wee angry and coed as to whape refg do this.wh wouldou s to e mies tonig. >>av, th he our ept symp what they' bn through,o onshould have to go through. apple s coopered with the fbi fully in this case. they came to us d asd usor all e formatn we had on thishone and we gave everything that we had. but this case is not a one phone, this case is about th futu. what is stake here is can vernmentoml ple to write
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kedrs ilof customs lnerable arod the worlinuding the s. >> you'd have write tt system in ordeto unlocthat phone. >> yes. yes, thiis -- we he no more information t th phone. the only way to get information least currently the oy way we know would be to write a piece of softwarthat we vi as st theoftwe vaf cancer thi it's bad ws to it wouer wtet. we have ner itn d thats s ske re>>he f sayves faseth phoneo e this w his accomplice and'murious, do yostggle at all with the possility there could be formation on tt phone that could revealth plots, other peop who we involvedn anning the san bernardino attack? >> david, if we ew a way to
7:10 am
woult expose hundreds issues, we would obviously do >> but i your quiet moments do you have any concern that you ght be able prevent into thaph >> davmehings are ha, and some this e right, and is one of those this. >> and in this case,ouie thare so things at jt shou never be created. >> correct s keacrosshe appmpitoson haeee jo61st birthday, cook says not a dagoes bhe dsn't think about hiiconic predecesr. >> i d tnk about wt would nd i am so convied knowing steve, steve always did at he ouwas righit iso r to me he loved what ameri was foundedn and wld do nothg ut l these customs isk. he'de doinsame thi. >> andoing me now
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pierre thos anabc's chief yst dan rams. od tboth of yo ood morning. goorning. pierre, onef the ints cookakes if ape grants thi reest sk at ll predent. whreeds sayi about th >> amy, spe to aumber seni governmofcis and theye ot buying cook's argus. they say this is not about mass surveillan at all. onfici told mehe fbi simplyanpple to lop a way into that phone that wl be known only to them. admthat the fbi a otr licegencies kelyome tole with ne reesn re b e timeacagency must convince a courto app a search warrant d emphasiz the san bernardino investigation remains urgent because the killecouple ore allegiance to isis and idhey need iot were involved and ifthg else is out ther >> publicly we'rtalkinabout tialit pricyt it'sore fine than >> remember, phone companies, mperompani he been sisted the gnment in investations andreby
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forever anthe supreme court has upld it. the lel question his in effec activelishis that mu dferent?his what cald an undue burden on ple? that'ss much a technological questi ait is legal. >> the federal response, what are theyaying about these threreportly made bysis ainst mark zucrberg? >>he leaders of faceok and twter have beethe bjecof line threa because ty oplyave atedlans to try bckhe broadocial isis. mbf cuty al a skeicvideo's edity and etr thisroeally hathe ans to carry out that tack. >> thank you so much. gege, overo you. >> we' get the lateson that dead rampa in miannd learning what jason dalt was like i the d be killed six people and two others. abc's alex perez has an exclusive interview. >> reporter: this morning, the
7:13 am
spkingxcvely tab newshaismbering the pe were hurt rorter: thettne revealinnew tas abdalt behavioin the day leadinup toong rampage that took the liof six pele. was actingifre in thstoue ofis wi himnde e was ti hamadeerhiwas acting difrently. >> he seemed tbe depressed and down whi was not his nor aracter. >> repter: honly ban driving for er in the weeks leading upo it facing si counts omurder. when they sain crt, wth tre thig el, why. >>ina mysterven his faly. jasy all acco was falyreriouar go fatheell owinhe commun l. thwas nothg to indica tt something like th would occur. >> rtes w de
7:14 am
pare house after the first shooticcred athis resideial complex telling his family that his chevy uinox had been sidespeand he need to chly taking hisents' y hh before heaou aner tha lirrived >> tharr poce td l what happed. >> reporter: at that momenwas she inisef? >> c oy ime. we haven discussed thabut she'still in dbelief. reporter: fgo morng america," alex perezabc news lamao, micgan. thanks to alex for th. amy, you have startling new video. >> thishows just h dgero e-cigarette batteries be a mawas puinn hiet. look happeneat a gastaon in kcky when h e-cigarte battery pled ligg s pants on . e erk raafter th a fire extinguisher. the man ffered second-degree burnand as e-cigarte erieco mpular
7:15 am
at is cenly a warng for evyone talngbo som reallyredible video,ou've got the elephantid >> another warng, if you see an ephan move out of the y. we havanother dramatic video th comes from africa. t from's safi k whh s amazinitse but from a u.s. senator learning poac on a ct-fng missn when hwas charged by these elephants protecng their young. heotoose. ey wteto ptect themselves. and arizona senar jela a leoo clo a he isthspso bl crack down on achihich helps fund terristups in aica out there for a good cause goa lile too close >> i got to tell you when u see those elephas up cse, those skarincred rge.yodoot wanto banywhere nearha e animal infrica is a lobigger than on tv. founthatut firsthand>>e to g to mooswins.
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strong during the day.350 mile per ho winds, a lot betterhan the 80-mile-per-hour winds. by. daslhtly coer tnka ak fwillove thugh prior to sunrise. highs wi warm into the 40for most. e itay b t cloudier in the morning, t ou wl clr erno. ill a d
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coming up next o"gma" emotional testimony in erin drews' $75 million lawsuit. her father breakindo on the st warning about what you post oe. a dozen enarteafter ur mki dto fe,got bs to pamoge and i' also got br life'short, ta ilyou ilthotreugh? whll step wn th getou t u want thatnd of brn?de iee you'renaan e like m t brandon thinks best fos is heaven in a jar. at's bause our ingredients come from... faers mmitted to respony sourcels ended ingredients
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the's od :24 am, thursd br 25t i'm cone y: itoe olhas weak fnt t wi rough prr tosunris highs willarm into e 40s for mo ile ay be bin morng, the ill ear by thenoilbe ary and ti
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stern sle.. c-dot says e ady to re-open i-70 through glenwood ca to two way trafc. it's aimaver trert r you this morning. the interstate should re-open this afternoon, accordinto t post independt. dot says as long as the area is determid safe, east and westbound trfic will open at the same me. aretrelg ug ar... you should still give yourself extra time. the hiway cl dow februaryh afr maive rock c new develoents regarding the colorado spris school security guard who's being accused sexual assault. whappene at a meeting last night, that changed his job status. ahead at
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back t"gma you are lookinlivet that rescue unfolding rig n. is iff toastf new york. a coasguarvessel ort trying to ve a fishing ship stuck in rough surf and severe weather spreaout acrosshe countr 53 tornadoes reported in just the last 48 hours. we areovering all the st this mning. >> also right now, the last ve gop candidatesace ofin a debateightn houston. justive da away om super tuesday as hillary clint and be sanders prepare fores in southolina on saturday. new headline abouthe zika ree pregnant womn florida have tested potive. now floridgovernor rick scott asking the cdc for support. al we're counting down to oscars a "gm posts showonday an
7:28 am
>> i sure do. thacademy's voteare and odmakersre shari their beo do you thinks shoon for oscar gold. we have that coming up. >> rhtow latt on erin drews and her ockbuster $7 million lawsuit against the hol ker secr recoed nude video of her and cried court yterday as her father tes she is a shell of her fmer self. eva pilgrim is coverinthe l ashville. good mning, eva. >> reporter: good morning,rin andrews fighting back ter suffering thugh an unthinkable e, a stalker videotapinger changing in her hotel room. is mning she rurns t cot. r lawy blaming the hotel for that vid. emotional day in court filled wiainful memories. >> she kept screaming, i'm on the internet. i'm henternet. i'm naked. >> reporr: erin andrews wiping away tears as faer recounted her hoor abein film through peephole at a
7:29 am
dad rrett. >> i feared for helife. she wouldn'tat. she uldnathe. she wouldn't talk.all she would do is cry. >> reporter: andrews now suing barrett as well as the owners and managers of that marriott for $75 million clming the hointentionally placed brett next do to the tv star. r lawyer sayg failed to notice he moved and altered 9 peephole using a hksaw to ke the hole bigger. stas there fo1/ miand videer. >> reporte arews told "g" 0 about how r ther hadacted to tews. >> i remember my d sing to , you y have a stalker a -- i just --ad, don't say that. don't say that word. reporter: the hotel claims baett criminal who tricked them into gaining access. >> hdeceived. heve he stalked. >> reporr: the hel's lawr ying hfod r room nber
7:30 am
was ayin aki om nt to herosting the videos online pleading guiy tostalking in 2010 andentenced to 30 nths iprison. >>he just nt into heroom and closed the doors and put ankets up over the windows, even in heown home she didn't feel safe. >> reporter: andrefather he job she once loved. >> ihappto report. >> reporter: became terrifying remembering h return to espn in september 2009. >> whad oken just sends before she went on the air and she s in tea. >> reporter: it's been eig years and he says daught still isn't the same. >> s's full ofnxiety. sha , ryhanged person. s t e giwed to kw. >> reporter: now, more witnesses
7:31 am
including at stalker. this casisxpecd to last as long as two week orge. oy, evathanks. dan ab bk alk abt this. the newest membeof our l snyosti welcome to >> thank >>eeou. >> it's wonderl to be here, ank you. >> thameanyou get the firs questi. ll us about the impact of the father's ttimony. >> i think it could be very significant because this case is about what effect d this have erin andrews, whaeffect doest have on a won when she is surreptitiously videotaped while naked d that videotape is all over e inteet for the rld to see and he ys she is a shl of a person. i thk seven women anfive meon that jury wl listen to nd that will bre significto them. >> $ milon worth? >> typically this sort of teimony wod beiewed as emotional kind of character but in this case it's tually
7:32 am
of damages when trng to asss how much is this wor and the thersanghe ino loer then she was. is how shhas suffered. now you'reot jt talking abthe otl de you'kiolrs. yore t aut the amoun she hasuffered, therefore, t plaintf's hope it can transition into a big verdict here. >> sunny, asan pointed out yesterday $7million is multiples of what people get in wrongful death lawsuit. it's a big numb, suret how you p a price tag emotionadistress? w do you arice tag on at is evermas ghtmargain, napictur of you ten and posd all over e internet. i think the jury will likely send a message, sometimes these judgnts are symbolic and the jury may send message that says, listen, u can't do this to women. u do ts to erin andrews and you' going to pay for it. hey coulnd a powerful messe. >> iey dwho pa the's no questioth the guy whdid thiss thone who is primary responsibl
7:33 am
t have real moneso the g legal question is ing to be how much does the hotel pay in connection with that rung. if anything. >> do you thk wesee eronhe sta. >> absolel >>o eson. >> thanks very much. back to y. >> we havenoth leg bombshell garding ng ke a tt to get out her recording contra. kesha has accused her longtime produc of usg r, a charge he denied. now a new video surfaced and kesha's own wordare raising new questions about those allegations and abc's reena ninan is here with more on that. >> reporte it's a growing se of he said/sheaiholding fi to ausat her producer used heractions he nying. sha's n words raising questions about their high-profile battle. she's the icktock" singer at the nt of a legal battle rocking the music industry.
7:34 am
abc news of pop sensatn kea appearing in a 2011 deposition. nev madsexual advs me. >> swearing deoahat she was t xually invold with her producerlucas gowald known as dr.uke. >> did you evehaven intite laoniplucas gottwald. no. >>orter:n lawsuit filed in 2014 kesha alleges that for the past ten years dr. luke has sexually, physical, verbally and emotiolly abused her. in the011 both kesha and her mother denany inappropatsexual behav eryou ever t a time that lukead h a sexual relationship witan with ur daughter? >> no. >> reporte on monday dr. luke rring to thideposition tweeng i dn't rape kesha and i never had x with her. a representative frodr. luke saying the vid of their testimony speaks a thousd words tellinabc news, and kea sayir.uke threatened hed hemother only
7:35 am
to ts monste our love your lo is my drug >> reporr: ting to facebook to thank fans for their suppt. this case has never been about a renegotiation of my record contract. iout being frrom abuser from thher de reporter: last ght'br awards adele joining the long list of celebritie-- >> i'd like to take th moment to pcly ort kesha. thank u very much. >> a judge rulriday kea has to stick with this contract. tomokesha suorters will head toony's neyork quarterso push for cnge. not just t music industr watchis one. >> all right, ena, tnk you very muc comi up next here on "gma," on the lookout with a warni about what you post online dozensf coege udents target. what they shared tt lea thief right to their doors. imrtant health alert. late in flu reports d new adline out about the
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7:42 back with "gma on the lookout." ana warning about wh y share onli. what you post could lehies right to youdoor. it happeneto aroup of college students in california. abc's matt gutman has e story and how you can safe post onne. >> repter: ao gaan algedluctoheoo of 33 fema colge studes swipg eiops,elevwes urbing. wh'sore disturbing how police say the california college maintenancworker target the from their open public pts on soaled.>>e waable tjupenl brow t differe social media platforms and nd photographs. he would then collect the gps
7:41 am
viim'socations. reporte galvan is accused of stealing $250,0 in elerocs since last year lice s we open ourselves up to thiby aertising our tion onle, which i'mbout to do. staplenter, this place hosts more than 4 million peop a year and like me ls of us her snapng selfies checkin in. bimistake. >> so, it showthat your actual residence whher it ase orpartment, you're not at that location. >> shows someone elsewhere i'm t. >> what i uld commend is delay your posting so you kind of break the timinand brk that pattern of showg that you're not at that location. >> rorr: cybexpes also recommend not posting pictur of your home or lamarkthat coulleado your house. also saying you shouldn't reveal too much about your daily routine. policeay thawhe isan's alleged meths were high tech,
7:42 am
he w aesteafter coint about a man peeping into a campus window. the fath of ree has plead not guilty and icurrently in jail where there's no acce to social media. for "good morning america," matt tman, abc news, los anles. >> that'a grtip. just delay. speedo, we know you're not at your apartment. >> only i save pictures of min the tuand post them when i'm on vacation like i'm at ho. is that wrong? is that differensty? thasoreat to ve back. >> sam right now couldctuay be worse than postg it. >> all right. coming up, the oscars are three daway. who are thfavorites toring home the gold? are breaking down the odd next. a hollywood ar personal confession. the secret aicon that almost ended his maiage.. to the couple wondering at aood deal s ke. . riousl
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l gh coting down t oscars whi is justhree ds awayow the memf the acemmaveeadyot buwhat aut the onlin oddsmakers? avadcomped the currenodds of who uld take home the golden statue, so let's
7:47 am
for best picture the odds are ine "the revent' for, 4-9. they say lnao dicaprios the odn favorite to gr the atue for best actor. >> 1-50. it would bebout time and brie lson tops the list for best actress for her turn in thevie "room." >> big favorites they have >> i agree wall of that. >> so far so good busaoirse, wow. so many great performances, not easy either. d the bravado odds projond n ejandro nzalez inarritu for "the revenant." anhe won last year for "birdman." t f to awofe no one has er donet. >> he did it back-to-back li the lakersack in the day. >> we'll see. >> all right. we, there are, of course, her n odd,neig happe seehering show. eck it out. o is goi to the lgest
7:48 am
>> we'll be right back. nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash... then i ply ito myet skin. it moisturizes th nstic feel. i quickly nse off. and m ready to g
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y ki htwo bs tpaa gage, and i've also got ain. life's short, talk is cheap. ll bwoing ile you eep.n't th gotin? u thk noh? who'lltep up when things get t don't nt that kind obr degrees a gr you're gonna want soone like me. but onlyyou vein. so that stm at gave us 53 tornadoes in 48 hours actually started in the west. we want to show u pictures out ofreckenridg they've d 18 feet of snow so far this season. now here'shere the kickback if
7:52 am
willeliv snow toy, miiganu'refottle
7:53 am
brought you by lyrica. you by lyrica. it's 76 am thursday february 25th. m acone. today: iing e slightly cooler tnks to weak front that will move thh prior to sunrise. hig will warin the 40s for most. while it may be a bit cloudier in the morning, the clouds will clear by the afteron. it will be a dry and revely quiet da one man dead after an officer-involv ooting in evans rlthis rning. ans is j so greeley in northern colodo. the ooting happened wn offirs responded a trespassing po. our news rtners i denveray offirs saw two men running away from the scene. when thesaw d lative
7:54 am
onman is dead after an officer-invoed shooting in evanearly is moing. evt ut no lora the ting ppen wheoffirs responded to a trespaing re. our ne partners in denv say officers saw men rug aw from th sce. whhey w e me su started shting at office...who tu fire, killine person. the other suspect is under be uatg this story as we learn more o good morning colorado. e d11 security guard accusing of having a sexual relationship th aeenager, has been fired. it happened la night at a district 11 board of education meeting.tyr hamilt was theist recommeed termations f violatg board licy accdi hamilton coronado hig cument seven-month sexual retionip with a6 ye d before h arrest on february urth. the teenold investigators tht her
7:55 am
ovhe unter herbs. mion will march. coming up at 8:27 a target 13 alert for ople being rget by a landslide sc. here's a check on
7:56 am
7:57 am
>>goodorning, 8:0a.m. flu ts fever pitch, cases spiking across the country. new mberout reveal how effective yo flu shot real is. drbessererwith the lates secret addiction, what almost broke up terry crews' marriage the former nfl star turned actor opening up in stning confessions. >> it real, really messed up ife a lot of ways. >> the pernal battle that sent him to reh w the father of fiharing s strugg. te to get the chains out and ossunday just e daysway. from your face to your diet, thecrets u can steal from the stars and time to plan that oscar party.
7:58 am
0 cks. so you say i'momplicat all thatnd robin talking to gh aaron. we'rrollinout the red carpet this morning as we're saying - >> both: good morng, aca. that's not all, we're counti down to oscar sunday right here. audience in the it of thgs, me selfies with the ars. a lot coming up ourarcountdown. >> that's right, and lara, michl, robin and i are going to be on theed carpet sunday ght. take aoo ere is thecademy right ere. thre lerally rolli o thd ca. this happened st a few hours o.we're all very excit abohe oscars pshow. >> yeah, that's goto be really fun. soxcit. you made it fr afric now new york then to l.a. you win. >> my brain function. >> could make for some great tv, america. what's an award seasonithout
7:59 am
it'sne of "gma's" vorite ways to celebrate the oscars ery year. this more have apeal, welet's callt a throwbac thursday edition. these e so of sam's test hits. in all of h years,hat was "lifof pi" andam was a very angrtiger. you'v a l of hs, sam. wee goi to watch that all morning. and our cars countdown is just getting started. weavome grea "deals & steals"o help all of you get red carpet rea. >> iike that. >> all these start at just $ and are up to 53% off. can't get any beer thath. >> $ >> wow. >> w got to talk abo "deals & steals" a ltle more becae amy isti making her way over to the desk. go ahead, y. >> all right, thanyou, guys. the g ory, of course, we're talking abt ose deadly orms hammering theast coast killing at lea eight people. virginia is under a state of emergency after severe thunrstorms and tornadoe destroyed homes and left tofthndtht power. a tornado that hit the town of wavey left three people dead including a 2-year-o boy. a similascene fortunately
8:00 am
heavy rain and winds te through buildingand downed power line e winds were sintense, a coast guard at overturned on its way to rescue this disable fishing vessel off the coast o new york this morng. crew membe thankfully ma it safelythe beach. mewhile, the problem in chicago right now is all this ow. there are reports of up to 40 jackknif trucks this morning and dozens of vehicles stranded in the snow with people inside them. ao happening rightow, crews on the scene of a large brush fire burning in malibu, california. some homes hadbevacuated thankfully this is a remote area and the flames moved away from nearby homes there is aevelopinstor overseas. the father of an american businessman has been detaid in ir. 80-yr-old mazi held in t sameriso h son detned ur months ago. unclear why either man was arrested. in the re for president
8:01 am
tonight for finatime before super tueay primaes. it could be the st chance r candidat like marco rubio and ted cruzo stop donald trump's mentum. rubio has suggested trump is winning on bsehe other ndides are splitng up the majority votes. and apple has until tomorrow ile a gal response in it high-stakeshowdown with the gont. duringn exclusive interview with david muir,pple ceo t cook said his comny is forced to unlock the san bernardino shooter's iphone, i would be, quot the stware eqvalent of cancer thacould jeopardize the personal data of iphone users everywhere but the governnt rejec that. th say the fbi wants appleo devep a watonlk the phone that only apple woul know. d royal caribbean is faci a c action lawsuit now accused of deliberat iling into t path of a orm. e ship was battereby huicane-foe winds while saing from new jersey tohe bahamas this month. terrified passengersonfined to their cabins. the suit seeks punitive damages and the crue line has sd the or was mucworse than
8:02 am
and nally, police are calling him the rogaine robber. take a look at the surveillance pictur h been stealing the hair growing drug from stores all ross o perhs this is obvious but pocehinke's stealing it to rell it because his bald head would indicate he is notsing thoduct himsel >>h, gosh. poellow. he really, really, real eds it. >>yeah,yeah anndt' taking lonstory wo than expected. >> i'm staying out of this one. >> we're gng t move on to someing a little bit more serious now. we have a health alert. it'sbouthis wintes flu viru 13 states seei a spiken s and the cdc leased new numbers onhe effectiveness of thisear's vaccine. drrichard besser, our chief health and medical director iere, the flu seasonrey late this year. >> yeah, i mean the on thing you capredict about the flu seas is that it's going to be unpredictabl we have seasons atta as early as october. the past few yea it's en
8:03 am
it ud to be that late february, march was typically u seasonnd ilookli that's what's happeninnow. >> is it t late get the vaccine. >> it allysn't 40tates havet seen t sp 13 statethat areo there's plenty of time and really go news fm the cdc yesterday. the vaccine this year, 59% effective. that means it reduces the chces you'll havto see your doctor b59 takes one to twoeeks to ki inso now is the time if u haven't got the vcine to go ahead. >> what othethingsan we do? >> we talk abouthese ahe ti coughs a sneezesu want to cover themith a ssue or with ur elbow. wash your hands often or use alhol sanizer, avoid touching your face if you can. oid sick people, if possible, and ifou're sick, plea stay home. at is something od for everybod >> i'm going home in 20 minutes, prise. [ al tkingt ce >> i hado chuckle on at o. >> okay, thank you an you'll be taki questions all morning. >> i wl. >> okay.
8:04 am
>> all rig. thank you, george. here a look at what's comi up on the "gma morning menu. former nfltad actor terry crmas a startlin confession. the secret addiction that almost killed his marriage. > d we're countingown to oscar sunday. tory is he with "dls & steals" toet you r cart ready. you don't want to miss that. d rachmith is at the saung 83ilding getti the pre-pay started and we've gotome big surprises for some of those fanstickets to a vipsc ewparty. n't tell them about it. >>and 're ceatinthe oscars right here li iti square. got date, lupita nyong'o. loosup. you little a little stiff, girl. right here on "gma" in times square. hey,hat's up wth peoe? ma's morningenu" is brght toad werful and
8:05 am
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8:09 am
join the natio nionwide is on your side representative. imeo gee o >>odd ck to "goodor ameca you oking some of the l osr wns rn b faus winne and stars. as you kw, we're counting down to oscar sunday and our "gma" pay on monday. we've got the best beauty tricks. got deals. steals, sam is ndling th comg b firste t geto amy. >> that'rit. we want to get to th b headline wve bn telling you about abt rry crews oping up on facebook about his battle aecret addiction and how it nearly destyed his marriage. abc's deboraroberts is here withis story. goodorning, derah. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it's a stunning confessi. tey ews detailing on his facebook pe s addiction to pornography. readhis deep
8:10 am
hing outn a bier way onocial me fans know him he toudy be sergeant rrjeffor in thshow "brooklyn nine-ne." hey, ball,fe were too anything to harm thisecinct, wod i destrothem? >> reporter: but this morng former nfl player turned actor terry crews has the internet abuzwith aersostgg. ea, arears, dirty littecret was at i wadio rnog eporter: htunngl id cssion abou pornraphy going l with more than 3 million views. >> it really, rely msed up myife wa w mse nobody knew, and that allowed it gro >> reporter: crews says it began whe was 12 years old tu to pornography when he was sa depressed and lonel >>very time you lo at pornrapht's a dere for inticy. you are trying to fit your feelings of being alone. >> you'd be rprisew many
8:11 am
behavior until they become addicto it and they to stop. >> reporter: clinical psychologist karen stewart say e scination happens more oftethan younow. >> ne ouen cgeales d over a third of college age fee m are looking at pornography on a regular bas. reporter:crs some faraing s hosty. od bless you, terry," one commenwre. "i 100% sure ye breaking mabstacl iso many minds." crews' wife rebecca and mother of his five children ianding by her husba last week pting ontagramovmyoo." the le iappantly salvthr marrgehrgh b. >>'vbeen free of ts thing probably going on six, seven arnow,nkoodnesut w it'secome battle to help other people whare gog through the same thing. >> rorter: crews using his lessono warn others as you heard him say in a powerful way. pes say it is a true addiction like so manyth and e ad, of course, i
8:12 am
owledge the problem and talk t it, condly imperative that yoget he whh in hisase and so m others includes therapy. guys, just as if y were addied to another substance. >> makes sense. ense verbravof himo talk about it. ecially in such a vira ic wep, tely. dera t y so . > and were now g ttalk e stare t wn oscy out "gma" after-party. we've got the p red caet secrets. these are diet secrets, beauty sects. abbie boudreau tryi tm t. n on >> rh hr days to go hollywood's biggest stars going to the extremes for that pictureerfect red cpet glow celeb nutritnist haylie pomrosays stars like kiten dut and j. lo swr by he mabolism five to ten-day cleans >>here are verspecif cipes wl askes,
8:13 am
en tithat too get th increbllook. >> rorter:lant-based protein mix coupled with mitetablesnd a healthy dinner. >> it's easy, effective. a loof ourlien can the ten un idays, fi unds in ve daybut it more autust looking incredible >> rorter: ahat phot rey face, ars ke gwyneth paltrow and ew bryreeek out celebrity skin carexpert sonia jakar using crushed ice spik witstem cel oh, my, gosh, i'm eang it. that okay? soa says the ice stimus blood flow and helps pmp the skin >>hat is t secret of the stars. rortendo get th die fovictoria bkham or angelinaaw line and eless neck kat rado says many are going high tech. using radio freqncy to penetrate the deep lays the in.fes ke a hot stone mirage.
8:14 am
to sh out the ck. for at emma watson and ra delevingne look, it's therow bar to the stars. >> thereimilo extensa hair bondeto each hai but it gives that perfect eyebrow withmaup. >>eporut ith sculing mask that a-listers ar lin u forhich can end up cng tusands. no time for my big red caet reveal. oh. for "good morning america," abbie boudabc newss les. ie's sislowing. glowg,ah he gatand can ge cart au ts and tricks at on yahoo! ghtw, though, let's outside to the other by, sam champion. >> oh lar tnk you so very much. hey, with tory. so, if is time to get on the red cawe want to do it witht "deals &teals" you can possibly pull t, so ry'sothem forou slet's t started. so first up frodr. dennis gross,o skin care part of everyone's routine.
8:15 am
>> right. >>this is an increble steamer, n and mecan use is. it is incredib technology that decongests pores, hydrates skin and get th itant flow which is what evybwants in just thto five minute >> how londo i stay like this/ >> three to five minutes. normally $139 for this machine. today only it slash in half, $69.50 plus ee spping from dennis gross. >> aright, also good if you're like co right? if youe a he cold the st ing to do. >> red carpeor head cold. >> no one will know what you ha on underneath. >>nd thiis for you, e frankly, to kw every ngle day what you've got on undernea. >> when she says, she ans u, n m >> idimix. you ge m andch so many everybody. big discounts on these from an alreadincrediblece,
8:16 am
$3o ucks from under undies.c. beautiful pieces. okay, so headbands. >> ruehli key. >> yeah, sohese are le really beautiful headbands, so becaleair acors are fu >> i'll try out. >> you will?hyot i meare y g >> ne. >> sold,ight? but is this t w you wear it or do youear it like -- >> you can wear it anyay you wa. is is the sam style. right? the stylof champio. >> thank you. >> okay big discount on these, as wl. again, normally $3lashed by 53%,5 bucks. >> lievable. now, this stuff,t glier ke real. >> it does. >> this is so beautiful on screen. run for this one. >> statement jewry. all are great whethearing a t-irorown. one pie anges yourook and it's suc an ea w to rt of ssizand changep ur ouit. big assortment, not jt t pieces you see here, this is
8:17 am
more when you go to o website wait till you hear this, normally only $28 50, incredible price regularly, evything today sshed by at leas50%, $14 t$24. >> tory, bigewelry in like big jewelr it's got be bi it's got to lo -- , yeah, yeah. >>ling gua.,here gat for - my favorite is bling guard f rs buthere alsinguar f rings. rings ke sure you dot yo rg doest fa off. blg ard prevents saggy earrings. no dproopy earlos. >> i hate th.i te tt. >> not on the recarpet or any y. 90 in a pack. normally for a pack slashe in half, $7.50. >> that's smart because really takes the pressure off the earlobe,o you don't have that big gaping hole in your r. i think at's genius. >> youundend,ouet it. >> i do. tory has allhe deals. by the way, "dea & steals," you nt t that, go to "go morning america." it's on dotcom, rit? >> on yahoo! all the links and code >> fantastic. by the way -- >> love you.
8:18 am
>> i'm running late.t to weath orning, evybw are you? want to show video comg in fous this mornin we've had real pbls in grant park, illinois, all going on south of chica , squeeze ea i bath we've got 40 jkknifed trucks, 40 cars stucin thenow. peop are insidthose cars. this has been a real problem and thers wi bd is. there is some snow bends lo this has been monsr storm and there's clnup all over the eaern seaboardnd en in the deep south from those tornads and from justrees down. th hn a rough day in those eas but it is eous thuray february 25th. m abby acone. today: it's going to be slightly coolerhanks to fhawi m roh prr to suise. wim into e . maye a bit cldier in the morning, the ouds will clear by the afternoon. it will be a dry and relatively
8:19 am
>> we're lessquare come say hi. ba t -- [ yelling ] it was worng all wk so well. >> tee me days before we find out who takome the oscarld.jeer lawnceas emerged as the highest paid ninee forer role injoy." she made an estimated $52 million last year. >> how much? >> 5-2. >>wo >> a lot more than the hig pa a nominee, tha leo dicaprio who rortedlyook home $29 million which he's had th wle b conrsation ab equality y. >> speaking up. >> goo for if j. lo wins this sunday she
8:20 am
time ever thathe world's hiest paid actreon osca winner i same year. >> all these funfacts. >> i am just fied. learn why the water was green in africa two-for directors. >> jennifer lawrence, at least take the sting awayf n't win theosr. >> yes. >> 52 million. that's okay. >>m,ome on in. ease enter. >> thankyou. > we we talking abo in this morning, b likes ts morning for facebooight now. the social 234 work has added five newmo moods if you will -- >> iaw it yesterday.i used them. i lov wow. >> yeah. >> so instead of ling lik theth photo of your co-wker's cat you can express wow, ha, ha, sad. >> angry headacheshe. >>r angry. ho do youind these many are woering. >> the angryead shake. >> hehakes his he. yeah,lso unapproving. >>ye, he's just disgted.
8:21 am
down the button, tkeutton on yr pne or hover overt on your desktop and they appe. your facebook emotions are not set in stone. u can cnge . yeah, so like for exame, if i was to post like this pho, sam, take a -- just gting close th go ahead. keep that up. yeah. >> take it all in. taket in. >> would it be like wow -- >> at dinner las night. ecial. >> dnern a wednday. no, but -- mine would belike, w, why is sam dressed like burger ng? disappving. >> unapproving. >> it does. and thenilliam shakespre once asked what's in a name but that thought never crossed the mind of a british fan w
8:22 am
there his, it was sam smith. gss he knew that the singer hadhat covered so he has tota totally committ to the idea d signs e-mails as b.d. cheeseburg noegrets becae, i ote, everyone lovesbacon, one of sam' favorit sayings. that is everyone except his soon-to-be wife who is less than happy about her fiance new moniker. >> he did not check wit her. unlessnges h name to doueoreo milshake which n't goingo happen >> just thinkg of t kids, right? >> right. >> lal nam -- patt her sec nam could melt. >> nice. goto make iwork. >>ou , you do. that's true ve, a coromise. heninally just a quickie, they're tling me ian do this, 15 seconds. why don't i save it shall wo t teases?i'll do the baby. do the baby. ifou're struggling to make it through the week maybe you need pum the volume.
8:23 am
>> oh, i i'm glad you die . >> oh. >> there youo. i gd you did th baby. >> oh.
8:24 am
>> thereou go.tt2wo f# ;m( tt2wlr=[ik@% km@ ttlrik4! 4 tt2wlr=[x#*& 0p 2w=[j'v.4 tt2wlr=[ik@%t#j) 0]np go morning... it 87 am, thuray february 25th. i'm abby acone day:t's going to be slightly cooler thanks to a weak front that will mov through ior to sunrise. highs will warm into the 40s for most. while it may be bioudier in the rning, the clouds will ear by thenoon it will be a dry and relatively quiet day. e ty of colorado ris is a waing abt phone scamtargeting people dng with landsli damage... according investators. a call claiming to bfrom the government i contacting the city of it's 8:27 am, thursday february 25th. i'm ab acone. today: it's going to be slightly cooler thanks to a weak front that wi me through prior to sunrise. highs wi warm to the 40s for most. whilit may be a bit cl in thrning, the clouds wl ear by the afteron. it wilbe ary
8:25 am
the city o colorado springs is issuing warning about a one am targetin pele dling with ldsli damage... cording to investator a call claing to be from the government is contacting homeowne offering sure grant loans.
8:26 am
idtifies the numbers beg "unknown," according to investigator spokesman for the city sa none from government fices is behind the calls... athat they will onlyeach out to homeowner who expressed terest in the grant program. homeowners will not b anythi. residents in a small colorado town are i coun deputy was shot and killed ahead at lening more about what lead
8:27 am
> jessi chastain looks like juli robertsghost. i like tt on >> sh ron i rlly just dustin diamond with 0 extra pods on m. oh, n. >> eddie redmayne looks like denis leary wearing the skin of justin bieber. >> theret . little sneak peek of jmy mmel. mau t iny do. >>an see it all tight on "jimmy kimme live." >> doing that takes the steam stin of it.
8:28 am
s the p out of it counting down to oscar sund. rachel smith is actlly getting the party s a samsung's 7 ilding wit cf josh kapaun and have tips to throw amazingscar par f 100 bucks or less. >> wow. great to see josh out there with rachel >> we are countingdown. if w hadn't mtied i bore to oscar sunday hold on,breaking news, t oscars are this sunday. sohis is a greatgma" tradions you may know, we l te turns i front ofhe screen to star if you will oscar nominated flips. we have a special thursday tow of bac etion wh se o sam's best. >> action. >> take 70. miplease. i don't want to ask twice. >>'m ruler of the sev
8:29 am
protecof trealm. >>eel lik a giant petroleumexan is that close? well, goomorning,istrict 12.theyre fuego. >>e are onfire, we gthis. >> fire. >> we got this. >> fir >> thank you. >>ot the hair >> nothe hai >> nothe hair. >> i gss we weren fire >>oh,e re ofire ecret. >> america, what do you o e' ivin >> i don't want to say it' bad t ihink w missedhaef turn in albuquerque. >> i just - i looking for a weatp. you look lik geor's brother in that last on har potter the. >> well, it'snly righthat
8:30 am
the gol ham litime achievement award goes t mr. m champion. >> oh. >> speh, speech. iust -- i h no ea. i didn't see this coming. you ,'d le to tha orge because thatinterview, avorite one was "life of pi" you we -- >> i was intviewing you, yes, that'sright. you were verartilate. georg y rllyulle ohis -- >> inner ger. inner tiger. >> wow. there's something toonr on. >> i got to say there s much fun. when we started dngem h ybod --ave you all done em already. >> ah, we had george -- >> do we show them tod or tomorrow? >> when are we showing them? on t's he aurge and we'll find out. >> . >> v cited. the greencree i'm hearing from the control room is happenin tomorrow. ou totallyle -- >> in honor ohe mr. mrcheeseburger guy.
8:31 am
chowing down onurgers fries court of shakeshake, we t you a i think tha % ths reaso we'aving acksecause we're talking about oscar parties. >> we're n talking about right. >> a we pty and i chew now, rhel smith is partying at samsung'837 and wllheck in with h and tell you how y can throw anmangscsas a budget and a full mouth. >> reportes hoywood kicks off its biggest party of the year, oscar stands everywhere, toast to tovsike 32-year-old karishma who wants to throw alamorous get-together but keep it to a budget where would you like to stay. >> probably about$100. >> reporter: we enlisted t help of style director lori bergamotto. hi, laes. i ve fr sple tips all der $100. >> reporter: first up a run down oscar memory lane with a wide
8:32 am
>> all this is is computer paper then picturese printed o of faus oscar nominee a we glue sticked them together and ila. this is late rally costing under adollar rorter: next oscar themed snacksor the soar ray. >> t "the venant" br cla atcking leonardo dicaprio. >> good job. >> a then we did t "inside out" upside down cake from "boklyn's" h dogs. >> repte this di pto booth bringshe red carpet to yourwn home. >> we got thiser fancyold curtain0 bucks. u ca use old halloween costume props. >> l's take a picture. >> repter: finally aew staple. what i a nightt the movies withoutpcorn. >> littl pcn canistersnd glued on a gliery bow tie and three differe types all under $1. >> reporter: the grandotal about $60. do y feel le y can do
8:33 am
>>absolutely, thi thesere great. >> reporter: affordable tips f an award-winning affair. >> all: rs! whoo! >> oh, yummy. great ps f ri. right now we are hereaving our own osc parnd wthe samsung's 8 building. righur crowd i over here tcng an oscar nominated movie. disney's pixar's "inside out" and getting hungry becse it's smelling delicious he and that's because we have exetiveef jhcapon here. you are the man. you are the man. everyone on the edge of their seats. oscar themed party foods f us. this one here, though,s ider let's start with our ftu -- >> it's the big shortib burr slider. >> oh, sh. >> see whate'reng here. we are tagging t movies. go withhe theme and heun wi . so we have the big short rib sliders. short rib meat gund up
8:34 am
>> i wish yould smeha goinon. >> smell-o-vision we'reloping it here at the msung 837. >> servep some of these sliders and the folks in the crowd are getting hungry. i'm getting hury, as ll. this is a gatoscar theme so whilou're serving this up, so we hav caramelized onions here. goes very well. >> throw a bun othe. >> aittle barbee sae. got toave it. nothing wrong w a little barbecue sauce every now and then. >> may i de in e. >> ocourse. >> wll test it ou whe giving it a tasteest le go tohe es. >> one of my favorite movies was "the martian" so we have the red planet, get it, red plat red bls potoes. >> matt damon'sharaeried on potatoes to sue. baked potatobar. baconnd cheddar.roted potato, scoop the out
8:35 am
of time so you can eoy the show. >> you don't want to be, you know, speing all of yr time inheitchenutheseook delicious.oh, t are finied, ght? >> there we go. >> we ve to stay hydrate with an oscar bz mocktail. >> maybe i'l put down the pota ago fizz. >> grab a mocktail. cheers. >> you want to splash a ltl champagne while the show is going on that's up you. your buzz atme. this week also is a big week for youeyond the osrs,hatlse is gng on. >> heading down to miami for the south beaine and food festal which is like theuper bowl efs,ome of t best chefs in the countryomeut an we do o thing. the customers comeout and get h . it's a lot offun. >> oscar vwing party. >> yes, sunday night, our first annual redarpet oscar viewing post-at thebmc,ome , have fun. >> we goown to our crowd. we cannot have an oscar pty without giving a prize, right, gu?
8:36 am
tickets to jn samng a proud partner o the 88th oscars to join them f an exclusive viewing party here i nework city and f of our audiee winnersre goi tbe taking home t for that big party onhe big night so can youpen up those envelopes? let's have arum rol whi they do that, right? the we go. so, whosoing tohat exclusive viewingparty? >> winner,winner, wier, winner. oh, yh. yes. sweet. guys, that's how we count down to osc sunday. very nice. you guys are going to the exclive vieng pay.swt. amy, bk to you. >>ll right, congratationso of th thank you, rachel. and you c get josh's short bs rece at on yoo! let's go backde >>, gang, i'm going to kee that oscar tng going. let's get that wean the westst because it has been gorgeous. as m as it has been in the eastn half othe country it's en ts beautiful out west, lookt la sta, lookthat . roughur but sfers le that.
8:37 am
rough alonghe coastline. watch that jet. okay, , ye s fransco, there could be some rain but l.a., youre gloous as weet in oscars weekend. look at oex. lo at those numbers in the 80 san diego in the 70 as well. quick looktheeather arod the natio fly because we can. america, pe doot aust your sets. , comeere. this sis jery maguire. how are you? that's the wther aun t i'm abby acone. today: it's going toe slightly coolerhanks a weak front tt willove rough prior to sunris highs will warm into e s for most. ile it may be bicldier in the morning, theclouds will clear by t afternoon. it will be dry and relatively iet day. >>so,america, you just met jeremy. hi, jeremy. i'm sam. i see yr mom.
8:38 am
you in "modernfamily and in a brand-new song, righ >> ah. >> it lots of fun. yes. >> you have a brand-new commercial. can i show it to america? >> yes! oy, here it is. >> thi is the w iat my meatballs. you think it's squhy i ther wh somethin i n't kn. >> jeremy, poct meballs. do you haveny meballs in ere now? >> no. >>ut you will later, you think?yes. g 0, your mom ishe nest dy o. you want toe t y mom too. want t wave to her rightthere. i love it. u c see the tide comrcial stng a7: p.m.his suay allight here at abc. than y forpendin someime with us. >> is ok. [ cheers and applause >>esse >> great job. ki are the best, aren't they.
8:39 am
the big moment w the pen "dear pope francis the first children's book written by a pe, e ponff is answering kids questions fromll aun the wod. hearly years as head of theatholic crch pope franciasad no secret of his affection f children. and now the pontisting hi pen wreeais. thoring his fir ilen book "dearope frcis" or shou we say co-authoring. the books made up of exchanges betwee the pope and kids from ound the world. >> dear pope franci -- >>eporr: "gmat down with not two, notfour, but 12f them including one plo from argentina, natasha from kenya and wliam from chicago.>> dear pope francis,f you couldo onemie, what wou be? the pope's answer? i would heal everychil the b may be for kids but it fers information to readers
8:40 am
the pope says h cries ofn. he also reptshat he loves to danc the tango and he's passion nalone national abo soccer. e pontiff met with his kid co-ahors this week in rome where they presented himith giftsrom the holands. maple syrup f cana. this is good. rorte aocr bro united states and get is aair of . yes,g boots from australia. >> oh, thank you vy much. >> seeing the pope with the kids was lifeering and rve-racking. >> he s a little bit scared. >> ias nred. that a lie. >> one moment i felt exceed but then i felt ke, well, this is pbably my only time i'm gog toeet ho i don't want t blow this. >> reporter: thexperience abledhem not exaly to touch the hand of god, t tug at the heart of god's rit-nd man this is such a beautiful book, guys. illustratedbetifully. l these deep questions these
8:41 am
the popenswers all ofhe and crse, "dear pope frci laeight now and coming , i'moing t tk to hugh
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
ug ck is back with brand-new mie about one of the most impbable olympic hers . earlier thi week, robin s down with and hisco-star to talk abou"eddie the eagle." >> "eddie the eagle" is the heartfelt new movie inspired by a dream come true. taron egerton portrays eddie e wards a resilient underdog determined to get to e olymcs n mter whatt takes and there's only o person that's going to help him get thean o,ug ckman. takeook. wan y moment, eddie edwards, i k get your moment but it's going to hurt like hell fo both of us. >>our ba l, wrong positi. get cler. the flame >> it's not better. 's crap. >> oh,ou andtaron. >> you can't say that in the morning. >> i know you can't. oh, so greato see you both. i laughed. i knew i was gngo cry. knew i wasoingo be touched
8:45 am
i remember eie the eagle, 1988, big sports fan here. i'm sure - >> i remember very well. rememrating h inhe olymcsndever forget him being the top of the 90eter dheera going, hello, mom. just before almost kling himself. you know, weov m, know. >> taron, you naileit. >> nailedit. olutely nailed it >> tnk you very much. >> felt tha we re on theump th you. d youeen on skis before. >>ever in my life >> come on. evern myli. i ha tearn fhe film, yeah, yeah, i didn't take to it like ak to ter. i h to say. >> no? but i gave it a good go jus like eddie. >> jt like eddiend i got to tell you, r characr, you py former ski mper ye. a lotftalent, but a bad attitude. >> exactly. >> you're here to teach him but eddie reallyves u. >>e kind o brings me out. 's sor of his riv talent,riendsndowri can bri out the best in each
8:46 am
potential and none of e endurance courage or stick ilit reay eddie had. i watched this what fds on md every kid shod see this mie bse it kin of say you don't have to win in lio a winner andhat's what i love about t feeling of this vie, the theme of this ve what was theikeorking withomeo lik mr. jackman ther >> w s aood me. mean, the movie is spational uplifting but it's just so funny. we jus spent o months ughi athother. i kind of madet my mison try to put hhff through y single scene. >>id it rk , y y can watch the movie. >>oments where you see me laugng and ty madehe cut but he is stic he transformatio was just incredible. do you still find youel mimicking eddie a little bit. >> t months afterehed shooting my mother kept gog, stop dng die. >> give us theie fe. >> blliant. i know
8:47 am
i kouosted on ceainl mia that you had another go-aro yep. with y s canceut evhing is good. >> everythin is great. sk cancer is t. by the way, m is the most mir form of skin cancer, basal cellrcinoma. rerdlessho y a g ecked. plea don't m a kidnd i never wore sunscreen and i'm paying forit. >> you d't have to win to be winner. >>hat'sit. >> that's it so "eddie the eagle" opens this fr th u, gentlemen m >> lel >> what a great ssag love that. we were both lik got take the kids. all righ coming up, evy, the best momen from "gma
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're bac and don't go anywhere. i want to showou c stuff. amy is backroha incdie adntgma" on safari live right in there and it was inedible to see in the crer but was curious when you w
8:50 am
that you guys re using, e's b poaing tseparks before. is this the time we can turn the be. >>veryone is certain hoping so becau havinghese protected areas first of all they have a high ccenton ofrmed anti-poachg, you know, throngs ofecuryoi arou a they are helped and de b drones, by le cameras, they can see what's happening in realtime and go out d stopt andopul i wi be a preventati. le willnow if gout there i'll be ught. it isn't goingo p off but these images are so stunning to ok at and i wanted to bring a little bit of africa back with me forou gs s iearu really liked my t. it's ltle worer hought yight wr i well. >> i can't wait. >> sam has never wn cowboy hatn his li. night. >> beautiful necklac for lara
8:52 am
8:53 am
e tanzanianinistry o >>go west.
8:54 am
it's 8:56 am, thursd ua 2 i'by acone today: it'going toe sliglyto ak fha wiugh tonrisighs ll warm into the 40s for most while it may be a bit cloudi i the morng, the cloul ear he afternoon. will be a dry and revely quiet day. porch ligh re lt ovni.. honoof aark county dut o'watch cao an end ery. cigan s shotnd ll after a incident... in the smalcommunity ofailey.... which porch lights we lt overnight... i honoof pk unty duty o's watch ca to an end yestday.
8:55 am
kill after a cident... inhe alcounit of bailey.... which is 75-miles rtwest of colo springs. the shooting began after deputies arrived to evict marti wirth fr 's bee ng t foreurfor years . enosng isdeg usad rid. h openedire... killg corporal cagan... and critically injuring kolby martin. wirth also d at the scene. o-p caates are prepping f their final teheade super tuesda primarie ahead at noon... we'll show you what the candides e saying ahead
8:56 am
8:57 am
[cheers and applause] >> it'"live thel andmiael."toyronce upon ae" and "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin! and she's back at stephie tannern the ne series, "fuller house," jodie sweeti plus,noer mber ofur stud aiellalay with a bunch of njamins as w continue "live's" oscar untdown ga. all next on "live!" [caping made possiblby disney abc-domc television] a you emmy-award wiing co-s, kelly rand michael strahan!
8:58 am
lly: hi. [cheers and applause] michael: oh, boy. kelly:t's perfectfebruary -- 25, 2016. welcome to thehow, erybody! [cheers and applause] chae don't know at was --hat was that song we walked out to? kelly: i c't hear it. michael:hat thing was fast paced,an! kelly: i told yoexerciselass is making me deaf so i can't hear anything anymore. so everythg is, cagain, what?
8:59 am
i n'tvehe it. miae i'm getting the same way. i think from workinoutearing thdphones, iuse to belve it's because of m age. kell it's not age. it really is -- 's a real ing. that's w they provide --hey provide ear plu at certain exercise classes. liket soul cycl they provide ear p if wear the earlugs, can't he the instructor. huh, what'shat? miael: he you ever been siing xt to somody and they'll he them so loud or u're wayr erand u can hear the music? kelly: yeah, dance to their music. michael: how was your night? kelly: great. woaqu's birthday. 's 13. [alause] kelly:e haa fudgy thehale cake. that kid will rob a bank if youe him fudhe wha cake.
9:00 am
li, i'm ready. we discovered fudgyhe whale hereoddlenough. every yearny birthday on the show, because the kids, before they went tochool, they toe revery day he discoved fudgy the whale on this show and fudgy has been with us ever since. itis go-to. itas reallyice. friend, rachael harris, who was just hererong "lucifer" and her husnd, who's linist, for my kid rthday every yearhey do a performance where christian will play on th violin, "happy birthday" and rol into sog el s he rolled joaquin's into t emperor's march from "star wars." it's really ol that have friends that a gifted pele d then neil prick harris davi burtka and their twins
9:01 am
d then ha said, " think you're very handse, ink we shou get married" so we arranged a wedding, too, for that. he's off the market, eve. michael: at 13. kelly: at . it a vice -- he'-- he's -- he's such a good guy, as you know, everybody loves their kids. michael: he's anmazing kid, though. really is. kelly:e'a set ki he'sot given us one ounce of headache t luck there. that's wt didast ght, we celebrated. wh did you do? michael: i was down south jersey. ke whaart? michael: robert wood johnson hospital, down in that area. theyove you down the becse ereere a loly ripa references. key:t's home. michael: are loved dowthere. eneverouo sewre, people are like, wre's kelly? [laughte kelly: sorry.
9:02 am
kelly: i do the worst -- i do, e's com miael: like oprah's coming out right now. kelly: as long as i say, "oh, he's right over there," people will run me down to get er the andy tn i've escaped. michael: always, i ow, glad you like thehow but we're only married for on hour day y: you should go, "she's rit i here." michael: but it was great. down era spch cameack and had a quienight. i wa in bed earlier, ok a ower bed by:30, whichs earlto me, just chilling. lly: that' crazy. aryou ? do you have a fever? michae i'm fine but the guy over there is laughinwhen i sa i'm chilling. but you know, speing of fevers and all that stuff, 's flu seon and allhat stf.they say t flune thi ye is doing a better job than lastr. lly: igree, i agree.
9:03 am
yeas getng the flu. this year they said -- they suggesit is a 5 effective rate f tacci. lly: wch stilleems lik t enough. miael: s, ght? you know wt it was last yea lesshan 20%. key: i know.iw, becau we all - michl: what'she point? kelly: wl got a little sick and we allad t vaccine and i was lik i don't think it worked this year and the doc was lik you'rright didn'tork. michael:ess than 19but his year, 59% sounds etty good compar to la year so they'r saying make sure you get you vaccinef you need it to protect yourself from the flu. kelly: remember i snt the whole day at t ds ce, i waatheoctor's th the kids,e o their appointments at the se time so i'm notoing to the doctor everyay. so we were joaquin's pediatrician and we re sitting there anoes,ave yo
9:04 am
and ias lik-- w daou put the mojo on us don't put the blue mojo on me. no, have not tten thelu. chael:hen pelea don't do that. why would you -nevend, i'm not even going to y it. i'm not en going to say it. i'm not even going to say it. well, i ll say it. soesterdayi was supposed to go tsout jersey d since it was a long trip, they said, we can do a helicopter and i like, th'co, le helicopters, why not? key: you sound like parents. e tripsouth js a long one. ok, wee in new york, we're not in turke michael: i know, b even to go fr uptown to downtown seems like a daunting task. takes so lon iasik get down there, i can gack.the weather wast e greateyesterdaansstant, sah, goes, you know, michael, diyo see that thing othe
9:05 am
ashed into the water i'm like, why would you say at! lly: sometimes people rvive the. sometime people survivaur] ion't k i'm much ss afrd of -- i know thisounds inse, but'm much less afraid of helicoer trel than anythinelse michael: really? lly:or some rean el like we're lower and maybe i could jump tt far. [lauter] chael: what? kell told you. i knowt sounds insane. that's not tha farit dsn't seem that r and maybif ths roblmaybe can set us down. michael:ind ofike, ok, i ow we'reoi dnet m wait until we get 10 fe off and then ll jump. kelly: i d't know. for some reason i just always el like, i could maybe make it.especially if the's aater landing. michael: this would be a very
9:06 am
[lauter] [applause] key: statistically i'm -- that's what i said. that's why ireced it with, know th sounds crazy," but i still believe and ery time i haveeen a helicopter i still satoysf, you got believe you' be ttatistic that makes it. aloughhere was one time, we were doing t show in puerto ri and we landed to a helicopter to the rport. d -- a itas -- e philbins and mark and me and we just had two kids at the time. i think i was pregnant with joaquin. itas la bieloptethilre speaking in spanish each other bk forth andoy sd to mark, , wt arthey sin d mark, beingark, goes, he
9:07 am
engi. [laughter] kelly: as we're taking off. [laughte miael: that's what you get for asking, iue lly: he doesn't know. [laughter] kelly: we were ler ki off. you kw how- ifou've ner been in a helf , it's like nose rst, you're like, wooo, lk at that, then you levelff. so it was like that and he' "he says th'rtrying to fix the engine!" terrle terbl w about this, tn sisrs idencal twin sisters, statislnoly. twins are a stistical anomaly. they have gin bir notust to o set of identical twins each b they've just given
9:08 am
identicatwins each. miae wow. [alae] kelly: now, these ladiedid it right. if you thinkboutt, that's -- that's eight children between the two of . ae the le boy er ther what about me? kelly: they rlly only had t ge lumpy twice each. miael: you call it lumpy? lly: lum,eayou only h get lumpy twice each. i li tt. i lihapl. that's a g plan. chael: after my tws, it s like, oh, my goodness, this is a lot. about 3 years old, it ees up d i thin can't imagine having onehild at time but the same ti can't igi havingnother s of tw either so that y be passed out if i was the father. i would pass out if was the father. kelly: these two, i know it say entibut these two ar not
9:09 am
d one is a girlo i'going challge michael: no, no, got to bthose two, those t. kelly: who this? michael: thas a little other. lly: a cousin? you're right. michl:e mave been born somewhere inetween the or kid'slreadyn th outside. include m! kelly: i thoug tse two --thought that these two and these two and then -- the two are dressed alike and these twore dresseike. yeah. >> odd boy out. michael: he's a rebel in the ly. kelly: doesn't say. >> maybe there was another kid. 'reousins. kelly: iyou' anoth c, u shldnl. now turn the tv off and g on the bus. michael: oh, b. everyby here tak selfies, i assume, right?
9:10 am
ael:h.[appe] kelly: i hatet. michael: i'm not a sele lover. kelly: you kw when you try t take a picture of the kids an it's on selfie mod and you are yourself half to death. michael: it hapns every day somebody says, cane taka selfie and you go, great, yes. thhe get theama and ey don'tw w to put it on lf mode. do y not know how to take a selfie! butthey say you got to be reful. althgh women take mo selfies than men statistically. but 75% of falits from tang selfiesre men. key: one more back, hon, it will be e perfect shot. keep goi. ep going. you're almosin the perfect spot.
9:11 am
michael: i heard someeally me pa audnce so you m knwhyou e.wheny ge he,hey know to watch out for themselves. tcou flas. if see your dy in the audienc watch out. [applause] michael: bn 2014,hey say in 2014, there were 49 deaths, which were pcipitated by seies. but only 10%ccurred in the s.a. andof those involved falling freits bse peoe t said. ll o more ep back, honey, perfect. you're aost there. miael: but that's what they did. they're falling off aff. aref taking a selfie. i had guy jump in frof one time. liray dowown, theuy literally -- i'm doing abo 30 miles per hour -jumps in fron
9:12 am
key: to take a selfie? chael: to take a sfie d had toweanhe my side mirrornd then i stopped and he -- i didn't do anythg to him. but i definity wanto. lly: h a picturf u the car or he hapned to be taking a selfie? michl: i don't know. >> y were the celebrity in the ckground. michl: i guessnd iwae dumbest thing i'd er seenut he did it and he got lucky swerd and missed him. i barelmissed him. scared me to deat be careful takin selfies out the, especially if you're a man, because 7 ohe tim ge the bad end of eti. ke onee step just one more step. see th, if yo backne more step, it will be the perfect shot.h, oh, snap.
9:13 am
we have big showoday, erybody! [cheers and applause] kell one o mvorite people on thelanet is herinnir goodwi [cheers and applause] key: you kw what, yore so cute,dam, i'mt u right now. michael: gnifer reallis a good girl. and full house," jodie sweetin is h erand applaus mil: aht. our dancer--e t a lot of premature ballslying all over the placeere. ly: it happe. itap ll te elfie,te backnee time. chael: our dancer is
9:14 am
let's e what he's all aut. i jusa love machine [cers and applause] aughter] kelly:l you what, you're n going to that on dr. phil,
9:15 am
th'sarry meu fm pleant pleasaon,alifnia. hi, barry! i'm assuming that barry is everyby's faritele a the wedding michael: know we got to get to thia b can w t on me little hit of music i got see himo th again [laugh [cheers and applause] michael: wow! 're going out. we'roing out. oh, my gosh. all righ lesay hello tinle fromreen ridge, ri. llo,da, hoou? i'm fin tay. [laughter]
9:16 am
day,inne! fine! michael: what a youoihis wed inisso linda? caller: i'm going to o daughter a our granddaughter coming dowwe're probably going toatch "snowhite"ey miael: get ltle "frozen" in there. ller: we get plenty of "frozen." lle'll spiwheel.
9:17 am
aughter] kell hey,indagues what, you' playingor a great prize,he st. jam club morgan bay, suc, ven days, six nhts, oneroom ocean ite. this trip is provided in part by i dot ow whorov pt. it valued at $8300. you ve 2onds onle guess. go luc michael:inda, here we go. yesterday's show, wtalked withari henn. what typof exerce did taraji say she ds to stay in shape caerboxi. michael: youot it. >> congratulations, you and a t willevays and six nits at th st. jeslub morgan bay set in theacre of the colorardens on the
9:18 am
offering a stunnin oce and garden view, nightly entertainment, four restaurants, host of land and water acvity including four fres water pools, tennis, sailing, kayaking and mor the prize is value at approximel8,300. kelly: linda, congratulatio. ller: thank you! that will be a wonderful 40th annirsary trip for my hud. michael: happynniversa! [applause] kelly: linda, do n tell him u won tprize. let him thi you got this pre, 40th is t dmond niversary,on't forget that. i get to help make the day of a luckmeer of ourdi audience w will receive a ve-yearscptio to netflix. pick a nber between one and 215. caller15. miael: rit the. all t, l congratulations, young lady.
9:19 am
wh we come back,innifer goodwill be here! >> wueli"sc
9:20 am
9:21 am
frllerseeetianmi up, ginfedwin >> hollywood's biggest night is al tchhescarsunday february 28 watch as "ve" brings you e morng er it's kelly a michael's after oscar show. live from the dolbyer. itust shows away. lly: oh, h just cbi my hair. join us tomorrow on "live" for our pre-oscar celebration.
9:22 am
fohitaker is here and ls ises. surpris. michael: lots. kelly: she's evee's risn in "oncupon a me." noshe's one he vce disney's new animated film, "zootopia." ease welcome ginnir goodwi [cheerand applause] kelly:oto you! michael: good t seeou ginnifergo, i det into the chairlly:ou nerw, right giifer: you neve know. lly:heare you eecting -- ginnifer: soon. nner: veryoo llidneo faster
9:23 am
you n ithings, oh there's a belly there. youut theoddler on the y:t's ke a c ginner: ore'llif sht, h baby, i leou michael: your n, olive he's 21 months old. ginnifer: you think he gets theconcept but if youskimf 's uco, he' say yeso o. kellase nam theaby yet? ginnifer: ere's a lot of gierh names. michael: do yoknow if it's a boy orirl? ginnifer: it's a lause]kelle be frnds.giiferi hopeo! kelly: yesthey will. michael: you wted other boy ginnifer: we d. lly: what's happenin rht no michael: she w about to help d s t o - right off th stool. kelly: ielieve i'm a midwife inyrain giif: yohaveome en. kelly: tnk i
9:24 am
i watched "r. michl: o thi wlove about uou, we you're so good d so b one thingow out you, a aisneyntastic. ginnif: i flike i've fested disneyness onhis , in f it w yearsgo i ce iand i just want be disne incess and lookhatappeneust want to nanimatce. chl: lk happened. kelly: e company i stening so you should start asking f everyth n't you wa a mercede ginnifer: i ve fancy cars. [lghter] ginnifi ulbe h ing for disney forever. i tell seriously. just let me pass o coffee in the lobbyfmiaeow ofto gto di giifer go nean lia month. kell i don't know if that's oliver reali how special it is? giifer: i n't know.
9:25 am
going toversatate my k anthe lik oh, really, again,isneyland again? but to m tre's no better timeguarteed than t-- like we know it will be fun. 're having a baday, like, let's go to disneyland. i knew i wasoingoarry my huant disneyld,becae i took him for hisir time er and we hadust startedating and we we on g foot -- iav pgrap we were on bighunder mountn. chl: i loveig tnd untain nnifer: and heew hisinhe air andai df myifi like, we're totally gng key: that. michael:e' going to take a brea 'll be backith nn
9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> stillad, jodi sweetin. don't worryt ts! stop stop in the name of the la catch me if you c cotton il! >> whoa! >> coming through. >> this is officer mccorn, we
9:29 am
>> officer, i amn puui [cheerd applae] "zoopia. it's an animaddyopmo you e officer hopps. e. michael:'re the voice for the rook cop, judy hop. nnifer: she is a preim onoliceorce of predats with many obstacles to oveome. role you bno pl u havsuch cute voice, too. ginnifer: anyou. i went inlof voiceser i was cast. i assumed they wanted me to put v cme a wentn
9:30 am
-- angelina jol impression or hurmd -- mored me t thaiwet your voice. cha: what is aemjohn wayne? if: it's a pleant souneverhing was drawn out just a little. you couldn't havis to th. kelly: i let. yo whatou he to do next, have toe in one o the -- you know the t ckes befe the dney ri that' whayou ha to do festt. michl:s a great i [appla ginnifer: disneynd! kelly: i ste for this next chapter! michael: theovie "zootopi" it opens in theaters rch 4. i love that i'll chkt ginnifer gooin! lly: coming up n jodie
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
house.hes and pl] michael: she plays stephanie nner on the ab sitco"full hoe." now morehan 20er the tanner famil is backn the neies, "ll hse,"ea wcome jodieweetin!
9:34 am
kelly: hel. jodie: how are you? kelly: nice to su have tte i've t jie: thank you. kelly: during commeral eak, we're l goto t turns uching jod ty all. miael: welcome, welcome. e: tnk you. ae w know you're california born and raised. you would ba good for new . d you ever think aut living here? die: i d. ve new york. i workor fuse music tevision years a doing shows fo them and i spent a lot of time oute anove isty. i ca out here -- came out here the first time, i tnk was maybe 7 or 8 for lor in's wding and i fell in hov with city. how did we loseou? jodie: my famils out there.
9:35 am
ha my ks t the i'm totally rooted out thert 10 years ago iprobablyore of auson i o hinruy and i was like, you know, i like e kelly: i'm looking at your gorgeous ring. you rently got eaged.welle. you did good. die: thank you. kell hpothe question? joe:t was really swee it was a couof days after my birthday. tald about it. heas like, got you a rg.s like, ok. so theurpris it cong bute re at homth the girlsnd he as their perssn and have my two dghrs,ooey a beatri wo are 8 and almt eyere rely eedit really swt. kelly: ysk a 5-year-old anything, you it could go any way. jodie: my 8-ye-old looked a the ring aai oh, t real diamos?
9:36 am
an then my 5-year-old wanted to rete the moment so shecan i have e box andhe do oe ee and was , will youarry me? itasy,erswee michl:ow. i hear he's a lot likme. he likes class cars. he h a 1 c die:96 cadillac fr-door. it was gorgeous. we lov that car.and it an uortunate end. kelly: you wertalking about it t past tense. die: we named her cistine because christine always had a little something. you would get in and one window wodn'tl or down and she was tempental. ias lik tk eetly to, be ne to her, s ia woman anyo need to treat her a su. go h by a dumpruck. michael: thaturt. jodie: i remember he texted and was like, i got ian accident. i'li, oh, my greou
9:37 am
anhe w like, christine is not doin well. the only thing that could have hurt that giant metal boatf a car was a dump truck. andhas him.i me ped the diesank of that truck, yeah. lly: sohee d a she got.[laute[cse joe:he dn't go without a gh michl: wn we come back, 'll see if jodi took anhing from the original "fl ho se
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
car winr forest whitar. >>ote. >> uh oh. ne rging] hel? >>stephae >> hey, what's up? hos it going with tommy? >> we've nr been cler. [lghte key:e didn't swallow the phone, right? jo no,t a change gone wrong. chael: "fu housewasuch i o watch show. is such a biga cu following. there's ahole 'nother neraonme a and now "fuller house." for you and everyone else there, w wait bac the s for the first day? jodie: we havremained
9:41 am
so theeunion aspect of seeing each otheras nnique working togethernd being bk in that setwe recreated t original "llouse" set. and that was our home, especially, for me, i was 5 when i started that show. that was my home growing up. was there every day almost for eight years. an so walking ck into that with these peopl as an adult and getting to work in at set again and sort of -- it s like ping bk itime and we really i tme had passed. lly: that's crazy to hear you were 5 yearsld. yo daughter is 5 ars old. uld you picture her on the set rking? jodie: no. look my kids noat 5 and 8 and iust go- my go ke ias a little adult alady. was crazy. kelly: amazi. michae y keeythi om the set from 20rs a di i ve mr. bear. yeah. ye
9:42 am
kelly: the audnce d mr. bear. jodie: i have mrbear and he's ve well eser and has ag. ke can't play with hi jodie: n hup in a closet d 's been well taken ce ofheas 20. michae we lo "ful house," we love ler uswe love having you here. "fuller hoe" premieres tomorrow one evebody! jodie sweetin,body!
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
counting down our o game. [cheers and applause] kelly: today we wrap up the oscar countdown gamesause
9:46 am
just t shows away. les mt the luy member of our studio audiencwho has a chance twi some cash tod! michael: all right! he we from dai, w hampshire, deie antsowi. come on wn! kelly:i,bie. michael:ow are you of the all right [cheandlaus aeebe, tis how 's goi to work, ok. your friends arexcitedor yo kelly and i are going to ask debbie a serieof memoble car moments y he 10 secondsve yr answer and we'll reveal if you' rig or wrong on this monor wall. you'll get $100 for every corrt answe so areou r?
9:47 am
key: try not to screw th up, deb. re we go. rey, durinan acceptance spch a the 5h aca awards, a wner elaimed "you like me, rht now, you lik me." o said that.>> sally field >> you lee,ight n you like m miael: n, during the acceptancepeec gen during thecademy included the first he ever gave in a movie, allht, alright,ll right. >> matthew mcconaughey. michayou t it. kelly: startingn 1940, on peon who was neverominat for an award wen o host th for a record 1times. wh hthdemy awards a total o19 times? >> oh, my god, i can't think. pass.
9:48 am
this oscar winne famsly fe up the stairs as she went toacce ard fort actress in aeadingat 2013 oarh car wierel up the strs? >> who was i i don't remember. pa. kell don't wor. who has receid t mt number of oscar ninator acting? acti'm d blank tod i teyself! kelly: don't hateourself. we love you. chael: in 2003, adrien brody won the car f bac en he got to the stagehe gahe presenter a kis o preed adrien his oscar? >> i don't remember. key:t the 1991 o ceremony, the hosttartedhe showyidg horse. >> billyryal.
9:49 am
when sopa lonrented the bestoreign filoscar in 1999, the nner immediately jumd on his seat to celebrate. o ju o tir seat celebratwinning an oscar. >> not ca goong jwa michael: bes foreign film. >> i don know. kelly:n 1991, the short effort ptance speech was for bestuppoinacr the vi "goodfellas," who gave that -- >>oe pesci. michael: yes! >> it's my pvilethank you. chl: oh,ow. i li that. ok, la one afteinith katherin heurfor best actress at the 41stcademy awas, wha actress began her speech wit "hello, gorges." >> oh, betty davis.
9:50 am
key: barbr seisand. miael: barbra streisan you know what, congratulat. yo stillon $400, ok?
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
mich wll bght michael: welcome back. wh do you have over there kell kell ourend, mason, took a selfie with a live possum. this isamanthailey from miamisburg, ohio. i me, tt doesn'look rig i'm sure there a pple out there that love the possu oposm. michael: that ain't rht, don't do that. kelly: like you cae the sa i mean -- michael: you know what's not righ i'm justaying,s.
9:54 am
said thank you so much, michael andly, fo aing the tria dancer tdo it agn. that dance was epic. kell "i have to say best dancer eve i'm glad i tapedthe show so i watchim overand over ain wnever i'm feelg d
9:55 am
mosemiro pscar lebratio witre wh if wp this pace upn't kn if we ket ti tomorrow. tig ormed t nationalong stute,
9:56 am
9:57 am
ption t d ac. >> announcer"the vie is live righw. targing m.trump. the female journalis askg i ma lan ya's sexenter fold past could keep donal out of the white house. plus, the r hot hughackman anderran edg ton are wking then, no one rks their how she's leaving her true colors up to viewers. all starts nouz on "t view" with whoo, michelle collins, jobehar, candace cameron-bure,
9:58 am
hey, whoo! hey! whoo! y, he m tgt my bind the chair. ank you. it doesn't match. hello, hello, hello. welcome tothe vi," y'all. welcom to "theiew," y'all. [ eers and applause ] >> it'soing to be fun. it's funny, i saw something yesteaytainin to "fuller hou." got t say, you kn, i'm not big- i didn't watch a lot of teleon. but i'm kind of excited. >> thank you. i'm kind of cid. so, u k -- >> we're all excited. >> yeah. it's a huge deal.
9:59 am
spk, you know. i me, you know i aay say don't pay attenon to anythi, but when people respond the way at thehave responded and partulo thi show, lile kids are watchg it with their thers and their grandmotrs it's kind o- i'm kin of -- i' gting excited for y. >>hank you. i'm excited. and e gls will be on tomorrow >>ou know, i'm flying away. >> that's right. >> well, only because, you , it tt time of thear. >> oscars. >> oscar time. [ cheers and appuse >> b all that to say i'm excid to see the show. you know, it's a definite possibility that donald um could end up being the republican nominee. the "new yo times" broke down some of the peoplho are putting him ere. and th cite data that found
10:00 am
emcipation proclamation, wch eed the slaves. an17% weren't sure. >> they're n sure, yeah. >> was ts in the context of ey wen sur o makg execute aio or anxetive der. >> whe i really read into this, the way the poll was concted was dishost because ty we talking -- the questions bore were talking about executive orders orxecutive aio sayi do you believe in them, would you want them. and en itollowe up with well - it listed a whole bunch of thing that included slavery. the people tt don't bie in execive ordersere sayin -r executi action. anthen it followed up and slav was j mix in there so they -- it was tricky in the way itasword. third oftrums supporters beevjapase internment camps were a good idea.


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