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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 2:07am-2:59am MST

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provid by y ,,,, that's goingo do it for .s for morntertainment ne, he oveveto exatv.v.v. andd w w will seee youtomorrrr,veryononl >> next "extra," f falal countdtdn to the oscars. j-law, te, ladgaga.
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,, > from >om n n news, thik is "tay" withe lee giorandaotb. live, , om sdi1a1a rockefler aza. he everybody! gueswhatat >> what? >> thirsty thudada fefeuauaua >> iust read the other day, had d `@is is a leap yea it's a a ap year! >> wllllavto have ananher day februarar >> >9 dada. how about people whose birdays e on the 29th? >> i know, i wondedeif they y cebrate itd the 28th or -- not e t march. >> woun't it. how about gw stefani. "mak mee like you. this is that song aboul1blake shn.n. lirything is. "m"me me like yo yeah! >> i like it. >> wt a minute ihoda day. op tt. that was g gd. all rhd.
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>> yeah, yeah. we hope bamamno and blake aren't watchin theye not going to likit. whenen camamhome from shoooong theereray, ey were all ovov me e i fi. weabout 0 0 0 thahahant to ts s ndful place lled e sp eaea we'rerenterns for a day and we deced to intern at a shing angrooming and playg pl was - >> cleaning up some poo-poo and uff. >> yeah, it fununostltl until it wast. >> a twoucky ladies ma the trek sshe riverer from new jersey it's nothaha far but hopi t 4get bushed... we think it was wortht becauau ey'rengo gheir g g new looks y minute now >> and we have our man.>> w wlofo lou. heheanan he is. 's going to tell uabout some quick fixefor of your prprlems. and a new tete that can detect mold i ifiveinutes.( >> o that's great.t.t. p bt' >>ecse ususuly it's a lot -- it's expensiveo get it tested. >> yeah. l e i hat work >> i b b he e uldn'tring it here if itidn't work
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>> lou wouldldlddo such a ththg. >> real quicthg om s a a a yeermary and katat galoi came over and gaga gre makakp and hair tips. spreing their r owdge and angela bassett was on and she was just -- >hat a a a act she is. y y knowhat my vorite ththg g abohehe mornrng? >hat,t,ody? >> every n n and t tn you ck up a aig glossssheavmagagane cacaed "du vour."- "du jour. >> and tn yoyosay oh, the isca hehey cavill and yououpeit up and y reaze the good stuff isn't cu on the ve ththe glamoro`sff on the inin thie lee has a nice@litttt readhere. e heaeiine says in case you c'tead it -- >o, no,oda. >>t thheadline-"f"fget sunshine." let me do gain. "forget suhine." "for nearly0 y yrs kathi lee gifford has bn t t brightest thing about waking up america." >> wow. how about that? >> takthat, you haters. anyway, it's a beauauful
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friday. and it's a real -- >> i thank all my friends for lying about me. i'm very grateful. >> t tre's a lototf wonderful gs said aut you. ananit'sorth - - -beauauful pread. >> i deeply atefef for tha you knowowow h the world by the tail? >> w. >> adele. last night wasashe brit ar,p,p their versn the gramm. >> adele swept that awar show, took home fo trophies. >> hewwas igle >he rson she wasn't eligib for the grammys i ithth ited state becse her . came out t late. but anywayay she won b bttritish malertist anbest album. then she san"wheheweer ung.g. here's littleitf her performancnc$- ted of get old and it kes me rkless i i mad'm gettiti old it makes me restless it was s st like a movie qt wajuststike a song
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[ cheersrsnd applause ] >> i love e r.>> i love her t o. but yoyoow wt i dot get? >> got chills now i dn' anani'l- telyou why. cacae she'earsld o mething, right? or 26. . .. and sings "when we were ung?" plse. i'm wearing shoes thth a older than shes. >> dididou like her starress? >> n n i love he love her, love her. but no. >> i iiked it! u knowowhy? it's whimsal. and she's 26 >> 7. >> please, someby t sothg right onon pgr. alalgh anyway, shshso won the gtobaccess`prize, whihi recogninis suescsoverseas. she t nal dudu h h spee.. >> she says s s a cryer. >> yep. >> i i got really lost for a while. i didn know if i'd ever come back. an to be- for you to be so ki to me- [ cheers and a alae ] i i ntthank my boyoyiend for
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annot t d foa gi f fm tottenm m tting g obal success. thank you. you're aream. >> i le it when she h h fu-on cockney. yoknow just adoble. >> thas great. >> and she ao publly suppororkea during tha eech. >> so did in bieber. >>kay.% >> anyhoo,'s movovon >> yes. ihappens over there, o cares? >> g g bor mididy ththugug at. >> what el? >>nsel elgort. a great t tor,r,e've hadadim mn our showowowe. t what i w w unawaref is that his ao a sieg andndbmusian. a ausician. >> hplays piano, as well. >> heosted thik song that ote instaam. let's lilien. i've been waiting sometime a loveikyours
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is s at good? >> 7ell,l,h. mean, he cererinly criri a nd he knowhis chds.p it'sard to telfromomhaha nogreat audi >> you alws knowowf meone is pitcr whatat and d nener kn ououou have said to me that was so pitchy i wouldave id yeah, it s p p >> hoda,ou love -- it's goodd you dnono more. us tt'shyou joyo much music, because yoyohaveo id. you have have n-- you know thold yiyiignorae e blilili >> you'ring love my i hodo. >> l's l#lk k he womananan wiwi wkout. >>hisiis s sethi we can t into>> h name is april >> thihiis how she exercises.. she uses her wbottle aheh% -- kofer wt. andss >> andt'neal. shis stin thwawawa by e wahat's a goodexercise >> dgogot,'smart >>hedheointrprpf havore ininin samcept
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we le her. >> probabldoctdon't t recommend it but what the heck? >>ho cares? heu have lot o@ thgs to do o aen day you say okay, today i'm g gngo write a list, i'moing to w wte do evevethinini have to do, ke sure to gt t ked of i try t tdo menenl list p>> you don't write i ido? >> no. christste,e,y wonderfu precioushrtine i coulul't livwiwiou at t e ginning the week justives men overview, lili if f have a dental appntntnt o o iou kno physic thepy.. ingsike that that coco if you m ms em. >> yeah. okay. >> yeaea j think iike to wrire wn -sometimes i writitstf down i know i'm already going to do. like irite down in the morni wh i'm sitting at myablei i write dodo w wkout, because i i kn i'm going t/dgo work. seue i geto che off that i w nt to work. ani'll writexeio-(stuff down ti kn i havto d en i feel l i've ne thin. >> but you kw you're going to rkut and know you're going to w is it hy dyou do it, hodod >> because i le to cross things off. i like feengike i've de someg.
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>eah. e's annxpert i in time manament who t t the "dailylyly is a w of time.. 0 saysys whhecacaed exp@r priris him as alace whe hodo y remember things? everybody's life is different. and so people have i ianely you know -- busy lives? >> busy lives andnve licated. and sayou're aintete f wintour>> y better@r@ lis%>>ouettekeep a list. thth's right. speaking of streit'sim for i i's playlist. bthe way, you're e ing to love t t is is a ththk. thth is a t roto another time andndlace. e you read >> yeah.h. >> outst. he way you me." an you feel that b-a-s-a i kno you're one of that 808
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like the way yoyomove i le wau move >> snt a long time on n e lyricsc ten tio far! >> can youeeit when yoyo on the dance f for? p>> n n no, no.>> have a drink and we're ncing g geer. sorry, hoda. lovehe e y t rning l turning rht >> all right. if you wt to h%hr more of that, you u n go to my sirius show on thurur. >> why wouou you wanto? moaynd wedneneay at 2:00.please s sd inin- everyone has a stor you've got a a eat love story or -- justny great story. need a f oose.e. >> allight.. rgnext tueay w wll git again.. h ha d unior high >> how m my times has she saidid that? >> it works every time. >> ery t amaa just heard it for the rstime. >> i l l l it.t.
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who who let t dogs t > mebobo around here d dided e o of us neededo gegea alalob, or at least try one. >> they wanted to see if we were upor the j todod. and since no one thoughte could be trustedo workith actual human beingng t t tidid should try y r hand at dog groomi.. >> the folks at spststanininclub here in ne here in new york city wereind d ppghgh crazy enoh totoffer some lessons in pamping g ts. >> taka looknknk whqhqare e doing, d? >> i d d't know. m nosure what we're doing. n ternship sf so sor >>his is the spot. >> it'cacaed s scacane c cb! we'reposed to learn how
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>> take ca of dogs we bothave do. we b b b love gs... but i'm e eremementntesdn learning hok to do glam expression. because that wl hpfmy h hlifefafa >> i'm nnseouou >'m excited >>'m nick. >> hi, nick, i'm kathy. >> pasure mt u. >> we wantnto learn n@w to be oomers! both have good dogs. well, mine's go. les it. >> a asome. come with me. think you're goio do oy with bath. >>'re not going to assist? i'm goio watch. >re you ready for some t 00 shshpo e&u ready? she's s t hair like mi. unruly. she defili needs care. poor thihinini >> ooh, ooh, careful! >> there's c c ced pooer butt. oh, i didn meato embarrass you, sweetheart. i'm sorrrr w e's like, , an a lot. >> i don't want to tcht. where e you u ing? `undedeeath?
2:25 am
>> good d rl. >> she's g a l l of ap h he. this ifan. rry. >> she does not like to be sprad back there.sheseslike i sosoen donon le th allht, . yoady? >> ooh!h she doeike it >>he'tikit. >> youinher ck tmu.. >> no, n! >> yesesyou are! >> oh, you're such a good dog. >> there thereree gogo we did i we d d it! i am oh th end! p>> good girl! >>ome of it went in my mouth. what is this? >> what'haing? this s a doggy daycare. this i iwhwhwe te care people's dogs. >> soohey come theheorng - and stay all day99 p>>eah. >> helloevevybody!
2:26 am
evevyby wants so love.>> i g >> i g gti scared. ere's a a t hahaening. what? >> > > s se ody. >> whe??? >> rhtere.. >>w. that one going tneeded scouring pad. >> doesn't it t ke y want to ta home a little broth or r sterero o akey? >> m m. but we've bebe hararat work p>>ut i is been fun. thth're such sweet lite crcrtures. >> they're s/chappy now. >> we washed them, wied thth. we brushed their tee. >> there is one thing we have leftfto do. >> let's walalthe do!!! >> every day w w we wal thehe whave to mak s1se theyeye secureo ty can't getayrom us.if theyet away from us -- that'not ening. find themn n w york cit come on, let's go, t's gogo >> oh, my gosh, , m exhausted. >> hoda, can you me it? >> i'm tryin but i' gotot- hold on. >> hold on.>> comh re
2:27 am
p>> i irealas fun >> wwewe so happy during that shsht,en't we?e >> you had a earlier, cod yoyoever work at a p pce l le you know, if y're yng and you need a good b, ijan, nobody likes to canan up all the poopopnd stu but they'y' such lolong, trusting things. >> i know. >> bighank you to all the nl staff f ere and all of the dogwies at spot canine club. special anks to rose, whlet usxperiment her hair. >> i knon she's got a long fuse, ros do. >> apparently she stitl has some poopy on her botm. shs not backkt doggie dayca but herents sent us o. she was osed to poith sign, t tnk you sign, but shehe decid d shredt. >> oh, that's grea w to go, rose. alalght, nevere yoururell phonat the bottom of youou purse again. >> bobbie's buzzing with products to o ke y yr life easier. >> a these womenl l loving life. theiei a aak.
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>> >all right. if y y want an easy y y totoo your nails on the go. >> or you can ver fifa your keys like hodan the bottomlmls pit y calal your rse. >> then you wanto check out the smart solutions o o s sle editor bobe tmama buzzing with today. b.t. >> thank you! ththeek is f f. thesese little things th make le so mucsierer
2:31 am
ernenen social media has beenalking about lately, the tweeee. th is a uiuicone ring that lds a a ililolisttle sop th you can paint your nailslul that'crazy. anywhere. >> isn that so cra >> s syocan be on e gor on ttcoh h h t ts. woul't rececmend dppinin cor. n't thatice? >hat >>hat is so smart. >> sit fs all size bottles. then fell in l le withth- i love being able to see my makeup, because if you can't s s , u won't ar it. not all beaety cubesre t same, rititiregrabng these o vanies that are r. wewmoaktu ofitthis byub h everything. has room in the back t hold ththe large pallets. look how m mh it holds. brbrhes sf the front. p15 different lipsticks. so this is such a grt buy. >>the e y, we love your brushes. thank you. >>hey are so st anbutty. >>ou guys e going to frere t.watcmymyand.d. do y see the t tleleleht here?
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>> do you see the light turn on? inde a purue when you're rumuagini arnd, cacayou gea tigh inside thisis light wn you go tgrababab itllinatat.. yot t e in the e e io. but this glowing orbrbilst light up as ons ur han cos ar it. you canave this on the nightstandhen you wa to walk to theathroom at n n, keys coming outside to your car, openthe or. >> what keeps it -- there's no --- >> it'sattery operatad. 's a hidden inside. bubuwe spend dayay of our life literallsearching inside o t bag. >> hoda spends a little more than, that d d't you honey? i do. so if you put it t t tre, you n see everything >>heyou go to grab sethihi inour purs itus on at the e uch. so it't'toucsensor. anlast but n n leasti'm ob with thth called the flint. it is the old scol r rle-- eaea >> that'just been n inventednd you just twist it -- >> what do youean? >> it's a roller toto all t pet hair.
2:33 am
purse. it's retractable.n't that so smar >> that's clevev. >he container store -- i ve% the cocoainer store. >> io too.o. 'swesome. isn't that sosoool? >>sesese all excellent. asal. >> thank you, bobb all ririt. yoyone to fix a couple thing to do? >> d't worry. we've got our loan's got all the tools you need, baby. plulu two ladies a abo to se tir gorgeous new ambubu makeovov >> righthtfter your local news. e c allelees f fing thcountry ver stop. so neithth does the u.s. armrm we train. adaht. and d smarter.ery r. evererit. every day. not to keep up with changng but to d jve it. nobody knono what problems tomorrrw wiwi bring
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. amsh makeover rought to you by ngerhutv fihu now youan. op todt it's thirity t ursday,nd the montas finally arrived when we reveal our -- >> "ambushakeovers
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>>ur glam squad has swept ladidi off thelaza into our makeke roooo to giveheherand nelooks. >>ontrol yourself, hoda. workintheir magic is stylist to thetars -- louis licari, la, l la, la >> thaha you, ladi. >> and our lovelyy " " "y" contributor and fashioninia, jill martin. >> hi. how did wfi our two lovelyadies today? >> easy as p. agn we hadad a nice crowd. th weather's actually quite balmy for new york today. >> i know. weird dada >> so o e abab to ck twowoto ve l lhes in moments. >> o first lovely lady is s janett tiavava, 4 yrs o o fromson,ew jereey. janet's a retetet execututu administrative assssssnt whohoho be mried almosos 3000 yes. she's here in neweworkkn a . girls' weekend to celebre her birthday she describes her stylas very laidack and easy.. take a listen. >> when we picked you,ou w w w all kisses and hugs. why is this so imrtant to >> i i just excited get a brand w lookoday loing forwrwtwtototo
2:38 am
t. >> my god. she's new grandmdm so she's going to geall dolleded up for her new baby. we' going tmakekeou t t hottt grandma an the country. >> thank you. thank you. >> i lovth and she is here her w's'slso bebebebe friend, annie. - >> h ann. >> please keep your blindfold on for just a second, okay? hehes janet siavata before janet, let's see the new you! wow! ce! all ght, are you ready, annini take off your blbldfdfd. > oh, my god. ohohohur mother would be co o proud. >> your mother wou be e ou >>ou're beauauful. you're beautiful. oh! do you want to see yoursrsf? yeah. >> rht here. >> oh, my god. thank you. thaha you. >> y y l lk gorgeous. >> 4hanknkou so much. >> look right over at camera 12. we want to mire yo yy want to standh ur cousin. .
2:39 am
>> jill, we scored today. the e nterting thing herer -- of courseyou make the haiai a a ttleeeper. e r@asons,s,he agingngroce es o o complexion changes as well, a a your hair color should change too. i mean,he i a very y yng won, bute've j jadad i i a mo appro cololo st me her skskolor come alive that's greaercut, and we have the wononrful arsen girgoffff with utoday. which explaiai the s sle. >> and the drere, jill. perfect t t. >> oh, yeah. it new by shawawe. andde added aelel f fm a ather outf. pso if you u ve a tinyyaist a yoyohave a dress thaha sort t needs completion f f f free too ke thattff and mix tch. >> and tt prty makeup. >> of urse. absolutely. >> big r of plause for ane. you u n wa right ovevethere. our second lady is sun johnon grandee, 61 froro medford, new jy. she's a ceo and a ther o o four. she mostoror frororome, so doesn't t ally dress ulessss she's leaving the house
2:40 am
leles her story... >> susan, u seemed pretty eaked t whene chose you. so h arereou feeling now a few minunus late >> b bter. yeah, think it nicic pppp >> o goooo and i know were e ke, , y, whenenpicked@der yes, i'veveven tryiyi to ge her r do mething with her hairand update her look a little bit. so this is excin >> okay. we're gog e good care of yo >>kay. >ll r rhty. and she here th her daught sara and sa's f fnce. matt. all l ght. here is one last looooat susan johnsov grandee before. d let's brine new susasa out. w!!! >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh. takeff yr indfdsds re >>y oh,god! you look you look incredible.
2:41 am
>> you want totoee?? turn around, sweethear >> oh, my god. i love it! >> can y- >> you s sulullove it. u look fantaic. pull yourself ay for jusa moment.p>> okay. this sho how simple ircut can be so chic, easy, low-maintenance. this is no problem for her. it'slso more approprte f#f her texture. also shows a little bit more lor looks younr. >> she's g taylor ift's haha now. >> tt's steric. >> of courseseenananenid. >> t t i iogzezehaha jaet. >> i iw clai. anitala y-ay jumpsu. so look at the ont. it's a dress -- no, don't - er the jum pwhich is super trennririnow d co look. so when she walk-- >> itgs lili a palazzo pan t it's ltle dit. >ith e yer.
2:42 am
isacket, if you n'mindnd tuing ndhas sclopingng downhe i n't ow iyou w en we t drse beaiful that's still wawaab, rit? >> yeah, wase. leaererhat'walele lilight. strtive 's bring out j jataand a b round of applause0for bothur lads. p>> thanks to o r beautiful glam team. louis and jill. if you have a houseroblem and aou don't know what should you ? >> we'll finout t ght after - pthis.momo know thr family's mouths ofn nene a helpian after brushing, listsrine total care helps prevevt cavities,strerereensneth and reor tooth ename it an easy wayo o listire total care to t f total family. listerire total care. one bottlelesix benefits. power to your r uthh. and for r ds s srting at age six, sterin smart rinse delivs extra cavity proteion n ter brusng. working on my feet all day gave me pain herer! in my knees. but now, i itep p this machine
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h matcs my dr. schchl'scustom fit orthotic se now t immediate reef from my foot pain. my knee e in. nd a m mhihe at drholls.comm they say when mr. clean saw all the dierent things his new smart phe does. rended him ohis m!gic eraser. it's not jusfo mas on walls... it's'sough on kitchen`se... and bathroom gmeoo. he's your...
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, time >>timeo ask lou about all those e sky house obms you sh y could fix youelf, if you only knewhat to do >> well, from how to dececmoldld your home to wh tchange your smoke alarms, all you n nd are a few smartips from "today" ntributor and host of f "house smarts." l mananedini, he's goa na t tt s with rotin >> thqt's one of myhfavorite pastas. thank yoyovery much. all right, lieie >> it wassetween that teeny anies. we just thought -- >> thaha yououor theinin i like my rotini t bigr size. never@nd. >> jniferad a question about smoke alarms. includinhow mu shu r rlace
2:46 am
doot attic aect the batterlife. et cera, et cetera. this is an important question. i i nto o kekeure everyonenewatching has tse dectors in their me.@ma se you vearbon noxietectors evy ofour home. in parr, t bat ereds, t geple yeye. e de bpled every fi tseven.sosof don't know thef is, roititut bew ones. because they're -- it't'not worth it. now, trerere - - >>oeit me a a nging sound or sometng >> it ch. now what' happene is manununuurs havomout with% ten-year detececrs. andoha thehaveves sealed lithium batries that last for teyears. when itstso irp,p,ou're gog to o oowowhat unitwa and d t a a w one on t >> i likikthat better. >> there's sometetng goofproof out that and d ene newer technogyfrom bh kidde and first al e are ardevices. pthis pararcur e is a sting device. at you can plug into your home. d iwill hr if any detecto
2:47 am
fami membua a . >. >> imane if have a part livinglor a grandmotr r r thataty herselel you cadetect t tt and firsrs ert t s one where e iss actu blt-i-iteteor thatatoes the samemehi.. lilile bit more pensive. >> smart, though. >> $100. >> but wortht. >> reallllworth it, absotelyly p noel from i askss this. she want a recommendation for a really good f)rst t ol his is somethi i k kw you th agrgr witit life itoo eap too shor drink cap wine use cheap tos. >> oy. >> you'll gea cheap job donene >> correct. th is a collection ome ly higalaly toput to. cresntntnch,hich grch. thth is nel s,hese a the ands afafman.thiss swan these are tools you're going to spend -- thisisollectn right rerea mmer, utility knife, channel los. is wonder r`is t t greatt thever. >> wt is tt for? >> forvething. >> likwhat? >> erything. pulling a nail, getting
2:48 am
because e u need to get under r the chair p something un >> oh. >> it's called a wonder bar anan it t g gatest thing.. and of cououe pairirf sa glass. collectctnfools w wl you under 200 bucks. you'u' havt the rest of y li. puntiou lend hammerut a a nobo brings it back. >> p pple dohat. it's'sery y de. >> how do u know when you ha ld in yourur you said there is a quick test. >> yeah, thiis the thing. mo homom t ttsts this one rit here, very good . this iabout bucks tt you would sames, theyive an enenlo, ,hey he you mail it in. and in a c cple w wksy gi yoyorelts.thththewcompan healthful home, for0 bucuc you can tes the mold and know within five minus if y have bad mo. so t tt'swab that what y y -- >> you s sb it.. t'like a pregnancy test. you pull i ioff, you squeeze this on and th there is a little q-p. ce thisiquid goes ithere, yoyopull it and now youwab the ea where you think y y have . xhen you go over to this little pregncy test thingre. if you have one line, you don't
2:49 am
ve -- - >> y have ld? ;> t tn you have mol so now y go tohe nt le yououa yog mom wi kids anyothin i he ldld i don wanqaiai two s. can i ask you -- itan d da loloof damage.e. >> a aolol >>ou just swab where it looks -- i have something above my shower that looks lik might be. you just swawawawaone area? that's it? >ake that he. >> and we want to know tomorrow. ififou have mold. >>ring it back tomorrow with your prean test. oue pregnant. i don't ow.. n't swab yourself. >> o would be a raclcl >> w % hoping for onne. was a gone-liner. >> i didn't expectt from you, lou. ififou have questitigo to t the connececbutt >rom knight in shining armtor tgoinegypt.
2:50 am
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> all all right.
2:54 am
big b bget hollywood films to ine d dmas buthese dayss nikolaj coster-ldau is best known for swinging his swo as te dashing knight jaime lannister on hbo's ga hit "game e thron >> now he joins anoer epic battle in a n n film called ods of ept."." in it he plays hora,he g of t r, who'stlind and gets s sprise visit from a moal. take aook. >> youilfered e e my foerer ces. >>hey never enenot close. >> give them tmeme> n n yet >> g ge me my eyes.. >> iava propositn. >> bh oh! >>e him theyes. >> w/w you go a aerim. >> you don't need his eyes. give them to him! >> oh, my god.d >> is th fun?n it lookeli it was -- >>t wa n.n. and itas v vymplicad. i don'tnowf u noticed, but i was significantly taller than the man. >h.
2:55 am
you were on a green -- >> wl -% it's all cgi-ish. t the tngng is w still there shohoing togegeer. pbrbrbrn,hola beck, he's my size soeadwo sets wehoothe same s sne i[e. then after they w put it gether. but it was very complicate >> w wn yoyosaw it finalal -- because ititust be weird wn you shooa ceceain way and yo w wch it on scree what didihou think of how it l -- >spececlly when reaeathe script the firststime, the whole. ing tat ble mind was at size difference. with the god being -- i w w like howowre you goingo do thth and what's amazing, when you see the film, two minuteteto the movie y y jusus a aept that that's how -- thatat the way it .. >>ow it is. >>ecause today thnhnogy is so advanced, they'hahaod. u don't&see it. >> it's in t tudge t t suld bebep the sc by the wawa ash w w lk am? is atgiis that u? >> is all cgi.>> is s serioly you? >> yea >an we sethat a ain? ju one more e me. come on.n. >> in slow motion, please. >>e like it. uh-huh. they're gointo c c it t t >o,o,ot that.
2:56 am
no >> non >>id you have to work -- >> it does l lk very cool, ththgh. >> working with at eye patch, s th disacting? >>here was a couple of timimim te when - - - because we havepe it's an action aenture story and there are so many action sequences, ts, lot of stuff -- i fight a lith gerard b%bler, who plays the evil set. u know that thing -- hold your hands one e e and then gr that. >> wait a minute. >> just grabt. >> cer youeye -- >>nd get it.t. >> o you didt. never mind >> you canananat? try that. > told you befo, juju prete to miss it. you knhehng -- >> is a minute..- because you do have e e eye` that's domant. cover the hee. cover the e her one.e. a right. grab mfinger.coco't do itit se it's rerely, really har >> d youust grab my fier? >> a right..
2:57 am
>> we ld you you'd he fun. >> "gods oegt" hits theaters tomorrow. p>> thank yoy foromim >hanks fofocomimi on.n. >> we'll be back with h re in a moment t first, this isis "day" on nbc. >hat just happeped?d? letete g2ab you! (cell phone ri where are e well the squirrels are backkinhehettic. mom? yoyoad won't call an exterminator... can i call you bacac mom? hehuays 'serl thisisime... if you're a mom, u call at the worst t me. it whayou . if youant t saveeefiftn percent or m m m on car insurance, you switit tgeo. 'shahayou do. w(w(are you?u?itit very loud t tre.. are yoyotaking azuzua class? / happy ananversary dinner, dain' n this much love be cleaned a little bibi dawawultra? oh yeah. one e ttle has the grse cleaning power ofofwo bottles of this bargain and.
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>'r > we're used to heararg out celebrity feuds but somes it gets messyhen theids are volved. >> oy n okay? mazizi m my stars hee volv theiririds i ithr batttttttt one w or r othehe so we wewe asked, is it okay or not@okay to bring kids io fes?s? >> he's at we had to say. >s s estion hak one-wor answ. never.


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