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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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4 people a a reported dead including the gunman... 11 others inred. the sheriff there saysn emplplee... went on a rampage at excel industries... a plant where lamower oductsare made. ononemployee who was insnse... dederibes thaos. =========== s/ jororn snyder/ emplee :12 i had no idewhat to ... we were hoppg fences... evybody was runnpeople wewe screamingeople wewe crying. we just didn't know what to . they start off sayg firi and then wheard the gunshots and itasn't a fire thshererf saysyshe suspect was lled by a law enforcent officer... and credits t at o oicerith savivi countless liviv. at t tim.. many y 150 people y haveve been workingngnside. ananane plant wasn't t t only citionon. e sheriff says the gunman is suspected inwo oer shootings eperate locations, "and" in thparkg lot outstse e e plant...befofo m mininside. the peop shot and inred at those e ime scenes. the investigation coinues and d tonight the sheriff f ys it's too early to speculate on xxxx
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people across tht t ate continue to mourn the death of f rporal nate carrigan--kikled in the line of duty yesterday in bailey. so shot.. s rk county deputy kolby martin... the park county sheriff says his coition was updradedod om ctitil serious... thththirirdepupu is recoverirk at home.e. x all three deputies were shot while servinan eviction notice yesterday... at a news coerence tay, sheriff paul wegener s sd the deatof corpwral nate rrigan... lle felt for a long time. == "he meant a lot t our community. he was the consumme law enrcement professionalal nate's death w wl be h hd on our agency andndhe lososwill be felt for a long time." p the shererf also said....... a sisilar eviction notice e been sved at t suspecthome in 2014, and it came to a pceful soluti. he says they certainly didn't exct this to turn violent. that s spect, di in a guate wi depututut.. deils s the shooting will b b
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review which is standard. xxxx criminal warrantntand d vil papers are serd by sheriff's deputies everyday. in our continuing coverage we're lookinininin the risks invoed for l lal law enforcemt. in el paso cy,he sheriff's fi dea with around0- thsand civil nototeses year.r. breaeang down n ose numbers for u: that's 20 evictionotices a day. typically...deputies don't encounter any problems in thes situations b b they're always on gud in case things escalate. if they know in advance that risksks involved..hey may go withwat.t.but normally it's something different. it c cld jt mean a cplplmore@e deputi, a w ore uniforms there so to spspspto try to help there so to eak to try to help withthn inineased officer r esenceceo get througthe e situation safely."." elelaso county is one of the largest sheriff's office in the ate. but their resources are e limited..... that alal facrs into their response.
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rks a sad milestone in colora. for the 5th time in lesssshan a year, th-s h horlag" will be retugto statete ititas last h%re i idecember... for the funenel l u.c.c.c lice officer garrett swasey.... lled in thlililif f ty, during t attttttat planned parenthood. if you would lioe totoelp suppppt the u.s honor flag organization.. we've posted that information r you, on koaa.c xxx w to o o weatherer--and a live look at pulorom our h h enue studios. clear r ies s s cocoer temperates as we head d ovovnight... bubulead forecacter mike`daniels israckckg a warmup fororhi weekend. mike? 0 satellite pictures, high pressure is controlling our weather with clear ski and dry conditionsns the main storm traraasasusd nonoh of coloro. cleaienight wiwi colol aiai
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rado. fire crews were busy in two southe colorado counties ts afteoon. the firsrereparked around d three near calhan. crews fromour diffferere mpies rereonded, and had it under c/ntrol within an urur.. burned around 30 acres, no one was injured, no structures threatened. and tonit, crews in fremont county remain on scece of a fire that burned about two acres in a remote area near penrose. itgs burnrngngng cottonwood trees,..and is not threateteng y hohoy othth structures. th w wl motohot ots s s wvernight. now a s sry youonly s s on news five. distraction in the classroom... students and teachers woodland park k dd school are dealing wi dens of leaks all over the school... as budget cuts h h hput off repairs. news five's maddie garrett is lile in woodland park... maddddddow'd igegeto this s point? the strict says over the pas
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they've seen budget cuts from e stste totaling 1million lllls. wiwi no extra monez lying around... the district's been patching leaks theeaeainstead d replacing the roof. but now th sayaythey canan kick t can any fururer down the road. ok rq it looks like an out of ple ience prprect... sot sierra hilgn, student, 6th grad "r my band ass have this big contraption whe they have e ke tarps and then theyave this bigong tu whwhe it goes into like a buck." but t ese contraptiore all over t school. sot sierra "at one point it was really bad, there was like buckets in every room." t t t a rray, asst superintntdewe try to ma sure the water gets diveed a a much as possible so wee n/t carpet and computers and band eqeipment and so on." over t te... some e leaks. t linda "a thihiyear been papaicarlyls with h huge amountf snow." not the b%bt conditions for learning. sot linda "yeah it tally n good it's very disisacting." if money wa no option, theistrict saysys they would've replac theheoof f
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sot lindg "pith h e cuts from tht(statatwe really felt likee could not go forward ando a full roof replplent.cohe patch-workrk. got biggggng. just like the tag of a new roof, rangnng fromom00 to 90ousand d dlars. . . t li "s could go out for grant but we still have to have a signifananportion n mon up front ororor m mching in order to do the bigger project another sosoti.already in wos. sot carol greetree b brd president "and it is a 1 19% s ses tax addition theheoney... all for school.. coulx structctct and fund new technhnogy y d progms. sot carol "it'huge i itant to l of tax or no tax... kidsnd parents hopa tion comes soon. t diane hilgner,arent "obviously with spring comg itit meanre snow so let's g gur ds s sools taken care of." t sierra "that they just get it fixed and they can g g rid of e big gigantic capap." woodlandndark is taking different approach on this sales tax
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if voters approve it iapril... thth w w wlower the propopty x x r people livivg g the dist. payeye.... t t ing up m me ney foro olol we havavavre on the ballot issue oururebsite, koaa comom righghnow:thfighbetween apple and f-b-i to unlock@the iphone of san bebebedino terrost .&.&. has plicatioiohauld affect a a gh prole casin s sth colodo.... the didipprancncofelsie elelng. justike the e-b-i, , pueblo lice have struggggd to unlock an iphone -- thaof shelling's boaorinthe lucas. she disappeared ree years o and lucas is theast t own person to see r. 's b bn interviewed by the police, but denies any involvlvent. dectives have obtaed warrants and even sought thehe lp of apple, but havavg them unlock the phono comom witita cacah. hey're talking abobo if they
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could re and whau're into le w en thedohat right now 're willing allow eh to even try because ouououong is, , dodod want t lolo anythin the schelling fami is offering 50 thousand arew r tips that lead to her returnor her lioio and d day,....pple asked a fedel magistrateteo throw out the order to hack k to the i- phone,...saying the f-b-i asking for what it calls "dangerous power". applis pparing to take their case to thu.s.s.upreme court. meanwhile e f-bi dirirtor madede his s se on capitol hihi, saying heerstands both sides targumunt,...t that hisisgency needs information protect the public, and prosecute cases. another hearing on thetandoff is s s fororext mo ntinuingngur coverage on the plan to move a major marijuana celebration to pueblo -- t sperififis n speaking out with his concernsns
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its annual "cannabis cup" after adams s county denied its rmit. eriff kirk taylor says c-doto@ haalso denend a permit for the eblo couproposition -- because it would ourlong ghway 50 at the samemeeeee as "b"bds in ththbabayard". he says concert series is a different scenarioecse enforcing marijuana consuuption among thousands of attendees would be nearly impossib. those grnds. there'no provisions in the rijuana laws, in 64 coptn of mijuana. it doesn't exist. of the mn n ncerns cited a amsounty was out-of-state growers s&ing ririana iplegally totottendees. the pueblo c cnty applicatatn is stl being consjdered, but could be denied bebeit came in less th5 da before e e e event. taor ss will appeal ithe peititapapoved meeieirs of f oposed
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an hall m%eting, they said they fear the sar array ulinterferwith coti eorts on land, kikiinup dananeven sparking a change in the climate there.e. ntractors th sun-power say the solalafarm will brgp ecomic growth boone! they still have to hold a public meeting wiwi pueblcoun commisyioners to o oain a peit totouild the array. xxxxx x the puloloirpo officially re-opened today... and welcomed back great lakes airline. it a huge shot in n e arm for r travelels out of pueblo,...withh great lakes offering one flight t a dato denver. they steedn in nomber....when sky wesespulled t. the terminal has also receieednew w keover,...includ ing a new pueblo. tickets are availablblfofothese ights updto denv rig now -- but prices ry depending on when you fly. a librarin t t heart o pupulo's et is tatang a std againsngs working bh young kiki and gang ers s emselves. inonigig's special r rort,t, newsws's'sessi mchell shs usp how ththpopular afternn n
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onchild at a time. last yeaeathe trick lucero liliy wawain news for having hire a a eblo p pice ofofce just to ep gang members from tryingngecru childrereading and doing homework after school. things havchanand a lot in the past few months, though -- with a hands- appppach th's trury changigi lives. somebody cinup a offering drugs and alcohoto y, and asking you, come and let's go get . nvertiti about the rececing g d? elelentary and mide scscol udents -- alst all of whom say they're familiar with marijuana, heroin and gangs. th wn't al a at -yeaold es toror joid local pueblo gang whs owg in thfoototeps fis o father.r. i reminded them of my dad, and my dad was p pttbig. he w an og, so oe i i ard , maybe i could d jt like
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s fath died of a heroi overdose when esai was just 4. laststeamarkrkalazar, a formrm gang membeturned-certitied addiction counselor, interved in esai's life. we're reaching to them at a very young agtryi to prevent those that are exposed tga fromometting involved in g g g. u u n find salazarart the lucero libraryvery afternoon, giving lal kids his own n account of the gg lifestyle d its negativevempacts. he learned t t hard way te recoveving from 5 bullet wounds and spendi more e an 8 yearsrs in pson. but hehe not the only y w peon e library brought on brd. tobias martijust joined thth afas a communitytyesrce ecialista social worr-type rolo. he came to pueblo to make a difference after growing up in denver amongily and friend who were in gangs. his life changed after a cousin in prison wrote him m` eye-e-ing letter. there's a a t of things he rned m mabout that was not good, and heheasase need to get@tour ation because educatn isoing to take y y
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e first in his family to graduate from college, now martinez hopes to impart his insight on the kids here. einge get shot in the community thth ynow, and then you gto their f feral. they're x feetnder. seeiei those this rely makes you op your eyes andakes you ok and s s 'i to change my lif' the library staff f ll m%m ey've seen significaly f fer ng members flaunting their colors arod the younuntersrs these days and salalar is helpipi kids like esai use the talents for good. as formumumumuor the g the 14-year-now ass s be a profefeionanam!m-fighter andazar takes him to @ classes at thik)k)m m m w blococ om his east side h he. iteepspse out of the seetsts like i il go there fro6 toto. after that i io ho and j jt relax and i'm tired. e va majority of the kids that are here are goododids,s,s,s, i think a lot ofhem mre a a t
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attaing the east sidga problem isn't overnightht projec tht librbry still employs a pueblo police officece and is in thprocess of developing an edional program about non-violence. we'll l ntinue t tep you updated on theirgress. ven lolossi tcll ws 3 i itigas. proo and penen are ing gethe chis ck... after the stdepartmef publbl health banned children yoyoger than fe from h hdling ve p vry e reason -----ive reportrt ses of smonellststear r r afr r kidsdserexposeseso baby chicks. . one he schools impacted... uth shshrn cooooravenursery scol" inado springs. the , ey s, e upse aftesaying goodbye to th chickens last week... d papants tell us, they wawa
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an onlile petition calling for a repepe of f f babahas moreren 15- ndreregnatures sfar. ndidesying fof t g-o-p minaon m mt again ex ead of super tuesdsd highlights from tonigit's debate in your election watch and: a deadlytorm that t awned dozensnsf tornadoes s ses it's fury on the northeast. a closer looat the damag ere, but fir letet theck in wi mike.
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researchers s hoping a new -- in the future..
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a ok f fm m meras across colorado... highs todadawere in e 40's's current temperatures all over southern colorado. next weather maker, high@ sureretill in contl of our weatherefriday. a downslome flow will give temperatures a nice boost. hiwill,be 10 to 15 deges wawmer t tn today with sny skieie ur by hour,lear r ieall with chilly r to srt the daendulymingngteteteaturur intmimi afteurs. ghtomomothe 's d 60's. 7 day re forheprin, @ troro5858windy anrm satuay with hiki fire dadaer. a weak cold front sunday with cooler air. storm will bring mucuccolder aituesday wi a f f showers ssible. rming wednesdainto thursday. pupulo high torrrr 65,5,dy o osaturday with high dangeruite high.h.
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breezynd warm moay. tuesday we start marchith colder air and wind, may spsple in some arere. . baba up to 70 by next thururay. non city will be warmer tomorrrrw. wiy wi h h h hfire dange saturday. cooler and dry sunday.y. a storm will bring much colder air tuesesy wi a sprinkle possib dpy ananwarm on wednday. wowoland parar sunny and dry tomorrow. windy and warm s surday. a little cooler r d stildry sunday.
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a tragic scene in the northeast whe people are left withext to inteteseve stoto thiss lancter,
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werereamed. . tornadoes wererelso spotte nortcarolili. e imf the m ys he wa p "is ononho this yoyoyo e e tthays en mebo e ein s s s." "it'one of fhings see t t tatlways happpps to somebody else in ather sta." atateastighthteople e re killed i ithe storms that rollllugh the southeast yeerday. ststl ead: ap updpde on the pueblblzoo' stddition, a a when he'll
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in youruelecon watat: the field may y dwiling but the stakes are not. repuican candidates gatherer in houstonor their final debateefore the susutuesday vote. and it w intense tonight... with m mco rub throwing the firit verb jab... challenging front runner donald trumumon i iigration. === "if you're g gng to claim thah you' the only one whlifted thisnto the campaigngnhat you knowledge thatou are the onon onenen stage w's be finin fororiring people to rk on yoyo projectctilgay & e questions touched the hobutton topics at h he fram dhe r care...religious freedom...and appointing a n n supre cocot jue. bue primary focus seed to be on each other...the bickering at times...taking over the batete from here...the caidates hit the campaign trail again to the super day states. bernie sandersupports rallied in puebltonight --
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united's "bernrf bus". the bus is triri the country to talk about t alth insuranci and sanders' prorosed polili -- promotiti coloradocare. ththnu a h hdingngo denver and boulder t#morrrr. supporters a a hosting a "feel the bern" chili cook-off in p colorado sprgsn saturday. p if the alahehee ev goi hd andoor gam- cechoice doing agnst e red wingng coming up e t thice - literally.
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nextnewswswse announcer you never see a goalie fight!! the red wings avalanche e valry was the f of legend fridayay is gonna be excellent we are less than 48 hours om e first ouoor game in avalanche story. but 48 hours w too long for ma prichard to waiaito test things out at ors s eld.
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people ha done this bore we dng toy. skatavg ts: ere'ally only one wawa toescribebeded.. wo! mp: electric atmosphere mixing with the bright lights of a basell fie....and re's mywo tteaways.... skating the ice at coors field, try te it ias yt pppps. mp.. o ier....& trnot to falalhahas e other thing,g,ryototo fall mpone e rson who wasn't having anantrououe? ------minnesota native, denvewronco and super bowl champ rn harris. once it'coldnough, youe ououthere on the ice you grgr uwith h hy your bonein minnetatand is ju t bhere and be e ts ga on turdayay skg mprris gw up skati outsidid fals to relive tho childhooments -----bome satuay h know a rivalry is getting renewed anat just e right time forhehevalanche. . it's a gre atmphe, ty real did a gat job. n't waite itith pe in the seatsnd what grt thing r e odeer and thavduring t tir p pyoff sh, , lay this gamrighgh
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of eney. grt, t tutor weekend getet going tomorrow night with thth alumni ge then the big matchch sury, rededings and avalche e ing at iwe'll l have that foroyou here on koaa and then a full l p p news-s- spor. inver and on the ice, tt prichard ne sports. watch the game on news five on saay.. news five will have pre game and postame covevegen saturday air force hockey went alry a month thou a aoss and thatstreak put them on the eususof a cocoencecehampionship.... but they need to g past niagagt forere. oach frank serratoresn'tery optimistic a aut this seaein when i ibegagabut he is n n. still... he wast putting ma bets onon r outcomom agaiusis all the time i @ ink we had a better chance of tting the power ball tn finishin in e totofourr five of t ague this year... the consistencthathich thi
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wehven't h high hi or lows - thiha just been a consistent group. cccclso in actiotomorrrrrr ght... 735 puck drop agt miami of io. the season is over androncnc are right t ck ie midddd of f arterback cocoroversy. ththeed to know if p nning is goingo retire or not. well at leastpwe t tnk they do. thefl combibi thiweek... ock osweil'sntnts hangconstructiveks witbroncos gmn elaboua fure contract t qrt asar as the timemerame f& yton mngt's in hih hands. werengt ininny rush - li e there's 12 days - we don't el lwere ia rushhere, so we'll continuto give e yton th te and continue to work with brbrk and try and get sothing done with brock. and reprtedly e talks s tween the f oncos and d n er are going wel anana de could b%b
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the pueblo zoo is sharing video of t tirew bdle of j! lion cluananhis mom are in an indoor nesting lolotion right now,w,o ththan bond. but come aprilthe e e should be out in the exhibit! the zolls the cub loves to py and d ugglglwith his mom. he ithe first cub the zo_o s had in almost n ars.s. anks for watching nenene at 10:00. tomorrow morning join ira, lend steteen f news 5 today stararng at 4:.0 for continuous n ns 24-hours


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